Additional ArtKevin Beardslee
Additional ArtAdam Byrne
Additional ArtKyle Harrison
Additional ArtEric Henze
Additional ArtBrandon Idol
Additional ArtSolomon Lee
Additional ArtJustin Thavirat
Additional Cinematic WorkDan Burke
Additional Cinematic WorkPaul Hormis
Additional Cinematic WorkBrit Snyder
Additional Cinematic WorkThayrn Valavanis
Additional Game ReviewAllen Adham
Additional Game ReviewChris Arretche
Additional Game ReviewDave Brevik
Additional Game ReviewSamwise Didier
Additional Game ReviewEric Dodds
Additional Game ReviewBob Fitch
Additional Game ReviewGeoff Fraizer
Additional Game ReviewMike Morhaime
Additional Game ReviewBill Roper
Additional Game ReviewMax Schaefer
Additional Game ReviewTyler Thompson
Additional Game ReviewIan Welke
Additional Macintosh ProgrammingRob Barris
Additional Macintosh ProgrammingJohn Mikros
Additional Macintosh ProgrammingBrett Wood
Additional ProgrammingMike Heiberg
Additional ProgrammingSam Lantinga
Additional ProgrammingMike Morhaime
Additional ProgrammingJohn Stiles
Additional ProgrammingTim Truesdale
Additional ProgrammingMatthew Versluys
Additional ProgrammingJeremy Wood
Art DirectorSamwise Didier
ArtistDave Berggren
ArtistSamwise Didier
ArtistAllen Dilling
ArtistTrevor Jacobs
ArtistRoman Kenney
ArtistRob McNaughton
ArtistMicky Neilson
ArtistMatt Oursbourn
ArtistTed Park
ArtistStu Rose
ArtistRu Weerasuriya
Associate ProducerFrank Gilson
Associate ProducerChris Millar
Audio DirectorGlenn Stafford ProgrammingJames Anhalt ProgrammingRobert Bridenbecker ProgrammingBrian Fitzgerald ProgrammingTony Tribelli ProgrammingMatthew Versluys
Campaign Design & LayoutTim Campbell
Campaign Design & LayoutDavid Fried
Campaign Design & LayoutDave Hale
Campaign Design & LayoutMichael Heiberg
Campaign Design & LayoutScott Mercer
Campaign Design & LayoutMatt Morris
Campaign Design & LayoutRob Pardo
Campaign Design & LayoutDean Shipley
Cinematic ArtistJohn Burnett
Cinematic ArtistNicholas S. Carpenter
Cinematic ArtistJohn Chalfant
Cinematic ArtistJeff Chamberlain
Cinematic ArtistAaron Chan
Cinematic ArtistBen Dai
Cinematic ArtistJoe Frayne
Cinematic ArtistJay Hathaway
Cinematic ArtistHarley D. Huggins II
Cinematic ArtistJared Keller
Cinematic ArtistJon Lanz
Cinematic ArtistJames McCoy
Cinematic ArtistMatthew Mead
Cinematic ArtistDennis Price
Cinematic ArtistMatt Samia
Cinematic ArtistMark Skelton
Cinematic ArtistPatrick Thomas
Cinematic ArtistSeth Thompson
Cinematic ArtistRu Weerasuriya
Cinematic ArtistKenson Yu
Cinematic DirectorNicholas S. Carpenter
Cinematic EditorJoeyray Hall
Cinematic Executive ProducerMatt Samia
Cinematic Script WriterNicholas S. Carpenter
Cinematic Script WriterChris Metzen
Cinematic Technical Artist / Tool DevelopmentJohn Burnett
Cinematic Technical Artist / Tool DevelopmentJeff Chamberlain
Cinematic Technical Artist / Tool DevelopmentAaron Chan
Cinematic Technical Artist / Tool DevelopmentJoe Frayne
Cinematic Technical Artist / Tool DevelopmentSteeg Haskell
Cinematic Technical Artist / Tool DevelopmentJared Keller
Cinematic Technical Artist / Tool DevelopmentJon Lanz
Cinematic Technical Artist / Tool DevelopmentAlen Lapidis
Executive ProducerMike Morhaime
Lead DesignerRob Pardo
Lead Technical ArtistRob McNaughton
Macintosh ProgrammingJohn Stiles
MusicTracy W. Bush
MusicDerek Duke
MusicJason Hayes
MusicGlenn Stafford
Outside Voice CastingDean E. Fronk
Outside Voice CastingDonald Paul Pemrick
Outside Voice Casting AssistantsAmanda Fenster
Outside Voice Casting AssistantsGerg Sacks
ProducerChris Sigaty
ProgrammingAndy Bond
ProgrammingCarl Chimes
ProgrammingJeff Chow
ProgrammingAlan Dabiri
ProgrammingBob Fitch
ProgrammingMonte Krol
ProgrammingDave Lawrence
ProgrammingGraham Madarasz
ProgrammingCollin Murray
ProgrammingJay Patel
ProgrammingFrank Pearce
ProgrammingAndrea Pessino
ProgrammingBrett Wood
Script & Text EditingMicky Neilson
Script & Text EditingSusan Sams
Script & Text EditingRu Weerasuriya
Senior DesignerAllen Adham
Sound DesignTracy W. Bush
Sound DesignDerek Duke
Sound DesignBrian Farr
Sound DesignTami Donner Harrison
Sound DesignGlenn Stafford
Story ConceptSamwise Didier
Story ConceptChris Metzen
Story ConceptRob Pardo
Team LeadFrank Pearce
Technology LeadJay Patel
Voice ActingMichael Barken
Voice ActingRichard Barnes
Voice ActingFredrick Bloggs
Voice ActingMichael Bradberry
Voice ActingTracy W. Bush
Voice ActingPiera Coppola
Voice ActingJackson Daniels
Voice ActingSamwise Didier
Voice ActingDerek Duke
Voice ActingAlex Dumas
Voice ActingRichard George
Voice ActingMichael Gough
Voice ActingJustin Gross
Voice ActingTami Donner Harrison
Voice ActingTiffany Hayes
Voice ActingThomas Jung
Voice ActingMatthew King
Voice ActingMonte Krol
Voice ActingAbe Lasser
Voice ActingCarrie Gordon Lowrey
Voice ActingMichael McConnohie
Voice ActingRob McNaughton
Voice ActingChris Metzen
Voice ActingLani Minella
Voice ActingCalab Moody
Voice ActingBob Papenbrook
Voice ActingGary Platner
Voice ActingBill Roper
Voice ActingGlen Stafford
Voice ActingKai Vilhelmsen
Voice ActingTed Whitney
Voice Design & Internal CastingTracy W. Bush
Voice Design & Internal CastingNicholas S. Carpenter
Voice Design & Internal CastingTami Donner Harrison
Voice Design & Internal CastingJason Hayes
Voice Design & Internal CastingChris Metzen
Voice Design & Internal CastingMicky Neilson
Voice EditingTami Donner Harrison
Writer & Creative DirectorChris Metzen


Data and credits for this game contributed by sturmtiger, odino, and Blk_Mage_Ctype.

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