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    Night Elves FAQ/Walkthrough by humaetorcH

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     Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos
     NightElves campaign FAQ and Startegy Guide
     Version 1.1
     By humeatorcH
     July 11th 2002
     Update info:
     July 11th 2002
     Updated to version 1.1 adding contributions from numerous players.
     Keep up the contributions guys. :)
     Warcraft 3 is a trademark of Blizzard Entertainment.This FAQ is not by any way associated or endorsed
     by Blizzard.It is written solely by my own playing experiences therefore some facts might not be 100%
     accurate.This FAQ might contain some spoilers although i have tried to minimize it.
     Table of Contents
     *Chapter 1 - Enemies at the Gate
     *Chapter 2 - Daughters of the Moon
     *Chapter 3 - The Awakening of Stormrage
     *Chapter 4 - The Druids Arise
     *Chapter 5 - Brothers in Blood
     *Chapter 6 - A Destiny of Flame and Sorrow
     *Chapter 7 - The Last Guardian
     *Chapter 7 - Twilight of Gods
     The NightElves Sentinels
     *Units Breakdown
     Chapter 1 - Enemies at the Gate
     Main quest - Night Elf base                    -The Invaders            Optional Quest - Furbolg Village
                 *Entangle a gold mine              *Slay the paladin                        *Locate 10 missing
                 *Construct a moon well                                                       Furbolgs
                 *COnstruct an Ancient of War
                 *Train 5 archers
     Your first task would be to construct a base.The Night Elf's mining techniques are somewhat unique
     compared to the other 3 races.They mine gold like the Undead do.5 of their workers stay in the gold
     mine and do not need to travel back to their town center.However,their lumbering technique is somewhat
     the best in the game.Their workers stick to a single tree and slowly harvest the lumber without
     damaging the tree at all which means they will never run out of lumber.
     Anyways,first job is to build up your base.Entangle the nearest gold mine using your Tree of Life.
     Construct a moon well,an Ancient of War and train up 5 archers.Once you do that,you will be given
     your 2nd main quest which is to slay the human paladin.To obtain your optional quest,head south
     from your primary base and you will encounter a pack of furbolgs.Approach them to recieve the optional
     quest.Your job is to locate 10 missing Furbolgs scattered around the map.Furbolg locations are as
     follows :-
     *Slightly middle right top of the map
     *Middle top left of map where 3 Furbolgs are bein held captive by 3 Orc Raiders
     *2 Furbolgs located at the middle bottom right of the map
     *Bottom right on the right side of the Orc/Human encampment will be another 2 Furbolgs
     *Corner top left of the map will get you the remaining Furbolgs
     Upon completing the optional quest,you will be given 3 Furbolg warriors for your effort.Now it's time to
     kill the paladin Lionheart.As this is the first mission,this level is easy.Build up as many archers you
     can and use it to assault the human base located on the west.The defences are quite formidable but it
     doesn't really matter because you're not there to tear down the base.All you have to do is to slay the
     Paladin.As soon you approach the human camp,the Paladin will come charging at you.So just command your
     entire legion of army to just target him.Once he's dead,you've completed the first chapter.
     Chapter 2 - Daughters of the Moon
     Main Quest - Escape into Shadow
                 *Bring Tyrande to the Night Elf town
                 *Hide from the patrolling Doom Guards
                 *Tyrande must survive
     Before you start to do anything,familiarize yourself with the hotkey "i".Hitting that key would render
     any NightElf unit invisible during the night.Bear in mind though that the invisibility only works at
     night and you may not move or attack during this time or your invisibility will not work,.You're gonna
     be using the hide option a lot in this level so make sure your fingers are somewhere near the key.
     Now,from your starting point travel northwest to find 2 chests on the ground containing the Slippers
     of Agility + 3 and the Claw of Strength + 3 guarded by a few doomguards.Time your steps properly
     and use the hide ability to avoid detection by the Doomguards.From your current location,travel due
     south avoiding any hostile units on the way.Keep walking and you will soon come across a cage.Destroy
     the cage to release a furbolg.Releasing the Furbolg wont benefit you in any way but hey, it wont
     hurt to be doing some good deeds once in a while eh? :) Follow the path and you will soon encounter
     a lone footman being attacked by a group of NightElf archers.Help them kill the Footman and the archers
     will join you.Continue east and you will see some humans battling undeads.Do not attempt to help
     either side.Just move along east till you reach an Orc base.There is a Mantle of Intelligence + 3 there.
     Run,grab it and enter the Waygate there.Don't bother engaging any enemies as you do not have enough
     firepower to take down the base.
     Team up with a group of Huntress at the other side of the gate and heal yourself at the fountain of
     health.You now have to move up north,an area full of the Undead.Shadow Melding is difficult here
     because of the presence of Shade units.As Shades have very low HP count,use Tyrande to kill of the Shades
     before you move the rest of your troops in.If the Doomguards were to attack you,pull them back to the
     Fountain area where you can kill them off much easily.If dawn breaks,wait at a certain area till
     nightfall before you continue moving.There is a glove of haste up north bring guarded my some gargoyles.
     A ring of protection + 2 is also around the area surrounded by thorns.Grab it then continue moving
     north and east towards the undead base.At the top of the undead base is 3 ballistas at your disposal.
     You can use it to destroy the Undead Spirit Tower.The entrance to the NightElf base is through the
     Undead base which means you have to bring down the Undeads.With the help of Ballisatas,that shoudnt be
     a problem.Slowly bring the base down then break down the door seperating your entrance to the NightElf
     base.Once you enter it,you'll complete the mission.
     dsafg dsfas <brainbop@hotmail.com> wrote;
     Just wanted 2 say that for mission 2 of night elf, near the end you dont
     have to engage the undead base. all you have to do is blow up the tree to
     your right, under the healing spring. theyll reveal a path that you can go
     right to the night elf base. :o
     Brian Maiser <bcm900@email1.dss.state.va.us> wrote;
     There was one Easter Egg that i've located on chapter 2.After you get your ballistas,you can go to the
     forest on the topright of the map(2 o'clock).If you use Tyrande's ability to send out a scouting owl
     over the forest,you'll notice a level 7 Hydralisk (yes,from the Starcraft series) nested between some
     of the trees.You can use the Ballistas to knock through the trees and to have the Hydralisk join
     your group.It has a range attack that does up to 120 points of damage,making it a nice peice of
     artillery against the undead you will soon have to face.
     Chapter 3 - The Awakening of Stormrage
     Main Quest - Furion Stormrage
                 *Reach Moonglade Isle behind the Orc base
                 *Slay the primal guardians
                 *Bring Tyrande to the horn of Cenarius
                 *Slumbering Furion Stormrage must survive
     This is a speed mission.As soon as you start off the mission,quickly build up your troops.Time is very
     essential here.Erect your structures and quicklu pump up your offence units as fast as you can.The
     ideal combonation here are Huntress backed up by Ballistas.Once you have gathered enough troops,
     immediately assault the Orc base on the northeast.The base is quite well defended so use your Ballistas
     to remove any defence structures first before moving in your huntress.Once it's been taken down,continue
     north and you would have reached Moonglade Isle.There will be 3 main Primal Guardians guarding Stormrage.
     Slay them all and recover the horn to win this mission.
     Because of the short time given,it is quite difficult to directly attempt to recover the horn of Cenarius
     directly.If you're unable to mastermind an assault heavy enough to bring down the Orc base,you should try
     the other approach.By destroying the Undead settlement first.The Undead base is less fortified compared to
     the Orcs,therefore attacking them would be much easier.Attack and destroy the Undead base first will give
     you all the time in the world to slowly coordinate your assault on the Orc encampment.Using this tactic
     would take a longer time to actually win the mission but it is a safer method.However if you have the skills
     to construct a large army fast enough,then go for the direct approach.
     Chapter 4 - The Druids Arise
     Main Quest - Awaken Druids                                    Optional Quest - Crazed Furbolgs
                 *Reach the Barrow Den                                             *Kill the Furbolg Warlord
                 *Destroy the corrupted NightElf base
                                                                                  - Cursed Globe
                                                                                   *Kill the Death Revenant
                                                                                    to restore the forest
     Gold is scarce in this level.That is why moving your base around is key in winning here.The good thing
     however is that all the other 3 clans exist here and they're much too busy attacking among themselves
     that they don't really bother much about you.And they will only launch their assault using aerial units
     which means you dont neccesarily need to build a strong ground defence.Do not however neglect your
     anti-air defence.
     Anyways,from your starting point,head north till you see a gold mine which unfortunaly has only 2000
     gold left.Entangle it and harvest the gold.Build whatever troops you can and upgrade whatever upgrades
     you can afford.Once the gold mine has collapsed,travel east.There's another gold mine a short way from
     your current location but again with only 2000 gold.Well,2000 is still better than nothing.Around this
     area is also a pack of Furbolgs near a defiled fountain.Approach them to recieve your optional quest.
     In the optional quest,you have to slay the Furbolg Warlord.He is located at the center top of the map.
     Now back to the main quest.Once you have mustered enough forces,assault the human base at the east.Go
     through the top door and not the bottom door.You have nothing to worry about here if you enter through
     the top door as the human base has very minimal defences.Destroy their base and take over the gold mine.
     Again,2000+ gold.Continue expanding your base and build your forces.Once you're confident of your
     attacking powers,break down the lower door of the base to recieve your 2nd optional quest.To complete
     this quest,you will have to slay the Death Revenant.He is situated at the bottom right corner of the
     map.Be careful though as he is being protected by ghosts who have the ability to posses your own
     units.Use your heroes as the primary offence unit as they cannot be possesed.Once you've slain the
     Revenant,it's time to invade the corrupted NightElf base.On the east side of your took-over base is
     the corrupted NightElf encampment.The NightElf base is not that heavily fortified so moving in around
     12 huntress backed up by Ballisatas should be adequate to bring it down.Once it has been destroyed,
     send Furion Stormrage in to Burrows Den.Prepare to face the next chapter.
     Chapter 5 - Brothers in Blood
     Main Quest - Awaken Druids                                Optional Quest - Bear necessities
                 *Discover the location of Barrows Deep                        *Get water from Fountain of Life
                 *Tyrande Whisperwind must survive                             *Return the filled vial to the
                 *Furion Stormrage must survive                                 Furbolgs
     From the start,head west and face a group of Kobolds.Slay them to get a potion of healing.Its best to try
     to fight as many hostile units as you can to level up your heroes because the end of the game is almost
     coming and by now your heroes should only be around level 6.Now,travel west and you'll face a level 6
     Elder Wendigo.Kill it and receive a scroll of healing as your rewards.Now,move south.Keep on going south
     till you come to a fork.Turn west and you'll encounter a death revenant.Slay him to obtain a wand of
     lightning shield.
     Move south till you reach a defiled fountain of life.If you see it,you know you're on the right track.
     Past the fountain is a pack of Furbolgs.Approach them to obtain your optional quest.To complete this
     quest,you will have to fill up the vial given to them with water from the fountain of life.Its not the
     defiled fountain so we have to a fresh new fountain.Head west and you will come across a pack of
     lightning lizards.Slay them to gain access to a fountain of life.Fill up the vial with the water and
     return it to the Furbolgs.Your rewards for this task is a talisman of the wild.
     Continue south and keep on moving and soon a cutscene will occur.Your party will be seperated and you will
     gain control of Furion.Head south and then east till you reach the circle of power.A spectral bridge will
     appear.Cross it to meet some demon bears.Slay them to obtain an excellent item - the Claws of Attack + 9.
     Move up north and encounter some dragon whelps along the way.Dispose them off and keep on moving.You
     will soon meet up with the druids of claw.Unfortunately they have turned hostile.Your mission objective
     now has changed and you will have to reconvert them to your side which means you cannot kill a single
     Claw Druid.Your Druids of the Talon's cyclone spell comes in handy here.Casting it on a single unit will
     render the unit uncapable of attacking but also uncapable of being attacked.Now,you have to bring Furion
     to the center of the cave for him to use the Horn of Cenarius to convert the Claw Druids.Head north
     avoiding contact with any Druids of the Claw or other any hostile units.Keep on moving and you will soon
     reach the center.
     The scene now transfers to Tyrande.Head west and activate the 2 circle of power to open the west door.
     There is a tome of knowledge hidden around this area.To obtain it,break down the first door on the
     south and explore the area.You will find a pedestal of summoning there.Destroy it to recieve the tome
     which permanently adds 1 point to your attribute.Now,move west through the newly opened gates.You are
     now in a fairly large area.Exploring it would be quite useful as there are many items and bonuses hidden.
     There is a room on the south where your Huntress can gain the Moon Glaive add on and another room where
     a Ring of Generation is hidden.Look around the area,hunting for items and new units to add to your
     party till you reach a Waygate due north of the area.Enter the Waygate and from the otherside,head south,
     west and then north.Keep on going till you face Kalinax the guardian protection Illidan.Slay him to free
     Illidan and complete the level.
     Chapter 6 - A Destiny of Flame and Sorrow
     Main Quest - The skull of Gul'Dan
                 *Destroy the Waygate guarding the skull
                 *Bring Illidan to the skull of Gul'Dan
     At the start of the mission,build up your base and erect your defences.You have a new unit here - the
     Druid of the Claws.Pretty decend spellcaster but whats best about them is when they convert into animal
     form they provide the NightElf's with the best melee unit around.Anyway,expand your base north of the
     current one.The gold mine is not far away from your current base.
     The threat in this chapter comes from 2 enemy encampments with both being Nightelves.One base is on the
     east and the other is on the west.Both bases are not that well defended so bringing it down should not
     be a problem.The thing that kinda bothers your defences most are the Burning Legions that appears
     randomly.But gold is quite abundant here so you should have enough money to be able to construct a large
     amount of Ancient Protectors.Build up your forces and once you have enough to break through the Night
     Elf base, assault the one on the east.Tear it down and expand your base there.Once you've expanded over
     there you should already be invincible and winning this level would be a snap.
     The skull of Gul'Dan is on the topleft while Tichondrius is situated on the top right.It is impossible
     to kill Tichondrius yet so do not even bother trying.Concentrate on mustering your forces to perform
     an assault to the NightElf base on the west.Unlike the previous enemy Nightelf base,destroying the
     west base is neccesarry because it blocks the entrance to the skull of Gul'Dan.A mix of Archers,Huntress,
     Claw Druids and backed up by Ballistas should do the trick.Once you've torn down the base,move northwest
     till you arrive at the skull.Destroy the Waygate transporting the Burning Legions and you have secured
     the skull.Bring Illidan to the skull to and watch the cutscene.
     Now,finally you have the means to obliterate Tichondrius.He is situated on the topright corner of the
     map.Seeing that Illidan is so darn powerful,you do not need an entire army to directly assault Tichondrius.
     Just bring Illidan the lone ranger and command him to dispose off Tichondrius.Watch them engage in battle
     and simple wait for the moment Tichondrius falls.
     Chapter 7 - The Last Guardian
     A cutscene ensues
     Chapter 7 - Twilight of Gods
     Main Quest - Delay Archimonde
                 *Delay Archimonde for 45 minutes
                 *Archimonde must not reach the world tree
     If you thought the end chapter of the Orc campaign was emotional,wait till you play this.The alliance
     of Orcs,Humans and the NightElf's.How can you not love this game? :)
     Bear in mind that this is the final mission of the game.Which of course makes it a difficult mission.
     Your objective here is to defend your position for 45 minutes.Sounds easy but in actual fact it is now.
     Archimonde and his Burning Legion units are backed up by the Undead and thier offence comes in large
     groups which makes it difficult to defend.
     Your 2 Allies are both seperated in different locations.The humans are situated on the southeast,
     the orc on the west and your own base in on the northeast.Archimonde ans his minions will have to go
     through the Human base and then the Orc base first before he reaches your camp and then the world tree.
     This makes your base the last line of defence.
     As soon as the mission commences,quickly send your wisp to construct another tree of life towards the
     northwest.There is another gold mine there.Since you have very limited time,you will need a lot of gold
     quickly to survive the Undead onslaught.Send your 2 heroes down to the Human base to help them hold their
     position a bit longer.With 2 gold mines currently being mined simultenously,you should be able to gather
     enough gold to do the neccesarry upgrades.If you feel that you're still not making enough,there is
     another gold mine on the east of the map.
     Your heroes should be able to help the Humans hold their position a little bit longer especially with
     Tyrande's Starfall spell and Furion's Tranquility spell.Youe heroes will also level up fast here because
     the enemy attackes in waves and your kill count will be high.Do not be afraid to lose your heroes here
     because the objective is to keep the enemy at bay a little longer and to level up your heroes.If they die,
     simple resummon them at the Altar of Elders.
     While the Humans are helping you out,you'll have to quickly establish your army.Build up as many troops
     as you can and research whatever upgrade that needs researching.Ensure that you have plenty of anti air
     defences because the Undead attacks through the air a lot.To strengthen your defence significantly,
     construct Ancient Protectors in the Orc Base.Build as many as you can and mix them with the Orc defence
     to extend the longevity of your defence structure and the Orc base.If you do it right,Archimonde will
     have to take a long long time before he finally breaks down the Orc base.By that time,you should have
     enough units and enough Ancient Protectors to defend your own base.
     Once 45 minutes is up,pat yourself on the back and congratulate yourself.You've just beaten the game
     and you deserve a well earned rest until the expansion pack. :)
     ggggggg gggggg <carnaromega@yahoo.com> wrote;
     This is the way i unlocked hard with the night
     First of all, i got all 3 gold mines as quickly as
     possible, and send about 5 wisps down to the human
     base right away, along with my heroes.
     At the human base, i constructed 4 ancient protectors,
     and 1 ancient of war. At home, I built the upgrade
     buildings (name escapes me at the moment :/) and
     started upgrading archers. As the human base was
     barely alive, i sent 2 more wisps down to get 3
     ancient of wars, and started pumping out archers. AS
     the base was barely held, i sent about 5 or 6 more
     wisps down, and build 3 ancient of winds, and more
     ancient protectors. By now, both my heroes were level
     10, and barely holding up the base. I got hippogryth
     training as fast as possible, and started getting
     hippogryths. I had 2 archers for every 3 hippogryths,
     the last 1 being an air defense guy. So, i had 3
     ancients of war and wind, and a lot of protectors.
     They did overcome the orc base after awile, but at the
     orc  base, i did set up a similar defense before this.
     First, with huntress', i set up sentinals at the old
     human base, and along the path to the orc base. So, i
     had 2 rows of heavy defense very late into the game.
     They never broke through the orcs for me, but they did
     destroy half the base..
     Yes, I did rely on luck almost the whole time.
     Blake Garvey <brgarvey@hotmail.com> wrote;
     Hey there, just finished the game today and after playing around with a
     theory for a couple of hours, figured out a way to finish the last mission
     either as a last resort or whatever..
     Happened like this, first game my town was overrun pretty fast, but one of
     my trees of life at the 2nd gold mine to the west of the map survived - was
     attacked by some crypt fiends but took care of itself and then was left
     alone.. so next thing I know time was ticking down from 12 mins to the last
     few and I was ok. Ate some trees to the left for health/tried to hide myself
     more and thought I was going to make it, until at the least 30 seconds
     Archimonde comes out and just walked right up to the circle.
     How to counter this? Thing is no one was in my base.. and I had tested this
     10 times to get it right and no one was even in my base after they'd taken
     it out, they'd just patrol around or group up now and then.
     What did I do? Had 3 hippographs fly to the back corner of the map near the
     tree of life, and in the last thirty seconds I moved them to the circle of
     power, and as soon as I saw the demon I flew them at him and attempted to
     lure him away - it works! first couple of times I tried to lure him too far
     and he just turns back around, but once I let him hit me a few times and
     kept him a little distracted, ended up winning with him 2 inches away from
     the circle (only had 3 hippo's, cmon...)
     Keep a backup army of 6 hippographs at the top of the map, upgrade if
     possible. They only take up 2 resources each so it won't be such a drain.
     Have 1 Building surviving _somewhere_. This is the hardest part - the
     hippo's are fine as the frost wyverns don't seem to go up very far, but if
     they find your building the mission is over. I countered this by having 3
     seperate mini bases near the goblin merchant/mercenary camps/mines with some
     defence.. as long as you can hold out for a while (or if your extremely
     lucky, can just be ignored for the whole time) you don't have any probs.
     Seems a bit of a sneaky way, and I think with some more base defence I could
     of held em longer, but in the end you get rushed like crazy.. and the
     cinematic is of the demon making it to the gate, which means you're not
     meant to stop him, just delay - and that's what I achieved.
     Hope this helps ;) I know some gamers won't be able to even finish it due to
     the difficulty so this can definately give them an edge, and for the others
     its just another cunning strategy.. the idea of the last line of defence of
     hippographs coming out from near the tree isn't that foriegn - pretty heroic
     actually :)
     The NightElves Sentinels
     Units Breakdown
     The NightElves worker.It is very much different from the workers of the other races which make it
     quite unique.First of all it mines differently.When it mines gold,it does not need to travel back
     and forth between the gold mine and your town center.It simply stays at the gold mine and leisurely
     mining it till it runs out of gold.Harvesting Lumber is another story alltogether.It sticks to
     a single tree and continuously harvests lumber without damaging the tree which means that you can
     never run out of lumber.Construction also has a twists to it.On certain structure like the
     Tree of Life and the Ancient of War,the wisps dissapears after construction the building.But on
     structures like the Moonwell which provides food,the wisps do not dissapear after completing
     The basic NightElf attacking unit.Quite a good attacker with high damage and fast attacking rate.Can
     be upgraded to provide better range and much higher damage.The only problem with Archers are their
     low HP count and their low armor.They can inflict lotsa punishment on air and ground units but they
     cannot take much damage.To counter this,you can command an Archer to ride a Hippogryph which allows
     them to fly and gives them more protection.
     The Huntress is a strong and versatile melee unit.Although quite low on the HP count,it makes up for
     it by its fast attacking and movement rate.Has the Moonglaive research where it enables its attack
     to bounce off an enemy unit and then hits the next unit.Works somewhat like the Zerg's Mutalisk
     attack in Starcraft.Has the Sentinel upgrade which allows 1 sentinel owl per Huntress.The sentinel
     owl can stick on any tree in the map to provide vision and cloaking detection and will stay
     on the tree forever unless the tree is chopped down or destroyed.
     The NightElves seige weapon.Compared to the other races seige weapon's,the Ballista has the fastest
     firing rate.Although devastating againt structures,it is very vulnerable against melee units.Therefore
     protecting it with Huntress is essential.The Ballista has a range long enough to take out enemy
     defensive towers which makes it essential to have them around when assaulting an enemy base.
     An air unit that can only be used to attack on air.Fast,high manuovarable and quite well armored,it makes
     it an ideal attacking unit only if it could attack on ground.Hippogryphs can be rided by archers which
     enables it to attack on air and on ground.However,the attack damage is reduced a bit following the
     archers attack rate.
     A semi spell caster.Although more towards an offence unit,the Dryad has some good assits spells to
     help your primary attackers
     *Abolish magic*
     Dispels and negative buffs from friendly and positive buffs from enemy units.Deal 300 damage to any
     summoned units.
     *Slow poison*
     Deal 8 damage per second and slows enemy movement by 50% and damage by 25%.This spell lasts for 5
     Druid of the Claw
     The NightElves primary healer.Although good as a spell caster,it is by far more useful as an attacker
     when switched into animal form.
     Gives nearby friendly units a 25% boost to their damage for 45 seconds.
     Heals 400 HP over 12 seconds for a single friendly unit.
     *Bear Form*
     This is truly the most feared ability of the Druid of the Claw.When transformed into Bear Form,it
     becomes the most powerful melee unit for the Nightelves.Highly armored,high HP count and high damage
     makes it a powerful force to be reckon with.Whats most amazing about the Druid of the Claw though is
     its ability to heal itself.When almost dead,convert them back into Human Form and cast rejuvenate.
     Reconvert them back into bear form leaving them with a full HP count.Truly amazing.
     Druid of the Talon
     Druid of the Talon has the ability to transform into animal form just like its brethren,the
     Druid of the Claw.Has good support spells which helps your main attackers to launch an
     assault succesfully.
     *Faerie Fire*
     Reduces target's armor by 5 and gives vision of the targeted unit for 120 seconds
     Tosses an enemy unit into the air rendering it unable to move,attack,be attacked or cast spells.
     This stasis mode lasts for 30 seconds
     *Storm Crow Form*
     Transforms into a Crow which gives the Talon the ability to attack aerial units with a rapid firing
     rate.The Talon however loses its ability to attack ground when in animal form.Because of its
     high manouvarability in animal form,it contributes as an excellent scout the the NightElves.
     Feel free to e-mail me correcting any errors that you have come across throughout this FAQ.Im planning to
     add a strategy section to this so to any of you guys out there who have an excellent strategy please do
     e-mail me.Full credits will be given for all contributions.
     This FAQ is only available through www.gamefaqs.com at this moment.However if you would like to add this
     to your own website,feel free to do so just as long as you notify me before hand and none of the contents
     is altered.
     July 11th 2002

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