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    Collectors Edition DVD Trivia FAQ by Alerek Nightfall

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    -=(Warcraft III Collectors Edition DVD Trivia Faq Final Version)=-
                        -=(By Alerek Nightfall)=-
    Table of Contents
    I.    Introduction
    II.   Trivia Answers
     IIa.  Warcraft III
     IIb.  Warcraft II Expansion
     IIc.  Warcraft II
     IId.  Warcraft I
    III.  Bugs
    IV.   Outro
    V.    Contact Information
    VI.   Version History
    VII.  End Notes
    VIII. Legalities
    I. Introduction
      Welcome to my Warcraft III Collectors Edition DVD Faq. If you're lucky enough
    to own the collectors edition of War3, you know it comes with a boatload of
    goodies. Of these, there is an interactive DVD with a ton of Blizzard movies,
    trailers, etc. Of the features of this wonderful DVD, is a trivia game you can
    play. If you sucessfully complete the trivia for a game, you can watch the
    movies from the given game. I have completed all of these trivia challenges,
    and I wish to give the players the correct answers for them.
    II. Trivia Answers
     IIa. Warcraft III
        Q1: The Elves of Kalimdor are called:
         A: Night Elves
        Q2: Collectively, the armies of the undead are called:
         A: The Scourge
        Q3: The new Warchief of the orcs in the Third War is called:
         A: Thrall
        Q4: The large spiders-warriors employed by the undead are known as:
         A: Crypt Fiends
        Q5: The winged creatures of Kalimdor, ridden by the orcs, are called:
         A: Wyverns
        Q6: King Terenas' son is named:
         A: Arthas
        Q7: The druid of the claw can transform into a:
         A: Bear
        Q8: The orcs turn to shamanistic magic during the Third War to escape the
    corruption of:
         A: Demons
        Q9: The undead plague is spread mainly through:
         A: Grain
       Q10: The hero Mountain King is a:
         A: Dwarf
      Reward for Warcraft III Trivia: Slide show of the Warcraft III Development
    IIb. Warcraft II Expansion
        Q1: The dark, red world the orcs came from is called:
         A: Draenor
        Q2: The infamous cheiftan of the Warsong clan is called:
         A: Grom Hellscream
        Q3: Aside from dragons, goblins, and trolls, which other race has allied
    with the orcs?
         A: Ogres
        Q4: Which creatures are fitted with watertight canopies by the orcs and
    used as submersibles?
         A: Giant Turtles
        Q5: The spell used by humans to turn enemies into sheep is called:
         A: Polymorph
      Reward for Warcraft II Expansion Trivia: 3 Movies from Warcraft II (
    Introduction, Human Victory, Orc Victory.)
    IIc. Warcraft II
        Q1: Gul'dan was:
         A: A Warlock
        Q2: Gryphons are ridden by:
         A: Dwarves
        Q3: The King of Lordaeron is:
         A: Terenas
        Q4: The underwater vessels build by gnomes is a:
         A: Gnomish Submarine
        Q5: Death Knights are created from the raised corpses of:
         A: Knights
      Reward for Warcraft II Trivia: 9 Movies from Warcraft II ( Introduction, Burn
    the Dead, Release, Human Victory, Orc Victory, Ships at Sea, Burning Town,
    Turtles, Zepplin.)
    IId. Warcraft I
        Q1: Collectively, the orc clans are known as:
         A: The Horde
        Q2: THe conjurer responsible for allowing orcs into the world of humans is
    known as:
         A: Medivh
        Q3: The ruling Warchief of the orcs during the First War was:
         A: Blackhand
        Q4: The gateway connecting the world of the humans and the world of the
    orcs was known as:
         A: The Dark Portal
        Q5: The human kingdom invaded by the orcs during the First War was:
         A: Azeroth
     Reward for Warcraft I Trivia: 9 Movies from Warcraft I ( Enter Warcraft, Human
    Intro, Orc Intro, Human Maps, Orc Maps, Human Victory, Orc Victory, Treasure,
    III. Bugs
       As of now, only one bug is known of. In the Warcraft 2 Movie selection
    screen, The sound tracks for "Burning Town" and "Turtles" are switched. If you
    pay close attention, you can hear the fire burning in the backround of
    "Turtles," and water rushing in the backround of "Burning Town". Thanks to
    Sagara who brought this to my attention.
    IV. Outro
      There you go. There are all of the correct answers for the Warcraft 3 DVD
    Trivia. I figured I would be the only one to think of writing a guide for it,
    so I did. Now, If you will excuse me, I have some Warcraft III to play.
    V. Contact Information
     Author: Alerek Desmond Nightfall
     AIM: AlerekNightfall
     E-Mail: Alerek@fuse.net
    VI. Version History
      1.0 - Guide Written and finalized. No revisions will be made, as all
    information on the subject has been fully covered.
      1.1 - I lied. 1.1 Contains minor spelling errors. Nothing more.
      1.2 - I lied again. 1.2 Adds the "Bugs" Section, thanks to Sagara.
      1.3 - Sheesh I'm bad at this. 1.3 corrects a spelling error. Thanks to
      1.4 - Credit to Temjingold for spotting a minor spelling error. Almost
      1.5 - Updated the faq with a translation note, and another allowed site.
      1.6 - Updated with gramatical error fix. "If your lucky enough..." is now "If
    you're lucky         enough..." Thanks to Billy Chan.
      Final Version - Fixed a minor error. No more updates will be made to this
    FAQ. :)
    VII. End Notes
      Please Note: This FAQ was originally written in English , and any translation
    was not done by me.
      This FAQ is only to appear on GameFaqs.com , and DLH.net . If you see this
    faq on any other site, please notify me.
    VIII. Legalities
    Warcraft, Warcraft 2, and Warcraft 3 and all other likeness are trademark of
    Blizzard Entertainment.
    This document Copyright 2002 by Stephen " Alerek Desmond Nightfall" Smith, and
    may not be duplicated or reproduced (in part or in full) for profit without the
    explicit permission of the author.
    -=(End of Document)=-

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