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    Unit Quotes by MunkiBleedsGreen

    Version: 2.7 | Updated: 07/24/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

               W A R C R A F T   I I I  | Pissed Off Unit Quote Collection
                          [presented in THX surround sound]
           written by MunkiBleedsGreen -  (linoleummunki@hotmail.com) ©2003
                            {best viewed at full screen}
    |Table of Contents\__________
    |1. FAQ Information          \
    |     I Updates              /
    |    II Foreword             \
    |2. The Collection           /
    |     I Creeps               \
    |    II Demons               /
    |   III Naga                 \
    |    IV Neutral              /
    |     V Humans               \
    |    VI Night Elves          /
    |   VII Orcs                 \
    |  VIII Undead               /
    |3. Contact, Etc.            \
    |     I You're a Moron       /
    |    II Contact Information  \
    |   III Munki Plugs Himself  /
    |    IV Thanks               \
    -_-_-_-_-_-_          __________
    |Section 1  \________/ FAQ Info \_____________________________________
        Version 2.7 - July 24th, 2003 - Another fairly routine update. Lots
                    of new references, and finally added the three new
                    quotes Illidan has in TFT. Wouldn't have noticed them if
                    it weren't for El Sabotender and EndlessInfinity.
                    Anyway, a brief edition of You're a Moron, standard e-mail
                    updates, corrections, and we're good to go.
                    Also, since I've had a lot of people ask me about why
                    some lines are not included in the FAQ, I figured I'd
                    define what a "Pissed Quote" is. This is a quote spouted
                    by the unit only after it has been clicked upon multiple
                    times in succession. In other words, under normal play,
                    you'd only hear attack confirmation quotes or those said
                    when the unit is finished training. And since you're likely
                    to hear any of these lines during a standard game, I only
                    list the Pissed Quotes, which you'd otherwise have to go
                    out of your way to hear.
                    Eventually, within a few months when the FAQ just has
                    nothing more to be added to it, I might go about and
                    added the notable confirmation/creation lines. But until
                    then, please don't e-mail me about them.
                    Expect the next update within the next two weeks.
        Version 2.6 - July 15th, 2003 - Well, I said I'd update next when they
                    gave the Sea Witch a soundset... but then when I finally
                    picked up TFT, I noticed that she didn't have one still.
                    In any case, fully updated the guide with the Pissed Quotes
                    of all the Campaign Heroes and units. Also, for easier
                    reference to those who've just come across the guide,
                    since it should be in the TFT section soon, I've inserted
                    a marker next to all units, heroes, and characters new
                    to the expansion. To find these fastest, use Find (Ctrl+F)
                    to look for *NEW TFT* . This was even added to all quote
                    sets added to this guide during the Beta. Most notable would	  
                 be the new section given to the Naga race. Did I miss			
    	anything? Please, feel free to tell me.
                    Special thanks to Arrlaari who went through the effort of
                    sending me a fairly lengthy list of quotes from TFT units,
                    but I had already prepared this FAQ with my own research
                    by the time I had checked his e-mail. Sorry, but thanks.
                    Went through the usual e-mail updates and I'm preparing for
                    another huge hit when this FAQ is added to the TFT section.
                    Top 10 FAQs List = Headache.
                    Next matter of importance: My inferiority.org e-mail has
                    been down for a while now. But it was only a forwarder in
                    any case. Send any e-mail to me at linoleummunki@hotmail.com
                    from now on.
                    And finally, inaugurating a new section finally to the guide.
                    After arguing over the title for sometime, I've decided to
                    settle for "You're a Moron". You'll find it in as the
                    first part of the third section of the guide, Contact, Etc.
                    After having to deal with the occasional raging idiot for
                    the last year with this guide, I figured it was finally
                    time to vent a little rage. I'll keep this updated with
                    every new version, unless I just can't find anyone
                    stupid enough to bash. And trust me, I'm hoping I can't.
                    In any case, next update will probably becoming within a week
                    or two, or else I'm going to fall behind like crazy and let
                    my Hotmail box get filled up again...
        Version 2.5 - April 17th, 2003 - With the 308 build of Beta comes
                    another update. Didn't even think to check for anything
                    new this patch until I noticed "new media for some units"
                    listed among the changes on the Blizz forums. And from
                    what I've gathered this far, they've redone the Faerie
                    Dragon and Pit Lords sound sets and added a set for
                    the Beastmaster.
    		So, aside from the addition of the Beastie and Pit Lord
                    qutoes (Nope, Faerie Dragons still only shriek), added
                    some more sources, notably for the Spirit Walker, which
                    I forgot to add in before sending in the last version
                    of the FAQ. So sorry to those of you who sent in credits
                    for them, but I already had them. You'll still be
                    added to the thanks list at the bottom.
    		And that's that, for now at least. If you happen to
                    notice any other units aside from the three listed above
                    whom have had their sound sets updated as of 308, please
                    inform me of it. Expect the next update by the next
                    major patch, as that seems to be the next time any media
                    updates will come.
        Version 2.4 - April 8th, 2003 - Back once more for a fairly large
                    update. Tons of new Beta references this time around.
                    And, by the way, yes, the Orc's Tauren Spirit Walker now
                    has his own sound set, and it's certainly worth checking
                    out. Blizzard keeps up its high standards of actually
                    making me laugh at fart jokes. The new Neutral Hero,
                    the Naga Sea Witch, lacks a sound set as of yet, but I'll
                    obviously update once she gets one.
    		Also of note this time around is that I was recently
                    contacted by a person far more credible than anyone else
                    when it comes to the pissed unit quotes. I'll leave this
                    person's identity anonymous, as they requested, but I will
                    be using the nickname "Deepthroat" for them when it comes
                    to creditting source additions or quote corrections. And
                    no, don't bother e-mailing me asking for this person's
                    identity, as I wish to respect their wishes.
                    Next update? Probably when the Sea Witch gets her sound
                    set. Until then, I'm going to make a more direct attempt
                    at getting this guide listed under the Frozen Throne
                    FAQ section.
        Version 2.3 - March 10th, 2003 - Standard updates, for the most part.
                    Immediately after uploading the last version, I noticed
                    my most obvious fallacy; calling Spellbreakers Spell
                    Stealers. I felt rather idiotic for that, but c'est la vie.
                    Anyway, the update worth noting is the addition of the
                    Pandaren Brewmaster's pissed quotes, in the neutral
                    heroes section. He's not yet available normally as of
                    this FAQ being written, but he can be used in a few
                    custom maps, including an FT Hero Arena.
                    As always, if you sent something in and you do not
                    notice your name listed as the credit for the source,
                    then someone likely beat you to the punch, and your name
                    is instead listed in the Group Thanks at the bottom of
                    the FAQ. Next update will likely come within 2 weeks. See
                    you guys then.
        Version 2.2 - March 5th, 2003 - Guess who got the beta? Obviously,
                    Blizzard has recognized me as the only person on the 'net
                    willing to waste hours of his life to transcribe the
                    pissed off quotes of their units, and have rewarded me
                    justly. No sir, had nothing to do with blind, dumb,
                    incredibly random lucky. Not at all. In celebration
                    of this event, it's time to update this guide. First up,
                    I had a handful of large e-mail updates to add to the
                    guide. A lot more clarification, and a few mysteries
                    finally solved. Secondly, I've added all of the Frozen
                    Throne units currently available in the beta to their
                    proper sections. This covers the following:
                    Neutral - Dark Ranger
                    Human - Blood Mage, Dragon Hawk, Spell Stealer
                    Night Elf - Warden
                    Orc - Shadow Hunter, Batrider
                    Undead - Crypt Lord
                    Obviously, this is not every unit available in the beta.
                    However, as of yet, the Orc's Spirit Walker has the same
                    pissed sound bite set as the standard Tauren, and also
                    the Obsidian Statue, Black Sphinx, Faerie Dragon, and
                    Mountain Giant only make noises. The Dragon, I should
                    note, sounds much akin to a pair of Zerglings hatching.
                    Only several thousand times more shrill. Quite the
                    nuisance. If I've made any mistakes with the FT quotes,
                    please drop me a line, since I jotted down many of the
                    shorter quotes after only one listening.
                    Anyway, that's that. See you guys next time.
        Version 2.1 - February 23rd, 2003 - Haha, alright alright, an update.
                    I had one prepared in October actually, after going
                    through nearly 500 pieces of mail, which was then lost
                    when my rebellious computer decided to freeze. After that,
                    I was somewhat discouraged from updating again, despite
                    my Hotmail box (to which all my inferiority.org mail gets
                    sent) being completely backed up. However, in an effort
                    to finish what I've started, I'm picking this FAQ back
                    up again. However, as implied previously, my Hotmail
                    box, for the most part, has flushed out most of my
                    mail, and I accidentally wiped out the entire first page
                    of my box the other day, which has resulted in utter chaos.
                    Anyway, this update isn't so much an ACTUAL update. Aside
                    from a few outstanding typographical errors made, there is
                    no new content here. However, if you've been dissuaded from
                    e-mailing me due to the lack of updates, let this
                    basically be the notice to start sending mail again.
                    However, I've something I intended to say a while ago,
                    when I actually had the multi-hour update prepared.
                    Many people have gone to great lengths to try and attain
                    sources for some of these quotes which are, to say the
                    least, rather silly. Trying to credit an old saying to
                    an Austin Powers movie, for example, is not advised.
                    Use your brain and better judgment when sending something
                    Again, I apologize for the ridiculous delay, and sincerely
                    wish to restart this once more, and try to make this FAQ
                    as complete as possible before the expansion pack is
                    released. -Munki
        Version 2.0 - July 10th, 2002 - Damn, in one day I get about twice as
                    much mail as I'd get in a month for my old FAQ. Anyway,
                    I should point out that a) I'm not a Star Wars fan,
                    and b) I usually overlooked very obvious ones, so I missed
                    out on a large load of those references. Secondly,
                    I checked my mail starting with the oldest letter,
                    so I simply credited the first person with their addition,
                    and anyone who reported the same thing later was added to
                    the Thanks list. Oh, and in the future, try to give me
                    your GameFAQs alias, if any, to credit you with, for
                    simplicity's sake. Sorry for not responding to the
                    great bulk of the letters, but I wanted to try and get
                    this updated as swiftly as possible. Next update, I'll
                    probably add other various unit quotes (ie. not quotes
                    activated by multiple clicking) along with the standard
                    additions. -Munki
        Version 1.0 - July 8th, 2002 - First version obviously enough.
                    Finished the entire FAQ up in about three hours time.
                    There'll still be a bit of work ahead, but this is
                    really more of a one or two update FAQ anyway.
                    Now back to wasting time on B-Net -MunkiBleedsGreen
        The best way to enjoy Warcraft 3 is to click EVERYTHING many many
      times. Warcraft vets should be used to the units yelling back at
      their infernal masters in the skies, but WC3 really takes the
      concept to the next level. More phrases, more humour, lots of insanity.
      And so, since I was quite bored this morning, I've decided to compile
      every "Pissed" quote every intelligible unit says. In other words,
      the units that just growl were ignored.
        So, read away, but remember that many of them are infinitely more
      entertaining when being spoken by the units. The easiest way to get
      access to the sound files is through World Edit, by the way.
        I've also provided, just to show off my massive amount of useless
      knowledge, whatever sources some lines may be lifted from, like
      a movie or some such. There's a few quotes that are partially
      unintelligible though, so if you want to help out, wherever you see
      a <?> throughout the FAQ, try deciphering that line. I haven't
      placed a few of the sources for quotes either, so if you know any,
      feel free to report that too. E-mail me at munki@inferiority.org.
      I'll be sure to credit you in the Collection.
        Lastly, a source marked with ~ is an exact quote, while > is either
      a reference to the source or a modified quote, and ones marked with ?
      have unknown sources, if any source at all. Why did I bother with
      this? Because there's nothing good on TV.
        Without further ado, darkness calls. Over and over again. He
      abuses speed dial apparently.
    -_-_-_-_-_-_                        _____________
    |Section 2  \______________________/ Collection  \____________________
      --Again, if you supplied me with info, but your name isn't listed--
              -with the quote, it's in the ending thanks section-
    	-"What we have here is a failure to communicate."
    	 ~Movie: 'Cool Hand Luke'.
    	-"I usually work alone."
    	-"Roamer, wanderer, nomad, vagabond; call me what you will."
    	 ~Music: Metallica's 'Wherever I May Roam'
            Thanks to A Reys
    	-"I don't want FOP! I'm a Dapper Dan Man, dammit."
    	 ~Movie: 'O Brother Where Art Thou', George Clooney's character.
    	-"And this one time, at bandit camp..."
    	 >Movie: 'American Pie', Alysson Hannigan's character.
      *NEW TFT* Blood Elf Peasant
      ?-Why is this in the Creep section?
       Because Neutral doesn't sound right and it's sound files are found in the
       Creep folder. Happy?
    	-"Look, I'm an Engineer. My time is valuable."
    	-"Why don't you bother someone else with your incessant clicking?"
    	-"If it's really THAT urgent, why don't you do it yourself?.'
    	-"It's simple. Just take the hydraulic phase shift emulator and
            attach it to the trans-dimensional photon emitter. Bam, new tower."
    	-" 'I'll have it up in no time.' is an official term of the United
            Blood Elf Engineers' Union and should not be taken as a reasonable
            actual estimation of the actual time it will take to complete a
            task in any way, shape, or form."
    	-"Hmm... Tower Defense? No, that's a silly idea, it'd never work."
             >Other: Works as both a reference to the mammoth amounts of TD
             custom games created for WC3, and as a in-game reference to
             the hidden Tower Defense mission in the Human Campaign.
      *NEW TFT* Draenei
      ?-Why is this in the Creep section?
       Because I thought that "Campaign Units" would be a stupid section
       for the Scourge to have. Also, they CAN be found as creeps...
      >Correct me if I'm wrong, but all Draenei units share these quotes.
    	-"Our blood shall mingle on the battle field."
    	-"I'm too old for this... ugh."
    	-"I remember when the ale was strong and the wenches were fresh."
    	-"I can fight just like a.... *snores*"
    	-"It's cold! And there are wolves after me!"
    	>TV: Famous quote from the ever quotable Grandpa Abe Simpson, of
            course from 'The Simpsons'.
    	-"Better hurry... before I die."
    	-"Who's that guy with the sickle? Why's he beckoning? Why is
            my grandfather with him?"
      Forest Troll
    	-"Say hello to my lil' frien'."
    	 ~Movie: Al Pacino's 'Scarface'.
             ~Other: Tu Cuc notes that this was a line of the Troll Axethrower's
             in Warcraft II.
    	-"Hassan - CHOP!"
    	~TV: Line from the Bugs Bunny short "A-Lad-In His Lamp".
            Thanks to Brian Kern for the spelling correction and the title.
    	-"Oh, just like that, you filthy swine."
    	>Other: Crimson Hellkite has this as a quote of Lothar's to Zul'jin
            in Warcraft 2, but I can't confirm that.
      Goblin Sappers
    	-"Are you our daddy?"
           ~Movie: 'Don't Be a Menace To South Central While Drinking Your
           Juice In The Hood'. Thanks to kgamble8@comcast.net.
            -Goblin1: "Wasn't me!"
            -Goblin2: "Wasn't me!"
            -Goblin3: "...Sorry."
    	-Goblin1: "Where's the mini map?"
    	-Goblin2: "I threw it in the lake!"
    	-Goblin1: "Are you crazy?!"
    	 >Movie: Blair Witch Project
    	-Goblin1: "Got a match?"
    	-Goblin2: "Your face, my ass."
           ~TV: SNL Chevy Chase skit 'Land Shark' from the earlier years.
           Thanks to Corkscrew for pointing it out first, and writing up a
           lovely little summary ^^
           ->kgamble8@comcast.net also credits this to Mel Brook'
           'Blazing Saddles'.
    	-"Package for Mr. Rizzum...flizzum *mumbles*."
           ~See above.
    	-"Flowers for Mrs. Cockantoestinder... *mumbles*."
           ~See above.
           >Movie: kgamble8@comcast.net says this is approximately one of the
           names Chevy Chase used in his movie 'Fletch', which coincides with
           Chase being in the Land Shark sketch. There's some trivia for ya'...
      Goblin Zeppelin
    	-"AHHH! You scared me."
    	-"They all look like ants from here."
    	-"Mmm, shiny buttons."
    	-"Where's the Equator?"
    	-"You worry about the towers, I'll worry about the mini map."
           >Movie: Play on Luke's line from 'Star Wars' during the Death Star
           scene. Thanks to Brain Stew.
    	-"I'm going... to die."
    	-Three different shrill screams.
    	-"Ohhh... whack me."
      Ice Troll
    	-"I'm... too cool."
    	-"I shoulda' brought a sweater."
    	-"Chill out."
    	-"Oh we gonna' get along jus' fine."
    	-Head1: "So angry!"
    	-Head2: "So hungry..."
    	-Head1: "That way!"
    	-Head2: "No, that way!"
    	-Head1: "I'm with stupid."
    	-Head2: "Me too!"
    	-Head1: "He did it..."
    	-Head2: "No! He did it!"
             >Other: Tu Cuc notes this as a quote of the Ogre's from Warcraft 2.
    	-*Beavis and Butthead like giggling*
    	-"I await the Legion's coming."
    	-"The Night Elves shall suffer."
    	-"For Zamfir."
           ~Other: Reference to an 80's artist by that name who played the
           pan flute, the traditional instrument of a Satyr. [Deepthroat]
    	-"DON'T TOUCH ME!"
      Wind Serpent
    	-"I shall ride my bird to victory!"
    	-"I don't use my lance a lot."
           ->Since Flaggle took the time to shiver in pain at this horrible
           pun as well, figure I should as well. Note the Lancelot pun. Now
           groan in pain.
    	-"Tell Blizzard I'd make a great action figure!"
    	-"I'm going for an even BIGGER role in the expansion pack!"
    	-"We're currently hovering at a comfortable altitude of 15 feet."
      Chaos Warlord
    	-"Hey, you want to hear a joke?"
    	-"Sorry, I got nothin'."
           >TV: Derek K. credits this as a Seinfeld reference.
      *NEW TFT* Demoness
    	-"Hmm, do you work out?"
    	-"Mmhmm, you're so... deviant."
    	-"Wanna... buy me a drink?"
    	-"Oh, that's naughty!"
    	-"We could talk more in the champagne room."
    	-"Sorry, time's up."
      ->Every other Demon unit only growls and grumbles.
      //Campaign Characters
      *NEW TFT* Lady Vashj
    	-"Soon we will reclaim the surface world and take vengeance upon
            the Night Elves."
    	-"Illidan will show us the path to power!"
    	-"Keep... tripping over this damn tail."
    	-"Damn sea water, I'll never get these coils out of my hair."
    	-"It's far too bright in this surface world and this... *sniffs*
            fresh air is irritating my eyes."
      *NEW TFT* Myrmidon
    	-"After 10,000 years, our revenge is at hand."
    	-"I think I just slithered in something..."
    	-"I can't smell, I bit my tongue."
    	~TV: The battle cry of the Cobra forces from the 80's cartoon GI Joe.
            And now you know. And knowing's half the battle.
    	-"Ahh... going... into... torpor... *snores*"
    	-"OOOOH, it's kind of... cold... in... *snores*"
    	-"My next plan for world domination is... *snores*...*gasp* MY HAIR!"
            >Movie: Noah Lombardo mentions that George Clooney's character
            in 'O Brother Where Art Thou?' gasps "My hair!" everytime he wakes
            up. Not positive if that's what the Sound Team was shooting for,
            but worth a mention.
      *NEW TFT* Royal Guard
    	-"A tide is rising..."
    	-"In the depths, no one can hear you scream. Well, they can, but it's
            really muffled."
    	>Other: Since I know I'll get e-mail about it, a play on the ever
            so played saying of "In space, no one can hear you scream.".
            >Movie: Outlaw01 also notes that the phrase was the tagline of the
            movie 'Alien'.
    	-"I think I have swimmer's ear!"
    	-"This world will be mine, and I'll start with the swimming pools."
    	-"No sink shall be safe from world domination."
    	-"Ice Tea is part of a two-pronged offensive."
    	-"The day of our invasion shall be known as 'Bidet'."
           >Thanks to Joseph Szepelak, who first corrected me on this one.
           A Bidet, of course, is the bathroom fixture which squirts water
           upwards for uh... cleansing purposes. More popular in Europe and
           super upper class yuppie homes, I'd imagine. Water Rising Up ->
           Naga Invasion should be obvious, which is why I must be an idiot
           to have misheard it.
      *NEW TFT* Siren
    	-"I'll sing a requiem for the land-walkers."
    	-"Don't be so shallow."
    	-"Did you do that on purpose, or was it a fluke?"
           >David Jensen points out that I missed another cheesey fish pun.
           >Other: JC also notes that a Fluke is a water born parasite, which
           links well with the Siren's own Parasite ability.
    	-"Do you find me a-LURE-ing?"
            >Bless the Blizzard Sound Staff and their love for cheesey puns.
    	-"My cousin was killed in a swim-by."
    	-"Would you like to feel the ocean spray in your face?"
      *NEW TFT* Dark Ranger
    	-"I hate what I've become."
    	-"The living haunt me."
    	-"Men are from Mars. I'm from the grave."
           >Literature: Obvious play on the title of the craptacular 'guide'
           to love, "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus".
    	-"I went on a job interview the other day and they were like 'Ohhh,
            what's that smell?', and I'm like, 'Oh, sorry, it's me.' And then
            they figured I wouldn't be able to fit in with the other employees
            because they're living and I'm, y'know, dead, so I wouldn't be a
            team player. But then I said that I could work 24 hours and they
            were like 'Alright, you can work the graveyard shift!'"
      *NEW TFT* Pandaren Brewmaster
          	-"Ale is my bear necessity."
           ~Movie: Although it could just as easily be written off as a bear-pun
           Da Dinictus convinces me to also list the reference to Baloo's song
           "Bear Necessities" from the Disney movie "The Jungle Book".
    	-"Last call before closing!"
    	-"Come drown your sorrows."
    	-"This'll put hair all over you!"
    	-"I'd kiss you, but I've got puke breath."
           >Movie: A line from the Rick Moranis/Dave Thomas film "Strange Brew".
    	-"My dad, he was bipolar."
    	-"I can't breed in captivity."
           ~Other: Da Dinictus decides to clarify this for the uninformed.
           Simply put, Pandas have been documented to be terribly reluctant to
           mate when not in the wild (and not even terribly inclined to do so
           IN the wild). Scientists refuse to give up on the asexual teddy
           bears though, and have gone as far as showing the pandas videos of
           other pandas humping to try and give the would-be couples an idea.
           Not much success with that, surprisingly.
    	-*belch* "Sorry."
      **The Following Are Classified As Attack Quotes, But Too Good To Pass On
    	-"This will be GRIZZLY!"
    	-"Now YOU'RE endangered."
    	-"I bring PANDAMONIUM!"
    	-"Prepare to get TRASHED!"
    	 *Man, does Blizzard love bear and alcohol puns or what?
      *NEW TFT* Pit Lord
    	-"You know what burns my ass? A flame about this high."
    	-"Eh, I think I have someone stuck in my teeth."
    	-"HEY HEY HEY!"
             >TV: The catchphrase of the main character from the old
              Bill Cosby cartoon "Fat Albert".
    	-"I think a certain... finesse is called for here.
    	-*cheesey talk show theme music plays*
    	-Announcer: "Welcome back to 'Jaina In the Morning'."
    	-Jaina: "We're here with Malvindroth, Hunter of Night, and his
             girlfriend Kim. Now Kim, you think you're here for a makeover,
    	-Kim: "Umm... yeah?"
    	-Jaina: "Mal, why don't you tell us why you're really here."
    	-Malvindroth: "Well, Kim-cake, I love you. But I have something to
             tell you. Uh... I'm a Demon."
    	-*audience gasps and boos*
    	-Malvindroth: "Actually, more of a Pitlord."
    	-Kim: "What? I don't understand."
    	-Crowd: "HE'S A BUM, THROW HIM OUT!"
    	-Kim: "I thought you said you work for the post office."
    	-Malvindroth: "Well... I moonlight."
           *Just remember kids, Blizzard always goes the extra mile.
           Genius work here.
           ->Thanks to Some Guy for correcting me on mishearing "Jaina", and
           Shaoron the Wolf for clearing up another typo.
      *NEW TFT* Beastmaster
    	-"Where I lay my head is home. See that rock? That's my pillow"
           ~Music: Boerampen points out the Metallica lyric in this quote.
           Go ahead, just guess where.
    	-"The beasts around me are nothing compared to the beast within."
    	-"I will now summon the Efeet Dwantoar [wtfsp?]."
    	 ?> Source Unknown
    	-"I summon the... ACHOO!"
    	_*beast roar*
    	-"Don't have a cow."
    	-*cow moos*
    	-"Oh, dear."
    	-*deer yelps*
    	-"Oops, please, bear with me."
    	-*bear roars*
    	-"Oh rats..."
    	-*rats chatter*
      //Campaign Characters
      Footman Captain
    	-"I should have been a farmer like my father wanted."
    	-"Lousy pay, constant danger."
    	-"Well... at least I get to hobnob with royalty."
      Jaina Proudmoore
    	-"I'm no warrior."
    	-"All I ever wanted was to study."
    	-"The currents of magic are in upheaval."
    	-"I pray my father is safe."
    	-"Things are starting to get a little weird."
      *NEW TFT* Lord Garithos
      ?-Why is this here?
        Although he is used in the Scourge missions, he first appears in the
        Human campaign. He's in the Creep folder for sound files anyway.
    	-"These inhuman dogs must be slain."
    	-"The _lesser_ races must be purged from the kingdom."
    	-"The only good Non-Human is a dead Non-Human."
           >Movie: Curt Rapala notes this as a play on General Ursus's line
           from 'Beneath the Planet of the Apes'.
           >Other: Kenny also credits this as a play on the line of the pig's
           from the novel 'Animal Farm'.
    	-"If you want something done right, leave it to a Human."
           ~Movie: Rune998 was the first to attribute this to the character
           Gimli from the first 'Lord of the Rings' movie.
    	 >Okay, so it's quite clear Garithos is a bit.. racist. Please do
             not send me e-mail about what common bigoted-phrase each of these
             is a play on.
      Muradin Bronzebeard
    	-"My older brother Magni is King of the Dwarves."
    	-"My younger brother Brand is a reknowned explorer."
    	-"If I didn't kick so much ass, I'd feel a tad awkward."
    	-"I'll play your game, you rogue."
           ~TV: SNL Celebrity Jeopardy Skit with Sean Connery.
           Corrected this myself :P But thanks to about 20 people who pointed
           out that I didn't credit this one.
    	-"I'll take 'The Rapists' for 500."
    	 ~See above.
    	-"I'm onto you Trebek!"
    	 ~See above.
    	-"Heh heh. Come on, you nancy boy!"
    	 ~See above.
    	-"You wanna' get the Undead? I'll tell you how to get the Undead.
            One of their men pulls a knife, your man pulls a gun. They send
            your man to the hospital, you send their man to the morgue. That's
            how you get the Undead."
    	  >Movie: 'The Untouchables' - Sean Connery's character, of course.
      Prince Arthas
    	-"It isn't easy being the Prince."
    	-"I will bring honor to my father, and my kingdom."
    	-"Light, guide my path."
    	-"Light, give me strength."
    	-"I should be in command..."
    	-"I know what I'm doing."
    	-"There's no need to bow."
     *NEW TFT* Prince Kael-thas
    	-"Nothing of my homeland remains... but ash, and sorrow."
    	-"My hunger for magic is clouding my judgment."
    	-"All I feel is hate and rage."
    	-"The Alliance has failed my people."
      Uther the Lightbringer
    	-"I'm getting too old for this."
           ~Movie: The 'Lethal Weapon' series. It's practically Danny Glover's
           catchphrase. Thanks to sitemaster@conversawang.com for the reminder.
    	-"As if the Orcs weren't enough."
    	-"My church is the field of battle."
    	-"My strength is the holy light."	
      Arch Mage
    	-"Don't you have a strategy?"
    	-"Your prattle begins to annoy me."
          Thanks to Knightmare for clearing that up.
    	-"You'd best stay clear of me, or I'll turn you into a mindless
    	-"I don't waste my magic on just anything."
      *NEW TFT* Blood Mage
    	-"The blood of the High Born is my birth right."
    	-"The ghosts of Quel'thalas cry out for vengeance."
    	-"I find your insolence... disturbing."
           ~Movie: Garou1982 gets this one in first, crediting it properly as
           a play on Darth Vader's line from Star Wars Episode IV.
    	-"If you don't master your anger, your anger will master you.
            I should know."
             ~Movie: Kulsakidis and Matt Bruce almost simultaneously point out
             that this is a possible reference to the (in my opinion) god awful
             Ben Stiller movie "Mystery Men". Wes Studi's character repeats
             a similar line to Stiller's.
    	-Blood Mage: "Hi, my name is Roy. I'm a Magic-Addict."
            -Magic-Addicts Anonymous Crowd: "Hi Roy."
           ~Other: For those unaware, this is basically a parody of how
           new AA members (Alcoholic's Anonymous) introduce themselves.
    	-"My blood cries out for the vengeance of my people's blood, which
            can only be repaid with twice as much blood! Or maybe three times
            as much blood! Like, if you went to hell and it was full of blood,
            and that blood was on fire, and it was raining blood, then maybe
            THAT would be enough blood. But, uh... probably not."
      Mountain King
    	-"Could yeh' put some bonus points in mah' drinkin' skills?"
    	-"Any fish and chip shops about here?"
    	-"I think it's time for a... nippy sweetie."
    	-"What the bloody hell are you playing at?"
    	-"There's nothin' more motivating than fightin' with a
            bad hangover."
    	-"Where's the pub?"
           ~Movie: Mike Myer's 'So I Married An Axe Murderer'. Thanks to
           UnSub for that.
    	-"It's hammer time!"
    	 >Music: MC Hammer's 'Can't Touch This', of course.
    	-"I want to be your sledgehammer."
           >Music: 80's track 'Sledgehammer' by Peter Gabriel, not Michael
           Gabriel as I originally said, who may or may not exist. Thanks to
           Hoblin for the name edit, also Chris Coffee and Jason for further
           convincing me that Michael Gabriel does not exist and that
           I'm clearly an idiot ^^
    	-"Touch me naught! I am chaste."
           ~Movie: This one was apparently grazed over by most for a while,
           however, Plynch117@aol.com notes that this is a line uttered by
           Sir Gallahad when he enters the lusty maiden's chapel, a scene from
           the commonly quoted 'Monty Python and the Holy Grail'.
    	-"No? Is that your final answer?"
    	 ~TV: Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, obviously.
    	-"I have bad brethren."
           ->Thanks to HappyHamster for a spellcheck.
    	-"Is that a sword? LUXURY! Is that a horse? SLOTH! Is that a
            helmet? VANITY!"
           >TV: UnSub credits this to a 'Monty Python's Flying Circus' skit,
           with the crew as coal miners complaining about how having a house
           (and other necessities, etc.) was LUXURY since in their day, they
           lived in cardboard boxes. I remember seeing the very same skit but
           neither of us are sure on this one.
           ->Brian Kern validates our assumption, and credits the reference
           to a skit entitled "The Four Yorkshiremen".
      *NEW TFT* Dragon Hawk
        !-Note, the Dragon Hawk was originally the "Wind Serpent" unit in
        Reign of Chaos. This was a unit from the original planning stages of
        WC3 that inevitably went unused for the release. The Hawk shares two
        pissed quotes with the Wind Serpent from the original, but the voice
        is completely different.
    	-"I'll hit the brakes, and he'll fly right by."
            ~Movie: A line of Tom cruise's in 'Top Gun'. Thanks to Ed Fu for
            the source and correcting a typo.
    	-"Tell Blizzard I'd make a great action figure!"
           *One of the original Wind Serpent pissed quotes. New voice.
     	-"That's right Pal..adin., I am dangerous."
    	>Movie: Altered 'Top Gun' Tom Cruise quote. Thanks to Ed Fu.
    	->Chris Watson also notes a possible reference to the Wing Commander
            series, which features a pilot by the name of Paladin, and notes
            that the series' creator is a huge 'Top Gun' fan.
    	-"Permission to buzz the tower."
    	>Movie: Yet another line from Top Gun. Thanks to Ed Fu.
    	-"Get that filthy cursor away from me!"
    	-"We're currently hovering at a comfortable altitude of 15 feet."
           *One of the original Wind Serpent pissed quotes. New voice.
    	-*goat baas*
     	-What's a mountain goat doing up here?!
           >Other: Leon_resd2 credits this to a Farside comic with a similar
           joke., with Lim-WCIII noting the same only minutes after.
    	-*scream of pain*
    	-"Drop the villager! Drop it! Drop it!"
    	-*dragon roars*
           >Movie: -Chimera- has this as a reference to the Sean
           Connery-as-a-God-Damned-Dragon movie 'Dragonheart'. Having never
           seen it, and due to his own lack of confidence, I'll leave it up
           to you guys to decide.
    	-"Don't ask, don't tell."
    	 >Other: US Military Policy torwards homosexuality.
    	-"Grab your sword and fight The Horde!"
    	>Other: Play on words of the World War II propaganda slogan,
            "Grab your gun and fight the Hun". Thanks to Brian Kern.
             ->One more thanks to Brandon Lee for a typo correction.
    	-"Uncle Lothar wants YOU!"
    	 >Other: Those "Uncle Sam Wants YOU!" draft posters, of course.
    	-"Tis' only a flesh wound."
    	 ~Movie: 'Monty Python and the Holy Grail', the Black Knight scene.
      Gryphon Rider
    	-"Judge meh' by mah' size, do yeh'?"
    	 >Movie: 'The Empire Strikes Back', apparently from Yoda.
    	 Again, thanks to A Reys.
    	-"It's not the size of the hammer that count, it's how you wield it."
    	-"Someone gave meh' the bird!"
    	-"This warhammer cost 40k, heh heh."
    	 ~Other: Reference to Warhammer 40K, duh.
    	-"Half this beast is endangered, but the other half IS danger."
           Thanks to Mike Morgan for the correction, and Brian Kern for pointing
           out the typo.
    	-"Oops, I dropped something."
    	-"Stay on target!"
           >Movie: One of the 'Star Wars' movies... Phil Wong, among others,
           says the original, A Reys says Empire. Brian Kern, among others
           provides the proof. It's the original 'Star Wars: A New Hope'.
    	-"I'd rather be flying... uh... oh."
    	 >Other: Reference to those stupid bumper stickers.
    	-"You can be my wingman anytime!"
           ~Movie: 'Top Gun', Val Kilmer's character to Tom Cruise's.
           Thanks to Phil Wong for that.
    	-"Pilot to bombardier! Bombardier here, go ahead pilot."
           >Movie: Kubrick's 'Dr. Strangelove'. Thanks to GV for that.
           ->Josh credits this to 'Catch-22', which I've yet to see ><
    	-"I will now demonstrate the doppler effect."
    	-*echoing* "Doppler..."
    	-"There's, something, on, the wing."
           ~TV: Twilight Zone Episode, William Shatner's character.
           ->Brian Kern points out that this episode was reenacted in the
           80's Twilight Zone movie, with John Lithgow in Shatner's role.
    	-"I'm on a different PLANE of existence. Get it? PLANE!"
    	-"My favourite colour is blue. NO! YELLOW!"
    	 ~Movie: 'Monty Python and the Holy Grail'.
    	-"Victory for Lor" *helmet's face piece falls*
    	-*muffled* "daeron."
           >Movie: Bo Koch points out this could be a nod to a similar scene
           in 'Spaceballs'.
    	-"Dost thou speak unto me?"
    	-"By the GODS you're annoying."
    	-"I never say Ni."
    	 >Movie: 'Monty Python and the Holy Grail'.
    	-*muffled* "Damn... helmet. Can't seem to get... this... thing..."
    	-*horse whinnies*
           >Movie: Again, a nod to 'Space Balls', as pointed out by Josh.
      Mortar Team
    	-Dwarf1: "It's you and me pal!"
    	-Dwarf2: "We've got the synergy."
    	-Dwarf1: "I'm TNT."
    	-Dwarf2: "I'm dynomite!"
    	 >Music: AC/DC's 'TNT'
    	-Dwarf1: "We must defeat the dwarves!"
    	-Dwarf2: "Ugh... We ARE the dwarves."
    	-Dwarf1: "...Oh."
    	-Dwarf1: "You've got a chip on yer' shoulder."
    	-Dwarf2: "Oooh, yes, and a bit of fish too."
    	-Dwarf1: "And that's how baby dwarves are made."
    	-Dwarf2: "Gwah!"
    	-"Clearly Tassadar has failed us. You must not."
    	 >Other: Starcraft Reference.
    	-Dwarf1: "What's that?"
    	-Dwarf2: "Get your finger out of that bunghole."
    	-*finger popping free*
    	-*hums* "Burnin', lootin'. Bombin', shootin'."
           >Music... Sorta: Referencing a song from the British parodic rock
           band Bad News. [Deepthroat]
    	-"You're the King? Well I didn't vote for you."
    	 ~Movie: 'Monty Python and the Holy Grail', town square scene.
    	-"We found a witch! May we burn her?"
    	 ~Movie: 'Monty Python and the Holy Grail', town square scene.
    	-"Help! Help! I'm being repressed!"
    	 ~Movie: 'Monty Python and the Holy Grail'. Pattern? What pattern.
    	-"A horse kicked me once. It hurt."
           >Movie: Python once more, referring to the Elk/Llama bit in the
           opening credits. Thanks to Matt Hylan for the reminder, and Brian
           Kern for final validation.
           ->Bo Koch credits this to the gangster parody 'Johnny Dangerously',
           but after seeing the film recently, it doesn't quite fit.
           ~TV: Oh seriously now, if you don't know this...
           ->Oh boy... well seeing as I've received about a dozen e-mail thus
           far actually asking about this one, for the uninformed, those
           without televisions, or people living on Mars for the last decade,
           in a cave, with their eyes shut and fingers in their ears, this is
           Homer Simpsons trademark interjection, from the animated TV series,
           "The Simpsons". How's that for crafty, a Simpsons reference while
           crediting a Simpsons source. I'm so awesome.
           -Thanks to Martin Lee for pointing out a typo here.
    	-"Scalpel. Sponge. Magic wand."
    	-"There is peace and serenity within the light."
            ~Movie: Vlad Divac credits this to 'Poltergeist'.
    	-"Cross over children. Cross over into the light!"
           ~Movie: Vlad again says this is from 'Poltergeist'.
    	-"I have been chosen by the big metal hand in the sky!"
            >Movie: Originally I passed it off as a reference to the metal
            hand icon used by the humans, but A Reys reminded me of the
            crane machine scene from 'Toy Story'.
    	-"Side effects may include: dry mouth, nausea, vomiting, water
            retention, painful rectal itch, hallucination, dementia, psychosis,
            coma, death, and halitosis. Magic is not for everyone. Consult your
            doctor before use."
            Thanks to Negs for the edit, and Martin Lee for the typo fix.
    	-"This... is... my... BOOMSTICK!"
    	 ~Movie: Army of Darkness, Bruce Campbell's Ash.
    	-"Where's meh' drink?"
    	-"I can't shoot straight unless ah've had a pint."
    	-"Ah, there's meh' drink. GET IN MAH' BELLY."
    	 >Movie: 'Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me'.
    	-"Guns don't kill people. I DO! HAHA!"
           >Other: Jim Phillips credits this to the slogan which adornes so
           many bumper stickers, hats, t-shirts, etc. of crazy mountain people.
           Boba1213 also spotted the phrase on a shirt worn by Richard Kiel's
           character in the Adam Sandler movie 'Happy Gilmore', and any Richard
           Kiel reference is always worth noting.
    	-"Don't shoot, shoot, shoot that thing at me!"
    	 ~Music: The Violent Femmes 'Add It Up'.
    	-"I shot the sheriff, and the deputy, and your wee doggy too!"
    	 >Music: 'I Shot The Sheriff', still not sure of the original
           artist, and it's been reported as either Bob Marley, or Eric
           Clapton. Thanks to thehilander@hotmail.com and Negs for those
           ->Brian Kern clears things up for us. The song was originally
           written by Marley in 1973, and brought stateside by Clapton in '74.
           ->And lastly, Logan agrees with everything Brian just said.
    	-"You'll take meh' blunderbuss when you PRY IT FROM MY COLD
           DEAD HANDS!"
           >Movie: Possible reference to Edgar's line in 'Men In Black'.
           Thanks to Matt Hylan.
           >Other: From the NRA 'slogan' of sorts "You can take my gun when
           you pry it from my cold dead fingers." Thanks to Brian Kern for that,
           and Charlton Heston for being a jackass.
    	-"Click me, baby, one more time."
    	 >Music: Britney Spears 'Baby One More Time'.
    	-"Maybe you should get a strategy guide."
    	-"I don't remember casting slow on you..."
    	-"You don't get out much, do you?"
    	-"Let's chat on Battle Net sometime."
    	-"For the end of the world spell, press Control, Alt, Delete."
      *NEW TFT* Spellbreaker
    	-"Be quick. Time is mana."
           >Other: Obviously, a play on words of the saying "Time is money."
           Honestly, I don't want to put these sort of basic explanations, but
           I fear that if I don't, I'll get at least a dozen e-mails pointing
           it out.
    	-"I'm a magic man. I got magic hands."
           >Music: A lyric from Heart's 'Magic Man'. Thanks to El Sabotender.
    	-"I never stole any buffs. I got receipts for everything."
    	-"I smell magic in the air. Or maybe barbecque."
    	-"I stole your precious."
           >Literature: Reference to the Gollum character from the Lord of the
           Rings series and overproduced action film super hype movies.
    	-"Yeah, you'll get a nickel for boosting Starfall, but jacking
            Heal's a ten day stint in county. Now, lifting Faerie Fire, they
            just let you go for that, it's not even worth the paper work.
            But Reincarnate? Man, that'll get you life."
           *I hope Blizzard is ashamed of this pun.
    VI.--Night Elf
      //Campaign Characters
      Illidan Stormrage (Normal and Demon forms have same quotes)
    	-"I've been caged in darkness."
    	-"My soul longs for vengeance."
    	-"I've been alone for ten thousand years."
    	-"My brother will pay dearly for his betrayal."
    	-"None of them know my true power."
            *NEW TFT* Thanks to El Sabotender and EndlessInfinity for pointing
            out these new lines.
            -"I see... absolutely nothing."
    	-"Wings, horns, hooves. What are we saying, is this Diablo?"
           >Other: Another in-Blizzard reference to their other series, Diablo.
    	-"Bah Weep Granah Weep Ninny-Bong! It's a universal greeting."
           >Movie: Thanks to El Sabotender and EndlessInfinity for also
           creditting this as a reference to 'Transformers: The Movie', and to
           Google for giving me the correct spelling.
      *NEW TFT* Maeiv
    	-"I watched the barrow prisons for over ten thousand years."
    	-"Yet I'm the one who feels caged."
    	-"I feel hollow inside. Vengeance is all I have left."
    	-"Tyrande will pay for setting Illidan free."
    	-"I will recapture Illidan, or die trying."
      Malfurion Stormrage
    	-"I sensed darkness in the dream ways."
    	-"The Legion has returned, at last."
    	-"This will be difficult without Cenaurius's guidance."
    	-"Our sins have returned... to haunt us."
    	-"Kalimdor must be saved. At all costs."
      *NEW TFT* Naisha
    	-"Exercise, stunning scenery. Hmph, this beats prison duty anyday."
    	-"I've spent so long underground, I forgot what the stars look
    	-"I fear for Maiev. She feels responsible for Ilidan's escape."
    	-"Was there something you wanted?"
    	-"Look, I don't have time for this nonsense."
    	-"I wonder why I never run out of arrows."
    	-"I wish my bow was socketed..."
           >Other: Reference to Diablo 2 weapons. Thanks to Macolio for
           reminding, and Brian Kern for the typo correction and specifically
           labelling it as a D2 reference.
      Sylvanas Windrunner	
    	-"I am the ranger-general of this land."
    	-"I can hit a bird in the eye, flying."
    	-"None may threaten the Elf Lands."
    	-"You'll regret ever entering my forests."
    	-"Come taste the wrath of the Elves."
      Tyrande Whisperwind
    	-"We keep our long vigil and wait."
    	-"While the druids sleep peacefully, in their dens."
    	-"Elune, give me strength."
    	-"My heart sleeps in the Emerald Dream."
      Demon Hunter (Normal and Demon forms have the same quotes)
    	-"I shall fight fire... with fire."
    	-"Chaos boils in my veins."
    	-"Demon blood is thicker than... regular... blood."
    	-"I like my enemies dead, and my blades flaming."
           ~TV: A play on Homer's always quotable line of "I like my beer cold,
           my TV loud, and my homosexuals FLAMING!" from the John Waters
           episode. [Deepthroat]
    	-*spoken backwards* "I love green trees."
    	-"YOU WILL PERISH IN FLAMES... *cough* *cough* Ahem, sorry."
           >Movie: Corkscrew credits this to Rick Moranis in 'Ghostbusters'.
    	-"Darkness called... But I was on the phone, so I missed it.
           I tried to star-69 Darkness, but his machine picked up. I yelled
           'PICK UP THE PHONE, DARKNESS!', but he ignored me. Darkness
           must have been screening his calls."
    	 *Best. Quote. EVER.*
           ->Amanda pointed out a 'Fifth Element' connection, as Gary Oldman's
           character gets called by one Mr. Darkness, but I think it's just
           a general play on words of the generic "Darkness calls" line. Much
           thanks anyway for reminding me of the movie though <3
           ->Nail in the coffin on this one that I forget to put up but was
           reminded of by Ted C. The character in 'Fifth Element' is Mr. Shadow,
           not Mr. Darkness.
      Keeper of the Grove
    	-"My father was mounted over someone's fireplace."
    	-"Feel natural! Nature's way!"
    	-"Don't let the doe hit you on the way out."
           >Other: Just because explaining everything now is my way of things,
           this is a play on the phrase 'Don't let the door hit you...'. Thanks
           to Jason.
    	-"'When I Attack! Part Three'"
    	 >TV: A play on 'When Animals Attack!'.
    	-"Free rides, for the ladies."
    	-"Herd up!"
      Priestess of the Moon
    	-"We always land on our feet."
    	-"My tiger was trained for war! He's GRRRRRREAT!"
    	 >Other: Tony the Tiger reference, of course.
    	-"Curiosity killed my last ride."
           >Other: Derek K. persuaded me to point out that this refers to the
           old saying 'Curiosity killed the cat'.
    	-"I got my tiger used from Siegfried and Roy."
    	-"Crouch tiger! I sense a hidden dragon."
    	 >Movie: Play on 'Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon'.
    	-"When a Treant falls in the forest, does it make a sound?"
           >Other: Don Tonberry points out the reference to the famous
           philosophical arguement 'If a tree falls in the forest...'.
      *NEW TFT* Warden
    	-"Shall I be your executioner?"
    	-"Only the guilty need fear me."
    	-"Justice may be blind, but I'm not."
    	-"Truth, justice, and the Night Elf way."
           >Other: The Crew of Creditting the Blatantly Obvious and Generic
           urge me to credit this to Superman's slogan.
    	-"You think you're above the law?"
           ~Movie: Reference to the Steven Seagal movie "Above the Law". I
           recall seeing this sent in from someone else previously, but I
           simply dismissed it. My apologies, as it has been confirmed.
    	-"What we have here is a failure to communicate."
           ~Movie: Exact quote from "Cool Hand Luke". Also used as a pissed
           quote from the Bandit creep, without the impression. Lazy Blizzard!
    	-"I hold you in contempt."
    	-"He's no good to me if he's dead."
           >Movie: Apparently my lack of 'Star Wars' knowledge has led to me
           missing yet another. Alex Quayle attributes this to to a line of
           Boba Fett's in 'The Empire Strikes Back'.
           ->Chris Watson sent this same reference in soon after Alex, however
           he then disputed his own claim when he said that Boba does not in
           fact say this exact line. I checked in, and he's half correct.
           The precise quote is "He's no good to me dead."
    	-"Oooh, I'm all aquiver."
    	-"Pheer my leet skillz."
    	-"Let's move. Five meter spread, no sound."
    	 ~Movie: 'Predator', Arnold Schwarzenegger's character.
    	 Thanks to RyuFouLou@aol.com for that one.
           ->Brian Gates credits it to 'Aliens'.
           ->Brian Kern definitesly credits it to 'Predator'.
    	-"I'm more than a ranger. I'm a Night Ranger."
    	 >Music: Reference to the hair metal band Night Ranger.
    	-"I'm not just some plucky girl you can string along."
           ~Movie: 'Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom', so sayeth UnSub,
           but it's still also some silly bow and arrow humour.
    	-"My release date's been changed!"
    	-"Shot through the heart, and I'm to blame."
    	 ~Music: That damned Bon Jovi song.
    	-"I said a BOW string, not a G... Ugh, nevermind."
      Druid of the Claw (Morphed version only growls)
    	-"Only you can prevent forest fires."
    	 >Other: Smokey The Bear, silly.
    	-"I'd rather be hibernating."
    	-"He wasn't Fuzzy, wuzz he?"
    	 >Other: You better know Fuzzy Wuzzy, dammit.
    	-"Da Bears."
    	 ~TV: SNL Super Fans skit.
    	-"Got any gummy humans?"
    	-"Can't... stop... dancing!"
    	-"Quit clicking on my bear ass."
      Druid of the Talon (Morphed version only caws)
    	-"This outfit is for the birds."
    	-"I'd tell you more, but then I'd have to kill you."
           ~Movie: SirStrudalPants points out that this is another line from
           'Top Gun'.
    	-"I am the Dark Knight... elf."
           >Other: Batman of course. Thanks to UnSub.
           Thanks to Negs for the quote correction.
    	-"ACHOO. Ah don't tell me I'm allergic to feathers."
    	-"I ride on the great wings. I am silent... but deadly."
           >Other: Silent but deadly, a notoriezed category of flatulence.
           Tee hee, fart humour. Thanks to Derek K.
    	-"Talon. Druid of the Talon."
           >Movie: Reference to James Bond's catch line. Thanks to Macolio for
           turning me into a completist who must list everything <3
    	-"How about if I just stand over here?"
    	-"I'm not the Dryad you're looking for."
    	 >Movie: Star Wars quote changed up.
           >Other: Thanks to Adrian Acuff for pointing out the wordplay here.
           D'oh, Doe. Get it? Good.
           ~TV: Again, if you don't know this one...
           ->Oh boy... well seeing as I've received about a dozen e-mail thus
           far actually asking about this one, for the uninformed, those
           without televisions, or people living on Mars for the last decade,
           in a cave, with their eyes shut and fingers in their ears, this is
           Homer Simpsons trademark interjection, from the animated TV series,
           "The Simpsons". How's that for crafty, a Simpsons reference while
           crediting a Simpsons source. I'm so awesome.
    	-"Fear the fearsome fury of the forest fawn!"
    	-"You communicate by clicking on me, I communicate by doing what
           you say."
           >Movie: -K- credits this to 'Full Metal Jacket', I'll watch it
           later to check ><
           ->Never actually got around to remembering to listen for it, but
           both I and Brian Kern deny the FMJ allegations.
           ->And for those of you who continue to tout that this is an FMJ
           line, take a breeze through the script with IE's Find command.
           Go ahead, just try.
    	-"I'm not in season!"
    	-"I got a few bucks set aside for later..."
           Thanks to Negs for the correction, but I think I still prefer
           the pot reference I originally heard ><
    	-"FALL LIKE LEAVES! ... In fall."
    	-"I don't reveal much on the mini map... It's all my fault."
    	-"I'll attract the enemy with my human call."
    	-"I'm so wasted! I'm so wasted!"
    	-"I can blend."
    	-"Give a hoot. Don't pollute."
           ~Other: Woodsy The Owl's grand anti pollution idiom. Thanks to Brain
           Stew, since I forgot the damned Owl's name.
    	-"Frisbee anyone?"
    	-"This is my owl, there are many like it, but this one's mine."
    	 >Movie: 'Full Metal Jacket' line.
    	-"I'm here to work on my slice."
    	-"I'm caught between the moon and Night Elf city."
    	 >Music: Play on a line in the song 'Arthur's Theme', by Christopher
           Cross. Thanks to Vlad Divac for that.
    	-"Fly Bubo!"
           ~Movie: 'Clash of the Titans', Bubo being the mechanical owl's name.
           Thanks to Lord Loren Soth for that.
           ->Thanks to Chris Bailey for the correction on the spelling.
    	-"I'm not given to flights of fancy."
      Hippogryph Rider
    	-"Born to ride."
    	-"Look at the rack on this thing..."
    	-"Who's a little fluffy wuffy?"
    	-*hippo roars*
    	-"The hippogryph is an amazing creature rarely seen outside of the
            wild. The tricky thing about hippogryphs is their incredible jaw
            strength. One terrible clamp of their beaks could rip a huge beast
            apart in seconds. Let's see what happens when I stick my hand
    	-*hippo roars and snaps*
           >TV: Parodizing Steve Irwin, The Crocodile Hunter. Thanks to Negs
           for persuading me to point out the obvious <3
      *NEW TFT* Runner
      ?-The special campaign unit used early on to deliver Furion a message.
    	-"Don't shoot the messenger."
    	-"When it absolutely, positively, has to be there in one
            Day/Night cycle."
            >Breaking the fourth wall is always cute.
            >Other: Gordon Michael notes this as a play on the Fed/Ex slogan.
    	-"I was running through the Tauren Lands and traffic was horrible.
            There were horns everywhere."
           ->Thanks to Agent Pickle, among others, for fixing my foul up.
    	-"When you care enough to send the very best, send someone else."
           >Other: Agent Pickle notes that this is a play on Hallmark's slogan.
    	-*clock ticking*
    	-"Hmm, a delivery from ACME Industries..."
    	>Other: A reference to the fabled ACME Industry of Warner Brothers
            Cartoon lore. Makers of fine explosives and other contraptions
            of destruction and anti-coyote devices.
    	-"Ugh, I hate these running gags."
    	-"Sorry, I'm out to lunch."
      *NEW TFT* Spirit of Vengeance
      ?-This is the unit produced from the Warden's Ultimate.
    	-Spoken Backwards: "Illidan is out there somewhere."
      //Campaign Characters
      Cairne Bloodhoof
    	-"Will these troubles never cease?"
    	-"The warchief is burdened."
    	-"My tribe is proud and strong."
    	-"I pray this old body does not fail me."
    	-"The Earth Mother smiles upon us."
      *NEW TFT* Drek'thar the Far Seer
    	-"I've been concocting a special potion that will aid our warriors
            in battle."
    	-"We allied with the Humans at the battle of Mount Hy'jal." <sp?>
    	-"Our two races have been at peace ever since."
      Grom Hellscream
    	-"The Warsong is supreme!"
    	-"Destiny is at hand."
    	-"I can see clearly, now the rain has gone."
    	 ~Music: Zhiva Sorrow, among others, credits this to Jimmy Cliff's
           'I Can See Clearly Now'.
           ->Andrew Gray credits the song to Johnny Nash, as do a few others...
           ->ShadeMagus has the Nash album with the song, apparently, but the
           number of 'Cliff' responses still outnumbers Nash. Yay for confusion.
           ->Yay for Brian Kern. This is definitely a Jimmy Cliff song, but
           it's been quite the cover whore over the years, as it can also be
           accredited to Johnny Nash, Johnny Mathas, Gladys Knight, and others.
      *NEW TFT* Nazgrel the Wolf Rider
    	-"I spoke to Thrall about the humans encroaching on our lands."
    	-"I don't trust them at all."
      *NEW TFT* Rokhan the Shadow Hunter
    	-"I be spear-headin' dat right away."
    	-"Sadly, the name 'Pink Spear Tribe' was already taken."
    	-"I've lost my head! It was about, eh, yea-big. I was keeping it on
            my spear. If you find it let me know."
    	-"I made a collage out of some of our little native friends. I call
            it a Pygmy-Up Bouquet."
           ->Thanks to Nicholas Lubbers for first clearing this quote up.
    	-"What do you mean what kinda' accent is dis? It's a TROLL accent.
            I swear jamaican' meh crazy."
           ->In case it wasn't clear, listed it as "jamaican" instead of
           "jah' makin'" purely to make the wordplay more obvious. Thanks to
            Greg Harris, among others, for pointing out it being vague.
      Thrall, Son of Durotan
    	-"My people... are strong."
    	-"I will lead them... to their destiny."
    	-"The spirits will guide me."
    	-"I may have been raised by humans, but I'm no fool."
      Blade Master
    	-"Snatch the pebble from my hand, grasshopper."
    	 ~TV: Line of the Sensei's from the 'Kung Fu' series.
    	-"My blade can cut through armor, and still cut a tomato."
           >TV: Referring to the Ginsu Knife commercials. I'll credit myself
           here since this is the first thing I added after I sent in the
           FAQ, but Derek K.'s addition reminded me so :P
    	-"Twin blade action, for clean close shave every time."
           >TV: Gillete razor commercials, thanks to ecoughlin@mac.com.
    	 >TV: That OTHER idiotic Budweiser commercial.
           Negs and FC said so, and MajinMiraiTrunkz@aol.com finally convinced
           me. Just call me stubborn <3
      Far Seer
    	-"I see dead people"
    	 ~Movie: 'The Sixth Sense'. Also an in-game cheat code.
    	-"Touch your tongue to mine."
    	 ~Other: Reference to 'Thumb Wars', a Star Wars parody. Stephen Hall
           gave me the heads up on this one first.
           ->Dakres3@aol.com lists this as a reference to a scene from
           'Cruel Intentions' with Sarah Michelle Gellar teaching another girl
           how to kiss. Which only makes the Far Seer saying it, followed by
           the wolf's whimper, far more interesting.
           ->Let's let Brian Kern field this one.
    	"In Cruel Intentions, the closest that they get is this line: `Let's
             try it again, only this time I'm going to stick my tongue in your
             mouth. When I do I want you to massage my tongue with yours."
             The clever movie watcher will note that Cruel Intentions was
             released in 1999, March 5th, while Thumb Wars was released on
             November 2nd, 1999 at the Tokyo Film Festival. It was then
             pushed to DVD in 2001.
             Given that Thumb Wars is a parody of Star Wars and other films,
             it's quite likely they're parodying Cruel Intentions with `Touch
             your tongue to mine'. But the line itself is in fact from
             Thumb Wars.
             A quote of a parody of a remake of a good movie."
           And if any of you can demerit that, I'll eat my socks.
    	-"Concentrate and ask again."
    	 >Other: Magic 8-Ball Answer.
    	-"Outlook not so good."
    	 >See above.
    	-"Reply hazy. Try again."
    	 >See above.
      *NEW TFT* Shadow Hunter
    	-"Keepin' it real up in the field."
           ~Other: A Howard Stern gag reference. [Deepthroat]
    	-"Call me for your free readin'."
           ~TV: Everyone remembers Madame Cleo, right?
    	-"The commander is a foo'."
           >TV: Da Dinictus swears that he recalls Mr. T's 'A-Team' character
           B.A. Barrachus quipping this line in an episode. And until someone
           can disprove it, mentioning Mr. T is enough proof for me.
           >Movie: Andy Groth has this listed as a reference to 'Apocalypse Now'
           said torwards Marlon Brando's Commander Kurtz.
    	-"You da' baddest soul in town, mon."
    	-"Humans. Dey' tink dey' know everytin'."
           >Movie: Azadeth points out the similarity between this Hunter line,
           along with his accent, to a line of Sebastian the Crab from
           'The Little Mermaid'. And of course, animated caribbean sea crabs
           and voodoo witch doctor trolls have everything to do with each other.
           >Movie: Agumon09876 has this as a line from 'Star Wars: The
           Phantom Menace', uttered by one of the Gungan leaders.
           ->Thanks to HappyHamster for fixing my flubs on the quote.
    	-"You lack discipline."
           ~Movie: Exact line from the Schwarzenegger 5 star comedic classic,
           'Kindergarten Cop'. Thanks to El Sabotender.
    	-"Stop whining!"
           ~Movie: Another line from 'Kindergarten Cop'. Once again,
           El Sabotender is to thank.
    	-"Look at me, I'm happy."
           ~Movie: Gary Mann notes that this could also be a 'KC' quote,
           but I couldn't manage to find the script online to double check.
           Sounds fairly likely though. I'm just curious as to why they chose
           a rasta witch doctor to emulate Arnold Schwarzenegger quotes from
           a movie about an undercover kindergarten teacher...
           ->Simple follow-up here, as Gary Mann has found this to be a quote
           from another Schwarzenegger classic, "Jingle All the Way".
    	-"Ooooh baby."
      Tauren Chieftain
    	-"Pass the peace pipe."
    	-"Hey... 'puff, puff, give', that's the rule."
           >Movie: Chris Tucker's character in 'Friday'. Thanks to FC for that.
    	-"Wooooa, I can see my ancestors."
    	-"Back in the old days, we didn't have plural."
           Thanks to Daniel Greenberg for the correction.
    	-"Only two things come from Texas, and I've got horns."
    	 >Other: 'Only two things come out of Texas, steers and queers.'
           ->The phrase is also in 'Full Metal Jacket', as Jason Chae notes.
           ->Ted C. points out that while it was present in FMJ, the line
           originated in 'An Officer and a Gentleman'.
    	-"Steer clear."
    	-"Why you poking me again?"
           >Other: Thanks to Bo Koch for pointing out that this is indeed a
           follow up to the Grunt's "Stop poking me!" in WC2.
    	-"Why don't you lead an army instead of touching me?"
    	-"Poke poke poke. Is that all you do?"
    	-"Ooh, that was kind of nice."
    	-"Me so horned. Me hurt you long time."
    	 >Movie: Play on the prostitute's line in 'Full Metal Jacket'. Much
           thanks to Chris Hall for the correction, your ears are working fine.
    	-"Me no sound like Yoda... Do I?"
    	-"It not easy being green."
    	 >Other: Kermit the Frog's signature song.
      Head Hunter
    	-"Washu' botha' me for?"
    	-"Leave it to meh', I taka' big weight off his shouldas'."
          Thanks to Hoblin for the correction.
    	-"'Chu wanna' buy a cigar?"
    	 ~TV: I Love Lucy.
    	-"Say hello to my lil' frien'."
    	 ~Movie: Al Pacino's 'Scarface'.
      Kodo Beast
    	-"Here comes the beast again!"
           >Music: Derek K. has it as a reference to The Eurythmics'
           'Here Comes The Rain Again'.
           >Music... Sorta: Byaggha clears this up by creditting the quote to
           the song 'Bad Dreams', as performed by the mock British rock group,
           Bad News.
    	-"Me busy, leave me alone."
    	-"No time for play!"
    	-"Me not that kind of Orc!"
    	-*wolf barking*
    	-"Down boy!"
    	-"You're annoying my dog..."
    	-"What's that smell? OH BAD DOG!"
    	-*wolf whimpers*
    	-"I'm hungry like the wolf!"
    	 >Music: Duran Duran 'Hungry Like the Wolf'.
    	-"You ever got hit by lightning where the sun don't shine?"
    	-"Back off, pup."
    	-"The sky, is falling."
    	-"Raindrops keep keep falling on my head."
    	 ~Music: The song... -_-
    	-"No time for play, we have war to fight."
    	-"Blame it on the rain, buwhahaha."
    	 >Music: Milli Vanilli song.
      *NEW TFT* Spirit Walker
    	-"Death... is not the end."
    	-"We're all spirits in the material world."
    	 >Music: Precise refrain from The Police's song "Spirits in the
             Material World".
             ~Music: Could also be credited as a play on the lyrics of
             Madonna's "Material Girl".
    	-"I say ya'll gonna' make me lose my mind, up in here."
             ~Music: From DMX's song "Party Up".
    	-"My hoof and your ass have an appointment."
    	-"Fear my moo of fury!"
    	-*emfeebled moo*
    	-"Yes, the spirits are talking to me. *fart* Oh yes, they're coming
            in clearly. *fart* Now they're forming into a gaseous material.
    	*fart* I can actually see them now. *fart* The spirits are very
            powerful today."
           >Other: Alex chimes in with this:
    		"The final annoyed quote of the Orc Spirit Walker is a
                    reference to the "Farting Preacher," a kooky
                    televangelist who some geniuses decided to spoof by
                    inserting fart sounds into his sermons at the most
                    opportune times. You can download a few of the
                    brilliant clips here:
    	-"Do not push me, or I will impale you on my horns."
    	-"Da Bulls."
    	 ~TV: SNL Super Fans skit.
    	-"Got milk?"
           ~TV: American Dairy Association's slogan. LightPhoenix noted it first
           after I decided to start listing the more obvious ones.
    	-"There's a lot at steak here."
    	-"Hey, what are these letters burned on my ass?"
    	-*glass shatters*
    	 ~Other: Haven't you ever heard the "Bull in a China shop" saying?
      *NEW TFT* Troll Batrider
    	-"What ja' want be burned?"
    	-"Ya, ya, what is it?"
    	-"Hey, shut up! The bat can't hear where it's going."
           >Other: Thought I had this listed, but, thanks to Adrian Acuff
           for noting that bat's have poor eyesight and basically "see" where
           they're going by using high pitched noises and echoes. Warcraft 3
           teaches you science!!!
    	-"I can see your house... BURNING!"
    	-*sung to the old batman theme*
    	-"Nana nana nana nana nana nana nana... HAH, me!"
    	-"Meh' balls are burnin'!"
    	-"TELL MY WIFE I..."
    	~TV: While not a guarantee here, Alex Quayle points out that these
            are the final words of Arnie Pie as his chopper crashes in the
            "Mr. Plow" episode of 'The Simpsons'. A bit commonplace, but
            the Blizzard Sound crew references them enough already so I'll
            stay openminded here.
    	-"The ends justify the means!"
           *Not a pissed quote, but his kamikaze quote. Worth noting anyway.
           ~Other: Might as well get this out of the way. Tundra mentions that
           this concept is a quote from Machiavelli's book "The Prince".		
      Witch Doctor
    	-"Achum bokum." <?>
           ~Other: Daniel Greenberg has this as one of the sayings of Mumbo
            the Witch Doctor from Banjo Kazooie.
    	-"Do ya' be feelin' well?"
    	-"I may have sumtin' for ya'."
    	-"We be jammin'!"
           ~Music: A Bob Marley song. Thanks to romeosaka@hotmail.com for that.
    	-"It's a cook book! A cook book!"
    	 >TV: Twilight Zone Episode 'To Serve Man'.
    	-"Soylent Grey is made from trolls!"
    	 >Movies: 'Soylent Green' reference.
    	-"Yes, go ahead."
    	-"What the Iron Troll is doing right now is putting heads into a pot.
    	 They have to boil for twenty minutes, so the eyes can be used in
           the second dish, an Eye and Raspberry Sorbet!"
    	-"Mmm, sounds good."
      	 >TV: Iron Chef parody. Thanks to Matt Leyendecker for the name
      Wyvern Rider
    	-"Peter! I can fly!"
    	 ~Movies: Peter Pan.
    	-"I can see my house!"
    	-"The ONLY way to fly."
    	-"I'm getting a little dizzy..."
           >Other: Knightmare points out that the Gnomish Flying Machine in
           WC2 had this line.
    	-*wyvern roar*
    	-"Ah hah!"
           >TV: Apparently a reference to the 'Flash Gordon' theme song.
           Thanks to vince2682@yahoo.com for that.
    	-"Fly the friendly skies."
           >Other: United Airlines' slogan. Thanks to Corkscrew.
    	-"Look! Up in the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane! It's me."
           >Other: Play on the old Superman line. Thanks to Macolio for turning
           me into a completist who has to list ones well known like this <3
      //Campaign Characters
      *NEW TFT* Akama, Draenei Chief
    	-"The Orcs slaughtered my people."
    	-"And their demon magics consumed our world."
    	-"We that are left will reclaim what we can."
    	-"Of life and honour amongst the ashes of our history."
    	-"We follow the Ancient Path."
    	-"I'm too old for this... *sighs*"
    	-"At my age, you see death everywhere. DEATH!"
    	~TV: Another potable quotable from Grandpa Simpson, of course from
            the series 'The Simpsons'.
    	-"I can fight just like a.. *snores*"
    	-"TO BATTLE! ... Hold my teeth."
      Arthas, Death Knight
    	-"I was a fool to trust in the light."
    	-"The Lich King has given me true power."
    	-"I'll be twice the king my father ever was."
    	-"Lordaeron will be reborn."
    	-"Who is this... Darkness anyway?"
      Kel'Thuzad (Necro and Lich forms have same quotes)
    	-"The Cult of the Damned! ... I need to print more brochures."
    	-"I always wanted to start my own religion... so I did!."
    	>Other: This, and every other quote of Kel'Thuzad's is a tongue
            in cheek reference to the pseudo-religion Scientology, referenced
            again in this guide later. Alex Quayle, though, specifically links
            this line to a quote of the "religion"'s founder, L. Ron Hubbard,
            former trashy sci-fi novelist turned Jesus.
              "Writing for a penny a word is ridiculous. If a man really wants
              to make a million dollars, the best way would be to start his own    
            Check out the rest of the Scourge quotes for more.       	
    	-"I will await my eternal reward."
    	-"This... horn... thing... on my head is... killing me."
    	-"50,000 gold a year in child care and they call it a cult?!"
      *NEW TFT* Sylvanas Windrunner
    	-"My will is my own."
    	-"I have my own reasons for seeking vengenace."
    	-"Arthas murdered my people and turned me into this... monstrosity."
    	-"What are we if not slaves to this torment?"
    	-"Dreadlords... do it in the dark."
    	-"I get cranky when I haven't been fed."
    	-"I must feast on souls."
    	-"THE LEGION NEEDS... a better dental plan. These fangs are killing
    	-"DARKNESS... needs to get DSL. His line is always busy."
      *NEW TFT* Varimathras
    	-"I love it when a plan comes together."
           ~TV: Renfield was the first to attribute this to George Peppard's
           character "Hannibal" on the 80's tv show 'The A-Team'.
    	-"Sorry, I don't do interviews."
           >Movie: Thanks to RedRaccoonDog for pointing out the play here.
           Variamathras is of course, vampiric, making this a reference
           to the Tom Cruise/Brad Pitt flick 'Interview with the Vampire'.
    	-"We're not a cult, so much as a maniacal group of  fanatical,
            blade-wielding zealots."
           >Other: While also another jab at Scientology, the "blade wielding
           Zealots" phrase can be taken as a reference to the Protoss Zealots
           from Blizzard's Starcraft. Thanks to Wiebbe for that.
    	-"I'll take a huge, juicy, bloody bite out of... what were we
            talking about?"
    	-"I'm always on the winning side."
    	-"Join me, or die."
    	-"Don't worry about the fine print. The soul consumption clause
            is never exercised."
    	-*screams, stabbing, blood splattering*
    	-"And that concludes our demonstration... any questions?"
      *NEW TFT* Crypt Lord
    	-"The scourge will devour all!"
    	-"The strands of destiny weave only a web of death."
    	-"It was good to be the King."
           >Movies: Reference to the line "It's good to be the King." from
           Mel Brooks' "History of the World, Part 1".
    	-"Humans check-in. They don't check-out."
           >Other: A reference to common catchphrase for bug traps, such as
           roach motels. Of course, Crypt Lord is in fact a giant beetle, so
           I suppose this is a bit out of left field. And come to think of
           it, why is the lord of the Nerubian spider race a beetle anyway?
           El Sabotender points this one out first.
           ~Movie: Kenneth Chu credits this to one of the closing scenes in
           'Men in Black', and until I have a chance to check, I'll take his
           word for it.
    	-"And they say Blizzard games don't have bugs!"
           *Haha what a horrible lie. Farm bug anyone?
    	-*in an english accent, uncommon for a monstrous insect*
    	-"I'm the fifth Beatle."
      Death Knight
    	-"Has hell frozen over yet?"
    	>Other: Logan likens this to a pun from the "Preacher" comic series.
            written by Garth Ennis, comparing it to the "Saint of Killers",
            whose arrival litteraly freezes hell over. It's a bit of a stretch
            but he gets points for bizzare effort.
            >Other: Apparent Master of the Obvious, Optimus Prime, goes the low
            road and makes the obvious connection of it being a play on the
            spiteful reply of "When hell freezes over." Normally, I wouldn't
            list it, but I just wanted to deduct points for lack of originality.
    	-"I am the One Horseman of the Apocalypse."
    	-"I hate people. But I love gatherings."
           ~Movie: Line of Randall's from Kevin Smith's 'Clerks'.
           Thanks to ecoughlin@mac.com.
    	-"I'm a Death Knight Rider. Muwahahahahaha."
    	 >TV: Knight Rider reference, you know, with the talking car.
          -*horse neighs*
           ~Movie: Referring to a gag in Mel Brooks' 'Young Frankenstein',
           where whenever a character said the name of Frau Blucher, a horse
           would neigh. Thanks to Daniel Greenberg on that, and Agent Pickle
           for clearing up a typo.
    	-"Don't touch me. I'm evil."
           >Movie: 'Time Bandits', as juneteal@hotmail.com explains:
           "This little kid was warning his parents not to touch a piece of
           Pure Evil, which had broken apart. his line was, 'No, don't
           touch it! It's evil!' They did, however, and exploded."
    	 -Of course, the one Gilliam flick I haven't seen ><
    	-"If I have wings... why am I always walking?"
    	-*phone rings*
    	-"Yes? Agh, for the last time. I'm a DREADlord, not a DRUGlord."
           >TV: Jason Chae also reminded me of the Geico Auto Insurance
    	-"This is not a dress, it's the standard Dreadlord uniform."
           ->Rich Burr passes along a bit of info about this one. The original
           Dreadlord character image, from Alpha, was basically wearing a "gown"
           similar to the one the Lich wears. The quote makes little sense
           accompanying the current image, but is more suited to the old. And
           for the curious, you can spot the old Dreadlord in this image
           ~Movie: A play on an Emilio Estevez line from "The Breakfast Club",
           in response to Judd Nelson poking fun at his wrestling tights.
    	-"Dressed to kill. Bleh!"
           >Music: After outright refusing to list any of the many deranged
           or completely idiotic credits sent in by some people, Mattias
           Sossna finally sends in something listing. 'Dressed to Kill'
           is an album from the band KISS, which is good enough of a
           reference to me, and far outweighs in intelligence and relevance
           any of the claims previously made about the Jackie Chan cartoon.
    	-*phone rings*
    	-"Darkness! Hey, what's up? The Demon Hunter left you a message?
           No I don't have his number."
    	-"And then, after I overthrow this fool... Oh hello! I didn't know
           you were there!"
    	-"Could you chew that up for me?"
    	-"I'm so poor, I don't even have calcium deposits."
    	-"I am the Ghost of Warcraft Past."
    	 >Other: Reference to Charles Dickens' 'A Christmas Carol'.
           Thanks to Flaggle for that.
    	-"I hear the Banshee's a real screamer."
    	-"You should see the skeletons in my closet."
    	 >Movie: 'The Mummy'. Thanks to thehilander@hotmail.com for
           the spelling correction, and Tasadar24 for further correction of an
    	-"All the ladies dig rigor mortis."
    	-"You are the weakest lich, goodbye."
    	 >TV: Catchphrase of the host of 'The Weakest Link'. Thanks to
           MajinMiraiTrunkz@aol.com for the correction.
    	-"We come in peace...s."
    	-"Happy entrails."
           >TV: ecoughlin@mac.com noted that this is a play on the song
           'Happy Trails' from the Will Rogers television show.
    	-"You got us in stitches."
    	-"Us dead sexy."
           >Movie: Referring to Fat Bastard's catchphrase from
           'Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me'. Thanks to Stephen Hall.
           ~Movie: Azadeth both pointed out the existence of this quote and
           properly creditted it as a reference to the memorable scene from
           "The Goonies" where Sloth and Chunk share a tender moment of getting
           to know each other. Can't believe I actually MISSED a quote like
           that for so long. Much thanks again to Azadeth.
    	-"This is the hour of the Scourge."
    	-"Death shall cleanse the world."
    	-"All I see is darkness... Oh my hood's down."
           ->Thanks to Ian Alexander for clearing up a mistake.
    	-"Let blood drown the weak."
    	-"My life for Aiur! ... Uh I mean Ner'Zhul."
    	 >Other: Starcraft Protoss reference.
    	-"The living be cursed!"
    	-"Would you like to know the secret to eternal happiness? Page 246."
           >According to Trellin
           "That is most likely a play on those Dianetics commercials of that
            damned Scientology religion by that bloated ass L. Ron Hubbard."
           And I'll have to agree with this above all, since I do recall
           those pompous commercials.
           sitemaster@conversawang.com and Jason noted the connection between
           the Cult of the Damned and Scientology, so I'm further compelled to
           believe it. By the way, I have a semi-lengthy little hate rant about
           Scientology on my site <plug>www.inferiority.org</plug>, as well.
           Now, just for completist sakes...
    	 >According to optimus137@hotmail.com
    	 "There is a Simpsons book in which on the first page it says to
            find the secret to the meaning of life turn to page so and so and
            it says on that page to go to another one eventually you go back
            to the page you started on and don't find out any secret."
           >And next, Matt Hylan credits this to 'Bart Simpson's Guide To Life:
           A Wee Handbook for the Perplexed', which may be the title of the
           book optimus referred to. To this one's still up in the air.
           ->And lastly, asmor@attbi.com wasn't sure of this and ran a search
           at google.com. He just noticed a very odd coincidence at this site:
           Check the question on the bottom. Strange, no?
    	-"Once you head down the dark path, forever will it dominate your
           destiny... And you get dental."
           >Movie: Apparently a play on a 'Star Wars' quote during Luke's
           training. Thanks to thehilander@hotmail.com once more.
    	-"Let this torment end!"
    	-"How long must I suffer?"
    	-"U-N-D-E-A-D, find out what it means to me."
    	 >Music: Play on 'Respect', by Aretha Franklin.
    	-"There is no Banshee, only Zuul."
           >Movie: Zuul being the ancient war god from 'Ghostbusters'.
           ->Thanks to Chris Bailey for the correction on the spelling.
    	-"I HATE YOU! I HATE YOU! ... Call me."
      Crypt Fiend
    	-"What a tangled web we weave."
           >Other: '...when we practice to deceive.' Derek K. reminds me here.
    	-"Spider Sense... tingling."
    	 ~Other: Spider-Man reference.
    	-"Last week my top half was on the Discovery Channel."
    	-"And my bottom half was on Animal Planet."
    	-"My ass always gets bloated during my spin cycle."
    	-"I like chicks who are into bandage."
           Thanks to Negs for the correction but I think we both know the
           other was a better <3
    	-"I'm stuck on bandages 'cause bandages are stuck on me."
    	 >TV: The Band-Aid commercials, damn well better know them, freak.
     	-"Me eat dead people."
    	 >Movie: Play on 'The Sixth Sense' catchphrase.
    	-"Me scary."
    	-"Me eat brains."
    	-"No guts, no gory."
    	-"Every man lives. Not every man truly dies."
    	 >Movie: Play on Mel Gibson's line in 'Braveheart'.
           Thanks to thehilander@hotmail.com again.
    	-"I love the dead. Frequently."
    	-"I see undead people."
    	 >Movie: The THIRD 'Sixth Sense' reference to the same line.
    	-"Do you smell something? Oh, it's just the troops."
    	-"Right click for hot undead action."
    	-"I'm but a shadow of my former self."
    	-"What I do in death echoes in eternity."
           >Movie: Play on the line "What we do in life echoes in eternity."
           from 'Gladiator'. Thanks again to A Reys.
    	-"Death is its own reward."
           >Other: Darklance credits this to a game by the name of
           Warhammer: Dark Omen, but it's also a play on the phrase
           'Life is its own reward.' So enjoy whichever you like.
    	-"I'm having a mid-death crisis."
    	-"I ain't got noooo body."
    	 >Music: David Lee Roth's 'Just A Gigolo'.
    	 Thanks to thehilander@hotmail.com for the song.
           ->Achariyth also points out the nod to a gag in the Mel Brooks movie
           'Young Frankenstein'.
           ->Louie Brennan clears the situation up a bit, crediting the song
           original to Louis Prima
           ->Your friend and mine, Brian Kern, bombards me with link after
           link, going at length to prove, in fact, that this song was written
           originally in 1931, in a basic form, by Louis Armstrong. Louis Prima
           would later adapt the song and take it in as his own in 1954. Unless
           you believe Prima's former band member, Sam Butera, who claims that
           he was the songwriter. So take that all as you will.
    	-"I'm invisible, gaseous, and deadly."
    -_-_-_-_-_-_                                      ______
    |Section 3  \____________________________________/ Etc. \_____________
      The second entrant into these illustrious halls is...
    	Jason Malashevich <jasons073@yahoo.com>
      Admiral Genius brings this to us...
    	"The quote from the death knight, "I am the One Horseman of the
            Apocalypse." actually has to do with the Marvel X-men comic
            series.  The Apocalypse had four mutants called "horsemen" who
            were his chief liutennants."
      Okay, so I'm not religious. However, if you're tracing the lineage of
      "The Four Horseman" to Marvel Comics and not, say, the Bible, you should
      probably re-think sending me any e-mail. Of course, as we all know,
      'The Bible' was printed only months before the first Apocalypse story
      arc in the X-Men, so I can see how he'd get confused.
      And the first inductee to the You're a Moron hall is none other than...
    	"The Night Falcon" <killer_mew@hotmail.com>
      And our new hero drops me this delicious bite of insightful information.
           "According to your FAQ, the Lich hero said this:
    	-"You should see the skeletons in my closet."
    	Since you have posted info on where phrases come from, I just want to 	tell
    you that the phrase was taken from Eminem's song: Cleaning out 	        my
    	Here's an extract of the song:
    	I got some skeletons in my closet
    	And I don't know if no one knows it 	
    	Just letting you know."
      Well thank God for that. Never had I known that Marshall Maters infact
      invented a phrase dating back to tales hundreds of years old now. Truly,
      Eminem is a timeless artist. This is the basic equivalent of acrediting
      for the invention of inhaling oxygen. He's using a cliched phrase, he's
      not weaving a poetic wane for the eons.
      And as a special "stfu", the album on which the song appears was released
      just days before WC3 was. Good to see the Blizzard sound crew burning the
      midnight oil, slaving into the wee hours of night, and halting the
      production presses just to make sure that Eminem gets his "mad propz, yo".
      Look guys, all I need here in this guide is some well thought out
      references. If a quote seems FAR too obvious as a play or reference
      to a TERRIBLY well known, common phrase, don't bother. You're either going
      to just bother me with trivial obviousness, or make yourself out to look
      like a jackass, like our friend here. Unless the play is TERRIBLY clever,
      you should usually stick to referencing some types of media, like
      television, movies, music, literate, or even world events. Thanks a lot.
      And Night Falcon, congratulations. You're a Moron.
      For any additions, corrections, or suggestions on the FAQ, mail me at...
      Username on B-Net, for WC3 and SC, East Gateways...
        -My other GameFAQs work I'm most well known for, the Final Fantasy
        Tactics Straight Character Challenge. Damn well better check it out
        if you own or plan on owning FFT. Love me.
        -And my baby. www.inferiority.org. My beloved ranting site. If you
        enjoy horrible cartoons, Jesus bashing, and occasional bursts of
        intelligence all rolled up into a humourous ball, check it out.
      --Roo. For all the love <3
      --Fenix. For breaking down and telling me where to get at the sounds.
      --Blizzard. Since thanking the company's obligatory, right?
      --Maruchan. For making life worth living.
      --Seanbaby. All positive things in life can be linked to this man.
      --CJayC. The other obligatory, but well deserved, thanks.
      --Brian Kern. For clearing up mysteries, but not wanting to get any thanks.
      --[Deepthroat]. For their time and attention.
      -And to those who corrected my mistakes or cited various sources, but
      came in late. 'Awards second placers' and such, since there's no losers
      here <3 If you're not listed here but you supplied me something, your
      name's somewhere in the FAQ.
      -YHN1212@aol.com, charlesk03@aol.com, Magic12121@aol.com,
       MikieP696@aol.com, euphmaster@excite.com, Starwrist@charter.net,
       siamosi@yahoo.com, James Frost, Sophia, tamnier@cs.com, BeChan, Skyblade,
       Darkzeid25@aol.com, Eryk Nielsen, Matt Crumrine, Harrison Ross, Lop,
       Will Wei, Josh Batternik, Carla Hicks, Greg Keller, John McLean,
       BuchanManX, MMasterM33, Chris Keeney, FATMIKE127, C K,
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