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    Twilight of the Gods Strategy by Pixel / Red Skin

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 07/27/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Twilight of the Gods Strategy v1.1
    By Scott Sandlin (aka Pixel) and James York (aka Red Skin)
    Contact info:
    Comments, Questions, Additions, Suggestions, Answers, or any other related
    information may be sent to sfsandli@redcloud.uccs.edu
    All serious e-mails are welcome.
    Version History
    v1.0 No revisions
    v1.1 Some grammatical and formatting corrections
         Added suggested plan of defense in section 3.0
         Added some important random info (section 4.0)
    Legal Stuff
    Warcraft 3 is a trademark of Blizzard Entertainment.  This guide is not by any
    way associated or endorsed by Blizzard.
    Copyright 2002 Scott Sandlin (aka Pixel)
    Anyone may copy this guide unaltered in part or in whole for their own
    non-profit use, either public or private, under the condition that they give
    proper credit to its authors.
    1.0 Introduction
    2.0 A look at Archimonde’s strategy
         2.1 the attack waves in general
         2.2 the enemy’s base
              2.2.1 unit production for the undead (read this!)
              2.2.2 contents of the undead base
         2.3 summing it all up
    3.0 The ultimate strategy
    4.0 Other stuff
         4.1 The Attack Waves in detail
    This is it, the only strategy needed.  The authors have yet to fail doing it
    this way.  Note though, that this is NOT easy, but if done carefully, it works
         The author has played the end a few times, but the real thanks goes to Red
    Skin (James York) who has yet to lose the final battle (yes even on hard) and
    has played it a bit too much.  He says, “It’s the only mission worth playing
    anymore.” (and no, he doesn’t cheat)  He supplied the strategy, and the author
    of this strategy guide supplied him with the means to get it written.
         By the time this in-depth look is read, the strategy is going to be in
    Section 3.0 (the actual strategy) should become fairly obvious.
                  ============END 1.0==============
    2.0===========FROM DEEP IN ENEMY TERRITORY===================2.0
    =============A LOOK AT ARCHIMONDE’S STRATEGY=================
    Here’s the real heart of the strategy: knowing what the enemy is up to.  This
    may be a surprise to read in parts.
    2.1 The waves of the attack
         The detailed list of units sent in each wave are found in section 4.1
         Quick and dirty it goes like this:
         No wave will attack until all the units in its set wave are in the staging
    area or a set amount of time goes by (see notes).
         The first two waves are ghouls and crypt fiends.  These are cheese to
    defend.  Then they progressively get harder until the gargoyle wave (8-10 of
    the bastards).  After that is when it becomes up to how well the base is
    defended, so here’s how the important info goes.  The enemy begins alternating
    between their three heroes and waves consisting of meat wagons and wraiths and
    a combination of Infernals, Doom Guards, Felhounds.
         This will continue until the base falls, then they will reset and begin at
    the crypt fiends/ghoul wave again.
         Some notes:  Archimonde himself does NOT attack ever, he only sits and
    defends his base (see section 4.0).
         The computer “cheats” and its units either cost nothing or they start out
    with a bank of 1mil gold/lumber. Their units also take virtually no time at all
    to build.
         Each wave of units collect in the staging area and the attack as group. 
    They won’t leave until they have their set number of each type there or, as the
    authors found out later, a designated amount of time passes by.  So the first
    strategy attempted was to stage a massive assault on the crypt fiend/ghoul
    stage.  It worked until the attack force started losing units.  There was no
    way to keep up with their near instant production, eventually the undead well
    outnumbered the attacking force, the front line moved back to the staging area,
    they met their quota, they attacked, and the next wave started showing up.  It
    was fun to try it out though.
    2.2 the enemy’s base
         This is where the heart of the strategy came to form.  When the orc’s base
    falls and the adjutant says, “The undead are constructing a third and final
    base.  This is statement invokes some curiosity, so an inspection of their
    first and second bases ensued.  They were COMPLETELY abandoned.  Not a damned
    person or building there.  Properly rephrased: there were a pair of acolytes at
    the human base, but they were unsommoning buildings!!!
         So here is how it works, when each ally is defeated, the undead’s previous
    base begins to be unsummoned at a set rate.  The new base begins to be summoned
    at the same time as the adjutant states, “The undead are constructing a second
    (or third and final) base”.  They start with the necropolis (which builds at
    lightning speed) and then crypts and ziggurats and on and on.  So the undead
    only have 1 functioning base at a time.  Also, to clear out the remnants of the
    ally’s old base, after the scene between the ally hero and Archimonde, all
    three of the undead’s heroes are summoned right next to Archimonde and they
    proceed to clean up.  ALL other units that were in the assault wave that
    succeeded simply *poof* and disappear during the Archimonde dialog.
    (Well they only have one functioning base at a time, UNLESS Orc’s Stronghold is
    destroyed [via either curiosity or boredom] before the human settlement falls,
    then they system fails and they build a new base in the Orc’s location and
    their first base continues to work.
    But most people aren’t sadistic and they like to keep their ally’s alive*)
    2.2.1 Unit production
    All of the buildings produce exactly what you expect them too, EXCEPT:
         Crypts produce: Ghouls, Crypt Fiends, Gargoyles, felhounds, doom guard,
    and infernals!!!
         That’s an ouch.  The authors both want a crypt that can do that.
    2.2.2 Contents of the enemy base
         1 Necropolis
         2 Crypts
         2 Slaughter Houses
         1 Sacrifice Pit
         1 Boneyard
         1 Graveyard
         1 Temple of the Damned
         1 Alter of Darkness
         4 Spirit Towers (Upgraded Ziggurats)
    2.3 Summing up the attack series in general
         The undead summon a base and begin immediately creating their first wave
    (the same each time they start a new base) of crypt fiends and ghouls.     The
    waves of attacks progressively get harder until doom guards, infernals,
    felhounds, and heroes are about all that is seen (only 1 hero at a time
    though). (for more info see section 4.1)
         When the town hall (or equivalent) is destroyed, it triggers the talking
    scene. As Archimonde talks to/kills the ally hero, all undead combat units are
    removed from the map, and 5 acolytes and a haunted gold mine appear in the new
         After the talking scene the three undead heroes are summoned next to
    Archimonde to clean up the last of the ally’s base.  As the ally base is
    cleaned up, the new base is summoned and the attack waves reset to the crypt
    fiend/ghoul waves.  The old undead base is unsummoned shortly after the talking
    scene.  It is unsummoned in the reverse order of how it is built.  There is
    only one acolyte that stays back to do this, but all of the lumber mining
    ghouls are there too.  Once the Necropolis (last building) is unsummoned, the
    ghouls and acolyte simply die (leaving a completely empty base).
                  ============END 2.0==============
    3.0===============THE ULTIMATE STRATEGY=====================3.0
         The whole strategy revolves around their transition into a new base and
    destroying it!  So here it is:
    Complete the following within 10 minutes or by the start of the 9th wave…
         At the beginning of the game, send two wisps to build Trees of Life at the
    two unoccupied gold mines.  As soon as those trees are built, dump wisps into
    them.  The contingent of soldiers and the hero in the northern base should be
    moved down to the human’s base.  Also take a unit and collect all the free
    units in front of the mercenary camps (6 furbolgs and 3 trolls).  Also don’t
    forget to uproot the 4 protectors and walk them down to the front line defense
    of the human base.
         That much is the “common between every strategy” part.  Now for the real
    For this recipe you will need:
         4-6 Hippogryph riders
         10 Ballista’s
         3 Druid of the Talon
         A healthy hero.
         And a plethora of wisps.
         --What to research:
         Anything that upgrades armor/damage of ballista and Hippogryph riders. 
    The Master training for the three Talons so that they can cast cyclone. 
    Anything else wanted and cash is available for.
         --What to build:
         Another two ancients of war north of the human base, right up against the
    trees (that is the trees north of the base).
         As many Ancient Protectors as can be fit into every nook and cranny in the
    BACK (lower right) of the human’s base.  20 Protectors is a good number to
         --What to do:
         Use ballista and the force of nature spell to remove all the trees from
    behind the south wall of the human base (right there along the bottom edge of
    the map), then destroy one section of wall (on the far right of the cleared
    area) and hide all the ballista there and set them to hold position.  Keep the
    hero(es) and the three Talon members just north of the human base next to the
    Ancients of War and tell them to hold position.  Keep Hippogryph riders to the
    east and well out of the way of the human base, oh yeah, tell them to hold
         --How to defend the humans while you do all this:
         If you can't produce units fast enough to both defend the humans and
    prepare the assault, it is suggested that the suggestion above is followed.  As
    soon as you can at the beginning, build more ancients to train the needed
    units.  Also, don't just start dumping all your command points into Ballistae,
    yet.  Two Ancients of war near the human base will help you produce them as you
    start to lose units.  The real time constraint here is making the protectors,
    that is why the eighth wave was chosen.  Start on the protecters at the very
         Use Dryads and Druids of the Claw, also don't forget to ALWAYS use a roar
    right before you charge into battle.  Keep a close eye on when the next wave is
    coming so that the defense party is not caught off guard.  These are the best
    two units for the cost.  Also keep a few talon back, ready for the heroes to
    start to show up.  Don't have any mounted hippogryphs until you are almost
    ready to destroy the human town hall.  Keep a few archers in the back of the
    human base as you start to get ready.  And mount them as they move into hiding
    for the sneak attack.
         Seemingly the best way to defend the base follows (oh, reading ahead is a
    very good idea):
    Wave number ONE:
         Just fend off wave number one with all the units you have starting.  Don't
    care about the archers or huntresses.  Just remember you'll need 4-6 archers to
    later make your Hippogryph riders.
    Wave number TWO:
         Use Starfall to subdue most of this wave.  Beyond that, you shouldn't take
    much damage cleaning up the rest of the scum.
    Wave number THREE:
         Use your upgraded members of the Druid of the Claw (in bear from and have
    built more by now) to fight most of these units.  Dryads help here by slowing
    the enemy (using their attack).
    Wave number FOUR:
    is worse than having your own units attack you.
         Send the Priestess of the Moon out early to meet this wave.  Start with
    Starfall (and make sure you have potions of invulnerability on her, just in
    case), and follow it up with all the dryad that you have on hand (they cannot
    be taken by the Banshees).
    Wave number FIVE:
         As soon as it is ready, use Starfall on this wave.  Druids of the claw are
    to take care of the Crypt Fiends.  Have 6 plus hippogryphs ready for this wave
    and have them attack the gargoyles.  This should solve any need for anti-air
    support.  Dryads, of course, help both against the Doom guards and the
    Gargoyles.  Move the hippogryphs back as soon as the goyles are dead.  Don't
    use Tranquility during or after this wave.
    Wave number SIX:
         Send your hippogryphs (hopefully none were lost to the previous wave)
    directly at the Frost Wyrms.  Send your druid of the Claw against the only
    thing they can attack--meat wagons.  Dryads are to attack Gargoyles here.  And
    use Tranquility right as you engage the enemy.
         Send your priestess up to the Goblin Merchant to buy a scroll of
    protection and a scroll of healing or two.  These are needed for wave seven. 
    Don't forget to keep her stocked with a potion of invulnerability.
    Wave number SEVEN:
         Preparations should nearly be done at this point.  Mount the Archers and
    finish any other preparations.
         WATCH the Dreadlord this wave.  If there are towers left in the human
    base, let him through to attack the towers.  Else, you will need to cyclone him
    away before he gets to the human base, and try to cyclone him again if you need
    more time.  Sacrifice what is left at this point.  Starfall, a scroll of
    protection at the beginning, and a scroll of healing about half way through are
    best.  At this point, the goal is to stall while any final preparations are
    Wave number EIGHT:
         While this wave is heading towards you, destroy the town hall and assault
    as follows.  Note that it is a good idea to keep the town hall low on hit
    points as you approach this point.  This will make destroying the town hall
    much quicker and easier to time.  Stall as long as you need, and remember, as
    soon as the town hall falls, all undead units disappear (except Archimonde and
    his heroes).
         --End ten minute requirement (or 8th wave requirement [see section 4.1] at
    about 34 minutes left).  This next part is tricky, saving the game at this time
    is suggested.  Timing is everything!--
         Now, once this is all readied, select all Ancient Protectors and tell them
    to attack THE HUMAN’S TOWN HALL (*this is the asterisk from way up in this faq,
    this is not sadism, it’s just the best way to trigger the new town event
    because all Protectors will be alive in the back of the base).
         The destruction of the Town Hall will trigger the Archimonde talking event
    (during this event all combat undead units simply disappear) and following the
    narrative his three heroes are summoned to his side to clean up the ruminants
    of the base (Human Buildings, Protectors, etc).  Also note that the gold mine
    is already haunted when the narrative ends and all 5 acolytes are standing
    right there. Protectors will delay them building the new base, during that
         What to have the attack force do (almost all at the same time):
         Have Druid of the Talon cyclone the three enemy heroes away and then move
    them back for the second wave of ballista that will be built in a minute.
         Have the hero be a distraction for Archimonde and whomever isn't cycloned
          Hippogryph riders are to kill the acolyte that moves off the gold mine. 
    As each one is killed, a new one will move from the gold mine, SO KILL IT.  The
    goal is to prevent them from building as much of the town as possible!!! And
    there are only 5 acolytes starting.
         Ballista are to destroy the necropolis and their crypts (and any
    acolytes).  REMEMBER the necropolis is priority one, the crypts are just barely
    below it (see section 2.2.1).  Ignore any enemy units that attack ballista
    (this is a suicide run).
         The goal so far is:
         Destroy the necropolis and all the acolytes.
         Bonus if the assault wave manages destroy their Crypts and their Alter in
    the first wave.
         If the goal and the bonus are accomplished, the undead will not be able to
    produce their first two waves, creating plenty of time to produce a second
    ballista wave.
         If the destruction of the new undead base is unsuccessful, do not fret! 
    There is always the Orc base (ballista can be hid where the trees are near the
    merchant south of the Orc base).  But more importantly: If the first necropolis
    of the new base is destroyed, and the undead start constructing a second one
    for that base, it builds at the normal rate!!! It does NOT build at the
    accelerated “new base” rate.
         The new goal:
         (Destroy the second necropolis and every acolyte if this was not done in
    the first wave)
         Destroy all unit producing buildings with ballista waves.
         This is done by cycloning away every hero and doom guard possible and
    running ballista past Archimonde and whoever else is there and focusing on one
    building at a time.  The author suggests going after (in this order)
    (Necropolis/Acolytes) The TWO crypts, The Alter, The Boneyard, and then the
         If destroying their unit producing buildings and the three undead heroes
    is completed, then the next steps are to save the game, set the speed to fast,
    and get up from the keyboard, go grab a drink and a snack, call a friend, write
    mom an e-mail, walk the dog, sit back and relax.  There will be no waves of
    attacks to defend, no heroes ravaging the Orc town.  Just a bunch of waiting
    for the clock to count down.  That is until near the very end.
         The only thing that will occur is that with about 38 seconds left
    Archimonde will taunt the Night Elves, and as soon as he is done talking, he
    will begin walking from wherever he is standing towards the summit.  He won’t
    make it from the human or the Orc base (if he starts at the Orc base, just make
    sure that a small diversionary force is on hand to distract him).  Attempting
    to kill him can alleviate boredom, but he summons infernals and doom guards and
    has divine armor (only deal him 1 point for every hit).  Good luck on killing
    him, it took the author ( bored and cheating [for cash and build time]) 60k
    gold worth of Archers to kill him.  AND he carries an Ankh of Reincarnation. 
    He will resurrect once.  So that’s 120k to finish him off a second time.  Ha,
    good luck killing him without cheating.
         Anyhow, that’s the strategy: Screw over the base as it is being/just after
    it is built.
    	One last note:  don’t destroy the Orc Stronghold if the undead is crippled in
    the used-to-be Human base, it will screw over everything worked for so far. 
    They'll have a new base at the Orc camp, and the old base which was destroyed
    will "pop" up just to be unsummoned.
                  ============END 3.0==============
    4.0======================OTHER STUFF=========================4.0
    Some random info:
         Archimonde carries an Ankh of Reincarnation.  He will resurrect exactly
    once if he is killed. He also cast 2 summons spells.  The first spell summons 4
    Doom guards, and the second summons 2 Infernals.  He stands in defense of the
    current undead base and does not join in any of the attacks with the exception
    of the last half minute.  During that last half minute he begins his ascent to
    the circle of power, attacking anything that gets in his way.
         If any units are alive inside an ally base when it falls, they are warped
    to just outside that ally base (towards the next base to be defended).
         Don't bother trying to use goblin land mines inside the base (like around
    the gold mine).  They seem to simply disappear during the Archimonde dialogue. 
    It also seems that Archimonde comes out of the base to destroy any goblin land
    mines that were placed near the new staging area.
         It is suspected that this strategy (that of destroying their base) is the
    reason Blizzard didn't put Chimeras in this mission.  It would be all to easy
    to ravage the base as it is being built if the assault force consisted of 15
         When the next allied town falls, any buildings destroyed in the (now) old
    undead base suddenly pop into existence.  That is they are summoned without
    aide of acolyte and it takes them about 5 seconds to fully appear.  The reason
    for this is quite simple:  If the acolyte that is designated to unsummon
    buildings couldn't unsummon a building, the AI would fail and the acolyte would
    not continue to unsummon the rest of the buildings.
         One of the most annoying features of Dryads is that it seems that they do
    not auto-cast "Abolish Magic" against summoned creatures.  This is specifically
    true for Infernals.  It takes about 4 Abolish Magics to kill an infernal from
    full health, but it is well worth it in terms of cost.
         The Dreadlord seems to like to sneak into the Ally's base.  That is he
    does not attack any units on the way in, so he is rarely attacked.  This allows
    him to walk into the town and summon his Infernals there.  Some favorite moves
    are to cyclone him away or to entangle him well before he gets to the town. 
    Fighting him and the Infernals outside the town always seems to be
    easier--especially on the ally.
         The Pit Lord is summoned right after the Lich in order to allow
    "Reincarnate" to begin charging.  If he is killed too quickly, he is respawned
    and sent in with the next wave.  If he is killed too slowly, his Reincarnate is
    charged and he resurrects on the spot.  It seems there is no real middle ground
    on how to deal with him properly.  Mostly because if his Reincarnate has time
    to take affect, then by the time he is killed a second time, the next wave is
    almost upon the ally's base, and if he is killed before the Reincarnate
    charges, then he rides on the back of the next wave.  Neither option seems all
    that appealing.
         One of the most devastating waves of attack is the group of Banshees.  The
    best way to take care of this wave is to know it is coming and to ride the
    Priestess of the Moon out to use Starfall.  It is also suggested that a potion
    of invulnerability or two (bought at the Goblin Merchants) are kept on her for
    these solo attacks.  Don't use them right away, wait until she starts taking
    damage--it won't interrupt her Starfall attack.  Dryads make an excellent
    addition to the Priestess, as they cannot be possessed.
    4.1 The Waves of Attack in Detail!  On hard setting:
    Wave number ONE
    10 Ghouls
    6 Crypt Fiends
    Wave number TWO
    12 Ghouls
    7 Crypt Fiends
    1 Meat Wagon
    Wave number THREE
    8 Felhounds
    3 Doom Guards
    4 Meat Wagons
    Wave number FOUR
    3 Abominations
    11 Banshees
    4 Meat Wagons
    1 Lich (hero)
    Wave number FIVE
    2 Doom Guards
    2-3 Meat Wagons
    8 Gargoyles
    6 Crypt Fiends
    Wave number SIX
    4 Frost Wyrms
    8 Gargoyles
    3 Meat Wagons
    Wave number SEVEN
    3 Doom Guards
    8 Felhounds
    4 Meat wagons
    1 Banshee
    1 Dreadlord (hero)
    Wave number EIGHT
    3 Abominations
    3 Meat Wagons
    11 Banshees
    1 Lich (hero)
    Wave number NINE (approx 32 mins left)
    3 Doom Guard
    7 Felhounds
    5 Meat Wagons
    2 Banshees
    3 Necromancers
    3 Frost Wyrms
    1 Pit Lord (hero)
    Wave number TEN
    3 Infernals
    4 Meat Wagons
    5 Abominations
    5 Crypt Fiends
    4 Banshees
    3 Necromancers
    1 Dreadlord (hero)
    Wave number ELEVEN
    3 Infernals
    4 Doom Guards
    5 Felhounds
    6 Meat Wagons
    4 Banshees
    3 Frost Wyrms
    3 Necromancers
    1 Lich (hero)
    1 Pit Lord (hero)
    Note:  The Pit Lord is spawned after the lich is spawned and stays by the Alter
    of Darkness.  When the Lich wave leaves, he leaves from the Alter and will
    follow along the back of the Lich wave as they fight.  If he is killed too
    fast, he will be respawned at the Alter and will also be in the next wave.  See
    the above "random info" section 4.0 as to some suspicions.
    Wave number TWELVE
    3 Doom Guard
    6 Felhounds
    5 Meat Wagons
    4 Banshees
    3 Frost Wyrms
    3 Necromancers
    (1 Pit Lord (Hero), see above note)
    Wave number THIRTEEN
    3 Infernals
    6 Crypt Fiends
    5 Abominations
    4 Meat Wagons
    4 Banshees
    3 Necromancers
    1 Dreadlord (Hero)
    Now the last three (11, 12, and 13) waves repeat until the ally base they are
    attacking falls.
    Note:  The waves reset when the ally base they are attacking falls, and starts
    over at wave 1.
                  ============END 4.0 and END STRATEGY==============

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