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    Skirmish FAQ by Big D

    Version: 2.0 | Updated: 08/09/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                                  Big D
    	             	 Dustin M. Kulwicki
    		     Big D's back with a new FAQ
    		     And a very long one at that
    		      WarCraft 3 Skirmish Guide
    		     Tips, Tactics, & Strategies
                 The man that brought you the JKII Saber Guide
                     Who is he? http://bigdwebcam.m150.com
      The guide is copy written, okay? Just ask me if you want to put some,
      or all of this guide somewhere, ill say yes, I promise. But you need
               my permission to do it, or I can sue you, I think. 
    Version 2.0 - Upgrading to version 2.0! yay! .. Im constantly playing 
    this game - so I Constantly discover new strategies - and that some of
    my old tactics are bad. So it's constantly evolving.. So.. Ill place a 
    **NEW** over whatever has been changed.
    Chapters (yes, its a big guide folks)
     - A Basic Overview of the Units -
    Chapter 1: Human Units **NEW**
    Chapter 2: Orcish Units
    Chapter 3: Undead Units **NEW**
    Chapter 4: Night Elves Units **NEW**
    Chapter 5: Heroes
     - Some simple Strategies No matter your race -
    Chapter 6: Basic Fighting Strategies **NEW**
    Chapter 7: Upgrades
    Chapter 8: Spreading
     - The more Advanced Strategies for each of the Races - 
    Chapter 9: Human Strategies **NEW**
    Chapter 10: Orcish Strategies **NEW**
    Chapter 11: Undead Strategies **NEW**
    Chapter 12: Night Elves Strategies **NEW**
     - Ways to beat each race -
    Chapter 13: Beating Humans
    Chapter 14: Beating Orcs
    Chapter 15: Beating Undead
    Chapter 16: Beating Night Elves
    			Chapter 1
    			Human Units
      -  Peasant
    The humans builder unit, they have 2 advantages: they can 
    be turned into militia, which, is a very good town defense at 
    the sacrifice of loosing all income. I wouldn't recommend 
    doing this unless your good on resources, or the currently 
    attacked base is tapped out of resources, when turned into 
    militia, they are actually quite effective, they're damage is 
    slightly below the footman's, and they have the life of a 
    peasant.. So they don't last as long. They're 2nd ability is 
    by far one of the best in the game, and that's the ability to 
    let more then 1 peasant build something at a time, it functions
    just like the "repair" ability in that it zaps extra resources, 
    but its an extremely effective way to get buildings up faster. 
    I recommend using 2-3 peasants to build just about everything.
      -  Footman
    The humans first "attacking" unit, your basic average knight-type 
    guy decked out in a sword and shield. They're a great unit to make 
    a lot of in the early game, they aren't nearly as powerful as orcs,
    but they're easier to build, and cost quite a bit less, and they 
    have an ability called Defend, which lets them reduce the Ranged 
    damage they take, at the cost of they're movement speed, which is 
    highly effective, but in the art and war of combat and 
    multitasking, using this ability usually comes as a 2nd or third 
    thought, before your hero, so.. Id only research it if you know 
    your going to use it, Its the tool of destruction against the 
    night elves.
      -  Riflemen
    The humans generally 2nd attacking unit, and its a dwarven rifleman, 
    these guys are better then knights almost all around, they have a 
    ranged attack, and they dish out more damage. But since they have a 
    "pierce" type damage, and some units are strong to that, I recommend 
    a solid combination of Footman and Riflemen for the best strategy, 
    They're only special ability is to upgrade the range, which is 
    VERY-much so worth it, if your planning on making a lot of riflemen.
      -  Knight
    These guys are basically beefed up footman - they are stronger,
    faster,  and have a lot more Hp then a basic Footman, they are much
    better armored as well. Knights are extremely powerful, never
    underestimate them, especially when upgraded, They're only downfall
    is that they can't attack Air units, so when you have the time and
    resources - build these in place of footmen.
      -  Priest
    Extremely effective, bottom line, if you have 2-4 of these units
    backing a squad, it forces the enemy to either get whomped on, or
    get the priests first, so the trick is finding a way to let the
    priests heal, and defend them at the same time. if your quick at
    ordering them, you can make very good use of them. As if that wasn't
    enough, they're two abilities are very good also, Dispel magic is
    decent, as you can kill summons with it, and make the enemy weaker,
    while the Inner Fire ability is Extremely strong, especially since 
    its auto cast with heal, it makes the priest an extremely deadly 
    ally when comboed with a hero or squad, or both.
      -  Sorceress
    They're first ability makes them a strong supporter, and that's
    Slow. Keep in mind that slow doesn't ONLY slow the enemy down, but
    it slows how fast they attack as well. Then they get Invisibility,
    which is okay.. But Only really useful for scouting the map, and
    Gyrocopters can do a better job of that. They're final ability,
    polymorph, is quite useful, always remember that it 
    insta-destroys a summoned unit, that's a VERY good thing, and it 
    basically takes a unit out of combat. So by casting polymorph on 
    the enemies strongest units, you can do some effective things.
      -  Gyrocopter
    They are partially effective; I would recommend only using them as 
    scouts, as they're damage is meager for they're build time and cost, 
    on top of that, you have to research something just to let them 
    attack ground units. So I say just use them as scouts, because they 
    can reveal invisible units, useful for if your fighting night elves 
    and its night.
      -  Mortar Team
    Moooorrrtaaarrr Coooommmbaaat!!! I love that..  Mortar teams are
    effective ONLY as support units, they are artillery, so be careful
    when your attacking units, also note that they have a VERY high
    spread damage, so they damage your own units partially as well,
    the main use in these guys is in Assaulting towns, as they deal
    a great amount of damage to buildings, they're "Flair" ability
    reveals hidden units so its a great way to scout.
      -  Steam Tank
    I love it, and I hate it. They can only attack buildings, which 
    makes them a Town-Killer.. and never forget that they can be 
    repaired by peasants. They're range is Very crappy, so they 
    gotta get close to do the job, they're very thick armor 
    helps with that, and so they are an effective town killer, the 
    trick is finding an undefended town, scout the enemy well, and 
    send two of these to attack the least defended town, then send 
    a main force to crush the other one, the enemy will be diverged, 
    and screwed one way or another, or sometimes both ways.
      -  Gryphon Rider
    The humans "Final" unit.. the Gryphon Rider shoots thunder down
    from hammers so they play an effective role already, also know
    that they deal Quite a bit of damage, and that the damage DOES
    have splash damage. A few of these and your in business. Note that
    the Knights upgrade also effects these and adds hit points, and
    then when they're attack can strike 2 instead of one, it makes
    them Very powerful.
    			Chapter 2
    			Orc Units
      -  Peon
    Peons are the Orcs basic builder, and decently effective at
    that, They aren't very good at Attacking, nor can two of them be
    used at once, peons will auto-repair stuff, which is highly 
    effective. Capable of Pillaging, but since they're a crappy unit, 
    it really doesn't matter. The peons also have one distinct 
    advantage that deals with Burrows, they can hop inside and shoot 
    arrows out at enemies, this is highly un-effective. Its easy to 
    destroy them, and since it auto-takes 4 food to keep them filled, 
    in a world where 90 food is a maximum, its not worth it to fill 
    these up. Only do it if you're being attacked.
      -  Grunt
    Your basic attacking unit, and a Very good one at that, Orcs have
    the most effective basic unit, far outweighing any other "first"
    attacking unit in the game, only problem is, they are slow to 
    produce, and cost a lot, but on the upside, once upgraded, your 
    definitely going to get your moneys worth, They can also research a 
    "berserk" ability which grants more damage and more life, making 
    grunts an effective unit during any stage of the game. Capable of
      -  Headhunter
    These units are substandard, especially with Grunts being
    available, although they do cost less, and once you upgrade the
    regeneration, they become a lot more effective, they give great 
    cover fire to Grunts though, and its the orcs most basic way of 
    dealing with air units. NOT capable of Pillaging. Id recommend
    a combination of these and orcs early on, but 2 to 1 orcs.
      -  Catapult
    The Orcs basic siege weapon, catapults are great at taking out 
    towns, you should back up an army with 2-3 catapults, to help 
    destroy enemy armies, and to flank and destroy buildings much 
    easier. Never forget that upping the "headhunters" basic upgrade
    ALSO increases the damage of the catapult, which when fully
    upgraded can make them extremely devastating, dealing well over
    100 damage.
      -  Shaman
    A decently effective orc supporter - They're purge ability is
    useful on summoned units, and on Very powerful enemy units, but
    other then that, not really. They're 2nd ability makes up for 
    that, Lightning shield is VERY powerful when used right, by the 
    name "Shield" it makes you think you need to cast it on your own 
    troops, which works, but its twice as effective when cast on 
    Enemy troops, forcing them to move apart or die together. When 
    they get bloodlust, they become extremely helpful in battles 
    since that ability is Auto cast on friendly units, making them 
    attack MUCH faster and far more effectively. 
      -  Witch Doctor
    I don think these units are very effective, they work well as 
    scouts with the ability of Sentry ward, which lasts a minute 
    or more, and then they can cast traps which only STUN an enemy, 
    which makes placing them anywhere but in combat, not that 
    effective. They're final ability is a healing ward, which is 
    actually quite useful to cast during a fight, or after a fight 
    to heal the hurt units.
      -  Raider
    These guys are Very effective, one thing you must know is that
    they deal Siege damage, which means they crush buildings. Useful
    for hit and run attacks, not to mention they can use the Pillaging
    ability while they do it. This makes them a great unit to begin
    with. On top of all that, they have the ensnare ability, which
    drops air units down, to be attacked by the Horde. Very effective
    for the pesky dragon or Zeppelin, these guys are pretty Vital to
    Orc attacks.
      -  Kodo Beast
    they're initial ability is often overlooked, they can devour an
    enemy unit, just eat it, and take it out of combat, and deal
    damage to it, so eat the strongest unit you can find. You can't
    eat heroes. After they get the ability to buff friendly units
    damage, it makes them quite effective as a support unit, you just
    need to keep in mind that they are slow - so your army will move
    slow if you have formations on, and want them to move as a group.
      -  Wyvern Rider
    A pretty effective combat unit to begin with, they are flying
    which makes them a rough target to begin with, and they deal 
    quite a bit of damage, on top of that, once they research venom 
    spears, they can take enemy units down quite easily, it Almost 
    doubles they're damage over time.
      -  Tauren
    Tauren, arguably the final unit (or the Wyvern Rider) are a 
    valuable asset to the orcish horde, the damage they deal isn't 
    tremendous, but once they have a 25% to deal splash damage, 
    they become very effective, especially when paired with units 
    that speed up they're attack.
    			Chapter 3
    			Undead Units
      -  Acolyte
    The undeads base unit, Keep in mind, they can Summon things,
    so in that effect, 1 Acolyte can build an entire base, much
    like the Protoss could in Starcraft. But they are limited in 
    the effect that they have a "Creep" much like the Zerg did, and
    so they can only summon on the Creep, but the creep repairs 
    units at a Very slow rate automatically. They can also be 
    turned into Shades at a later time, which makes them extremely
    effective as a Scouter, since Shades are very good at that. 
    They have one downfall - they can't harvest trees! Oh! Never 
    forget, that they can Unsummon a building to regain half the 
    resources spent, very effective. They Unsummon a gold mine 
    automatically when it gets drained, so Undead always get a 
    bit more then everyone else for using a gold mine.
      -  Ghoul
    The undeads basic attack unit, and also they're Tree harvesters,
    make sure you build at least 3 to harvest tree's, its easy to 
    forget in the early game. Now, these guys are basically the 
    Undead's "Zerglings" good for rushing, small and crappy on an 
    individual basis, but can overwhelm when there's a lot of them. 
    Make sure you research they're Frenzy ability in the late game, 
    nearly doubling they're effectiveness. They're ability to eat
    things to regain life is decent, if you have no way to heal your
    Ghouls, and are planning on making a lot of them, this is a good
    way to heal them on the run, otherwise, i would Not research it.
      -  Crypt Fiend
    One of the Undeads most effective units, Great in the early 
    game for attacks, and they can drop air targets as well. They 
    have quite a high damage capacity as well, so just note that they
    are Far more effective than Ghouls. Note that they will sometimes
    automatically cast Web to drop an enemy flying unit, making it 
    far more worthwhile to research it.
      -  Gargoyles
    These guys are Air-killers, these guys are perfect for 
    dispatching of the Heavy Flying units like Gryphon riders and
    Dragons, they're horrid at attacking the ground though. They're
    Stone form ability is useful, when they are fully armored they're
    armor can reach an incredible amount of 21 when stone shaped,
    you can really piss off an enemy by making them nearly impossible
    to kill.
      -  Abominations
    These guys are partially effective, on one hand, they aren't
    Extremely strong, but they have a lot of Hp, so they last longer, 
    they also have a Disease cloud ability that damages enemy units
    for them, so it helps make up for it, if you can find a way to keep 
    them healed, they can be extremely effective. Even after they die, 
    disease cloud aura still effects targets. These guys are great to
    use in combination with the Vampires Aura, since they will pull
    back they're health. It makes them extremely powerful.
      -  Meat Wagon
    The Undead's Siege weapon, its kind've odd. They deal proper siege 
    damage, and that makes them needed for town sieges in the first
    place, they have 2 other odd abilities, the first is a disease cloud,
    which keeps those pesky 'repairers' from being there, and damages 
    other units. They can also collect corpses, which seems like a dumb 
    idea in the first place, but when utilized with Necromancers, they 
    can produce a nice supply of skeletons to attack towns, on top of 
    that, A Death Knight, that reaches lvl 6, can resurrect those units 
    also, and make quick work of enemy towns/armies. The rule of thumb
    is, When you see a skeleton laying around and you have a meat wagon,
    make sure you Pick it up. 
      -  Necromancer
    These guys are fun to play with... They have a few uses,
    the first is the "creating Skeletons" - This works two ways,
    one is to use meat wagons to transport corpses across terrain
    to enemy bases and resurrecting them on the spot to attack, The
    other use is building Graveyards, which produce Skeletons 
    naturally on they're own, Now if you take the time to build 2-3
    Graveyards in your base, then 5-6 Necromancers, select them all
    and have them cast Skeleton, and you have an instant, FREE army
    of 12-16 skeletons to defend the city with. They're next ability,
    Unholy Frenzy, is Very effective to put on your big strong units,
    like Heroes. They're Final ability, the Cripple is useful for
    putting on the Powerful enemy units, ESPECAILLY enemy heroes.
    The Necromancer, when powered up, becomes the undead's best
    support unit.
      -  Banshee
    They're initial ability makes them Very effective, they curse
    an enemy, making them miss about 25% of the time, The cool thing
    is that its an "auto target" so you don't have to manually do it, 
    they're next ability helps against mage-casters, but there
    aren't to many, it makes a unit immune to magic, which doesn't really
    matter too much in the long run id say, so .. not that useful. 
    They're final ability is Beautiful, they can sacrifice themselves 
    to make a unit on your own team. YOU CAN possess other builders and
    go up the Tech Tree, but your food limit remains at 90, sadly. Note
    that you can never have more then 3 hero's Either.
      -  Shade
    A Basic scouting unit from the undead, you cant get it until the
    mid/late-game, but it can really help out as its naturally
    invisible and can see invisible units, leave them all over to scout
    gold mines, and know where your enemy is at all times.
      -  Frost Wyrm
    Powerful. They deal a lot of damage, have a lot of life, and Deal
    Splash damage, they are a very effective unit, they can also, once
    researched, freeze buildings, which stops the building production,
    which makes town sieges even more effective.
    			Chapter 4
    			Night Elf Units
      -  Wisp
    The basic elvish builder unit, it "builds" the trees around
    it, sometimes you get your wisp back after building something,
    sometimes you don't, if the building is an "Ancient" building, you
    don't get your wisp back. They also automatically repair friendly
    units and structures, on top of all that, they don't use lumber 
    from the trees, they generate it, so when a wisp works at a tree,
    it will never knock it down, which means you can move your wisps
    away to scout and harvest at the same time, or keep them at home,
    where you'll never run out of lumber. Wisps can also detonate 
    themselves, dealing damage to summoned units and stopping all 
    magical effects around it, AND sapping mana from any spell castors
    ..This is useful for taking down heroes and killing summons, but
    that's about it. 
      -  Archer
    The night elves first attacking unit, they are weak and frail,
    so you want to keep them away or have someone ready to defend
    them, at night, they turn invisible, so they cant be seen, this
    makes them effective scouts on they're own nature, and also makes
    it easy to plan a huge attack at night. If your archers get
    attacked by melee - you want them to Run away, as quick as
    possible. later in the game, they can mount Hippogriffs and use
    them to fly, making them as effective as ever. Note that when
    placed on a Hippogriff, the unit changes entirely, and as such,
    its damage pretty much doubles itself.
      -  Huntress
    They are another of the elves attack units, and scout units,
    they are naturally invisible at night as well. They're "sentinel"
    ability is a Godsend - build these up in the early game and put
    them at gold mines to make sure no one is taking them, and along
    the main path. The only way to remove the owl is to cut down the 
    tree, which catapults are effective at doing. They can upgrade to
    moon glaive, which lets them strike more units, making them even
    more effective, Huntresses, are the bread and butter of the night
    elves, an army of archer's is quite bad, when compared to an army
    of Huntresses, so make absolutely sure you make these as soon as
    you can, trust me. 
      -  Ballista
    The Night elves siege weapon, this is pretty effective, but you
    want to keep it away from enemy Units, much like the Archer unit.
    Once upgraded - its one of the best units to produce in the game
    for assaults, its also good for base defense, line them up, the
    enemy army won't know what hit them, also note that this is a
    good way for the Night Elves to get tree's out of the way.
      -  Dryad
    There basic attack slows enemy units and poisons them, making
    Dryads a decent support unit, but Night elves have a Ton of
    support units already. They are also immune to magic and once 
    researched, they have the ability to deal a lot (300) damage to
    summoned units, and the ability makes the enemy's good buffs go
    away, and your bad buffs go away as well.
      -  Druid (claw)
    Finally - a melee unit for the Night elves, druids are absolutely
    vital to the success of the night elves, a few druids, and then
    a wave of Archers is a good combination, don't be suprised if your
    enemy tries to go just for the archers, most will, try to stop
    them. use bear form to make them good melee units, and after that,
    use them as Shamans to heal and what not.
      -  Hippogriff
    The Night elves first flying unit, this unit isn't that effective,
    its good for scouting, and for fighting air-to-air, and when
    upgraded to a Hippogriff rider, its a lot more effective then
    you'd think, with nice damage increases and such. Hippogriff
    riders are good scouts, and air-combat supporters.
      -  Druid (talon)
    A scouting unit, these guys can transform themselves into Crows
    and fly around, yet another "support" unit for the Night elves.
    Faerie fire is extremely effective to cast on enemy Heroes, and
    So it Cyclone.
      -  Chimera
    Very effective units, they are the night elves final unit,
    effective at taking out enemies, when it comes to buildings,
    they're corrosive breath can almost crush a building in one
    to two attacks. 'nuff said.
    			Chapter 5
    Let me first start out by saying heroes are necessary to win
    in a Skirmish, but don't have much power until lvl 4+. Your
    hero wont do much unless he's supported no matter his level,
    always make sure your hero is supported by at least 5 troops.
    Also, you want to make sure that the first thing you do is
    make a hero and a squad, and go LEVEL YOUR HERO UP! ..the
    higher your hero level, the better your chances are of
    winning, if you get attacked, you ALWAYS have the town portal
    scroll, which means you can be there nice and quick.
    After you've learned how to get your heroes up, then you need
    to learn how to utilize them Most effectively, which differs
    upon heroes, some should lead the war charges, while others
    should stay back and defend, in this section I dive in and
    talk about each hero individually So read on, if your confused
    about heroes, First I talk about Humans, then Orcs, then Undead,
    and finally, Night Elves
    		Human Heroes
    Paladin - Definitely one of the better of the 3, with his
    healing abilities, and improved armor, and then resurrection,
    he can be a Very effective unit. Every one of his abilities is
    completely worth it, but id recommend the Holy Light to start off
    with, as it makes a great starter-squad, healing your units is a
    great way to take out the npc's without loosing anyone and gain
    some levels, all 4 of his powers are equally worth getting, it all
    depends on what your looking for, But when you get all 3 powers
    realized, give him a squad of knights and your in business, have
    him heal the knights as they get damaged, one by one, if the enemy
    starts concentrating on you, use the Invulnerability, and continue
    to heal. Note that a paladins Holy Light can damage undead, but it
    heals twice as much when used on a Friendly unit, so id steer away
    from using it for damage, only when he is alone vs. the enemy.
    Archmage - He's an interesting hero , A bit different from the
    humans average perspective, you have to learn to use him
    effectively, his first ability, Blizzard, isn't that useful. It
    has to be maintained by the archmage, which means he can't do
    anything else, and almost every enemy will simply move from it
    before the 3rd or 4th blast hits, and it's only 50% effective on
    buildings..so the most damage it can deal is 250 to a building,
    which is very meager. His 2nd ability is much more useful, the
    Water Elemental is useful in combat, as a distraction, and a
    decent comrade, and also its very good as a scout. His final
    ability is extremely underestimated, the mana regeneration not
    only helps him, but every spell caster around him, including
    your other hero's and your teammates other hero's. 
    Mountain King - This is your big "melee" fighter, I think he
    works best when combined with the Paladin so he can be healed.
    Thunder Clap is probably his best ability, dealing 70 damage to
    everyone around him and slowing them down at lvl 1. Storm Bolt
    is also effective for taking down a hurt, retreating foe, it
    deals 100 damage with every level, so its very strong for a
    single attack. His final ability just makes him a badass,
    plain and simple.
    		Orc Heroes
    Blademaster - This character is a VERY effective fighter, he
    can be used as a Scout, a Fighter, and a Sniper. To use him as
    a Scout, cast wind walk and walk around invisible or cast mirror
    images of him and send them around to scout out, To use him as a
    fighter, give him a squad and let him lead, and just as the fight
    begins, have him cast Mirror image, this will confuse the enemy,
    and keep the enemy from attacking your main squad as well. To use
    him as a "sniper" cast wind walk, and run into a town, then cast
    bladestorm to destroy the things mining, or small buildings, like
    farms or some such, then, when he needs to get out of combat,
    have him use Mirror Image to confuse his pursuers.. He's an
    all-around champion.
    Farseer - These guys are pretty effective also, they're Feral
    Spirit ability is very good for scouting, and for mid-combat,
    these wolfs are pretty strong, and help in combat, especially
    since you can summon another 2 pretty easily after the first 2 die.
    Chain Lightning is fairly effective; it doesn't deal a lot of damage,
    but it bounces, just make sure you have at least 6 units around before
    casting it. They're other ability, Farsight, is very useful because
    its an effective scouting method, and spots invisible units, its one
    of the Orcs primary ways to do that, so make sure you use it
    effectively.  In my opinion, his final ability makes him extremely
    strong, just march him right in the middle of enemy territory and 
    use Earthquake, even if he dies, your STILL probably going to get
    your money's worth. And it takes units forever to get to him, its
    very effective.
    Tauren Warchief - He's also an effective unit, which makes deciding
    a hero to pick with the orcs a very tough job - Id say the Tauren is
    most effective in team games, due to that Aura he has, which makes
    attacking units almost twice as effective in combat. Shock Wave isn't
    that incredible, as the damage it deals isn't that great, and it
    usually misses a lot of units in the heat of combat. War Stomp is
    effective, march your Tauren right into the heat of combat, and stomp
    on them, for an effective tactic. His final ability is good if your
    on the defense or if you need your hero back quite fast.
    		Undead Heroes
    Death Knight - The undeads fighting hero, its good at rising
    undead, stealing and giving life out. Death Coil damages
    living units, but heals undead, I should point out that it
    heals double what it damages, so its usually more effective
    as a healing spell, unless you don't have any units on your
    side to support, Death Pact is a great way to make your hero
    pretty much invulnerable as long as he has a nearby unit to
    steal life from, never forget you can kill summoned units for
    life back, which is free, and very effective. They're Aura is
    also very good at speeding movement up, especially when
    making an assault. His final ability, Lets him raise basically
    an army, and you can really overwhelm any opponent with this,
    just make sure you use it at the right time, when there's
    enough skeletons around.
    Dread Lord - Another powerful undead unit, this guy is a favorite!
    Carrion Swarm is how to deal some damage to a lot of units at once,
    Sleep is a very powerful tool to put an enemy hero or power-unit
    out of commission. the vampire Aura ONLY works with melee units, so
    for awhile, its only good when used with ghouls, and even then, not
    so good.. SO only get vampire aura if you plan on getting some much
    stronger melee units for the undead, otherwise, get sleep and C.
    Swarm. His Inferno ability is damn useful, plummet it right in front
    of the enemy squads, and let the thrashing begin.
    Lich - Another strong undead unit, his Frost Nova is good at
    injuring enemy grouped units during combat. His frost armor can
    be used on one of your stronger melee units to help him out a
    lot, its even more effective when used on a friendly hero. Its 
    final, death and decay, is a VERY powerful spell, it can kill
    anything in its area of effect, it takes exactly 25 seconds to
    destroy anything, - ANYTHING - ..so keep the enemy in that area
    for 25 seconds and they're dead, also note that it can clear 
    		Night Elf Heroes
    Demon Hunter - This guy is a requirement for the Night elves,
    lucky he's such a god. He's the melee unit that keeps everyone
    away from the Night elves precious archers, and he does his job
    very well. Use Mana burn on enemy heroes, it steals the mana, and
    they're life, all in one nice package. Immolation is also effective,
    Run the demon hunter in and keep the enemy as tied up as possible,
    this just deals extra damage. His other ability, Evasion, makes
    him a prime Melee unit, period. Not to mention metamorphosis.. Use
    it whenever possible during heavy Combat.
    Keeper of the Grove - can be effective when paired with archers,
    use the entangle to keep archers safe and to stop heroes, or melee
    units, and have the archers finish the poor sap off. Force of nature
    works well to summon Treants, which make nice additions to armies,
    also help with clearing forests and also as scouts!  The Thorns Aura
    makes Archers a double-edged sword, it makes them twice as deadly
    because anyone attacking them dies even quicker, its a great way to
    keep the enemy away, or dead. His final spell is simple - just use it
    to heal units, though you might want to not use it during combat, as
    it can be disrupted.
    Priestess of the Moon - A Very good unit, probably the best to start
    out with, her Trueshot Aura effects any ranged unit's damage, and
    since 75% of the Night elves are ranged, its a good combination.
    Next, her Flaming arrows are very useful, simply because you can
    right-click to turn them on permanently, her other ability, Sentinel,
    Is kind of useless in my opinion simply because the night-elves are
    already such good scouters, and because Huntresses are required in
    the early game to basically stay alive, I Don't like that ability.
    her final, Starfall, is VERY effective, it virtually forces the
    enemy to stay the freak away, or die, which means, you gather the
    archers around her like a little barrier against melee units. Its
    Very effective. It's not good against buildings, so don't use it
    against buildings.
    			Chapter 6
    			Basic Fighting Strategies
    The computer is already very effective at fighting in a
    melee fight, infact, I know the game uses 2 AI types for
    fighting alone, a Basic fighting AI, and an advanced fighting
    AI, the basic is used for the Neutral creatures of the map,
    (Creeps) who just attack you, chase you, and then stop if you run
    far enough, the advanced AI uses tactics, placing units more
    strategically, and if a unit gets damaged, the comp RUNS
    that unit away to the back and makes it twice as hard to
    deal with, making the computer a very deadly adversary.
    The trick to combat is understanding that it flows very
    slow - Units have Very high hit points and it takes many
    slashes to destroy a single unit, so you do have some time
    to move units, and decide where they are going, and things
    like that. When one of your main units gets weak, march him
    back a bit, That leaves your opponent with two choices, take
    the time to go after him, and let all the other units attack
    while he chases, Or forget him, and let you keep the unit, only
    to re-march it in a few moments later, when the forces aren't
    concentrating on it, the computer beats the hell out of this
    strategy and angers you with it. Beware. That's why ranged
    units are a bit more effective against the Computer.
    In the heat of combat - always KNOW WHAT YOU HAVE! ..know
    your units, and know the special abilities, and KNOW the
    strategy, the tab key is your friend, know what you want to
    use and when you want to use it, the Footman's defend is a good
    example, when your going up against Night elves, or any ranged
    unit, tab over to your footman, and click it! They will last
    30 % longer.
    Turn on the Auto casting, BABY! - Know that about 50% of
    the abilities in the game can be auto cast, to switch an
    ability to auto cast, Right click on it, and sparkly
    things will begin to circle, that means, when the
    situation presents itself, that whoever is set to auto cast,
    WILL auto cast, this makes micromanaging about 50% easier,
    so absolutely positively know who can auto cast, and turn IT
    Who to attack?! - When your squad runs into the enemy squad
    you have basically 3 Methods of attack - the first is to attack
    the leader, the 2nd is to attack his squad members individually,
    the 3rd is to make an assaulting action, and let your units attack
    the closest enemy to them. Which is the best? it all depends..Its
    kind've like a game of rock paper scissors. Its sometimes a good
    Idea to start with one - and then switch to another, for example,
    start with Paper, to wear them down a bit, then hit scissors, to
    finish they're units off quickly, and surprise them.
    Rock=Attacking they're hero
    Paper=Attacking they're forces
    Scissors=Attacking one enemy at a time
    It really does make sense - But you also need to beware..
    The heroes alter this formula, They are the randomness that works,
    ill give an example...
    Scissors(you) vs. Paper(enemy) ..you should win this, your going to
    kill his units faster than he can kill yours - BUT what if he has
    a paladin hero.. And he keeps healing that single unit.. Then he
    can win.. 
    So you need to scope out the enemy and know what the hero is capable
    of, once you know that, watch his tactics, find out what he's doing
    and find a way to stop it - even if it means marching one or two
    units out of battle.
    			Chapter 7
    Upgrading, is it worth it? Absolutely. In StarCraft, massing units
    was just as effective, and in some cases, MORE effective, but its
    the exact opposite in this game, always keep in mind that the Unit
    limits are low, 90 is the limit. that's it, that's about 30-40 attack
    units MAX with a town going, and since the resources are ALSO tuned
    way down, you want to make sure you get the most from your units. So
    upgrading is an absolute MUST in this game. The only reason NOT to 
    upgrade is an early Rush...
    			Chapter 8
    In WarCraft 3, Spreading is handled a bit differently.. NPC's cover
    the goldmines making it a bit harder to expand. But make no mistake,
    Spreading to a new gold mine is as Vital as it Always has been, its
    something you want to do in the early game, and usually that's kind've
    hard, because the npc's who are guarding it are usually lvl 6-8. But
    either way, pick out the closest (or best) gold mine to spread to.. 
    probably one that's close to your home base, and send a scout out,
    Typically, you want about 5-7 units and 1 hero to take a gold mine,
    its dependent on the lvl's of the monsters of course, but that's about
    the average, on top of that, its a good way to level your heroes up.
    You can spread quickly by Clearing the monsters out, then clicking
    on the your home town real quick, building one builder, and right
    clicking on the gold mine on the map, then get back to your squad.
    You should also note that you need to spread a lot more in this game
    as gold runs up a bit quicker then before, So that means your opponent
    is going to be spreading a lot, and you want to scout out the other
    gold mines and make sure he isn't trying to take them, using whatever
    means necessary. Keep him away from the gold mines and you've already
    			Chapter 9
    			Human Strategies
    Basic Start - immediately click your town hall, make 3 peasants,
    and right click on your gold mine, so they go there, then send 2
    of your 5 peasants to the gold mine, take 1, and have him start a
    barracks, take another peasant and have him help the first with the
    barracks. Take your 1 remaining peasant and have him make a farm,
    Now that your underway, let your first two peasants go to the gold
    mine, so you have 4 mining, when your last peasant comes out, stop
    him from mining gold and go cut trees, somewhere close to your town
    hall. start 2 more peasants, let one go to the gold mine, and have
    the other go cut trees. Your barracks will be up by now, and AS soon
    as it gets up, you want to make Footmen, one peasant that was doing
    that should go cut trees, and the other should help with farms.. when
    you have about 2-3 farms up, and at least 5-7 food free, you want to
    then build an Alter and Summon a hero.
    Rushing Start - Immediately select one peasant, have him start a
    barracks, have 3 others go over and help him out, then start
    building two more peasants, take the one peasant left, and have
    him start a farm. From then on, as peasants come out, and people
    get done building, you want to make a total of 5 people mining
    gold, then take the remaining ones and build another farm when
    you have the time.  The trick is making sure your Barracks is
    constantly producing footman, and set the rally point somewhere
    far from your base - halfway to your enemies base. Be careful to
    avoid the Neutral units, they will auto-attack during the day, so
    steer all your footmen away from them.  You probably want your
    rushed footmen to go attack the opponents gold mine, it all
    depends on what they're base is, and what they have.
    Exploration - I would say the humans have a hard time 
    exploring, in the early game, id recommend using the
    Arch-Mage's Summon Water Elemental Ability to scout out.
    Also, later, Gyrocopters, Mortar Teams, and Sorceresses
    can also lend a hand to the scouting figure.
    Defending - Cannon towers are the way to go, they dish out
    blast damage, and although they cant attack air, they are the
    prime way to defend for humans If you note your opponent going
    a lot of air, or if its an "aerial" map.. you might want to
    build Guard Towers instead.
    Assaulting - I recommend Footman for the early game, but if
    its a bit later, you want Knights in combination with a few
    riflemen. Take 1-2 priests for healing, and preferable the
    Paladin or the Mountain King as a hero, or both, finally, take
    1-2 Mortar Teams for Artillery support. Maybe swap a knight or
    priest with sorceresses.
    Night Elf Killers - As a human player, going up against night
    elfs, you have a strong advantage, id say about 75% of the
    Night Elves units are Ranged attackers, so by just researching
    "Defend" and using it, you've cut out about 50% of the damage
    that will be dealt in combat. Also use Gyrocopters at night to
    scout out those invisible pesky Night elves.
    			Chapter 10
    			Orc Strategies
    Basic Start - immediately build 2 peons, and right
    click on your gold mine so they auto-go there. Take
    1 peon and start a Barracks. Take another peon and
    start a burrow. Take 2 peons and put them into the
    gold mine, and take the last and have him start cutting
    trees. let the 2 peons go to mining gold, and produce
    2 more and right click on a tree, so they start cutting
    trees. When your peon is done with the Barracks, have
    him start an alter, and start producing Grunts. When
    your peon is done with the Burrow, have him start
    another, then when he's done with that, have him build
    1 more, OR start a War Mill.
    The Dreaded Tower Rush - My God...this strategy
    can SLAY computer opponents so easily, basically,
    start out by making 1 peon, and start a War Mill,
    (You want to make this War Mill as absolutely close
    to the tree's as humanly possible, closer=better)
    take two peons, and send them over to the enemies
    base, or scout if you don't know where it is, make
    sure you guide them so they don't run into Creep's,
    that will destroy this strategy. While the two peons
    start going, take your other 2, and have them start
    mining gold, while producing 3 more, two to produce
    gold, you just want to pump out peons for resources,
    you want 4-5 mining gold, and about 6-8 getting
    lumber, you Need lumber for this. When that's all done,
    and your peons get there, start building Towers, its
    really that simple, when you get 4 up, you should be
    in business, start walling the enemy in, like a
    prison, later, make sure you research spiked buildings
    quickly, so melee units take even more damage.
    Exploration - Primarily with the Farseer, which is
    why its a good idea to build him first, for his
    Farsight ability, scout out the enemy and keep an
    eye on the gold mines next to his city with that
    ability. Other then that, the orcs are pretty basic,
    go and explore with your Grunts or Headhunters.
    Defending - Orcs have a great Defense, and that's the
    Spiked upgrades, Spiked buildings provide an effective
    natural defense. The cool thing to do, is to turn
    defense into offense, once you get those things
    researched in the late game, and you have a melee
    opponent, go build some Watch Towers on his turf. But
    Spiked upgrading, paired with a few Watch towers, is
    also a great method. As for the Orc Burrows and peons
    hiding out in them, DONT keep peons in them, as it 
    subtracts from your total units, 90 is the max, so
    never do that. IF you fall under a very heavy attack,
    or perhaps an aerial assault and you have no defense,
    THEN click on all your burrows, and click the box down
    there..it will make all your peons go into them
    automatically, it helps, but I wouldn't recommend it
    unless you have no other defense. Place Burrows next
    to important buildings. 
    Assaulting - Orcs are good at attacking also. Id
    recommend staying away from Any ranged units with
    orcs, because for one, they're not nearly effective
    as Grunts or Raiders, but id make 3 Grunts, 3 Raiders,
    2 heroes, and some support Catapults, You want to use the
    Catapults to attack FORCES ONLY, and defensive structures,
    but not towns. Because the Orcs can raid things so you
    want to let your grunts and Raiders do it, to give you
    more gold. Use this generated revenue to bring out more
    Free Gold!! - The Orcs pillage ability is what makes
    them one of the competing races in the game, it opens
    the potential for an infinite supply of gold, Infact,
    its a GREAT strategy to send a few units to a building,
    attack it, and when the opponent repairs it, that's a
    GREAT thing, because it all means more money for you
    in the end, You want to attack buildings as OFTEN as
    possible, Avoid squads, be evasive, and go assault the
    buildings as much as possible. Remember that ranged
    attackers don't pull in income, so you ONLY want your
    melee units doing the work, Grunts and Raiders, to be
    more specific.
    Orc Turtlers! - With orcs, its effective to build a
    lot of Watch Towers, a LOT of them, at a choke point,
    just make sure to keep a grunt or two on hand to destroy 
    any catapults that threaten you, and there wont be
    shit that can get through that. 3 Rows of about 5 towers
    should do it, and there actually pretty cheap for how
    effective they are in mass quantities, especially if
    you rush with them (See "Tower Rush" above.. )
    			Chapter 11
    			Undead Strategies
    Basic Start - First send your lone Ghoul to get Lumber,
    then take 3 Acolytes and go get gold. Next Start
    building 2 more Acolytes, and right click on your mine,
    so they auto-go there. With you're single remaining
    Acolyte, start building a Crypt, then two Ziggurats.
    As soon as you have enough gold, produce an Altar, then
    when you have enough gold, build a Graveyard and upgrade
    your Ziggs to Spirit Towers so they act as defensive
    structures, when your Crypt comes in, start producing 3
    Ghouls and tell them to harvest lumber. Next, id work
    on a starting hero, and Crypt Fiends for a starting Force.
    Rush Start - First, take 1 Acolyte, and have him build a
    Crypt, then 1 Ziggurat. Immediately send all your acolytes
    the mine, and produce 1 more and right click on your mine,
    now click on your crypt, and Ctrl+1 it, so you can hit 1
    to go back, take your Ghoul and Scout for the opponent, be
    careful to avoid neutral units and Flee if he gets attacked,
    constantly shift back to your Crypt, and when it gets done,
    build more Ghouls, as soon as you find your opponents city,
    send all your built ghouls there to attack.
    Exploration - Shades are the best way to explore with the
    undead, leave a few at gold mines you suspect your foe to try
    to take over, and always keep one hidden away in your opponents
    town, most opponents wont even realize there's a Shade in
    they're town until you know damn well what he's doing, if
    you find a task force, let a shade follow them around, In
    the real early game, before you can get Shades, you should
    scout out with a few Ghouls.
    Defending - Undead Defense is simply put, Ziggurats around,
    and upgrade them to Spirit Towers, One might think to "line
    them up" because they hit more targets, but the ideal way to
    place is them is where melee units cant get to them, and to
    spread them apart so your opponent has to take the time to move
    before attacking the next tower, this will keep his forces
    Diverged, and spread in your base, as he runs rampant trying
    to get the Spirit towers, this will give you the initiative.
    Another good tactic is to have some Graveyards next to each
    other, and a bunch of Necromancers there, when you see a force
    coming, Summon skeletons and send them out. Its a quick and
    Highly effective defense, in my Opinion.
    Assaulting - Take 2 Heroes, about 6-8 Crypt Fiends, 2-3 Meat
    Wagons (Filled with Corpses from your local graveyard) and
    then some Necromancers. Right before you start the assault,
    empty the meat wagons and make skeletons with your
    necromancers, when the skeletons and enemies fall, be sure
    to REFILL the meat wagons, or re-make skeletons on the spot.
    The Meat wagons are a hell of a Siege weapon too, so make
    sure they get to throw some corpses in the duel, Id recommend
    taking a Death Knight to make sure the Crypt fiends stay
    healed. If you can afford it, swap the Crypt Fiends with a
    Stronger unit, make sure you take 1-2 Crypt Fiends along
    though, to take down flying units.
    That Cursed Ground - Note that the ground on which undead resides
    is NOT just for placing buildings - Its where units regenerate
    health slowly - So In the early game, when your fighting off
    one or two Creeps, and your Ghoul or Fiend gets damaged to where
    his life bar is a natural ugly red, signifying his death, and
    your hero can't heal him, send him right back up to the ground
    so he may regenerate and re-join your squad at a later date. Its
    partially important to keep in mind, that unlike the Zerg Creep,
    that if someone else builds a building on your ground, Your
    ground actually goes away.
    			Chapter 12
    			Night Elf Strategies
    Basic Start - First - Send 4 wisps to a gold mine - then
    take your lone wisp and start an Ancient of war, produce
    wisps - when your first wisp comes,  have him build a
    moonwell, when your 2nd wisp comes - have him go to a tree
    when another wisp comes - send him to the gold mine - when
    another wisp comes - start an altar, make sure you get 4 wisps
    eventually going at the trees, start producing archers - and
    get a hero out. 
    Exploration - Night Elves are the masters of Exploration
    in my opinion, primarily by the effect of Sentinel, Make
    absolutely sure you Light up the map, get the gold mines
    sighted as soon as you can, and make sure you also get the
    heavily traversed roads, and if possible, get the enemy Base.
    Also use Force of Nature to summon Treants and have them explore
    for you.
    Defending - Night Elves have the cool ability of uprooting all
    they're Buildings that produce Units and having them attack on
    they're own, they can do this at the cost of not being able to
    build, which can be effective In times of need. On another note,
    Offensively, these units can be utilized as well. Other then
    that, the best Night Elf Defense is to KNOW that the enemy is
    coming and prepare ahead of time.
    Assaulting - For a good Night elf squad, id recommend some
    Archers, but, to be blunt, they're ineffective compared with
    the staying power and damage capabilities of the Huntresses,
    so you want as many huntresses in place of Archers as you can
    get, then a Ballista or two, a few Druids, and 1-2 heroes, and
    your set.
    Work at NIGHT! - To be blunt, Night elf's are far more effective
    during the night, they can see farther with an upgrade and most
    of them are invisible, make sure you figure out how to work the
    time scale effectively at the top middle of your screen, so you
    can figure out how much time you have left at night, Prepare the
    assault during the night, the enemy will have little hope of
    seeing it coming.
    Where did all the melee go? - Incase you haven't noticed yet,
    Night Elves are about 75% Ranged attackers, and MOST of they're
    ranged attackers are very weak, which leaves players aching
    for defense for there precious archers, One of the best solutions
    is Treants in the early game, on top of that, A GREAT tactic is
    to build Ancients to Uproot, and send them in front of the
    Archers, although slow, they take a lot of damage and are
    strong and they have a big physical size, so units have to
    literally run around them, you can form a wall of these guys that
    your enemy almost has to hack through before getting to your
    archers, if you can do this, your in business.
    	Thanks for reading the Guide..
    	IF you have ANY questions/Comments
    	Feel Free to Email me: Vanphinele@aol.com
    	The Guide is constantly being updated
    	As I discover new strategies, so if you
    	have any help, don't hesitate to email them
    	To me.

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