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    Terminology Guide by JdK

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    Warcraft III Terminology Guide
    By JdK (emidrejdk@yahoo.com)
    Version 1.3
    Date: 7/4/03
    (c)2003 JdK, all rights reserved.
    You may print this guide for your own personal use.
    You may not use this guide on another web site, at all. The only website 
    allowed to host this guide is GameFAQs (www.gamefaqs.com).
    You may not make monetary earnings off of this guide in any way, shape, or 
    You may not edit this guide or take parts of it for your own FAQ without my 
    written permission and proper credit.
    1. This guide
    2. Terminology
    3. Version Information
    4. Credits
    5. Other
    This guide was made out of boredom, mostly. But also to help new players learn 
    (and to refresh the veterans) the common terminology used across forums and 
    Battle.Net these days, and also some terminology from the Warcraft story. This 
    guide will be updated when someone contributes new material and when The Frozen 
    Throne, Warcraft III's expansion pack, comes out next summer.
    You will not find strategies and/or unit information in this guide, as it is 
    not what it was written for. If you need that information, take a look at the 
    FAQs on www.gamefaqs.com or any other Warcraft III sites (www.blizzard.com, 
    NOTE: This guide may contain Spoilers to the Warcraft III campaigns, so if you 
    haven't beat it yet, you have been warned.
    Alphabetized, and references to other terms found in this guide are in CAPS.
    Ancient Protector, the Night Elves defense tower.
    King Terena's son, shown as a Paladin during the Human Campaign. When the 
    Scourge destroyed his homeland, he decided to take up the cursed blade, 
    FROSTMOURNE, in order to kill the Dreadlord Mal'Ganis. He then turns into a 
    Death Knight in the Undead campaign.
    Arranged Team, a play type on BATTLE.NET, which allows friends to make a team 
    against a random enemy team created the same way.
    Archmage, a human hero.
    Stands for Ancient of War or Ancient of Wind, both of which are unit producing 
    buildings that the Night Elves use.
    In the Warcraft III story, this is the land where most of the Humans came from, 
    and where the first Orcish attack began. But, this is also a REALM on 
    BATTLE.NET, which in other Blizzard games is called U.S East.
    A site partnered with Blizzard, and allows playing of most of their games 
    online. You can connect to BATTLE.NET by pressing Battle.net in the Warcraft 
    III title screen. There you can make an account and play online.
    The opposite of GG, this means Bad Game. Usually said by sore losers, or when 
    you've had a newbie on your team.
    Blademaster, an Orc hero.
    BS: BladeStorm, also skill of the blademaster. (submitted by xx619xx)
    Defense of the Ancients, custom game that seems to be gaining popularity these 
    days. Consists of 2 teams of 6, Team 1 is The Sentinel (NE), Team 2 is The 
    Scourge (UD). Each player picks a hero out of 12, most of which have custom 
    abilities that the author made. Each base generates units once in a while, and 
    sends them off in 3 different directions, and they meet in the middle and 
    attack each other, with the help of the heroes controlled by the players. The 
    game ends when the Tree of Eternity or Black Citadel is destroyed.
    Each race has 2 casters, which can be upgraded 2 times. Each level they gain 
    more HP, MP, Mana Regeneration, and a new spell. The casters are: Priests, 
    SORCeresses, Witch Doctor, Shamen, NECROmancers, Banshees, Druids of the Claw, 
    and Druids of the Talon.
    CS: Critical Strike, skill of the Blademaster. (submitted by xx619xx)
    DAG: Double Aura Ghouls, a popular strat for the Undead (submitted by 
    Addon: This strat consists of getting a DK and a DL with their 
    respective auras and using Ghouls with them. With the Ghoul's 
    upgrades, they can get extremely fast and powerful, while leeching 
    back life from the DL's Vampiric Aura.
    Death Coil, a DK skill that heals friendly UD units or damages enemy units.
    Demon Hunter, a Night Elf hero.
    Death Knight, an Undead hero.
    Dreadlord, an Undead hero.
    Short for the NE Caster, Druid of the Claw.
    Short for the NE Caster, Druid of the Talon.
    Short for Divine Shield, a skill that makes the Paladin who uses it 
    invulnerable for a length of time.
    FF: Focus Fire (submitted by xx619xx)
    Force of Nature, a KOTG skill.
    FN: Frost Nova, a skill that the Lich uses to damage and slow groups of units.
    A blade which the Lich King made and cursed, so that whoever wields it will 
    listen to him. ARTHAS took this blade to try and save his people, at the 
    expense of his friend Muradin Bronzebeard. It corrupted him and turned him into 
    an Undead Death Knight.
    Can be one of three things, all tied to one another. Usually stands for Far 
    Seer, an Orc hero. It could also mean Far Sight, one of the Far Seer's skills, 
    or Feral Spirit, another Far Seer skill.
    Good Game, a phrase commonly said when a game is about to end. Alternately used 
    to mock other people on forums during arguments. 
    HL: Holy Light, a healing skill used by the Human Paladin.
    HP: Hit Points, the amount of life a unit has left.
    Short for Humans.
    Short for Immolation, a skill that ignites flames around the Demon Hunter, 
    damaging every enemy unit around him.
    One of the most talented Sorceresses in the land, she is an Archmage in the 
    game. After ARTHAS turned to the Scourge, she took command of whatever remained 
    of the Human Alliance.
    The land where the Prophet told THRALL, ARTHAS and JAINA to go to, so they can 
    stand a chance against the Scourge. Also the home of the Night Elves. Finally, 
    this is a BATTLE.NET REALM, Asia.
    Keeper of the Grove, a Night Elf hero.
    The land where the humans of AZEROTH fled after their land was destroyed by the 
    Orcs, and where the Human Alliance started. This is also a BATTLE.NET REALM, 
    U.S West.
    An undead hero.
    The "art" of making a lot of one or two unit types, which usually compliment 
    each other, and using them as your main force. Some popular masses include DAG, 
    Mass Dryads, Mass CASTERS, Mass Bears (DOTC), and there are many many more.
    Mana Burn, a skill that is used by the Demon Hunter.
    MI: Mirror Image of the Blademaster (submitted by xx619xx)
    Mountain King, a Human hero.
    Metamorphosis, a skill that turns the Demon Hunter into a powerful being with 
    an upgraded ranged attack.
    Stands for Mask of Death, a rare item that converts 50% of the hero's damage to 
    Mass Teleport, the Archmages ULTIMATE skill.
    MP: Mana Points or Magic Points.
    Stands for Night Elves.
    Shortened form of the word Necromancer, an undead unit.
    The land where Mal'Ganis fled to after laying waste to several human cities, 
    ARTHAS followed him there and killed him after retrieving FROSTMOURNE. Also a 
    Paladin, a Human hero.
    Priestess of the Moon, a Night Elf hero.
    BATTLE.NET is divided into four parts around the world, each is a REALM. 
    Basically, the four are: U.S West, U.S East, Asia, and Europe. In Warcraft III, 
    they're called Lordaeron, Azeroth, Kalimdor and Northrend, respectively.
    Remake. Usually said when a CUSTOM GAME is about to end (usually not well), and 
    the players want the host to remake the game.
    Random Team, a play type on BATTLE.NET, where you pick your race, and what 
    number of players (1v1, 2v2, 3v3, 4v4, or FFA), and the server matches you up 
    with the teams you requested, and you fight it out.
    SF/FALL: Starfall, ultimate of POTM (submitted by xx619xx)
    Skeleton Warrior. When a NECROmancer casts Raise Dead on a corpse, 2 Skeleton 
    Warriors pop out and serve the player for a set amount of time.
    Shockwave, a TC skill which deals damage to units and buildings in a line.
    Tauren Chieftan, an Orc hero. Can also mean Thunder Clap, a skill used by the 
    The Frozen Throne, Warcraft III's expansion pack due to be released around the 
    summer of 2003.
    THRALL: The Orcish Warchief, displayed as a Far Seer in the campaign. He leads 
    the Orc Horde over to KALIMDOR after he meets the prophet.
    Tree of Life, the Night Elves main building. It can be upgraded to a Tree of 
    Ages and later to a Tree of Eternity. However, whatever stage, it's most 
    commonly called TOL. 
    No, not the chemical used to put living organisms to sleep, but Tranquility, a 
    KOTG skill which heals all units in the vicinity of the KOTG under it is 
    interrupted or until it's duration runs out.
    T(1, 2, 3)
    Tier 1, 2, or 3. Tiers are the levels or your main building (Town Hall, Great 
    Hall, Necropolis, or Tree of Life). Each building has 3 levels, which are: Town 
    Hall -> Keep -> Castle, Great Hall -> Stronghold -> Fortress, Necropolis -> 
    Halls of the Dead -> Black Citadel, and Tree of Life -> Tree of Ages -> Tree of 
    Eternity. If a unit is said to be in T3, it means that you have to have the 
    level 3 building in order to build it.
    Short for Undead.
    Stands for Water Elemental, which is summoned through the Archmage skill Summon 
    Water Elemental.
    Wand of Negation, an item that can be bought at a Goblin Merchant. It dispels 
    any negative buffs on your units or positive buffs on enemy units in an area, 
    and damages summoned units.
    Short for the Blademaster Skill Wind Walk, which increases his movement speed 
    and makes him invisible.
    Version information:
    1.3 (7/4/03) Fixed DOTA (thanks to Sashanan), added MI, CS, BS, SF, FF, DAG, 
    HL, T(1, 2, 3)
    1.2 (22/3/03) Whew, frantic updating. I think I finally found out how to do the 
    3-dash thing in word, let's hope it works. Still looking for submissions!
    1.1 (20/3/03): Fixed several mistakes and added a few more terms. Still trying 
    to find out how to make a normal three-dash line in Word without it making it a 
    full underscore line and therefore not showing up on GameFAQs.
    1.0	(17/3/03): Started writing this FAQ.
    NOTE: All submissions are uncut and are written like they were when the person 
    sent me the email, barring Addons, which I added.
    xx619xx: MI, CS, BS, SF, FF, DAG.
    Sashanan: Reminding me to add "Defense of the Ancients" to DOTA.
    Please send any terms that I forgot to emidrejdk@yahoo.com, and I'll include 
    you in the Credits section if you only told me the thing that I forgot. If you 
    include a brief explanation, I'll put (submitted by: ) right after it.
    Thanks for reading my FAQ!

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