Review by Meow1000

Reviewed: 09/07/06

A terrible, uninspired game, thats all flash and no substance.

Every few months I try this game out again. Within days I can hardly stand it anymore and I take it out and put in Starcraft. I don't just dislike this game, I hate this game, and with a passion. I remember it anew every time I play this game again why it always sits at the bottom of the CD pile while never being used by anybody. I've decided to finally review this heaping waste of $50.

STORYLINE: It'd be good except for one problem. A lot of the storyline was completely taken straight from Starcraft. The Undead are the evil race of the game. They lose at the end of the first campaigns like the Zerg do, they win at the end of the second campaigns like the Zerg do, they take a Human Hero and turn it into their own, oh look... Thats the same thing overall. Thats not even all of the Undead/Zerg links, either. The rest of the storyline is relatively different in some aspects, the big one being that races don't seem to have the ridiculous amount of civil warring that the Terran and Protoss did (There is some, but not as much). Sure there is two sides to the Undead, but the major evil of the Undead is the one who ends in total command. The main story is Arthas=Kerrigan=Winner=Why did they do the exact same thing.

GAMEPLAY: Micromanaging is both easier and harder than Starcraft. Due to being able to select units constantly from a group while still keeping the group on the main screen is great. Its easier if you can click the mouse like 20 times in 3 seconds, because if you can't, you're going to get pulverised by someone who can, since there's so many spells in the game to use. The power you have in the game is almost solely dependant on your Heroes and your magic. Heroes are the true Scourge of the game (Not the Undead, heh). Some are completely better than others, but the main fact is they've become more "flashy" (yay?) and completely overpowered. One Hero can destroy an entire army by itself, provided you know how to use it, (and sometimes provided your opponent can't fight you correctly). Its nearly impossible to stop 3 high level heroes without at least 2 high level heroes and a large army. In this way its much less forgiving than Starcraft, because you HAVE to micromanage and you HAVE to be very good at it, or else you'll be destroyed. Hell even a computer can destroy you if you can't work fast enough. The Undead is probably one of the most uninspired races I've ever seen in ANY game. They can only build anything but Necropolis's (and Haunted Gold Mines, which is how they mine gold.) on the "Blight", which is the SAME as the Zerg's Creep. The Ghoul is the Zergling of the game. Its pretty fast, has low HP and Attack power, but you can research a tech to increase its movement speed and attack speed. Wow, thats new. They build like the Protoss, not the Zerg (WOW). They also have problems fighting heavy air forces (The Gargoyle is like the only thing that works, if you run out of Crypt Fiend webbing), just like... Wow, Original SC Zerg. A monkey could've made a more unique race than this. At least they don't train like the Zerg too. The Night Elves are actually new, so I'll give Blizzard credit for making an original race with that one. Moon Wells, special nighttime bonuses, several builds that can get up and attack, yeah. Not too bad. The item system is pretty nifty and customizable though, the only problem is it can be annoying if you get crap from the neutrals while your enemy gets super items. Items are one of the few positives about this game. They're pretty fun.

Another note: Unless you follow some extreme and ridiculous micro-strategies, the game is completely unbalanced, and Humans suck very, very badly. It helps cure a little of the game's imbalance, though, to spend all the time necesary to learn such things. Pit a newbie Human vs. a newbie Undead - The Undead wins that easy, unless the Undead player REALLY sucks. There is virtually no middle here: Either you're a pro, or you're a newbie. All in all, the learning curve on this game is absolutely ridiculous, on top of the other problems. Oh yeah, remember how you could play some nice UMS maps on SC if you wanted something different? Well, with the Hero system here, certain types of UMS maps are virtually impossible to create (They could be made in a sense, but would be completely different). Also, don't even try to play this on a lower end computer, as you'll be lagged to hell and back, especially during battles where your army gets massacred because you can't order them.

GRAPHICS: WOW ITS 3D OMG! Ok, they are good though. Lighting is excellent, units look nice, nice colors and looks of some spells. Leafy trees and the like. Great graphics, but its just flash, and it can't redeem this game.

MUSIC: Music's not bad, although its never something that matters TOO much. Its good though. There are good sounds - footsteps, swords, etc. There are also good tracks, but there is not really much more to say here.

CLOSING NOTES: I don't know how ANYONE can call this game "more balanced" than Starcraft. I laugh at that because its a joke. I'll rather play the practical clone war that is WC2 than this. Seriously folks, don't waste your money on this pile of trash. The only reason I have TFT is because my brother bought it to finish the campaign (He has never touched the game since finishing the campaign, and I didn't even bother with it). There is hardly anything gameplay-wise that Starcraft does not completely dominate Warcraft 3 in. In closing: Go buy the Starcraft Battle Chest for $10-15 if you want quality, and screw shelling out $40-50 for this inferior garbage, unless you just HAVE to have a game in 3D (or you have some fetish for item usage), because thats pretty much the only conceivable way this game is better.

Rating:   1.5 - Bad

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