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"What happend?"

War craft three reign of chaos, this is a pretty disappointing game for me. I thought it would be much more fun but to be honest the campaign was very boring, with the exception of a couple levels, and the multi player is average. I wouldn't say this game is a waste, I didn't not play war craft 2 so I can not compare the two.

Story: I will start with the story, it is very average, I mean it is really just a paladin turning sides then a lot of wars going on between four different factions, it is a bit interesting since the undead are corrupting a lot of people and there is a lot of betraying.

Graphics: Not that good, but not that bad. For the time they were made they look ok, they look a bit to artificial and jagged though, I like the look of say, star craft more then I like the look of this game, but even today these graphics are not all that bad, average.

Balance: Poor actually, the humans in this game are pretty under powered, and the night elves are gods online, more on that later. But the races are not all that balanced in this game.

Audio: I was not that impressed actually, I found the music to be just around average, nothing special and I found the voice acting to be average also.

Multi player: I found the multi player in this game to be average, due to the poor balance of the races it is a bit one sides, night elves pretty much own anyone, undead is over powered to. Orc's and humans seem to be the weaker races.

Game play: I will talk about the single player game here, there are 5 campaigns in this game, 4 full sized ones. It starts you off with a 2 level orc campaign, very simple and easy, a bit fun but it's a tutorial so, yeah. Then it gives you a human campaign second which is a horrible campaign, the first mission of the human campaign is really fun since it is more rpg then strategy but then it gives you these non stop missions killing undead over and over, I was so bored by the end of the human campaign I needed to take a week off from the game. After it gives you the undead campaign, I must say I did not enjoy this one very much either. I found it average, it was mixed up, you always fight different enemies in the undead campaign which makes it more fun then just fighting one enemy, there are some unique missions that are also cool, but still the campaign is not all that great either. After that it gives the orc campaign, this is probably the best campaign overall but still it isn't that good. The last level of the orc campaign is probably one of the best missions in the game, it is orcs and humans vs undead. Pretty fun. I do not want to get into the night elf campaign, it is the worst campaign, by far. I just do not like the night elves at all, the last level was decent since it was humans elves and orcs vs undead so it was neat but overall it wa a weak campaign.

Replay ability: Very long game, I do not think people would go through the campaigns again, maybe one or 2 levels though.

Overall pretty weak game, some boring campaigns and one average one, which it could have been better.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Originally Posted: 10/29/08

Game Release: Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos (US, 07/03/02)

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