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"The long awaited 3rd installment in the series of warcraft, is beyond expecations."

Who says there can't be a perfect game? Warcraft 3 IS perfect. Every element of the game is orchestrated perfectly, giving you a great Gaming Experience. Blizzard has been known to create incredible games, and Warcraft 3 is above and beyond what their usual goal is.

Gameplay - 10

Single Player

It is very hard to create a campaign mode that everyone would enjoy. Admit it, most of the people who buy any Real Time Strategy game go straight to Internet play....But, in Warcraft 3, its entirely different.

The campaign starts off with a little learning scenario, then it breaks itself into the main campaign storyline itself. Each level has a different objective to complete, and also has little side quests to hunt for also. As you complete the main objective, you continue on in the storyline to other levels. As you complete side objectives, you get special items, and sometimes you get a few allies to assist you. Whether you complete a sidequest or not is completely up to you. You can completely disregard them, or go hunt them out, and gain an item or a few special units.

Heroes are what make the storyline go. They can't die, until you can build a special building to resurrect them. They are usually MUCH stronger than your average characters, and also, are much bigger. An average Paladin hero is about 3x the size of a normal footmen! Heroes also play an important role in base defense, as they also have special attacks they can use, and can level up. Each time a unit you are controlling attacks and kills an enemy, the hero will get a little experience, and when the hero kills a unit, he gets the normal amount. When a hero levels up, they get a little stronger, but also, you can pick a skill for them to learn. For example, if you level a level 1 paladin to level 2, you can pick a skill for him to have. There are Aura skills, which pass on to friends, and give bonuses such as +3 defense, summoning skills, which you will find on sorceress' mostly, Healing skills, which are on paladins, and Ultimate skills. Ultimate skills are the best skill the for the hero, usually. My favorite are the transforming hero skills. Another cool feature about heroes, is that they carry different items. They can carry Healing potions to heal themselves, mana potions to give themselves mana after using the spell, Attack items, that give the hero +2 attack and such, Passive items, which give things such as + defense, and Scrolls of Town portal, which teleports you to the nearest friendly home base. Heroes also regenerate health, albeit very slowly.

The AI in Warcraft is also very intelligant, giving any player a good challenge. A newbie might have some trouble though. The AI usually has a nice small force killing off creeps (Creeps are explained in 'Multi Player Mayham'), and heading toward your base. Thus, a newbie needs to already know how to build up quickly, or else the player will get destroyed.

Multi-player is where the game shines. Nothing can be better than the mutli-player of this RTS game.

In, users match up with other people, similar to their skill level, and battle it out in different worlds. You choose 1 of the four races, and either team up, or go solo in a large battle. The four races are Human, the good guys, Undead, the evil people, Night elves, the mysterious assassins, and Orcs, the berserkers. As each player builds up, he has access to bigger and better units. But, unlike other RTS games, you dont just mass produce 1 unit. You only have a 90 food limit. Food, is like a bunch of slots for each unit. Most of the units take 2-5 slots up. So, you must micro-manage, instead of sending 50 of this kind of unit into the enemy base, and forget about it. Thus, more strategy is needed. Another cool feature is 'upkeep' Upkeep is like taxes. As your army gets bigger, so do their needs. So you get taxed on all the gold you bring in. At 40 food and over, you get taxed 3/10 gold. At 70 food and over, you get taxed 7/10 gold. Many people do not like this, but it adds strategy, and also gets rid of the 'Build 200 units of this type then let them go get themselves killed'-esque battle. Interesting yet, is that each race has a 'last resort' type attack. Humans, for example, can ring the war bell, and their peasants turn into militia, which are like weak footmen units. Orc peons go into a burrow, which is also their food supply, and throw spears at people. Most of the night elves buildings can uproot and battle. The undead's ghouls, which harvest lumber, also have a mediocre damage rating.

Creeps are another welcome addition to this game. Creeps prevent stuff such as early rushes. The creeps are things that attack anyone but themselves. They usually guard gold mines, mercanary camps, and stuff like that. As you kill creeps, they give you a certain amount of gold, which is showed above their name when they die, and sometimes drop an item. As a creep is a higher level, better stuff will drop.

STORY_LINE - 10/10
The story is gripping, and very interesting. From beginning to end, you will want to know what happens. You will love how the story unfolds, and will also understand the game better as you go on. Each level is increasing in difficulty, leaving even the best of players challenged.

You can't measure difficulty on a game like this. Your opponents online will always be different.

GRAPHICS - 10/10
The graphics in this game are superb. Even when running everything in low quality, it looks great. Some of the units are blocky, but most of them are smooth and fluent. Most of the units have different idle animations, and all of them are also built with different inside Skeletons, thus making them all the more fluent. The building also look beautiful. Each one has clearly been heavily worked on, optimizing the eye candy for any player.

The environment around you is colorful, and very cool looking. Everything has obviously had a lot of work put into it, and you can take close looks at it also, to see if its true. The camera is fully 3d, so you can move around, zoom in and out, rotate the camera, and even move your perspective so it looks like your looking over an area standing on top of a high hill. From the trees swaying in the wind, to the ground below you, everything looks great.

The sound in this game is very nice, perfectly setting the environment. The battle sounds are very realistic.

The music is also very tone-setting. You will most likely not hear much under the sounds of war and construction, but when you do, you will enjoy it. Every piece has obviously had a lot of work put into it.

* * * * * * * * * * Stars out of 10

This game will keep you hooked for a long, long, long time, most likely until blizzards next hit is released.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 07/04/02, Updated 07/01/03

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