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"Blizzard blows the competition away"

It's here! It's finally here! Warcraft 3, what I think was the most anticipated PC game of 2002. Warcraft 3 is a Strategy game of course, but now they added some RPG elements to it.Orcs and Humans have come along way from their 16 bit PC strategy to today. Now, the Orcs former bosses new lackeys, the Super cheap Undead, and the err how shall I put this...Arousing Night elves, join the Warcraft Melee. Oh Joy!


So far, this is the best graphics out of any strategy game I've played Old classic Units like the Footman and Grunt come back, more graphically than ever.Everything looks great! The Terrain, the water, The units, its twenty-second century baby! The only other games that have CG scenes that rival this is Diablo 2 and Final Fantasy 10.The heroes are bigger than regular units. Well, most of them. Notice how A dwarven Mountain King is bigger than a Footman, or A Tauren Chieftain is about 4 times bigger than a Grunt. That shows how kick-ass heroes can be. Now, like in Starcraft, each unit has a little moving portrait in the middle bottom of the screen when selected.


The voice overs are done right! They don't sound corny as hell, or Incomplete with bad grammar. Although the Old Clashing sounds of swords or Hits of Arrows are gone,The sounds are done right, such as the nice BOOM sound of a War stomp or the crisp electric sound of chain lighting. Even during CG, The voice overs are the same as gameplay, with the action in some more clear.


Oh no. Something goes wrong here. The game series got imbalanced.A synopsis of each race will be given now:

Humans: Wow, they got kind of crappy, but they become pretty strong if you know how to use them.The have pretty weak units(strength fully).Their Heroes however:The Paladin, Mountain King, and Arch mage, are pretty damn good,Giving Humans some strength. Their most strongest recruitable units is either the Knight or Griffin Rider, both of which are not the best of their class.Humans rely mostly on magic(healing is now done easily), meaning if you barely use magic, this race isn't meant for you.

Orcs: Let me just say this, a fully upgraded Grunt game almost take out a Knight one on one. Orc ground units are that damn strong, with taurens being the best ground unit in the game. The orc Heroes: Blade master, Tauren Chieftain, and Far seer, plainly rule.The get really good skills(well, Far Seer only gets 2 I ever use:Chain lighting and summon Wolves). The orcs in the aerial division, suck however. Headhunters die pretty fast, Wyverns are the worst super aerial unit, and Raiders can bring down aerial units for Grunts, etc. to beat them up, but you have to make them do it manually, which sucks against many, many aerial units. On the magic department, they can finally heal! They also retain the almighty Bloodlust of Warcraft 2, only it's not as strong as before(for balance reasons).

Night Elves: Oh man, why do they suck? They get some good units, but their later game units are crap.Hyppogryphs only attack air, Chimeras only attack ground despite the fact their flying.Their Heroes:Priestess,Keeper of the Grove, and Demon hunter are very good however(Except keepers, they suck.). Priestesses help out Shooter units(which basically all the Night elf units are) and has star fall, a super human blizzard that only affects units, and a fire shot. Keeper's plainly suck,summoning trents suck, that vine crap hey do suck(but is helpful in killing heroes),That full Regeneration this is basically only usefull when not fighting, and thorns is good, but not to good as only causing 12 damage as recoil compared to a taurens hit points of 1300 isnt that good.Demon Hunters are arguably the best heroes in the game, play the game and you'll find out why.Night elves can mine gold in a sort of crazy way. They have to entangle a gold mine by entangling it with a Town hall(Tree of Ages,Eternity, and one that escapes me). Night elves get lumber by sticking to trees and just absorb wood but never cut down, they are forest conservationists. Most Night elf buildings MOVE! but very slowly, but its cheaper that building another tree of ages to mine somewhere.

Undead:cheap, cheap, cheap, cheap, cheap, cheap, cheap, cheap, cheap, cheap, cheap, cheap, cheap, cheap, cheap, cheap.They are totally cheap. they get super good heroes(Dread lord,Death knight[the basic same thing as a human Paladin], and Lich) the most powerful recruitable unit the Frost Wyrm, and the overall best archer, the crypt fiend:the aerial unit killer. Undead, compared to starcraft, have the Protoss strength with Zerg Economy, They don't have to build or move thier main building near a gold mine. All they do is haunt a gold mine and start mining, meaning they can get rich fast. They chop wood excellently as well, +20 every shipment unlike the +10 or +5.

Some things they did were create techniques to bring down arial units, which helps out a lot. They brought back The Water elemental, and Catapult units can destroy trees now, making other roads.Theres also different kinds of weapons that affect different kinds of armor in certain ways. Like Pierceing weapons hit heavy armored units with extra damage, they have a system like that.

Difficulty in Single Player -hard-

They have a normal or hard setting, and even I lost sometimes in normal.Hard on the other hand...I salute you for having that kind of dedication.

Difficulty in -inconclusive-

some people stink, some people are demi gods, too hard to tell.

Story -10-

The story leaves off after the last warcraft.You start off as Thrall, the Warchief of the horde, where he gets a dream from a prophet to go to kalimdor.This Prophet also tells several human leaders to go there.During the campaigns, old warcraft heroes such as Beyond the dark portal orc hero Grom Hellscream are playable.The campaigns will basically be based around one character(except the night elves and orc campaigns) and have many twists and shocking revelations and events.But Grom Hellsrceams return kicks ass!!!

Overall -9.5, rounds of to a 10-

Its Blizzard at its best.The continuation of the Warcraft series lives on. It easily accomplishes its hype, in fact, much much more.Warcfraft forever!

Buy or Rent?

How can you NOT buy this? is free! Another reason might be is that you cant rent PC games. don't be a fool, get this game.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 07/05/02, Updated 07/05/02

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