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"Another Strike for Blizzard!"

From Battle Realms to Empire Earth next is a wonderful title called ''WarCraft III: Reign of Terror''. Blizzard yet again released another wonderful installment of the WarCraft Series and this time it's even bigger, better and way bad. Blizzard has lived up to what we gamerz think of.

Gameplay (10/10)

Gameplay... WarCraft III is something that's made for both veteran and to all those new gamerz (newbies? or should I say beginners). It's much simple than StarCraft but on a far look seemed to be complex with a bunch of upgrades needed and all. Let's talk about Single Player Gameplay. It's much improved than the last one of course it's supposed to be better than it or Blizzard won't get as much praise as they are getting. After some missions units that lasted for the whole scenario gets to be carried over to the next one. This makes it both good or a bad point depending on what type of gamer you are. Another thing is that the use of the new Hero System. This Hero System isn't that new to StarCraft Players but the good new is that you don't have to put those heroes piled up behind your Army instead they are designed to gain level and to earn/purchase/equip items/equipments which can be pretty sweet. Think of a hero lasting the whole carnage with out getting a bruise just for using a little potion ^_^.

The 4 new races available makes the game even sweeter. You can choose from the original race which is Human or Orc or pick the new races that has been silent a few years back namely the Night Elf and the Undead. Each has their own unique skills, units and has their own advantages over the other.

The AI is really something here. This makes the game even better. I remember the time I was playing WarCraft II and manages to beat 3 computer units then reflecting to what it is now. I find myself crawling and desperate to win against 2 computer player even a single computer player is quite a challenge already.

The right strategy at the right time. The game only allows the maximum of 90 units. What do I mean with this? It's fairly simple. Swarming an opponent of mixed troops with a massive army of footmen units won't work the way it did the last time. The game doesn't allow you to win that easily so certain tactics are practiced like mixing melee with ranged. The simple strategy like it makes the game fairly better.

Story (10/10)

The story is great. Not only do we gamerz have to enjoy the story it also teaches us the histories and the likes of a certain race/unit. The stories behind the races are superb. The plot twists are not lacking in fact the amount is just enough. In short 4 races, 28 chapters equals a massive storyline with great graphics and voice overs.

Graphics/Sounds (10/10)

Let the trailer alone speak for itself! Seen it? Then you'll love the actual game graphics. It's smoothly doen with not much flaw found. The FMVs probably the best I've ever seen on computer games it's safely said to match that of Final Fantasy 7, 8,9 or even 10. The environment itslef inside the game is perfectly done. The waters, the day and night and a lot more. The shadows are well made. The units, structures and the actions made seemed to match Final Fantasy'. In a word is PERFECT.

Now for the sounds. From the simple howling of wolves during the night to the gustling of the trees to the noise made by workers. Everything seemed to go all well. The voice over has a very nice touch. Not much flaw could be found in the game. The BGM is not that boring since you'll be focusing more on the gameplay. The BGM is quite nice anyway after I spent a few minutes listening to it but then again tend to be repetetive but not that annoying.

Replayabilty (10/10)

Talk about Replayability. The multiplayer sweetness adds up a lot to this part not to mention the scenarios waiting to be completed. 4 races, 28 chapters what moer could you ask for? The game has more than 50+ unique units and has a World Editor with it. Allowing you to add up your own touch in the game. This game can keep you occupied for as long as you want. The AIs, Grpahics, Sounds, the Great Gameplay, amazing storyline, The Multiplayer Madness? Is there a better deal than this?!

Overall 10/10 - No questions asked.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 07/06/02, Updated 07/06/02

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