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"Diablo II meats Warcraft II, gets an overhaul... and this is it! It's great!"

Warcraft III, the game we've all been waiting for, is here, and it's simply an awesome game. Remember when Diablo II came out, and the critics complaining the game was boring? I wonder how they'll react now. Basically, Warcraft III is an RTS, mixed up with a Diablo-style system concerning Heroes. But we'll get to that a little later.

Graphics: 10
Absolutely amazing. From the superb Blizzard-made scenes to the in-game work, it's just jaw dropping. Who knows a better-looking strategy game, please?

Sound: 10
Although other RTS games sometimes have you turn your speakers off because you just heard a sound effect too many times. Warcraft III changes all this, with great unit sounds, aswell as great environmental sound and music, giving the game that sort of creepy atmosphere. Very good.

Gameplay: 10
The nice thing about WC3 is that the campaign and the skirmish/multiplayer have a significant difference. In the campaign you'll handle more with heroes, and less with base building, while in skirmish the hero plays more of a suplementary role, though still important. Also, there's a nice subtle difference in playing style for the different races. I especially liked what Blizzard did with the night elves, and I haven't looked into the Undead fully yet, I'm scared of 'em.

Replayability: 9
Though this is hard to guess with an RTS, or should I say RTS/RPG or whatever genre this fits in, it is clear that Warcraft III will stick to my HD for quite a while. Interesting storyline, good campaign missions and great skirmish and multiplayer modes make this game able to stand on its own two feet. I'd say, have fun, and enjoy the great Blizzard movies.

Unit Variety: At first sight you might think that there aren't all that many units, you are wrong in thinking that the game will be boring. First of all, there aren't all that few, and secondly there are a heap of upgrades to use, and a lot of things to research. Also, the heroes add a unique experience to the game. As you use this unit to slay other units, you will gain experience, and in level up. This makes your hero stronger and gives him more abilities, you could see it as veterancy in other strategy games. Another neat thing about heroes is that they can pick up items and store them in their inventory. However this is especially interesting int he campaign, but I haven't experimented with this in skirmish and multiplayer yet, simply ecause I only had this game for about a day or so. I don't know if it is me or the computer AI, or me not being used to the game yet, but so far I have always been beaten on skirmish games by the computer AI. Regardless I still think the AI is pretty good, it uses scouts wisely too it seems...

One more thing I'd like to mention is the sometimes rediculous voice acting. The peasants for the humans sound more like they are mentally handicapped or something, and the British accent suits them well. I find a lot of the one-liners in the game quite funny, especially the Orc and Human ones. The Night elves are more of a serious race, but are very effective with their archers and centaurs, not forgetting the druids of course.

Without spoiling any surprisees in the story (although I can tell you, you'll be quite surprised alright), I think this should convince you to go to a nearby store right away, if you weren't planning to do so already. And I'll say it once more, just because I like to, the movies rule...

Enjoy the game, and may the Gods watch over you.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 07/06/02, Updated 07/06/02

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