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"This game fails as a strategy game. Blizzard made a big mistake by releasing this game and tarnishing their near-perfect image."

When people started hyping about WCIII, I became a fanatic too. I've been playing strategy games ever since I was 9, and I especially enjoyed Blizzard games. And Blizzard, as most of us know, produces only top-notch games… or at least until this. No other game that Blizzard made ever produced so much enthusiasm. So the day this game became available (for beta), I started playing it at my friend's house. I had an extremely high expectation. But, very sadly, this game failed those expectations and reminds me strongly of Age of Empires. Any avid strategy game player would say that the flaw in Age of Empires game is that structures are too strong, and that it is too complicated. I can only say the same about this game. Strategy games are supposed to be fun and strategic. The gameplay contains little strategy, and unlike Starcraft, it is too complicated. It requires great concentration to play this game, and the refreshingness of it is extremely low. The management of the units seem especially annoying, which might have been caused because in middle or late game situations, the units just clump together making it hard to individually select the units. And you always have to use special artillery-like devices in order to effectively kill structures. Warcraft III has fallen into the same pitfalls as Age of Empires. Complicity can sometimes suck the fun out of a game. I only play this game when I’m really alert and bored, unlike other games in which I can play when I’m tired (a better use of time). And I feel sorry that I spend my best time playing (the time when you play should be time in which you are tired or just bored). Here are my ratings.

This game is needlessly complicated. There is night and day (during each of those periods, something special happens), Upkeep (you mine a lot less resources if you make a lot of units), enemy units that will attack anyone (these are really annoying because you have to clear an area completely before your able to go on.), and 4 races(Undead, Orc, Night Elves, Human). Also, you have the ability to make 3 heroes which are stronger than regular units and can be upgraded after gaining a certain amount of experience. Also, the only way to kill buildings effectively is by using special units.
The biggest problem suffered by the gameplay is that the game just isn’t balanced. I used to think that after the patches, Warcraft III might become better. Nope. This game relies too much on luck. When you kill a creep (which are the units that belong to no one… but are just THERE to give your hero experience once you kill them), you might get a good item, a bad item, or a useless item. For example, female Night Elf heroes are invisible during night-time. If you get a Cloak of Shadows, your hero gains that ability. However, the hero that got that item might be a female Night Elf hero.

The graphics are good for a strategy game, but the system requirements are too high! I like the looks of many of the structures because they are extremely detailed. But what I didn't like was that units are significantly larger at the bottom of the screen than at the top. The 3-D graphic that it produces by using the method isn't worth the setbacks produced.

Sound effects:10/10
When I heard this I was a ... WOW. Blizzard evidently spent a more than ample amount of time making the sounds. I especially liked music of the race called Undead. I mean, the ground shakes when you move extremely large units called abominations.

Fun Factor:5/10
This is where things become even worse. I feel like I’m back to playing Age of Empires. Its just... too complicated. I know this might be sort of polemic, but most games are supposed to be for refreshment and fun. This game requires you to concentrate too hard on annoying management.

Personal tilt (for those who don’t know, this is the category that you put in to change the overall score):

I didn't like the game. I think that I will go back into Starcraft. I simply don't like meticulously planning out everything all the time, and I don't like that fact that its hard to kill structures without special artillery-like devices (ESPECIALLY ORC BUILDINGS, since if you come close to them, your units will be hurt gradually). Truthfully, I am already bored of this game.

This was a real disappointment. I expected it to be better than Starcraft, but it isn't. Probably, this game will be out of the top 10 within a year (my own estimation).

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 07/07/02, Updated 05/01/04

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