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Reviewed: 07/08/02 | Updated: 07/08/02


About a month before this game was coming out i had a chance to play it at a friends house because he had a beta version of it for some reason. At first i thought it was going to be awesome. Then i checked it out and was a little impressed with the graphics, but sad about only have 90 people on screen at one time. I sat around watching my friend play and was not impressed. Well...after i finally was able to play, i was impressed. I mean, the Hero's in the game make it a lot like RPG, and the fact that you cant have that many people on screen at one time makes it more of a strategy game than ever before. The campaigns are good, more story than previous Starcraft and Warcrafts. This was very well done, now on the review:

Graphics: 9/10
Now, the graphics are good during play, those i would give a 7-8. But its the cinema scenes, that are the best i have ever seen in any movie, game or PC game. It just blew me away completly. Some of the polygons of this game remind me of Black and White and that game had good graphics. Overall, the graphics are great for this game, i dont know wat they would look like in a few years. I can wait for Starcraft II.

Gameplay: 10/10
This game has everything. It has a huge campaign missions for all of the 4 races and has multi-player on battle net. What more could you ask for? There is also the inclusion custom game to just play against the computer but that just adds to it. This game will give you hours upon hour, and thats just in single player. Go online and its limitless. As for the game itself, sometimes fights can end quickly, sometimes on the first attack you can defeat your opponent. The Hero's are great in this game, only some have really good spells, while some of the others have all healing spells or something like that. Its odd. This game plays just like the previous Warcrafts and is very well done. It does take awhile for a newbie to get accustomed to. When you get this game, you will lose quit abit if your playing the comp in a custom game or playing online. You will just have to get better.

Sound: 10/10
The sound is awesome! If you liked Lord of the Rings the movie then the sound isnt too far off. I can believe they fit all this stuff onto one disc! The music is great and always changing. Its low enough to not bother you but you know its always there. It really sets the mood and it isnt the same game if you dont have the sound.

Overall: 9/10
This game is great. Its a must have, although a bit pricy for the average buyer. Just forget about buying Tony Hawks Pro Skater 3, save your money and get this game. Just make sure your computer can run it because this game is at its best on a good computer. Go, buy this game now, but if you want an easier strategy game to warm up with, bcause WCIII is a bit harder than the previous ones, spend $10 and get Starcraft the original. It will give you a feel.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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