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Reviewed: 07/08/02 | Updated: 07/08/02

The game costs quite a lot, but its worth a shot!

Warcraft 3 has been in production for a very long time, 3 or more years I believe. Its developer, Blizzard, has a perfect record: All their games are great, have humor, and are very replayable. This game is no exception. Many Blizzard followers have been waiting for this game, and have swore to boycott blizzard if they delay it once again. But now the game is here, and has a brought new things to the Real time strategy genre. This game isn't just a real time strategy game, it has rpg elements carefully mixed in. This game should be called a real role playing strategy game.By the way, it tops Starcraft by having 4 races to play as, these races are: Humans, Orcs, Night elves, and the Undead. But enough intro, lets grade the individual sections of the game.
The graphics in Warcraft 3 are extremely well crafted and it shows! The units have personality, not just cookie cutter from graphics from other medieval fantasy games before it. It feels a bit cartoonish from all the exaggerated features on the units and random scenery, but thats not an insult.The game's graphic engine allows people with relatively outdated pc's able to play and not sacrifice out on too much eye candy. The game has incredible battles with the fluid animation and particle effects. Seeing your footmen trying to take down an orc blade master is too cool.The cutscenes are rendered very well, the human characters look more lifelike and not as stiff as those found in the Final Fantasy movie. They put details on everything, including ants on the ground!
The music in warcraft 3 is integrated well, full of drums and brass instruments, setting the war mood right. Some of the music is not that great, but some are really cool to have when managing your Grunts for an attack. Speaking of units, to match their outlandish looks, they have one liners that will make you smile or just laugh out loud. This has been used in a lot of blizzard games but this one takes the cake. The peasant from the human army cries out this when clicking on him too many times,''Help, I'm being repressed!'' truly, Blizzard has a sense of humor. On a serious note, the voices for the game fit their polygon avatars perfectly. Characters effected by the stories sound believable, not just saying it and coming off totally foolish.
Many games have great graphics and sound, but have no real gameplay substance. If you took this game and downgraded the graphics back to sprites, this game would still be so much fun and not lose any points in gameplay. The game features a wonderfully told story of four different races, shown through in game graphics and super detailed cut scenes. The controls have been wonderfully pre mapped, but you can customize them to your liking. The Control scheme is a lot like Starcraft's, but a bit more polished. The game also adds in gameplay by having unlimited replay value on their free online network: It is a very good service and has some options such as matching you with people with your experience, and alot of different types of gameplay, team games, handicap matches,and others. Blizzard does it again and stacks up and beyond to the hype.
Replay Value:10
Two words: World Editor. The Editor that comes bundled with Warcraft3 is very powerful and easy to use. It allows people with alot of imagination to make whatever scenarios or landscapes they want to rage war on! you can make your own maps, with triggered events, or even make your own campaign! couple this along with, and 4 different races to play as, its assured that you won't tire of this game soon!
Final Notes
Warcraft 3 continues Blizzards hot streak. It's a game that is sure to change your views on what rts are, and can be if put enough time on it. The game suprised me, it was better than I thought. I suggest if you are mildly into rts', or just want to get into them, get Warcraft 3, it will change your way of life.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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