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Reviewed: 07/09/02 | Updated: 07/09/02

Warcraft 3? Feels more like Warcraft 4 to me..

Trust me..I was a bit skeptical picking up this game. I absolutely despised Warcraft 2 and it's add-on for it's lack of depth and speed. But as I was addicted to Starcraft/BroodWar, I thought blizzard could only get better over time. Boy was I right.

The game's shining strong point. RTS (Real Time Strategy) At its best. You can control-group units and mass attack someone using merely the numbers 1-0 and right clicking. The units move in FORMATION! (Whoa). It has a feel that each unit is individually extremely important, unlike the predecessors, in which you could lose say, 30 or so men and it wouldn't matter. The Heroes level up now, and gradually become stronger! As well in addition to being able to use items. If you're afraid the concept of items will crush this game, don't. They're not even necessary in multiplayer melee, just merely good for heroes to become stronger. Everything is done with ease. But there is still strategy involved, mind you..Plenty of new units to keep you busy, and it seems all units are revamped..the 3d feel is amazing. 10/10

Another amazingly strong shining point. The clash of swords and gunshots, grunts, battle cries, and screams, are all to the point. The voice acting is AMAZING. Everything sounds so perfect, from the Orc's grunts, to Uther's yelling.

Well. In my opinion, they could have been better..they're just a little teensy bit blocky, but despite that, amazing for an RTS. Because of the sheer amount of things going around on the scren at once, you think you would experience graphical slowdown..Nuh-uh. Everything runs smoothly. And the FMVs are AMAZING. Definately the best blizzard has put out. Could have been better, but are still top of it's class..until they're leapfrogged by the next RTS. Colorful..very colorful and nice.

A wandering prophet greets the kings of Lordaeron..and tries to convince them danger is coming..but they ignore him..And the story begins with a young prince meeting a good old friend Uther the lightbringer! Yep, he's his full 3d Glory. The story will completely enchant you..wondering which race will pull out on top for survival..rooting for your favorite race..It will Draw you in. Sheer brilliance.10/10

It's Blizzard. Welcome to, the home of the greatest players of the world. Choose your gateway, Login, and kick some boo-tay. The real game shines here, as well, as maps can be consistently made with a scenario editor..which means neverending possibilities. And in my opinion, it is on an equal level with StarCraft.

Brilliant. Sheerly brilliant. Each race has memorable tunes..something that you might actually be able to listen to without having to turn winamp on (Aka starcraft) THE FMV MUSIC IS MAYBE THE BEST I HAVE EVER HEARD. Beautiful. Sheerly awesome.

Warcraft 3. You need to buy it. You need to sell your soul to blizzard for this game. If you are an RTS fan, buy it. If you've put a million hours into Warcraft 2/Starcraft, and you think this will be old, it's not. Buy it. Buy it now. Thank me later.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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