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"Welcome to the world of Warcraft....again"

Ahhh Warcraft. The game that started all RTS games. The first game came around sometime in the early 90's. It had gotten game of the year. So did its sequel Warcraft II Tides of Darkness. Then after that got an award its expansion pack, Beyong the Dark Portal, had come out. So then pretty much after that all of the other Blizzard hits had come out, such as diablo I & II and of course starcraft and its expansion pack. Now before I start my review I would like to say that this game IS NOT STARCRAFT! It will never be starcraft, it does not mimic starcraft, and it will NEVER be starcraft. Too long have I been on the boards and have heard that starcraft is better than warcraft. I think people wanted another simple game that they could play with very little brain power involved.

Story: 10/10

The story dates all the way back to the first warcraft. It is complex and deep. If anyone still has their warcraft I & II manuals I highly suggest you read the historicals in them. The game has much more storyline to it than the gameplay lets on. So now lets start with how warcraft III continues the story. As the game starts Thrall, an orc raised by humans and son of durotan, (this is not a spoiler it can be found in the manuals.) has a vision of a prophet telling him that he must send the horde of orcs across the great sea to the land of kalimdor, and it is there where his destiny shall be revealed. And as the story continues the prophet tell the humans that they should also go to the land of Kalimdor. But in their arrogance they wish to stay and save the land they fought so hard to get back.

Cinemas: 10/10

If cinemas really get you excited than you will be happy to know that they are VERY well done. It looks about the same as Diablo II cinemas. The cinemas are very detailed, such as dust particles and little bugs on the ground too of course, facial expressions.

The Races and how they are balanced: 8/10

Humans, Orcs, Undead, and Nightelves. These are the races that live in the world of warcraft. To me all the races are pretty much balanced, but of course some people will disagree with me. Some races can build fast and have buildings that dont cost as much as the other races, but the downfall is is that they are not as strong. And one race that has strong units will come at the cost of higher prices. And while some units chop trees and take them to a lumber mill, one race will STAY near the trees and will never have to go to a lumbermill but at the cost you will bring in less lumber. So it all depends on what you think will win a war. Strenght? Magic? Speed? It up to you to find your race.

Gameplay: 9/10

Things have been really changed! Anyone who has played WarII will know that things are VERY different. Is this bad? Not really. Im getting really tired of building a mass army of the same units and sending them blindly into a persons base. This game thankfully changes that. Now almost every units will have a better purpose and serve as a strategy. Some units will serve the purpose of supporting your fighter units by giving them better attack speed and strength. While some will cast magic spells. The neat thing about some spells is that you can now put them on autocast. This is usually only supporting spells though. Moving around is simple and is just like other warcraft games. Now you may think that becuase it is a 3d game you can swirl the camera around. No this is not true. Even if it was it would be greatly impossible to play and control units at the same time. But you can zoom in and out. As for money and wood you dont bring it 100 everytime. Instead you bring in about 10 everytime a peasant drops something off. This may seem terrible but you get use to it. You just cant go superfast. One more thing is the upkeep. I personly dont like this but as always you will get use to it. Upkeep starts when you get more and more units. Basicly its like a tax on you. The more people you then the more money that goes into keeping them alive and stuff. So the more people you have than the less money you bring in.

Graphics: 8/10

Not the best but certainly not system demanding. Everything is pretty much good detail and animation. No complaints here for me. But im sure someone will be complaining becuase its ''inferior''.

Multiplayer: 10/10

Finaly no more money maps. But thats not to say that their are still not any. If money maps are your thing stick to starcraft. The new AMM ( anonymous match making system) system is a very very nice addition to multiplayer strategy gaming. No more will you get stomped by someone who is far better than you. And you experts out there will now have a challenge. This allows you to play with people of YOUR skill. It goes by how many wins and losses you have had. It will then put you in a game with people you have never met and let you play with them. Ok you want to play a 2vs2? No problem it will still find people of your skill and put you in the game. By the way you wont go into a lobby. As soon as it find people of your skill it goes right to the game. The same is for Arrange team. This allows you to play with friends you know well and pit you against another anonymous team of people. Its just like the AMM except you play with a teammate you know, but still fight strangers. If you want to choose either of those than just go to custom game. This is just like finding a game in sc or Diablo. Unfortunatly none of them are really worth it.... It turns out alot of people want you to download their maps but not play them. Sounds strange huh?

overall: 10/10

If you still love starcraft and play it online frequently, than stay away. If you fear change than th

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Originally Posted: 07/11/02, Updated 07/11/02

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