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Reviewed: 07/12/02 | Updated: 07/12/02

War Craft 3 will rule in 2002

Finally, after 1 year of waiting, the most expected game in 2002 (so far) has been released. And it is
WAR CRAFT III. Although have to wait for so long but everything is worth because the game so
GOOD!!! This game surely will be one of the best games in 2002.

I was shock when I play this game for the first time!! It is really cool man, even more than I expected.
The hero system in this game makes War Craft 3 unique. This is the 1st RTS game that combines with
RPG. Hero actually is a powerful unit and can level with gaining enough experience. Like RPG, can also carry items and learn new skill when level up. This is the thing that really impressed me.

Beside that, another new thing in War Craft 3 is the variety of attack type and armor. There are few type of attack and armor. They all have their own advantages and disadvantages. For an example, the fortified armor receives extra damage from siege attack but receive minor damage from piercing attack. All this is balance because the siege damage is only can be found from the siege weapon and fortified armor is the armor type of buildings (except Orc Burrows).

Another impressive feature of this game is its campaign mode. This is the first RTS game that can gain my patient to finish its campaign. You will know how impressive of its campaign until you play it yourself.
Blizzard is too brilliant until they can make the campaign (some) feel like playing RPG. Surely, the basic of RTS still remained. You still have to build, train, mass units and then attack but if you don’t use hero, you will lose many advantages.

‘What? 3D? It couldn’t be!!’ That’s what I say to my friend when I first know that War Craft 3 is in 3D. I thought that the Blizzard was making the wrong decision that time but after I tried the game, I knew I was wrong.

As you can see, the graphics of War Craft 3 is really fantastic. It is a wise decision by Blizzard for setting the War Craft 3 in 3D. Everything seems so clear even it is in 3D. The unit, building and terrain. All of them look nice. You will be able to rotate the screen, zoom and looking anything at different perspective. You can’t do any of this in other 2D games. I think Blizzard had worked hard to enchant the graphics of War Craft 3.

Honestly, I don’t really like the sound effect of War Craft 3. We can’t say that the it is bad but if you compare the sound of this game with Star Craft, I prefer Star Craft’s sound because it give me more feel for fighting. Still remember the sound after a hydralisk created, it was so cool. Of course this is same as other sound effect of Star Craft. For me, the music of War Craft 3 is a bit soft and don’t give the feel.

No doubt, the story of a game is also a main factor on deciding whether if worth playing or not. There have many thing that unexpected will happen. Mainly, it is the invasion of Burning Legion. Just play and you will know the entire plot of this story.

This game actually can get 10 over 10 but the sound effect had pulled down the rating. This game is quite interesting, if you feel bore and nothing to do, try this game!!

This game is worth to buy although the price is a bit high. You can lend it 1st for safety but my suggestion is to buy it. I highly recommend this game to any RTS gamer because this game can be said as the best RTS in 2002. For War Craft fans or any game collector, the collector edition will be your best choice. Just pay extra 20 bucks and you will get many extra stuff. Finally, my last words are DON’T MISS THIS GAME!!

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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