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"Only the truth of War'craft' 3! Chaos and Truth!"

Alright, where to begin? I loved Warcraft 2 and its expansion and i enjoyed Starcraft. Because of these, I decided to reserve my copy of this game. However, I played the game as its own, not just being the sequel to Warcraft 2.

Graphics 9/10
Wonderful cinematics, no faults at all. However, the in-game graphics seemed to ''chiseled'' at times. Everything is very visible as to what it is and it has good graphics, i just think that it should take a small hit in this score. Another reviewer said that the game's graphics are not the best for their time, and he's right. Still, they are rather impressive.

Story 9/10
A good story line that draws you in. Like reading a good fantasy book (GASP! I play video games and read books!) or playing a well though out RPG. However (I like this word!), since Warcraft 2, Blizzard has changed their campaign lay-out. In Warcraft 2, you chose the story of the orcs or the humans. each story was seperate, and could be considered by some to be alternate paths in history. In Starcraft, you had 3 races, terran (Earthlings or humans), zerg (a rather brutal race) or the Protoss (high-tech with lots of honor). You were meant to play the campaigns of each race in that order, for story purposes. You could jump ahead and play the Protoss if you wished. Warcraft 3 does not allow this. You have to play the campaigns in order. until one is completed, you can't move on to the next, because of story. I was hyped about getting to play the Undead Scourge. However (there it is again!), the Undead were the 3rd campaign. I would have stuck with the story, like i did in starcraft- despite wanting to play as the protoss- but i like having options.

Gameplay 10/10
Very smooth. One thing fixed from previous rts (real-time strategy) games by blizzard, is the ability to use the special abilities- like magic or hero abilities- without having to select that unit only and lose control of the others. you can have all units still selected while using the magic, etc. Also, from Warcraft 2 and starcraft, you can use right click for moving and attacking, instead of clicking move and then where you want them or attack and then the target. makes heated battles much easier with only 1 magic button to help you control your units.

Music ??/10
There was music? i was too busy enjoying the rest of the game, i didn't notice.

Sound FX 10/10
the sound fx, sound real. no cheesy metal scraping metal for a sword attacking an enemy. that sword sounds real! My friend has one of the big computer sound systems (though i don't really understand why) and when we played on his computer, we had other people in the house making sure we weren't hacking each other to pieces.

Overall 9.75/10
Odd score i know. i don't feel that its few, minor flaws are important enough to deduct a whole point. Therefore, i round up to a 10.

Final Thoughts and advice
My advice, buy it. go buy it now! If you are still hesitant, then find a friend with it and mooch it off of them for a couple of days so you can try it out. If you don't have anyone who has it, then wait a while if you are truly scared of buying this game. wait until the price comes down. $50 is a daunting price to some people, especially when a little patience will save you another $10-$15. wait until it is at what you consider a reasonable price, then buy it.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 08/04/02, Updated 08/04/02

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