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Blizzard, the name alone can send PC gamers nuts. They’ve published enough games to where I can count them all on my two hands. Nine games to be exact, they don’t have very many when compared to other companies that are the adobe of monster franchises. So they make sure every game they release is instantly soaked up by the public and is usually crowned “Game of the Year.” After a long, overdue wait, the public started anticipating another Warcraft game to add to their PC gaming collection. They loved the feud between the Orcs and Humans and the story of bloodshed that was told behind it. To the average gamer, it seemed like just another Real Time Strategy game. On the inside, one of the deepest games ever created.

You play the role of Arthas. The initial impression you get of him is that he’s a paragon of chivalry, the defender of all that’s good the world. His role is to destroy all the malicious evil that is sprouting up around the world for some unknown reasons. The game follows him as he finds the root of this evil. More stuff happens to the man but all of that is spoilers to say the least.

The first thing you’ll notice is that they added some more races to Warcraft 3. The previous incarnations of the series would only let you play out the battle between Orcs and Humans. Now they added two more races as well, the Undead and Night elves. All the races have their own little thing that makes them special.

The Orcs

The Orcs can hit hard, and anyone that attacks their buildings will take damage as well. They have weak air units, and the peons (The slaves) can take the enemies gold when they hit their structures. Most of their units are ground based and very destructive. One of these are called a raider. It’s mounted on a pseudo-horse, which allows the raider to move fast. Other units aren’t so fast, these include the Grunts and Mages. Mages that are sided with the Orcs usually have destructive spells that can send other fighters on the same team into a frenzy, destroying all that’s in their way. Probably one of the more balanced races in warcraft.

The Humans

Humans have an outstanding defense, you won’t get past their cannon towers unless you have a lot of artillery. This is mostly due the fact they can build strong towers that’ll smear about all other units that come their way. They can even call in all peasants to the town hall to attack the enemy. No other race can do this for some reason. They’re air defense isn’t very good, though. Their version of the Orcs raider is a knight that mounts a horse and moves quickly. He hits about as hard and can take out smaller units with ease. Their demolishing crew is a dwarves that fire out bombs at the target.

The Undead

Undead are the biggest offenders of making hordes to take out their opponents. Their strong point is in the fact they can summon up huge armies of the undead, and attack their opponent until they fall. The undead have a strong air defense/offense, with a unit called the “Wyrm”. Wryms breath out ice and can freeze buildings that can become useful against other races defense. Their type of mage is deadly in the art of bringing up the dead, and putting mean barriers around allies. These barriers do damage to whatever comes close to them. While not so strong on the defensive side, they still have some structures that can deal out big damage. As the town hall for humans can call up the peasants to fight, their town hall (Called a Necropolis) can attack the enemy, if they decide to invade.

The Night Elves

The final race in Warcraft 3 is that of the Night elves. Their strong point is that they can aid all allies in the middle of battle. They do this by raising the amount of damage a whole army of units do. Their building can uproot themselves and move, which will spare you building another whole town. While their units are mostly weak things that’ll get killed quick, with a mage/druid on your team this shouldn’t ever happen. They’ll be able to raise up every ones stats enough to where you’ll take out the opponent. Another thing they have going for them is some super strong air units. They have a griffin, that can be mounted by an archer to do extra damage. Then a giant flying dragon what can breath gas upon enemies. Probably the most diverse race in Warcraft

Another thing to keep in mind about all the races is that they’re all balanced out. Some of them are more effective against others, though. A Wyrm from the undead will be able to freeze the Night Elves structures so their buildings can’t uproot themselves and fight back. This goes for about all the other races as well. It’s this balance that makes Warcraft so special. Most other RTS (Real Time Strategy) games usually have one cheap flaw that’ll make one race stronger than all the others. Warcraft 3 does not have this.

This game sounds rather special, FFM

Moving along, you have the graphics, which are really nice. This is apparent when you look at the ground textures. The water, as you can see each wave as it struggle to get the shore. Each little patch of grass in the middle of barren wasteland barely clinging on to life. The crumbling ground that appears when the undead take hold of some land. Units are very detailed, and you can even zoom in on them all if you wish for a closer look. The magic is spectacular. One spell that comes to mind that of Chain Lightning . I’m probably just easily impressed, but I think it looks cool how a giant bolt of lightening comes out and fries the enemies It all looks very nice. You don’t’ even have to be the proud owner of a high-end computer to see these details.

Here we have an eccentricity. The music is barely noticeable, which is odd, since most RTS games have loud music. The music really creates a mood for each mission you‘re currently on. The music isn’t customizable, or at least they haven’t made any program yet. You’ll hear some songs that are about straight rip offs the old Warcrafts, but it’s not really a big deal. The songs are mostly quick, upbeat tempos or slow, depressing songs. Then you have the units, and when they talk forever. They always have something to say. This can get rather annoying after a while, hearing the same line over and over again. They say the same commands almost every time. Each unit in the game has about three lines they'll say. The goblins are the biggest offenders of being annoying. Their voices are super high pitched and can make one want to turn off all the sounds together. However, they do have some rather funny lines, like: “For all my homies!” Other than this, most the other lines that are said aren’t anything too special.

Since it’s a computer game, this means you get to control everything with a mouse. The mouse is probably better than any control that can be created. You’ll have to be quick with it, changing through sub-menus and stuff. Speaking of sub-menus, they added this to give you better control over your units. Since you have things called “Hero’s” that can cast magical spells. It allows you to just click on them and cast a spell, while you control the rest of the army at the same time. It’s a lovely addition to the world of Warcraft. also supports Warcraft 3, so you can play online at any time. Create an account and play other gamers all across he world. If you’re bored of single player, flop back in your chair and fight the computer. However, the computer can usually kick you ass at higher skill levels. All in all, you have a good game that’s very balanced. The graphics and sound are great. If you don’t have this for your computer, you should go out right now and buy it

Final Verdict

Graphics = 10
Sound = 9
Control = 10
Gameplay = 10

Final = 10

Pick this one up, since they lowered the price a little bit. It'll be a long time till it's dethroned.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 07/19/03, Updated 07/29/03

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