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    Strategy Guide by AHussain

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    SimCity 3000 Unlimited
    - Strategy Faq - 
    Version - 2.0
    Created On:
    04 / JULY / 2003
    Arif Hussain
    ath007 [at] gmail [dot] com
    <<<Quick ways to build a city without getting bankrupt>>> 
                         - SIMCITY 3000 - 
    This walkthrough is created to fulfil personal interest. This piece of work 
    can be posted in websites only after my prior consent. And another thing
    is that this walkthrough should not be used as a product of sales, nor should
    it be reproduced in any manner. This document is strictly a write-up of 
    Arif Hussain.
    (c) Arif Hussain.
    You can email me about this faq by typing the game name in the Subject box. 
    Your suggestions, comments and help will be posted in this faq the next time 
    the faq is updated. Be sure to look at GameFAQS or CheatHappens.com for 
    details & latest updates.
    **V E R S I O N   H I S T O R Y **
    v1.0 - 
    Created The Faq
    [ JULY 4th 2003 ]
    v2.0 -
    Updated on a major scale. All the errors and details i have noticed till now
    has be re-edited and rectified. 
    [ NOV 18th 2007 ]
    Table Of contents
    1) Review
    2) Designing the Landscape - The Strategy
    3) Easy Tips
    4) Help Section
    5) Legal
    6) Thank You List
    7) Other FAQS Written by me.
    SIMCITY 3000
    1)   Review
     	Simcity is considered as one of the greatest strategy simulation/city 
    planner till now. This game allows you to be a mayor of your own city, plan 
    out city zones, design for new infrastructures, commercialise, industrialize,
    make your city neat enough for residents and newcomers, adjust the taxes 
    according to the circumstances etc. The game is totally neat in all aspects.
    But there are also some minor problems. These can arise from the gameplay
    difficulty. Newbies can have a tough time if they are not accustomed with
    these kind of games. But it will be pretty once one gets the hang of it.
    As they ponder over the different functions in the game, they might not watch
    their budget, which is a very important factor in the game.
    The graphics are really pretty. With the zooms [ (+) or (-) buttons in the 
    corner of the screen or | 1,2,3,4,5 | num pad zoomers ] you can see your 
    city bustling to life real close up. You can see cars, trucks, buses and 
    moreover, your Sims. 
    Kids, people on horses, cars, trucks, scooters and so much more can be seen 
    on the streets. If you look around you can also find people running and c
    rossing the road in a hurry. 
    The level of detail for each of these is pretty well done.The buildings are 
    well made. Every building has its own unique design. And abandoned buildings 
    have the somewhat same structure that it can cause the rare annoyance factor.
    The abandoned buildings looks like dark spots in the city and these can cause 
    a dark look from the colourful background. The terrains also look real along 
    with the waters and trees. When you are building a city, the view you should 
    choose is (3) or (4), because these show the perfect landscape. View (5) is 
    very close and can give a very hazy look while views (1) and (2) are distant 
    and at times you wont recognize neither the buildings nor the zones. (1) Can 
    be used to lay water pipes across the landscape or bridging electricity towers
    easily though.
    The sound is excellent. The barks of the dogs in the neighbourhood, laughter 
    of kids down the road and in schools, construction yard sounds along with the 
    perfect score for the scenario requires well an applause and makes you feel 
    like you are in some real neighborhood.
    Gameplay & Re-playability & FuN - fAcToR:
    This is the main thing. You can play and play this game as much as you like.
    And still the fun doesnt hang on the end. 
    Two cases here - One is you can go bankrupt and take some loans or all of them
    (loans are small in packages and time is a factor, use them wisely, retrive 
    your money or else..), consider yourself as an incompetent mayor. Usually your
    people will overthrow you...that's all. You can just restart the Game.
    You can live along with the Sims, know their troubles and try your best to 
    help it out up to them. One thing is that their troubles do not end. They keep
    on pestering you with one thing or another. And thats life in SIMCITY 3000.
    This game rules:::
    Overall Score is an amazing 9.5/10...
     You should be familiar with the toolbar (Refer faq written by Michael 
    onzalez - found on Gamefaqs). I wont be explaining much on it here. And for 
    the financial statuses and budget details, refer Karl Jobst faq that is also 
    found On the Gamefaqs. They both are very reliable.
    2) Designing The Landscape - The Strategy
     Start with the naming of your city and the year, which you prefer. Choose any
     type of landscape you want. I prefer the landscapes which contain water on at
     least 1 or 2 sides. Water passing through the middle of the landscape is also
     good. So, I am writing for landscapes that have water which pass through the 
     middle of the map.
     After that, generate the land and choose it as your city. Start building, put
     the time speed for African Swallow, the fastest. I say this because this is 
     the way i play it, but you can slow it down if you want the game that way.
     But be careful, simoleans will run off quick and you will not get your 
     returns on time. Time is a factor.
     Make a small strip of road consisting at least five to six tiles. Make sure 
     that it's at least 10 tiles from the waters. Beside the road, on any side, 
     build the most advanced power plant in your city's time. If you are in the 
     2000's, build the solar power plant, at least two of them.
     (15,000 § each for the power plants: So, totally 30,000 §)
     (The § is the currency - Simoleans                       )
     (If you want to create just one, there's no problem      )
     Then create some water pumps near the waters (obviously). Connect the water 
     pumps (2-3 water pumps should be made) and the power plants in any manner you
     would like to have it. Underneath the roads is the best method, as the roads 
     can go over large areas. The way I prefer is. This way you can cover land 
     places connecting the roads and not one zone would survive without road 
    Here is a sample diagram.
    *****       |
    *PwP* ______|_____
    *****       |
    WP   - Water Pump
    PwP  - Power Plant
    | __ - The Roads
    The laying of the roads should look like a stepladder.
    After that, extend the road from the power plant to any direction of the map 
    and the roads should have the center point as the power plant.
     &&&              *****                ^^^^^
     IND                ||                  RES
    --------------------------------------------   } Roads
    IND - Industrial sector
    RES - Residential sector
    The hyphens are the road borders.
     At one end, do some zoning for Light Industries. And at the other end, zone 
     some Light Residential sectors.
     Make sure they get waterlines underneath them, as well as the power. Power 
     can be brought to them through power lines. Don't start any commercial sector
     now. See the residential sector grow with the people. Make the density upon 
     your likenesses.
     Viewing the RCI meter can check the demand for residential, commercial and 
     industrial sectors. The RCI meter is found in the lower most tab in the 
     screen, besides the time. The special formulae, to play this game is 
     R + I = C. That is, the number (the demand) of residential structures and 
     sectors, along with the number of industrial sectors, brings up the demand 
     for commercial structures in the city. Follow the demands regularly as it 
     changes with time. Never neglect this.
    The bars should look like this.
    | | | |
    | | | |
     R C I
     People will move in, so regularly check up with the un-employment. By Viewing 
     and considering this you will get a raise in demand for more industries. With
     more industries, more people will want to move in. 
     Don't start building any schools or hospitals now itself. Wait around for 2-3
     complaints to move in and then build ONE school at a time, along with one 
     hospital nearby. If they start overcrowding, immediately create a new school 
     or hospital in a nearby area, providing apt coverage.
     And Police stations should be placed where there is a high risk for crime,for
     a start before  creating more for less crime pods of the city. A fire station
     would be necessary but not for now. Consider the risk of fires by consulting
     the advisor.
     A high risk of crime can be mostly found in the industrial sector, so there's
     where you will have to build a police station first.
     Don't increase the donations from your budget for any of the sectors 
     specially. In case you did have to, make a very slight increase in 
     incrementals. If you want to decrease, please don't do it dangerously. A 
     slight decrease or raise would be preferable. This can damage your reputation
     within the security forces of the city.
     Create more numbers of road networks and string up your town upon your 
     imagination. Please check if every building is getting water and power 
     OK! Now you have to check where the garbage goes. Create a road, which goes 
     towards some far end of the city map, that is, a lonely area; no residential 
     or commercial sector should be nearby. This will end up as an area of low 
     desirability. Put up a power plant and a garbage recycler, or incinerator, 
     or any other garbage disposal facility available. Don't look at the cost; 
     build up with the most advanced building, whatever the prices seem to be. 
     Zone a "small" plot for landfill and create a garbage disposal facility 
     besides it. 
    Landfill Recommended space:
    25 tiles = 5x5 
    49 tiles = 7x7
     You will need to put up at least an incinerator along with a recycling centre
     before you leave it like that. Incinerators with the latest tech can provide
     electricity as well and this is very much an added plus.
     By now, more that 75% of your cash reserves (or may be completely) will be 
     exhausted. But don't worry. Wait a bit, and check on the growth of the town 
     and fix small stuff here and there. Don't waste your money. If you are on the
     verge of bankruptcy, I recommend you to take a loan. That's it, A LOAN.
     If that's not enough build up to two loans. 
     Sighting abandoned buildings will be common so don't worry. Just check up the
     reasons to why they were abandoned in the first place. And comply to it
    People will abandon areas and houses due to the following reasons:
    "	Less demand for the particular zone
    "	Low Land value
    "	No proper access to work, hospitals, schools, colleges, library.
    "	No security (Police)
    "	And mainly, No power And Water.
    So check all of these when you are building or zoning.
    Don't forget to create bus stops at dense residential and industrial areas.
    These are a must. This can provide to adding revenues.
    Sometimes contracts from certain industries will come to your desk. Mostly, 
    from The Landgarb Industries and some others. (I forgot their names, so if you
    would like to help me send them in).
    They suggest you to build the following.
    "       Maximum State Security Prison
    "       Gigamall
    "       Golf Course
    "       Military Camp
    "       Light House 
    "       Science Centre
    "       Medical Centre
    "       Space Centre
    "       Toxic Waste Plant
    "       Casino
    These buildings can be a plus point in your revenue and name as a mayor, but 
    they got there ounces as a troublemakers. Praises and even complaints can land
    up and these should be seen to your understanding as what actions you should
    be doing further. Some listed problems are.
    > The first four buildings (Maximum State Security Prisons, Gigamall, Military 
      Camp and the Golf Course) are a bit dangerous of places. Crime will be very
      high and not a soul would be interested to stay anywhere nearby.
    > If you build the Gigamall, commercial sectors wont thrive nearby. They will
      close down to the unbeatable competition. 
    > If you build the Prison Camp and the Golf Course, people wont feel like 
      living nearby. Would you like to live near a prison? Nor does your sims.
    > The Science, Medical, Space Centres and the Light House will be accepted.  
    > The Casino and the Toxic Waste Plant will never be accepted, but you can get
    From the Gigamall, you will get a monthly income of 300 §.
    Now you would be getting money, possibly now, from the people. I usually get 
    my dough from here.
     People should start appreciating you, so by now they will start giving you
    some presents. They are:
    "        Home For The Mayor
    "        Town Hall
    "        Court House
    "        Stock Exchange
    And don't take up all the suggestions and stuff from the people...i.e. the 
    petitions. And don't IGNORE them as well. If you accept the petitions your 
    appreciation will increase and vice versa. So, check that as well.
     Slowly lower the taxes. Low taxes spur the population. People you constantly 
    complain about the taxes, but don't mind them.Only if they are serious (if you 
    think so), then you can decrease the taxes by 1%. Not too much though. Don't 
    do too much experimentation as it can cause financial disasters.
     You can also start dealing with your neighbours by connecting. Just drag 
    roads/water pipes/power lines to their (neighbours) side and in a matter of 
    months (SIMCITY months - depends on the time speed you put), you get a deal 
    from your neighbours. That way you can create a good deal of simoleans too. 
    But some times they offer you to buy or to sell. So, check upon your resources
    and deal carefully. Cancellation of the deal during the period, other than 
    that of the time at renegotiations, will cost you big bucks. And not only that
    the things you will be supplying to your neighbours, will need regular 
    Aging of power plants and water plants can lower their capacities, so be 
    careful if you let them overage. Doing the necessary level of maintenance on
    an existing structure or constructing up a new one can help a lot. But take
    care of your moolahs.
     At times you get petitions about constructing high-tech industries.  Well, 
    How do you do it? Slightly, increase the funds for the education sector and 
    create colleges and schools. Get education to the highest degrees and in 
    twenty SIM years time, you will get the polluting dark dirty industries 
    replaced with neat modern industries, High-Tech that too. So you will get it
    that eduation takes effect in SIMCITY.
     Sometimes you will get complains about not getting water even though there 
    are water lines in those areas. Reasons can be because of the water pumps 
    aging or their distance from the nearby source of water suppliers. SO, How do 
    you tackle this problem? 
    Simply create a Water Tower in the dry area. Within a few SIM time, the area 
    will be 'flooded' with water.
    I hope that this will help you in your creation of you SIM city. The strategy 
    I used has worked fine with me and that too, a number of times.
    Your strategies are also, most welcome. If you have a better plan of creating 
    a city, send it in, and you will get credited for your suggestions and help. 
    That, I promise you.
    So, send in your stuff to [ ath007 (at) gmail (dot) com ] 
    3) EASY TIPS
    These can be also known as "cheats". Hold SHIFT + CTRL + ALT + C to open the 
    code console and enter the following. The most common cheats are:
    1) I AM WEAK - 
       Yes you are. WoW! This cheat acts as if there is no treasury. You can build
       as much as you want without spending a single §. You would your budget 
       increased from the taxes. But levelling terrain will cost you. But this is
       Gives you all the power plants available in the game no matter which time 
       zone you are in.
       Gives you all the water plants available in the game, no matter which time
       zone you are in.
       This is one tricky code, you get a "local fund raising event" and your 
       'dirty' cousin's off to hide the money. So, there are two options:
       ONE - you can accept the tempting § 150,000 
       TWO - you can get another special code. ZYXWVU. With this you can get a 
       SIMCITY CASTLE. This will boost your land value to sky-high levels.
       Build it near dense sectors of the society, esp. Residential and Commercial
       and admire the skyscrapers...(I Love Them). This also plays a positive 
       effect to your city taxes and economy.
       Gives you all the garbage recycling plants available in the game, no matter
       which time you are in.
       All the industries become high-tech.
    If you have a better plan of creating a city, send it in, and you will get 
    credited for your suggestions and help.
    So, send in your stuff to ath007 (at) gmail (dot) com
    5) Legal Notice
    This walkthrough is not to be sold or to be put on sale. Any kind of illegal 
    copying, ripping, or editing of this walkthrough is also prohibited. Putting 
    this in magazines, CD's is also not allowed.
    This is a Document written by Arif Hussain.
    (c) Arif Hussain 2001 - 2007 Contact : ath007 (at) gmail (dot) com
    I would like to thank 
    - MAXIS, for the game of SimCITY
    - CJayC, for putting up a wonderful website : GameFAQS
    - Cheathappens
    - My keyboard, without which I wouldn't have written this document
    - My Supportive parents and siblings.
    - And finally, you the reader of this walkthrough. 
    This walkthrough is created to fulfil personal interest. This piece of work 
    can be posted in websites only after my prior consent. And another thing is 
    that this walkthrough should not be used as a product of sales, nor should it 
    be reproduced in any manner. This document is strictly a write-up of 
    Arif Hussain.
    (c) Arif Hussain. All Rights Reserved.

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