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    FAQ/Walkthrough by AIsmail

    Version: 1.03 | Updated: 12/28/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    VERSION: 1.03
    DATE RELEASED: 18th December 2001
    LAST UPDATED: 26th December 2001 - Version 1.02
                  - Further editing
                  - Added walkthrough 
                  - Added strategy from emails received and  
                    www.battlerealms.ubi.com website (with their permission of 
                  28th December 2001 - Version 1.03
                  - Fine editing
                  - Added unit stats table.  
    NOTE: Please do not send me e-mail about the quest with Serpent Path as I 
    have not gotten the chance to play this yet. It's rather difficult to find 
    time working, writing this f.a.q and playing the game. :) Any help here would 
    be much appreciated. 
    COMPILED BY: Amrul Isham Ismail
    CREDITS: All those Master RTS quoted in here.
    ACKNOWLEDGMENT: Thank you to DePbLuE for pointing out my mistakes in unit 
    limits for monk, ninja and building. Also to those who have send me emails on 
    tips and strategies, which have been quoted below.
      www.gamefaqs.com (original and first text)
       1.1 Dragon Path
       1.2 Serpent Path
       2.1 General
       2.2 Dragon Clan
       2.3 Serpent Clan
       2.4 Lotus Clan
       2.5 Wolf Clan
       2.6 Against Lotus Clan
           2.6.1 General
           2.6.2 Warlock
       3.1 Starting
       3.2 Attacking Shinjas' Army
       3.3 Getting Shinja
           3.3.1 Direct Attack
           3.3.2 Second Attack
       3.4 Attacking Wolf Clan
           3.4.1 If this mission is after Getting Shinja 
           3.4.2 If you choose to attack Lotus first after Getting Shinja 
       3.5 Riverside heading to Swans' Pool (Center Path)
       3.6 Attacking Lotus
           3.6.1 If this mission is after Getting Shinja
           3.6.2 If u choose to attack Wolf first after Getting Shinja
       3.7 At Swans' Pool
       3.8 Serpentholm
       3.9 Eliminate Lotus (not quite though)
       3.10 Destroying the Mines
       3.11 Meeting the Dragon
       3.12 Death of Otomo
       3.13 Second Serpentholm
       3.14 Helping the Monks
       3.15 Getting the Ninjas
       3.16 Last province before the final mission
       3.17 The last mission
    4. Serpent Path
       4.1 Second Serpentholm
    1.1 DRAGON PATH 
    U will get him automatically. He'll soon be able to use long range attack 
    with the gun he acquired at the first Serpentholm mission. His BG (critical 
    damage works both with the melee and range attack)
    U will get him automatically as well at the beginning of the quest. However, 
    u can't use him any longer after the mission after the first Serpentholm. 
    Err..that sentence doesn't really sounds right. :)
    U will get him automatically as well when u destroy his keep. However, he 
    will eventually betray u and no longer at your command the same time u can't 
    use Otomo.
    "You can get Arah by taking the left route to Swan's Pool." - eddie6818, 2 
    Dec 2001.
    "Arah is an archer.. powerful one at that.. 4 hits to kill most enemies" - 
    DePbLuE, 17 Dec 01
    NOTE: She can be found slightly north to your starting point fighting enemies 
    from Wolf Clan. Help her, then click and move her. She will express her 
    gratitude and join your force. Use the keep to summon her later on.
    "You can get Garrin by taking the center route to Swan's Pool." - eddie6818, 
    2 Dec 2001.
    "Garrin's special ability is to summon horses - i guess if you have the 
    patience, you can summon horses for all your units :)." - DePbLuE, 17 Dec 01
    NOTE: I have no exact location on where u can find him on that map. Any help?
    U will get him automatically when u protect the Swans' Pool. U will however 
    lose him for one or two mission after that before he rejoins u. I'm not sure 
    of the effectiveness of him BG. I rarely use him, as he's too slow. Any tips 
    "You get Gaihla in the Shale Mines mission. Gaihla is in the very center of 
    the map, fighting some Wolf clan soldiers. I find it odd that she's fighting 
    some of her own people, but I suppose she's really serious when it comes to 
    protecting the forest." - Abyssal Delusion, 16 Dec 01
    NOTE: Her group healing skill is very useful to be paired up with your 
    archers. Just gather them around her to get the most out of it. She can also 
    heal your units in the heat of a battle, which is almost equal to additional 
    life bonus. While not healing, place her near rice field to speed up growth. 
    Also need to use the keep to summon her later on.
    "You'll get Sabon (in the path 'destroy all the Lotus' after the 1st 
    Serpentholm) at the end of a winding hilltop. The hill is the only hill in 
    the level that has a narrow path of travel." - Integnos, 8 Dec 01
    NOTE: Not sure about this, need more info. I'm having difficulty finding him. 
    Not even sure he's supposed to be in the Dragon Path. The winding hilltop 
    should be the one in the southeast.
    "You'll get Tao pretty late in the game where you have to choose from either 
    the Ninja's path or the Monk's path. Tao will automatically join if you 
    choose the Ninja's path." - eddie6818, 9 Dec 01
    "Tao is an excellent fighter, he deals more damage then Kenji and most other 
    units." - DePbLuE, 28 Dec 01
    Note: Need to use keep as well to summon him later on.
    "Ninjas can become invisible, great for scouting." - DePbLuE, 17 Dec 01
    Note: U'll get THEM in the mission where u get Tao. They are not really Zen 
    Warriors, but more to a special unit that u can get from your keep. Limited 
    to 4 units but doesn't add to your unit count. Cost one yang to summon 
    "Monks are better fighter compare to Ninjas" - DePbLuE, 17 Dec 01
    Note: U'll get them after you help them defend the monastery. Limited to 4 
    units, and 6 if u have Tao. Not sure about casting cost.
    Same as Dragon Path
    A little different on the story line. Need more info on this.
    Also a little different on the story line. Need more info on this also.
    "About Utara, u'll get her automatically when you destroy the Wolf Clan's 
    KEEP in the center of map." - eddie6818, 6 Dec 01
    "..it is possible to get Utara (serpent path) after the first Serpentholm 
    mission if you attack the western Wolf Clan base. Just destroy their 
    Fortress(?)(i got the german version so i don?t know exactly what it is 
    called) with Kenji alive (i also kept him in my attack forces so he was 
    near). As you start attacking the fortress some wolf zen master (i think 
    Longteeth, the one with the Boomerang) should show up. Defeat him with Kenji 
    alive and Utara should join." - Santiago, 19 Dec 01
    NOTE: No further info. Help welcome
    "You can get Velkin on the center route to Swan's Pool." - eddie6818, 2 Dec 
    NOTE: No further info. Help welcome.
    "..U can get Budo from the stage where there's a river splitting from the top 
    and bottom half. In this stage your only opponent is the Wolf Clan. If I 
    recall correctly, u don't have to pick the path, it's automatic. You will 
    have to move your units to the Bottom left screen, make sure to bring a 
    Geisha along." - eddie6818, 6 Dec 01
    Note: This is probably the mission where u destroy the Wolves mine. No 
    further info on him.
    "Attack Lotus after 1st Serpentholm." - xyzzealot, 11 Dec 01
    NOTE: No further info as well. Help welcome.
    No clear information regarding getting him with Serpent Path. Not sure of 
    whether u can even get him.
    It is important that when attacking, u assign different group numbers to your 
    melee and range units. This is because when u encountered enemy forces, your 
    melee will just rush into the enemy. It would be good at this time if u can 
    select them quickly and turn on ONLY THEIR BG without turning on the BG for 
    your range units as the effect sometimes make lots of different. This is 
    especially useful with dragon clan when the fire arrows from your archer are 
    not really effective against most enemy units, so u don't want to turn them 
    on when u're turning on your melee's BG.
    U can chop off trees by having your heroes or units force attack on them. 
    After getting the force attack button up, move the cursor on top of trees 
    until u get the sword icon. Quite useful to get additional area and to avoid 
    ambush. Trees however are also quite useful to avoid arrows.
    The more huts u have, the faster u generate peasants, however the more units 
    u have, the slower u get them. So balance up your huts with your force if u 
    want those peasants fast at heavy population. I had about 20 huts for the 
    second last mission as there was lots of space!!
    Always assign waypoints for your peasants hut once u have enough units for 
    development. Assign them into any of the military buildings. This way any 
    unit kia (killed in action) while u are busy raiding the enemies will be 
    replaced asap (as soon as possible) at home. To do this, u need to click on 
    the hut then right click on any of the military buildings. A flag should 
    appear in front of it.
    "There seems to be a hidden building limit of 50. After I had built about 50 
    buildings, the building selection on the peasant are grayed out. After I 
    destroyed a building, the peasant can build one more before it grayed out 
    again." - DePbLuE, 28 Dec 01
    "It might help if u use packhorses to gather your rice... at least 5 peasants 
    with packhorses should be enough, i guess about 7 to fuel development and 
    unit funds, 2 or 3 after that to fuel unit building." - blaisem, 16 Dec 01
    The strategies found below are taken from www.battlerealms.ubi.com
    Koril - Teleport Koril to your enemy's rice field (it may be a good idea to 
    scope the area out first with the use of a Ninja). Koril will make short work 
    of any nearby peasants, slowing your opponent's harvesting. Also, any nearby 
    enemies with projectile weapons will find it nearly impossible to hit Koril. 
    However, be careful. You will need to find somewhere to rest Koril for a few 
    seconds so he may regain enough stamina to teleport out again. If you find 
    that Koril continually runs to attack nearby buildings and won't stay put in 
    order to rest, simply press "N" to make him stand his ground and not move. 
    It's a tricky strategy, but the bragging rights are enormous. Another option 
    is to accompany Koril in the rice field with Death Sentry. That way, any 
    melee units that swarm in to attack Koril will be hit by its effects.
    Teleport Trick - Build a watchtower inside of your town, then build a second 
    watchtower relatively close to your opponent's town. It's a good idea to 
    place this second tower where the enemy will not accidentally stumble upon it 
    (such as the very edge of the map). You may also want to place a few units 
    around it for protection. Select the watchtower in your town by left-clicking 
    it, then set its waypoint to the second watchtower by right-clicking the 
    second watchtower. Make sure this first watchtower is empty when setting the 
    waypoint. Also, set a waypoint for the second tower a small distance away 
    from it. When you send your warriors to attack your enemy's town, keep up 
    your production of new warriors. If you find your attacking forces being 
    depleted...or completely wiped out...send any new warriors you have in your town 
    to the nearby watchtower. They will automatically move one by one from one 
    tower to the next through teleportation and will all gather at the second 
    watchtower's waypoint. This tactic cuts down your units' travel time 
    amazingly, plus you won't be giving your opponent any time to build up new 
    forces while your units walk across the map. 
    General Units Stat Table (www.battlerealms.ubi.com, with slight modification)
    5= excellent    4= good   3= average    2= minimal    1= poor
    Pi= pierce      Exp= explosive          Mag= Magic
                    |     Attack      |                Armor VS.
                    |  Melee   Range  |  Cut    Pi    Blunt   Exp.   Mag.   Fire
    Hordeling       |  Pi       n/a   |  2      2      2      5      5      2
    Horse           |  Blunt    n/a   |  2      1      2      2      2      2
    Kenji           |  Cut      n/a   |  4      4      3      3      3      4
    Musket Kenji    |  Cut      Exp   |  3      3      2      3      3      4
    Lotus Steed     |  Fire     n/a   |  2      2      2      2      2      2
    Monk            |  Blunt    n/a   |  2      3      4      2      4      5
    Ninja           |  Cut      Pi    |  2      2      2      4      4      5
    "One word, "Archers", upgrade their range and fire power, 12 of them can wipe 
    out the whole base JUST REMEMBER TO PUSH THE "STAND GROUND 'N' BUTTON" so u 
    can kick lotus ass in a distance. Works well for me!!!" - Richard Rubante, 16 
    Dec 01
    "I think the Dragon clan is lacking in a lot of areas. They're generally the 
    weakest clan. Well... Except one little unit, Kabuki! They're the most 
    powerful unit in the game. Why you ask? Two words: Flash Powder. Liquid went 
    a little overboard with this battle gear... It's way overpowered. It has an 
    AE; it stuns enemies, and completely lowers ALL their resistances. A skilled 
    player can kill almost anything with only 6 Kabuki with Flash Powder. Not 
    only is it way powerful, but the resulting bloodbath gives TONS of Yang. For 
    the most part, Yin/Yang acquisition is dependent on the amount of damage 
    dealt (And kills) in battle. And since Flash Powder lowers the armor of all 
    the units, the damage dealt against the enemies is ridiculous... Hence, you 
    can sometimes gain 5-8 Yangs from a very quick and painless (for you) 
    battle." - Abyssal Delusion, 16 Dec 01 
    "I mix both Kabuki and archers. My fav tactic is to have about 12 archers and 
    4 Kabuki with flash powder. Have some Archers with flame arrows. Kill off 
    enemy units at a range, those who approaches, flash them, then use kabuki to 
    kill them. Rinse and repeat." - DePbLuE, 16 Dec 01
    "I'm playing the dragon clan as of now, and what works with me every time is 
    the following:  
    4 Geisha (Grouped), 4 Powder Keg Cannoneers (Grouped), any heroes (grouped), 
    and then everyone else as a samurai (grouped). Against the lotus I just have 
    my crazy dragon skin eat up their foofy (yes, foofy!) ranged attacks, my 
    geisha heal, kinda... the cannoneers blow stuff up, and my heroes are just 
    there. It worked just fine." - EvilDeathCrab, 12 Dec 01
    "I don't use those powder keg guys everyone is so fond of. I just make 
    regular archers, samurai, and geishas. This makes an automated assembly line 
    easier, which is essential for defending your base while you are on an attack 
    run. While I'm building up an army, I just position archers around my towers, 
    with a geisha or two behind the clumps of archers. The Samurai and heroes 
    wait a bit behind the clumps of towers and archers. This pretty much eats up 
    any attacking force (especially Lotus), with little or no loss to your own 
    troops. Once I'm maxed out, I take about 3/4 of my force on an attack raid. I 
    make sure that most of my archers have the fire arrow, but give one or two 
    the Zen arrow. I stop well before seeing the enemy base (where I think it 
    is), and fire a Zen arrow or two at a rice paddy and/or water source. This 
    pretty much scopes out the entire camp. Then, I get as close as I can without 
    being spotted, and let my fire archers go at the outermost tower(s) and 
    buildings. The cool thing about upgraded archers is that they have the 
    longest range in the game, and can hit towers without being hit back. 
    Anything else is toast to a tower. The enemy then sends a force to get the 
    archers, but it's too late. The buildings are burning. Retreat the archers, 
    shut off fire arrow, and let your army ambush the enemy defenders who rush 
    out. Once that battle ends, I rush into the CENTER of the enemy camp, to take 
    out the last towers and military buildings first. Turn the fire arrows back 
    on, and let your Zen archers shoot troops. Huts and peasants can wait until 
    last, and they usually get caught up in the shuffle anyway. Sometimes, I use 
    the Dragon spirit on a clump of towers and enemy forces to make the enemy's 
    defense paper thin for my all-out assault. 
    The Serpent Raiders can be used the same way, except I don't think they have 
    the range to avoid tower fire, so speed and caltrops is more necessary. They 
    key is to cause fire and chaos in the enemy camp before actually attacking 
    all-out. The AI re-trains troops unfairly fast, so you want to have as much 
    of the place on fire as possible while you are fighting." - ADK, 13 Dec 01
    "I like to use dragon warriors with the flame sword, archers with fire arrow, 
    kabuki warriors with flash powder, and maybe some 2 or 3 geishas thrown in 
    for healing. It just feels good to watch your opponents' town go down in 
    flames while their warriors are being killed, thanks to flash powder. Oh yeah 
    make sure to upgrade your archers in both range and damage." - EniGmo, 16 Dec 
    "I use Dragon Warriors and Archers, both for attack and defend, equip the 
    Dragon Warriors with fire sword, make a short work on enemy buildings. Don't 
    use fire arrow on archer, not useful to unit. Don't forget to fully upgrade 
    them." - xyzzealot, 1 Dec 01
    "A mix of 3 kabuki warriors with flash powder!!! (nuff said, the coolest 
    ability in this clan) and a 5-6 dragon warriors (has strong magical 
    resistance/explosive) combo is very effective against lotus, back up of 
    course with 8 archers/cannoneers, which is also very effective because of it 
    explosive and piercing damage. Samurais aren't as effective against lotus, 
    cause it has poor defense against magic/explosives, but they are very 
    effective against wolf clan cause its resistance against non magical 
    stuff...I also suggest not using samurais till mid-final stages of the game 
    where you have upgraded everything and have built up a lot of yang point, 
    samurais do extreme amount of damage with yang blade!" - goldnarmz, 6 Dec 01
    "Watchtowers: Your most forward building. Put your armies right in front of 
    the most forward building or take some distance from the towers, but don't 
    too far. I use archers with range upgrade at towers. When the Lotus attacks, 
    they will target the towers first. Don't rush them yet... Wait until their 
    melee units come to the towers, or all of their ranged units target the 
    tower. When they do this, rush them, you'll find them unprepared for melee 
    attack. My defending team only consist of 3-4 archers, 1 geisha, and the rest 
    are Dragon Warriors or Samurais, balance their number. After I finish all the 
    upgrade and gather the heroes, I start the counter attack. The attack team 
    consist of Arah, Kenji, Kazan, 1 geisha, Tao, 2-3 archers, 2-3 Dragon 
    Warriors or Samurais. But I need to play hide and seek here... The ninjas are 
    only for defend, even they are stronger from normal units, they're still 
    easily killed." - xyzzealot, 1 Dec 01
    "Effective unit against Lotus? Well, I recommend... ARCHERS! Yes, archers. 
    Try to mix them with Samurai and Geisha and Lotus is history. (If you got 
    Arah, you'll have a major advantage against lotus since she can kill most of 
    the units, even warlock, in 2-3 hits from very very very long range)." - 
    Paetanat, 2 Dec 01
    NOTE: U can win the quest with only using archers! Additional help from 
    Samurais with Yand Blade BG is required though if you are fighting the Wolf 
    The strategies found below are taken from www.battlerealms.ubi.com
    Cannoneers/Dragon Warriors Combo - A large group of Powder Keg Cannoneers 
    with Shrapnel Kegs paired up with a Dragon Warrior and Chi Shield will 
    decimate any oncoming raid. Simply run the Dragon Warrior ahead and turn on 
    the shield. While the enemy is engaging the indestructible warrior, use 
    Shrapnel Kegs to destroy them. Shrapnel Kegs in groups are devastating. 
    Dragon's Spirit - Calling the Dragon's Spirit is excellent for both offense 
    and defense. On the offensive, use it right when your army begins to attack 
    the enemy. It'll weaken the tougher units, kill the lesser units, and have no 
    effect on any of your warriors. On defense, use it against enemies attacking 
    your town when you don't have any warriors defending. It will slow the enemy 
    down while you hurry to get your warriors back home to defend.
    Dragon Combo - Split your forces as follows: 2 Dragon Warriors with Chi 
    Shield in Front, 2 Kabuki Warriors with Stardust behind them, 2-4 Sumo 
    Cannoneers with Super Keg closely following, followed by the primary force of 
    your group (can consist of a few samurai coupled with geisha). Send in the 
    Dragon Warriors first. As soon as they engage, switch on Chi Shield. When the 
    enemy forces surround them, Super Keg them all with your Sumo Cannoneers 
    while Stardusting them for any missile-counterattack. After that, clean-up 
    should be easy. This usually results in the enemy losing its entire group 
    with you losing 1-2 units at most -- very effective.
    Indirect Fire and Zen Arrow - The Sumo Cannoneer obtains Indirect Fire as a 
    Battle Gear from the Shrine. The Archer receives the Zen Arrow power from the 
    Shrine as well. Indirect Fire allows the Sumo to increase his attack range. 
    If he has a spotter unit to reveal areas beyond the fog of war, he can be 
    very effective from long distances and higher ground. Zen Arrow allows the 
    Archer to fire an arrow at great distances and reveal the line of sight from 
    wherever it lands. This can be used as an effective method of "spotting" for 
    the Sumo without putting any other units in harm's way. Other clans have 
    units, such as the ninja or bandit, which make good spotters. These could be 
    used in conjunction with the Sumo to produce favorable results as well. 
    Arah/Watchtower Strategy - Arah in a watchtower defending your town is quite 
    effective. However, this tactic is also quite effective offensively. Try 
    building a watchtower very close to your enemy's town and guard it heavily 
    with melee units. Then, place Arah in the tower. Depending on where your 
    watchtower was placed, she'll take out unsuspecting warriors inside the town, 
    or even peasants harvesting in the field...quite annoying to your opponent 
    Late Game Tactic - Late in the game, after all of the horses in your area 
    have already been collected, use Garrin's Call Horse Battle Gear to call a 
    horse from the other side of the map. Not only will you be taking away a 
    horse from your enemy's territory, but the horse will give you line-of-sight 
    as he runs to Garrin, acting as a scout.
    Units Stat Table (From www.battlerealms.ubi.com but with slight modification)
    5= excellent    4= good   3= average    2= minimal    1= poor
    Pi= pierce      Exp= explosive          Mag= Magic
                    |     Attack      |                Armor VS.
                    |  Melee   Range  |  Cut    Pi    Blunt   Exp.   Mag.   Fire
    Peasant         |  Pi       n/a   |  2      2      2      2      2      5
    Archer          |  Blunt    Pi    |  2      2      3      2      4      5
    Spearman        |  Pi       n/a   |  4      2      2      3      1      5
    Dragon Warrior  |  Cut      Mag   |  2      2      4      2      5      5
    Geisha          |  Blunt    n/a   |  2      2      2      2      2      5
    Chemist         |  Blunt    Exp   |  2      4      1      4      4      5
    Sumo Cannoneer  |  Blunt    Exp   |  1      2      5      2      4      5
    Kabuki Warrior  |  Mag      Mag   |  4      2      2      5      1      5
    Samurai         |  Cut      Pi    |  5      3      4      1      2      2
    Arah            |  Cut      Pi    |  2      5      1      5      2      1
    Garrin          |  Pi       n/a   |  5      3      4      1      1      1
    Kazan           |  Blunt    Fire  |  4      1      1      5      1      5
    Otomo           |  Cut      n/a   |  5      4      5      1      5      1
    Tao             |  Blunt    n/a   |  3      2      3      3      3      3
    AVERAGE                              3.1    2.6    2.8    2.7    2.6    3.8
    NOTE: Only Kazan dealt fire damage. The Serpent Necromancer should be 
    effective against them. On the other hand, their Zen Warrior; Otomo could be 
    very useful against the Serpent and the Wolf.
    "I normally jack up on musketeers especially with snipe shot. Against wolf I 
    use blast shot sometimes too. I like crossbowmen weaken shot. I usually get 
    lots of bandits with that and sometimes a couple of ronin with blood bond. 
    Raiders are more back up type units. I like to bond my ronin with cannoneers 
    or geisha and I leave at least 1 geisha per character. I also mix in 
    swordsmen. Budo is especially useful as a peasant taskmaster, I get her asap 
    so I can withdraw some of my peasants while I mass create my units. She also 
    serves as a peasant guard in case of that lotus teleporter dude." - blaisem, 
    27 Nov 01 
    "Bandits and Musketeers. I don't use Ronins for combat, only for calling the 
    Necromancer. The Necromancer never engaged in battle, only take some distance 
    from combat field and start summoning. Bandits and Musketeers have more 
    upgrades than the Ronins." - xyzzealot, 1 Dec 01
    The strategies found below are taken from www.battlerealms.ubi.com
    Hit & Run - Develop a force of about 10 Musketeers with Sniper Scope, 3 
    Cannoneers with Mines, and 3 Raiders with Caltrops, then get a few Ronin and 
    a few Fan Geisha to use as your primary offensive force. Park your force away 
    from your enemy's main base. Lay down a minefield leading from you to the 
    edge of their line of sight. Then take your Caltrop-Raiders and run them to 
    the base (going through the mine-field, of course). Hit the first building 
    you see a few times, to get their troops rallied against you. Immediately 
    switch on the Caltrops and dart to your main force, through the minefield. 
    Switch on the Musketeer Sniper Scopes. As the enemy approaches you, they're 
    faced with Caltrops and Mines. Ff they get through all that, they still need 
    to get past the Snipers, which should blow them to pieces. Once this force is 
    dispatched, send in your Raiders to burn everything down. 
    Vetkin's "Bravado" - The Vetkin's Bravado Battle Gear robs stamina from all 
    nearby units, so it is especially useful for disabling the life-giving 
    abilities of the Geisha for a short time. It is also useful for robbing melee 
    units of their running ability. If Vetkin does this and leads them back to 
    nearby missile units, they'll get extra shots off before the enemy can close 
    The Power of the Raider - This isn't a killer combo but more of an 
    informative strategy on how to most effectively use a Raider. The Raider, at 
    first glance, seems like weak unit. He is fast, even for a Serpent Clan 
    warrior, and has the ability to burn down buildings. A Raider's ability to 
    perform hit-and-run tactics is second to none. They are most efficient when 
    used with the Brushfire Battle Gear or the Caltrop Battle Gear. 
    By using the Raider to simply attack one building until its gone and moving 
    onto the next simply doesn't utilize the unit to its fullest potential. Move 
    your Raider(s) to a new target as soon as the building has caught fire. The 
    building will fall on its own and you'll still have time to light up other 
    buildings as well. Burning buildings will hurt nearby enemy units and other 
    buildings so hitting multiple structures can create have devastating results. 
    A Raider with Brushfire has numerous good uses. You can clear out forests, 
    thus preventing surprise attacks, and you can also destroy enemy rice fields. 
    This is particularly effective since it slows down the peasants' ability to 
    harvest rice. So while your running around the enemy town burning things, 
    take some time hinder resources as well. 
    Caltrops are also quite effective, if used properly. They can damage objects 
    that are behind the Raider as he moves from a location. Used in conjunction 
    with hit-and-run tactic, this style of attack can put a good hurt on your 
    enemy. You can light a few buildings on fire, and when you see the enemy 
    coming to get you, run away and leave caltrops behind. If the enemy attempts 
    to follow, they will likely be wounded by the caltrops. This would be a good 
    time to have melee units ready to help fend off anyone that chases after the 
    Raider. (This can be quite fun when you set up a minefield of deadly caltrops 
    and lead the enemy into them).
    Necromancer Safe Haven - Put a Necromancer in a watchtower and he'll raise 
    zombies from the dead corpses around him while still maintaining a safe 
    distance from enemy units that can directly attack him.
    Units Stat Table (From www.battlerealms.ubi.com but with slight modification)
    5= excellent    4= good   3= average    2= minimal    1= poor
    Pi= pierce      Exp= explosive          Mag= Magic
                    |     Attack      |                Armor VS.
                    |  Melee   Range  |  Cut    Pi    Blunt   Exp.   Mag.   Fire
    Peasant         |  Pi       n/a   |  2      2      2      2      2      5
    Bandit          |  Pi       Pi    |  4      2      2      5      2      5
    Cannoneer       |  Blunt    Blunt |  2      2      1      5      4      5
    Crossbowman     |  Pi       Pi    |  2      2      4      2      5      5
    Fan Geisha      |  Cut      n/a   |  2      4      2      4      5      5
    Musketeer       |  Blunt    Exp   |  4      3      4      2      2      5
    Necromancer     |  Mag      n/a   |  5      5      5      5      3      1
    Raider          |  Fire     Fire  |  1      2      5      3      5      5
    Ronin           |  Cut      n/a   |  5      3      4      1      2      2
    Spirit Warrior  |  Mag      n/a   |  2      4      2      5      5      5
    Swordsman       |  Cut      n/a   |  4      2      2      4      2      5
    Zombie          |  Cut      n/a   |  2      4      4      2      5      1
    Budo            |  Blunt    n/a   |  1      4      5      3      4      2
    Shinja          |  Cut      n/a   |  4      4      4      1      5      1
    Utara           |  Pi       n/a   |  2      1      2      2      5      3
    Vetkin          |  Pi       n/a   |  4      5      1      5      2      1
    AVERAGE                              2.9   3.1    3.1    3.2    3.6    3.5
    CLAN TOTAL RESISTANCE POINTS = 19.4! (Highest resistance total)
    NOTE: Probably this is the reason why certain people find it easier to 
    complete the quest playing the Serpent Clan. After all...the Dragon were 
    merely peasants when u saved them. :)
    Only Musketeer can deal explosive damage. Otomo from Dragon Clan and the 
    Wolf's Packmaster shall be a competent enemy.
    "What I like about the Lotus is Issyl (Scholar of time) he haste our units to 
    incredible speed, you must figure out this too if you want to take down a 
    good Lotus player! You could use this trick to speed up your resources just 
    like Budo!" - Freakazoid, 4 Dec 01
    "Blade acolyte, Diseased One, Warlock, and if you got some spare time, Master 
    Warlock. Blade acolyte for their splash melee attack... yep, watch their 
    blade, area attack. Diseased One, when they die... they bring some enemy with 
    them and poisoned them. Warlock... a very powerful long range unit. Master 
    Warlock is a good melee and long range; watch their claw for melee. I use 
    Zymeth first and then the one with ability to summon golems (forgot his 
    name). This can make 3 free peasants to become military unit." - xyzzealot, 1 
    Dec 01
    "If the enemy is above 3 or 4 you need a watch tower (just 2). I think the 
    best unit for watchtowers is Zymeth & Master Warlock. Just beside them put 
    warlocks & master warlocks (don't forget to select them & press 'N') & Issyl 
    (Scholar of Time-select & press 'O') in the middle of your troops, when the 
    enemy attacks, click Issyl & use his skill. Repeat until you have 8 Warlocks, 
    8 Master Warlocks, 4 Chaneller (if I spell it correct) on horses. I usually 
    put the warlocks on team 1, master warlocks on team 2 (following/guarding 
    warlocks), 4 chaneller(2 guard warlock, 2 guard master warlocks), and don't 
    forget to bring Zymeth. This could finish off all enemies without loosing any 
    unit! This doesn't work against a good human player!" - Freakazoid, 3 Dec 01
    The strategies found below are taken from www.battlerealms.ubi.com
    The Height Advantage - Some of the maps in Battle Realms have elevated ridges 
    near the rice fields. Have an Unclean One eat one of your peasants to give 
    him the Death Sentry Battle Gear. Then, move him to the ridge that overlooks 
    your opponent's rice field. Activate the Battle Gear and toss the Death 
    Sentry into the rice field. This will slow your opponent's resource gathering 
    by either A) killing his peasants as they try to harvest or B) forcing your 
    opponent to move his peasants away from the rice field for a moment while he 
    uses a warrior to force-attack the Death Sentry to get rid of it. Plus, if 
    your opponent has no idea that he is able to destroy it on his own, he may 
    actually wait for it to disappear before resuming the harvesting process, and 
    by that time, you'll have another Death Sentry ready to be thrown into his 
    rice field once more. 
    Brothers/Rebirth - Have your Brothers bless a group of Infested Ones with 
    Rebirth. Mount the Infested Ones on Shadow Steeds and send them off to war. 
    When they engage in battle, the enemy will have to first get the steed out 
    from under each of them before concentrating their full attack on the 
    Infested Ones. Also, when these units are dismounted, their Rebirth Battle 
    Gear will be ready. After killing them once, the enemy will have to kill them 
    a second time after each of their Rebirth Battle Gears kick in. Your opponent 
    will swear these warriors never die! Also have your Brothers bless a group of 
    Infested Ones with Rebirth. Have the Brothers follow these units into battle. 
    As they fight, keep an eye on your Infested Ones. When you see one of them 
    use his Rebirth, have one of the Brothers bless him with Rebirth again! Your 
    opponent will have to go after the Brothers before concentrating their 
    efforts on any of the Infested Ones. 
    Group Battle Tactic - Create 4 Unclean Ones with Death Sentry, 1 Staff Adept 
    with Whirling Staff, 1 Leaf Disciple with Scrye Leaves, 2 Channelers, and a 
    whole bunch of Warlocks, and if you can, summon Issyl. Use the Scrye Leaves 
    to scout out ahead of you. When you're about to engage the enemy, deploy all 
    four Death Sentries. Get your Staff Adept in the middle of your forces and 
    turn on the Whirling Staff. This will protect your forces from all missile 
    fire. Use Issyl's Haste to nearly double your attack rate. Make sure your 
    Channelers protect your Warlocks, and watch the destruction unfold. 
    Zymeth Defense - Summon Zymeth, call a storm, then put Zymeth in a watchtower 
    as base defense. 
    Death Sentry/Spreading Goo - Death Sentry is the Battle Gear that the Unclean 
    One gets for eating a Peasant. Spreading Goo is the upgrade he gets from the 
    Brothers. Death Sentry is a skull that the Unclean One hurls at the enemy. It 
    floats in the air and does damage to all enemies who pass by it. Spreading 
    Goo slows down all enemies who walk through it. With some skillful 
    management, you can trap units in the Spreading Goo and then Death Sentry 
    them. If used properly, this is another deadly combination.
    Units Stat Table (From www.battlerealms.ubi.com but with slight modification)
    5= excellent    4= good   3= average    2= minimal    1= poor
    Pi= pierce      Exp= explosive          Mag= Magic
                    |     Attack      |                Armor VS.
                    |  Melee   Range  |  Cut    Pi    Blunt   Exp.   Mag.   Fire
    Peasant         |  Pi       n/a   |  2      2      2      2      2      5
    Blade Acolyte   |  Cut      n/a   |  4      2      2      4      2      2
    Brother Lythis  |  Cut      n/a   |  2      2      2      2      2      2
    Brother Shek    |  Blunt    n/a   |  2      2      2      2      2      2
    Brother Tausil  |  Pi       n/a   |  2      2      2      2      2      2
    Channeler       |  Pi       Pi    |  2      2      2      2      2      5
    Diseased One    |  Mag      n/a   |  5      2      4      1      1      5
    Infested One    |  Pi       n/a   |  2      2      5      2      4      5
    Leaf Disciple   |  Pi       Pi    |  2      4      2      5      4      5
    Master Warlock  |  Cut      Exp   |  5      4      2      4      2      1
    Staff Adept     |  Blunt    n/a   |  4      3      4      2      1      2
    Unclean One     |  Blunt    Mag   |  1      2      1      5      4      5
    Warlock         |  Mag      Exp   |  2      2      2      4      5      5
    Issyl           |  Mag      n/a   |  2      4      1      5      5      5
    Koril           |  Cut      n/a   |  2      2      2      2      5      2
    Soban           |  Blunt    n/a   |  1      4      1      2      5      4
    Zymeth          |  Magic    Exp   |  5      1      4      5      5      2
    AVERAGE                              2.6   2.5    2.4    3.0    3.1    3.5
    NOTE: No Lotus unit has an excellent armor rating against piercing. This is 
    why archers are very effective generally against them. In addition, no unit 
    in the clan can deal fire damage! The Serpent Necromancer shall be the most 
    competent foe for them.
    "Berserkers, Sledgers, Brawlers. I use Druideses (how to spell them?) for 
    watchtower, with this, they can safely annoy enemy attack force with their 
    entangle ability, but I never see them healing ally.... All of the Wolf 
    Clan's melee unit are strong even the Brawler, the standard one. Only 
    sometimes, I use Werewolf, if I have time to micromanage the process. Try to 
    get Shale Lord (the big guy with black skin) or Longtooth (the guy with 
    boomerang). If you have a chance, use Wolfs too, their main use is to 
    overwhelm enemy number." - xyzzealot, 1 Dec 01
    "Druidess NEVER heal ally. They don't have ability to heal. You should notice 
    that ALL of Wolf's units have faster healing rate than other clans. That's 
    why ... no heal unit for them...except for Gaihla (sp?) the Nymph's ability 
    to 'group heal'. IMO, if you really want to heal the wolf, upgrade the 
    'natural healing' and see how fast they recover (you have to stand by and do 
    nothing though). So, the tactic for Wolf that I recommend is....hit the enemy 
    fast and hard. Try to equip every unit with Shale Armor (some can't equip the 
    armor, i.e. Werewolves) because it gives resistance against explosion and 
    ..something.. when the units get low on health, use the 'passive mode' on 
    them so they'll stand idle and heal themselves." - Paetanat, 2 Dec 01
    "I think wolf is best used in maps where a rice field is far from the water 
    source. It's because the wells of the wolf clan don't required anything else 
    but rice. This means that it would be quicker to get out those maulers, 
    hurlers and berserkers. And since you'll be using wolf, get the shale lord 
    out. This monster kicks building arse really good!!!! :)" - RaZoRBacK, 6 Dec 
    "When using the wolf clan, take advantage of your strong Melee units. The 
    wolf can generate peasants rather quickly and can have a total of forty of 
    them. But once you reach twenty-five peasants, it becomes really hard to make 
    Offensive strategy number one:
    Cycle your units quickly to and fro the three buildings required to create a
    Berserker and make sure you have at least four Druidesses that have been 
    blessed at the Cairn to construct twelve Werewolves. Use their blessings to 
    create werewolves as early as possible, and then send them out to battle. In 
    battle, make sure to pay attention to the enemy range attacks since they're 
    your biggest threat as a wolf. After the range attacks, destroy the melee 
    units, constantly returning back to base to make more berserkers. Earn a 
    total of three Yang points to learn the power upgrade at the Wolves Den. If 
    your werewolves are still alive at the enemy base, send them out to the 
    Peasant hut as soon as possible. Then, if you have any Berserkers, send them 
    to battle now! You have no need to turn them to Werewolves, although it would 
    be a great bonus. Why will this strategy work? If you cycle your units when 
    building them, the werewolves will be the fastest Level Four unit that you 
    can send! Overall, they will be faster than Samurai or Ronin (Upgraded with 
    Yin/Yang swords) and much stronger. If you know how to handle resources, then 
    the enemy will be decimated even before they can construct a decent defensive 
    force. Just be on the look out for ranged units. The Wolf has no decent 
    defense against them! 
    There you go! This is my strategy every time I play and it seems to get me
    victory. Enjoy!" - Redfang of the wolf, 24th Dec 01
    The strategies found below are taken from www.battlerealms.ubi.com
    Use Shale Armor! - While the Wolf Clan has fairly scattered resistances to 
    help develop a rounded army, shale armor is still going to be very effective 
    on anyone you don't plan on giving the blessing Battle Gear to. This strategy 
    is also effective for primary damage units even if you are using the other 
    Battle Gear. You can use the men with Shale Armor to buffer those with none 
    in order to pull off other Battle Gear, some of which take a moment or two to 
    operate. This is also effective early on since the Shalery is relatively low 
    on the tech tree, and it will make your units that much harder to kill when 
    your opponent doesn't have any techniques or Battle Gear yet.
    Siege Units - Use siege units effectively. Much of the Wolf Clan's power 
    comes in the form of siege units (a siege unit is one which does lots of 
    damage to buildings). If you are having a tough time with an opponent's 
    defensive line, there's nothing like sledgers, maulers, and pitch lingers 
    with shale armor to take down those towers. Also, once you have access to the 
    Shale Lord, no one takes down buildings like this guy. If you are using a 
    siege strategy I would also recommend getting the upgrade to damage for 
    sledgers (Petrified Wood). 
    Switch Battle Gears - Don't underestimate other Battle Gear. Many people 
    will, after witnessing a nice improvement in combat performance, tend to 
    stick with Shale Armor. Try using the other Battle Gear. While your units 
    might not be quite as tough, effective use of things like Wrecking Ball and 
    Totem can be equally effective. Stun Slam is very effective to give you some 
    time to use other Battle Gear or just wail on some of the tougher units. 
    Scorched Earth reveals a huge line of sight (more than most units will) and 
    is therefore an effective scouting tool. If they aren't paying attention they 
    might step on it and take some damage as well. Totem is very handy for 
    defense. You can just set one up next to a tower, and then add in the slow 
    effect of the tower and units for defense and its pretty nasty. When the 
    enemy outnumbers you, Wrecking Ball works well since you hit multiple 
    opponents as they surround you to attack. 
    Free Units - The Wolf Clan actually has two ways to get free units for its 
    army. First is the Lycanthropy Battle Gear which, if used correctly when a 
    berserker is about to die, will instead replace what would otherwise be a 
    corpse with a brand new werewolf. The other way is through using wolves. Any 
    wolf unit can have wolves following it. Werewolves and heroes get 2, the 
    Packmaster gets 3, and others all get 1. The wolves will fight alongside your 
    men and provide many extra targets for the enemy to attack. They might not do 
    a ton of damage, but there's nothing like watching four or five swordsmen 
    waste glass swords on a couple of wolves. 
    Heal Your Wolves - Once you buy the "Herbalists" technique from the Vitality 
    Garden, pull your damaged Wolf units out of combat. They'll heal to 100% 
    health if they stand still for a short period of time.
    Early Rush Tactic - As soon as possible, build a Wolves' Den and get 2 
    Peasants to catch horses. Build up a force of 4 Packmasters each with 3 
    Wolves (total of 16 units, trained in the time it takes to train 4 first-tier 
    units). Rush the enemy and engage them. This probably won't kill off your 
    opponent, but it will severely damage his production ability, thus giving you 
    the opportunity to build some bigger units (Sledgers, Hurlers with lava rock, 
    The Power of Wolves - Wolves should never be underestimated. Wolves are 
    raised in the Wolves' Den on fresh horse meat. To raise Wolves, order one of 
    your Peasants to gather wild horses. Gathered horses will be deposited into 
    the Wolves' Den and used to raise wolf cubs. To give a Wolf to one of your 
    units, send the unit into the Wolves' Den. Most Wolf Clan units can only have 
    one Wolf pet at a time. However, the Packmaster can have up to three Wolves 
    and the Werewolf can have up to two. Peasants cannot have Wolves, and will 
    instead train into Packmasters upon entering the Wolves' Den. That pet will 
    fight and die for its master. This makes Wolves a great source of protection 
    for all your units, especially your peasants, Druidesses, and long range 
    units. Although not very tough, Wolves add melee damage potential to all 
    units. They can be very effective when used with fighting Druidesses since a 
    Druidess has the ability to entangle an enemy, thus giving the Wolf free 
    attacks on the opponent. Also, The Pack Master is another good unit that gets 
    trained in the Wolves' Den. So, as a building, the Wolves' Den has two 
    primary uses (as opposed to the Stables in other Clans which are only used 
    for horses). Lastly, each horse you bring in will give you two wolves. 
    Units Stat Table (From www.battlerealms.ubi.com but with slight modification)
    5= excellent    4= good   3= average    2= minimal    1= poor
    Pi= pierce      Exp= explosive          Mag= Magic
                    |     Attack      |                Armor VS.
                    |  Melee   Range  |  Cut    Pi    Blunt   Exp.   Mag.   Fire
    Peasant         |  Pi       n/a   |  2      2      2      2      2      5
    Ballistaman     |  Pi       Pi    |  2      2      5      1      4      2
    Berserker       |  Cut      n/a   |  5      3      2      5      2      5
    Brawler         |  Cut      n/a   |  4      2      4      2      2      2
    Druidess        |  Mag      Mag   |  2      2      2      2      2      5
    Hurler          |  Blunt    Blunt |  2      4      2      5      4      5
    Mauler          |  Blunt    n/a   |  2      2      4      2      5      5
    Pack Master     |  Blunt    P.Wolf|  4      4      4      2      4      3
    Pack Wolf       |  Pi       n/a   |  2      2      2      2      2      2
    Pitch Slinger   |  Fire     Exp   |  5      2      2      4      1      5
    Sledger         |  Blunt    n/a   |  4      2      2      5      1      5
    Werewolf        |  Pi       n/a   |  4      3      5      2      2      1
    Gaihla          |  Cut      n/a   |  2      5      5      2      5      1
    Grayback        |  Pi       n/a   |  4      5      4      1      1      2
    Longtooth       |  Mag      Mag   |  4      4      4      1      1      2
    The Shale Lord  |  Blunt    n/a   |  5      3      5      2      2      5
    AVERAGE                              3.3   2.9    3.4    2.5    2.5    3.4
    NOTE: Only the Pitch Slinger dealt explosive and fire damage. This is the 
    reason why Samurai and Ronin are great against them. The Dragon's Otomo also 
    may cause lots of havoc with this clan.
    2.6.1 General
    "Samurai = perfect, don't use ki sword, use the battlegear that makes them 
    immune to ranged attacks, you don't need to micromanage, just group them and 
    press b(make sure they are in a group by themselves so you don't trigger 
    other unit types' battle gear, all you do is press b aim for the warlocks and 
    then watch lotus die, the rest of the lotus squad can't stand up to samurai, 
    works all the time, I used it in every mission with lotus, as long as their 
    ranged units can't harm me they die fast." - Gotaiken, 29 Nov 01 
    "I found that chemists are more useful than archers against most lotus units. 
    Actually, I still think kabuki warriors are your best bet against lotus. If 
    you rush the enemy with dragon warriors and samurai, then bring the kabuki 
    with the chemists, they'll have enough time to use stardust and negate the 
    more powerful attacks." - Spite7, 30 Nov 01
    "What makes Lotus so good is because every single one of their 2nd and 3rd 
    tier units can deal large amounts of damage in a wide radius. Diseased ones 
    do A LOT more damage upon death compared to a Samurai. Unclean ones do lots 
    of area effect damage with each attack, and upon death, they blind all units 
    within range (like Kabuki Flash Powder). Infested Ones can upgrade their 
    damage AND area-effect radius! Warlocks have a battlegear which has a HUGE 
    area-effect radius that can wipe out armies fast with multiple uses. Master 
    Warlocks have a battlegear which makes all of their hits go through multiple 
    enemies. My point is that no matter how big your army is, the Lotus can 
    easily wipe them all out while using considerably less units. With that in 
    mind, the way to counter Lotus is through the use of ranged units. The more 
    units you have upfront, the more units you lose....so you only need around 
    1/4th of your army composed of melee units. I've beaten the Dragon Campaign 
    with no trouble at all with 3/4ths of my army composed of Archers, Chemists, 
    and Powder Kegs. The rest of my army consists of units with BG that negate or 
    stall damage (i.e. Dragon Skin, Chi Shield, Stardust, and Flash Powder)." - 
    Integnos, 30 Nov 01
    "8 fully upgraded Archers (no BG) can take out 6 Warlocks(no BG)? Thats 
    right, 8 first tier Dragon units (240 rice/240 water/8 trains) can take out 6 
    third tier Warlock units (540 rice/540 water/18 trains). So the only way 
    Lotus range is stronger than Dragon is if the Lotus trained 2 times longer. 6 
    Cannoneers can take out 8 Warlocks, too." - Integnos, 30 Nov 01
    "I learned that serpent musketeers simple ping the lotus to death... 6 of 
    these will wipe out one whole lotus offence... add the explosive charges to 
    them and they can easily demolish the building... add a couple of samurai, 
    bandits, and or ronins, with 2 gieshas, and there you go, an unstoppable 
    force." - AzNxRomeOx, 8 Dec 01   
    2.6.2 Warlock
    "Send any melee unit at it and they will go down. If u are wolf make sure the 
    unit is shaled or in a berserkers case, shaled or blessed dragon, any melee 
    unit, but try to get a dragon warrior at them asap. Serpent, any melee unit, 
    but I have found bandits particularly effective, also, if u need to buy some 
    time and can't get swordsmen at them, use your musketeers. Musketeers are 
    resistant to magic, so just let them blast away (BG would be nice) and the 
    warlocks attacks won't hurt them much. u only need a couple of units to get 
    them to stop firing ranged since usually most adjacent units will 
    automatically stop and start attacking a melee unit. Oh and btw, careful with 
    samurai or ronin, they will get owned by their ranged attack. If u have a 
    mixed force things shouldn't go too bad. If u are lotus, just use a mixed 
    force of infested, unclean, and diseased." - blaisem, 16 Dec 01  
    "As dragon I use dragon warrior and spearmen" - EniGmo, 16 Dec 01
    "Basically when you're in defender side, you can use watchtower as a decoy 
    for the warlocks. Wait until they attack the tower and then rush them with 
    melee unit. 
    As Dragon: use Dragon Warriors, they have magic resistance. 
    As Wolf: use Berserkers, if you don't have time for them, you can use other 
    melee unit. Basically, all Wolf units have magic resistance... I play 
    skirmish and see this, even Master Warlock cannot easily harm them. 
    As Serpent: Bandits with poison upgrade. 
    As Lotus: Warlock vs. Warlock or 2nd tier unit to fight them." - xyzzealot, 
    16 Dec 01
    3.1 Starting
    Difficulty: U should play the tutorial about 10 more times u didn't get 
    through this stage!
    Nothing much here. You just need to choose side. Save peasants for Dragon or 
    kill them for Serpent. Not sure whether u can get killed here! :)
    3.2 Attacking Shinja's Army
    Difficulty: Very easy
    This is also an easy level. The only fighting unit u can build here is the 
    Spearman. Proceed to Northeast when u have about 5 of them. Bring your hero 
    along and don't forget to use their BG. After crossing the river, explore the 
    western area first, there are some enemies hiding under the trees. While 
    exploring, set your peasants hut extraction point to the Dojo. By the time u 
    are about to attack the enemy base, u should have around 10 of them. This is 
    a walk in a park. Oh yeah, another thing in case u haven't read the read me 
    file (or was it in the tutorial), the more peasants hut u built, the faster 
    peasants being created, but the more units u have, the slower they're being 
    created. This is future reference when you are building up your forces, u 
    need to build up more peasants hut too (so that, those KIA can be replaced 
    3.3 Getting Shinja 
    3.3.1 Direct attack
    Difficulty: Unknown
    "If it's your first mission, do this: take your peasant(s) and make a hut. 
    Immediately designate a peasant to building another peasant hut, next to your 
    first one. The next two peasants go to rice and the third to water. After 
    that, when your peasant finishes, try to make a dojo/tavern next to both of 
    your peasant huts. If you don't have enough resources, put him on rice. When 
    u get 4 people on rice, put another person on water, put spare peasants on 
    rice and water, the most you should have on rice is 6 peasants and on water 3 
    (i use 2 on water and 5 on rice). Once you start getting a reasonable flow of 
    rice and water, you should have a dojo and 2 huts. Now repeat this two more 
    times, getting 2 huts per dojo/tavern. For each two huts, double right click 
    on a dojo/tavern. Attack in groups of 6 or 7, and once u are finished 
    building, reduce rice to two peasants and water to 1. After your first few 
    attacks, he should be on the defensive, reduce rice to one peasant for more 
    attacks. Don't leave any spearmen defending. Worst comes to worst, your Zen 
    masters should be able to handle any attack Shinja can muster. By the end of 
    the mission you should be attacking in squads of seven. Ah and, upgrade 
    attack first, then life." - blaisem, 16 Dec 01
    3.3.2 Second Attack
    Difficulty: Moderate
    "If u are on your second time through, do as above, but build your peasant 
    hut to the south in the middle of the rice fields next to the water. Station 
    the rest of your base at the top of the rice fields. Your second dojo/tavern 
    should be a target range/sharpshooting guild instead. Designate one of your 
    dojos/taverns to double right click on the target range. Build your 
    watchtower in the small forest at the top of the rice field, it should be the 
    building that the enemy will run into anyways, provided u squished everything 
    together, and anyways his range should hit them. Make archers at the top of 
    the watchtowers in case u didn't know. Oh, and take out his mini base of 
    dragon/serpent recruits first, then position 3 or 4 archers on the cliff to 
    the left side of his base. Demolish your tower and place it in the middle of 
    the entrance to his base (the one on the right). Then lure his big ass army 
    out, and use your watchtowers abilities plus your archers on the cliff along 
    with some close range warriors. A couple tries should kill them all off. Then 
    raze his peasant hut. Forgot to say, your Zen masters should defend your lone 
    peasant hut. Provided u move fast enough, it shouldn't be hit (I've never 
    been attacked there, only once from the north)." - blaisem, 16 Dec 01
    "There is a higher ground in the middle of the enemy base, just move some 
    archers there and make a watch tower there too, make some dragon warrior just 
    incase the enemy moves. With this strategy, the enemy usually doesn't move 
    when you shoot them with your arrow. Kill all of the enemy troops, destroy 
    the Keep, and hit Shinja till Yellow. All by your archers from above and you 
    won't be attacked by the enemy!" - Freakazoid, 14 Dec 01
    "I beat the game by first putting a lot of archers on the hill overlooking 
    the valley in which Shinja's fort sits. Then take 1 or 2 spearmen and lure 
    the enemy into the range of your archers. Repeat as necessary. Unfortunately, 
    you will be sacrificing spearmen, but it is a pretty low cost for big 
    results. Be sure to upgrade your archers with Zen Accuracy and Arrow 
    Craftsmanship before starting the process. Once you clear the valley of 
    personnel, start to whack away at the buildings. You will have to contend 
    with the occasional peasant, but they are easy pickings. Once you've cleared 
    all the peasants and peasant huts, it's smooth sailing. BTW I recommend at 
    least 5 archers, preferably 7-8 to do this." - VALiloceu, 14 Dec 01
    Note: Those tips above should cover this stage pretty well. I would prefer to 
    build the tower on top of the hill, so that the enemy will take more time 
    getting there (they will rush in!). The key weapon here might be the towers' 
    ability to freeze the enemy! Put them to halt when they rush. Your dragon 
    warriors and heroes should be having no problem killing them all with some 
    sweet back up from the archers. Just make sure the tower is not too far to 
    the top of the hill. 
    3.4 Attacking the Wolf Clan
    3.4.1 If this mission is after Getting Shinja
    Difficulty: Moderate
    Zen Warrior found here: Arah  
    Start building as many peasants hut at the start of this mission. Just make 
    sure u got enough food to build another one later on. You should see Arah 
    fighting some Wolf Clan soldier at the start of this mission. Help her and 
    she'll join u. To get her just select and ask her to move, she'll start 
    talking. At this point line up your archers and Arah to stand ground. Send 
    one of Hero North. There's a Wolfs' watch tower and some enemies just before 
    the river. Once the enemies see your hero, run back to your force. U should 
    be able to take them out without any casualty and interference from the 
    tower. After this, ask Arah alone to take out the tower.
    By the time you clear them out, u should have quite a number of peasants to 
    quickly develop you new camp by the river. The enemy will attack from two 
    areas. From where the first tower was or directly across the river (their 
    base is to the North). Just focus on getting as many archers possible, Line 
    one group at where the first tower was (u could built your own here too) and 
    another group at the base. One should join one of these groups. Assign them 
    as group 2 & 3. Three of your heroes should be assign as group 1 and place in 
    the middle so that they can run to both areas to support the defense when 
    required. Three of them with support from the archers should be enough. When 
    your defense is solid, create some dragon warrior (put them on horse if u 
    want to). They should join group 1 as well.
    For the attack, get everybody in a group but do not assign them any number.
    March them to the North. Take out another tower and any enemies rushing out. 
    Your dragon warriors and hero with counter rush any approaching enemies while 
    your archers give some valuable range support.
    3.4.2 If you choose to attack Lotus first after Getting Shinja
    Difficulty: Moderate
    Zen Warrior found here: NONE
    The map will be the same except that this time you will start from the 
    eastern area and this mission would be after the Swans' Pool. Enemy base is 
    still at the same place as above and so with their towers. I however 
    encountered a small encampment right to the north of your starting point. You 
    could build a shrine here and the Spearmen's stun ability is very useful 
    compare to dragon warriors. Dragon Warriors' magic resistance is not that 
    effective against Wolf though the damage immunity is excellent. It's faster 
    to build your army this time. Assign 2/3 of your huts to Archery Range and 
    1/3 to Dojo. Dojo should be assign to the shrine. Just build up your force 
    and kill them all. Any KIA will be replaced asap if you have assigned those 
    huts to the Dojo and Archery Range. Don't forget to group them differently 
    but to select them all together during an attack. This way, when u encounters 
    enemy units, and your melee units start rushing out, u could quickly select 
    just the melee and turn their battle gear on. 
    3.5 Riverside heading to Swans' Pool (Centre Path)
    Difficulty: Unknown
    Zen Warrior found: Garrin (at unknown location)
    I've not gotten the chance to try out this path. Any contributions here are 
    very much welcome and appreciated. Also unknown is where this path will take 
    u after the Swans' Pool.
    3.6 Attacking Lotus
    3.6.1 If this mission is after Getting Shinja
    Difficulty: Moderate
    Zen Warrior found: none recruitable
    First of all I would not recommend u choose this stage right after Getting 
    Shinja unless u want some added difficulty. Not only that u won't find anyone 
    recruitable here, you will also miss out Arah or Garrin.
    You will start from the Southwest. There's no water supply here but u should 
    start building huts and start getting food. Your Heroes with the Dragon 
    Warriors should move east to the pond. Get rid of the Lotus' hut there and 
    build your own. Toggle off the peasant creation on this hut. Use it to get 
    water before u could build a well at your starting point. U need to defend it 
    as Lotus will attack once in a while, the dragon warriors should be quite 
    handy here. Build up your force consisting of lots of archers and some dragon 
    warriors. Enemy base is to the North of the map, both Northwest and 
    Northeast. Just attack when u are ready. Lotus drop like flies against a 
    party of 15 archers! :)
    3.6.2 If u choose to attack Wolf first after Getting Shinja
    Difficulty: Easy
    Zen Warrior found here: NONE
    This would then be the mission after the Swans' Pool. The starting point and 
    enemy location is still the same. This time it's much easier as u can get the 
    damage immunity BG for your Dragon Warriors! Just do as above, when the DW 
    starts rushing out and already in melee combat, turn on their BG. If the 
    Archers couldn't take the enemy out by the time the BG went off, those DW are 
    still not too bad at melee combat.
    3.7 At the Swans' Pool
    Difficulty: Moderate
    Zen Warrior found here: Kazan
    "I play this level by grouping Kenji, Otomo, and Shinja as 1 group and the 
    rest as one group. 1 group guards the north side, the other, the south part." 
    - xyzzealot, 5 Dec 01
    Note: That's about it in this mission! Both parties should have balance force 
    3.8 Serpentholm
    Difficulty: Hard
    Zen Warrior found here: None
    The difficult part about this mission is to defend against the early attack 
    wave from both Lotus and Wolf. Build your town in the center rice field as 
    this area has no enemy unit. U could also build your town on the Northern 
    rice field of the starting point, but u'll need to get rid of Lotus hut there 
    which will create unnecessary attention as both Lotus and Wolf will keep on 
    attacking u later. So, it's not recommended. The centre part is much easier 
    to defend. Near this rice field there are two paths to cross the river, build 
    a tower on the southern entry as the Wolf will attack first. The Wolf will 
    only attack from this direction and it's quite easy to defend against them as 
    the river will slow down their units a little bit (no direct path). Those who 
    made it across, use the tower BG to halt them and send your hero to finish 
    the job. Quickly get a Town Centre so that u can build 2 more towers. Place 
    one at the Northern entry (Lotus) and one more at the Southern entry (Wolf). 
    Just concentrate on creating archers and place them all under the towers 
    (evenly distribute). That should cover any attack wave from both Lotus and 
    Wolf. When u got around 15-20 archers, attack the Lotus to the North first. 
    Don't worry about the Wolf and your base as the two southern towers should be 
    able to handle any attack from the Wolf. Let your heroes stay at home in case 
    someone got through the river. Lotus will be busy defending at this time and 
    won't attack your base. Your archers should be equipped with fire arrow BG. 
    Also send along some dragon warrior with Ki Shield together with them but 
    grouped as different number (as before). Once you reach Lotus camp, proceed 
    slowly, there are two towers here, one at the north and the other east of 
    their camp. U should see also a well just before the eastern tower, destroy 
    it. Do not proceed in this direction any further as the tower got really good 
    range and can reach your archers. Move north, and get rid of the tower over 
    there. There's also a pond there. As the Lotus' well was destroyed, their 
    peasants will rush for this pond to get the much needed water, guard it with 
    your archers and u can just sit back laughing for a while seeing how harmless 
    they are at his point. They're really desperate to get the water. :)
    If you're lucky the Wolf at this time will also attack the Lotus base. They 
    will destroy almost everything for u. :) So if you see them, retreat you army 
    and let them do the work. U should also start creating Samurai with Yang 
    Sword BG at this point to help your archers fight the Wolves later on. After 
    u're done with the Lotus proceed south for the Wolf. U should pass the 
    Serpentholm hill here, there's nothing up there but it's quite cool to see 
    the big building! Just send someone up. :) Proceed with caution to the 
    Wolves' Base with your Samurais and Archers. It's a walk in the park though.
    3.9 Eliminate Lotus (not quite)
    Difficulty: Hard
    Zen Warrior found here: Sabon (If u got Garrin along) 
    "My strategy for beating it was to take over the Lotus' northwest outpost 
    right at the beginning. If you know how to micromanage, you can destroy the 
    base without losing a single unit with your starting troops. After that, I 
    just surrounded the southeast end of the base with watchtowers. I got a bunch 
    of upgraded archers (8+), a few powder kegs (4-6), a few geishas (2-3), some 
    Dragon Warriors with chi shield (4-6), and all the Heroes I had, then started 
    destroying the other Lotus bases as early as I could." - Integnos, 4 Dec 01
    "That mission is a simple one, you need to build a base at top left of the 
    map. It's not heavily guarded, you can take them down easily. Send all you 
    have to the base, build a peasant hut at the bottom of the pool. With this 
    you can start generating peasant. Tell your peasant to help with the attack. 
    Soon you have more (about 4 peasants) use 2 of them to collect rice and 
    water. Try to clear up the building at the middle first, this is important so 
    you'll have enough free space to build a dojo and start cranking out 
    spearman. When building the dojo, try to put it almost at the mouth of the 
    entry area, this place is small but with enough room management, you can 
    build all kind of building plus 4 peasant hut but with no tower.... I wasn't 
    using any tower that time, but I win. After you clear out the enemy, start 
    defending and crack out Dragon Warrior. If you get Arah early, she is the 
    main key to attack the enemy. If not, you'll need a good strategy management 
    to keep your men alive when attacking. A bunch of Dragon Warrior with a few 
    Geisha can hold out for some time. Use you heroes for this. At this level 
    too, you can get a Lotus hero... forget his name though. Just take it easy, 
    you'll find the Lotus weakness, very soon." - xyzzealot, 7 Dec 01
    Note: I agree with xyzzealot on base setting area which is the northwest 
    area. However I didn't go straight for the attack. There's small rice field 
    at the entrance of the area which u may built some peasant hut and get some 
    rice. By the time u clear up the pond area, u should have enough rice and 
    peasants to get a good start. There's also an enemy building north to the 
    rice field. U should get rid of that too. Just use two of your hero and set 
    the kabuki and archer at stand ground but within striking distance. The 
    geisha should be used to heal the heroes. If u have enough rice, built an 
    archery range. U can't build any archers (not enough water) yet but u may 
    upgrade your one and only archer using the yang points u gained destroying 
    the building and some enemy units. Upgrade for more damage first. The 
    peasants' hut(s) u build here won't last long as the lotus will eventually 
    raid it. But by the time they arrived, u should have already transferred your 
    force to the pond area. Remember to toggle peasant creation off on these huts 
    once you have built a new hut by the pond. Even though those huts will later 
    get crushed, u will at least be able to see the incoming enemy force and set 
    up a defense. My defend strategy is a little different with xyzzealot; I go 
    for the archers instead of dragon warriors. The reason for this is they are 
    must cheaper and faster to produce. Furthermore, lotus strength is mostly on 
    its range units. So the best defend I think is another range unit, as they 
    seems to take less damage. The dragons' archers also got significant 
    advantage in the length. So just start creating lots of archers with 2 
    archery ranges and group them all at the entrance to the area (there's only 
    one entrance) but don't place them at the downhill area. Your hero should be 
    able to take those managed to get through. 20 archers with fire arrows and 
    some close range back up should be able to take care of this level. By the 
    way, be careful with the base on the southwest area as some enemy units may 
    have missile resistance BG.
    3.10 Destroying the Mines
    Difficulty: Easy
    Zen Warrior found here: Gaihla (Centre of the map, across the river)
    Move your peasant on top of the hill and build a hut there. Your force 
    meantime should proceed to the centre of the map to get Gaihla. Once u got 
    her, move back to the hill. Get a peasant to build a hut by the river. 
    Collect water there before u could build a well on top of the hill. Even 
    though the hill is quite small, u could build everything up there if u 
    arrange you town properly (move the building blue print very very slowly). 
    However, you may only have 1 peasant hut and there's no space for stables. 
    Make sure u got three towers built at the entrance and one more tower at the 
    southeast corner of the hill. Start cranking out archers for defense and 
    place them at the entrance and around the cliff (except for the western 
    corner). This hill is very easy to defend. Build up you force consisting 10 
    archers with fire arrow and 10 samurai with yang blade. Group them as usual 
    and just raid the Wolves' Camp. Bring along your heroes, Gaihla healing BG is 
    very useful. Use it after each battle; just group your men around her. She 
    also can speed up the rice growth. 
    3.11 Meeting the Dragon
    Difficulty: Easy
    Zen Warrior found here: None
    Don't bother about the enemy huts and building at the beginning of this 
    mission. They're harmless. U should proceed to southeast to meet up with the 
    dragon. To do this, sneak through the western corner of the map working your 
    way to the south. We should only encounter enemy units once. When u reach the 
    river, just move along it and to the east. When the dragon done talking to 
    you, u should engage the enemy units again. Whatever u do, your samurai and 
    yourself must survive! Proceed east to the mountain entrance. Another enemy 
    party is also there. After u're done with that, let everyone else stay there 
    except for Kenji and the samurai. Move along the path up the hill slowly. 
    There are some dragon warriors with boulders waiting on top of the cliff for 
    u. Do not go underneath the boulder or they drop it. Long-range attack from 
    the samurai and Kenji should be able to kill them without a fight. Just move 
    slowly toward the boulders under your Samurai and Kenji starts attacking 
    (Kenji will use gun). The dragon warrior will just stand there waiting for 
    his death. There are about 4-5 of these that u need to kill. Once u cleared 
    them up, proceed northeast to meet up with the dragon again.
    3.12 Death of Otomo
    Difficulty: Hard
    The tough part about this mission is to set up defense. U need to do it 
    rather quickly. So, get the town center and the archery range up as soon as 
    possible. Build three towers at the entrance to your town (which is your 
    starting point). This MUST cover ALL the entry ground; from the west. The AI 
    are pretty smart for this game, if they try one way and failed, they will try 
    another way. That's why all entry point must be covered. There's a path 
    coming down from the hill north to the town. Make sure one of the towers is 
    placed at the junction, covering both from the path and from the west. Arah 
    would be very useful here if u got her! I'm not sure whether this is a bug or 
    one of the lotus ability, the hill or ridge north to your town is rather 
    useless, they seem to be able to storm down from it! So create two groups of 
    archers, about a dozen or in each. Group one back up the towers in the west 
    and group two guards the town. Build a keep and another tower in the middle 
    of the town too. Once u have establish defense, get all your archers to the 
    firework factory. If u have Gaihla, use her in the attack force too, but 
    group her separately and alone. She's good fighting the Lotus melee unit and 
    an excellent healer to your archers. Just march north, 20+ archers should 
    take care of business quite nicely. Use Gaihla to heal those injured on your 
    way to attack the enemy's town. Oh yeah, careful when it's raining, the Lotus 
    Hero can cast Lightning (very very powerful attack). However u should be able 
    to kill him with your archers when he attacks your town.  
    3.13 Second Serpentholm
    Difficulty: Hard by Reputation! :)
    "What I did at Serpentholm 2nd, I attack the Serpent force with all I have 
    once the game started. I manage to take out their entire peasant hut, making 
    them unable to do anything. My peasants already build up a base at the left 
    bottom area from the start. With only the spearmen, I manage to hold the 
    first Lotus' wave. To hold the next, use Dragon Warriors and watchtowers with 
    archer as the decoy. In defending from the Lotus, use towers as decoy. This 
    to make their warlock's attack directed to the tower. You can smash them 
    after that and repair the tower" - xyzzealot, 11 Dec 01
    I would like to approach this mission steadily, which means setting up good 
    defense. Build your base and defense as in the First Serpentholm mission, but 
    this time u need two towers at each river crossing points. Serpent will 
    attack from south crossing, while Lotus base is just slightly north. Lotus 
    however will attack from the other side of river too. So again, make just 
    archers and gather them below the towers equally on both sides. Set up your 
    defense, and u just need to attack get rid of the Lotus. I did this with only 
    10 archers with fire arrows and Gaihla to heal them. If u got Arah, she's 
    most useful on the tower most north, which is against the Lotus. The lotus 
    got two of their heroes here, Koril and another one. Koril is the one u 
    should pay attention to, the arrows can't hurt him. Use your Hero or Gaihla 
    to duel with him. If u are overwhelm with the Lotus force when u are about to 
    attack them, take them out slowly, send only one archer to provoke them, then 
    run back to the towers and the other archers. That should take care of 
    business especially the monks. If u got Gaihla, use her to heal these archers 
    after each combat or even during combat! The tower's BG is very useful too. 
    Once their force weakens, send in your attacking troop. Once u defeat the 
    Lotus, all u need is Arah and a horse to win the mission! :) If u don't have 
    her, just send ALL your archers and your heroes. Here's the trick, u only 
    need to kill Shinja to beat the mission. He's hiding in his keep up north, 
    just right side to the river. Get Arah with the horse to northwest corner of 
    the map. U could cross the river from there! U should only meet up with the 
    keep and two towers. Arah has a longer range from these towers, and let her 
    destroy the keep from the distance. Shinja will come out and say something 
    suppose to be scary and a few enemies start coming towards her. Just run if 
    she cannot handle them all. They can't catch the horse! Take care of them and 
    return back to kill Shinja from the distance. He's no better than the keep! 
    He'll just stand there getting killed. I suppose Arah was out of his sight! 
    3.14 Helping the Monks 
    Difficulty: Hard
    "Run all of your units to the SouthEast corner of the map, and set up a base. 
    The Lotus will go for the monastery, and usually leave you alone down there. 
    So, send most of your army, and your heroes up to the monastery. Set each 
    fighting unit to "guard" the monastery. The high ground there gives a huge 
    advantage. Build towers, and just defend for a while. Send a peasant up to 
    the monastery to repair it, and have him build a hut and collect rice too. 
    Once you have a large army, attack the Lotus. Its a pretty easy level, 
    actually, since the monks keep respawning for free." - ADK, 16 Dec 01
    Before I start I would recommend u play the other mission. It's 10 times 
    easier plus u will get another zen warrior.
    In this mission, u're suppose to protect the temple (monastery). The lotus 
    and ninjas will just keep on coming. The thing is, they are not going for 
    u...they are all going for the temple. So u should rush there (don't stop at 
    anything) and have your heroes help the monks protect the temple. First thing 
    u should do is to build a hut on top of the rice field beside the temple. Get 
    some rice and water using only that hut. While u are gathering resources, if 
    the ninjas managed to get through the monks (they're lousy at protecting it) 
    send 4 peasants to do the repair job, even while the ninjas are attacking the 
    temple! Don't worry, they will focus so much on destroying the temple and 
    will just ignore your peasants repairing it!  The next thing u should do is 
    build a tower at any of the two entry points (one is from the west and 
    another is from the south). Build two towers at both points later on when u 
    got your keep up. You can build your town center and bath house in the little 
    space u have west to the temple. U can later build you archery range, keep, 
    firework factory and the armory (or whatever it's called) on the island to 
    the south of the temple (same location as the other two towers). The enemies 
    hardly attack your buildings, as they will just rush for the temple. Set 
    waypoint from the hut to the archery range. Then set waypoint from the 
    archery range to the 'Y' junction just before the temple. Once in a while 
    select all you archers and set them to stand ground. They will take down any 
    enemies managed to get through your tower. If at this point your heroes are 
    still alive, ask them to guard the temple. If u got Arah, put her on one of 
    the towers. Build also a well just directly in front of the temple to speed 
    up water collection and watering rice field. It's a little difficult to set 
    up defense at the beginning until u've established the towers and some 
    archers at the junction. Once u've establish defense, send your archers (with 
    fire arrows BG) to the rice field at northwest area of the map (together with 
    Gaihla and Arah if possible). U only need to destroy the lotus to win this 
    mission. Just ignore the ninjas for a while. 
    3.15 Getting the Ninja
    Difficulty: Very Easy
    Zen Warrior found: Tao
    All u need to do with your starting group is ask them to travel west until u 
    reached the edge of the map, then travel north till u find the fire. U should 
    not be having any kind of problem destroying it. The ninjas are lousy melee 
    fighter. Just use your heroes BG a lot.
    3.16 The last province before final mission
    Difficulty: Hard
    There is rice field at your starting point (the one most south). Only use 
    this area to get rice and water. Built a hut there first, and then send your 
    peasant to set up the tower at one of the river crossing points (there are 
    4). Filled up the resource area with peasants hut, u need a lot of them to 
    speed up peasant creation. I had more than 20 and all the waypoints are set 
    to the archery ranges. Build a tower at each of the crossing point, meaning u 
    need to get your keep up asap. Put Arah (if u got her) at any of the middle 
    towers to benefit from her range the most. Create ONLY archers, separate them 
    into 2 groups; one to cover two of the north entry and another to cover two 
    of the west entry. Your defense troop shall consist of at least 15+ archers 
    in each group. Always use the tower BG; it's very useful to slow down the 
    attack. Once u've established defense, send the west guard group to attack 
    the enemy base. Send a ninja before hand to scout for incoming units towards 
    your archers. Gaihla should join this party as a medic. Attack the west base 
    first. There are towers at all the base entry. So shoot some fire arrows and 
    retreat (let it burn down). Be ready for any enemy defense party; from front 
    and rear. You ninja should be able to give early warning. Once u've destroy 
    the west base, move to the northwest base. Destroy the towers at the entry 
    and move uphill. Send your second defense troop to the same location. Make 
    one group guard the entry from top of the hill (to gain height advantage) and 
    the other troop to destroy the base. They enemy WILL send reinforcement to 
    this base once u start attacking it. That's why u need to guard the entry! 
    Once this base is taken down, send both troops to the northeast base. Do not 
    combine force. One group should stay behind closely for any melee units going 
    for your archers in the front group. It's pretty much a walk in the park 
    3.17. The Final Mission
    Difficulty: Should be hard :)
    "I figured out an excellent strategy for the last dragon level. This is best 
    done with ninjas in your party, but will work for monks too. Place your base 
    down below the lowest river bridge near the rice and water... make sure you 
    make many more fire archers then melee units. Eventually get up 4 towers... 
    one right in front of the bridge where the big powder keg hero guy goes, then 
    three other towers in a line behind the first one and the rice in the way 
    with Arah on top of the middle one. Make sure your base is safe first... then 
    make a ninja. Click on stealth mode and start walking/running, whichever you 
    prefer, to the north. Whatever you do make sure every time his stamina gets 
    dangerously slow he stops to recharge (when his stamina runs out, he is once 
    again visible). Anyway, run all the way north across the bridge to the long 
    island on top. Continue on your way to the right. All the way until you get 
    to pretty much the top right side of the screen. Head down to the base you 
    know exists right below and watch the cut scene where Zymeth appears and 
    starts coming to your base, very much all by his lonesome (quite sad). He 
    hopefully gets eliminated upon arrival, which causes... I'm not telling 
    because you don't need to know. Just know that the final boss does just what 
    Zymeth does is suicidally coming to visit your base. And this time you don't 
    even have to send a scout or anybody anywhere. 
    If you have monks I suggest the same strategy except instead on sending a 
    ninja to scout... send 5 archers and 5 monks along the north path as there 
    are only about 3 guard towers and no other structures in between you and 
    Zymeths base." - kirbystillontop, 21 Dec 01
    4.1 Second Serpentholm
    "I've heard a lot of people having trouble with this mission...but its pretty 
    easy if you know how to micromanage. Here are the steps I took to secure the 
    east side of the map: 
    1.) Send the Crossbowman on the lone Watchtower into the Tavern. Put 2 
    peasants on water and 3 on rice. Then set the Peasant Hut waypoint straight 
    to the Tavern. Send the Ronin, Bandit, and Musketeer into the Thief's Guild. 
    2.) Have the initial Ronin Blood Bond with Kenji. Kenji might have his life 
    cut in half, but the Ronin can survive 2-4x longer. They both must survive 
    skirmishes so they can regenerate health. 
    3.) Take out the southern Dragon Clan with your initial units(Bandit, Ronin, 
    Musketeer, Kenji). You shouldn't have any casualties if you play it right. 
    Use the Bandit's Paralsysis Darts if you come across any Samurai. If one of 
    your unit dies, restart...you didn't micromanage and make use of your 
    BattleGear very well. Be sure to upgrade Swordsman damage at the Tavern the 
    second you receive a Yin point. Upgrade the Swordsman life if you receive 
    another 3. 
    4.) After you've taken out the southern Dragon Clan, you should have over 5 
    Swordsman next to your Tavern. Change your Peasant Hut waypoint and build a 
    Bathhouse. Make 2-3 Fan Geishas. Send them to the Thief's Guild. In the 
    meantime, take Kenji, the Bandit, Ronin, and Musketeer to your Peasant Hut 
    and guard it. Send your second Fan Geisha to Kenji's group. 
    5.) After a little bit longer, the northern Wolf Clan will attack. By now you 
    should have 6+ fully upgraded Swordsman and a few Fan Geishas. Repel the Wolf 
    Clan's onslaught with them. Be sure to use Dark Pact on your Swordsman. Don't 
    send Kenji's squad though....they're needed by the Peasant Hut to repel any 
    Dragon Clan attacks. 
    6.) After you've defended your base from the Wolf Clan, Shinja and the 
    Necromancer should arrive. Summon 2 Spirit Warrior's immediately and have 
    Shinja's troop march to the Wolf Clan's base. Right as they attack, send your 
    army of Swordsman and Fan Geisha into the fray. You should be able to take 
    out the Wolf Clan with no trouble. Remember to manually make the Necromancer 
    attack things. He does insane amounts of damage, but hates to fight and just 
    stands around doing nothing if you don't command him to fight. Kenji's squad 
    should have successfully repelled 2+ Dragon Clan attacks by now with no 
    casualties. By now you should have destroyed the southern Dragon Clan, the 
    northern Wolf Clan, and secured the eastside. You have a lot more breathing 
    room so do whatever you want. Personally, I trained all my Swordsmen into 
    Bandits, upgraded their damage, sent them into the Thief's Guild, then sent 
    every single one of my soldiers(excluding Kenji's Squad) to the west side and 
    swept the entire enemy base clean. Non-stop action...I love it! This level is 
    great because it forces you to micromanage to win, none of that 'build a huge 
    ass army and attack' crap." - Integnos, 24 Nov 01
    "I built a Metal Shop a little later then. I was writing it off the top of my 
    head and probably forgot. I remember using the Paralysis Darts the most while 
    defending the peasants, so I probably took out the southern Dragon Clan 
    without it. Be sure that your units aren't all spread around the Wolf Clan 
    when attacking it. It's better to attack closely together so your fan geishas 
    don't have to walk far to heal. 
    Make sure your Musketeer is away from the group with his sniper scope on. 
    Make sure you keep using Kenji's Critical Strike as much as you can. Try not 
    to have the Bandit get hit by more than 1 Samurai if possible. Kenji and the 
    Ronin should take the hits if possible. If you're still having trouble taking 
    them out, send 1-2 swordsmen to Kenji's group. 
    Remember to use battlegear a lot and learn how to micromanage better. Don't 
    ever make a unit run if he has a battlegear that uses stamina (like Kenji). 
    Try and pull back low life melee units away from battle (i.e. run away) if 
    you can. When the AI ignores it and attacks another unit, send the unit back 
    in. Try and send 1 or 2 units charging at ranged attackers if you can. They 
    won't be able to do much if they're engaged in melee. Try and keep enemy 
    units away from geishas and ranged attackers. 
    Save before a battle. If you lose, try the battle again. You'd be amazed at 
    how pulling a few injured units back; attacking specific enemy units, or 
    having enemy units attack another unit can turn the tide of a battle." - 
    Integnos, 25 Nov 01
    "If you float around the main grounds you're going to get reamed no matter 
    what you do. Live a little safer. Relocate to the top of Serpentholm where 
    your watchtower already is. You have a great vantage point and room to build 
    a bunch of buildings. It lacks any rice or water though, so you'll have to 
    build a well and get rice with a little more risk. Though being above the 
    enemies and giving them only one entrance will definitely help you out and 
    make it well worth it. While you're relocating to the mountain top and 
    building an army there, keep a couple guys on water/rice duty at your initial 
    peasant hut to help build your stock. You should notice an improvement in 
    your hold of the land. Oh yeah, also you might want to send the few guys your 
    start with down past the mountain to wipe out a lot of the enemy base down 
    there (I'm serpent so those were dragon people I believe, and for me anyway 
    were easier to critically weaken) that'll give you more breathing room and 
    give you much more access to the rice fields down there."  - Comte de la 
    Fere, 26 Dec 2001
    "This mission is hard, but with correct timing and fast response, you can 
    beat it.  
    1. Send all military units to demolish Dragon's base at lower map. Watch out 
    for towers. Try not to get anyone killed. With 1 peasant hut, use 2 to gather 
    water, 3 to rice, and then crack out swordsman. 
    2. Once you destroy the lower base, build a tavern and a peasant hut at lower 
    rice field. Send your entire peasant for this. And then build a stable and 
    3. Prepare for attack. The wolves are coming. If you have some spare 
    resource, build a sharpshooters' guild fast... so you can have bandits.  
    4. Build 3 tower to defend from the Dragon only... the wolf are easy to deal 
    5. Train Ronin one by one. Once you have upgrade most of your units and have 
    all Zen master... time to counter attack.  
    6. Destroy the west dragon base, that's the main base... Full strength of 
    Ronin should do... 
    7. After this, dealing with the wolf is easy thing, one note... they always 
    on losing side when having close combat with Ronins. Up to you to destroy 
    which base first. (There are 2 of them)." - xyzzealot, 16 Dec 01
    Even though this compilation is not really complete, I hope it may prove 
    useful to some players. If any correction or anything, you may e-mail me at 
    Source: www.gamefaqs.com Battle Realms forum board
    Copyright 2001 by Amrul Isham Ismail

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