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    Dragon Clan Walkthrough by DeEpBluE

    Version: 1.5 | Updated: 01/06/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Battle Realms Version 1.5
    General Help and Walkthrough
    My Board nick: DEpBluE (someone had already taken the nick DeEpBluE:)
    Email me at: DeepBlue@trust-me.com
    Any submissions, tips, death threats, praises, violent disagreements please
    send to deepblue@trust-me.com
    Battle Realms is a RTSG (Real Time Strategy Game) set in the old world. Like
    most strategy games, you simply harvest resources, build crucial buildings and
    technologies, train units to eliminate the computer player. Unlike normal
    strategy games, the unit limit is set at 20 UNITS (including peasants) at the
    beginning, 30 units at most of the games, 40 and 50 units at the last 2
    missions respectively. More on unit count later.
    I've also just started in the game not too long ago, but decided to post tips
    which allowed me to get as far into the game as possible - so spare me if
    there are any mistakes which you may find laughable. Feel free to correct any
    mistakes I made and
    PLEASE submit any tips that you find. I'm doing a SINGLE PLAYER FAQ so I won't
    be posting up any human vs humans k?
    This is the walkthrough for Dragon Clan. At your first choice, you must choose
    to help the peasants in order to use the Dragon Clan. I havent played the
    serpant clan yet, so if you choose that, I doubt that this FAQ will be of any
    use. As again, please correct me for any mistakes at the above mentioned
    People have reminded me from time to time that units in BattleRealm works best
    when used altogether and BattleGears peoperly. I guessed I mislooked that fact
    when I started playing this game. I promise to try all the tatics I learnt
    multiplayer and see if they work.
    I don't consider myself a good player in BR, but generally I do play well in
    strategy games (i.e Starcraft). BR is however a totally different game, but I'm
    getting the knack of it. The strategies are my own, feel free to come up with
    faults with them and email me :) Of course, I employed these strategies and
    managed to complete the Dragon Clan.
     Version Changes
    Version 1.5
    Added some more contributions. Modified info on Peasants hut regeneration, some
    over tatic change, Soban information.
    Practically added/modified all unit information. Gained insight on that
    Battle Realms is a game to use all unit types and not one.
    DeEpBluE gained a level :)
    And thanks to you guys out there that's continueously sending info! Keep those
    emails coming!!
    Created Battle Referance Chart which I extracted from the official BR site.
    Version 1.2
    Added some info I got for the last mission from the forum. Added some info on
    Geisha and Soban from email contributions.
    Changed Geisha description. Yeah guess I'm too harsh on the "Geisha sucks"
    Version 1.1
    Modified the formatting after realising that there are too many words in a row,
    my map for the final mission has lost the formatting and look hopelessly wrong.
    Well, hope it turns out well for this version.
    Version 1.0
    Created Buildings description, Units description, Zen masters descriptions,
    tips and tricks and walkthrough.
     Contents : To get to a section, Hit <CTRL><F> and key in the section name.
    1. Dragon Clan Buildings
    	- Peasant Hut
    	- Stables
    	- DoJo
    	- Bathhouse
    	- Target Range
    	- Alchemist hut
    	- Shrine
    	- Tower
    	- TownSquare
    	- Well
    	- Fireworks Factory
    	- Keep
    	- Dragon's monument
    2. Dragon Clan Units
    	- Peasants
    	- Spearman
    	- Archers
    	- Chemist
    	- Dragon Warriors
    	- Kabuki Warriors
    	- Gensha
    	- Powder Keg Cannoners
    	- Samurai
    3. Dragon Clan Zen Masters
    	- Kenji
    	- Shinja
    	- Otomo
    	- Tao
    	- Lord Garrin
    	- Karzan
    	- Arah
    	- Soban
    	- Ninjas
    	- Monks
    4. Battle Reference Chart
    5. General Tips and Tricks
    6. Dragon Clan Walkthrough
    7. Acknowledgements
     1. Dragon Clan Buildings
    To begin with, I shall start with the Building Tech Tree. From my observations,
    there is a hidden building limit of 50. After which, your peasants will not
    build any more buildings. To set waypoint for a building, left click to select
    a building, then right click on the area you want the units to walk to. Double
    right click if you want the units to run there.
     Dragon       DoJo          ---> Shrine + 1st Tower
    Peasant  ---> Bathhouse     ---> TownSquare ---> Well + 2nd & 3rd Tower | Keep
      Hut         Target Range                                              | Keep
                  Alchemist hut ---> Fireworks Factory
    ---> Keep ---> Dragons Monument + 4th Tower
    Peasant Hut (50 rice)
    This is the structure you should be building TONS of constantly. One peasant
    should be building this structure all the time. From what I feel, the speed of
    peasant regeneration increases proportionally with the number of peasant huts.
    In short, more huts, faster production of units. Build these as close to the
    rice fields and water sources as possible - this reduce the time peasants need
    to walk thru and forth. Correct me if I'm wrong please.
    Nathan Cocks (Refer to contributions) pointed out that the number of Peasant
    huts does effect Peasant regeneration speed. However, there is a Diminishing
    effect - meaning the rate of regeneration increament decreases with the number
    of huts.
    Stables (150 rice 150 water)
    In my opinion, this should be the most useless structure in the game. Stables
    houses horses. You don't breed horses. You catch them, and deliver them into
    the building. Have any unit enter the stables to ride the horse. Riding horses
    increases the unit's attack and defense. In addition, the horse will lose life
    and die before your unit will. However, it is extremely troublesome to catch,
    and to ride these horses. I let my Zen Masters ride them if I feel like it.
    Otherwise, I rather use the peasant to harvest rice or to train into attack
    units. Pros and Cons - its your call. I would prefer to just use Garrin to
    summon horses.
    Nathan pointed out that Horse's default battlegear Trample works very
    effectively in damaging grouped enemy units. Try putting a Geisha into a
    horse. Have her stay at the back of your units. When encountering grouped
    units, move her up and Trample. I verified it and found that it is very
    effective, though a little cubersome to be catching horses when they are far
    DoJo (150 rice 50 water)
    This is the structure used to train basic Spearman units. You need this -
    enough said. More on Spearman units
    in the units section.
    Peasants ---> Spearman
    Archers ----> Dragon Warriors
    Chemist ----> Kabuki Warriors
    Canoneer ---> Samurai
    Bathhouse (100 rice 200 water)
    This structure allows you to train Geisha units. Geisha are healers. More on
    Geisha in the units section.
    Peasants ---> Geisha
    Target Range (125 rice 75 water)
    This structure allows you to train Archers. More on Archers in the units
    Peasants ---> Archers
    Spearman ---> Dragon Warriors
    Chemist ----> Powder Keg Cannoners
    Kabuki warriors ---> Samurai
    Alchemist Hut (100 rice 100 water)
    This structure allows you to train Chemist. More on Chemist in the units
    Peasants ---> Chemist
    Spearman ---> Kabuki Warriors
    Archers ----> Powder Keg Cannoners
    Dragon Warriors ---> Samurai
    Shrine (150 rice 75 water)
    This stucture allows you to let your units gain special abilities. The
    downside is that only the unit entering the Shrine will gain the ability. As
    such, its preety expensive. The numbers in brackets are the cost of rice
    and water respectively.
    Peasants ---> none
    Spearman ---> Stun Strike (25,10) Stuns opponents at cost of stamina
    Archers ----> Zen Arrows (15,5) Sees enemies at distance. Immobilises archer
                  and continually drains stamina.
    Chemist ----> Mandrake Spores (25,10) Emfeebles enemies for a short duration
                  at a cost of stamina.
    Dragon Warriors ----> Chi shield (25,10) Makes warrior immune to damage.
                          Immobilises him and drains stamina.
    Kabuki Warriors ----> Stardust (25,10) Prevents enemies from using missile
                          weapons at a cost of stamina.
    Cannoners --> Indirect Fire (25,10) Increases attack range but decreases line
                  of sight. Drains stamina.
    Samurai ----> Yang Blade (40,20) Attacks generate Yang. Damage increases as
                  Yang does. Drains stamina.
    Geisha -----> Sacrifice (??,??) Kills Geisha but heals surrounding units.
    Watch Tower (75 rice)
    This defensive structure increases the attack range of your ranged attacker
    effectively as if they were on high ground. I recommand putting either archers
    or cannoners in them. Unfortunately the game restricts the number of watch
    towers which can be built. You can build the first tower after the DoJo, the
    next 2nd and 3rd after the Town Square, and the final after building the keep.
    To maximise their potential, I highly recommand grouping the 4 towers together
    even though it effectively compromise the security of your base. To counter
    the security problem, note where most enemy attacks come from. Group your
    towers facing that direction. The tower's special ability allows you to stun
    the enemies for a short duration. I find that grouping the towers work well
    for me but then again - your call.
    Town Square (200 rice 300 water)
    This structure has no uses except to increase the storage capacity of your
    rice and water. Town Square is also vital as that it allows you to build 2
    addional towers. Get this as soon as possible. My tatic when rushing for
    towers is to build a Hut, Bathhouse, TownSquare, Range, 3 Towers. Town Sqare
    also allows you to build wells. Great when the water source is extremely far.
    Well (200 rice)
    For once, I feel that it's kinda stupid that they place the well so far back
    into the tech tree. Because of this, players cannot start a base without being
    near a water source. And then again.. 200 rice for a frigging well ??? I think
    mineral water is cheaper! :)
    Fireworks Factory (150 rice 100 water)
    This structure is like the shrine. It gives your units fire-related abilites.
    I find this useful - as such, I would set waypoint of my Target Range here, so
    that any archers produced will gain the Fire Arrows ability.
    Flame sword is not bad for the Dragon Warriors, but they already deal alot of
    damage to buildings already.
    The idea of Fire arrows is to adept Hit and Run techniques.
    Peasants ---> none
    Spearman ---> Whirling Spear (25,10) All adjecent enemies are damaged at a cost
                  of stamina
    Archers ----> Fire Arrows (30,10) Flaming Arrows damanges buildings effectively
    Dragon Warriors ---> Flaming Sword (35,15) Sword burns with fire to damage
                         buildings effectively
    Kabuki Warriors ---> Flash Powder (25,10) Blinds enemies with incandiscent
                         powder. Limit 3 times only.
    Cannoners --> Shrapnel Keg (25,10) Explosion pierces enemies in a large area.
                  Limit 1 only.
    Samurai ----> Dragon Skin (25,10) Samurai takes no damage from missile weapons.
                  Drains stamina.
    Gensha -----> none
    Dragons Monument (600 rice 200 water)
    Well... area effect weapons is a must for all strategy games right ? From
    Nukes in Starcraft to Weatherstorm in Red Alert 2. Dragon's Attack is the
    answer in this game. However, the weapon is obsencely expensive to Fire!
    It requires you to sacrifice 4 Samurais and 3 Yang points. This weapon does
    not damage buildins. If enemy units are grouped together, this will work well
    against them. Unfortunately, the CPU always spreads its units.
    On firing, there is a rain of fireballs. Great for softening up enemy base for
    attacks by main force later. Too expensive however.
     2. Dragon Clan Units
    Training of units in Battle Realms is so much different from other RTSG. The
    production speed is limited by speed of which peasants regenerate. Numbers in
    brackets represents cost to train them from Peasants rice and water
    The basic unit of the game. These are automatically produced as time passes
    by. They can use pack horses to increase their effeciency. They attack using
    the scythes. Easyly cut down by any other units.
    Spearman (30,30)
    From what I've observed, Spearman deal relatively weak damage to buildings AND
    enemy units alike. If you start with any of these, I strongly recommand you to
    send them to the Target Range to train into Dragon Warriors.
    Nathan Cocks (Refer to Contributions) pointed out that Spearman with Whirling
    Spear battlegear is extremely effective when combined with Kabuki Warrior's
    Flash Powder. Try it sometime :)
    Archers (30,30)
    Archers are excellent in my opinion. I did not use this units at the
    beginnning - prefering to opt for Dragon Warriors and Kabuki Warriors. At the
    last level, it was these archers which helped me complete the game. Excellent
    in large groups. Place these units in front of towers. Mix a couple of Dragon
    warriors or Kabuki Warriors in. Watch the enemy come to you - and watch them
    die from the rain of arrows. Research the Increased Damage before Increased
    Range. Make sure you research both! Get Flaming arrows too. One of my favoured
    techniques involve sending 4 or 4 archers with Flame arrow BG, attack
    each enemy building twice, then move on. Watch the enemy base burn to the
    ground - true the archers will die - but you can replace them easily.
    Zen arrows work well when you combine with PKcannoners Indirect Fire BG. Have
    a archer use the Gear and you can take out Towers beyond their normal range.
    Chemist (30,30)
    Short Range, their attacks seem to damage your own guys too! Ok to use to
    raze enemy base - but keep them out all of the time. Train them to Kabuki
    Dragon Warriors (60,60)
    These RULES. For the first few battles, forget archers - go all out Dragon
    Warriors - and watch them rip apart enemy units and buildings alike.
    Basically, try to use their Chi Shield to draw enemy attacks. Group them as
    a group, rush in with Chi Shield activated. When enemy units engages them,
    rush in with Kabuki Warriors with Flash Powder, then have PK cannoncers
    Powder Keg them. Should be preety effective.
    Kabuki Warriors (60,60)
    These works as well as Dragon Warriors. Mix them in roughly equal proportions
    of archers and Dragon warriors. Their Flash Powder works great to blind Melee
    combatants. When encountering Blade Acolyte, do not fret or fear. Flash powder
    will blind them, while your archers and other warriors finishes them.
    Nathan pointed out that Kabuki Warriors' Flash Powder not only blind enemy
    units, the attacks done to them also deal double damage. Try Whirling Spear
    with Flash Powder.
    Geisha (30,30)
    Upgrade Geisha with improved stamina and they should be able to heal a
    couple of times more. Try to group them seperately, you won't want them to
    go rushing in and die without healing. Micromanaging counts if you want to
    save your units from dying.
    Try putting them on a horse to extend their life and give them a more useful
    ability - Trample.
    Powder Keg Cannoners (60,60)
    These are Sumos holding cannons. Great for decimating structures. Poor
    otherwise. Hey archers does better work, and have a longer range! I usually
    build about 2 to hold front line defenses - they usually don't last long.
    Sharpnal Kegs in the middle of a bunch of flash powdered enemies will prob
    decimate most of them.
    Indirect fire is great when coupled with Zen arrow to take out outlying
    buildings and are beyond the range of Tower's defenses.
    Samurai (90,105)
    These are supposed to be ultimate units. I don't bother to build them though,
    they don't seem to work well me. I would prefer a combination of archers and
    warriors. Again, your call.
    Yang blade when used with a Ton of Yang will more or less obliterate any
    enemy which they encounter. Try mixing these with Kabuki Warrior's FP.
    Also good for gaining tons of Yang to research those upgrades and to summon
    your heroes.
     3. Dragon Clan Zen Masters
    Zen Masters are heros which you can train from the Keep. They usually cost
    some Yang and are very expensive. They are powerful though.
    The main character of the game. I suppose he belong the the Kabuki Warrior
    class as he has a pistol attack as a ranged attack. His sword attacks are
    preety powerful, especially when coupled with his Critical Strike ability.
    Don't go sending him out to battles though. If he dies in the first few
    battles, you lose. I prefer to let him stay in base with other Zen masters to
    guard the camp.
    The opposer of Kenji most of the time. He wields twin swords. I always pair
    him up with Kenji and Otomo. You get to use him for only a few battles, but is
    good in them. Unlike Kenji, he is expendable. His Intimidation tecnique reduces
    the damage enemy does to him.
    Preety decent fighter. Kenji's good friend. He wields a large sword. Belongs
    to the Dragon Warrior Class. His Battle Cry technique is great! Bring him out
    to battle and watch your unit's attack increase. Expendable too.
    A monk class fighter I assume. His attacks are extremely powerful. His
    Reversal of Fortune technique reflects a portion of damage back to his
    attackers. Preety good except for his technique. Also increases the maximum
    number of Ninjas or Monks you can hire by 2.
    Lord Garrin
    A swordsman. Decent attacks. His ability to summon horses makes him a very
    useful character. Who needs stables with him around ?
    He is a modified Cannoner. His flame thrower technique has a very short range.
    Good for placing in towers. As again, expendable.
    An excellent archer. Most units will take only 3 hits from him and die. Place
    her in a tower and watch her range shoot all the way up. Very very good unit.
    Her ability is a normal Zen arrow technique.
    I'm not very clear on this yet, but Jason Hau pointed out to me that it is
    possible to get Soban in Mission 8. Please read the Adknowledgements section
    for more details on how to get him.
    His battlegear is to build a max of 3 Golems. The golems are essentially just
    Peasants. Use these as you will peasants to free the peasants up for your
    unit production.
    At one of the battles, you have the option to enlist the aid of either the
    Ninjas or the Monks. Ninjas sounded cool to me. They suck however. Their
    ability to be invisible is great for scouting or to see beyond the range
    of your archers. Enemy units can still detect them however, if they are in
    the way, or are attacking. At any one time, you may enlist 4 Ninjas. 6 if you
    process Tao.
    If you chose to help the monks, you would be able to enlist them at the last 2
    missions. Monks are better fighters then Ninjas. They have a very useful
    ability to heal themselves quickly.
     4. Battle Referance Chart
    The Battle Refearance Chart is obtained from the official BR website. I claim
    no copyright from the below chart as it is just copied into here.
    I will just place the Dragon Clan unit comparison. The comparison chart shows
    a unit's attack and weakness.
    Index of Referances
    Me = Melee 		Mi = missile	g = good	e = excellent	ave = average
    min = minimal	Pr = poor	
    C  = Cutting 	P  = Piercing	B = Blunt
    Ex = Explosive	Pw = Pack Wolf	F = Fire	M = Magical
    Unit Name	    |	Me |	Mi |	C  |	P  |	B  |	Ex |	M  |	F |
    Archer		B	P	min	min	ave 	min	g	e
    Chemist		B	Ex	min	g	pr	g	g	e
    Dragon Warrior	C	M	min	min	g	min	e	e
    Geisha		B	-	min	min	min	min	min	e
    Kabuki Warrior	M	M	g	min	min	e 	pr	e
    Peasant		P	-	min	min	min	min	min	e
    Sumo Cannoner	B	Ex	pr	min	e	min	g	e
    Samurai		C	P	e	ave	g	pr	min	min
    Spearman		P	-	g	min	min	ave	pr	e
    Arah			C	P	min	e	pr	e	min	pr
    Garrin		P	-	e	ave	g	pr	pr	pr
    Kazan			B	F	g	pr	pr	e	pr	e
    Otomo			C	-	e	g	e	pr	e	pr
    Tao			B	-	ave	min	ave	ave	ave	ave
    Notes :	As you can see, from the chart, most units are strong against Fire.
    		That is one of the reasons why Archers with Flaming Arrows are
    		ineffective against enemy units.
    		Most units are weak against explosive attacks, only Kabuki Warriors
    		have strong defenses against them.
    		Most Melee units use Cutting or Blunt attacks. Samurai are strong
    		against both of them.
    		When encountering Warlocks, send Dragon Warrios - they have strong
    		magical defenses.
     5. General Tips and Tricks
    1. Note where your enemy strikes from. Place your Towers and defenses such
    that they will face the advancing enemies. My suggestion is to group the
    towers together as I mentioned earlier.
                                Main Attacking Enemy Direction
                                         TT  Warriors and Archers here.
                                            TT  TT TT
                                            TT  TT TT
           x  BASE
           x                                               T = Tower
    2. Make full use of your peasants. Once you see you have reached the max
    supply limit, send all but 2 peasants harvesting rice, and 1 peasant harvesting
    water to the DoJo/Range/Lab.
    3. Early in the game, concentrate on speeding up harvesting of resources.
    Until you have 10 peasants, do not train any attacking units. When you do,
    concentrate on training Dragon Warriors.
    4. For some missions where the water supply is far, and defense of water
    supplies not feastible, rush to build wells. When your well is up, send the
    peasant from afar harvesting water to harvest water from the well.
    5. If you see that the your attacking force get ripped to pieces before even
    attacking the enemy base, stop and consider if you should adept Hit and Run
    technique. To apply, have a strong defense consisting of majority of archers
    and a few warriors. Train about 5 archers and have with them Fire arrows
    ability. Send a Ninja to scout then move your Archers in. Target any buildings
    EXCEPT peasant huts.  Once you see the buildings burning a big flame, change
    targets. You should be able to set 3 buildings alight before enemy units
    kills off all your archers. I applied this on the last stage when all other
    tatics failed. Scouting is extremely important!
    6. With a Warrior majority force, remember to have your Kabuki warriors with
    the Flash Powder ability. A small group of Blade Masters can easily decimate
    your foces if you do not do anything about it. By using Flash Powder, you
    render their units helpless.
    7. Don't wait until you have maximum unit count before attacking. It gets too
    slow then. Have 2 groups of 8 warriors move to outside of enemy base. Set your
    building waypoint there. Attack in waves.. once one group is exhausted, send in
    the next, and the next.. you would notice that you will replace your units
    almost as quickly as they die out. For this technique, make sure you have 2
    Dojos, 2 Alchemist huts and 2 Ranges to ensure speedy training of troops.
    8. If your forces are too weak to engage hostile forces, let them destroy your
    huts one by one, while you pick them out with your archers one by one. Huts
    only cost 50 rice each, and you can build them back very quickly. Use them as
    9. Set way points for your buildings to train specific units you need. For e.g.
    Set your DoJo waypoint to Target Range, so to train Dragon warriors
    automatically, you just need to send them to the DoJo. Set Alchemist Lab
    waypoint to Range also, so If entered to Lab, you get cannoners automatically.
    You'll find that it is easier to manage with much lesser clicks.
    10. Archer Raze Technique
    The ratio of Archers to Warriors should always be about 3:1. Keep your
    Warriors mixed with the archers and group them as number 1. You should have
    about 12 archers and 4 warriors here. More archers will be good if
    you can spare them. More warriors if you see enemy going out all melee.
    No more then 6. Group about 5 archers with Fire arrows ability under group 2.
    Move group 1 and hold position by pressing <N>. This will tell your units to
    only engage the enemies when they come into Ranged attacks.  Most of the time,
    before the enemy can reach you, they will be dead. If not, the badly damaged
    units will be slain by your Warriors.
    Move in near the base, but stay out. Move group 2 in, enable flame arrows and
    fire a salvo of flame arrows. Once enemy approachs, retreat to the safely of
    group 1 and disable flame arrows. Rinse and repeat if necessary, meanwhile
    supplmenting the group with more archers. Like I said, this tatic works well
    for me. You may find this rather lame, but I practically tried everything I
    know at the last mission. Only this proves to work for me.
     6. Dragon Clan WalkThrough
    After winning some battles, you would have a choice to select the next map you
    would have to fight. Regardless of your choice, you would have to fight the
    battle anyway. Its only a matter of which map you fight first, and that the
    mission briefing would be different in each order. This doesnt affect the
    story line, only in some areas affect the heros which you would get (as in
    Mission 3). The letters after the numbers in the mission refers to the choice
    you can make. The Mission in brackets refer to another mission using the same
    map but with a different briefing.
    Mission 1
    Starting units: Kenji
    "I haven't yet decided what I would do once I had returned, but circumstances
    has conspired to force a choice upon me. Should I protect these helpless
    villages by attacking the bandits, or should I help the bandits keep the
    peasants in their place? No doubt my actions here will dictate the future of
    the land."
    Mission Choice: Attack the Bandits. (To form Dragon clan. If you choose to
                    otherwise, this walkthru is not for you)
    Very straight forward mission. Kenji is reasonably powerful and should not die
    in your attempt to kill the enemy units. Just don't go sucidal and let the
    peasants aid you in killing enough units for the next choice to pop up.
    "This is the beginning of something new... something good. I went against my
    upbringing and attack the bandits to protect the peasants. I have started
    something here and must finish the job. I must kill all attacking bandits and
    save the village. I must not lose my life in doing so."
    Once enough bandits have been killed by you for the computer to determine
    which side you were helping, finish off the remaining bandits in the region.
    As again, very easy.
    Mission Choice: Enlist Shinja's aid by attacking his keep and defeating him in
    Mission 2a (Mission 3b)
    Refer to Mission 3a for Mission 2b
    Starting units: Kenji, Otomo, 1 peasant
    "Otomo was right - Shinja intends to put up a fight. If I destroy his keep and
    confront him, he should listen to reason - I am heir to the Serpent Empire,
    after all. My new clan lacks leadership, though, and most certainly crumble
    were I to die."
    The enemy Keep is to the extreme North of the map. As this is one of the
    beginning missions, you can only build Peasant hut and DoJo. As such you can
    only train Spearman units. The unit limit for this mission is 20.
    This is sufficient if you limit the number of peasants working to 3 (at the
    later part of the mission when you have enough wealth.)
    At the start, build a Peasant hut between the water source and the rice field.
    After you have about 5 working peasants, build a DoJo and sent any excess
    peasants to the DoJo. Let a peasant keep building more huts, while pumping any
    extra peasants to the DoJo. Once you have about 19 units, select all your
    Spearman and head north. Wipe out all enemy traces. You probobly will lose all
    your Spearman units, so keep Kenji safely in base. Just keep pumping out
    Spearman and attacking, and you will win at the end.
    Once the Keep have been destroyed, Shinj will escape.
    Mission 3a (Mission 2b)
    Starting units: Kenji, Otomo, 2 peasants
    "Shinja has always a talent for escape, but we've cornered him now - that
    snake doesn't have anywhere else to run. If we defeat him in battle, I can
    surely sway him to our cause. I must survive if we are to enlist his aid."
    Run down South East to the nearest rice fields. Have your peasants build a Hut
    between the rice field and the pond. Have one peasant harvest and one drawing
    water. Subsequently, let one more draw water and 3 more harvest. At your 7th
    unit, build a DoJo and a Target Range. Send any excess peasants to harvest
    while you are building the DoJo. Look out for the 2 enemy units hidden in the
    forest just west of your base. Kenji and Otomo will take care of them easily.
    Move them to the North East of your base. Soon, a few enemy units will attempt
    to raid you base and set your DoJo on fire. Put out the fire, while building
    a Target Range. Send any extra peasants into the DoJo and the rest in building
    the Range. Keep building Spearman then sending them to the Range for Dragon
    Soon, the rice will run out. Have 2 peasants water the rice to speed up their
    growth, while keep pumping out Dragon warriors.
    Once you have about 7 Dragon Warriors, head east. You could employ some
    archers to maximise their effectiveness, but, pure warriors would be much more
    straight forward and the enemy base only consist of on hut and a tower!
    Destroy the tower and Shinja will join
    Mission Choice: The town of riverside is an embattled center of trade for both
                    the Wolf and Lotus Clans; the most direct route to Swan's Pool
                    - but the most perilaous.
    NOTE: If you choose to fight via Lotus Clan, you will not be able to get any
          hero. If you choose to fight via wolf Clan, you will get Arah - a
          powerful archer. So choose wisely between the center battle or the wolf
          battle. If you choose the above mention, you will get Lord Garrin and his
          ability to summon horses into battle.
    Mission 4b
    Refer to Mission 6 for Mission 4c
    Starting units: Kenji, Otomo, Shinja
    "The key to claiming the province are the two villages. I expect some kind of
    encounter in the second, given the guard's warning about the Lotus. A display
    of power will sway the villagers here, but I must not get careless and die if
    we are to get the Orb from the Geisha."
    Head West to the rice field there. You will encounter some wolfs but they are
    no problem to deal with. Slightly north west of the rice field is a small
    village. Follow the route and head towards north following the path.
    A peasant will tell you that the market is further north. There you will
    encounter some Lotus units. Deal with the Blade Acolyte first, then the other
    "So, it would seem that this Vetkin is behind all of this... I hope Lord
    Garrin is all right. I've no idea why the noble wolf clan would side with
    Vetkin, but we must clear them away and move on to the Swan's Pool. The Geisha
    trust me, so it's imperative that I survive this encounter."
    Once you reach the second village, the first village will surrender to you,
    allowing you to build a new base. Use your peasants and build a new hut near
    the rice fields and have them harvest. Draw water from the well. Build a DoJo
    and Target Range once you have sufficient wealth, and train Dragon warriors.
    Lord Garrin will attempt to kill Vetkin. Send Kenji running to help him.
    Vetkin is quite powerful. Make sure you use Kenji's Critical Strike to kill
    Build 2 DoJos and Target Ranges. Send all but 4 peasants harvesting rice to
    the DoJo then the Range. Lord Garrin's troops will also attempt to attack the
    Wolf Clan time to time using Spearman units. They will fail patically though.
    Send about 10 Dragon Warriors to annhiliate the Wolf Clan. As again, straight
    forward and easy.
    It would seem that if you did not choose this mission, and chose some other
    mission, Lord Garrin would not join you. He has the most useful ability - to
    summon a friendly horse! However if you chose the Wolf Clan mission, you would
    get Arah, a very useful archer. As again, your call to determine who is more
    useful. I got Arah for my missions.
    Mission 5
    Starting units: Kenji, Otomo, Shinja, Arah OR Garrin, 1 Dragon Warrior, 2
    "Our enemies have come for the Serpent's Orb. How did they know it was here?
    Regardless, we must protect the Geisha's home at all cost if we are to earn
    their trust and to gain the Orb."
    At the start, quicky move your units to aid Karzen in fighting the wolf unit.
    You will gain him once you have killed the attacking unit.
    Simple mission. You have to defend the Swan's Pool at all cost. Use your heros
    to finish off any attacking units. Kill off all siege units first as they deal
    the most damage to buildings. Use the Geisha to heal any damaged units. Do not
    use the Geisha to fight as they are weak. Once you have defended the building
    for some time, you would have won the mission.
    Mission 6 (Mission 4c)
    Starting units: Kenji, Otomo, Shinja, 1 Dragon Warrior, 3 Peasants
    "The Lotus Clan had always has a problem with the Serpent authority. The only
    way to protect my people is to completely wipe them out, leaving neither man
    nor mortar standing. I cannot fail - we'r getting too close."
    If you had played this map as Mission 4c, meaning you chose to go to Swan's
    Pool via the Lotus route, you will start with a severly damaged base at your
    start location. Repair the structures and build a new base between
    the rice field and the pond in the center of the map.
    If you played this map as Mission 6, meaning you fight the Center route, got
    to the Swan's Pool then here, you will not start with any buildings. Run with
    all your units to the center of the map, and establish a base there. Do not
    establish a base at the start location as there is no water supply.
    As per normal, tech up quickly. Build a Town Square (if you are in Mission 6)
    then a well to supply yourself with water quickly. With your base at the
    center, you should not have the need to water the rice, as they will
    regenerate themselves fast enough. Send all but 4 peasants harvesting and 1
    drawing water to train into Dragon Warriors. As again, fairly straight forward
    mission. Train until about 12 Dragon warriors and head North East. Destroy the
    Tower there, then head East to the hill. Keep poping your Peasants into DoJos
    then Ranges to replace your Warriors. Strike hard, fast and continuous. As
    soon as the group of 12 Warriors are dead, the next group should be ready.
    Send them again and continue wacking them until the base is gone.
    Mission 7
    Starting units: Kenji, Otomo, Shinja, 1 Spearman, 2 Chemist, 1 Peasant
    "Many Battles have been fought on this grounds, but none as fierce as this. As
    this will be the new seat of the Dragon Clan's Republic, we must leave no
    trace of the opposition, or we compromise the security of the clan forever."
    Select all your units and move them to the center rice field near the river.
    Set up a Hut as close to the river and rice field as possible. As again, train
    lots of Dragon Warriors. Enemy Lotus bases are to the North rice field and to
    the North East. Enemy Serpent bases are to the Serpenthom base, and the North
    East rice fields. Enemy Wolf bases are to the East rice fields.
    Do not be afraid of the numerous enemy positions around here. Build 2 DoJos
    and Ranges. As soon as you have about 12 Dragon Warriors, Target the wolf base
    to the east first. Annhiliate the Wolf base before taking out the Lotus base
    to the north. In my opinion, the Wolf and Serpent are easy to deal with. Its
    the Lotus Blade Acolytes and Warlocks which makes them fearful.
    Place 3 towers to the North, fill them with Archers upgraded Range and Damage.
    With the towers defending the north and the Zen masters defending the other
    areas, send the rest of your units to take out the enemy bases. This map is
    preety tough, with all the bases, but just keep pumping out those Warriors. If
    you can just take out one vital enemy strucure each time, you will eventually
    destroy all of the bases. Patience counts.
    Mission 8
    Starting units: Otomo, Shinja, 1 Geisha, 1 Kabuki Warrior, 1 Archer, 2
    "The Lotus are shaping up to be quite the adversary. I'm sure that even Kenji
    will agree that they must all be taught a lesson - we'll wipe out all of their
    people and buildings and move on. We can now build a keep to house all of our
    Zen Masters, so protecting our leaders is no longer essential."
    Basically this is very dangerous territory. The Lotus are to the Northmost and
    Southmost regions of the map. Also to Eastern rice fields, and on the hills.
    Send your units to establish a base to the rice field south of the Northenmost
    rice field. The water source and rice are basically some distance away. Be
    careful not to attack the enemy structure north of the rice field. You don't
    want to draw any attention yet. Hurry up and build your DoJo and Range.
    Quickly build about 10 Dragon warriors before you do any expension and take
    out the Northern base. The northern base should be rather easy to handle once
    you are established. After taking them out, the northern region is preety
    secure, with you base at the exit. You can build more huts to take advantage
    of the resources there. Group about 4 Towers facing the South East exit. As
    the exit is sloping, you would not be able to build any towers there. Thats
    ok, build those towers as close as possible, and you should not have any
    problem with the defense there.
    Once ready, with sufficient units to attack, go for the Southern base first.
    Keep up with your relentless onslaught and you should be able to decimate the
    base quickly. Should you have any difficulties, now is the time to start going
    insane on archers. Always research range and damage after you have researched
    the Dragon warrior life and damage upgrade.
    The ratio of Archers to Warriors should always be about 3:1. Keep your
    Warriors mixed with the archers and group them as number 1. You should have
    about 12 archers and 4 warriors here. Group about 5 archers with Fire arrows
    ability under group 2. Move group 1 and hold position by pressing <N>. This
    will tell your units to only engage the enemies when they come into Ranged
    attacks.  Most of the time, before the enemy can reach you, they will be dead.
    If not, the badly damaged units will be slain by your Warriors. Move in near
    the base, but stay out. Move group 2 in, enable flame arrows and fire a salvo
    of flame arrows. Once enemy approachs, retreat to the safely of group 1 and
    disable flame arrows.
    With luck, patience and endurance, the enemy will fall. This is only the
    beginning of the tough missions yet to come.
    coolman32@angelfire.com has pointed out that it is possible to attack and
    build in the northern base with the starting units. However, as I have yet
    to try it, I couldn't comment on the defense of the base there.
    Mission 9
    Starting units: Kenji, Karzen, 1 Samurai, 3 Spearmans, 3 kabuki warriors,
                    2 Geishas
    "I never remembered this province being so desolate. I know we're getting
    close, and its not because of the smell of burning flesh. The Dragon is here,
    waiting for me at the spire... I just know it. I must meet with him - perhaps
    his power is the key to ending this war."
    For this mission, you will not be building any base. The beginning is rather
    straight forward and easy. Just be careful and you will not lose a single unit
    at all. Kenji must not die. You start off at an abondoned Lotus base. Destroy
    the base if you want to, then head south into the forest. There, you will
    encounter an enemy Samurai and 4 dragon warriors. Just keep your Geisha at
    the back, and heal any units that are in the yellow or red life.
    "The Dragon has issued a challange - I must brave the gauntlet of the Dragon's
    Spire and meet it at the mountain's summit. This trial is sure to be difficult
    , but if I survive, I'll have the Dragon's favour."
    Head South East towards the open area and a scene with the Dragon will ensue.
    Once the conversation is over, you will battle with the 3 dragon warriors
    standing beside the Dragon. Finish them off with ease, then head east to the
    base of the hill. Let all your characters move to the entrance to the hill,
    and press N. This will tell them to only use range attacks, have Kenji walk a
    few steps in and lure the enemy units out. Once they are out, your units will
    again, finish them off with relative ease. No damage done.
    Now is where the real danger starts. Look at the hill - it is filled with
    boulders. It's what you can't see which made it more dangerous. There are
    actually Dragon Warriors behind each boulder, waiting to push them once you
    go running past. Make sure you save before you enter. Have all your other
    units wait outside, save for Kenji and a Geisha to heal him. Label them 1 and
    2. Have Kenji creep slowly into the hill. See the first boulder? Just move
    slowly, and Kenji will soon see the Dragon Warrior behind. Once you see the
    enemy unit, Press N. If you are close enough, Kenji will whip out his pistol
    and start shooting at the enemy.
    Be careful not to let the boulder fall. Not only will the initial fall kill
    your units, it will roll about AFTER it has fallen. And if your unit touches
    it, it will roll about again, killing whoever touched it. Its easy to wipe out
    your entire party with this - plus your units always refuse to obey commands.
    I always tell them to stop, but they will walk about anyway! and get killed
    in the process. AFter finishing with the first boulder, head to the next. Do
    the same for the next Dragon Warrior. Rinse and repeat. I always save after
    finishing with one boulder and I advise you to do the same. Occassionally, the
    Dragon Warrior will run down to engage you. Kenji will finish him off easily.
    Have Geisha heal him when that happens.
    With that, you will reach the summit soon enough and see the dragon.
    Mission 10
    Starting units: Kenji, Karzen, 2 Dragon Warriors, 2 Archers
    "Betrayed! I should have seen this coming. There's a village to the East which
    can provide us with supplies and a work force. If we gain their support, we
    should have no problem wiping out the Lotus and returning to Serpenthom and
    punishing those responsible."
    At the start, a peasant will run off the the North East village. Follow him.
    Once you reach the village, the 3 peasants will turn to you. Have them show
    their loyalty by building a new hut between the pond and rice fields. Hurry up
    to build DoJo and Range and other essential buildings. Have the keep up quickly
    and rush to build 4 towers to the north of your base.
    There is only one huge enemy base to the Northern rice fields. But that one
    base will give you enough headaches already I assure you. That base will keep
    on throwing at you with her Warlocks and Blade Acolytes. What makes it even
    worst is that Zymeth will follow at certain times too. Whats so bad about
    Zymeth? Nothing, except that she can call down multiple bolts of lightning to
    strike your units for heavy damage, have a TON of HP, and is always accompied
    by a ton of Blade Acolytes and Warlocks.
    What's even worst is that the CPU will KEEP REGENERATING HIM!!! That means,
    even if you kill him, YOU WILL SEE HIM BACK AGAIN.
    My initial tatic was to use Dragon Warriors as a pure attacking force. But
    they keep running into Zymeth and his gang of Warlocks and Blade Acolytes.
    And that will be the last you will see of them. Your Dragon Warriors that is.
    Be VERY AFRAID if you see Zymeth approaching your base. Don't target to kill
    him first though. Kill off the blade acolytes first, the the warlocks. Finish
    off Zymeth the last. I hope you follow my advice and have built the 4 towers,
    because by then, most of your units are already dead. If your towers are up,
    and you have Arah and other archers upgraded range and damage with them, then
    you would have no problem with them.
    You could use the archer raze tatic. I chose to keep rushing none stop with
    my Dragon Warriors. You can build the Dragon's Monument now. Try it, save up
    3 yang and let 4 Samurai enter. Appraoch the enemy base with a group of your
    Dragon Warriors. Group the warriors 1 and the Monument 2 so that you can fire
    the Dragon's Attack quickly. Have the warriors attack, and once the enemy
    start running over to engage, fire the Dragon's Attack. It will wipe out most
    of the enemy units. I don't know if it hurts your own units, but by then, most
    of my units were dead anyway. I should think that would be the last you would
    ever think about the Monument. I never built it again after that. 4 Samurais
    and 3 yang for a Pathatic Attack ???? forget it. Just keep up with the
    Warriors, have a rally point set just outside, so fresh troops will keep
    attacking the base. Soon, the enemy base will be dust. Scout around, and kill
    off any stray units around. The mission should end soon enough.
    Mission 11
    Starting units: Kenji, Karzen, 2 Archers, 1 Geisha, 3 Peasants
    "The traitor Shinja must be defeated! He has ressuracted the old Serpent
    Guard, built himself a fine keep and allied himself with the Lotus - all must
    fall. Shinja must must pay for what he did to you Otomo!"
    You must deal with the Lotus Clan and the Serpent clan in this mission. The
    Lotus Clan is in the North Western rice fields. The Serpent Clan are in the
    Northern rice fields and in Serpenthom. You start off at a rice field without
    a water supply. You can choose to go back to the location of the old base and
    start a base there by building a hut between the rice and water, or you can
    start the base here. It is more advantageous to start the base where you
    stand. Have a peasant cross the river and build a hut quickly to draw water.
    Build a hut quickly to gather rice. Without troops to guard the Hut gathering
    water, that is a very weak place. It will fall the moment enemy troops start
    attacking. The hut and 3 peasants doesnt matter. Its the matter of your water
    supply being cut that is the deadly problem.
    Therefor, quickly tech up to the Town Square. Ignore the DoJo and Range.
    Build a bathhouse as soon as you can, then a Town Square, then the well near
    to a Hut. Send the 3 peasants below up now, have 2 gather water and the
    other to build a DoJo, then a range.
    Build towers facing the slope towards the river to the North West. This will
    also guard against enemy troops from Serpenthom. As per normal, build more
    DoJos and Ranges as necessary, and have your Kabuki and Dragon warriors up.
    By now you should have already encounter 3 rounds of enemy attacks. But you
    should still be very healthy.
    Get your troops and attack Serpenthom, leaving only the Zen Warriors to guard
    the base. Don't worry. Should any enemy attacks come, use your Zen masters to
    led them towards the tower. Dont forget to use the tower's special ability to
    stun them.
    Serpenthom will fall rather easily. After clearing that base, head north to
    the northern Serpent base. Keep up with your warriors, like I said, do not
    wait for the maximum unit count. As soon you have 8 to 10, attack.
    Keep going all out, and then wipe out the Lotus base. To the north of the
    Lotus base, finish off whatever Serpent clan units and then cross the river
    to the East.
    The Serpent Keep is there. Destroy it and Shinja will exit and fight. This
    time, he will die.
    Mission Choice: Confront the Mecenary Ninja and obtain their services before
    attacking the Lotus.
    Note: The Ninjas can be hired next time from the keep for 50,50 and 1 yang
          point once you choose the above option. The Ninja's special ability is
          to remain invisible at no cost of Stamina. He can practically hidden in
          the enemy base without being observed. Monks are more powerful however.
          The monks can also be hired at the same cost. Their special ability is
          Zen Trance - to meditate motionlessly to gain life. This drastically
          reduces armour though. Choose wisely between the two. You won't get Tao
          if you get the Monks though.
    Mission 12a (Ninjas)
    Starting units: Kenji, Karzen, 1 Kabuki Warrior, 1 Archer
    "The Ninja are bound by the mysterious Soul Flame. If we destroy its pedestal
    to estinguish the flame, they are bound to us. We are not ready to build a
    town here, so we must use our forces carefully."
    After a brief sequence, Tao will join you. He is an excellent fighter. Use him
    well. This mission is much easier to accomplish then to save the monks.
    Just head to the western edge of the map. See the clearing beside the center
    pool to the west ? The pedestal is just there. Don't be afraid of the Ninjas,
    they are pathatically Weak. So much for being killers. Simple and straight
    forward. Once you reach there, destroy the pedestal, the mission is over. You
    would be able to train Ninjas via Keep in the later missions.
    Mission 12b (Monks)
    Starting units: Kenji, Karzen, 2 Archers, 2 Peasants
    "The Lotus have allied with the Ninja and would prevent me from alling with
    the Monks. If we destroyed the Lotus outpost and weather the Ninja's attacks,
    we will be victorous, providing that the Monastery is still standing."
    Start by having both archers and the peasant to run towards the Monastery. The
    archers will make great defense tas the Monastery is on high ground. It will
    be difficult at the start to establish a base, with only Kenji and Karzen
    Have the rest run very quickly to the East, and build a Hut between the rice
    field and the water. If you are under any attacks this time, Kenji and Karzen
    will not be able to hold them off by them self, so you would have to grit
    your teeth and send the peasants to help Kenji and Karzen.
    After the initial attack, build up your DoJo then Range and build about 3
    Dragon warriors before concentrating on resources to build a Town Square.
    After the Town Square is built, build the 3 towers to the North and then build
    a Keep. Fill 2 towers with archers and one with Karzen. Fill up the last one
    Arah (if you have him, otherwise fill it up with another archer.)
    The defense of your base is great now. The attacks of the enemy is frequent,
    but weak, nothing your 4 towers can't handle. It's the monastery you have to
    worry about. Remember the Peasant you sent there? Build a Hut above the rice
    field beside the Monastery, and have your peasant repair the Monastery when
    it is damaged. Remember to Toggle the Peasant creation off there. You dont
    want any peasants there save one to repair the Monastery.
    Once base defense is done, move ALL your units to the monastery. Most of mine
    consist of archers, with flame arrows. Once there, leave about 5 archers, 2
    dragon warriors and Kenji there, and have the rest head west to the enemy
    In my game, the monks are some distance from the monastery due to chasing the
    enemy frequently. The monks are good, though abit stupid. That leaves you to
    guard your base AND the monastery.
    Mission 13
    Starting units: Kenji, Karzen, 2 Archers 3 Peasants
    "This is the last province before we arrive at the Lotus home plateau.
    Obliterating the Lotus here is the only option."
    Establish your base at the most southern rice field. It is possible to quicky
    tech to the Town Square without any attacks from the enemy. Build 3 towers
    first using 3 peasants, and while building these, build an Archary Range.
    Load your archers up into the 2 towers and change one peasant to an archer.
    Load up the other tower. Have 3 peasants build a well as close to a hut as
    possible, and have 2 peasants draw water from the well. Remove the peasants
    drawing water from the river.
    Have enough peasants drawing water and rice, such that you will have enough
    wealth to get the Keep. Do so, then use the many many peasants to build the
    keep. It should be up in about 7 seconds. Build another range, then a Dojo,
    Send 2 peasants to each range, have 2 draw water, the rest harvest rice. Keep
    an eye on your archers, have the Range rally to slightly north of towers.
    Build about 4 Dragon Warriors, with the remaining archers defending.
    Very soon, you should be very wealthy, build up on your huts and other
    structures. With 3 peasants concentrating on building the huts, your huts
    should be up very quickly. Your Fireworks factory and alchemy labs should be
    up also.
    Your archers are practically useless without the Upgrade range and Damage
    ability. As this is the 2nd last mission, you can expect some difficult.
    Peasant generation slows down alot after 30 unit count, so dont wait, as soon
    as you have that many, send a few Ninjas or other units to scout. The Ninjas
    are very useful for their invisibility technique, so use them well.
    Scout the map, and you will see that there are Lotus bases to ALL the rice
    fields save the one just across the river near to the horses. I wouldnt
    recommand catching horses here - the Lotus will eat up any peasants attempting
    to cross the river.
    Being in a very disadventages position, with 4 routes leading across the river
    into your base, AND surrounded by enemy forces, you can be sure that this is
    NO EASY FIGHT. Belive me, it gets much worst then this in the last stage. At
    least Zymeth won't be attacking you here, so you can breath a sigh of relief.
    Enemy forces will be attacking you from each different base, so the sooner
    you destroy a base, the lesser the attacks you suffer. Watch your towers, if
    you think that you can place them in a better position, DO SO. every unit you
    save, is one that can be used to destroy the Lotus fortress. It's recommanded
    you use the Archer Raze tatic to first burn down the base to the west. The
    western base is situated atop a small hill, so take your time and raze the
    buildings one by one. Your towers should be protecting your base, along with
    the monks/ninjas and your Zen Masters. The Monks make great defenses, but
    Ninjas make good scouts so either which is good.
    Have patience, alot is needed. I took at least 3 hours to finish this mission.
    Just burn down the bases one by one and make sure no enemy peasant is left
    alive before you move to the next.
    Mission 14 LAST MISSION
    Starting units: Kenji, Karzen, 1 Samurai, 2 Dragon Warriors, 2 Cannoners,
                    2 Peasants
    "Zymeth is using the Orb - no doubt - If we besiege his forces, he should
    show himself. Once we kill Zymeth, this should be all over..."
    The last mission of the game. Not surprisingly, this mission is INSANELY
    DIFFICULT. I took about 5 tries before I realise the effectiveness of archers.
    Yup, it was here only that I discovered the Archer Raze tatic, because my
    efforts to use pure Warriors was futile.
    The maximum unit count is 50, but I didnt go above 30 most of the time. Not
    that I want to, but that the enemy kept coming to kill off all my forces each
    time I even accumluated enough to have a PROPER DEFENSE, not to mention any
    pathatic attempts to attack! I feel so sick, I took about 10 hours before I
    finally figured out the way to lay out my base such that my towers will
    protect them. And most of the time, I just had to let the enemys destroy the
    buildings which were out of reach so many times. You will be so thankful that
    you got Arah (if you had that is heheh). Her arrow attacks deal so much damage
    , and has such a long range. Ok, enough of this shit, now for the base lay
    out. I shall attempt to draw the map.
                                                ricerice             riverriver
                                                ricerice             riverriver
                                                ricericericerice     riverriver
                                                ricericericerice     riverriver
                                    xxxxx   xxxxxx      ricerice     riverriver
                                    x ARx   xDOJOx  ricericerice     riverriver
                                    xxxxx   xxxxxx  ricericerice     riverriver
                                                ricericerice         riverriver
                                                ricericerice         riverriver
                                             1T ricericericerice     riverriver
                                             TT ricericericerice     riverriver
                                           4T 2T    ricerice   xxx  ===Bridge===
                                           TT TT    ricerice   hut  ===Bridge===
             All other buildings here        3T ricericericerice     riverriver
                                             TT ricericericerice     riverriver
                                                    ricericericerice riverriver
                                                    ricericericerice riverriver
                                                ricericericerice     riverriver
                                                ricericericerice     riverriver
                                                    ricericericerice riverriver
                                                    ricericericerice riverriver
                                                    ricerice         riverriver
                                                    ricerice         riverriver
    Forgive my map, I know its a little crude, Just use the shape of the rice
    fields, the bridge and the waterfalls as referance to the map. See the bridge
    ? That is where the enemy forces will engage your troops most of the time.
    (about 80%) Other enemies will appear about 20% of the time from the top 2
    bridges. Follow the pattern. The enemy will not attack for the time being.
    Build the DoJo slighly into the depression of the rice fields. Build the
    first tower DIRECTLY below it. As close to the rice fields as possible.
    Build the Range next, then the hut close to the bridge. You may wonder why I
    choose to place the hut so close to combat zone. Two reason - the Hut is
    cannon Folder for the enemy Blade Acloytes and other melee attackers. The
    other is that it serves as early warning before your peasants come under
    attack. You should get plenty of Yang. Research Range and Damage for the
    archers ASAP before damage and life for Warriors.
    Rally your troops to just beind the hut. Get your Town Square up quickly and
    have a peasant build huts surrounding the rice fields to ensure fast
    harvesting. Have 2 peasants draw water near the waterfalls and not near the
    bridge, as it is extremely dangerous there.
    Ok, once your Keep is up, build the 4th tower. Meanwhile, 3 archers should
    already be in the first 3 towers. Pull out Arah and put him into the last
    tower (4T) beind the first 3 towers. Get the Flame arrow ability and try to
    burn down the forest to the west of your base. This is to prevent sneak
    attacks by the Lotus coming from the Northern regions.
    Pump out about 12 archers and 4 warriors. Place them behind the Hut. Place
    your Ninja on the other side of the Island with invisibility on to look out
    for enemies.
    Your archers should take good care of any Warlocks and other ranged units
    trying to burn your base. Before the enemy Blade Acloytes arrive at your base,
    they should already suffer heavy damage by your archers. With this excellent
    defenses, any enemy that come from the east should be dead meat. Any that goes
    past the hut will be killed by the Warriors. Use Kabuki warriors upgraded with
    Flash Powder. Any Blade Acloytes should be blinded first, then killed. You
    should suffer very little loss if you do so correctly. Does the warriors rush
    to their deaths ? Select all units and press N. This will enable them to use
    Range attacks when possible, and not move out to engage enemy units. Group the
    archers number 1, and warriors number 2. This will improve your control over
    Now, for the attack. My method is very slow, and will take a very long time
    and patience to execute. Like I said, when I try to move the units out of the
    safety confines of my base, they all get wasted. Train about 4 archers and
    upgrade them with Flame arrows. You should have plenty of Yang, so summon 5
    Ninjas or Monks to accompany the archers. The Ninjas should scout ahead, but
    if you are using monks, they should stick with the archers.
    Use your archers to force attack on the towers first, and set it alight. Dont
    waste your forces. If you encounter large groups, draw them to your main
    defense force. Use your monks to stop them if you must, as I find them easly
    replaced. Take out the main structures first. If you find lone Blade Acloytes
    attacking you, use your Ninjas to attack, Else just let them stay and watch.
    Monks however, definately will have to attack. The computer will keep building
    back what you have destroyed, even Huts. Just keep razing the East camp and
    be relentless in your attacks. Once you have destroyed the camp just east of
    you, move further east, and attack that base. Now you can move ALL of your
    forces out with them. Cross the river and move North East. Once you have
    cleared that base, Zymeth will start saying something about being cleanse of
    his evil, and will approach you from the NorthEast. If you had a large group
    there as I did, you probobly won't even feel him bite.
    Stay on the North Eastern Mountain. You will now see ALL of the Lotus. I was
    so glad I didnt know so much existed in the first place. It now seemed that
    ill I did was just to scratch his base! Anyway, the Lotus is of no threat now.
    It will be simple work now, just move all your peasants into the range and
    make sure you have enough Dragon Warriors in your base.  You need about 2
    Dragon warriors and 5 archers to take care of any threats that will come.
    Hell, you probobly wont need them anyway :) the towers will take care of those
    critters that will attack you.
    With the scene, Kenji will go into some sort of bezerk mode. Make sure you
    bring him into the safety confines of the North Eastern battle group on the
    mountain. Any monsters that attempt to rush up will be killed by your archers
    long before you can smell their breath heheh.
    After some time, that final Boss will come (I won't say his/her/it name to
    spoil your game:). In fact, I didnt know he came until the game suddenly was
    over. I had to reload then see my archers shooting at him below, and then he
    is dead. Game over. Pat yourself on the back for surviving such a tough
    Note: From what I've seen in the forum, someone pointed out that you could
    simply send a Ninja in stealth mode up thru to northern base to lure Zymeth
    to your home base. Can anyone confirm on that ?
     7. Acknowledgements
    1) Thanks to IEniGmol@aol.com for pointing out my mistake in refering to Arah
    as him/his and not as her.
    2) Thanks to Keo Reo for pointing out that houses does not increase peaseant
    creation speed. Can anyone please verify with me on that ?
    I have varified that houses DOES increase peasant regeneration speed. Thanks
    Keo anyway.
    3) Thanks to Kirbystillontop for pointing out in the forum that you could
    simply send a Ninja up to the northern enemy base to see the Zymeth sequence
    at the last mission and lure him into your base to be slaughtered.
    4) Thanks to Jason Hau for the below information:
    "Maybe you've gotten this already, but in Mission 8 it is possible to gain
    the Lotus hero Soban as an ally. The trick is that you have to defeat the
    southeast Lotus base first. After the base is destroyed, climb up the windy
    hill in the southeast corner. Once you get to the very top of the hill, you
    will see Soban getting into an argument with Koril. Soban basically says that
    he doesn't want to sacrifice his golems for Zymeth and would rather join
    Serpent instead, and you get to control him for the rest of the mission.
    Afterwards Lotus seems to send a group of units to the hill to try and kill
    Soban, so it's recommended that you send a pretty decent group of units up to
    the hill. And plus if Soban dies during this mission I don't think you can
    summon him with the Keep later, he has to survive if you want to use him in
    the later missions. It seems if you meet (or kill) Koril at either the
    southwest base or the northeast base before you go up the hill, you won't see
    the conversation between Koril and Soban and you won't be able to get Soban in
    your party. (I'm not sure about this part, but I've played through the mission
    twice and that's the only reason I can think of that I didn't get Soban on my
    first time through even though I went up the hill). And despite some of the
    rumors on the board, it is possible to have both Arah and Soban. Hope this
    helps. "
    5) Thanks to Da Devil for pointing out that Geisha do gain a Sacrifice ability
    which heals all nearby units and that they do not suck. :)
    6) Thanks to coolman32@angelfire.com for an added tatic on mission 8. Refer to
    mission 8 walkthrough. Thanks also for pointing out my spelling errors :)
    7) Thanks to Michael Blydenburgh for telling me my walkthrough helped. Hey!
    praises always swell my head a little :)
    8) Thanks to Nathan Cocks for the most helpful bunch of information below. Hey,
    you have just answered a ton of my questions in a single E-mail.
    Hullo DeEpBluE,
    Just been reading your Dragon Clan walkthrough for Battle Realms and just
    wanted to make a few suggestions. With regards to the peasant huts you are
    correct in your assumption that the more you build the faster peasants are
    created. This is true but the gains work on a decreasing returns principle
    where the more huts built the less of an effect each new hut will have on
    peasant production. Three is around the optimal number, any more and the
    benefit is negligable.
    You also proclaim not to like horses and geisha. Ever thought of combining the
    two? A geisha on a horse makes a wonderful support unit (make sure she has the
    'art of massage') simply have her guard the back rank of units you are sending'
    into battle, she will ride forward and heal front ranks if need be but will
    stay out of the battle. The horse effectively boosts the amount of damage she
    can take. Also if you are ever facing the Wolf clan and they are sending out
    heaps of wolves a horses trample decimates them.
    I also believe you are underestimating the true effect of a Kabuki Warriors
    While the game hints that it blind opponents its actuall effect is that the
    next attack the flashpowdered unit recieves will do double damage. This can
    make for brutal combinations of battle gear. Try FP Kabuki mixed with a group
    of spearmen with whirling spear. Activate the FP then the WS, most everyone
    will die and you will loose few units, if any.
    This technique is also very effective with PK Canoneers equipped with shrapnel
    kegs. Two or three SK's into the middle of an FP'd army spells doom (watch the
    bodies explode for proof of how powerful the attack can be).
    Another use for the PK Canoneers is to have a group of 4 or 5 (or more if you
    can afford it) with the Indirect Fire battlegear. Send them toward your enemy
    base with a single archer with zen arrows. Simply launch a zen arrow at the
    base to reveal structures and then activate the canoneers indirect fire and
    attack a chosen structure. Tbis is an ideal way to get rid of Watchtowers
    while staying out of their rang. Of course take some melee units with you to
    protect your canoneers from possible counter attack.
    As for the Samurai you will find them very effective if you stock up on Yang
    points and have the Yang Blade Battlegear enabled. Your Samurai will slaughter
    whatever they come across.
    Hopefully this tips might give you a bit more use out of units you may not
    otherwise use. The main secret of Battle Realms is to use your Battlegear in
    conjunction with other Battlegear. While using one will create gains, using
    two or more that compliment each other will result in the most successful
    And great work on the faq.
    9) Mark pointed out that its possible to get Gaihla in Mission 8 where there
    is a choice to be made to destroy the Wolf Shale mines. Is this mission
    confused with Serpent Clan mission? Can anyone verify this please?
    "Wanted to let you know that it is possible to get Gaihla not sure I'm
    spelling it right. She is the Wolf Hero that has the ability to do an area
    effect full heal to allies I think it is around where you say mission # 8 is
    There is a choice you must make and I made the one to destroy the wolf shael
    mines. At one point Gaihla is being attacked by 3 pitch slingers. Just trash
    those guys and she will work for you and you can summon her from the keep from
    there out. She is quite a good hero I went the Garrin route and I like her
    more than Garrin. Thanks, Mark"
    Any submissions, tips, death threats, praises, violent disagreements please
    send to deepblue@trust-me.com Please contact me if you wish to place this on
    your site. I will agree to any request as long as it is not used for any
    commercial purposes. All notes Copyright to the author.
    All works copyright to DeEpBluE. Nothing may be reproduct without explict
    permission from the author, save facing legal action.
    All unit, building names trademark to Crave Entertainment, Inc. Battle
    Referance List also trademark to Crave Entertainment.

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