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    Units/Multiplayer Guide by Hoplyte

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    Battle Realms
    	My name is Hoplyte and I wanted to make a strategy guide for this game 
    ever since I played it the first time. It is a very good RTS that, in my 
    opinion, may be better than the AOE series. I’m a romanian gamer and I consider 
    myself a medium RTS player, because I never played anything else than AOE, RA, 
    Starcraft or Battle Realms in multiplayer, although I played a lot of 
    strategies (RT or TB) in single-player. This will not be a mission walktrough 
    since this game’s missions may be solved by a lot of different ways but I will 
    include mission tips although this is a multiplayer guide.
    	This game is really cool and interesting and innovative and… phew. It 
    doesn’t have so many bugs and has lots of original ideas, like the Yin/Yang 
    points, which are really an experience counter. The game is inspired by the 
    history of medieval Japan, but if you want a more historycal approach, play 
    Shogun: Total War. One weird thing: you use rice and water to build the 
    buildings. What’s that all about?
    	The probleme in this game is that you don’t have stats like in AOE so 
    you can’t compare two units by their health or damage. Plus, some units are 
    better against a type of enemy but they really take a beating from others.
    Part I: Clans and their units
    Part II: Clans and their Heroes
    Part III: Mission tips
    Part IV: Multiplayer tips and strategies
     Part I: Clans and their units
    	The clans in the game are well balanced, except for the Lotus, which 
    are too powerful. The Serpent and the Dragon are pretty much alike, except for 
    the units, which are totally different. The Wolf and the Lotus are pretty 
    weird, but once you get the hang of them you’ll be victorious. NOTE: don’t get 
    pissed off if I give too many examples from personal experience.
    	The dragon clan is a good clan to play with but not if you’re a 
    beginner. Its Samurai can be deadly to both enemy units and yours if you don’t 
    know how to handle’em. On the other side it has the best archers and beside the 
    spearman, all units can fire projectiles. This is quite good because while 5 of 
    your Dragon Warriors are in there fighting for you, the others can stay behind 
    and fire magical bolts instead of joining the massacre in hand-to-hand. And the 
    samurai are good to keep in a tower because their arrows can seriously damage 
    the attackers and when the tower is destroyed they can hold their own against 
    lots of enemy units. But I will describe more tactics along with each unit 
    type. The last thing about this clan is that you can sacrifice 4 samurai at the 
    dragon’s shrine and then enlist the dragon’s help. You can now call a ,,rain of 
    fire” upon your unsuspecting victims. VERY POWERFUL. USE WITH CARE 
    Spearman: A good level 1 unit. It’s quite better if you upgrade it, but can’t 
    do much against more advanced units. Quite good for a rush but not unless you 
    have lots of them. Then again, by the time you have 6 of these the enemy will 
    probably have a good defense. Plus, the peasants can do some damage to the 
    spearmen. Well, I guess that instead of attacking with this one you may as well 
    wait to train at least some Dragon Warriors. The whirling spear battle gear is 
    good, though.
    Archer: I think it’s the best level 1 ranged unit in the game, but unlike the 
    wolf’s hurler, he really stinks in close combat. He’s good because he has a 
    very good range and can seriously damage the enemy before he even gets close. 
    Plus, the arrows fly faster than the stones from the Hurler’s slingshot, for 
    example, so they miss rarely. They aren’t that good against fast targets or 
    buildings, so the fire arrow battle gear is a must.
    Chemist: If upgraded, this guy is a pain in the index finger. He can fire area-
    effect missiles (again, if upgraded) which makes him pretty good, but don’t 
    expect wonders. The serpent’s musketeer is better because he has a longer 
    range, and he can also fire explosive area-effect shells. But the chemist has 
    an interesting battle gear: cascade rockets. Select a chemist, press B (use 
    battle gear) and cascade away.
    Dragon warrior: A very good level 2 unit. It can fire magical bolts at the 
    enemy before engaging in hand-to-hand, where they excel. You can build up your 
    attack force starting from this guy. His only problem is that if you are up to 
    level 3 units, they will take a beating if they don’t have supporting units. He 
    really gets better with the shield battle gear, which transforms him into a 
    big, round, attack attractor (isn’t that a mouthfull). Seriously, using that 
    battle gear you can save the dragon warrior until reinforcements arrive.
    Kabuki warrior: I don’t know what this guy is supposed to do, but he does one 
    thing right: ,,jump around like he don’t care”. He is better than the serpent’s 
    raider, WAY better, but he isn’t that good. The dragon warrior is better than 
    this guy, but he can blind enemies with the right battle gear, so he becomes 
    very handy if the enemy relies on hand-to-hand units.
    Powder keg cannoneer: Good for wrecking buildings or occupying a tower. Period.
    Samurai: At last, the level 3 unit! This guy is pretty tough to beat if you 
    upgrade him. He can fire arrows at the enemy until he gets near enough to hack 
    at them with his katana. He would probably be the best level 3 unit in the 
    game, but one thing sets him back: when he dies, the spirit of the dragon 
    attacks all of the nearby units, including allies, so attacking with more than 
    3 samurai is pure idiocy. One tactic is to send them in kamikaze attacks, 
    weakening the defenses until you are ready to send in more of them without 
    losing a SINGLE ONE. Otherwise, you will trigger a chain reaction and see all 
    your samurai dead and all your archers exposed to enemy blades. A single 
    samurai defeated 3 spearmen which were attacking at the same time, the last 
    being killed by the samurai’s dragon spirit, and once I lost 12 ronins to 3 
    samurai and a few archers (all of the samurai died, taking my ronin with them). 
    Be careful while attacking samurai, and when you see one fall to his knees, get 
    all your units (if possible) to RUN THE HELL OUTTA THERE, because when the 
    dragon appears above his head you won’t have anyone to command anymore. The 
    bottom line is that the samurai are quite good if you know how to use them, and 
    they rank no.3 in the level 3 unit top, very close behind the ronin. BTW, don’t 
    forget to use the Dragon skin battle gear if the enemy relies on ranged units.
    Geisha: She heals all allied units with low health automatically, but you 
    should do research quickly so that she uses less stamina for healing. Otherwise 
    you will need lots of them to keep your army alive. What can I say: keep her 
    out of trouble and she can be a real lifesaver. A must in any attack.
    	The dragon and serpent clans are pretty much the same, but you will 
    need different strategies for each clan. If a dragon attack will need a lot of 
    different units to support or complement one another, the serpent’s ronin can 
    be sent in alone to wreak havoc. And the musketeer is a good ranged attacker, 
    although he reloads kinda slowly. The music for this clan is cool, though. One 
    last thing: by sacrifycing 4 ronin at the necromancer’s throne you will enlist 
    the help of the necromancer, a very powerful hero. I will tell you more on the 
    Hero section.
    	Swordsman: pretty much like the spearman, maybe a bit better. The glass 
    sword battle gear is good but in fact it’s a kamikaze attack since a swordsman 
    with full health will remain on red after using it, making him very vulnerable 
    to archers (especially) or hand-to-hand units.
    	Crossbowman: A not so good ranged unit, the crossbowman fires twice, so 
    he hardly misses. But he doesn’t do that much damage, and he has a small attack 
    range, so don’t bother to use them. Better train them to Bandits.
    	Musketeer: A good ranged attacker. With the sniper Scope he really 
    deals damage from VERY far away and with the blast shot he can damage close 
    grouped units. Go for this one instead of the crossbowman, it’s a sure bet. 
    Besides, he can damage a building without any upgrades, but he is not that good 
    at it as the cannoneer. If upgraded, he can become extremely powerful, dealing 
    lots of damage. You should really use his battle gear and try using 50% Sniper 
    Scope - 50% Blast Shot musketeers.
    	Bandit: Good in the early stages of a game. He can loot corpses and 
    give you the resources paid for the respective unit. He can shoot from afar, 
    pretty much like the dragon warrior, but his range is shorter. If you upgrade 
    the poison tips he becomes even better. He is good in hand-to-hand combat, but 
    if you have enough resources go for the ronin.
    	Raider: Weak. He can do some damage in hand-to-hand, but not something 
    to worry about. His main purpose is to set buildings on fire, but he only does 
    this after he hits the building 5-6 times. And waiting for the building to burn 
    instead of hitting it with cannoneers isn’t that fun. If you have one lurking 
    about, turn him into a ronin.
    	Cannoneer: Pretty much like the Powder Keg Cannoneer, only that he is a 
    bit better thanx to his battle gear. The mines are good, and setting up a 
    minefield around your base is a good ideea (too bad you have the 20-mines 
    limit). He can destroy buildings pretty easily and his cannonballs go through 
    the victim, so you can hit closely grouped buildings or units in column 
    formation. It’s a good idea to upgrade his damage and range.
    	Ronin: Whoohoo! The level 3 unit is here! And he has two huge poisonous 
    blades. Not the one I’d piss off, but the one I’d take to the enemy’s camp. He 
    can hack his way through enemies and pile up Yin points with his Yin Blade 
    Battle Gear. Usually, 12 or more of these followed by some 
    musketeers/cannoneers and some geisha will seriously cripple the enemy’s base, 
    but their attacks aren’t quite unparaleled or unbrakeable. Like the samurai, 
    when they die, all enemy units surrounding him will loose something, but not 
    life. They will loose their will to fight and their attacks won’t do much 
    damage, while your units will suddenly fight better. From this angle, he is way 
    better than the samurai is because he doesn’t affect allied units in a bad way, 
    so you can still use weaker units to finnish them off. But the ronin can’t 
    attack from a distance, so they will loose some health in a battle with some 
    samurai (they will loose it all if you don’t get them away from the samurai in 
    time). I prefer the ronin to the samurai so this is the No.2 best level 3 unit 
    in the game, after the Lotus Warlock.
    NOTE: If the Yin Blade Battle Gear is active the Ronin will produce more Yin 
    points but the damage he does is very little compared to a Ronin with Yin Blade 
    Fan Geisha: Same as the dragon geisha, maybe she can kick harder.
    	The wolf clan are some kind of nature lovers who were occupied by the 
    serpent and sent to work in the mines. This is why they are all so muscular. 
    This clan is pretty good once you get the hang of it and you will surely have 
    some surprises while hunting down a Wolf player. For instance, the wolf units 
    are the only units that will recover full health over time and if you do the 
    upgrades at the Vitality Garden they will regenerate ridiculously quick. And 
    another weird thing about them is that, in order to get battle gear, you will 
    have to train a druidess in the Vitality Garden and Cairn and then bless units 
    on your way. Each unit type will be blessed with a different skill and you’ll 
    soon realise that it’s like having a Fireworks Facility on wheels (well, legs). 
    Of course, you still have to drop by the Cairn now and then to stock up on 
    blessings. The last thing that I want to mention about the wolf is that you 
    have a special building called Shalery. This is where your units are equipped 
    with leather armour that kinda saves their butts sometimes, because they are 
    harder to kill. Use this wisely.
    	NOTE: I haven’t played so much with this clan so I didn’t exactly take 
    my time in analizing all of the units, but I still have some descriptions. The 
    problem is that this clan’s hand-to-hand units are quite weird. For example, a 
    Mauler can beat the crap out of a swordsman but he will get creamed by an 
    Infested One. The idea is that you should only use level-to-level units( 
    sledger to bandit, berserk to Warlock), but you will still have some surprises.
    	Brawler: Don’t bother. He may hold his own against some spearmen, but 
    he’ll get a spear up his throat in the end.
    	Hurler: A ranged attacker that hurls rocks from a slingshot towards the 
    enemy. Just like the serpent’s cannoneer, the rock will bounce off the ground 
    and hit more units in a column.
    	Mauler (weird names): With his big rock-on-a-chain he can beat up some 
    units, but he’ll get kicked in the face by others. Again, don’t bother to 
    remember which units to attack. Just jump to the…
    Sledger : Now that’s what I’m talkin’bout. He is quite good with the huge 
    hammer and can face multiple enemies (especially if you blessed him with the 
    druidess so that he can blind them). Of course, you should never use only 
    sledgers. Use them in combination with some ranged attackers or some Pack 
    Masters. NOTE: I don’t know if you realised this, but their voice sounds 
    dangerously close to a Wolf Schwarzennegger: ,,Look at my masses!”.
    Ballista man: ranged attacker with good range and damage. He can damage 
    buildings too, but he is quite slow, even when he’s running, and his stamina 
    drops quickly. But he is nonetheless a good unit, and if you bless him he will 
    be able to fire totems that have the same effect as Shinja’s Intimidation and 
    Otomo’s Battle Cry alltogether (they cannot attack as long as the totem is 
    Pitch Slinger: I think this guy is the best range attacker in the game (maybe 
    the Warlock beats him… and he does it very easily) and he can destroy buildings 
    very quickly and efficiently. He isn’t that bad at hand-to-hand, although you 
    don’t want to lose him by throwing him in the chaos. Instead keep him behind 
    your berserks and he will damage enemy units very bad. And of course, he has a 
    special function: if there are enemy units or buildings on a column just attack 
    the one who’s furthest away and you should damage them all with hot coals. His 
    only downside is that he has a pretty short range, but not something to really 
    worry about.
    Berserker: Every time when I hear this word I think about the berserker in 
    AOE2, but here the legend of the Viking berserkers is better illustrated. This 
    unit is pretty cool, but not that good for a level 3 unit. I think it’s the 
    weakest level 3 unit in the game, but it has a special skill, like almost all 
    wolf units: if you bless him, wait for his health to drop to red and press B 
    (use battle gear), he will transform into a werewolf with full health, and 
    lemme tell you: it’s like having two lives! Anyway, you should use these guys 
    as they are your best hand-to-hand units, and backing them up with Sledgers is 
    a good ideea. Of course, any attack force should have at least some 
    Ballistamen/Pitch Slingers or even Hurlers in the first stages of the game.
    Pack Master: He is the special unit of the Wolf clan. Train this guy at the 
    Wolves’ Den, pick up some wolves and go Lotus hunting. They are quite effective 
    if in groups of 5-6, and they are easy to ,,equip” with wolves as they can only 
    have 3 under their control, while a horse will feed 2 of them. So, for 6 Pack 
    Masters you will need 9 horses, which isn’t that much on a map with more 
    horses. NOTE: yes, you read correctly, while playing with the wolf, the horses 
    won’t serve as free rides, but as free burgers for wolves.
    Druidess: A quite interesting and helpful unit, the druidess will serve you 
    well if you use her well. She can fire magical bolts from her staff and 
    immediately vine the victim to the ground (yeah, just like in Heroes3). Of 
    course, she will still bless your units as you probably heard a few hundred 
    times ‘till now.
    	The lotus clan is the most powerful in the game, but not exactly 
    invincible. If the other clans were well balanced, this one weighs more than a 
    dragon and a half if used properly. Firstly, you have the crypt of brothers, 
    where you have 3 new heroes beside the ones in the keep that you can acces very 
    early in the game. Secondly, you have the warlocks and Master warlocks which 
    are quite tough and, if used in large quantities (), they can really make your 
    day. Lastly you have the same battle gear aquiring as the wolf, only you get 
    the gear from the Brothers and they don’t need blessing points: they get them 
    in combat, so they’re practically infinite. The music is nice here too, which 
    really sets the balance in their favour ().
    	Blade accolyte: Reminds me of the Accolyte from Homeworld Cataclysm: 
    light, quick, he will take some damage before being shot down. He’s quite good 
    even against level 2 units, and he’s very fast, so a rush with these guys may 
    scare your enemy a bit. I prefer to use these instead of infested or diseased 
    ones, because they are much more faster and if upgraded they can deal a lot of 
    	Leaf disciple: Medium ranged unit. If you shoot in a pack of enemies 
    the leafes will hit the one who is the closest to your unit, but still the 
    damage done isn’t too high so just upgrade them to unclean ones.
    	Staff adept: pretty good, but not something you should use too often. 
    If you are in the early stages of the game you can use these, but you’d better 
    just train diseased ones.
    	Infested one: Good level 2 unit which has high health and which does 
    pretty good damage. But, like all Lotus level 2 units, they are very slow and 
    they run for a very short while. Keep some around just in case.
    	Diseased one: A very good level 2 unit, it’s a miniature samurai, only 
    that it doesn’t have a bow. When it dies it will disease all nearby targets and 
    they will loose health pretty quickly unless they run the hell outta there. Use 
    them in conjunction with Blade Accolytes or Infested ones.
    	Unclean one: Very good ranged unit, it hurls BBBs (big black blobs) on 
    your enemy’s head with a big damage radius, so it’s perfect against closely 
    grouped enemies. It’s good against buildings and if you have a peasant to 
    sacrifice, you can eat it with the Unclean one. After this the Unclean one will 
    be able to call a flaming skull on a location to attack enemies that are close 
    	Warlock: Da very best level 3 unit. To get this one you will have to 
    train one of the level 2 units above in the art of Rites Ascension. After this 
    you will be able to use a battle gear that will turn the unit into a Warlock. 
    But keep some Channelers close, because the warlocks will only appear with half-
    health, so you will need to heal them. Keep them behind some diseased ones or 
    blade accolytes and they really come to life. They are very powerful even in 
    hand-to-hand, and if you have the soul chill, they really start damaging close 
    enemies. They are very good against buildings (a single warlock can destroy a 
    building immediately with the dark arson) and have a fast rate of fire, and if 
    doubled by unclean ones, you will become invincible. AND, if you have a 
    warlock’s tower, you can train two Warlocks and turn them into a MASTER 
    Warlock, which is REALLY tough to beat. But you should only use them if the 
    enemy has very powerful defenses. Generally, an attack led by Blade Accolytes 
    supported by Warlocks and Unclean Ones is very tough to repel. And if you throw 
    in some Brothers or Heroes, that base is extinct. Of course, we’re not talking 
    about 10 units, but 20 to 30.
    	Master Warlock: when you send 2 warlocks in the Warlock Tower they will 
    start dueling and after some time one of them emerges victorous as a master 
    warlock. Don’t use just master warlocks, but keep their number at 20% of your 
    total units if you relly want to use them. They have interesting skills if they 
    learn them, each of the Brothers giving them a different power. Probably the 
    most interesting is the teleportation which can take them very quickly to quite 
    distant locations on the map, so you can use them to surprise the enemy by 
    arriving behind his impenetrable defense. Like the Warlocks, they destroy 
    buildings very easily and kill enemies quickly, but they have a slightly slower 
    rate of fire.
    Part II: Clans and their Heroes
    	Heroes are a good adition in this game as they bring new tactics and 
    strategies to the standard RTS type of play. They should lead any attack as 
    they are very good fighters and they each have a special ability that helps 
    your units in battle, so don’t overlook these advantages. Plus, if your enemy 
    uses heroes, he will have an important advantage over you if you don’t. 
    Compared to the regular units, heroes are summoned in the keep using Yin/Yang 
    points and rice/water. But you don’t need to train a peasant in order to summon 
    them, as their souls are immortal and once a hero is dead, you will just have 
    to wait a while for his soul to return to the keep and then you may summon 
    him/her again. 
    Dragon Heroes
    	Dragon heroes are good fighters and their special abilities are very 
    useful. I always use Otomo to lead an attack, as his Battle Cry is very good at 
    turning your Dragon Warriors into killing machines. You should use the other 
    heroes too, especially Arah and Kazan, which will level buildings quickly or 
    Tao accompanied by 6 monks to wreak havoc amongst the enemies.
    	Otomo: Your most important hero. His battle cry will inspire your men 
    in battle so they will fight better. He is also a very good fighter, and you 
    should use him whenever posibile.
    	Arah: A very good hero, Arah is an archer with huge range and damage. 
    She can damage buildings and kill enemy units. Her special talent is focusing 
    on her arrow, which helps her see further into the fog of war. Just press b 
    (use battle gear), select a location outside of Arah’s view (but not too far) 
    and fire the arrow. Your view will now be extended for a short period of time.
    	Garrin: A pretty good fighter, Garrin can use all his stamina to call a 
    horse to his location. You can now mount it with Garrin and hack through the 
    enemy ranks.
    	Kazan: He’s fat and ugly and they say he’s a monk! Whatever. He is good 
    against buildings because by using his special skill he sets a building on 
    flames from the first hit. He is a ranged attacker, although he can punch them, 
    so be careful how you use him
    	Tao: He is practically a more powerful monk, which can mirror enemy 
    attacks onto themselves. While he is alive, your monk limit will be set to 6 so 
    always have the monks guard him and you will be getting Yang in no time. 
    	Monk: They can be summoned by the dragon and wolf. A maximum of four 
    can be used at the same time. They are very good fighters and you should mix 
    them in your ranks or keep them around your archers to protect them. They have 
    a special ability that makes them regenerate very quickly but this will hold 
    them still and vulnerable. Only use this when they are out of danger. 
    Serpent Heroes
    	Serpent heroes are dark outlaws skilled in fighting dirty. Shinja and 
    Necromancer should be your best choices, but Vetkin comes in handy too 
    	Shinja: Probably the best Serpent Hero, he is a very good fighter with 
    lots of health and his Intimidation skill will be very efficient in lowering 
    the enemy units’ combat power so that your Ronin can move in for the kill.
    	Utara: A powerful Geisha. She can’t heal but she can use a magic harp 
    to hit all nearby enemies (I know it’s weird hittin’ people with harps, but 
    that’s the way the game is). She’s way more powerful than a normal geisha and 
    using her in conjunction with Shinja would be a very good ideea, as Shinja 
    Intimidates them and Utara hits them all with the magic harp.
    	Vetkin: A good fighter, Vetkin can run very fast without loosing 
    stamina so you can take him to the enemy base and back in no time. He has a 
    special skill that drains all the nearby enemies’ stamina, so if he relied on 
    blinding you with Spearmen he’s got another thing coming.
    	Necromancer: He is the best serpent hero. You can get him by 
    sacrificing 4 Ronins at the Necromancer’s Throne. He can use half of his 
    stamina to summon a Spirit warrior, with 3 Spirits as a limit. But the real 
    advantage comes when you walk by a corpse, as it will turn into a zombie that 
    will fight for you. The necromancer uses about 1/6 of his stamina for a 
    ressurection, but if you keep him still he will regain stamina quickly so you 
    will be able to have a whole army of zombies. The catch is that the zombies 
    loose life at regular intervals so you will need to go all the way to the 
    enemy’s camp in order to summon them AND use them. Of course, you can still 
    keep the Necromancer in your camp and ressurect the corpses of those killed by 
    the Spirit Warriors, but, as I said, the zombies will die eventually. The 
    Necromancer isn’t quite defenceless, as his hits are very powerful, dealing 
    lots of damage.
    	Budo: He can fight very well, but he is very slow even when running. 
    Use his whip on your peasants if you are out of rice, they will gather it 
    	Ninja: They can be summoned by Serpent and Lotus. A maximum of 4 may be 
    used in the same time. They are very quick and prefer throwing poisoned metal 
    stars at the enemy. They are good in hand-to-hand combat too, but keep them 
    behind your ronin and let them do the dirty work. They can become invisible for 
    unlimited periods of time, but an attack made by the ninja will break the 
    invisibility spell. If you have 4 Yin points, you should summon Shinja, Utara 
    and Vetkin. But these guys are very cheap (50 water, 50 rice) compared to 
    the ,,real” heroes, so you can use them too. Of course, if you summoned 
    everyone, you should summon these guys too and join the party. 
    	Wolf heroes are different than other heroes as they are huge men with 
    huge weapons (well, except the Nymph and Monk) and hugely useful talents.
    	Grayback: A very good fighter, he has the same ability as Otomo: making 
    his soldiers fight better. He deals lots of damage and has a high health 
    rating. He destroyes buildings quite easily, but this is not something out of 
    the ordinary for a wolf unit, which are meant to level buildings rapidly.
    	Shale Lord: Probably the best wolf hero. A very good fighter, he 
    destroys buildings very easily. He can armour an ally by giving up on some 
    health points, but he regenerates quick, so you should use him to armour your 
    berserks instead of paying those resources at the Shalery. Besides, the armour 
    comes instantly so you won’t have to wait for the unit to finish ,,training” 
    like in the Shalery.
    	Gaihla: A forest nymph who can heal allies. Don’t use her in combat, 
    instead use her as you would a geisha. Her special ability is healing allies, 
    and she will heal all nearby allies, which means that you can put her in the 
    centre of a compact formation and when your units start taking damage you 
    simply have to select her and press B (use battle gear). I advise  to assign a 
    selection to her (ctrl+number).
    	Longtooth: If you’re out of range units, this one’s for you. He has a 
    long range and can do a lot of damage to an attacker. Not too good, but then 
    again not too bad. Use him if you like… I don’t. 
    	Lotus heroes should be feared, as they are very powerful. Use Zymeth 
    and Issyl to lead an attack or Koril to get quickly in their camp and surprise 
    them by killing their peasants.
    	Zymeth: A very powerful Warlock, Zymeth will blend in the ranks of 
    your ,,original” warlocks and start frying enemies. His special ability is to 
    call in bolts of lightning that will hit multiple targets at the same time. He 
    is very powerful and I saw once how Zymeth single-handedly killed 2 Bandits and 
    2 Crossbowmen while being under attack by them and some musketeers (the 
    musketeers got him in the end). He has lots of health and he will kill lots of 
    enemies with his lightning strikes (he automatically uses them).
    	Issyl: Issyl is a good fighter which deals plenty of damage, and her 
    Haste spell should be used to reach the enemy camp faster. Use her in 
    conjunction with Zymeth and the 3 Brothers.
    	Koril: Pretty good fighter. His only good use would be to surprise the 
    enemy by teleporting him on the enemy’s rice fields while his army is away 
    fighting your warlocks. But then again, if you repel his attack the peasants 
    you kill with Koril will be substituted very quickly and he will be sending 
    Berserks on Koril’s head in no time. But, if you move your army quickly, Koril 
    could be a very useful decoy, keeping the other player busy until you reach his 
    	Soban: Don’t take him in battle, instead build 3 golems and substitute 
    3 peasants with them. The enemy will now have 3 potential warlocks to worry 
    about .
    	The 3 Brothers: You will be able to summon them from the Crypt of 
    Brothers. They are each an upgraded version of a level1 Lotus unit and they are 
    your floating Fireworks Facility, as they float around the map killing enemies 
    and bestowing new powers upon your units. Be careful when using them for your 
    warlocks: they each give the warlocks or master warlocks different abilities, 
    so experience with the different abilities. You should use them in any attack 
    as they only cost 1 Yin point and they are way better than the normal units 
    (Sekh is a Leaf Disciple, Lythis is a Blade Accolyte, Tausil is a Staff Adept).
    Part III: Mission tips
    	*In the first mission you will need to choose between killing the 
    bandits that are attacking the city or killing the peasants to show them who’s 
    boos. If you attack the bandits you will begin the Dragon (good) campaign; if 
    you kill the peasants you will begin the Serpent (evil) campaign. The campaigns 
    have different missions and you will be able to solve the common missions (the 
    first few) differently depending on your clan.
    	*In the missions in which you have to build a base be careful where you 
    build it. On the maps with rice fields scattered throughout the region there 
    will be more enemy camps (as they are usually situated near rice fields), but 
    they start with a small army compared to yours (you have Kenji and/or other 
    heroes) so it’s a good idea to destroy a base at the beginning of the game and 
    build yours on that spot. This will save you lots of resources because you will 
    now have one less attacker to worry about, since each enemy base attacks with 
    it’s own army.
    	*In the missions in which you have a small army, no peasants and a goal 
    to reach, keep your geishas alive at all costs. Because you have a limited army 
    you will need them to keep your soldiers alive and fighting for you. In some 
    missions, just try to get one of your units to the goal spot as quickly as 
    possible (if the goal is not an enemy base).
    	*Always concentrate your attacks on a certain enemy camp until it’s 
    	*Keep some soldiers in defense if you are battling more enemies at a 
    	*Always attack after the enemy attacks. This means that after you repel 
    his attack force, he won’t have too many soldiers in his base, so counter-
    attack him with ¾ or more of your army.
    	*ALWAYS keep your heroes alive. In some missions you won’t have a Keep 
    to retrain heroes, and sometimes loosing them will mean losing the mission. 
    Only attack with heroes if you are sure you have a superior army.
    *Don’t let them rebuild their base after they barely killed your last Samurai 
    while sacrificing 10 peasants. If you have some units in your base, send them 
    quickly before he builds up a defense force. Don’t worry, if another enemy 
    attacks you, just do what they do: quickly train a few soldiers and defend your 
    base. While they get killed, your other soldiers can return to the base.
    *Don’t panic if the enemy attacks you from different directions. Send some 
    units scouting and discover their base. After another attack from that 
    respective direction, go and kill’em all.
    *Be aggressive.
    *Try and build your entire base in one spot and try not to have more than one 
    base, if it’s possible. This will mean a lighter defence and a heavyer offense.
    *This game has a major AI bug: the fog of war doesn’t apply to the computer 
    opponents. This is the only way I can explain ,,coincidences” like the enemy 
    attacking exactly when my army is halfway across the map; always finding my 
    attack force even if it isn’t in their line of sight; always knowing where I 
    built another base and ,,scouting ahead” with ,,a few” warlocks and diseased 
    ones. This is why I told you to build your base in one spot and keep units in 
    defence. You can observe this in skirmishes by assigning you an ally and 
    observing his attack pattern. See how their armies always meet outside both of 
    their bases?
    Part IV: Multiplayer tips and startegies
    	I think the multiplayer mode is where this game really shines. Even 
    skirmishes with the computer can be more intresting than the campaign (although 
    the campaign’s story is noce) as you can set the rules of the game if a mission 
    pissed you off. You have four multiplayer modes, but basically they all have 
    the same objective: wipe out the enemy’s base. I will first explain them and 
    then proceed to the tips and strategies.
    	Survival: You will start with a few peasants (depends on the map or on 
    the options you made at the start of the game) and maybe a Peasant hut and you 
    will have to destroy the enemy’s base and all of his units. If you destroyed 
    all of his units but he still has his base, all you have to do is kill all of 
    his peasants and Peasant Huts and  the victory will be yours (it doesn’t matter 
    what other buildings he had standing- they will all be destroyed along with his 
    last peasant/Peasant Hut).
    	Razing: You just have to destroy all of his peasant huts and he will 
    loose regardless of his building potential.
    	Kill the Keep:Every player starts with a Keep, and loosing it will mean 
    loosing the game. Just make your way to his keep and level it with 
    cannoneers/pitch slingers/warlocks. You should place your buildings so that an 
    attack will suffer a slowdown while reaching your keep. If the other player is 
    REALLY stupid, he will attack those buildings, giving you time to rebuild an 
    	Famine: A cool mode. You start off with huge amounts of rice and water 
    and with the maximum amount of peasants. You cannot harvest rice, but you can 
    collect water. All you have to do is build an efficient army with the provided 
    	Now for the tips and strategies:
    	*When attacking, always do it after an enemy attacks you (and remember 
    which one). After you repel his attack, just take all your units to his base 
    immediatly, so that he won't have time to rebuild an army. This way you can 
    quickly annihilate him.
    	*USE THE HEROES. This will help you a lot in combat, as your heroes are 
    the best fighters and their special abilities can turn the tide of war.
    	*If you have allies, always help them when they are under attack. 
    Loosing an ally will always loose the game. After the enemy attack has been 
    repeled, if your ally is too weak you can still keep some troops around until 
    he gets back on his feet. If you see that an ally is preparing to attack, ake 
    some troops to his base for defense or make them guard his attacking army. This 
    way you have more chances of winning.
    	*Don't spread your troops too much. Keep some in your base and some in 
    attacking the enemy/helping the ally.
    	*Always concentrate on one enemy at a time. Let's say you have a team 
    with ally1 and play against enemy1 and enemy2. If you attack enemy1 and nearly 
    destroy his base, but he kills your cannoneers with some peasants and some 
    luck, don't attack enemy2, because you will just give time to enemy 1 to 
    rebuild his army/base. Tell ally1 to attack him or take your remaining troops 
    from your base and attack again. But be careful: if you want to take all your 
    army to the enemy's base, ask your ally to cover your base for you.
    	*Use the buildings' rally point efficiently: if you want a certain type 
    of unit to be created automatically, let's say a ronin, take these steps: 1. 
    Select the peasant hut and double right-click the tavern. This will 
    automatically send the new made peasants to train as swordsmen.
    						2. Select the tavern and double 
    right-click the sharpsooter guild. This will automatically train swordsmen as 
    						3. Select the sharpsooter guild 
    and double right-click the alchemist hut. This will automatically train the new 
    bandits as ronin.
    	Using this tehnique you won't have to worry about your attack and 
    defense at the same time. While you are busy destroying the enemy, if you get 
    a ,,you are under attack" signal, just go to your base, select your ronin and 
    attack the intruders.
    	*Use selections. In the heat of battle, you won't be able to select 
    your ronin and give them a new target while also selecting the cannoneers and 
    ordering them to attack the buildings. So, before attacking, double click a 
    ronin to selsect all the ronins in the screen and then hold ctrl and press a 
    number (let's say 1). Now the selection ,,1" has been attribuited to all your 
    attacking ronin. Do this with the other units and prefferably put the melee to 
    1 and ranged to 2, while assigning the healing units/heroes to 3. This way it 
    will be a lot easier to use different battle gear (just press 1 to select your 
    ronin and then b to activate Yin sword) or attack different targets.
    	*USE GEISHA. They can save your butt sometimes. Keep them out of 
    trouble and with high stamina.
    	*Don't attack with only one unit type. Use both ranged and melee units. 
    AND heroes.
    	*Only use level-to-level or level-to-lower-level attacks as I said in 
    the unit guide.
    	*Don't bother using level1 units, except the specialised ones (like the 
    archer, musketeer or blade accolyte)
    	*If you have a unit on low health, either back it up with other units 
    or, prefferably, heal it. Don't think that loosing a unit won't bother you, as 
    only one unit can make a real difference in this game.
    	*Defend all the entrances to your base with towers and, in case of an 
    attack, use the towers' special ability.
    	Now for the strategies:
    	This game can be played with a single strategy: build as many forces as 
    possible and then attack with all of them. But if the enemy attacks your base 
    while you are away, he can seriously damage your production. And if your attack 
    doesn't succed, you are as good as dead. So you should use different strategies 
    or variatins on this strategies. For one, you can attack with some ronin to 
    draw his attention and then attack with your heroes and ranged units from 
    another direction, killing his peasants and damaging/destroying his buildings. 
    Usually this will make the other player think again about placing all his 
    towers in one spot. Then you can attack with all your army from one direction, 
    because he will most likely have his troops scattered throughout the base now.
    	The defensive strategy: keep all your troops in the base and repel all 
    his attacks. And when you repel a big one, attack with all your units. Usually 
    he won't have any units in the base that could whitstand the attack. The 
    downside is that you will gain Yin/Yang very slowly this way and you won't be 
    able to summon too many heroes or use many upgrades.
    	The offensive strategy: Just harass him. Send in 10 or so troops to 
    attack his base and always attack from a different directin. This will bring 
    you Yin/Yang points to spend on upgrades or heroes until you are ready for some 
    serious attackin'.
    	The rabbit strategy: Just hop from a rice field to another (this only 
    works on bigger maps after you destroyed some enemies). This will drain some 
    resources because you will have to build training buildings in every base, but 
    it will make the enemy send troops in recon, which will weaken his defenses. 
    And when he believes he just destroyed your base without too much trouble, all 
    your army will ,,teleport" in his base (of course he destroyed one of your 
    decoy bases).NOTE: this doesn't work with the computer, as I explained a big 
    bug above.
    For the ending
    	This is my first walkthrough, so please be gentle. And please excuse my 
    poor english.
    	Thanx go to Liquid Entertainment for this great game and to my computer 
    for not hanging up so frequently.	

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