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    Rush Attack Guide by a_po_ca_lypse

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    Battle Realms Rush Strategy Guide
    Author: Paulo Ezekiel Dignos
    Aliases: greyback17 (my original one)
             a_po_ca_lypse (only in gamefaqs)
    E-mail: pauloshaft17@yahoo.com
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for
    personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or
    otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission.
    Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public
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    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by 
    their respective trademark and copyright holders.
    Battle Realms and Battle Realms: Winter of the Wolf are both owned by
    Liquid Entertainment.
    Started: 05/19/08  around 15:00 or 16:00
    Finished: 05/20/08  1:20 
    Version 1.00 - Just started to write this guide. Didn't stopped from
    3 pm to 1 am. An eleven hours of work (whew!)
    Started: 08/16/07   21:35
    Finished: 08/16/08   21:36
    Version 1.05 - Just fixed some grammatical errors.
    This is my first time to write a guide and my first time to learn
    about writing a proper FAQ. As you can see, this is just a beginner's
    work so please forgive me if this FAQ is not as good as you expect ;)
    Please e-mail me after reading this guide and give some feedbacks.
    This is my first guide in my whole entire life so I want to know if
    I made a good guide or not. Any feedbacks will be accepted just don't
    be harsh. First of all, I don't want flaming and I don't want to have
    conflict with others. So, please be polite. Any suggestions, requests,
    helps, etc. must be sent to my e-mail. Just put Rush Strategy Guide
    in the subject, okay?
    Introduction for game:
    Battle Realms is a Real Time Strategy Game (Thanks to DeEpBluE for
    indicating the meaning of RTSG in his guide). For those who don't
    know about an RTSG, this is a type of game where you'll be pulling
    out your mind to think about strategies to defeat your opponents
    using the army you start with. You'll be starting with few workers
    and you can build buildings, towers, fortifications, train units and
    gather resources to build up your force and defeat your enemies.
    Battle Realms has a unique way of training units. Unlike the other
    RTS games, where you will click on worker's icon in the main building
    to create them, build a barracks and click unit icons to train them
    at a cost of specific resource and click research icons to upgrade
    your units, the Battle Realms will let you build a peasant hut to
    automatically generate peasants for FREE, build training grounds and
    will let your peasants enter and train to become a mighty warrior.
    This might sound easy to have peasants generated for free but no, you
    will learn about it when you play on your own. Also, of all the RTS
    games that I played, this game has the least amount of maximum popu-
    lation, nevertheless still a magnificent game. Like other RTSG, this
    game has 4 teams to play with called as clans. These are the mighty
    Dragon, the malevolent Serpent, the Lotus magicians and the Wolf bar-
    barians. Each team has their own advantages and disadvantages depen-
    ding on how you look on them. Most people think about Lotus being the
    strongest but some think it's the Wolf, some think it's the Dragon
    and some even think of the Serpent. For me, everything depends on how
    you play the game and how you love your favorite clan. Battle Realms
    has another feature which is called the Yin/Yangs. These can be ac-
    quired by battling your opponents. You'll discreetly get Yin/Yangs
    while you battle them. Yin/Yangs are used as a requirement to summon
    heroes, upgrade armors, weapons and magics, and to improve damage.
    The more Yins or Yangs you have the more devastating heroes you get
    and more powerful warriors you have. However, spending these Yins and
    Yangs to upgrade your units is not a bad choice. Upgrading is actual-
    ly better than saving it for heroes, though some circumstances
    require you to save it rather than upgrading your weapons. Like I
    said, it all depends on you. If you like rely on your heroes, then
    save Yins and Yangs. If you like to have a powerful army without
    heroes, then make upgrades. Saving these things will let your heroes
    kill an enemy battalion by themselves but upgrading will make your
    army almost unstoppable. Either way, it's your choice. You'll learn
    more how Yins and Yangs will help in rushing later on.
    Introduction to the Guide:
    Hello there fellas! This guide is about strategies in making rush at-
    tacks against your opponents, catching them unprepared and defeating
    them in a different way. Rushing is when you quickly train soldiers
    and quickly rush to the opponents base, killing all peasants to cut
    their resource flow and slow them from creating a good force. Rushing
    requires some skills, patience, determination, hope and speed. Speed
    is a common sense since we are talking about "rush" and for patience,
    it is necessary because of few to numerous retries when you fail to
    make a rush. Single death or single mistake will ruin your whole rush
    attack and might give advantage to your opponents. Hope and determi-
    nation is needed because sometimes, you'll find your rushing team
    killed, be determined and have hope, you can revive your team and
    rush again to successfully go over your opponents.
    Alright everyone! We'll now start the lesson, please take your seats.
    I'm just a simple player, if you find my strategies old or maybe non-
    sense, please contact me and tell it to me politely. I don't want to 
    recieve harsh mails, it hurts me! (oh man!)
    I discovered these techs by myself and if ever I write a tech learned
    from other, I'll surely write a credit. Every tech written here with-
    out credits signifies my own discovery, if ever I discovered some-
    thing on my own which is almost like the one you discovered, please
    contact me and let's talk about that privately so that I can put cre-
    dits for you after everything's settled.
    Before everything else, I want to write this message separate from
    the others. This will be called the Starting Actions of Rushing. We
    will call this SAR and this acronym will be used throughout the guide,
    so master this SAR and we can proceed to the rush.
    How to do the SAR or the Starting Actions of Rushing:
    As soon as the game starts, quickly build a peasant hut close to the 
    rice field and water. Building it must be fast, meaning you must not
    assign only one peasant but two or more to guarantee and fast buil-
    ding. As soon as the peasant hut is done set rally point on the rice
    field so peasants that will come out will automatically gather rice.
    After setting the rally point, don't ever try to put your starting
    peasants to gather rice but instead put them all to the water. Wait
    until you see that there are enough peasants in the field and there
    is an extra peasant generated. Make that extra peasant idle for fur-
    thter instructions and set the rally point from the rice fields to
    the open field. After doing these things, you are now ready to rush!
    (Note: If you are on a map with separate water and rice like the Cen-
    ter Ring, create two huts, one near the rice, one near the water. You 
    can build them simultaneously or you can build them one after one.
    Then proceed to your SAR task.)
    Another Note: Let's call  the extra peasant EP from now on. For more
    fun, the pronounciation of extra peasant's name would be "e-pi" so
    that it would sound as a name
    Technique one- The Main Rushing Technique
    What's this?
    This is applicable to any units other than archer. This'll cut the
    opponent's resource flow and slow them down. If you did this cleanly
    and successfully, you can not just cut off the source but also you
    can manage to defeat the opponent on that very moment.
    If you use the famous Archer upgrades often and use them as your pri-
    mary characters, this might work well. But although you don't mas-
    tered the Archers, practice makes perfect. If you're playing skirmish,
    this will work more effective. But if you are playing against a human,
    it depends on the skill of your opponent. This is also applicable to
    any units, make sure you upgrade them.
    Notes from the author: This is the technique used as a common rush
    trick. This can be done successfully almost on any computer enemies.
    I can't guarantee this against human players since if your opponent
    uses the same  tactic, you'll never get this successfully nor him.
    I use this often.
    How to do:
    Do the SAR. As soon as you do a quick successful SAR (I mean it),
    quickly make an archery range using EP and put your starting warriors
    (if ever) on the opening of your base. As soon as the archery range
    is done, train all your idle (even EP) peasants into an archer and
    set the rally point of archery range to the base you wish to rush.
    After this is done, send your starting warriors to the opponent's
    base. Don't rush to the rice fields of opponent, but you must kill
    the opposing warriors first. By the time your second archer arrives,
    you entire team might be already wiped out. If not, you can use them
    still to assist the archers. Remember that this is applicable to any
    unit. So we can replace the Archery Range with Combat Pit, Blade Gar-
    den, etc. And the archer with spearman, acolytes, etc.
    Note: If you have enough resources, have a peasant build a bath house
    or an aviary to train some healers. For wolves, you don't need a hea-
    ler, they can regenerate by themselves by just standing.
    Technique two- The Dirty Trick (Lotus only)
    This is a very famous trick. I named it the dirty trick because you
    will be using the unclean ones (unclean is identical with dirty). I
    can only give credits to my old classmates since they taught this
    trick to me when we talk about this game. To do it, do the
    SAR and build Blade Garden and Training Yard. Train several unclean
    ones (two will work) and let them consume one peasant each for a
    death sentry. Then send them to a place near your opponent's rice
    field. Make sure no one sees them and stealthy throw your two death
    sentries on the opponent's rice fields, killing all peasants there or
    forcing the peasants to run away from the field and wait for the
    sentry to be gone. This'll cut their rice source for a long period of
    time. If this is done successfully, you'll deserve to give a good
    evil laugh to your opponent! (bwahahahaharhar!)
    This technique will help you in being the superior and dominant one
    in the early game.
    Technique Three- The Demolisher's Trick (Battle Realms only not WOTW)
    This will work on any clan. Don't need to do SAR first, just send a
    unit to the opponent's base with a back up for the escaping peasants. 
    All you need to do is to CTRL+DD all buildings and kill escaping 
    units with your back up! Easy! But you'll be considered as faggot if
    you do this trick often.
    Note: I'm not sure but I think this glitch is fixed on some patch.
    Technique Four- RZM (Rush with Zen Masters)
    As you can see, I don't have a good name for this so I decided to use
    its acronym as its primary name since the acronym sounds cooler than
    its meaning. This RZM is almost the same with the Main Rushing Tech-
    nique, except here, we are being aided by our Zen Masters or what we
    call, the heroes of the game. This can only be done in Kenji's Jour-
    ney or Kill the Keep mode. Getting the aid of the Zen Masters in
    Kenji's Journey is a common sense when making a rush, so do the Main
    Rushing Technique with Zen Masters' aid, together with some starting
    units. When you have Zen Masters' aid, you'll eventually defeat the
    opponent you're rushing instead of just cutting their resource and
    slowing them down.
    For the Kill the Keep mode, do the SAR and do the Main Rushing Tech-
    nique, but this time you must set keep's rally point to the
    opponent's base and you must watch your Yins/Yangs. As soon as
    you have the required Yangs/Yins for your desired hero, click him to
    summon him. Make sure you also have enough resources to summon him.
    So this means that you must only choose cheap heroes such as Vetkin
    or Koril but on some events, you must still use more expensive heroes
    if you need more powerful one. Also I prefer not using Monks or
    Ninjas, but it's still up to you if you mastered them and know that
    they'll help.
    Technique Five- BURN (Big Ultimate Rushing Nova)
    I used the word Nova since we will actually pretend the opponent's
    buildings as a star that brighten suddenly and will go back to its
    original brightness. This can also be named as HRT (Hasty Razing
    Tactic). By the way, we can't do this using Lotus since we cannot
    quickly train building killer so unfortunately they can't do this.
    All you need to do is a SAR, then use EP to quickly build an Al-
    chemist Hut or a Quarry. For Dragon, just train about 2 chemists and
    you can now charge to the opponent's base. Make sure your warriors
    guard your razers. You don't need to click the guard icon and right
    click it to chemists, just let them kill any opposers who has the
    motive to kill your razers. After that, train some more Chemists to
    assure a quick burn down. For serpent, do the SAR and use EP to build
    an Alchemist Hut and rally point the peasant hut to the alchemist hut
    after setting the rally point, use EP again to build a Tavern and put
    your starting army to opponent's base to turn the tide of the war. We
    must not let them build enough force to negate our rush, although 
    your starting army will be killed, you can at least slow them from
    having a development. After the Tavern is finished, set the rally
    point of the alchemist hut to the tavern to train raiders. Put some
    of your trained Musketeers to war and some to tavern. The rally point
    of the tavern must be set on the entrance to the opponent's base. If
    done correctly, you'll weaken the opponent's force and slow their
    resource flow a bit. Your opposing army will surely die but your rai-
    ders can freely set everything on fire for a while since you already
    weaken their military force. Simultaneously, while you are burning
    some buildings out (raiders must keep on coming to the opponent's
    base this time) train swordsmen to assist your raiders and kill all
    escaping and working peasants. That's it, just keep the tide of war,
    keep on sending swordsmen and raiders to the opponent's base to slow-
    ly burn them down. This is also cool since your Yin points will grow
    more, for you'll have a much longer battle. One of my favorite techs.
    For wolf, do the SAR and use EP to build a Quarry as usual. Then
    build a Combat pit and put your starting army to war. Like the
    serpent's, rally point the hut to quarry, quarry to combat pit and
    combat pit to opponent's base. Then you'll start demolishing everyone
    out. It is easier for wolf since you have a lower chance of losing 
    your army unlike the serpent's, since the wolf clan has more regene-
    ration rate, meaning, you can make a warrior stand still if he is
    wounded to regenerate and continue to battle when he's ready.
    This should also take long but not as long as the serpent's, just
    keep the tide of the war and you should take 'em all out!
    That's all for now! There are still numerous tricks in the world of
    rushing! If I can, I'll try to update this faq about my new disco-
    veries. However, if you can discover something, please e-mail me and
    I'll post it here on my next update with you on the credits of course.
    Just indicate Rush Discovery as the subject.
    Now what? After cutting their resource flow and weakening them first,
    what will be the next thing to do? Well, all you need to do is to 
    continue turning the tides of the war. Don't stop sending him your
    men, just keep the unit flow continue. When he's destoyed, you can 
    set put the final rally point from his base back to your base.
    Having a dominant team
    After defeating the opponent you rushed, you mustn't still take a
    deep breath and be calm. If you defeat the rushed opponent quickly,
    you are still able to rush other bases just be more careful now. But
    if you think that you wasted much time before defeating him complete-
    ly, you can stay calm and use your acquired Yin/Yang points wisely.
    After rushing an opponent's base and successfully destroyed it, you
    already have the dominant team for a moment, assuming that no other
    player rushed other player successfully too. You must not waste the
    time of being a dominant player for a while, train more soldiers,
    preferably stage two soldiers (soldiers trained in two traning
    grounds) and charge up to other opponents before they charge up to
    you. Using the word "dominant" states that your team is at number one
    for a very moment. You surely has the highest Yin points and you can
    use them for upgrades to make your team stronger. For me, don't rely
    first on your heroes unless you really badly wanted them to be a 
    killer. Just upgrade first and use your team to demolish more bases
    while in dominant stage. However, you can still make your heroes a
    monster later on after destroying several bases. But everything is 
    still up to you.
    You can consider yourself dominant when you have the:
    -Highest techniques (upgrades) learned
    -Highest Yin/Yang points that are enough to make a hero a monster
    Other Strategies and Glitches of the Game:
    Most strategies in this section are very popular. Some are found me
    some are not. I'll separate those with credits and those without.
    However, these are not connected with rushing, but you can connect
    them by using them as strategies to defeat remaining enemies after
    rushing several opponents. 
    Archer+Dragon Warrior Tandem: (credits to Griever)
    Train bunch of fully upgraded archers (Zen Accuracy and Arrow Crafts-
    manship) and quintuple (5) Dragon Warriors with Chi Shield. Put your
    Archer's into a place where they'll never be seen. Put out your Dra-
    gon warriors and let them fight a batallion of enemy units. Be ready
    to make your archers run and and help the poor warriors. Once the
    archers are set,activate the Chi Shield of the Dragon warriors. The 
    thing that'll happen is the whole opponent batallion will be busy 
    attacking the immobilized invulnerable warriors while the archers
    sweeps them like dusts in your own house.
    Teleportation Device (Lotus only) (credits to unknown, his post was
    deleted so I can't see his name. But I was certain that he posted it
    on the cheats section of Gamefaqs several years ago. Please e-mail me
    if you're the one.)
    Build a two watchtowers, one that will serve as entrance to the "warp
    gate" and one as exit for it. Have the entrance tower's rally point
    set to the exit tower. Then create a certain building and set the
    rally point to the entrance tower. For example, you want every pea-
    sant to be teleported, create a peasant hut and set its rally point
    to the entrace tower. If you want every acolyte to be teleported,
    create a forge and rally it to the entrance tower. After everything's
    done, you'll see that when the unit created entered the entrance to-
    wer, it will magically exit to the exit tower. If can't understand
    the effect, just try it on your own. Do what is said to do on the ra-
    lly points.
    Attacking the water (credits to my classmates who taught me the Dirty
    My classmates told me that you can attack water by just clicking the
    force attack icon and right clicking on the water. That was correct
    but something is actually missing in their statement. There is a cer-
    tain spot in the water where you can attack. Find it, and the other
    spots are about an inch away from it. You can use the brothers
    (Lotus) and Ronins with Yin Blade (Serpent) to attack the water and
    gain easy Yin/Yang points. However, this is cheating, just use this
    for fun.
    Rushing Hints and Tips:
    - If you're working on a late rush game you can use some strategies
    that'll confuse the enemies. Like putting a peasant near their base.
    If opponent is a human, he'll think deeply why you put your peasant
    there and might think that you're planning something devastating.
    - Rushing three consecutive bases quickly and upgrading your team
    fully brings you to the most dominant level. However, the last three
    teams are usually the hardest team to fight since after rushing and
    upgrading your team for so long, they sure have already made a full
    military force. So better not to use rushing techniques on last three
    bases you'll encounter (if you are playing the game with 6-8 players)
    - Forget the Main Rushing Strategy on the mid rush game (after ru-
    shing couple bases or three) since the remaining bases probably al-
    ready built enough force to obliterate your weak rushing team. Remem-
    ber that rushing is only applicable to unprepared enemies and not to
    prepared ones. However, there are also separate rushing strategies
    for the mid game. You can learn them by your own.
    - There is no technique to have a rush army in mid game. All you need
    to do is to quickly build upgraded (fully or not) stage two units and
    keep turning the tides of war on that base.
    - While turning the tides of war during mid and late game, be sure to
    have base defense!
    Miscellaneous Tips:
    - Certain things made by characters are not just for entertainment
    but also does some things. Like when Gaihla throws flora and fauna
    to the rice fields, the rice grows much faster.
    - Kenji has a second ability wherein he can give bonus attack damage
    to all adjacent allies. Just let him fight with his sword and he'll
    surely use his "special move" that deals a very small amount of da-
    mage but gives Kenji and others a ring of bonus damage around them 
    just like Battle's Cry and Wolf's Howl from Otomo and Grayback.
    - Utara has the best attack yet the weakest armor. Her single attack
    stuns everybody around her and poisoning them all. However, giving
    her a horse to increase her damage is a good idea yet doesn't give
    much help since the horse usually dies faster than normal when Utara
    is riding him. The best strategy for Utara is give her couple of
    Geishas to heal her. Also notice that Utara is also a Geisha ^v^.
    - The Shinja in Dragon path in Kenji's Journey is much helpful than
    the Shinja in serpent path. The Shinja in serpent path just keep on
    standing and watching for fights.
    - The Necromancer in Kenji's Journey is different to the Necro in
    Skirmish. In journey, he'll just stand and wait for somebody to die
    and he also has a good attack damage on the journey. While in the
    Skirmish, he always seeks for a fight and has lower amount of damage
    compared to the one in the journey!
    - Arah's arrows deal more damage when she rides on horseback
    - Kenji's gunfire does more damage than his sword. Nevertheless,
    putting him in a tower is not a good choice, archers deserve that.
    - Musketeers' gunfire damage rarely makes critical shots, this mostly
    work when they have no BG at all and you have about 5 musketeers to-
    gether in a Stand Ground position.
    - Building a tower near a tree gives the tower more line of sight
    especially when the trees near him are destroyed. But this doesn't
    work on WOTW. It maybe is a glitch.
    That's all for now folks!
    Hope you like my guide about rushing. If you like, please mail me and
    give some feedbacks about this and also please mail me some more
    discoveries that you make, strategies, hints, tips, etc.
    God- for giving me the knowledge to this. I know it's His plan!
    BhAbEs- my inspiration, the girl I admire the most.
    Gamefaqs- for letting me submit this file!
    Pollocks974- following his guide on the second to the last mission of
    Dragon Path gave me interest to rush attacking
    Old Classmates- my classmates when I was elementary. We always talk
    about this game. Just to promote our team, DOC lives!!!
    Griever- when I was a newbie and I can't run past the monks and se-
    cond to the last missions, I read his guide how to get past. His
    guide also let me know about the power of archers that led me to
    master the Dragon clan
    DeEpBluE- I also read his guide
    Arkane Denial- my co-member in WBW. I read his guide first so that I
    will know where will I start my guide.
    Liquid Entertainment- for developing this game
    Notepad- without this, I can't write this
    Keyboard- I can't type without this
    Copyright 2008 Paulo Ezekiel Dignos

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