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"The God of Command and Conquer Games"

This is one of the best PC games ever concocted, and the best of the Command and Conquere genre. I love this game to no end, and with good reasons.

Gameplay: 10
You are the mystical arrow in the sky that commands the troops of the army you selectd. Peasants are the basic unit, and the most important. Peasants are generated at huts at spaced intervals directly related to how many units you already have. Peasants are the base worker unit, gathering rice, water, and horses, and also building the structures that compose your base. Peasants go to training halls to become a new unit. There are 3 types of warrior units for each clan and a different training hall for each. A warrior that has already trained in one hall can train in antother to become an entirely new unit. The best units are usually those who have trained in each hall. For example, A lotus peasant that traines in one hall may become a leaf deciple. That leaf deciple can train in a different hall to become a desiesed one. If that deseased one traines in the third hall, he may become a sorcerrer. all of the third tier units can be used for something special, but that differs from clan to clan. There are other training halls for different units besides the three warrior halls, but that also differs with clans. I personally love this system, as it adds more strategy to the game.Killing units and winning battles award you yin or yang poimts, which can be spent to get upgrades for your units, or to summon hero units. There are also other influences, such as disturbing a flock of bird to trigger a reaction on everyone's radar, thereby giving away your location, or having your archers get the high ground. I could go on, but I feel I've spent too much time here already.

Graphics: 10
The graphics are spectacular, assuming your computer is strong enough to handle it. There is an animation for nearly everything, your peasants will actually get out tools and set up ground structure and such when constructing. The unit graphics themeselves are great, and they are reasonably praportional, not having oversized heads or some similer problem. The level of detail is amaxzing, the units bleed, walk, and entertain themselves in a highly detailed maner. Even things like the infested ones (2nd tier lotus warriors with a gut infested with flesh eating maggots) will leave behind a trail of maggots and bits of flesh as they walk or stand idle. the attack animations are great too, for example, you can watch the infested ones reach inside their gut, extract a handfull of maggots, and lob them at opponents.

Sound: 9
The music is pretty good, but not spectacular. It sounds pretty good, and is not generally distracting, but it repeats itself often. The sound effects and voices are great though. As battle wraps itself around your enemy's base, you can bathe yourself in the screams of agony, breaking constructs, and crackling fire as the thunderstorm over head calls. Every warrior has multiple battle cries, shrieks of pain, and salutes to you when selected. Their voices also portraie their personalities, such as the wolf clan, who usually have deep, rugged voices, or the lotus, who's voices are either rhaspy and sickly or dark and malignant.

Controls: 8
Though they can be tough to get used to, after a couple of practice rounds you'll have them down pat. Their fairly simple and usefull once you know what you're doing.

Story: 10
Four clans battle eachother, each with a deep rivalry or hatred. The Dragon clan is honerable and will battle for their honer no matter what the cost. The Serpent clan is the yin to the Dragon's yang, as they are a clan of backstabbing ninjas and rougues. The Wolf clan is a primitive race, but bearing massive strength and unwavering courage. The Lotus clan is sickly and evil, and revel in the death of foes and sacrificing their humanity for the clan. This is a great plot, and original if I do say so. The main character is a ronin who can choose between good and evil , or Dragon and Serpent, to protect his ideals.

Overall: 10
If your computer can handle it, I definately recomend you buy this game. It can keep you thinking and entertained for hours.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 03/09/05

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