Review by Myst1277

"This is the FPS in its purest form"

I've never played a game quite like this one. It's simple, repetitive, and has very little story. And if it weren't for that, this game probably would NOT be nearly as good as it is.

Here's the premise of the game: you have guns, and there are lots of enemies. No, wait, understatement. This game has TONS of enemies. You'll be walking around and suddenly, ENEMIES! EVERYWHERE! 20 or 30 or even more monsters on-screen at once. Whip out the gun of your choice, anything from revolvers to a PORTABLE CANNON, and blast away.

STORY: Or lack thereof. The story in this game is pretty thin, and is little more than a reason to kill stuff. However, in a game like this, story shouldn't be too big of a deal, and the game creators knew it. The story is really WACKY at some points.

SOUND: I have to say that this game, and its sequel, has a REALLY good soundtrack. The truly awesome tunes are in the boss-battles, which is to be expected, but the main sections are really good too (also, listen to the credits song in this one, it's great).

MULTI-PLAYER: This game is definitely better as a single-player or co-op game. Deathmatch and the other Versus modes felt a bit weak to me. That's the one point it lost. However, single-player and co-op should be enough. At least, it was for me.

DIFFICULTY: The game has five difficulty settings. Tourist is the easiest one. If you have a problem here, something is wrong. Easy isn't much harder. Normal, however, can get pretty tough if you aren't 'experienced' in FPS's. Hard is just that, and Serious is insane.

As a side-note, this game is chock-FULL of secrets to find. Sometimes, it's just little things, like a health power-up. Sometimes you'll get a weapon one or two stages earlier than normal. Sometimes, though, you'll get something completely out of the ordinary. Like Sam fan-boys with giant heads.

All in all, you're probably gonna want to play this game if you are even remotely interested in First-person shooters. And it only costs about $5. You aren't losing much for a game this awesome.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 04/18/07

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