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"Mindless killing but a lot of fun"

The 1st time i play this type of game is doom 1.Doom mostly about killing those monster and a lot of them too.Nowadays days this games are rarely seen,games like killing a lot of monsters with less puzzle to solve.Missed this game?....then get Serious Sam(SS).SS is mostly about killing than solving hard puzzles.Mindless killing and hell a lot of monsters to kill and also little puzzles to solve but FUN !!

Of course using Voodoo 3 wont be able to see the really beauty of the game but it still look nice.Voodoo 3 graphics have texture problem so it need that wickedGL driver to fix it.As for Geforce 2,all i can say is WOW!.It really show the beauty of the graphics and the textures are excellent.The lighting are very nice especially the Sun light.As for the model,it's only average i can give because there's less animation of moving.When moving left,the model animation is moving front.Well all the texture are mostly...Egyptian wall.

Sound effect for the gun fire are good.Explosion sound is average because not enough of destruction sound.

At first it's really interesting but why Egypt and also poor Sam,him alone fighting with 10000000000 monsters.

This game is a total blood bath.Everywhere you go....monsters will spawn and attack you.Not only 1 or 2 monsters spawn but a lot of them.This game have only 15 levels and it's really enough.I notice that the 1 level is very big...even i get lost in the desert except the 1st and 2nd level.As for the's very little.There's no very hard puzzle to solve and that's lucky for me because hard puzzle make me headache.So this game is mostly about action and use big gun to kill big bad monsters.There's 1 thing that SS is different from other games is killing hell a lot of monsters so dont think that there's no hard puzzle this game is so easy.This game is as hard as doom.SS is something like doom fighting so much monsters in 1 room.Those monsters in SS respawn after 1 group of monster have been killed.Of course there's a limit for this monster respawning in 1 room.Among all the levels...the hardest and the most impossible...well not so impossible but so hard that i cant win the game alone or i didnt use cheat.It's the last level that i cant win alone because that level is where hell a lot of monsters will come into the arena by surrounding you.It is better that you find out yourself.Now for the weapons,there are 10 weapons with powerful firepower.Of course the primary weapon schofield .45 w/tmar is not that powerful but it can hold 2 schofield .45 w/tmar and it wont run out of bullet.Even the knife have strong damage.All though this game dont have sniping gun or railgun to snipe but it still fun.Deathmatch is fun...knowing that the gun in SS are so powerful even the knife i get to kill a lot.The best about this game is killing hell a of monster to get high score so it better play Cooperative game on network.Somehow i can see the level in all the room are infested with 800 monsters so play Cooperative for full enjoyment !In other word,this game is mindless killing and full of fun if play Cooperative to see who have the highscore and your nick will be record in the Highscore menu.This game is a BLAST.As for Sam,he's funny and hilarious.He like brother to Duke Nukem.Of course this Sam is not a guy who look for girl that much.

As for singleplayer,i only replay for once is enough because everything is still the same except i want to go to the secret levels.As for multiplayer,i replay a lot because there's cooperative mode and deathmatch.

Get this game if you like hell a lot of action with full of killing and total blood bath game.If you prefer puzzle more than Action killing bad monsters than this game is not recommended but give it a try...who knows...maybe you like it.For all those player who love doom 1 or 2 because of it's monsters to kill then this game is recommended for you.Anyway,mindless killing with so little puzzle to solve is not that popular for some people but for me, i love it...i got no headache playing this game so THIS GAME ROCKS !!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 05/10/01, Updated 05/10/01

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