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"Well, for 5 bux, you get a pretty awesome game."

WOW, do you know how much this game is? Thirty? Forty, Fifty? Nope, five bucks! Five BUCKS!
For Five bucks, you get an awesome, and I mean AWESOME game, with very few flaws.

Great game, it's quite easy, but very fun when LAN'ing with buddies.
It's got some pretty cool levels.
Packed with sweet guns, on top of an assortment of monsters.
This game reminds me a lot of doom, which, in some peoples mind it's a good thing, and some a bad thing.
This game is one of the many games that I feel are underated. And for $5 you get a great game.
It shouldnt matter, 5 bux, is 5 bux, so even if you dont like the game, its not a big deal.
Think of it like this, this game might be a ONE-DAY-WONDER or it might be a ONLY-WHEN-MY-FRIENDS-ARE-HERE-WONDER...heh.
Single or multiplayer, this game has nice gameplay.

Fun Factor
Wow, this game is extremely fun, although I like the Second Encounter(sequel to this game) A LOT more than this one, this game is still good.
It's fun on singleplayer, but its even funner on multiplayer. Just imagine, five bucks for an awesome game that can keep you and your buddies entertained for hours, maybe even days.

Well, since its on PC, you change the buttons to your likeing, so the controls are perfect.

Awesome grafix! Heh, the graphics in this game are not bad at all, I've seen a lot better, but for this game being out for as long as its been out, this games graphics are great.
Although the graphics arent up to par with QUAKE,DOOM,Unreal,Battlefield 1942, the games graphics are still pretty nice.

Oh man, awesome sound, drives my mother crazy when I have a friend over playing this game, the shots, the enemies running toward you, the sound in this game is pretty nice, overall, a good sound factor.

Play Time
Well, It's pretty easy, it's not hard at all, on the higher levels though, the game isnt as easy, you can beat this game easily if you put a few hours into it.

Replay Value
The Replay Value for this game is extremely high, me and my friends have been playing this game for the past month or so every other day and its still not that old.

Final Thoughts
An overall awesome game, good graphics, lots of weapons, sweet levels, assortment of enemies all waiting to take your head off.

Gameplay - 10
Fun Factor - 9
Controls - 10
Graphics - 8
Sound - 8
Play Time - 7
Replay Value - 10
Overall - 8

Buy Or Rent?
Well, seeing that the price is extremely low, I say buy this game as soon as you have five bux.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 11/06/02, Updated 11/06/02

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