Review by canadian bacon386

Reviewed: 11/22/03

A fun game no matter what your IQ is

Well if you go to any video game store and see a game for $5 labled ''Serious Sam'' you should defiantly get the 5 bucks for this game. It's a FPS where you basicaly have to save the earth from an alien invasion using like 15 weapons. ''Oh, but I have Half-Life, I don't need another game like this.'' Well there's where your wrong my friend. In Half-Life do you get 50 enemies thrown at you at one time, yet you have a chance to survive? I DON'T THINK SO! Seriously (pardon the pun) though this is a game that you need.

Gameplay- This game has some crazy game play. It's the normal FPS controls W,S,A,D to move up, down, strafe left and right. Mouse is to look around and shoot. But here's where this game moves away from any other game. Do you think you can survive a wave of 15 guys that explode when they touch you, 5 charging bull-like things, a large scorpion-like monster equipped with a chaingun, and a charging skeleton? On this game that's perfectly possible. In the game you can finish off about 200 enemies in 5 minutes. When you think you've taken out the group of enemies and can take a break for your aching finger 50 more enemies come rushing at you. With an artillery of over 10 guns you can shred anything to pieces.
Score- Excellent. 10/10

Story- Well this game is the typical ''Earth is being invaded by aliens and only one man can save us!'' kind of thing. But every other gameplay element makes up for it.
Score- This really doesnt matter but i give it a 6/10

Graphics/Sound- When I first got this game I didnt think I'd be very impressed with the Graphics or sound, don't ask me why, but when I put this game into the computer I was blown away at the advanced graphics it has! It has beautiful images, when theres not 1,000 of monsters around it, but even those are extremly detailed. I mean, how many games do you see that you actually have trouble seeing when the sun gets in front of the screen (the game's sun)? Now for sound. It's simply wonderful. In fact you need sound to play this game because, when the enemies are going to attack then they will scream out. (Note: Beheaded Kamikaze is a perfect example) But the sounds of the guns sound pretty real, and the monsters sound authentic. Just get surround sound speakers and this game will be your best friend.
Score- Excellent 10/10

Play Time/Replayability- The play time of this game is pretty long. There are only 6 levels, I believe but you'll send lots of hours fighting through all these enemies. The replay value is perfect. Its a no brainer shooter where you can simply fire a chaingun at an endless hord of enemies and just say ''Man oh man I just love this game''. But not only is this game extremly fun, but its a great stress reliever ;)
Score- Excellent 10/10

Overall- Well I'm pretty much done. I hope this review helped you. Just in case it didn't I'll give you a quick list of pros and cons

~Excellent gameplay that'll leave you hooked for hours.
~Amazing graphics
~Great Replay Value
~Great price

~It's kinda repetitive

Well thats all for you.
Overall Score- Perfect 10/10

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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