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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Dune Tiger

    Version: 2.2 | Updated: 01/27/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Dune Tiger's Guide to Hitman: Codename 47  2.2
    e-mail: dune_tiger@hotmail.com
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    Table of Contents
    i. Version History
    ii. Introduction
    1.0 Interface
        1.1 Movement Setup
        1.2 Sneaking
        1.3 Leaning
        1.4 Firing Your Weapon
        1.5 Strangling
        1.6 Dragging
        1.7 Changing Clothes
        1.8 Sniping
        1.9 The Map
       1.10 The Laptop
    2.0 The HUD
        2.1 The Static Display
        2.2 The Dynamic Display
    3.0 Weapons
        3.1 The Garrotte (Piano) Wire
        3.2 The Oyabun Knife
        3.3 AMT 1911 'Hardballer'
        3.4 Beretta 92.
        3.5 Desert Eagle Mark XIX
        3.6 Heckler and Koch MP5
        3.7 Israeli Military Industries UZI
        3.8 Mossberg Persuader Shotgun
        3.9 Franchi PA3/215
       3.10 Kalashnikov AK-103 (AK-47)
       3.11 M16A2
       3.12 US Army M60
       3.13 M134 Minigun
       3.14 Blaser Jugowaffen R93 Sniper
       3.15 Walther WA2000 Sniper
       3.16 Special Weapons   
       3.17 Other Items of Interest
    4.0 Helpful Hints Before You Begin
    5.0 Missions
        ****HONG KONG****
        5.a Training
        5.1 Kowloon Triads in Gang War
        5.2 Ambush at the Wang Fou Restaurant
        5.3 The Massacre at Cheung Chau Fish Restaurant
        5.4 The Lee Hong Assassination
        5.5 Find the U'Wa Tribe
        5.6 The Jungle God
        5.7 Say Hello to my Little Friend
        5.8 Traditions of the Trade
        5.9 Gunrunner's Paradise
      5.10a Plutonium Runs Loose
      5.10b Plutonium Runs Loose - Alternate
        ****THE ASYLUM****
       5.11 The Setup
       5.12 Meet Your Brother
    6.0 Cheats
    7.0 Frequently-Asked Questions (includes drawing two pistols)
    8.0 Afterword
    9.0 Contact Information
    10.0 Acknowledgements
    i. Version History
    0.1             Initial release covering up to and including Lee Hong
    0.2             Fixed some minor clerical errors, no missions added.
                    Added a few alternate "if" scenarios in the Hong missions.
    0.5             Colombian missions added to the best of my ability.  Eep.
                    Added the Franchi to the weapons list.
                    The FAQ finds a few more homes.  Hooray!
    0.6             Budapest is now listed, and even MORE Hong possibilities
                    have been added.  Oops, it's gamewinners, not gameadvice.
                    A few weapons added to the rifles and specials sections.
    0.8             Actually, nobody saw 0.6, I'm sure, but oh well.  Anyways,
                    the first Rotterdam mission has been included, as well as
                    a nice new gun in the weapons list (The Minigun).
    1.0             Everything is finally done, with as many frickin variations
                    as I can think of, as well as having been pointed out to me.
                    Oops, kevlar's a fiber, not an alloy (thanks, James) and now
                    an Afterword.  Woop woop!
    2.0             Cripes!  I've put enough in here to warrant a full version
                    upgrade.  Added the Derringer and the Sawn-Off in the Specials
                    section, re-wrote most of Find the U'Wa Tribe, and added a
                    completely different method of doing Plutonium Runs Loose.
                    Not to mention that there is now a FAQ section (fancy that).
    2.1             Boop.  Tiny additions.  Can you believe I forgot to tell you
                    to give the hotel receptionist the room key?  Oh, and a FAQ
                    I forgot to put in the first time 'round is now in there (why
                    Ivan's mission fails even though you do it right).  Also fixed
                    my bad sense of direction.
    2.2             Fixed bull-pup description, added new thingy for the sawn-off,
                    and added some "things you don't really need to know" for the
                    M16 and M60.  Finally, and most importantly, nonsologiochi.com
                    will be providing an Italian version of this document.  NOT
                    Spanish.  My sincerest apologies.
    ii. Introduction
    This is my first-ever attempt at writing a FAQ, so please bare with me as we
    go along.  Basically, I'm here to present to you a thorough look at the game
    and all of its attention to detail because first of all, it's one incredibly
    tough game, and second of all, I absolutely love it.
    Taking the time to write this FAQ has proven to be a lot more demanding than
    I originally had thought it to be.  It's lots of fun, but it does eat away at
    my time.  I would have to say that the biggest challenge in writing this has
    been to best give directions for a very visual game in a very non-visual
    medium.  Considering that this is strictly text, I apologize in advance for
    not being able to provide screenshots or maps for you.  I hope that I've put
    enough in here so that you don't get too lost.  IO-Interactive has obviously 
    put a LOT of work into this game, and hopefully, this FAQ will give it the 
    respect it deserves.  
    The plan, insofar as I can actually call anything I think of as a plan, is
    to get every mission covered as quickly as possible with as many variations
    as I can possibly test.  It's a gruelling job considering I have to restart
    every time I purposely pooch the mission, but hey, anything I can think of,
    no matter how ridiculous, is worth trying.  After I get as much as I can cram
    into the mission walkthroughs, I will eventually return with even more
    variations on the missions.  Hey, I might even come up with a better way to
    do things.  Well, on with the show.
    (P.S. Any strategy guide companies wanna offer me a job? ;) )
    1.0 Interface
    I assume that you all have instruction manuals for this game, so I'm not going
    to regurgitate everything in it, word for word.  This section is here to
    basically give you the suggestions and point out anything you might miss.
    1.1 Movement Setup
    I highly recommend that whatever setup you use, be it the WASD (my fave) or
    NumPad setup (or, if you use your own personal configuration, skip this part), 
    switch the "turn" and "strafe" buttons.  This is ESPECIALLY recommended for
    fans of the FPS genre.  Nothing will annoy you more than turning when you want
    to strafe around.
    So, in general:
    Use 4 and 6 to strafe left and right respectively if using the NumPad setup,
    or A and D to strafe left and right respectively if using the WASD setup.
    But WHATEVER YOU DO, use the mouse!!
    1.2 Sneaking
    Sneaking is annoying at times due to the slow movement, but it is the best
    way to exploit the AI.
    Eventually, you'll find that killing up close and personal might be better
    suited to your needs than going in guns a-blazin', but you'll also find
    that enemy guards have incredible hearing.  That is to say, when you pull 
    out your trusty garrotte wire or Oyabun knife, the guards have a knack for
    turning around and planting a bullet into your chest.
    More often than not, going into sneak mode will totally counteract this
    sense of hearing akin only to that of Marvel Comics' Daredevil.  For some
    odd reason, you can stand behind a guard and, for example, pull out your
    knife and be heard, but stand at the same distance in sneak mode and do
    the same thing and the guard knows nothing of what you're doing.
    1.3 Leaning
    Leaning is something that's rarely offered in games like this, so it's
    only natural for the casual gamer to neglect its usefulness.  So remember:
    Sometimes there's no possible way to slit your target's throat and thus,
    you'll have to resort to some high-speed projectiles to take him/her out.
    Leaning around corners is one of the best approaches to doing this
    (aside from lining up shots behind closed doors) because, again, more
    often than not, a guard won't detect your weapon if you're peeking around
    a corner.  This is excellent maneuvering for getting those head-shots.
    1.4 Firing Your Weapon
    You might want to play it out like Hollywood, but what Hollywood doesn't
    tell you is that guns don't always fire where you aim 'em.  Always
    make sure you pick the right weapon for the right distance, otherwise
    you'll be wasting lots of ammo, and nobody wants that.  Here's a guide:
    Wire/Knife:       In your face
    Pistols:          High accuracy up close and far away
    Sub-Machine Guns: Larger rooms, but better up close
    Rifles:           Moderate-sized rooms, plenty of enemies
    Sniper Rifles:    Up high and away
    1.5 Strangling
    Strangling is great fun.  It's all part of the atmosphere.  The downside
    is that strangling someone with the garrotte wire is time-consuming
    and usually, you need to make the kill when there's a patrolling guard
    close by.
    If you know for sure that there is no possible way for anyone to witness
    the strangulation by walking into the scene, then by all means, go for it.
    It's loads of fun.  Make sure you remember to ready up the wire before
    you make the kill, otherwise your target will hear the tell-tale "sching"
    However, if there's a patroller around, or bumbling civilians that you
    know are going to turn the corner before the animation is done, use
    a knife.  It's faster, and just as silent.
    1.6 Dragging
    The manual doesn't lie when it tells you to make your kill near your
    'dumping grounds'.  Dragging a body takes time, usually time that you're
    incredibly short on, so make sure that if you've got a target you know
    you want to drag away, then don't do it in, say, a hallway with no alcoves,
    doorways, or pits.
    What the manual doesn't tell you is how to move the dead body around.
    Hitman is incredibly strong and can toss a limp body around like a rag
    doll.  The only thing is, physics demands that the body be behind you when
    you drag it (duh), so it might be a problem getting that body into a pit
    that's in front of you without falling into it yourself.  If you're poised,
    for example, at the edge of an open sewer grate, swing your mouse so that
    the body is hanging (either by your hand or on its own) over the open hole
    and then let go.  Ususally, the body will slide in on its own (you gotta
    love gravity), but if the body's butt is in the air and not going down,
    pick up a leg and give it a little nudge.
    *THE STRAFE-DRAG TECHNIQUE*:  As you're dragging the body, instead of
    walking forward or backward, strafe in the direction you wish and tap
    the run button several times as you go along.  You'll find that you won't
    drop the body as you do this (so long as you don't hold down the run
    button) and that you'll move a lot quicker than regular dragging.
    *ADVANCED STRAFE-DRAG TECHNIQUE*: As long as you're holding the strafe
    button down, I've found that you can run full speed and not drop the
    body.  The only trick to this is that you can't look up too far while
    you're doing it, otherwise the body sometimes gets caught on something
    or just plain slips out of your hands.  If you know where you're going,
    look at the ground and have a laugh as you drag a body across long
    distances in a very short amount of time.
    1.7 Changing Clothes
    You're not just playing Mr. Dressup here.  Changing clothes is an essential
    part of the game.  Not only does it make you inconspicuous, it also gets
    you into several places to advance in each mission.  What's not mentioned
    in the manual is that changing clothes while you're under suspicion (when
    the guards are looking for someone of your description) takes the heat off
    you for a while... IF nobody's there to see you do it.
    1.8 Sniping
    Ah, sniping.  What fps (or, in this case, fps hybrid) would be complete
    without a sniper gun?
    What makes Hitman stand out is that its sniping mode accounts for subtle
    body movements, the likes of which I have only seen in Metal Gear Solid.
    That is to say, the scope WILL move as you try to line up your shot.
    You'll want to smack Hitman for being such a heavy breather, but hey,
    everyone's gotta breathe.
    There are two ways to snipe where you want to snipe.
    a) Get used to the bobbing movement of the scope and time your shot as
       the crosshairs pass your target; or
    b) Learn the timing of the bobbing and slide your mouse opposite to keep the
       crosshairs still.
    I find that option (b) is a bit harder to get used to, but in the end you
    get better results.  Mistiming a snipe might mean you get a body shot.
    1.9 The Map
    No matter how much you think you know the layout of the mission, there is
    always the possibility that you'll get lost somewhere.  Hit M (default)
    to bring up the map and reorient yourself.
    Furthermore, you may also gain hints in the mission as to locations of
    certain objects you're looking for.  If you receive this kind of info,
    head to the map and you might just see it marked for your convenience.
    Oh yeah, and to zoom, click on the magnifying glass and then hover over
    whatever you want to see up close and slide the mouse forward or backward
    with the button held down.
    1.11 The Laptop
    The laptop is your in-between interface.  It provides useful information,
    as well as a screen for making your weapons purchase before the mission.
    The thing you must ALWAYS check before you enter the mission is your goals.
    It's tempting to jump right into the action, but you won't get anywhere
    without knowing what your goals are, and eventually, the agency stops
    making its weapons 'suggestions', leaving you with only a handgun to
    raid a complex.  Not fun at all.
    2.0 The HUD
    2.1 The Static Display
    This isn't your standard shooter where you can take a rocket in the face
    and just brush it off like you're Superman.  
    The static display is everything that is constantly on your screen.  These
    Selected Item
    Bullets do indeed hurt Hitman much moreso than heroes in other games (except
    maybe Rainbow Six).  Keep a close eye on your health, during and after a
    firefight.  If you're really low on health, chances are you won't make it to
    the end of the mission if you're not already there.  Take the time to re-start
    or it's likely you'll suffer the frustration of getting further and dying.
    If your Armor (if you have it) is low, take the time to find a new vest,
    especially if your health is near or under the 50% mark.  Chances are
    you'll get hit in the body more often than you'll be hit in the head and
    the kevlar will help keep you alive without spending $3000 to continue.
    Finally, the Selected Item is something you should glance at every now
    and then, especially after a kill or a firefight.  The last thing you want
    to do is be forgetful and walk into a room with your weapon drawn.  If you
    don't intend to use it, put it away.
    2.0 The Dynamic Display
    ************READ THIS, SKIMMERS************
    Next to your health readout is a space for your Action Display.  PAY CLOSE
    ATTENTION TO THIS SPACE.  If anything pops up in that space, chances are
    that you'll need to know what it's saying, and it doesn't stay up there for
    long.  There are three types of boxes that appear here:
    [Action] <Green>
    This box lets you know a sample of what you can do with the object your
    pointer is hovering over.  For example, if you're hovering over an object
    that you can pick up, it will tell you so.
    [Warning] <Red>
    This is the most important box to look out for while you're in a mission.
    It will tell you two things:
      a) If a guard finds a body, and
      b) If you're under suspicion.
    If you're ever wondering why people are firing at you, you probably don't
    know because you missed this box.  Pay close attention to it, and the second
    it says you're under suspicion, go find some new threads to change into.
    [Information] <Blue>
    This box's importance juggles with the Warning box.  It's important info
    that you need to know, but doesn't have anything to do with your actions.
    Usually, it's like your eye in the sky, telling you exactly what other people
    are doing in the mission.  On timed missions or on missions where your target
    can leave the map, make sure you look at this box because if your target
    takes off, it's a 'fail'.
    3.0 Weapons
    3.1 The Garrotte (Piano) Wire
    Also known as the Fibre Wire when purchasing it, this is an entertaining
    weapon.  It offers you a silent and unfailing kill should you manage to
    get it around your target's neck.  Use it wisely as it takes a bit of time
    to get your target onto the ground and more often than not, you're going
    to have to hide that body quickly.
    3.2 The Oyabun Knife
    Also known as the Pentagon, the Oyabun is perfect for the quick and silent
    hit from behind, or the surprise slashfest from the front.  It has the
    distinct advantage over the Garrotte in that the speed with which you take
    down a target from behind is much more efficient than strangulation.
        Pistols/Handguns in general are reliable weapons due to their accuracy
        even at long distances and that you can conceal six of them on you.
        Even still, you can go John Woo style with two guns firing away in a
        hot firefight.  They are especially useful in long-distance shoot-outs.
    3.3 AMT 1911 'Hardballer'
    The main handgun of choice in the game (as it is commonly suggested by the
    agency), the Hardballer has the distinct advantage over its counterpart,
    the Beretta 92. in that it seems to be a bit more powerful in its damage
    factor.  Its downside is that it only carries 7 bullets per clip and
    is a bit worse in the noise department.  It uses "pistol ammo".
    3.4 Beretta 92.
    The main handgun of choice for ME is the Beretta.  Not only does it come in
    the 'silenced' option for a few extra bucks, but it's a bit more silent
    without the muffler than the Hardballer, and it also holds 8 extra bullets
    per clip.  And for what it's worth, 15 bullets in a firefight is better
    than 7 in my books.  Reloading in the middle of a firefight can bring you
    a serious amount of pain and with the Beretta, the reloading comes less
    frequently than when using the Hardballer.  It uses "pistol ammo".
    3.5 Desert Eagle XIX
    While it remains my favorite gun of all time, it isn't suited for the
    stealthy play of Hitman unless, of course, you're prepared to give the
    enemy one heck of an onslaught.  Great for clearing out areas, the Desert
    Eagle is a noisy and messy gun that is efficient at taking out your targets
    in both the head and the body.  7 bullets of incredible power, this gun uses
    ".50 Magnum" ammunition.
        Sub-machine guns are close-quarters weapons and should be used as such.
        In Hitman, and IRL, sub-machine guns have lower accuracy as the range
        at which you're firing increases.  While they have some use in larger
        rooms, you're best off keeping it to room-sized rooms (as opposed to
        large, open rooms where the guards can pick you off with pistols) and
        whatever you do, DON'T SPRAY.  Spraying is an incredibly inefficient way
        to fire an automatic gun.  Keep it in short, aimed bursts and you'll take
        your enemies down much faster.  You can conceal up to two on you.
    3.6 Heckler and Koch MP5
    The staple of SWAT teams and any close-quarters combat situations, the MP5 is
    one of the best guns in the game.  It's a great weapon for mowing down your
    enemies and better yet, it proves to be an incredibly accurate gun compared
    to its in-game counterpart, the UZI.  The only thing you have to be wary of
    is its high rate of fire.  If you don't pay attention, you'll be plugging
    already-dead bodies full of bullets and you'll have no ammunition left for
    the living.  Even better YET, it comes in a silenced mode later in the game!
    It uses "SMG Ammo".
    3.7 Israeli Military Industries UZI
    The UZI, while I knocked on it in the MP5 description a little, isn't really
    that bad of a weapon.  It has a lower rate of fire than the MP5 and lower
    accuracy, but it makes up for this in that it packs a bit more of a punch.
    That is, if you can get it to hit anything.  The gun's major downfall is that
    it fires bullets like a lawn sprinkler: everywhere.  Don't count on getting
    too many head shots with this gun, so you'll be expending a lot more ammo
    trying to get through body armor.  Again, short, controlled bursts is the best
    way to getting use out of this weapon, and it can be a devastating weapon
    if you know how to use it.  Oh, and I don't think there's a silencer for this
    beast.  It uses "SMG Ammo".
        The rifle class gun in Hitman is all about power and less about accuracy.
        Included in this class are the shotgun and the AK-47.  As we all know
        from playing Quake and other FPSs, the shotgun is best used up close
        and personal.  The AK-47 is the same, but it can be useful at a distance,
        but not TOO far a distance.  The downfall of carrying so much power
        under your arm is that you can't conceal it.  If you've got to carry one
        make sure you're dressed for the occassion, or make sure you're ready to
        use it.  You can carry up to one rifle at a time, WITH NO CONCEALMENT.
    3.8 Mossberg Persuader Shotgun
    It's loud, it's messy, it's incredibly powerful.  What more could you ask for?
    Again, in a firefight, reloading can be tricky and the unfortunate thing
    about this pump-action shotgun is that it loads one shell at a time, meaning
    you better be ready to take some hits or duck and weave as you ready up the
    next round to take a bite out of someone's arse.  The best use for the
    shotgun would probably be holding down a hoarde in a bottleneck.  If you're
    in trouble and you've got this baby handy, lead everyone into a tight spot
    and pick them off as they're forced to come one by one.  Bang, shick-shock.
    It uses "Shotgun shells".
    3.9 Franchi PA3/215
    Oddly enough, I have no information screen for this weapon, but taking it
    into the mission is the only way to truly test these things out, right?
    The Franchi is the better of the two shotguns in the game.  While the Mossberg
    and the Franchi don't differ too much in the way of firepower, the Franchi
    does have one distinct advantage; a magazine that holds 8 shells.  What does
    this mean?  Well, my fellow killers, it means the ability to fire the gun
    like a semi-auto without having to reload after every shot.  While a great
    advantage in the comparison between shotguns, it, like the Mossberg, still
    needs to be used up close for any efficient use.  I haven't seen a single
    instance in which a shotgun is necessary, but who knows, maybe further down
    the line.
    3.10 Kalashnikov AK-103 (AK-47)
    Affectionately known as the AK-47, you commonly see this gun in movies in the
    hands of the bad guy.  Probably something to do with its availability.
    Anyways, the AK-47 is a fully automatic machine gun.  Like the shotgun, it's
    incredibly loud, and incredibly powerful.  However, it is also incredibly
    inaccurate.  Best suited not for range battles, but for taking out a lot of
    mean people very quickly.  Use this gun when you've got hoardes after you,
    and trust me, you will, and there will be juicy bits and pieces flying
    everywhere.  Just make sure you aim it.  Remember, folks, nothing over 20
    meters.  It uses "7.62mm clips".
        * Despite the obvious difference in color between the two guns, it's been
          reported that the AK-103 fires a bit faster and a bit more accurately
          than the AK-47.  I still don't see the difference, but hey, who am I
          to argue?
    3.11 M16A2
    What game using licensed guns would be complete without the good ol' M16?
    This gun, using a smaller caliber round than the AK-47 delivers a bit
    less on the damage aspect of things, but more than makes up for it in
    longer distance accuracy.  In the right situation where you can focus
    in your line of sight, the M16 can be your best friend.  Be careful when
    purchasing it, though.  It's a tempting buy, but you can't conceal it.
    You might as well just paint a target on your butt.  It uses "Machinegun
        * Apparently, the M16A2 in Hitman is not accurately portrayed.  It
          is not a full auto (thought it was), but instead shoots 3-round
          bursts.  What appears in the game is actually the A1.  (Info from
          M. Warner)
    3.12 US Army M60
    The M60 is a beast, hands down, but then again, so is the Hitman, especially
    when he can run with this thing in his arms when the thing itself requires
    a tripod to balance its muzzle.  The best part about this gun is that you
    can buy a stock of up to 300 rounds, and that is a lot of power.  I haven't
    noticed a difference in the rate of fire between the M60 and the M16, but
    obviously, the power advantage in the M60 requires a lower accuracy.  Still,
    it remains a great long-distance shooter and with 300 rounds, who cares if
    you miss from time to time?  It also carries 20 more rounds in its magazine
    than the M16.  It uses "Machinegun Ammo".
        * The M60 in Hitman is supposed to have a higher ROF than the M16, but
          this is not so in Hitman.  It's also supposed to be a two-man weapon;
          one to shoot, and one to feed the ammo.  (Also from M. Warner)
    3.13 M134 Minigun
    Power of biblical proportions.  If Metal Gear Solid and those Making-Of shows
    I've seen way back when people still thought they were interesting (I still do)
    have taught me anything, it's that a minigun like this cannot possibly exist.
    Jesse Ventura in Predator?  Specially made.  Arnie in T2?  Specially made.
    Vulcan Raven in MGS?  He tore it off a helicopter.  Oh well, maybe I'm not up
    on my gun trivia.  Anyways, I'm glad such a fantastic... well, it's not a gun;
    it's a cannon.  I'm glad such a fantastic cannon has made it into this game.
    This is what you want to carry with you if you've ever wanted to toss 
    lightning bolts from the skies.  At $1000 a clip, there's a reason why you
    can't buy this gun in Hong Kong.  The first you'll ever see of it is in
    Colombia, and needless to say, there's no way you can hide this sucker,
    even if you're not shooting at anything.  You can purchase up to 6000 rounds
    for it, which is, amazingly, 6 full magazines of ammunition to waste on any
    target you want.  Unfortunately, the gun doesn't have too much use when it
    appears, but it's fun to bring along anyway.  The big hinderance is that
    this weapon is heavy, meaning that you can only walk with it.  Funny, though,
    if you holster it (you have to choose in the menu, otherwise you drop it),
    you can run as much as you like.  The second thing about having this much
    power under your arms is that you have to wait for the barrel to prime itself.
    That is to say, the barrel has to start spinning before it starts spitting,
    so make sure you're prepared to take a few hits because there's no way you
    can surprise ANYONE with this.  Love it or leave it, it requires a lot of
    grunting to take in (apologies to Tim Allen).  It uses "machinegun ammo".
    (Since its original writing, I have been informed that such a Minigun
    -does- indeed exist.  It's a crazy world out there!)
    ***Minigun Tip***
    If you know you're going to fire and want to avoid the priming of the
    barrel, tap the trigger (click the mouse) to get the barrel spinning.  The
    next time you hit the trigger, you should be firing instantaneously so make
    sure you hold it down when you do (unless, of course, you've already made
    minced meat out of everyone).
    3.14 Blaser Jugowaffen R93 Sniper
    Claimed to be the "assassin's most lethal weapon" by the folks at Eidos and
    IO (they've obviously not seen the Professional), the R93 will give you
    plenty of fun and makes a great Christmas gift for Grandma.  Seriously,
    though, while it is fun to pick a spot and pick off your targets, the
    unsilenced sniper rifle of Hitman, while tempting, is rarely useful outside
    of the high-and-dry missions.  On several occassions, you'll see one lying
    around, just calling out to you, but ignore it.  If you're seen with it, expect
    to have your butt lit up.  If you're not seen with it, expect one good shot
    before the entire complex knows where you are and what you look like.  It's
    a very loud gun and draws much unwanted attention.  On small missions, if
    you wish, bring it along for fun, but on the missions where the maps take
    a half hour to navigate, leave it at home.  Restarting because you alerted
    everyone for one clean shot is no fun.  It uses "Sniper Ammo".
    3.15 Walther WA2000 Sniper
    You won't get to use this rifle until much later in the game when you reach
    Rotterdam.  I didn't even know Walther made a sniper rifle... shows what I
    know, huh?  Anyways, the gun works and feels the same as the R93.  The only
    difference is that the WA2K uses a magazine and holds up to 6 rounds before
    you need to reload.  Did someone say semi-automatic sniper rifle?  I think
    they did.  Looking at the picture, though, it seems that this gun is of
    bull-pup configuration.  For the uninitiated, bull-pup means that you are
    basically shortening the rifle without actually hindering range or accuracy.
    How this works is that the triggering mechanism is placed in front of the
    clip and firing pin instead of behind it.  So imagine the bullet being fired
    right next to your ear and wonder if it's worth it (thanks Mark and Xeno)^_^  
    Just a little trivia for you.  In any case, the bull-pup config works well 
    as the WA2K adds 200 more meters to its "effective range" listing.  It 
    uses "Sniper Ammo".
    **3.16 SPECIAL WEAPONS**
        The special weapons section will cover (eventually) all of the weapons
        that aren't regularly available for purchase.  These are usually
        mission-specific weapons that you will need to use to complete your
        objectives efficiently.  You COULD just shoot everyone, but where'd the
        fun be in that?  Okay, let me rephrase, wouldn't you rather use that
        one-time weapon and save the shoot-up for another day?
    3.16a The Car Bomb
    The car bomb appears in "Ambush at the Wang Fou Restaurant" and is detonated
    remotely.  You'll need a good disguise to plant it and make sure you're
    nowhere near it when you decide to press the button.  A word to the wise,
    though, there is a slight delay between the call to arm the bomb and the
    actual detonation.  It lasts about a second, but it could mean the difference
    between success and failure.
    3.16b Bomb
    This bomb appears in Colombia and sits atop Pablo's desk.  It looks like a
    block of plastique with a remote detonator in it.  Who knows.  You'll need
    to leave it behind in a lab and make sure you're far, far away when you set
    it off.
    3.16c Luger P08
    You'll find this gun in Budapest.  It's exactly like the Beretta, and you'll
    only have 8 rounds when you find it.  The plus side is that when you do
    find it, it's silenced.
    3.16d Chemical Bomb
    You'll also find this in Budapest.  You don't actually use it, but Frantz 
    intends  to blow everything to kingdom come and you need to put a stop to 
    it... but you can't destroy this thing.  Your client wants it safe and 
    sound so you need to find something to carry it in before you take it away.
    3.16e Derringer
    This is the gun that you see in the movies, usually Westerns, and no self-
    respecting cowpoke would ever own one (it takes away from the image, you
    see), but there's always a point in the flick where he needs a bit of help
    and that's where the sassy lass in the big, frilly skirt offers her little
    pea shooter.  That's the Derringer.  I haven't actually come across it when
    playing except when using the 'giveall' cheat, but I'm sure it's carried by
    one of those classy ladies you see in either the Hong Assassination or in
    the Budapest mission.  It's completely useless as there really is no need
    for a gun so small and so inaccurate (not to mention it's the weakest gun
    out there).  It takes up one of your six pistol slots and considering that
    as long as a gun is in a certain class, your ability to conceal it doesn't
    pay much attention to size.  If you ever find the woman who carries this
    and kill her (you fiend, you make me sick!) it's best to leave this gun
    alone.  It uses "pistol ammo".
    3.16f Sawn-Off Shotgun
    By far my favorite gun in terms of entertainment, the Sawn-Off acts as a
    semi-automatic pistol (thus, it's concealable), but retains the power of
    the shotgun (even moreso).  It holds only two shells, but they can both
    be fired off in quick succession and seriously, if you plan to use this,
    you're probably cheating already so it's long reload time shouldn't
    affect you.  You run into this fantastically fun gun (as it causes people
    to fly... literally!) in the Hong Assassination and maybe the Fish
    Restaurant.  In any case, you'll have to take out the bartender if you
    want to get your hands on it, but once you do, make sure you find some
    shells to fill it with as the two rounds you find in it are the only ones
    the bartender had on hand.  It uses "shotgun shells".
        * It is important to note that it does indeed act like a pistol AND
          is considered as such.  This means that if you're cheating, have
          some fun and you can pull out two of these suckers.  Even more fun
          is exploiting the "ammo bug", where you wield two guns, but what
          shows up in your display box is the pistol.  So when you fire John
          Woo style, you get the same amount of shotgun shells that your
          pistol can hold.  That is to say, if your pistol holds 15 bullets,
          your sawn-off now holds 15 shells.  Neat, huh?
        This part will cover anything that isn't lethal (at least in the game.
        I mean, who knows, you probably COULD kill someone with a compass) that is
        available for purchase during your pre-mission prep.
    3.17a Compass
    On every mission, you'll be able to purchase the compass for use.  While
    this is a nice feature, it's really not necessary to spend your
    hard-earned funds on it on the earlier levels.  It's likely that you'll never 
    look at it and if you ever get lost, just check the map and reorient yourself 
    to where you want to go.  Later on, when the maps get impossibly huge,
    you might find that constant map-checking gets tedious, so it might be good
    to bring it along.
    3.17b Binoculars
    Again, this little item may or may not be useful to you.  It can seriously
    get in the way, especially if you have "fat fingers" (meaning you go for a
    key on your keyboard and miss in the chaos).  Nothing like trying to run
    forward when all of a sudden, binocs come into view.  Again, in the earlier
    levels, you won't need it.  It'll be $700-some-odd wasted, so leave it
    until you get to the big maps.  When the maps are fairly large and open
    (it's advised you do a quick run-through before actually attempting to
    survive the mission), the binoculars can be an invaluable asset in your
    pocket.  First of all, when you're carrying it, you won't be attacked and
    it doesn't draw any attention.  Second of all, in big, open spaces, you
    might need to take some time to plan a route of attack.  Use them binocs.
    3.17c Kevlar Body Armor
    Like the Punisher, you can purchase body armor made out of Kevlar, a thick,
    yet lightweight fiber that slows most bullets, if not stopping them completely.
    You'll find that eventually, no matter what, you're going to get into a shoot
    out without fail, and that's where kevlar will come into play.  It doesn't
    work like Doom armor where it depletes and then your health goes.  No, I'm
    afraid that you can still get hurt while wearing it (especially if a bullet
    takes a chunk out of your shiny, bald head).  However, it does make the hurt
    less than it would be without it.  With a vest on, you're more likely to
    survive an onslaught and complete the mission.  Always take it with you as
    a precautionary measure, unless you know how to get some within the mission
    without taking too many (or any at all) hits.
    4.0 Helpful Hints Before You Begin
     - A good way to go about a mission is to run through it first and figure out
       what you need to bring with you (or, sometimes, what you don't need to
       bring with you)
     - NEVER pull out a weapon unless you intend to use it.
     - On that note, when using the knife or wire, do not draw it until the very
       last second.  Otherwise, you risk discovery.
     - If you pick up a weapon, put it away if you're not going to use it.
     - NEVER shoot cops unless it's absolutely necessary.
     - NEVER shoot civilians unless it can't be helped.
     - Always bring a silenced weapon if you can.
     - Sneak, sneak, sneak before you make a close-up kill with the knife or wire.
     - The wire is fun, but the knife is efficient.
     - Keep an eye on your displays.  They're not there for ambience.
     - Always watch out for patrolling guards and learn their paths.
     - Pick up ammo whenever you can.
     - Don't pick up a vest if you have 100% armor.  It's one less vest that you
       can't use if you need a new one.
     - The map is your friend.  Kevlar is your friend.
     - Don't be afraid to hit Shift-Esc to restart the mission if things aren't
       going your way.  Better to restart than to waste time on something you
       know you're going to fail.
     - If you don't have time to drag a body somewhere, just abandon it.
       It's better to have the guards find the body without you there instead
       of having them gun you down as you drag their fallen comrade around.
       What happens when they find the body is dependant on the mission, but
       as long as you're not around during discovery, you won't be put under
       suspicion.  "It's not wrong until you get caught."
     - Finally, if there is no possible way to get where you want to go without
       killing silently, then try to find a door that swings both ways so that
       you can stand behind it and line up your shot.  After it closes, draw your
       gun, open the door and let loose the fury.
    5.0 Missions
        * It is assumed that you will also purchase ammo for whatever gun you
          bring along.  Anything marked with an asterisk (*) in the recommended
          equipment is a side note on the suggestion and possibly contains an
          optional item to bring.
    5.a Training
    Training is straightforward.  If you don't know what to do, the obvious thing
    to do is listen to the voice on the intercom.  If not that, then pick up a
    weapon and wait for instructions.  If not that, then follow the outline in
    your instruction manual.  If not that, then go out and buy a legitimate copy
    of the game.
    Let the voice finish speaking if you're interested in what he's saying.  That
    is to say, pick things up one at a time and stop moving if he's speaking.
    That way, you'll hear everything he has to say.
    When you ride the elevator up immediately after your sniper training, prepare
    a gun, either a sub-machine gun or a handgun (there's no way you're going to
    get close to the orderly).  As soon as you see the orderly coming toward you,
    put a few bullets in him.  No need to drag him away unless you killed him right 
    in front of the door.
    Steal the orderly's clothes.
    Make sure you're wearing the orderly's uniform when you walk through the door,
    otherwise the other orderly won't unlock the gate for you.  It isn't necessary
    to kill the second orderly, but you'll receive no punishment if you do.  He's
    a jerk anyway.
    Proceed past the second orderly and you'll be treated to a cutscene.
    |***HONG KONG***|
    The Hong Kong missions will ultimately give you a thorough introduction into
    the intricacies of being a bonified Hitman.  These missions are stealthy and
    don't require much weaponry to complete (at least at the purchasing stage).
    They seem to take place over a few days or weeks as you inevitably turn the
    Triad world upside down.  Have fun... it only gets harder from here.
    5.1 Kowloon Triads in Gang War
    Mission Objectives
        - Eliminate Red Dragon Negotiator
    Recommended Equipment
        - Blaser Jugowaffen R93 Sniper
            * You don't need anything other than the rifle.  Save your money and
              uncheck everything.  Do the mission right and you'll be glad you
              didn't waste the funds.
    The first inhibition people will probably have is that they have to avoid
    everyone.  Throw that thinking out the window.  If nobody has any reason to
    attack you, they won't.  For all they know, you're just a guy carrying a
    brief case.  You can walk right up to the guards if you want to.
    When you first start out, you'll be facing a row of buildings, their alleys 
    fenced off.  Turn down the road and follow the street until you see an empty 
    'lot' with a dumpster in it.  It should be the first alley you can walk down.
    When you come out of the alley, keep going straight, following the street.
    There are three places you can set up your perch.  You'll pass each one as
    you continue down the street.  On your first open left, you'll see a
    construction elevator leading up to the roof of the building.  There are
    two more just like it.  The first one won't give you a good shot if you've
    never played this mission before, so let's take the second one (on the north
    side of the map).
    On the ride up, give yourself some room to put together your rifle so that
    when you leave the elevator, the case will remain inside it instead of sitting
    out on the roof.
    Head out of the elevator and walk along the edge overlooking the park.  You
    should be able to see a bell or sculpture that looks like a big bell.
    Wait for the negotiators to arrive.
    When the negotiators meet at the structure, click fire once to enter sniper
    mode if you haven't already.  Zoom in as needed and line up your shot.  Not to
    worry, though, take your time.  They're not going anywhere.
    From this vantage point, you should see only the head of the Red Dragon
    Negotiator.  From the first or third perch, you should be able to see both
    of them standing there.  If this is the case, make sure you don't shoot the
    blue negotiator.
        * If you choose the first perch, the blue negotiator will be in front
          of you.  Make sure you position yourself so you can get a good
          angle on the red negotiator without popping the blue guy.
    Once you have your shot lined up, take out the red negotiator and ONLY the
    red negotiator.  Shoot anyone else and you fail the mission.  As soon as the
    shot's taken, don't even wait for him to go down.  You won't get a second
    chance anyway because he'll head for the hills.  Get out of sniper mode and
    run to the elevator, putting your gun back in its case on the ride down.
        * If you dawdle on the rooftop too long, a helicopter will fly by with a
          not-so-friendly guard balancing a not-so-friendly gun on his knee and it
          will take only a few shots to take you down.
        * If you don't put your gun back in your case, it's possible that a guard
          near the park will see you with it and will begin firing at you.
    Once you've made it back down to ground level (hopefully without the helicopter
    pegging your description on the rooftop), run down a few alleys and make your
    way back to your car where you started.  Once you get there, you're done the
    mission.  It only gets harder from here.
    5.2 Ambush at the Wang Fou Restaurant
    Mission Objectives
        - Eliminate Blue Lotus Emissary
        - Eliminate All Blue Lotus Triad Members
    Recommended Equipment
        - You MUST have the car bomb, otherwise you'll be hard-pressed for
        - Oyabun knife or piano wire.
            * If you think you'll need it, you can also bring along a silenced
              Beretta 92. just in case.  I've gone through this mission a few
              times and I've found that as long as you get your timing right,
              you'll never need to draw a gun.
    This map is pretty small, and the mission is pretty short, although it
    provides a good introduction into the usefulness of changing clothes.
    The thing that might throw you off guard is the mission goal to eliminate
    all the Blue Lotus Triad members.  If you turn to the right before you
    move anywhere, you'll see some guards standing around on the street corner.
    THESE are the guys you need to kill, but leave them alone for now.
    Head towards the restaurant either through the alleys or by following the
    road.  Whatever you do, don't enter the restaurant.  For some reason, they
    get all angry and start firing on you, so stay on the sidewalk.  There's no
    reason to go into the restaurant anyway.
        * Entering the restaurant causes everyone to start shooting you.
          It doesn't make much sense, but then again, you're a killer, not
          a philosopher.
    When you get there, you should see two garbage cans against a... well, a
    rail of some sort.  I think it's a bike rack or something.  Stay near it, and
    don't go too far.
    Eventually, either before or after you get there, the limo will pull up.  If
    you're feeling especially rowdy, you can hit escape to skip the cutscene and
    try shooting everyone up right away.  Chances are, you'll die.  Don't say
    I didn't warn you.
    Soon after everyone's inside the building, the limo driver will walk around
    to your side of the street and down into an alley for some privacy.  Too bad.
    He's not going to get any.  Follow him at a close distance until he turns
    the corner towards the grate.  No matter how tempting it is to kill him right
    off the bat, it would be much wiser to wait.
    At about the same time the driver begins to relieve himself on the wall, a
    civilian will walk onto the scene.  Position yourself behind the driver,
    but WAIT for the civilian to pass by and go along his merry way.  As soon as
    you're clear, quickly take out the guard silently (SNEAK) either with the 
    wire or the knife and drag his body over the open grate, letting it slip down 
    into the sewers.  Jump down after it and steal his uniform (you can do it 
    before you drop him, but you risk the chance of being discovered) and then 
    make your way to the parked limo.  REMEMBER TO PUT AWAY YOUR WEAPON!
    Make your way to the driver's side of the car (it's on the left, even though
    you're in Hong Kong.  Must've slipped their minds).  If the guard is there,
    you might want to wait for him to move to the other side.  If he's already
    on the passenger side, then click on the front door and plant the bomb.  It
    -is- necessary to remove the bomb from your pocket first.  (Previous
    versions of this document reported the opposite.  My apologies.)
    After all's said and done, head back toward your car, and if you're feeling
    like it, you can stop off in the sewer to get your clothes back (but you
    don't need to).
    Now play the waiting game and face the guys standing on the corner.  I'm
    not sure what happens if you walk up to them with the detonator drawn, so
    if you're not feeling bold, stay behind the wall near your car and wait
    for the limo to drive by.  Draw the detonator in the meantime.
    A word of caution, there is a delay between the click of the remote and the
    detonation of the bomb, so you'll need to hit the trigger about half a second
    before the limo makes its turn between the four guards on the corner.
    If you've timed it right, you've killed the emissary, all the triad members
    in the car, and all the triad members on the street in the single explosion.
    Turn around and walk to your car and you'll be handed a success.
    5.3 The Massacre at Cheng Chau Fish Restaurant
    Mission Objectives
        - Eliminate the Red Dragon Negotiator
        - Hide the Body of the Red Dragon Negotiator
        - Eliminate Chief of Police
        - Place a Red Dragon Amulet Inside the Restaurant
    Recommended Equipment
        - Fibre Wire/Oyabun Knife
        - Silenced Beretta 92. (silenced)
            * A weird thing about this mission is bringing along the UZI.
              At a certain point in the mission, you will be required to
              surrender all your weapons to a guard; however, for some reason
              he doesn't take your UZI.  The following mission layout is based 
              on not purchasing an UZI, but feel free to do so.
    This is a very entertaining mission, straight out of the Godfather.  As you
    know by reading the briefing, you've got to make a kill in a restaurant (and
    just as a reminder, the bartender carries a powerful gun), but you've also
    got to make it look like the Red Dragons did it.  Here's how.
    This map is small compared to the one coming up, so enjoy it while you can.
    This is a semi-timed mission in that you have to replace the Red Dragon
    negotiator with yourself before he makes it to the restaurant for the big
    pow wow.  The mission begins before anyone has arrived on the scene.  The
    man you're after will arrive from the north-east corner of the map.  Everyone
    else will be at the restaurant when they need to be.
        * On the west side of the map is an alleyway that contains an R93 Sniper.
          Nobody knows why it's there (complete with two ammo clips, mind you),
          but you won't need it.  This mission is stealthy, and the rifle is not.
          Resist the temptation and leave it alone.
    First off, get to the restaurant and talk to the bartender.  Don't worry about
    anyone attacking you for the moment so long as you don't have any weapons
    drawn.  He'll give you a key to the bathroom.
        * You'd think you could just wait in the bathroom and kick down the door
          in a surprise attack, shooting everyone before they even know what hit
          them, but the Chief didn't rise in rank by being stupid.  If you're in
          the bathroom after everyone's entered the restaurant, the Chief will
          come and kick you out.  You could, of course, just kill him then, but
          then the Red Dragon negotiator will take off, thus causing you to fail
          the mission.
    Enter the wonderful bathroom (small restaurant, ain't it?) and close the door
    behind you.  Draw your Beretta and then drop it (F on the WASD setup).  This
    is done because you're a crafty killer who knows how to get things done.
    Head back out of the restaurant and run to the north-east corner of the map.
    By now, you should have seen an information display saying that the targets
    have arrived on the map.  In the distance, where you can't walk, you should
    see the Red Dragon negotiator approaching.  Now's a good time to check the
    map to see the location of the nearby sewer (on the north end of the map
    seeing as that's where you want to ditch him after the kill.
    When he turns the corner, follow him closely, but don't make your kill until
    he's near the sewer.  As long as you are walking, and as long as you are
    quick, you won't need to enter sneak mode to get this kill.  Ready your wire
    or knife and use it immediately.  Remember, do not draw you're weapon until
    the very last second, otherwise all your efforts are for nothing.  Steal his 
    clothes before or after you drag his body into the sewer, but remember that 
    you don't have a lot of time to dawdle.  Remember to take the amulet as
        * Killing the Red Dragon right after he turns the corner means you'll
          be discovered.  There are a few cops patrolling the outer areas of
          the map and one comes from the west soon after you make the kill.  If
          you're too far away from the sewer, your butt is toast.
        * Hiding the body in the corner of the map is no good either.  Either a
          cop or civilian will see it and then report it to the Chief.  That's
          not very professional of you, now is it?
    If you're in the sewer, head on up once you've got the clothes and amulet.
    Put your weapon away and stroll casually back to the restaurant.  By now,
    both the Blue Lotus negotiator and the Chief of Police should be sitting in
    the restaurant, awaiting your arrival.  Head in the front door and whatever
    weapons you may be carrying will be removed from you (except for the UZI, if
    you've brought it along).
    Here's where your thinking-ahead will come into play.  Instead of talking to
    the Chief, head into the bathroom and pick up your gun.
        * If you stand around too long, the Chief will stand up and attempt to
          talk to you.  At that point, he's discovered who you are and now every
          cop on the map will be looking for you.  Furthermore, you'll be without
          a weapon to defend yourself.
    There are two ways to ensure that you pick the Chief off before he knows
    what's going on.  With the gun drawn, you can just open the door and walk out,
    firing away, but be sure the Chief is dead before you kill anyone else.
    If, on the other hand, you're not quite confident in your quick-aiming,
    holster the weapon (R in WASD) and walk up to the door.  Open it and line
    up your shot with the white circle.  Wait for the door to close and then
    draw your gun.  Open it again without moving your crosshairs and the shot can
    be taken right away.
        * An alternate route is instead of even bothering to enter the front door
          (or even planting a gun, for that matter), you can simply hang around
          outside after you get the bathroom key and wait for everyone to gather.
          You -must- kill the Red Dragon, though, seeing as his death and the
          stashing of his body are two objectives for the mission.  Anyways,
          if you haven't noticed already, you can enter as well as exit the
          restaurant through the bathroom window (just make sure nobody sees you).
          So, once everyone's sitting down for their chat, hop in the window
          fully armed and burst through the door.  Fun, ain't it?
    Once the Chief is down, the Blue Lotus member will take off like a sissy and
    the bartender will be quite cheesed.  The bartender is your priority.  If the
    Blue negotiator gets away, don't worry about it.  He's not in the mission
    goals.  Take out the bartender and quickly ready up the Red Dragon amulet.
    There's no actual action to plant it in the restaurant, so just hit the drop
        * You can also safely drop the amulet before you go get your gun.  I'm
          surprised I didn't think of it myself.  Thanks, Erik.
    Now's the time to make your escape.  The best course of action is to head
    back into the bathroom and leave through the window.  Do this as quickly
    as you can because the cops will follow you in there.  The good thing about
    this is that you've led quite a few of them into the bathroom and that means
    less of them will be on the street trying to pick you off.
        * You can also shoot out one of the windows and attempt to sprint
          back to your car that way (so you don't have to bother opening the
          restaurant door).
        *WARNING* Whatever you do, do NOT shoot any cops.  The only cop you're
                  allowed to kill is the Chief.  Kill any more and it's $5000
                  off of your income EACH, not to mention that if you kill too 
                  many, the Agency gives you a fail and you have to do it all over
    Once you're on the road, run back to your car, taking any route you have to
    to avoid the bullets that are bound to be fired at you.  DO NOT STOP to
    fight back.  Just head back to your car and you'll get a success.
    5.4 The Lee Hong Assassination
    Mission Objectives
        - Find Safe Combination
        - Find Safe Location
        - Deliver Jade Figure to Herbal Shop
        - Eliminate Lee Hong
        - Captured Agent Must Survive
    Recommended Equipment
        - Oyabun Knife
        - Beretta 92. Silenced
            * This is a long mission if you don't know exactly what to do right
              away, so you may want to bring an UZI or the non-silenced Beretta
              as an extra weapon if you're adamant against restarting.  Timing is
              everything in this map, so a slip could mean a firefight.  Use your
              own discretion: Are you a Hitman or a Gunman?
    At first, the sheer size of this mission's map is intimidating, and rightfully
    so, because if you don't know where you're going, you'll be spending a LOT of
    time wandering aimlessly.  I recommend a walk-around before you attempt
    anything vital to your plan, but I'll do my best to tell you where to go.
    At least study the map.
    If at any time a body is discovered, Lee Hong will lock the front door to
    his HQ.  You do not need to restart the mission if this happens.  This
    walkthrough will completely avoid the front door so not to worry.
    You'll first start off outside the Wang Fou Restaurant from the second mission.
    There is nothing to do out here other than reminisce about missions past.  Oh,
    and that R93 I mentioned in the alleyway?  That's gone now.
    Head on into the restaurant.  To the left is a stairway leading up to two
    doors, one on the right, and a higher one on the left.  That goes to the VIP 
    Area.  To the right is a doorway with two (or three) guards in front of it
    with no stairway.  This leads to what I'll be referring to as the BROTHEL AREA.
    This area is not labeled on the map, so if I refer to it, remember what I mean.
    If you walk around the divider, you'll see a door up ahead with the word "BAR"
    above it in fake Kanji.  Just before that should be a door on the right with
    a single guard in front of it.  That door on the right leads to a store room,
    perfect for stashing a body.  How convenient.
    Walk behind that guard (easier to approach from HIS right) and open the door
    to the store room.  Don't walk too far in.  Instead, sit yourself right on the
    door's threshold and turn around.  This way, the door doesn't close on you,
    saving you a bit of time in the very near future.  Enter sneak mode and prepare 
    to make a kill.  There is a third guard near the entrance to the Brothel Area 
    that patrols between the bar and the Brothel door.  Make sure she passes by
    either way before you pull out your knife and cut the guard.  Since you're
    standing in the doorway, simply drag him into the store room and stick him in
    a corner.  You won't have time to steal his clothes right away, so make sure
    you stash him first.  Once he's in there, hidden from the unknowing guards,
    feel free to relieve him of his suit and his Beretta.
    Put your weapons away and leave the store room, heading for the bar.  Make
    note of the door just right of the bar.  This leads to the Restaurant Area
    marked on the map, where the Herbal Shop (not labeled) makes its connection.
    More on that later.
    Talk to the bartender and he'll recommend you go upstairs for a little
    'action'.  Of course, you won't be allowed into the Brothel Area without the
    flyer, which the bartender conveniently leaves on the bar.
        * If you want to explore some more dialogue, talk to one of the waiters
          first and he'll recommend you to the bartender.  Talk to the bartender
          a second time, and he'll let you know of another foreigner locked in the
          basement for trying to crack one of Hong's many safes.
    Pick up the flyer and return to the lobby, taking the door without the stairs
    to the Brothel Area.  Follow the long ramp down after climbing the short steps
    up.  Turning to the right reveals another restaurant area (which you can see
    through one of the windows at the top of the ramp), as well as a set of
    double doors guarded by a fat man.  Approach this door and he'll let you in
    (funny, he has the same voice as the guy out in the lobby!  How strange...).
    Climb up the steps and you'll be in the Brothel (labeled on the map).
    At the top of the stairs, you'll see an old lady and a younger lady in purple.
    Talk to the old lady and she'll offer you her best girl (how nice, considering
    that the girl standing next to her is the ONLY girl in the brothel).  Once
    Hitman puts the woman's fee on his tab at the bar, the young woman will head
    through the door behind her.  Follow her to her room (annoying since you walk
    faster than her) and when you get the chance, talk to her.  She'll tell you
    that she doesn't belong there and wants your help.  You have no choice, but
    to agree.  Besides, she knows the combination to Hong's safe.
    So, once the dialogue's over, she'll begin to... trot, I guess, out of the
    room to her shortcut over the rooftops.  Follow her, but make sure you don't
    run too far ahead of her or fall back too far behind her (annoying because
    you walk slower than her, but run faster than she trots).  She'll lead you
    a short way outside and around a fence to a ladder.  When she gets there,
    she'll wait for you to climb up first.  Watch the cutscene.
        * If you're feeling like a big butthead, you can also shoot Ling and
          just take the combo from her.  Of course, you'll probably be charged for
          an unnecessary kill, so be wary.
    When you regain control, you should be behind a dumpster, facing the patrolling
    guard.  Never mind him.  So long as you're still in the guard's uniform, he'll
    leave you alone.  Notice how he's a Red Dragon, too.  Anyways, spin around to
    the right and you'll see your lovely damsel in distress making her way to the
    gate.  Follow her there and she'll wait for you to talk to her.  Watch the
    cutscene (gotta love the shiver).  Don't worry if the guard comes up to you
    after she's gone.  He doesn't do anything.
    That's one objective off the list.  Now to free the captured agent.
    Head back the way you came.  You won't be able to climb back up the ladder, but
    there's no need to anyway.  You should see a set of stairs leading up to three
    doors (your only way out of the back yard).  Take the center door and you
    should be in the kitchen.  Head straight for a bit and you'll see a skinny
    passage that leads down to the basement on your left (second opening in the
    wall).  Head on down.
    You're still wearing that guard's uniform, right?  Good.  You'll see a hoarde
    of Red Dragons, heavily armed and guarding the basement.  They shouldn't
    bother you so long as they think you're a guard.  Remember, customers have
    no business being there.  If you walk around the guard and avoid opening
    any doors (and ignoring the guard standing in a doorway with his back to you),
    the open path should lead you directly to a door sunk into the ground with a
    single guard in front of it.  This door leads to where the Agent is being
    No matter how many times the guard says, "Leave immediately," sidle up behind
    him against the concrete wall and cue up your knife in the inventory, but do
    not draw it.  Facing the guard's back, the opening to your left is part of
    another guard's patrol, so your timing needs to be just right to pull this
    off.  Also remember to hit sneak mode.
    The patrolling guard will either pass by left or right as he backtracks
    continuously past the 'dungeon'.  It shouldn't matter what direction he passes
    by on, but it's best to wait for him to be walking left (so that as he comes
    back, he's more likely to not see you).  In any case, after the patrolling
    guard passes, make your kill and be quick.
        * It is important to note that there is a glitch in this mission.
          Depending on where you stand when you make the kill, you may or may
          not be able to drag the body.
        * If you're having too much trouble dealing with the patrolling guard,
          you can spend some time following him on his patrol.  At one point,
          he'll stop in front of another guard.  His next stop will be in an
          alcove near a sniper rifle (which you don't need).  You can drop him
          here if you need to and put him near the rifle.  No patrols pass
          through this stop.
    If you can drag the body, be quick on your feet and drag him toward the door.
    Turn around, open the door, and then pick up the body again, dragging him in
    and to the left (towards the cot).  If you're too slow, the patrolling guard
    will see the dead guard's foot and will come investigate.
    If you can't drag the body, make sure you're not there when the patrolling
    guard passes by again.  Instead, just open the door and head on in.
    Talk to the bound Agent and he'll tell you where the safe is.  If you haven't
    noticed already, Hong has several decoy safes in the building.  Opening the
    wrong one alerts the guards to your presence and you'll soon be surrounded.
    The Agent tells you which safe to go to (one of four locations) and then
    runs off.  Head back up to the kitchen and check your map.
    On your map should be a new blip.  This is where the safe is in case you
    weren't paying attention.  Head there and open the safe.  It's not necessary
    to pull the combination from your suit.  The door should open just fine.
    I'll go through each location just to be safe (no pun intended).
        - If the safe location is in the Brothel, you're in luck.  This is the
          easiest one to get to seeing as you've already been there.  Instead of
          going through the door Ling led you through, turn left and head to the
          door at the end of the hallway.  You should see the old lady in there
          as well as a guard.  If you need it, pick up the ammo on the dresser.
          Head into the next door at the end (not the one behind the lady) and
          you'll see your target (the safe is next to a set of stairs).  There are
          no patrols through this room, so just sidle up behind the guard and kill
          him, dragging him into the corner opposite the safe (so that when you
          open the door, nobody'll see his body).  Open the safe and take the Jade
        - If the safe is on the first floor, head to the Brothel Area and walk
          into the open restaurant area.  In the back wall there should be a door.
          Head through it and you should be in a warehouse where the safe is.
          I haven't seen any patrols come through the warehouse, but then again,
          I'm an impatient man, so just to be safe, drag the body to a safe
          location behind a few boxes.  Head back to the safe, open it, and take
          the Jade Figure.
        - I haven't actually been through a mission where the safe was reported
          to be here, but just to be safe (no pun intended), there is one being
          guarded in the VIP area.  There aren't any patrols that pass through
          this room, and the only two guards are easy to take out.  The one
          standing next to the safe won't move.  The other moves from the octagon
          window to the platform next to the safe and back again.  When he's
          at the window, it's safe to slit his throat.  The guard next to the
          safe shouldn't hear you, but he may turn around during a stretch or
          so, so don't drag the body out yet.  Instead, turn around and, while
          still in sneak mode, fire on him with the silenced Beretta.  Make sure
          you aim for the head so he can't call out.  If, on the chance that you
          miss, the guard screams for help, spin around after taking him down and
          be prepared to defend yourself from those double doors.  Otherwise,
          take the first body and drag him into the room below, lest the guards
          outside the door see the body and open fire on you.  Open the safe and
          take the Jade Figure.
        - If the safe is in the guard's quarters, you've had a bad stroke of luck.
          I know that the location is supposed to be a random pick of the three,
          but I had the honor of getting it three times in a row (yes, I failed
          this mission quite a few times before I got it right).  Anyways, the
          quickest way to the guard's quarters is via the elevator in the VIP
          Area (the stairway doors in the lobby).  I think there are two there,
          so make sure you find the one that leads up to the guard's quarters
          (there ARE two elevators there, but one isn't marked on the map.  Go
           to the marked one and you should have no problems getting there).
          Once there, you should be able to turn left and around the wall to
          see two or three guards in front of a safe.  You'll know the room when
          you see an AK-47 on the table.  As you can see, there is no way to
          knife these guys without the other knowing, and the third guard (the
          one who takes his post near the front of the table) patrols in and
          out of the room.  The best way to take them out is to head into the
          closet next to the safe.  The guard might hassle you (Leave immediately)
          but you'll be able to get in there fine.  Turn around and open the door
          (you may have to wait for it to close, but it's the only way to ensure
          you can open it when you need to) and line up your shot with your aiming 
          reticle.  The shot should be aimed at the closest guard's head.  You may
          want to open the door a few more times and lean to the left to see if
          the patrolling guard is still there.  Better to wait for him to leave.
          When you're ready, let the door close and then pull out your silenced
          Beretta.  If you've done it right, you should be able to open the door
          with a clear shot at the guy's head.  Take him out, then take out the
          far guard.  Two things can happen here, either the third guard is
          confused and standing around looking for where the noises came from
          out in the hall in front of the elevator (exit left to find him)
          or he'll come charging in.  Take him out quickly either way.  If he
          was in the hall doing nothing and doesn't manage to get a shot off,
          no other guards should be alerted.  However, if the tell-tale buzzing
          of the warning display goes off, wait by the door way for the guard(s)
          to come down the stairs.  Take them out and you'll be fine.  No patrols
          enter the break room so you can now go to the safe and get the Jade
          Figure.  (If you feel like it, drag all the bodies into the closet)
                * It is also possible to follow the patrolling guard and take
                  him out first so that you'll have a lesser chance of the
                  guard up the stairs being alerted.  He has a few stops on
                  his short route: in the threshold looking into the safe room,
                  on the stairs, and in front of the elevator.  Wait until he
                  walks into that small hallway where you come out of the
                  elevator and slit his throat.  He may not stop so as soon as
                  you can, jog up to him and take him out.  Then proceed with
                  the two guarding the safe.
    Put away the figure to avoid suspicion.
    Now you have to make your delivery.  Remember that door I pointed out to the
    right of the bar?  Head back down to the VIP area and to the bar, going
    through that door.  If you walk straight, you should see two sets of double
    doors on your left and a door just ahead in the wall.  Go through that and
    you should be in the unlabeled Herbal Shop.  Wait for the old man to come
    into talking range and talk to him.
    When the conversation ends, there should be a bottle of poison you can snatch
    up.  You have the option of not using it and heading to Hong's right away.
    (Make sure you pick up a Dragon uniform first... hmm, didn't you leave a dead
    guy in the dungeon?)  You also have the option of trying to cap him in the
    head while he's in the restaurant, but then you'll have to deal with the
    guards and his fat sidekick Tzun (remember him from the surveilance video?).
    If you do that, it'll be hard to get to the boat seeing as how you'll probably
    die before you get there.  The last option is to be sneaky and try to use it.
    Let's do that.  Go on and pick up the bottle.  You know you want to.
    First, you need to make like you're a waiter.  Head over to the restrooms
    and wait in the left one.  The two waiters (yellow and purple) frequently go
    there to check on their makeup or something and you'll need one of their
    uniforms.  When either one of them are in there, pull out your knife and
    take him out when he stops to look in the mirror.  Drag the body to the back
    and take the uniform.  If the second waiter comes, don't worry.  He'll run to
    check on his buddy before he screams, so kill him too if you wish.  Put
    away your weapon when you're looking silly.
    Head back out and to the kitchen (thorough the beige double doors in the dining
    area) and the cook should request you to take the soup to Hong.  As long as the 
    chef's not standing next to you, put the poison into the soup and you'll 
    automatically pick it up.  Head back out to the dining area and you should see
    Hong and his bodyguard, Tzun, at the far end of the restaurant.  You can't
    give the soup directly to Hong, so just head towards Tzun.  Hong will begin
    to reach for it when Tzun decides to taste test.  Observe.
        * Not trying to poison Hong means you'll have to deal with Tzun at Hong's
          headquarters on the north end of the map.  The problem with this is that
          Tzun can see through your disguises no matter what you're wearing and
          there are a LOT of guards in the HQ.  If you're feeling more bold and
          less sneaky, then you're welcome to try.
    Be quick about this, because you CAN get away scott free for killing Tzun.  As
    soon as you regain control from the cutscene, you'll be carrying a Hardballer.
    PUT IT AWAY and then RUN out the way Hong went.  If you make it out there
    before the guards discover what you did to poor Tzun and aren't carrying a
    weapon, the guards outside won't attack you, and you won't be held under
    suspicion for the killing.  If you don't, be prepared for one heck of a shoot
    out.  No matter what, the front door to the HQ is locked from now on.
        * Another interesting way to take out Hong (as delivered by tipster MOFO),
          is to instead head up to the rooftop where you led Lei Ling while he's
          sitting down in the restaurant.  When there, you should be able to see
          a skylight that you can look through and pop him that way.
    Since you're outside, head out to the garden and cross the bridge at the bottom
    of the valley, following the path up the side.  There should be a single guard
    there who won't let you in.  Oops, you're still dressed as a waiter.  Stand
    behind him and take him out.  Don't worry, nobody will see you and there's
    no patrols up on this side of the garden.  Steal his clothes so you're in
    a fresh guard uniform.  The waiter's clothes are of no use anymore.  If you
    look across the garden, you might see a few guards running around.  They've
    just found Tzun's body.  What fun!
    Okay, head back down to the basement in your guard's uniform and back to the
    dungeon.  If you were discovered killing Tzun, then chances are the guards in
    the basement will open fire on you, so if you went the way of the noisy
    cricket, then be prepared to fight back.  If not, and I know you were
    successful, then stroll merrily past the guards back to the dungeon and pick
    up a Red Dragon uniform from the dead guard you either left outside or
    inside the chamber.
        * If you attempt to enter Hong's HQ in the guard's uniform, you'll be
    Somewhere in the basement is a raised platform with a few crates on it.  On
    top of a crate are two AK-47's and some ammo for it.  Pick up a gun and all
    the ammo.  Not to worry, this is one of the few times you can walk around with
    a weapon showing.  You'll note that every guard in the basement is showing a
    weapon, so why should you be any different?
    From the AK-47's, check the map and head towards the long hallway leading
    north.  This leads to an elevator that goes right up into Hong's HQ.  You'll
    know you're on the right path when you see a set of stairs leading down a
    short way and two guards standing in a cement room that bends off to the
    left.  Take the elevator on up.
    Once you're out of the elevator, you should be facing some stairs and, not
    to mention, a lot of guards.  The rest of the HQ on the first floor is the
    training dojo and there's of interest there.  Head on up the stairs.
    When you come out of the stairwell, you should see a bunch of openings.
    One of them leads to an office (which should be straight ahead when you come
    out of the stairs) and you'll see Hong pacing away, wondering when the killer
    is coming.  Feel free to chuckle maniacally to yourself.  Head into the
    office and turn around.  Just behind the doorway is a tiny alcove hidden
    away from the door's view.  Stand in it and wait for Hong to walk into the
    office.  When he's at the desk, fire away and make sure he goes down.  The
    guards in the hall/room outside will begin rushing in one by one.  The fun part
    of this is that the guards will rush to Hong's body to see what's going on,
    and their backs will be turned to you.  Cap 'em all!  Sooner or later, they
    stop coming.  So long as none of them fire at you, the guards downstairs (and,
    subsequently, ON the stairs) won't have a single clue as to what just happened.
    Remember to re-load between guards ;)  Once the guards stop filing into the
    room like lemmings, walk up to the pile of bodies and rob Hong of all he's got.
    It's not necessary since it's not in the mission goals, but why the heck not?
    Oh, and no need to drop the gun either.  Just hang onto it in case anyone
    wants to surprise you.
        * If you want to read the letter, simply select it from your inventory.
          Make sure there aren't any guards coming, otherwise the letter will
          be blocking your view when they come.
    Once you're finished upstairs, stroll on down.  Nobody should give you any
    problems, but if they do, you've got an AK-47, right?  Anyways, downstairs,
    against one of the walls (the west one) is a metal grate with a guard in
    front of it.  Walk around him and open it, head to the elevator and take it
    down to the docks.  Walk up to the boat and ride off out of Hong Kong.
    Welcome to Colombia.  These three missions all take place on the same map and
    may prove to be your most frustrating time.  You'll try to find ways of
    getting through them without getting shot at.  You'll try to be like the
    Predator, taking what you wish and leaving without a trace.  You will
    ultimately fail in this task.  Unlike the Hong Kong missions, your stint in
    Colombia will consist of fast-paced, noisy action in the mists of the jungle.
    Be prepared to bring along the biggest, baddest gun you can get your hands on.
    You -will- need it.
    5.5 Find the U'Wa Tribe
    Mission Objectives
        - Secure Religious Idol
        - Bring Idol to Indian Village
    Recommended Equipment
        - Kalashnikov AK-47
        - Oyabun Knife
        - Kevlar Body Armor
        - Binoculars
            * You may wish to take a handgun as well.  Because this mission
              requires you to do a lot of gunfighting (as well as the
              handgun being quite handy in the missions after), you may run
              out of ammo before you know it and a handgun will be a good
              backup until you find more.
            * This map is huge.  Bring a compass if you're adamant against
              constantly checking the map.
    After playing this mission through several times, it took a friendly tip from
    M.P. (thanks!) to show me the light of this otherwise incredibly tough mission.
    You may die, it's true, but if you -do- die and it's late in the mission,
    then there's no need to restart.  You'll smack yourself if you do, I promise.
    I only recommend restarting the level only if you've totally pooched the
    mission, as it can happen.  Don't despair, though.  It -is- possible to
    complete this mission without losing a life.
    First off, before you even go into the mission, check the map thoroughly.
    You will notice that there are quite a few gun-n-ammo icons on the map.
    Don't be fooled by the default view of the map.  Zoom in on each to see
    how far apart they are from each other.  These are ammunition crates that
    have been dropped in the jungle.  The big thing you should notice on
    the map is the hashed circle with a green blob in it.  That green blob is
    the crash site you're looking for, not the edge of the circle.  Ready?
    Make sure you take what you need at the start of the mission.  Sorry, folks,
    but what you take is what you get for three missions.  This includes what
    you bring along with you in the purchase, and what you pick up in the 
    mission.  This is what makes part of this mission so damned frustrating,
    but that's what you get for trying to do an op in one day.  Silly agency.
    Now, it must be mentioned that in previous write-ups of this mission, I
    recommended the M60 and the M16A2 (depending on your preference).  The
    reason I've changed this is because, on M.P.'s recommendation (and I
    seriously can't fathom why I didn't think of this in the first place
    considering what I'd been through in the Hong missions), once you're in
    uniform, guards won't attack you if you're carrying the AK-47.  The AK is
    standard evil bad-guy issue and so long as you fit the bill, they'll think
    you're one of their buddies.  Carrying the M60 or M16A2 however, can
    attract some much un-wanted attention and make the mission much bloodier
    than it has to be.
    When you first hop into the mission, you'll be treated to a cutscene.  As
    soon as it's over, turn on your compass if you've got one, and ready up your
    AK-47.  I don't mean cue it up in the menu either.  Bring it out.  Do all of
    this while you're running if you can, and head eastward, moving south from
    time to time every now and then.  You're heading for the crash site.
    Check your map every now and then to make sure you're heading in the right
    direction.  Dodging trees can put you off track.  Don't forget to turn on
    sneak mode so that when you stop, you'll crouch for cover.
    Eventually, you will come up to a group of soldiers.  There are several in
    this jungle.  Heading directly east without moving south right from the start
    will let you catch one of these groups off guard.  Heading slightly south
    has the possibility of having you avoid them, but more often than not, you
    will run into them.  Shoot first, ask questions later.  These soldiers will
    shoot at anything that isn't in uniform, so you might as well start the fight.
    Be careful not to get too close.  The fog is a hinderance, but you should see
    some silhouettes before you hear the tell-tale "hey!"  There may be up to
    six soldiers.  The strategy here is to stay near a tree and pick them off.
    Be watchful of your targets as some will try to flank you.  As they begin
    to fire at you, move backwards so nobody can run past you without you knowing.
        * Sometimes, as mentioned above, you won't run into a single group of
          guards (which makes getting the idol all the more easier).  If you've
          got time to try it out, bring up your compass and head south-east, but
          angle very shallowly to the south.  If you look close on the compass,
          you'll see that there are ticks in between the letters.  Aiming
          yourself with the tick just right of the "E" usually gets you there
          without any problems, but you'll still need to pick up a uniform
    Now that you're in uniform, nobody should give you any lip for being in the
    jungle uninvited.  The only caution here is that if you do run into a group
    of soldiers, make sure that you've cleared everyone in the immediate area
    so that nobody will see the one guard in his boxers.  If they do, you'll be
    under suspicion and you'll need to find yourself another uniform.  Funny
    enough, the uniform can look exactly the same.  It just needs to be fresh.
    Head on over to the crash site.  You should be able to run in and out
    without a problem if the soldiers haven't secured the site yet.  The idol
    rests in front of the open door of the plane (the side with the wing still
    attached).  Just pick it up and move along... er, wait.  Put it away first,
    and THEN move along.
        * If the soldiers have secured the crash site before you arrive (you'll
          see an info display), then there's a bit more of a problem.  So long
          as you're in uniform and nothing is visible on you (the exception, of
          course, being the AK-47), you'll need to take one of the soldiers
          down to get the idol.  On your way into the crash site, they shouldn't
          give you any trouble, but you will find the idol in front of the open
          door of the plane sitting next to a guard.  He doesn't take too kindly
          to you trying to pick up the idol in front of him so you'll need to
          take him out first.  You'll notice that every soldier occupying the
          site faces outward.  Sneak up to the idol's guard from the tail of
          the plane and situate yourself behind him.  Quickly bring out your
          knife and drop him where he stands, putting away your knife right
          away.  Don't worry about dropping the AK-47.  So long as you don't
          look the part of a killer, nobody will be alerted to who you are if,
          in the unlikely event that the others hear a death scream, you're not
          standing there with a knife in your hand and a dumb look on your face.
        * However, if on the chance that the guards do see you, don't bother to
          put away the knife.  You'll drop the AK-47 and you'll need it if
          there's going to be a firefight.  You'll need to watch out for the
          guy standing on the wing above you as he'll be your primary threat.
          Head around the tail and run eastward away from the site, but not
          too far away.  Spin around and you should be in prime position for
          easy pickings.  Take out whoever's chasing you and the rest will
          mainly file towards you from the site, so keep cover and let
          loose on them.  Whatever you do, don't move until you see nothing else
          moving in the distance.  Patience will be the key to your survival in
          the assault.  When it's clear, walk around to the other side of the
          plane and pick up the Idol.  There may be a few stray guards so be
          sure to keep your guard up.
    Now you can relax a little bit.  There are no more sequences in this mission
    involving time, so you're free to do a little exploring now.
    If you're running low on ammo, head to the north-eastern most ammo crate.
    It's the only crate on the map that has machine gun ammo, and you'll get
    about 250 rounds or so.  The other crates contain ammunition for AK-47's,
    pistols, and the M16.  If you don't have a pistol, the crate just north of
    your start point should have two Berettas for you.  Otherwise, there's no
    need to pick up the M16 since you have the AK-47. Otherwise, re-check your 
    map and look at the eastern side.  All those little dots in the east 
    represent the location of the U'Wa tribe.  Head towards it.
    Before you enter the village, though, take the Idol out from your pocket
    and hold it out in front of you.  If you don't, the villagers will most
    likely attack you, especially if you're in a soldier's uniform.  Otherwise,
    head on in and one of the tribe members will tell you to see the chief.  He
    is located on the south-eastern side of the village.  If you're having
    trouble figuring out where he is, remember that the village is mainly two
    parts (north and south).  Head to the southern part near the river and you
    should find him among his council.  Watch the cutscene.
    It would have figured that a mission this huge can't possibly have just two
    measly objectives.  Now you have to save the chief's brother.  Bah.  Ready
    up your AK again and follow the river west-ward towards the new blip on
    the map.  If no guards have found any dead soldiers (you did take out all
    the stragglers from each group you fought, right?), then nobody should
    be attacking you on your way.  You'll see two sentries chatting it up,
    and after a long, boring run, you'll reach the bridge.  So long as you're
    in uniform, the guards at the bridge will leave you alone.
    The chief's brother is being held captive in the center of the bridge.  There
    should be three guards on your end of the bridge, two guards with the
    prisoner, some more at the other end, and a guard in each tower (north and
    south).  You'll be on the north side of the bridge, where a guard tower
    stands tall.  
    Climb on up and sneak up to the guard standing there.  You'll see a sniper 
    rifle leaning against the wall with some clips below it.  Remember that the 
    sniper rifle can only hold one round at a time so leave it for now.  However,
    you may want to pick up the sniper clips seeing as you'll need them in the
    very near future.  In any case, take out the guard.  You can take him out
    silently with the knife if you want to get the drop on the three guards
    below, or you can shoot him.  Either way, take him out because he's got one
    powerful gun under his arms (an M60).
        * If you take out the guard with the knife, make sure you put it away
          before you spin around.  Otherwise, the guards will see you with it
          and begin firing.
    Once he's down, spin around.  What you want to do is gun down
    the three guards just below the tower.  Once they're down, either one or
    two more should come running to their aid from the other side of the bridge.
    Take them out, too, but be sure not to shoot randomly into the mist.  You
    don't want to hit the prisoner.  Whatever you do, stay in the tower.  If you
    approach the bridge, the sniper on the other side will pick at you and those
    bullets can seriously make it a bad day.
    When the machine-gunning starts from the other side, be quick and pick up
    the sniper rifle.  There is a guard with an M60 who will fire at you from the
    bridge.  You'll want to take him out first.  The rest carry AK's so you'll be
    able to take a few more hits from them first.
        * If you die here, don't bother re-starting unless you don't want to
          spend the three grand it takes to continue.  In any case, if you die 
          on the tower, simply make your way back to it.  Chances are that the 
          guards will still leave you alone, especially if you stop along the 
          way to pick up a fresh uniform.  Climb back up and resume your firing.
    If you stay in the tower, the sniper on the other side of the bridge should
    be completely clueless.  Take him out anyway because you know he did
    something bad before he came here.  I mean, just look at him.  I bet he's
    thinking about horrible, evil things to do once he's done his shift.  In
    any case, the one guy you want to be sure to take out is the bearded man by
    the Chief's brother.  He won't move to join the fight.  Taking him out frees
    the tribesman.
    When all's said and done, the Chief's brother will run back home.  Not once
    have I followed him all the way back, and each time I've been able to pass
    the mission, so there shouldn't be any need to follow.  Take your time and
    pick up whatever you need.  Make a decision here: bring the R93 or bring an
    AK (or, if you're feeling bold, the M60).  If you don't miss a shot with the 
    R93, you should have more than enough ammunition for the beginning of the 
    next mission.  If you've only got a few rounds left, then take the M60 or an
    AK as the rifle will do you no good.
        * I lied.  I managed to follow the guy home once and funny enough, he
          runs straight through the crash site.  Nobody opens fire on him,
          though, so you won't need to defend his slow-running butt.
    When you're done, drop down from the tower and head back to the village.  The
    two sentries you passed along the way may or may not open fire on you.  If
    you've got the sniper rifle and don't want to waste any rounds, then take
    the safe route and enter a little way into the jungle so you run behind them.
    If you've got the M60 or the AK, light them up if they give you any lip. ^_^
    When you make it back to the village, walk up to the chief.  You may have
    to circle around him to find the right position to trigger his speech as
    there's no action menu to talk to him.  When all's said and done, the mission
    will end.
    5.6 The Jungle God
    Mission Objectives
        - Find the Secret Passage to Pablo's Camp
    Recommended Equipment
        - Whatever you brought along with you from the last mission.
    Map-check.  You should see two icons on the map (zoom in).  One to the west
    and one to the south.  Make note of these as I'll tell you what they are
    when the need arises.
    The Jungle God is in fact just a hungry jaguar.  Sure, you could just kill
    it, but you'll get a fail.  The tribe is your ally and killing their sacred
    animal won't be a good thing.  The reason why you need to avoid this janguar
    is because it stands in front of the passage that the Chief mentioned.  What 
    you need to do for this relatively easy mission is to find the correct 
    sacrifice for the god.  You'll start out on the bridge that the Chief 
    mentions in the final cutscene in "Find the U'Wa Tribe".  
        * If you've brought along a sniper rifle, carefully make your way past 
          the middle of the bridge and up the slope until the edge of the other 
          side is just under your eye line.  Bring out the R93 and pick off anyone 
          nearby.  If you do it cleanly, you won't alert the guards remaining in 
          the ruins up ahead.  Keep on moving down into the ruins.  Up ahead will
          be some more guards.  Take them out.  If you get a scream instead of
          a kill, be prepared to swing right and take out the few guards standing
          on hills.  Continue in this manner until you are out of ammo.  If you 
          have some ammo left, check all the hills and creep along until you see
          cute little soldier heads peeking out at you ripe for shooting.  If there 
          are still some guards remaining, pick up a dropped AK-47 and continue 
          the hunt, all the while moving toward the west "!" icon on the map.
        * If you've brought along the M60, then you need to head across the
          bridge and take out the two/three guards standing on the other side.
          Once that's done, the other guards should be alerted to your presence.
          Take out any guards that come running.  When all's silent, it's likely
          that any remaining guards are a little bit further away.  Make sure
          you keep your eyes on any raised areas and hills.  Proceed cautiously
          as most guards are armed with AK's.  Make your way to the west "!" on
          the map.
        * If you've brought along an AK, then nobody should bother you.  You'll
          only need to kill one guard near the pigs, so cheers!
    You should eventually see some pigs running around.  It might seem cruel to
    do this (like anything else you've done thus far hasn't been cruel), but
    you'll need to shoot one of them down.  Hopefully you took all the guards
    in the area out so that nobody will come surprise you while you're chasing
    the little hog.  Aim for the head.  The pigs can take quite a bit of damage
    and you don't want to waste too much ammo.  Once the pig's down, head on
    over to it and pick it up.  Yes, you'll have to drop any heavy machinery
    you're carrying, but forget about it.  You'll find more later.
    Once you have pig in arm, pull out a handgun as you can still hold the pig
    with it drawn.  If you run into any straggling soldiers in the area, shoot
    them down.  They will fire on you regardless so shoot first.  Take the pig
    to the southern "!" icon on the map.  This is where the jaguar and his
    sacrificial altar lies.  Once there, you'll see lots of blood stains on the
    altar.  Stand on it without getting too close to the cat and put your
    weapon away (otherwise you'll drop it).  Drop the pig and step back.  Wait
    for the jaguar to leap up and munch away.
        * If you really, really want to bring your heavy machinery along, or
          at least an AK-47, take out all the guards you can and plant one
          of the guns near the altar.  Afterwards, go and get the pig.  When you
          step away from the altar, pick up the gun and pass the jaguar.  You
          should be able to bring it with you.
        * If you really, really don't want to bother planting a gun, you can
          also put a guard on the altar (they're of the pig species, too, aren't
          they?) and that way, you won't have to drop your gun.  Of course, you
          will have a lot of fun (not) getting a body there since there are no
          guards near the altar.  I recommend using the strafe-drag trick to
          shorten the time it takes to get there.
        * Finally, if you want a more suitable weapon than the AK-47 or if
          you're out of ammo for the M60 (and I don't recommend bringing that
          particular gun to the next mission), there is an M16A2 hidden on the
          map with plenty of ammo to go along with it.  If you zoom in, you'll
          see a building that looks like a W with a square in between it.  You
          will know you've got the right place when you see a raised area with
          stairs heading up.  This is an old temple, I guess, and there's a pit
          in the center you can fall into where you'll find the gun.  Be wary
          of the two guards chatting behind the walls.
    Head past the jaguar as it's eating and you'll crawl into that little cave.
    Make sure you have a uniform on, or you're in for a world of hurt in the
    mission ahead.  Otherwise, proceed into the cave.
    5.7 Say Hello to my Little Friend
    Mission Objectives
        - Eliminate the Drug Lord
        - Blow Up the Laboratory
    Recommended Equipment
        - Whatever you brought along with you from the last mission.
    No, the title for this mission didn't come from a (bad) comedy.  It comes
    from one of the best gangster movies of all time: Scarface.  Just a little
    trivia for you.
    Anyways, do a little map-check.  There's not much to see, but if you look
    southward, you'll see a "!" icon blinking away at you.  Here you'll find
    some 7.62mm rounds and two AK-103's.  Also note that you start off on the
    north side of the compound.  The only entrance is on the south side, so you
    might as well make the trip to the crate to get your own "little friend".
    That long strip on the east side of the map is the air strip where you'll
    make your escape back to civilization.  The building just west of it (past
    the hangar) is where Pablo has holed up for the day, sniffing cocaine.  The
    north-western area of the compound is the laboratory.  **As a side note,
    if you look in the very north-west of the map, you'll see another "!" icon.
    I don't know why it's there.  You can't get to it.  If you take the trip to
    the bridge, and I highly recommend you don't waste your time, you'll find
    it blocked off.  I guess it's there to cheese you off.
    First off, you'll be in uniform so there's no need to be sneaky.  The guards
    here are obviously lacking in the intelligence department compared to their
    comrades in the previous missions so you can even pull out your weapon and
    strut your stuff near them.
    When you come out of the cave, there will be a crate near by.  If you decided
    not to bring a knife, or if you lost your vest in the last two missions,
    it's your birthday.  The crate contains 5 knifes (you only need one, greedy
    pig) and a Kevlar vest.  Take what you will and run right (west) around the
    compound, which is the shortest way to get to the south side of the map.
    There really isn't a need to go to the south "!" icon on the map (as it will
    take a bit of more torturous running to get there) to pick up the AK-103's.
    You'll find everything you need inside the compound.  Of course, if you
    really want to go down there, be my guest.
    As you enter the south gate (read: the ONLY gate), note the towers if you
    haven't already.  Every single one, except the one directly south of the gate,
    contains a deadly soldier.  They'll leave you alone for now, but man, you'll
    hate them soon enough.  But I'll get back to that.
    If you continue straight north from the gate, you'll reach another gate.
    This is where the laboratory is, but you can't blow it up yet because, well,
    you don't have anything to blow it up with.  You won't see anything because
    the lab is underground, but if you head east from the gate past the tower,
    in the tent you'll find a silenced Beretta and some ammo, as well as a fresh
    vest.  The other tents and buildings scattered around the area don't have
    anything to offer, so just head on eastward until you see the big "mansion".
    You should see a cutscene of your target in front of a big - and I mean BIG -
    pile of cocaine.
        * Also, in one of the towers just south-west of the entrance to the lab 
          should be a sniper rifle.  Once again, it's there to tempt you, but
          it isn't of much use due to all the firefighting you're about to
          endure.  A better gun can be picked up along the way.
    You should be approaching from the west.  On the south side of the house is
    the front entrance with two guards there.  On the north side is the back
    door.  On the west side (the side you should be facing) is a straight hall
    with doors on the north and south that you can enter from.  There is only
    one guard in that hall and is your best (and safest) means of entrance.
    Once you've got your bearings, take a small detour to the south of the
    mansion (where the front doors are).  Directly south of the mansion is a
    tent with a tasty treat inside for you.  I bet you'd like to know what it
    is, wouldn't you?  I bet it just itches all over, wondering what can be
    considered a 'tasty treat' for a Hitman of your caliber.  I bet you've
    probably skipped all my taunting and just gone into the tent.  Inside of the
    tent are two M16A2's propped up against a barrel with quite a bit of ammo
    sitting neatly on a crate just waiting to be picked up.  This is what I
    like to call SGI (Standard Goon Issue) because since some other folks in the
    compound have one of these, it's okay for you to have one, too.  Pick it
    up and head back to that oh-so-safe door.
        * South-east of the mansion is an angled tent where you will also find
          your first Minigun.  There's a lot of ammo laying around for it and
          the gun itself just screams, "take me with you!"  I, however, suggest
          you leave it alone because it really isn't worth the trouble.  The
          Minigun is -not- SGI and thus if you want to take it into the house
          for the fight against Pablo, you'll need to take out everyone outside
          first.  And then, ho hum, taking those guys out will alert the tower
          guards, and then you'll have to take them out, too (yawn), and then
          you'll also probably have to take out some of the patrollers along
          the fence...  Only the bold need apply.  Of course, you may want to
          take a little time and pick up the machinegun ammo.
    There should be one guard standing in the hallway in a little alcove, out
    of sight from the guard in the larger hallway outside.  Slip past him first
    and drop your M16 behind him.  You can take him out with a knife and the 
    guard in the next room won't notice, but be quick about it and make sure 
    you have sneak mode on (how many times have I reminded you of this?).  Once 
    he's down, you can take his clothes for fun or just move into the next room.  
    No patrols come this way, so knife this guy, too.
    Turn left (northward) and follow the hall to the single door.  There's the
    kitchen.  There should be a guy standing in front of the sink or stove, and
    he's just minding his own business.  Slit his throat and move back into the
    hallway.  Whatever you do, don't open the door directly behind him.  There
    is a sentry there that will see him.  If you absolutely must toy with that
    sentry, then pull out your silenced Beretta before hand and wait for him to
    run to the body.  You can then plug him in the back of the head.
        * Actually, getting the sentry into the room and killing him off is a
          good thing, but only if you can manage taking him out without him
          making any sound.  Guards are in the very next room and you won't have
          much to defend yourself (unless, of course, you brought the M16 along).
    In the hallway, the double doors on your right (again, northward) contain two
    guards.  Before you go there, though, go back and grab your M16.  There is no 
    way you can take them out silently, nor is there any way you can continue 
    without letting some bullets fly.  If you can, get behind them (they'll annoy 
    you with 'find somewhere else to hang out') and take them out with your 
    silenced Beretta.  If they make too much noise, quickly get out your AK-103 
    seeing as the rest of the guards from the main room will come rushing.  If no 
    guards are alerted, pick a spot in the house where you can create a killzone, 
    preferably in a room where nobody can run around you from another door.  There
    are only three guards outside the house that will come in when they hear the 
    noise (the kitchen guard and the two door guards) so the best place is 
    probably the kitchen.  You can now take out the guard outside the door and 
    then be prepared to get into a huge gunfight.
    The single door on the left is where most, if not all, the guards will come
    rushing in.  Simply light them up with your M16A2 and you should have no
    problems surviving.  What's funny is that the few guards on the second floor
    won't have any idea of what's going on.  Anyways, mow down the lot of them
    and make sure you pick up the two or three Desert Eagles lying around.  
    In fact, the guys who are firing with the Desert Eagles (you can't miss 'em)
    are your priority in the firefight if they're up front.  They're awfully good
    shots and magnum bullets hurt... a LOT!  As far as I know, this is the first 
    time you can get the Desert Eagle in a mission.
        * This is why you do the silent kills at first.  It means less guards
          to kill and thus, less guards to worry about coming up behind you.
        * If you choose to fight in the kitchen, but you didn't take out the
          sentry, be sure to swing your crosshairs over his way as soon as he
          runs in.  He'll take some pot shots at you while you're occupied with
          the hoarde rushing in from the main room.
        * If you don't want to bother fighting in the kitchen, you can also
          head upstairs and look for a ladder that leads upward.  There is
          a single guard there that you can take out quickly.  Once you have,
          position yourself over the hatch and (if you took out the guard 
          silently) fire a few rounds to let everyone know where you are.
          They should come rushing into the room, but silly soldiers can't
          climb ladders so they'll just try and pop you from below.  Pop them
          first (this tip came from... uh... I honestly can't remember.  Eep!
          In any case, thanks to the one who gave it.)  If you do it this way,
          you should be able to skip the next paragraph.
    After you're done marvelling at the piles of bodies you've left in the
    fountain room, head upstairs and get any stragglers you may see.  Check the
    single doors first.  One room has another silenced Beretta sitting on the
    couch (the west rooms methinks) with some ammo, and the other side has a
    ladder that leads up to a single guard.  There should also be another guard
    standing in one of the rooms, but if there isn't, don't worry about it.
    Sometimes he hears the firefight, sometimes he doesn't.  In any case, take
    out all the guards on the second floor as well (before you open the double
    doors at the top of the stairs, as that's where Pablo is).  This ensures that
    they don't come and take pot shots as you're fighting Pablo.
    Once everything's clear, stand as far to the side as you can (against the
    wall) from the double doors at the top of the stairs and open them.  Pablo
    will go crazy on you with an M60, so stay behind the wall and lean.  He's a
    good shot for someone shooting wildly, and he can take a lot of bullets.  Aim
    for his head.  When you do enough damage to him, he'll taunt you (endlessly).
    Sometimes it takes four bullets, sometimes it takes one.  The best way to
    kill him is to take out your Desert Eagles and aim for his head.  The handgun
    is incredibly effective even if you hit his body, so be sure to use them up
    before switching back to the M16A2.  If he's in prime position to fire on
    you, don't waste time trying to aim at him.  Run to the other side of the
    doorway.  The good thing about Pablo is that he won't run out of the room
    even though he frantically runs IN the room.  Just be patient and line up
    your shots, sit through each taunt, and eventually, you'll cap him.
        * If you die, you should be in one of the tents.  Just make your way
          back to the mansion.  Nobody should be giving you any trouble yet, so
          stroll along all you like.  What's funny is that if you approach the
          mansion, you can hear that Pablo's still firing away at you.  That guy's
          crazy, I tell you.
        * There is also a guard tower just east of the mansion that offers you
          a view of Pablo's room.  You can snipe at him from here and it will
          take less shots to kill him (one if you're really good) than if you
          open the door inside to fight him.  However, getting the sniper rifle
          there will be a task, and secondly, alerting the whole compound for
          a good sniping opportunity may not be what you want to do.  The only
          interesting thing about doing this aside from the single shot is that
          Pablo ducks from behind the window and back again to take shots at
          you.  Those guys at IO thought of everything.  The good thing about
          this is that you don't have to deal with those stupid taunts.  Oh,
          and I haven't tried doing this -after- going inside.  Only before.
          (Tip from LDavid8)
    When Pablo falls, a fresh batch of guards will enter the house through the
    front door.  Rush into Pablo's room and wait for them to come up the stairs.
    As they do, drop them quickly so they don't swarm you.  You can also hide
    behind the door if you're feeling nervous.  If you have enough time, picking
    up Pablo's M60 will help you cut them down.  Once they stop rushing up the
    stairs, approach the balcony and look down into the fountain area (straight
    outta Scarface) to see if there are any strays that didn't get the idea.
    Down anyone standing there and then drop the M60 if you picked it up, trading
    it for the M16.  There is some machinegun ammo in the tent just south-east
    of the mansion, but walking around with the M60 will get you noticed.  On
    that note, the M16 is better for you to take along.  Head back into
    the room and pick up the bomb on the desk.  You now have all you need to
    destroy the lab so head west out of the mansion and enter the second gate
    to the lab.
    You can approach the lab from two ways, either the ramp on the left or the
    stairs on the right.  The ramp offers many guards in prime position to fire
    on you when the fight begins.  The ramp on the right only has two or three.
    The rest of the guards inside the lab will be behind two closed doors as
    opposed to one big open door.  Make your choice.
    Regardless of whatever choice you make, the guards inside the lab will see
    through your disguise and alert the entire compound.  Pick a position where
    you'll get the least resistance from behind as there are many guards inside
    the lab.  Best to back into the wall and pick away at them or, if you entered
    from the stairway, stand in the doorway.  Once they're all down, take the
    bomb out of your pocket and place it on one of the crates in the lab (next
    to the center table).  This is a remote-detonated bomb, so you have plenty
    of time to get away.
    Now comes the hard part.  The whole compound knows you're here now.  Their
    boss is dead and so are several of their friends.  You can't possibly fight
    every single one of them unless you're some sort of superhero, so get ready
    for the sprint of your life.  Ready your M16 and head out of the lab,
    out the gate and east.  Run like your life depends on it ('cause it does) and
    make your way to the hangar.  Don't stop to fight anyone.  The only people
    you should be firing at are people in your way.  Strafe left to right as you
    follow the road to the hangar or you'll get hit.
    As the bullets whiz by you, about when you're passing the mansion, pull out
    the remote and set off the bomb.  The lab will be destroyed in a cutscene,
    so be ready to run once you regain control.  As soon as you can, re-ready your
    M16 and mow down anyone you have to so you can get to the plane.  Run to
    its left side and approach it from behind the wing.  If you're being fired
    upon, it doesn't matter.  Get to that plane!  Once you get there, open up
    your action menu and select "fly plane" as soon as it becomes available.
    Don't stop to do the gunfight unless you've got some health to spare.  The
    soldier's can't down your plane once you're in it, so just fly on out to
    safety and you'll have completed the three most annoying missions in this
    game.  Enjoy the huge reward.  If you're on easy mode, you won't get any
    penalties for dying (at least if you only die once).  Wave goodbye to
        * There are those who have done this mission without the uniform.
          Sure, it can be done if you're good enough, but I'm not recommending
          it unless you're out for some pain.
    Welcome to your one-mission stint in Budapest.  It's relatively simple
    considering what you had to do in Colombia.  Prepare to cheer because
    you're back to being stealthy again.  A major relief, if I do say so myself.
    5.8 Traditions of the Trade
    Mission Objectives
        - Eliminate Frantz Fuchs
        - Secure Terrorist Bomb
    Recommended Equipment
        - Fiber Wire
            * You don't even need body armor if you do this right, but if you
              wish, take it along.
            * Take no other weapons other than the fiber wire.  The hotel is
              littered with metal detectors and the guards will shoot first and
              forget about questions altogether.
    A map-check will show you many things.  First off, every major room is
    labeled.  The smaller, unlabeled rooms are guest rooms, and you don't need
    to go into them, making the map much smaller than it seems.  Second, you
    should see red icons strewn about.  These are all metal detector points.
    If you're carrying a weapon, avoid these points.  Finally, three blue
    blips appear on the map.  Two in front, and one in back.  Those are your
    possible escape routes.
    You start off on the street after the Agency limo drops you off.  Approach
    the hotel and you will see two metal detectors with an accompanying guard
    each.  Bringing any metallic items (guns and knives) means that you'll set
    off the alarm.  The guards won't even bother to collect your change and make
    you walk through it again if you set it off.  They'll just open fire on you.
    The only thing you can take through the detector is the fiber wire (funny,
    I coulda sworn it makes a metallic sheen as you stretch it out) and any
    non-weapons like the compass or binoculars.
        * If you somehow manage to get a security guard uniform, you should
          be able to carry a gun through the detectors without setting them
          off.  Must be those futuristic clothes-scanning detectors.
    Enter the lobby.  On your right, you should see a desk.  Ahead of you, you
    should see a large set of stairs that bend off to the left and right.  They
    lead to the west and east sections of the hotel respectively.  You'll also
    see that the hotel is littered with civilians and security guards.  Killing
    civilians and security guards is a no-no.
        * A lot of this mission is optional.  You can blow through it in about
          ten minutes if you skip everything, but I'm assuming you want to see
          all there is to see.  It will also help you get the storyline of the
        * Once you're actually inside the hotel, you needn't walk through any
          more metal detectors.  All of the detectors in the hotel can be
          circumvented, but there really isn't need.  Do you want to be
          efficient or lethal?  In any case, if you wish to hang onto all the
          weapons you may find during the mission, check the map.  There are
          two elevators, one on the east tower, and one on the west.  Also in
          the east tower, you should see some stairways in the upper-left
          corner.  Ignore the west-tower elevator because it opens up to a
          metal detector on the third floor and also goes only to the casino.
          More trouble than what it's worth, really.  The east elevator and
          stairway, though, are extremely useful if you want to keep a low
          profile.  If ever you need to cross from the east tower to the west,
          or vice versa, there is a balcony on the second floor that runs
          along inside the lobby on the south wall (where you come in).  It
          will bring you to the other side without danger.
    First off, talk to the clerk at the desk and check in under that horrible
    alias.  You'll see that a Heinrich Wulff is conveniently checked in in bold
    in room 202.  If you read your mission briefing, Heinrich Wulff is Frantz's
    own clever alias.  Funny, I thought you checked in.  I guess you don't get
    a key or a room assigned to you.  Oh well, you're not there to relax anyway.
    You've got a job to do.
    It's time to pay a visit to Frantz.  Head on up the grand stairway and hang
    a right (east) through the metal detector.  If you turn around after walking
    through, you should see a set of double doors just behind the guard.  That
    way leads to the east elevator and to Frantz's room through another set.  If 
    you go there now and speak to the guard, he decides he won't let you in unless 
    you have an appointment.  Since there's no actual way to make an appointment,
    you're just going to have to improvise.  There is a room right next to his,
    room 201, that has a balcony adjacent, ripe for hopping (finally putting that
    training to use).  The only problem is, the door's locked.  You need to get
    a key.
    You may or may not have noticed, but there is a cleaning boy going from room
    to room.  In fact, it seems like there are hundreds of them.  If you can't
    find one, try some halls and listen for a vaccuum.  At any rate, you'll note
    when you follow him that he uses the same key to open every door.  This would
    be the master key, which is exactly what you need right now.  So, once the
    bumbling idiot enters the room and leaves the key in the door, don't be
    afraid to snatch it up.  Even if he's looking at you, it shouldn't matter.
    Make your way back to the double-doors near the metal detector where you came
    up.  If, when facing those doors, you turn left and look down the hallway,
    you'll see a service closet.  You now have access to it, and inside you'll
    find a bellboy uniform.  Whatever you do, don't pick it up.  Even if the door
    is closed when you change, the guard outside, for some reason or another,
    will come to shoot you.  I don't know why this happens, it just happens.
    Instead, pass through the double doors and the next set just beyond and
    you'll be in a hallway.
    In this hallway, you should see a guard standing in front of a door.  That's
    your target's room.  If you wish, talk to him and get sent away.  He'll pay
    for his rudeness in due time.  Walk away from him southward to room 201 (it's
    on the same wall).  Stroll into the room and head to the back.  There's a
    door there that leads to the balcony.
    Once you're out on the balcony, turn to the left and you should see room
    202's balcony.  Sometimes there's a guard standing on it, sometimes there
    isn't.  If there's a guard standing on it, just wait for him to go in.  He's
    probably smoking or something.  When he does, hop to the other side where
    he was standing.  In mid-flight, pull out your fiber wire and hit sneak mode.
    Either run or sneak to the door, but once you open it, run no more.  You
    should be able to see the guard standing to the right with his back turned
    to you.  I don't see what's so interesting about staring at a dresser, but
    hey, if it means he's easier to kill, I'm not complaining.  Do the old choke
    routine and take his clothes.  There, now you're cruisin' in style.  Just
    in case, drag his body close to the... armoire or whatever you call those.
    Turn toward the dresser and pick everything up (the letters, the card, the
    sign, and the gun).  If you wish, take the time to read the letters.  One is
    from Pablo, stating his desire to 'split the fruit', and one is from Fritz,
    Frantz's brother, stating a similar desire.  Whatever that means.  Anyways,
    if you check the business card, you'll see that Fritz's name is on it.  Looks
    like he's a dentist... isn't there a dentist's office in the hotel?  Pablo's
    letter tells you of his special delivery at the florist... isn't there a
    florist in the hotel?  Looks like a job for a hitman... isn't there a
    hitman in the hotel?  (Sorry)
    When you're ready to take out Frantz, head toward the bathroom door and
    approach it from the dresser against the wall.  Bring up your menu before
    hand so that you can creep up and wait for 'open door' to go green.  From
    here, you can open the door and get a clean shot at Frantz's fat head
    while he's showering without him causing alarm.  Bring out your new,
    silenced Luger (not the Desert Eagle the guard was carrying) and get ready
    for the kill.  Face the door at a slight angle and open it.  As soon as you
    can, shoot Frantz in the head.  He should go down without a problem and
    nobody should be alerted to what just happened.  You don't have to do any
    cleanup so head on out of the bathroom and toward the front door.
    Ready up your fiber wire (you can bring it out as long as you're in sneak
    mode) and open the front door.  Ice the fool and drag him into the room.
    That's what he gets for being rude.  Now that everyone's down and out, you
    might want to take a look near the front of the room.  That's one nifty bomb
    case lying there.  Might as well pick it up and lug it around with you.
        * If, at this point in time, you are avoiding metal detectors, drop
          all of the guns you have in the hotel room before leaving.
    Once you're finished admiring your work, head on out the front door and turn
    around.  Either close the door or wait for it to close.  Bring out the sign
    that you lifted from the dresser and hang it on the knob.  That way, any
    cleaning boy won't go in and find the little present you left behind.
        * Interesting fact: you can also pose as a cleaning boy, but not by
          taking one of the uniforms in a closet (or at least not the closet
          at the top of the stairs), to get into Frantz's room.  The best way
          to get a uniform without any guards pulling guns on you is to follow
          one of the cleaning boys around a room with your wire cued up and 
          just choke him.  Take the uniform and head to Frantz's room.  You'll
          say that you've got clean towels for Mr. Wulff and the guard will
          let you in.  However, there's no way to kill the guard inside if you
          go straight there.  He'll be facing you the whole time and I haven't
          been able to manage shimmying in behind him to get the wire around his
          neck.  Walking past the dresser to pick up the Luger will get you
          tossed out of the room and you'll have to do it the old-fashioned,
          balcony-jumping way.  If you think you can do it, you might be able
          to get a gun (non-silenced) from one of the patrolling security
          guards in the hall, but make sure you have enough time (and the master
          key) to drag him into a room.  The problem with this is that firing
          an unsilenced gun alerts the door guard, who in turn alerts the
          security guards nearby with his gunfire.  Only for the crazy.
    If you read the letter from Fritz, you'll know that he's got the bomb and
    that it's locked away safe and sound in his office in the x-ray room.  So now
    what you need to do is go hunting for Fritz.  If you wish, cross the balcony
    leading to the west tower of the hotel and head toward's the dentist's office.
    You can't lose your way as there are signs all over pointing you in the right
    direction, as well as it being conveniently labelled on the map.  If not,
    skip to the next part.  When you get there, talk to the receptionist and 
    she'll tell you where Fritz is.  It's weird how criminals always have 
    good-looking receptionists.  Oh, well. There are a few main stops that Fritz 
    hangs out in, as he frequently moves about the hotel.  The guy never works.
    Anyways, she'll either tell you he's in the casino, in the restaurant, or in
    the thermal bath (that's the pool and sauna).  Go and find him.
        * On your way, be sure to stop and give the receptionist at the front
          desk 'your' room key (Frantz's).  This will get you some mail that's
          not yours (I think this is the most horrible thing you can possibly
          do in this game.  Remember, kids, opening other peoples' mail is a
          federal offense... pfft).  Another piece of the puzzle, it seems.
    Wherever Fritz is, he'll eventually end up in the sauna near the pool.  If
    you run into him in the hotel, you'll recognize him by his tell-tale white
    lab coat.  Following him around will take you all over the hotel, and there
    are a few tempting places to kill him, like in the bathrooms.  However, the
    surefire way to kill him without anyone noticing is in the sauna.  Everywhere
    else runs a huge risk of being discovered.  In the restaurant, there are too
    many civilians walking around, and in the casino, the mean ol' bartender and
    his guard won't stand for trouble.  Head to the pool... on the men's side,
    you perverts.
        * If you find him at the casino or restaurant, you can initiate
          a conversation with him to see what type of man he is and also to
          hear some cool lines delivered by your man.  "Always bet on black."
        * If you're feeling bold and kill him in the casino/restaurant, you'll
          miss out on an entertaining cutscene.
    You can get to the pool by going back to the lobby and heading to the door
    on the right side of the stairs (east).  If you're carrying weapons, the
    elevator you passed on your way to Frantz's room will take you down to the
    lobby, bypassing the metal detector.  In any case, the towel boy won't let
    you into the pool area wearing a suit.  Go ahead and try.  He'll direct you
    to the changing booth on the far-right where you'll find some complimentary
    swimming trunks.  If you wish, you can pick up your weapons after changing
    clothes (and magically stuff them into your chest, mind you), but it's not
    necessary.  Afterward, the towel boy will switch his post so you can't run
    around the hotel half naked.  Head into the shower room and through the next
    door to the pool.
    Sometimes you may see Fritz in the pool (he's the one floating on his back
    staring up at the ceiling...it's a nice ceiling).  Killing him here means
    you're in for a world of hurt.  There may be several swimmers around just
    itching to rat you out, not to mention the big... and I mean BIG... woman
    guarding the women's change room.  If he's in the pool, just wait for him to
    get out.  Also, because Fritz moves around, you might not see him in either
    the pool or the sauna.  Oh yeah, the men's sauna is on the east side of the
    pool through a little doorway.  Never seen a sauna that can't be shared, but
    who knows how they do things in Budapest. ;)
    Anyways, head toward the sauna and you should see Fritz relaxing in there.
    Talk to him and he'll give you a great hint as to how to kill him without
    laying a finger on him.  He'll tell you he has a heart problem and that the
    heat of the sauna can kill him.  Head innocently back out the door and swing
    on over to the right.  Looks like a tasty valve to me.  It begs you to twist
    it.  It says, "please, Mr. Hitman, sir, use me as a tool of destruction."
    Erm... ahem, where was I?  Turn the valve and you should see an entertaining
    cutscene.  For those of you who missed it, Fritz will try to run out of the
    sauna to cool down, but you'll be holding the door shut.  Kinda looks like
    he slipped and fell, doesn't it?
    After poor Fritz is dead, bare the horrors of seeing that purple g-string
    one more time and take his key.  It opens up his x-ray room where he's 
    stashed the chemical bomb.  There's no need to hide Fritz as he's the only
    one who goes there, so head on back to the change room and get your things.
    Once you're in the lobby, head east to the elevator and ride it up to the
    second floor if you're carrying weapons, or up the stairs to the left if
    you're not.  Regardless of how you get there, make your way to the florist's
    shop (weapon holders need to use the balcony).  Make sure you read Pablo's
    letter and then talk to the florist.  He'll give you a box of roses with
    a nice surprise inside... he's even nice enough to give you some extra rounds
    for your new Mossberg.  Don't worry about dropping the case.
        * Weapon holders can completely bypass the florist and just take the
          elevator to the third floor.  The point of getting the shotgun, other
          than making like Arnie in Terminator 2, is to make a kill.  If you've
          got a weapon and don't particularily care for seeing roses fly around
          in the air as you blast a hole into someone, then by all means, skip
    Now that you've got yourself a gun in a box (don't take it out yet, otherwise
    the guards will try to kill you... duh), head on up to the third floor,
    avoiding all the metal detectors.  Taking the elevator from the casino will
    do you no good, so you'll just have to cross to the east tower using the
    balcony in the lobby and then take either the elevator or the stairs up to
    the third floor.  Make your way to the nearest metal detector once you're
    up there, but don't walk through it, of course (in general, to the center of 
    the hotel).
    Near the metal detector should be a green door with a sign over it saying
    "exit".  This leads out to the rooftop, which is exactly where you want to
    go.  You'll know you're in the right spot when you see a catwalk moving
    across the roof to the other tower.  Head on out there, but don't enter the
    other tower.  Instead, turn your eyes northward (away from the wall) and
    you'll see a raised part of the roof blocking off the dome which is in fact
    the ceiling of the pool area.  Climb over it so that you're on the left side
    of the dome (west) and you should see an open window a ways in.  This
    window leads to the dentist's office.
        * If you try to enter the dentist's office through the front door, you'll
          be blocked off by a guard.
    Turn your eyes back to the catwalk to make sure that the security guard isn't
    patrolling across and then climb into the window from the open side (climbing
    up directly in front of the window causes you to fall back down).  Hit sneak
    mode and walk on in, drop off the table and face the guard with his back to
    you.  No matter what weapon you have, you can completely destroy him and
    nobody will hear a sound.  I guess they soundproofed the office.  So, if
    you've got the box, a simple click will cause you to remove the shotgun.
    Make sure you're close or the shotgun won't be effective.  Once he's down,
    you'll need to go back and get your bomb case.  If you didn't bring the
    shotgun along, you probably brought the case in with you.  Regardless, leave
    the guard slumped on the window and exit the office.
        * If you brought the shotgun, the case is right where you left it in
          the florist's.  Just make your way back (you'll have an easier time
          of it if you ditch any weapons you're carrying in the office) and
          pick it up.  Return to the window and be sure to check for the secuirty
          guard before you re-enter.
    As long as you're not still carrying your weapon, the guard at the door won't
    do anything to you.  Just walk right on past him to the x-ray room and open
    the door.  The bomb is sitting neatly on the ground just waiting to be picked
    up.  If you've got the case in your hands, you'll automatically put the bomb
    in its rightful place.  If not, you can pick up either the bomb or the case
    first and then pick up the other.  Don't worry, you won't be contaminated.
        * If you attempt to carry the bomb past any guards or civilians without
          a case, they will be alerted to it and will begin to hunt you.
    Now that you've got the bomb safely in hand, you can push aside the guard
    at the door and walk away.  Your job now is to get it out of the building
    without getting killed first.  Remember those pick-up points?  They're all
    accessible from the first floor, so pick your way down avoiding all the
    metal detectors.  At this point, just find the stairway or the elevator on
    the second floor, east tower and you should be fine.  You now have two
    choices for making your escape.
        - Escaping out the front door offers you an adrenaline-rushing escape
          as once you hit the metal detector, all the guards will come out as
          you sprint past it.  A cutscene will play of the limo screeching up
          towards you to pick you up and you'll get a nice view of all the
          guards who showed up to wish you farewell.  In fact, if you don't want
          to even bother finding the stairway, make your way to the second floor
          and you can run straight down the grand stairs in the lobby through
          the metal detector and out the front door.  Sure, you'll get more
          damaged, but all that training in Colombia should assure you that
          guards can't hit anything that's moving from side to side.
        - Escaping out the back is easier and doesn't require anyone to shoot
          at you.  You get a cool, classy cutscene to go along with it.  Once
          you're in the lobby without setting any alarms off, head into the
          restaurant (west doors) and then north to the kitchen.  It's a very
          long kitchen, but run past the cook even if he gives you hell for
          being in there and then past the freezers.  You should end up at
          a door with the stairwell sign on it, but it actually just leads out
          to an alley.  Hang a left and walk into the opening in the wall
          and you'll be picked up by the limo.
    At any rate, you're now out of Budapest, safe and sound with an incredibly
    clean hit.  Good work.
        * The optional bits in this mission are talking to the clerk, talking
          to the receptionist, and so on and so forth.  If you really want to
          do this quickly, head straight for the sauna and wait for Fritz.
          Then head over to Frantz's room from 201 and make your kill, keeping
          your gun (or picking up another if you haven't the rounds).  Then
          head up to the roof, grab the bomb, and make your way out.  You miss
          a lot of stuff, but you still get credited with a success.
    Rotterdam is the beginning of the home stretch.  It's two missions, one
    to relax you, and one to frustrate the crap out of you.  Enjoy it as you
    can, because after Rotterdam, there's just one little thing you've got to
    take care of.
    5.9 Gunrunner's Paradise
    Mission Objectives
        - Place GPS Transmitter in the Gang Car
        - Move GPS Tracker to the Money Suitcase
        - Give the Suitcase to Ivan
    Recommended Equipment
        - Heckler and Koch MP5 (silenced)
        - GPS Receiver (duh)
        - GPS Transmitter (duh, again)
        - Kevlar Body Armor
            * If you want to conserve your MP5 ammo (and you may just want to do
              that), then take along a silenced Beretta 92. so that you can do
              your necessary kills with one shot.
            * You may wish to bring binoculars along as this map is very open
              and dark, but it's not necessary.  Couldn't hurt, though.
    Ignore the loading screen.  You're not after him...yet.  Instead, you're
    looking for Ivan, the criminal with the weirdest bio.  How many criminals do
    you know of who run circuses?  Gyeh.  First, you need to plant your
    transmitter on a car so you can find out where the buy is going to take
    place.  Second, you're going to crash that meeting and turn it into a blood
    bath.  Third, you need to clean it up before Ivan gets there.
    Check your map.  Just below your start point (you'll need to zoom in), you'll
    see an arrow icon.  This tells the train running amuck in the harbor which
    track it's got to go on.  Remember this point.
    You'll start off just behind or under a crane tower.  This is a great sniping
    point if you want to play it high and dry, except that there are just too
    many people you need to take out with it once you start, so don't bother.
    Instead, stroll on straight (south) right off the bat and you should see a
    guy walking perpendicular to you from the right.  As soon as he passes, start
    following him until he turns in between two small warehouses.  At that point,
    quickly hit sneak mode and put a bullet in his head before he passes out of
    the alley.  It -is- possible to take him out with a knife if you're quick
    enough, but most of the time, he'll turn around and open fire on you before
    you can get close enough.  Better to just put a silenced bullet in his head
    and get on with it.  I haven't seen any other patrols come through this
    alley, but if you want to be safe, just drag him into the dark spot against
    the wall and take his clothes.  Spiffy gang jacket, no?
    Now check your map.  You should see a yellow blip.  This is where the car
    is.  Put your weapon away and head on over to it.  Be wary of getting trapped
    behind fences.  You won't have to fight anyone, but you'll have to walk
    a long way back around once you know you're stuck.  The best way to get there
    is to go back to the crane tower and follow the tracks west (away from the
    alley where you made your kill) and you should see an open fence with three
    guys gathered around a barrel fire.  There's an opening in that fence you
    can pass through and just head on south.  You can't miss it.
    In front of the bar is the car you need to plant the transmitter on, but just
    past it is a guy who's watching it.  Don't make the mistake of killing him.
    He and a guy inside the bar are the ones who need to be in the car, so killing
    him gets you a fail.  Instead, head on inside the bar.
        * If you don't pick up the gang jacket at the beginning of the mission,
          the guy at the door (who's watching the car) won't let you in.  I guess
          it's a territorial thing.
        * If you try to put the GPS Transmitter on the car while the guy is there,
          he will open fire on you, forcing you to kill him, and thus, failing the
    Watch the dancer if you wish (of course you wish... wait, that's 'you WISH').
    After you're through doing that, talk to the bartender and he'll tell you
    that he can arrange a private session for you.  How thoughtful.  But, being
    the efficient killer you are, know that the private session would be better
    used to get that transmitter on the car.  After the dancer heads to her
    dressing room, you can either run up the stage and follow her, or take the
    easier route and use the door just left of the stage (near the bar entrance).
    She should be waiting for you in front of her mirror.  If not, just wait for
    her to finish her routine again and she'll come strolling in.  Give her a
    little chat and she'll meet you outside.  It doesn't matter if you get out
    there before her, so head on out ahead of her or follow her.  She's more than
    happy to lead the doorman away down to the alley (using the lamp post for
    a grinding pole, no less) which is the perfect opportunity to plant the GPS
    Transmitter.  You shouldn't have to take it out of your pocket to plant it,
    but if the action menu isn't working, then bring it out and plant it.  Once
    the private show's over, the guy with the hat from inside the bar will come
    out and collect his buddy, get in the car and head on over to one of the
    warehouses in the harbor.
    If you wish, you can pull out your GPS Tracker and follow the red blip, or
    you could do the better thing and head on over to that first arrow icon you
    passed from the start (very north of the map).  Once you get there, open
    up your map and you should see the blip stopped off at one of three general
    locations (east, west, or south).  If not, close up the map and wait a few
    minutes and try again.  Each warehouse is blocked off by a locked gate, so
    you'll need the train to smash on through it for you.
    Once you know which warehouse the car stopped off at, you can go ahead and
    turn the switch so that the train turns southward at the bend.  Regardless
    of which warehouse the meeting is taking place in, you'll always have to
    flip this switch, so go ahead and do it.
    Now, examine the tracks on the map.  Head down south to where the tracks
    split off into three directions.  Don't worry if the train passes you along
    the way.  It will loop back.
        - If the warehouse is to the south, just pass the two switches and
          wait for the train to smash the gate open.
        - If the warehouse is to the west, flip the first switch and follow
          the tracks (be sure not to stand on them) and let the train smash the
          gate open.
        - If the warehouse is to the east, flip the second switch just further
          south of the first and then follow the tracks left (east) and wait for
          the train to smash the gate open.
    Regardless of which warehouse you lead the train to, there should be some
    vicious guard dogs waiting to take a bite out of your butt.  Sometimes they
    don't attack (possibly out of some AI glitch), but they're more likely to
    leap at the chance.  Search with the binoculars, if you've got 'em, but
    otherwise, you can stroll up carefully and listen for the barks.  If you hear
    any growls, the dogs are close, so be sure to take them out before they get
    to you.  They can take 20% off your health bar before you know it, so don't
    be squeamish.  Sure, you may feel like a bum killing dogs, but it's either
    you or them.  Whatever.
        * Be careful.  If you start shooting too close to the entrance, which is
          more than likely, sometimes a patroller will pass by and open fire on
          you.  He's relentless, so take him out quickly.  However, the dogs are
          your priority, so if any are attacking you when the patroller comes by,
          take the bullets instead of the bite.
    Once the threats are gone (there should be some dogs behind the warehouse,
    but there's no need to take out what isn't going to attack you so don't go
    giving them a reason), head on over to the car and pick up the GPS Transmitter
    for later.
    Ready up your MP5 and pick a door.  The left one offers less people to
    confront right away, but more surprises.  The door on the right should show
    you the majority of the people in the warehouse, but hides a guy in the
    corner as soon as you come in, so don't miss him.  Whichever door you pick,
    let loose with the gun.  There's no doubt that you'll need to re-load, so
    when that time comes, hug the wall.  You might not be completely covered,
    but most of the guys on the other side will get stuck by the barrels.  Take
    everyone out.  Most of these guys are bad shots, but if you get killed, you
    can restart or just make your way back.  Just remember that if you decide
    to make your way back, put your weapon away until you get back there.
    Once everyone's down, you'll receive a message that you've got three minutes
    until Ivan arrives.  These three minutes are not for farting around.  If
    Ivan sees any bodies on the floor (but he doesn't care about blood, fancy
    that), he'll take off.  The safest place to drag every body is in between the
    boxes in the center of the warehouse.  Be quick about it.
        * If you're having trouble getting people where you want them fast,
          you can hold down the strafe button and tap run to quickly speed across
          the warehouse.  (Thanks for the tip, Canil)
    The dragging should take most of the three minutes, but once you're done,
    rush over to the briefcase (sitting in the middle of the floor somewhere
    near the first gap before the center support) and pull out the Transmitter.
    You -did- pick it up from the car, right?  In any case, you should
    automatically put the transmitter in the case.  Wait by the door on the
    right (facing the direction you came in on, or, if it makes it easier, the
    left door from the outside) and Ivan should come in.  He'll pause for a bit
    and then come in.  Hopefully he doesn't see any feet sticking out or
    something and he'll approach you, snatch the money and then run off to his
    limo.  Once the limo drives off, it's the end of the mission.
        * Warning: Do not wait too far back in the warehouse as Ivan will
                   follow you wherever you go until he gets in range for the
                   cutscene.  If you do, he might pass some bodies and that
                   won't do you any bit of good.
        * Also, to avoid doing any dragging at all, instead of using one of
          the doors on the ground, you should be able to take some stairs up
          the side of the building (watch out for stray dogs) and you'll end
          up on the catwalks above everyone's head.  Open fire and they should
          start filing up the stairs.  So long as everyone dies on the catwalk,
          there should be no problems with Ivan seeing them.  C'est la vie.
          (This tip was offered by several people, too many to mention)
    5.10a Plutonium Runs Loose
    Mission Objectives
        - Eliminate Boris
        - Disarm the Nuke
        - Take the Ship to International Waters
    Recommended Equipment
        - Beretta 92. (silenced)
        - Heckler and Koch MP5 (silenced)
        - Walter WA2000 Sniper
        - Pentagon Knife
        - Kevlar Body Armor
            * If you want one last chance at using the wire, just for old times
              sake, then bring along the Fiber Wire instead of the knife.  You'll
              only need it once and via this walkthrough, you could blackjack
              your target if you wanted to.  Hmm, maybe blackjacks are just the
              thing to put in the sequel, no?  ;)
            * You may want to bring a pair of binoculars.  This mission is dark
              and wide open, making it kind of hard to see what you're after.
    If you've read any previous versions of this walkthrough, namely version 0.8,
    then you'll know that I really had a tough time with this mission.  Well,
    after much perserverance and prespiration, I have finally found a good way
    to do this mission.  Actually, I've found two ways.  So what does one do
    when one finds two effective, yet very different, ways of completing a very
    tough mission?  The good thing to do would be to write not just one, but two,
    yes, count 'em, TWO write-ups.  Feel free to peruse the two (this one and the
    one below) to see which is more your style.
    This mission is definitely the hardest mission in the entire game, at least
    from my point of view.  Others may say that the Colombia missions are harder,
    but the difference here is that this final Rotterdam mission is not only a
    matter of survival, but a matter of absolute stealth and precision.  It's
    long, it's frustrating, and I have not managed to "session" this mission
    (that is to say, play it in one sitting) and complete it on one try.  The map
    is so large that it's easy to forget a few minor details and pooch the whole
    The first thing you must know is that if you let a single guard find a body
    and not take him out at the scene of the crime, you can pretty much kiss the
    mission goodbye.  First you will see, "a dead guard has been found" and then
    soon after, "a guard is running to report to Boris" or something close to
    that.  At that point, Boris will arm the nuke, and then make his way to the
    limo and take off, failing the mission for you.  This is why I think it's
    harder than any mission in this game, but this is also why I think it's so
    much fun.
    Due to the incredible amount of running in this mission and the sheer size of
    the map, I'll do my best to describe landmarks, but if you're ever lost, try
    to get a general idea of what I'm directing you to do and improvise.
    First off, the map looks like a giant "m" and you start out on the west side
    of the pier on a rowboat docking.  Head on up the ladder and run straight a
    little bit.  You should see some train tracks beginning up ahead.  Drop your
    sniper rifle (which should automatically be in your hand).
        * If at any time you are carrying the sniper rifle whilst travelling in
          disguise (as you will be in disguise 99% of the time), everyone will
          see through it and start shooting at you.  I guess sniper rifles aren't
          standard criminal issue.  Oh, well.
    Bring out your Beretta and hit sneak mode.  Run north-west (to the right) and
    you'll see a guard standing at the corner of the nearest building with his
    back to you.  Approach him and stop behind him.  Make sure the guard in front
    of him turns the corner and then put a slug in the back of his head.  Take
    his clothes and then run ahead (north) and then left in between the two
    warehouses.  If you're quick enough, the guard that turned the corner should
    still be walking here and you can just run up and ice him (do you like all
    the euphemisms for "kill"?).  If not, he's gone to the western side of the
    second warehouse.  You can ice him here, too.  Oh, you can turn off sneak
    mode now.  You can now freely walk around with a gun (except the Walther) and
    not be noticed.  You should be able to leave the bodies where they lie.
    Head on northward and you'll see a gate on the western end of the fence with
    two gate guards.  Right in front of them is a track that runs east/west
    and there are two patrollers who pass through the gate and walk south along
    the fence by the tracks.  You'll need to take these two guys out.  Be careful,
    they come one right after the other.  Follow whoever's walking east (to the
    water at the end of the "m", and bring out your Beretta if you've put it away.
    Follow him all the way to the end of the tracks and put a bullet in his head
    before he turns around.  If you want, you can drag him away, but you'll have
    to drag him far.  Putting him behind the track barrier won't do you any good.
    However, you are safe leaving him there as long as you run back along the
    tracks to the second patroller.  By now, he should be heading east toward
    his dead buddy.  Use the same tactic, but make sure you switch to the MP5
    just in case.  At some point, he will pause, cross his arms, and then start
    running to the body (if he sees it).  You can chase him for a bit and gun
    him down or, if you wish to use the Beretta, put a hole in his head when he
    pauses.  Either way, you're done with those guys.
        * The "discovery" tactic is one you'll use a lot on this mission as it's
          sometimes the only way to get by without getting noticed.  When taking
          out two patrollers, sometimes you can't drag a body out of the way,
          so just gun him down when he runs to the body.
    Run back along the waterfront and pick up your sniper rifle.  Head back
    along the waterfront to where you dropped those two guys, but stop just short
    of the fence (but no need to be close enough to kiss it).  Face westward,
    but look along the warehouse.  Bring up your scope and you should see a guard
    standing on the rooftop.  Hit him in the head if you can.  If you hit his
    body, just plug him again and he should go down.  Otherwise, he'll go down in
    one hit.
        * If you try to snipe him from the western end of the area (near the
          gate), you run the risk of getting a bad angle and a powerful shot.  If
          you haven't noticed, sometimes people fly (inverse kinematics, woohoo!)
          when you pop them with the sniper rifle and from the angle you get on
          the north side (so that the gate guards don't hear), sometimes the body
          lands very close to them and that can mean an instant fail if you're
          not quick enough to snipe the alerted guard.  From the south side, he
          lands safely out of view (or rather, he SHOULD).
    Start heading up west back to the gate, remembering to drop off the sniper
    rifle somewhere where you can find it, and bring out your MP5.  Line up the
    gate guards so that they're standing one behind the other.  If they tell you
    to leave, ignore them.  Drill them both with the MP5 and they should go down
    without a single round being fired.  You don't have to drag them.  If you
    wish, you can take one of their uniforms (they have cool gas masks), but it's
    only a cosmetic change; it's not necessary to change after taking the first
    guard's uniform.
        * If you're a perfectionist and absolutely must take out everyone in
          this mission (and although you'll get most, you'll leave some behind
          if you follow this to the letter), then make sure you do the same
          order here: take out the patrollers, take out the rooftop guard,
          take out the gate guards.  Almost every gate has a rooftop guard
          nearby, so make sure you're thorough.
    Pick up your sniper rifle and head back through the gate.  There should be
    two warehouses just ahead (you can't see the second right away) running
    east/west.  Run eastward between them and at the end of the second one,
    leave the sniper rifle there.  (you'll know you'll have the right warehouses
    when you see that they're offset.  That's to say, not exactly lined up).
    Once you drop off the rifle, head on slightly north-eastward and you should
    see another fence, with another gate.  Two patrollers come through this gate
    to your side.  Bring out the Beretta and wait for the first to come by (it's
    possible he's already on patrol, so skip that if he's walking away from the
    gate) and then follow him behind the warehouses.  Take him out whenever you
    like, so long as the gate guards can't see him.  I find it's best to wait
    for him to pass the second warehouse and then drag him in between.  Repeat
    for the second patroller.  Leave him where he lays.  Or is it lies?
    Run back to your sniper rifle and pick it up.  Without moving, face the gate
    and bring up the scope.  On the second...fuel tower?... is a guard standing
    watch over the gate.  Pop him in the head and drop your rifle again.  Head
    back to the gate and draw your MP5, taking out the guards like you did at
    the first gate.
    Instead of going through, follow the fence northward until you reach the
    northern east/west track.  Swing your eyes rightward (eastward) and you'll
    see that you can get into the area through an open door (but killing the
    gate guards saves you some time).  There are two patrollers who walk along
    the track, and then turn south along the fence toward the gate you just
    cleared.  Don't worry, they never actually make it to the gate to notice
    anything, so tra la la.  If they're heading away eastward along the track,
    then it's best to wait so that you avoid the guard dog just ahead.  As soon
    as they turn south, follow them a short distance (until the first one
    reaches the warehouse after the large gap) and then do the ol' gun-down-two-
    with-an-MP5-followed-by-a-pirouette routine and leave 'em be.
    Bring up the map.  Just west of where you are are six large fuel silos
    represented by circles.  Two patrollers pass each other going east and west.
    These two are fairly easy to take out.  Take out the one going west first,
    after he's past the silos, and then the second as he just reaches the silos
    after he turns around.
        * If you don't take out these four guards, one of two things may happen.
          1) The guard dogs, who can smell through your disguise, will attack
             you and blow your cover.
          2) The patrollers may not see you take out the dog, but they
             definitely will see the doberman's body, which alerts them to a
             suspicious presence.
    Prepare to groan because now you have to go and get your sniper rifle.  Once
    you do, head all the way back along the fence until you reach the track.
    Face eastward along the track and back up a bit so you don't alert the dog
    nearby.  Bring up the scope and take out the pooch.  That'll tell everyone
    where to stuff their electric dogs!  erm...ahem, excuse me...  Anyways, walk
    forward a bit past the open door in the fence and bring up your scope again.
    There's another dog just to the north and you can peg him off through the
    fence.  Now that he's out of the way, hug the fence to the left (north) and
    follow it as it skews off to the north for a bit, widening the area.  Once
    at the corner that bends east again, face south-westward and bring up the
    scope once again.  Another dog should be there where the fence opens up to
    a (locked) gate to the south.  Give him a tasty lead doggie treat.
    Drop the rifle and bring out a gun, any gun.  If you're a good shot, bring out
    the Beretta.  If you're a horrible shot, bring out the MP5.  As you pass the
    two warehouses beyond the gate dog, seperated by a fence, there is another dog
    between them.  Sniping him there alerts two guards will will see the poor
    little pooch and come to his aid, possibly (scratch that, very likely) opening
    fire on you.  Instead, creep southward until you alert the dog and lure him 
    out northward.  Take him out (I got him in the eye with a Beretta.  Cool,
    huh?) and then pick up your rifle again.
    Hug the fence and move forward.  At some point, you will be able to bring
    up your scope and see a dog to the east.  Keep checking as you move because
    there is a gate to the south that your sniper fire will alert if you're too
    close.  Once that dog is down, leave the rifle where you stand and run south
    over or around the train platform to the gate.
    Follow -that- fence westward when you see a guard come out of the gate and
    drop him when he reaches the end of the fence.  Run on back and another guy
    will come out.  Drop him, too.  You can use the "discover" tactic or try
    dragging his friend far away with the strafe-drag trick.  Either way, these
    two guys will be out of your way in case of discovery.  This isn't just a
    just-in-case maneuver.  These two patrollers meet up with another two in an
    alley beyond the fence, which could make some chaos for you in the very
    near future.
    Regardless of my ramblings above, you now want to approach the weapons depot
    that's marked on your map.  Just as a reminder, it's on the east fork of the
    "m" and is just south of your position.  There are two ways to approach it,
    along the west side of the fork, or the east side of the fork.  The west side
    offers a dog near a gate that will attack you, thereby offering the
    possibility of alerting the gate guards, the patrollers, and the sniper on
    the roof.  Hmm, I think we'll head along the east side.
    Head on as far east as you can and follow the fence.  You will eventually
    pass another train platform as the fence opens up to the east and a dog will
    come rushing at you.  Line it up in your sights and take it out.  Continue
    south and you will eventually see a bunch of trailers.  The only one with an
    actual semi-truck attached to it is the weapons depot, guarded by another
    dog.  Hug the water front and strafe southward past the truck while facing
    west so you'll see the dog before it attacks.  Put a bullet in it and run
    safely into the trailer.
    How convenient that gunrunners leave guns lying around (erm...yeah).  Inside
    the trailer you will find another Walther, another MP5, a Hardballer, a
    Beretta, and a silenced Beretta, a Franchi, some sniper ammo, and a car bomb.  
    You don't really need another sniper rifle, or an incredibly loud,
    inconcealable weapon like the Franchi, or any more sniper ammo.  Of course,
    ammo couldn't hurt, so if you want, pick it up.  What you really must pick up
    here is the car bomb.  If you want, the fully loaded handguns and MP5 will
    offer one more clip of ammunition that you can't take out.  So if you want it,
    you have to carry the extra gun.  Go for it.  Hitman's got pockets-a-plenty.
    Once you're through with the depot, head alllllll the way back to the second
    gate you cleared (the one near the balls of fuel that was in the second area),
    making sure to pick up your sniper rifle along the way (you can also take the
    open door in the fence and follow the fence southward from the other side).
        * Taking out the gate guards on the east side of the map (on your way
          back to the start) is not advised.  It's a quicker way to get to the
          limo, but there are another pair of guards extremely close by that
          you will need to fend off.  Not only that, there's a rooftop guard
          that you could snipe, but it's hard to find an angle where nobody
          will become alerted.  However, if you do make it past the rooftop
          guard and the four gate guards, you will need to deal with the
          likely-alerted patrollers past the second gate.  And then you'll
          have to deal with the limo driver, etc, etc, etc.  All in all, it's
          not very promising to try this, but if you've got the guts (or the
          nuts) then go for it.  If you succeed, you get only satisfaction.
    Once you're at the gate, turn directly east toward the locked gate, and
    approach the building next to it (with the concrete barrier).  At the very
    end of the building, opposite the gate (as opposed to kissing the barrier),
    bring up your scope and set your eyes upward.  See that rooftop guard?  Down
    him, but make sure you're back far enough so that the guard just behind the
    barrier won't hear your shot.  Drop the rifle off and forget about it.  You
    could use it, but there's too many patrollers nearby to make it useful.
    Turn north and follow the buildings around to the east as the fence bends.
    You should pass a guard standing near a building, and a gate just past the
    building.  Two patrollers go back and forth through the gate.  When they
    come through to your side, they will walk east ward to a building, look down
    an alley (where that dog you had to lure out would be).  Follow them, but
    stop before they pass the building.  If you look by the barrels, you'll see
    a guard wasting time against the wall.  Walk around behind him and let the
    two patrollers pass to the southern side (the side you're not on) of the
    gate.  Plant a bullet in the barrel guard's head and step away from him.  You
    don't have to go too far since nobody actually sees you do it (thereby they
    won't fire at you) and wait for the patrollers to come back.  They will rush
    toward the body when they see it and that's when you can plug them both.
    Be careful, the gate guards may be alarmed and you'll have to drop them as
    they run toward the bodies, as well as another guard just beyond the gate
    who may rush to investigate bodies.  If this happens, make sure you kill
    EVERYONE who comes to the firefight.  Otherwise, Boris will arm the nuke and
    If the guards at the gate weren't alerted, bring out your MP5 and gun them
    both down, but as soon as you do, run through the gate and aim leftward as
    you run south so that you're approaching the large warehouse.  There's a
    guard there that's probably seen what you've done and is coming to his friends'
    aid.  Once he's down, everyone should be out.  Let's do a double-check:
        - one barrel guard
        - two patrollers
        - two gate guards
        - one guard south of the gate
    That's six guys that need to be wasted.  After that, you're clear.
    Head directly south.  Soon enough, one of two very large warehouses will
    fade into view (check your map and aim yourself).  There are two patrollers
    for the first warehouse, and two patrollers just beyond it.  Ignore them for
    Instead, swing right (west) and follow the water front north (on the same
    side as the boat).  There are two patrollers who walk up and down the left
    side of the center "m" fork and a pair of convenient crates at the north end.
    Just like the track guards at the beginning (or the two northern guards, or
    the warehouse guards...), follow one guard north and kill him as he passes
    the crates, quickly dragging him behind them, and then proceed to do the same
    with the second.
    Now that the waterfront patrollers are dealt with, head on over to the
    wall you were approaching earlier (the northern wall of the northern warehouse)
    and wait by the stairs.  Wait for a patroller to round the corner from the
    east and wait for him to pass the stairs (if facing the wall, turn left).  As 
    he does, cap him in the head and leave him where he lies.  Putting him under 
    the stairs does nothing. A second patroller will round the same corner.  Be
    there as he does this.  He will most likely see the body before he clears the
    view of the limo driver so make sure you have your MP5 out (unless you're a
    good shot) and down him when he reaches the body.
    Now for the southern warehouse.  Head down the east side of the warehouses
    (the same side as the limo), and run to the south-east corner of the building.
    The patrollers here go the other way, so stick to this corner.  There's a
    big air conditioning block nearby if you're a bit lost.  When the patroller
    rounds the corner, he will actually move a bit away from the wall and then
    move west along the wall.  Take him out quickly (before the boat guard
    fades into view, or else he'll see what you've been doing, but not before
    he's fully turned the corner).  A second patroller will rush to the body
    soon after (be at the corner so you can position yourself behind him) and
    bla bla bla, yakkity schmakkity.
    Now you can take out the limo driver, easy enough, and then bring out the
    car bomb from your pocket.  Plant the bomb.  This one doesn't have a remote.
    It's one of those cool engine-starter bombs you see in the movies.  Now you
    can relax a little bit in the alerting-the-guards department seeing as now
    whenever Boris tries to escape, he'll be blown to kingdom come.  Rejoice.
    Head back towards the boat where you can see the boarding ramp.  Two guards
    watch the ramp, and another stands alone on the other side (what are they
    trying to do?  Make this -too- easy?).  Harbor guards aren't allowed on the
    boat, but sailors are.  Walk on behind the lone sailor (poor guy, nyeh) and
    get rid of him quickly and quietly.  The gun works, but this is the prime
    opportunity to use the wire or knife one last time.  Drag him safely a few
    inches behind the ramp and exchange his uniform for yours.  You can now
    stroll up the ramp with ease (as long as you put away your weapon).
    The boat is busy with activity, and everyone's got guns.  Don't alarm them
    by trying to play it Rambo-style... you -do- remember Rambo, right?  Er...
    right?  Nevermind.
    There are several ways to get into the boat.  Basically, you want to head
    to the bottom deck and move southward.  The only way to get to the bottom
    deck is via a stairway/ladder in the cargo hold.  The quickest way to get
    there is to hang a right from the ramp and enter the door.  Take the stairs
    down... take the stairs down again.  Then swing around right and take the
    door just around the bend.  You should be in the cargo hold now.  Check the
    map and you'll see a stairway down at the northern end of the hold (the only
    end that has a walkway instead of a pit).  Take those stairs down and you'll
    eventually end up in the engine room.
    Once you're in the engine room, cue up your MP5 (hope it has ammo) but don't
    bring it out.  Instead, walk down the stairs and past the engine.  As soon as
    you see Ivan, that rat, fill him full of lead and then proceed to take out
    everyone else in the room.  Be careful as some people may come down from the
    cargo hold.  Whatever happens, make sure everyone's dead before you leave.
    Behind you, where you killed ivan, should be a room to the south where two
    nukes are.  By now, Boris should have been alerted and should be now making
    his escape.  Snicker if you want to.  Enter the nuke room, but face left
    immediately and take out the guard (if he didn't come down for the first
    Keep your eye on the doorway as you make your way to the open nuke on the
    west side of the room (the one that's not in a case) as some stragglers might
    decide to pay you a visit.  Otherwise, walk up to the exposed control panel
    and bring up your action menu to disarm the bomb.  I guess Hitman's a good
    bomb technician, too.  I honestly thought disarming the nuke would've been a
    bit harder, but then again, the mission itself has been tough enough to last
    a life time.
    Once the nuke is disarmed, do a walk-around of the engine room to make sure
    nobody's alive.  Boris' escape should have cleared out the boat (you can see
    a few sailors standing next to the limo as it explodes), but don't worry
    yourself if there are still people strutting around.  So long as you're not
    carrying your weapon out in the open, they won't know what happened in the
    engine room.  
    Head on up to the top deck (but not outside) and look around for a floor
    that's been painted red near the north side.  You should see a set of stairs
    nearby that lead up.  Take them up to a door and you should be outside.
    Follow the walkway and up the ladder.  Find a door and go through it.  
    Say hello the the Cap'n!  Wave to the Cap'n!  Stand behind the Cap'n!  Give a
    noogie to the Cap'n!  Cue up your reticle on the Cap'n!  Put a bullet in the
    Cap'n!  Dance on the Cap'n!
    Your job is done here.  All you need to do now is steal the ship.  Walk up
    to the wheel and bring up your action menu.  You should be able to start the
    engines and head out to sea, just like the Agency wants you to.  Of course,
    if there's any crewmen nearby (tanktops), they will rush over to the engine
    and shut it down.  If this happens, head back down to the engine room.  He
    should be waiting for you there.  Kill him and get on with it.  Next time,
    be more thorough, you slacker. ;)  Start up the engines again and start
    singing "Born Free!"
    5.10b Plutonium Runs Loose - Alternate
    Mission Objectives
        - Eliminate Boris
        - Disarm the Nuke
        - Take the Ship to International Waters
    Recommended Equipment
        - Beretta 92. (silenced)
        - Heckler and Koch MP5 (silenced)
        - Pentagon Knife
        - Kevlar Body Armor
            * The wire, again, isn't necessary, but if you want to use it one last
              time, bring it along.
            * You may want to bring a pair of binoculars.  This mission is dark
              and wide open, making it kind of hard to see what you're after.
    What's different about this method of doing the mission is that it's not
    surefire.  That is to say, even if you get it right, it can still mess up
    pretty bad.  There's a bit of trickery with your gunning that you'll need to
    do and if you miss the opportunity to kill Boris, you'll have to re-start.
    However, on the bright side, pooching this method isn't so bad since it takes
    a lot less time than the one above (gate-passing method mentioned to me by
    several people.  Thanks, guys'n'gals).
    Just like above, you'll start off on the west side of the "m" (check your map
    and you'll know what I'm talking about) just below a ladder.  Climb on up and
    break into a run.  Angle yourself eastward toward the warehouse where you'll
    see a sentry with his back to you.  Bring out your Beretta and hit sneak mode
    (just in case) while you're running towards him.  Approach him from behind and
    make sure that the patroller in front of him has turned the corner.  Put a
    bullet in the sentry's head and take his uniform.  You can now turn off sneak
    mode.  Run forward in between the warehouses and you should see the patroller
    walking away from you.  If not, he's gone to the other side of the second
    warehouse.  Either way, you can safely kill him without alerting anyone.  Now
    comes the fun part.
    Run east toward the gate.  You'll see a fence with a track running east-west
    in front of it.  On the west side is the gate, guarded by two mean-looking
    goons.  Patrollers will pass through the gate either way and then head down
    along the tracks and back.  If you've been quick about it, by the time you
    get there, you should see a patroller heading up the track.  If not, just wait
    for the next guy to make his way down the track and turn around.  What you
    want to do is stay behind him as he walks toward the gate.  When he gets there,
    he'll stop and mumble a code word to the guards (sounds like someone talking
    backwards) and the gates will open.  As he walks through, follow closely
    behind him and you should be fine.  Just make sure he's going in the same
    direction you want to go (in this case, north).
        * Whatever you do, don't run ahead of the patroller or try to pass through
          if the guards tell you to leave.  Your timing may be off and if the
          guards tell you to leave or if you try to squeeze past the gate or
          something, the guards will open fire on you.  This is why you want to
          keep pace with the patroller for a while.  You'll know you're getting it
          right when you see the gate guards turn toward you, but don't say
          anything as you approach.
    Once you're through the gate, head right (east) and you'll eventually come
    to another gate.  This time, tracks pass through the gate and the patrollers
    will come out, turn right at the end of the warehouse, walk behind it and the
    one just beyond, and then head back.  Do the same trick here to get past this 
    The next gate is north a little ways as the one immediately ahead of you
    is locked (see the padlock?).  However, the gate that you pass through -is- on
    the same fence (which is interrupted by two buildings: one going east-west,
    and one going north-south).  Just follow it around to an area that opens up
    to the east.  The patrollers here will pass through the gate, walk up a ways
    and head down that narrow warehouse-fence alley just ahead.  Again, do the
    same pacing trick and you should get through fine.
        * You may now think that the next logical step is to go and get the car
          bomb from the weapons depot.  Don't.  You can pass through all the gates
          you want, following patrollers and what not and make your way to the
          depot the same way as in the method above (albeit a little revised).
          The problem with doing this is that without fail, every time you enter
          the depot and grab the bomb, when you come back, you'll notice that all
          gate patrols have stopped.  The patrollers will stand at the end-points
          of their path and do nothing.  This will put a serious damper on getting
          to the limo (and the boat, for that matter) as you'll need to fight your
          way back.  Since you haven't taken anyone out on your way except the
          two or three dogs you run into, there will be a lot of resistance.  Of
          course, you could always pick up the sniper rifle from the depot and
          work your way back, but that'd be a lot more trouble than it's worth.
          (No thanks to anyone who told me the gate trick since they all failed
           to mention this to me, but hey, it's appreciated anyway.)
    Now head directly south-west (ahead and to the right) after you've passed the
    gate and stop when you get to the top of the middle fork of the "m".  You
    should see some convenient crates near the water front.  I say convenient
    because there are two patrolling guards you need to stuff there.  They walk
    along the west side of the middle fork from the boat to the crate and back.
    Head south a little bit and get behind one as he approaches the crate.  Bring
    out your Beretta and follow him.  Just as he passes the crates, ice him and,
    surprise, hide him behind them.  You'll have plenty of time before the second
    patroller makes his way to your position and you shouldn't have to worry about
    the guards to the north (where you just came from) seeing you with the body
    (or, for that matter, the body itself).  Just don't drag it away from the
    crates.  Instead, put it snugly against them and wait for the second patroller
    to come.  He takes his sweet time, but he'll get there.  Do the same.
    Now head south.  You'll see two very large warehouses (like the one you went
    to in the Gunrunners mission) on your left.  There are two patrollers for each
    one as well as a sentry in front of Boris' limo on the east side.  Don't worry
    about the northern warehouse patrollers since this method of doing the mission
    doesn't require you to take them out.  Instead, head to the east side of the
    south warehouse (the side of the pier that doesn't have the boat).
    The patrollers here walk north along the boatside and south along the limoside.
    Head to the south-east corner of the warehouse where the patrollers will turn
    and head back toward the boat.  This is where you'll want to take them out.
    For the first one, bring out your Beretta and wait for him to turn the corner.
    He'll walk out a little ways away from the wall, but you can safely kill him
    once he's past the grey air-conditioning box.  Don't wait too long to kill
    him because there's a guard near the boat who will fade into view and see you
    make the kill.  For the second one, there's no way to avoid him seeing the
    body, but again, he'll run to it first so use your MP5 (unless you're a good
    shot).  You can leave them where they lie.
        * Killing the patrollers before they turn west will run the risk of not
          only the limo guard seeing you, but also the patrollers for the north
          warehouse.  Don't do it.
    Now head west where the patrollers were headed and you'll see the ramp to the
    boat.  There are two guards standing in front of it and one standing all
    alone just behind it.  He just begs to be killed.  In any case, you need his
    clothes to sneak up onto the ship, otherwise the ramp guards will tell you to
    leave.  Stand behind him and take him out with the knife or, if you brought it,
    the wire.  Using the gun may alert the two guards so you want a nice, silent
    kill.  Drag him back behind the ramp just in case and take his clothes.  Now
    you're travelling in sailor style!  Put away your knife and head up the ramp.
    The guards should give you no trouble now.
    At the top of the ramp, turn right (north) and head down the small steps
    to the first doorway (which, if you turned correctly, will be on your left).
    Enter this door and head down the stairs that appear immediately in front of
    Instead of taking the next stairs down like in the method above, turn left
    and you'll see an area that opens up to the north.  There are two guards who
    stand in front of two short hallways that lead to the same room (check your
    map, it's the northern-most room on the 1st deck).  I guess that's where
    Boris is holed up.  However, approaching the guard on the left will get you
    a "get out of here".  You -could- try passing the guard on the left who may
    or may not give you the same message, but they'll end up firing on you,
    alerting Boris and not to mention, the other guards as well.  Deal with these
    two later.
    Instead, turn around south and you should see a doorway.  You may or may not
    have noticed a patroller who comes through it, but in any case, it leads to
    a catwalk.  This catwalk goes over the cargo hold and is interrupted by a
    walkway in the center of the ship.  Wait for the patroller to come by and
    turn around.  When he makes his way back over it, follow him.  Do not kill him
    on the catwalk itself as you'll likely alert the guards below which invites a
    world of hurt you don't want.  Instead, wait for him to reach the second door.
    At this center point of the boat, the other catwalk guard will pass in the
    opposite direction (probably pushing you out of the way while he's at it) as
    well as another patroller who moves east-west along the divider.  Sometimes,
    but not always, all three will pass at the same point making it the perfect
    opportunity to pull out your MP5 and mow them down.  If you manage to do this
    without alerting the guards below (as you may or may not be able to get them
    without them making a sound, or another possibility being that you get pushed
    back onto the catwalk), skip the next paragraph.  If not, go on.
    If you can't mow them down, you'll need to be a bit sneakier.  Wait for the
    catwalk guards to pass back through their doors, but follow the east-west
    patroller as you do this.  By the time the catwalkers are gone, the one you're
    following should be at the end of his route and turning around.  Knife him and
    drag him quickly out of the way (into the adjacent hall where no other
    patrollers pass by).  Head back to the catwalk doors.  You can either wait for
    the catwalkers to pass in the center with your MP5 ready to take them both
    out in one spray, or you can head north where the catwalkers stop and turn
    around.  Take one out with the MP5 as he turns and wait for the second one to
    discover the body (put the gun away and cue it up in your inventory).  Now
    head back to Boris' guards.
    This part is tricky, but it can be done in one of two ways.  Either way, you
    need to be quick.  The bold way to do this is to stand between the two guards
    and cue up your gun in your inventory.  When you're ready to sweat, gun one
    down and spin around, taking out the other.  The other way to do this is to
    cue up your gun, but instead hug one of the walls next to one of the sentries.
    This way you'll buy yourself a split second when you take out the one in view
    and turn to take out the remaining one who will come out from behind the bend.
    In any case, Boris should be alerted, arming the nuke and making his run.
        * If Boris begins to run away before you can get the other sentry, go
          after him first.  If he gets away, there's no bomb in the limo to
          save the mission so you absolutely must kill him.
    Boris usually leaves through the door on the left (the west one) so make sure
    you catch him as he leaves, either by intercepting him or waiting in the open
    area for him to come out (as he might leave through the right door, too).
    Either way, he takes quite a few hits before he goes down so feel free to
    unload everything you've got in your MP5 until he's down.  Once he's down,
    you'll have about three and a half minutes to disarm the nuke (you'll get an
    info display).
        * If you don't alert Boris (it happens), as soon as you walk into the
          room, he'll arm the nuke so no matter what, you'll have to go to the
          engine room as you can't fire at him during the short cutscene where
          he stomps on the detonator controls.
    The quickest way to the nuke is to head back over the catwalk to the center
    divider and turn left when you get there.  You'll see some stairs going down
    and you'll need to take them.  Don't worry about any more patrollers as
    everyone should have taken off as soon as Boris armed the nuke.  I guess not
    everyone you encounter in this game isn't so stupid after all.  As soon as
    you're down those, do a 180-degree spin and head around the stairs to that
    wall jutting out of the wall to your right.  It conceals another set of stairs
    that's easy to miss so make sure when you run around it you don't run too
    Before you go down, bring out your MP5 if you put it away.  These stairs take
    you to the engine room where there are two guards (Ivan's run away now).  One
    immediately to the left of you as you pass through the door (so strafe through)
    and one a little further into the room.  There's also one inside the nuke
    room who will most likely come running, but if he doesn't, he appears on the
    left as you walk up the short set of stairs.  In any case, go in guns ablaze
    and take out every tank-topped guard you find.  These guys, along with the
    captain of the boat, are the only ones who don't run as they decide to stay
    just to make your life harder.  Once everyone's down, head northward past the
    engine and up the short stairway to the nukes.
    One nuke is still in the case on your left, and the other is on your right.
    You only need to disarm the one on the right so just mosey on up to the
    control panel, bring up your action menu and disarm it.  That Hitman knows how
    to do everything, doesn't he?  Now, for the Captain.
        * Before you leave, make sure that there are no more mechanics (tank-tops)
          around.  There's still one on the boat that will require you to make a
          second trip to the engine room (remember how to get there), but if you
          don't want to make that second trip, go find him and take him out.  He
          should be in a spiraling room (the light flickers) at the very bottom.
          I don't really remember how to get there and it's easier to make the
          second trip, imo.
    Head all the way back up to the main deck, but don't go outside.  Instead,
    look for a floor that's been painted red on the north side.  You should see
    some stairs that lead up to where you want to go, so follow them.  They should
    take you outside to a balcony of sorts.  Immediately next to you is a ladder.
    Climb on up and open the door immediately in front of you.
    I guess the Captain is no clue as to what's going on, so we'll just put a
    bullet in him.  Make sure he's good and dead.  No need to feel guilty, either.
    He was going to burn up in the nuclear explosion, so he deserves it.  Walk up
    to the engine controls (which are right in front of where the Cap'n was
    formerly standing) and bring up your action menu.  Select "start engines" and
    you'll be treated to a cutscene.  If you went hunting for the remaining
    mechanic, you'll successfully steal the boat and get a success.  If not, he'll
    come to the engine room and shut it down.  Head back down to the engine room
    and he'll be waiting for you there (in the same position as the other guy, no
    less).  Take him out and return to the bridge where you can start the engines
    in peace.  Sail on to international waters and kiss this mission goodbye.
    |***THE ASYLUM***|
    These missions are incredibly easy IF you know the secret to doing them.
    Honestly, the tricks to the final two missions aren't too hard to figure out
    on your own, and if you care about the storyline, attempt the missions first
    before reading, otherwise it'll be spoiled.  See you on the other side.
    5.11 The Setup
    Mission Objectives
        - Eliminate Dr. Kovacs
    Recommended Equipment
        - Kevlar Body Armor
    Yes, it's true, you can't take weapons into this mission, but hey, what would
    any asylum be if they didn't stock up on semi-automatic machine guns and
    shotguns and what not in weapons stashes all over the place?  Well, I guess
    it'd be a NORMAL asylum.  Well, you're not in a normal asylum so don't get
    all riled up for nothing.
    This mission, as its name implies (directly states), is a setup.  Notice that
    the map you're given doesn't show you a pick-up point.  Your friend
    at the Agency, Diana Burnwood (the one who's been sending you all these
    assignments) actually shows some concern for your safety.  How sweet.  Maybe
    after all's said and done, Hitman can go and get a date.  Watch the opening
    cutscene.  Interesting gate handles they've got there...
    Walk on up the path (or run, since it's a bit far) and enter the door to the
    asylum.  A desk clerk will stand up and check your ID.  No need to talk to
    him, he should start talking all by himself.  Once he's done, he'll lead
    you through the desk and into the asylum.  His directions to Kovacs' office
    couldn't be better explained, so listen to him.
    Now's the time to find yourself a weapon.  First, head on up the stairs
    through the double doors.  This leads into the operating theater (the fountain
    is below... does anyone else find that eerie?).  Run straight across the
    room to the other side and go through the doors there.
    You should now be in a small area with a door to your left, a door to your
    right, and a steel door straight ahead.  The door to your left is someone's
    office.  The door to the right is Kovacs' office.  The door ahead offers you
    a fun weapon to make the kill.
    Head into that room (it should be a bathroom or something) and you should see
    a first-aid box on the wall.  Inside is a syringe (a needle, you unlearned
    children) that you can pick up.  Well, pick it up.  Now head to Kovacs'
    He doesn't look like much, does he?  Instead of approaching him from the
    front, walk around his desk and approach him from behind (no need to draw
    the syringe yet).  He will start talking to you and Hitman will reveal that
    his memory gets jogged during the conversation.  So much for keeping the truth
    from Tobias Rieper (that's you).
    Once the conversation ends, bring out the syringe and plunge it into the doc's
    neck before he can run away.  It's a nice, silent kill and it's quick, too.
    When he's down, take his clothes.
        * After a certain amount of time, regardless of whether or not you have
          killed Kovacs, the SWAT teams will arrive.  Of all the AI in the game,
          I think they are the stupidest people to ever populating the game.  At
          times I have seen them all stuck in door thresholds.  Quite amusing.
          Still, as stupid as they are, they will kill anyone who doesn't look
          like they belong in the asylum.  Namely, you.  Once you've got the
          doc's clothes on, they will ignore you so long as you put the syringe
          away.  You can tell that they're nearby from their radio chatter.
        * If you don't want to use the syringe, the office opposite Kovacs has
          a shotgun and some shells you can use.  Make sure you drop it afterward.
        * If you want to cut even more corners, instead of heading to the office,
          head upstairs.  There's an UZI you can find in one of the cupboards that
          you can conceal on you.  The only problem is, this leaves you little
          time to kill Kovacs before the SWAT teams arrive.
    Kovacs is the only necessary kill you need to make in the mission.  You're
    asking for a world of hurt if you want to fight the SWAT teams, but then
    again, there are plenty of weapons and ammunitions in the asylum for you
    to use.
    Once Kovacs is dead, you can walk around the asylum without the police to
    worry about, but you also need a key to get through all the locked doors that
    block you off from the rest of the building.  Fortunately, a key hangs on the
    back wall of Kovacs' office.  Ta da!
    Your mission now is to wander the asylum, looking for clues as to where the
    doctor who created you (the one Kovacs mentioned) is.  The first order of
    business is to get yourself armed with at least a handgun, and maybe a
    submachine gun.  Beyond that, there's no reason to draw attention to yourself
    with an M16 or a shotgun, so leave those alone.
    Go back out the operating theater to the stairs and head further up.  Wander
    around the top floor in every room.  You should be able to find a gun or
    ammunition in almost every room (usually in cupboards or on trays).  The
    thing you want to find is the handgun or the UZI.  Either one will suit you
    fine, but you might as well pick both of them up.  Loading up on ammo isn't
    Once you've got your two guns, you can head back down to the lower floors
    of the asylum to look for clues.  Talk to all the inmates.  You only need
    to talk to one for each "area" so to speak as many of them will say the same
    thing.  One will ask for a book, one will ask for a rubber duck, and one will
    ask for a teddy bear.  The book and the bear can be found in the bedrooms on
    the second floor as well as lying around in places on the first floor.  The
    duck can be found in a bathing area on the first floor (I think on the north
    side behind a gate), or near a sink on the second floor.  In any case,
    when you find any inmate, give him what he asks for and he will lead you
    somewhere.  The two destinations are the rooftop (where you'll find a shotgun)
    and the TV Room.  These should both already be labeled on your map (stairs
    marked "rooftop access" are what you're looking for, and TV Room is on the
    second floor.
        * It's not necessary to talk to the inmates and get their stuff for them.
          In fact, it's annoying as they can't open doors for themselves and
          most of the time take off before you can make any progress.  I only
          mention it as it somewhat helps advance the storyline.
    Head to the TV Room when you get a chance.  There's one guy that sticks out
    (hmm, kinda looks like they put all the U'Wa Tribesmen in the asylum, doesn't
    it?) and he's sitting hunched over on the chair.  Talk to him.  For the
    confused, this is the agent you freed in the Hong mission.  Last time you
    met, he seemed to know the place better than you and helped you out after
    you helped him out.  Maybe he's got some info you could use.  He's feeling
    pretty down anyway, so get him what he wants.
    Walk over to the cage in the back of the room and pick up an antidote.  There
    are three or four vials lying around, but you only need one.  When you've got
    it, head back out to the agent and administer the dose to him (through the
    action menu).  Ahh, much better.
    Now that he's feeling better, he'll lead you out to the secret entrance.
    Open doors for him and follow him closely.  He'll lead you to an elevator
    and ride it up after a short conversation.  Oooh, look!  Stairs!  Take them
    down to end the mission.
        * You may wish to take a larger weapon to the next mission, but it's
          definitely not necessary and much more trouble than it's worth.  First,
          you have to pick up the weapon and move it to the elevator on the
          first floor (below Kovacs' office) without the SWAT teams seeing you
          with it.  This means picking it up, dropping it, checking doors, etc.
          Next, you may be tempted to load up on ammo for it, but no matter what
          you take with you to the next and final mission, you get only one
          magazine per weapon, no matter how much you had before.  Seriously,
          it's not worth your time.
    5.12 Meet Your Brother
    Mission Objectives
        - None.
    Recommended Equipment
        - Whatever you grabbed the last mission.  At least a pistol.
    Cool.  We finally know what that barcode on the back of Hitman's head is for
    (as well as what it says!).  This mission is relatively simple.  It's the
    final bloodbath, and the ultimate revenge... or something.
    Draw a gun, any gun, and memorize its...uh... never mind.  Head around the
    corner through the gate where an orderly sits at a desk.  He will draw a gun 
    on you no matter what so you might as well blow him away and pick up his gun 
    while you're at it so you can go John Woo style for a while.
    Head past the next gate.  Once you hit the intersection, you should see a
    cutscene.  Looks like you, doesn't it?  A whole lotta you, at that.  Say
    hello to Hitman: Codename 48.  They're smarter, they're faster, and they can
    sure as hell aim better than anyone else in this game.  After this cutscene,
    you've got little time, so run.
    At the intersection, turn right and open the gate.  Run straight ahead.
    At the next intersection, turn right and open the gate.  Then run straight
    ahead across the hall to the steel door in front of you and go in there.
    There's a tasty Minigun waiting for you, but draw whatever weapon you have
    first (best to take out the UZI if you've brought it) and wait for the first
    clone to come after you.  Shoot at him through the grate or whenever you
    see him, but make sure he's dead.  
    Once he is, turn around and grab the Minigun.  However, the Minigun is heavy,
    and you need to get somewhere quick.  Select "Holster" in the inventory menu 
    and Hitman will lower the Minigun to his side, thereby allowing him to run.  
    Do NOT hit the "nothing" button as this will cause Hitman to drop the gun.  
        * If you wish to save time, before you head to the orderly at the
          beginning of the level, drop everything except your gun(s).  This
          way, your inventory will be nice and small, all the quicker to
          pick what you want.  For some reason, the game won't recognize my
          mousewheel unless I'm on default key settings.  Weird.
    Run back the way you came (through the gate, left, through the gate), but 
    instead of hanging the left to go back to the orderly, run down the long 
    hallway to about the second light and turn around, facing the gate.  Hug the 
    left wall and bring up your Minigun.  The clones will file in this way.  
    That's right, I said clones.
    There are exactly ten clones to kill, including the first you downed in front
    of the Minigun room.  Now that you're in the prime position to do some sucker
    shooting, just wait for the clones to come down the hallway as they, without
    fail, always will.  Just be sure to shoot as soon as you see them.  They have
    an incredibly accurate shot (a few rounds will take 50% from you in no time)
    and then run away, so make sure you down them before they down you.
    MINIGUN TRICK: There's a slight delay as you have to wait for the barrel to
    start spinning before the gun starts firing rounds.  However, this can be
    circumvented by tapping the trigger once to get the barrel spinning.  It may
    not work the first time, but it definitely will work.  This way, there's no
    delay when you fire and you'll have plenty of time between clones to setup
    the barrel again.  Give a few test shots if you like, but trust me, this
    works.  Instant Minigun Wrath, with no preservatives!
    Each time you down a clone, an Information Display appears saying "Clone
    released" or something close to that.  You have about 20 or 30 seconds before
    you'll see the tell-tale black suit running down the hall, so just bide your
    time.  Better them come to you than you go to them and they run around you
    and put a bullet in your head.  When the final clone is down (in case you
    lose count), there will be no Information Display.  You're free to approach
    the pile of bodies.
    If you wish, holster the gun again, or altogether drop it and pick up an
    MP5.  Whatever floats your boat.  Pick up a body and begin the long haul.
    At the T-intersection, head left instead of right.  You'll be led to another
    small, narrow gate.  Open if it isn't opened already and drag the body
    through.  You should hit another wall.  Drag the body right (this should be
    the scanning chamber) and into the room onto the square with the footprints
    on it.  Look at that smart Hitman scan the clone.
        * If you step on this square without a body in your hands, the scanner
          will know you're not a 48 model and will seal off the room, gassing
          you to death.  Adieu, Hitman.
    When the scene is over, you'll be facing a door that opens up to you.  Ready
    whatever gun you're bringing and walk on forward.  There is an operating
    table and just beyond it is a dark doorway.  Just stand where you are and
    the Doc will come out with open arms thinking you're a 48.  However, he runs
    towards you after he's done talking (guess he loves his clones).  At that
    point (or before, if you're tired of his yakking), fill him up full of lead
    and your mission, as well as the game, will be complete.  Now where's Diana's
    phone number, I wonder?
    6.0 Cheats
    In a text editor, find the file "HITMAN.INI" in your Hitman directory and
    open it up.  At the very end, add the line "enableconsole 1" without the
    quotes and save it.
    During gameplay or at the laptop screen, hit the tilde key ("~") and the
    console should drop down.  Enter the following for each cheat:
    god 1 = Invincibility
    invisible 1 = The enemies can't see you
    giveall = All items and weapons for the mission
    infammo = Unlimited ammunition for your weapons
    (Thanks, Keller)
    NOTE: Instead of 1, use 0 to turn off the cheats.
    EXTRA NOTE: For some reason, people have been having a lot of problem figuring
    out how to do this, so I'm going to flat-out direct you down to the FAQ
    section.  Look for the question involving the "HITMAN.INI" file.  Seriously,
    folks, if you really can't figure it out, play the game legitimately.  That's
    what this document is for, no?
    7.0 Frequently-Asked Questions
    I've gotten plenty of e-mails about some of the things that happen in the game
    that aren't exactly out-lined in the manual as well as some miscellaneous
    questions.  I get them frequently (heh, I'm funny) so here they are, in no
    particular logical order.  Stop flooding my mailbox. ;)
    Q: How on earth do I draw two guns at once?  Can I draw two SMGs?
    A: Oops, they forgot to put this in the manual (I think).  You can either do
       what most of us did when we first got the game, which is to drop a handgun,
       draw the other, and pick the one you dropped back up, or you can hold
       Control on your keyboard as you select two handguns from your inventory
       list.  No, you cannot hold two sub-machineguns.
    Q: You recommend a certain weapon in a mission, but I can't buy it.  It's
       greyed out.  Why is that?  What do I do?
    A: They didn't mention this either, the finks.  After much testing (read: fun
       with cheats), I found that certain weapons get greyed out depending on your
       performance in previous missions.  For example, in the Hong Assassination,
       if you alert the guards too many times or blow everyone away, you won't be
       able to buy the M60 in the following mission, even if you have enough cash
       to get it.  What you can do is either go back and re-do the mission just
       previous and do it better, or you can just improvise.  My methods of
       completing the missions are not set in stone and more often than not, there
       is a gun similar or in the same class as the recommended one, although a
       little weaker, that you can take along instead.  The only problem is
       dealing with greyed-out silenced weapons, but thems the cards you've been
    Q: My game crashes using a Voodoo3 and I don't know why.
    A: What do I look like?  Frickin' tech support?  Go ask Eidos!  Just kidding.
       More often than not, the current Glide drivers for the Voodoo3 (as of
       January 4th, 2001) are messed with this game.  Don't give me the, "but all
       my other games work with it" schtick.  I don't care.  It won't work.  I've
       tried everything (including formatting my drive and clearing the registry)
       and there's no getting the game to run in Glide or OpenGL with the V3.  If
       you can, then Kudos to you.  I don't know how to fix it other than to stop
       using Glide and just cave in to using Direct3D.  It's not so bad.  Just
       some mirrors don't reflect anymore (like in the Hong mission).  And, erm,
       some of those cool layering effects, but the game's still fun.  If you
       must get this thing to run in Glide, contact 3dfx at http://www.3dfx.com/
       I've already done so and you'll be in for a long wait.  I still don't have
       an answer from them.
    Q: My game crashes on the Hong Assassination or Say Hello...
    A: Ah, the fun crashes in the long missions.  Yes, well, as far as I can tell,
       this is a camera problem.  Sometimes you can still fire, but not move, and
       sometimes you can't do anything, but reboot.  C'est la vie.  This usually
       happens on the top floor of Hong's HQ (where his office is) or when you
       try to look out the window on the upper floor (or tower) of Pablo's house.
       I think what happens is that the camera accidentally zips out into the
       open area and can't recover, thereby crashing the game.  There's no way to
       solve this (as of January 4th, 2001), so you might want to wait for a new
       patch.  Let IO or Eidos know of this problem.
    Q: I've done everything you've told me to do with the Gunrunner's mission,
       and even though the mission objectives are "accomplished", I still fail.
       What gives?
    A: Okay, after many (and I mean MANY) submissions into my email box, I've
       finally gotten an answer for this one.  The reason why you're failing the
       mission is because... oh, I don't know... YOU'RE CHEATING!  Using the
       giveall cheat calls two briefcases into existence, so if you're still
       holding one when Ivan takes off, you fail.  Nuff said.
    Q: Where can I find the patch?  I've looked all over the official site and
       can't find it.
    A: Your best bet is http://www.DailyRadar.com/ or http://www.ign.com/
       I only knew of the Build192(?) patch through one of the message boards on
       GameFAQs and had to go hunting for it thinking it would fix my Glide
       problems (it didn't).  Most of the bigwig game sites carry copies of the
       patch so you shouldn't have any trouble locating it.
    Q: Every time I try to edit the HITMAN.INI file, I can't save it or I can't
       find it to begin with.  I want to cheat, man!
    A: There is a HITMAN.INI on the game cd that can't be edited.  CD's are
       read-only, so if you can't save it, you're likely trying to edit the 
       wrong one.  Instead, look in your base Hitman installation directory (no,
       it's not a folder!  It's a damned directory!  Remember DOS?).  The default
       installation directory is :
       C:\Eidos Interactive\IO Interactive\Hitman - Codename 47\
       The file you're looking for is in there.  If it's not, I'm surprised that
       the game even runs.  Re-install.
       Otherwise, if that's not the directory you installed the game into, look
       for the file in there as well.  Use Notepad or any other TEXT editor to
       edit the file.  You may have to turn on file extensions (.ini) so that
       you know you're working with the right file.
       And just for clarification, a folder and a directory are the same thing.
       If even still you have problems, then I simply suggest you leave cheating
       well enough alone.
    Q: I'm trying to burn a copy of this game from my friend and I'm having
       trouble getting it to work.
    A: So?  Go buy the game like you should've!
    Q: I lost my manual in the trash.
    A: Seriously.  Go buy the game.  If this is legitimate however (right), then
       contact Eidos for a replacement.  They'll probably charge you for it.
    Q: Did you know there's a Minigun and an M16A2 on Say Hello...?
    A: I knew about the Minigun and left it out for the fact that it's useless in
       that mission, but the M16A2 was new to me.  Either way, several, several,
       and I mean SEVERAL people let me know that both existed and the list is
       really too many to give anyone proper credit (as you can see my thanks
       list is already too long to begin with), but thank you all for letting me
       know.  If I didn't send you a reply, it's probably because someone already
       beat you to the info tip.  In any case, the information is updated now, so
       please don't tell me about these two guns anymore.
    Q: I have an alternate method for completing a mission.  You want it?
    A: Maybe.  I get a LOT of variations as this game really can be done several
       ways.  However, my write-ups are (hopefully) designed so that anyone who's
       actually having trouble with the mission can get through it successfully.
       My way is not set in stone.  Always feel free to improvise.  If you find
       a way that is easier, doesn't involve shootings where they aren't
       necessary, and basically is all around better than what I've put out here,
       I may or may not add it/change it.  I try to test everything first so that
       I'm not putting out false information.  Something like shooting six guards
       out in the open and running for cover before anyone else notices so that
       you have less opposition later isn't what I'm looking for.  However,
       taking out a patroller so it's easier to take a sentry out, that's
       probably what you should think about sending in.
    Q: Do you work for Eidos/IO-Interactive?
    A: No.  But it's a nice thought.
    Q: You wrote this at Christmas time.  Are you nuts?
    A: Yes.
    Q: Why did you write this guide?
    A: Frankly, because I absolutely love this game to pieces, despite its few
       flaws (and my frustration with Glide, grr).  Even in the few weeks that
       passed between my first time completing the game and the the time I took
       updating this guide past its original completion, I was never bored.
       Frustrated, yes, but not bored.
    Q: How did you find where Boris was standing on the ship?
    A: Actually, nobody asked me this, but I was amused.  Maybe you won't be.
       Maybe I care.  I turned on the invisible cheat and ran all the way to the
       boat.  Then I turned off the invisible cheat, killed someone, and turned
       it back on.  When one of the guards started running to go tell Boris, I
       chased him.  Okay, so it's not that amusing, but it's damn funny when you
       try it.  :P
    Q: Why don't you reply to my email?
    A: I try.  I honestly try, but I get a lot.  It's like for the longest time,
       I never had any reason to check it in the first place, but I get about 20
       to 30 a day, 95% of them about Hitman and I can't really keep track.  I'm
       just not used it.  I apologize.  If, however, you've asked me for
       permission to post this guide, I'm probably waiting to get the latest
       update finished so that I don't have to give you one just to have you
       change it right away.
    Q: How old are you?
    A: A tiger never tells.  Okay, he does.  I'm 21 (as of May, 2000).
    Q: What kind of games do you like?
    A: Entertaining ones.
    Q: Will you ever write another walkthrough?
    A: Ermmmmm...maybe.  Seriously, I had a lot of fun writing this guide,
       but I've got to say that it has taken a lot of time to put together,
       not to mention that I seriously over-did the distribution (no
       offense) because the updates were getting hard to do in small
       increments due to of all the sites I had to send to.  All in all,
       I wrote this simply because I fell in love with this game.  It, to
       put it bluntly, friggin' rules!  
    Q: Was it worth it?
    A: Yes.  It was lots of fun and I think I did pretty well my first time
       out.  Sure seems like it with all the kind words I got.  ^_^
    Q: What would make you write another FAQ?
    A: Maybe if another game tickles my fancy like this one did, I'll write
       another.  Or maybe if I get paid. ;)
    8.0 Afterword
    Here's something funny I wrote:
    "Hot damn.  Version 1.0 of this document was completed on December 27/28, 2000.
    What does this mean?  It means any future changes to this document will be
    purely cosmetic (or clerical, eep)."
    Boy, was I wrong.  Since writing that, I changed slew of things and added a
    whole lot more.  Oh, well, shows what I know.  Anyways, the rest of it
    It means I can do my award-accepting-thanking in wholeheartedness.  It means
    that I can finally sit back and relax and choose whether or not to do any
    more updates to this FAQ, which has sucked so much of my time out of me.
    I have to say that completing this game Christmas Day was quite a present in
    itself (so much so that I took two days to relax before finishing off this 
    FAQ) and that now that I'm finally finished with all the missions, hopefully
    to all of my readers' liking, I can finally be completely proud of what I've
    done.  That's not to say that I'm the greatest writer in the world.  No, not
    that.  I'm simply proud I actually finished something I started that wasn't
    for just myself!  Pretty damned good game if it can make me do that, no?
    I was really surprised by the amount of support I got from everyone, tips all
    around, above and below me.  I mentioned as many people as I could, but for
    those of you I missed, I'm sorry.  I know you're in the stack of mail
    somewhere, but I just can't go through them all to give you a shoutout.  I do
    appreciate you guys, though.  :)
    And I'd just like to say that IO did not make this game easy to guide through.
    Not that it was difficult to actually get around, but more that the maps got
    so huge that observing patrols (especially the Plutonium patrols, ugh!)
    became a task that evoked a lot of groaning.
    In any case, I tried a lot of weird things, and anyone who still wants to
    squeeze a bit more out of this highly-replayable game may want to try
    everything they possibly can, just for the hell of it.  As a side note,
    walking next to guards and constantly reloading your gun can be entertaining
    if you're reallllllllly tired. ^_^
    Anyways, thanks for sticking with me through it all, and I'll update on a much
    slower basis if at all.  Oh, and if anyone cares, I'm playing Giants.
    ~Dune Tiger~
    9.0 Contact Information
    If you have any comments, complaints, or questions, you can contact me
    at dune_tiger@hotmail.com
    10.0 Acknowledgements
    Thanks to GameFAQs for giving this FAQ a home and for being the place of my 
    Thanks to Neoseeker, Gamewinners, CheatCC, and Gamespot for showing interest
    in my FAQ mere days after it was sent, unfinished, before the world.  An
    extra thanks for giving this FAQ more homes.
    Thanks to the rest of the sites in the list above for accepting the final
    Thanks to Squints for telling me how to find the Desert Eagle and for
    trying (it didn't work, but thanks anyway) to fix my Glide problems.
    No thanks to Eidos for making the patch impossible to find on the Hitman
    Thanks to Daily Radar for providing said patch.
    However, thanks to Eidos and IO for making such a wonderfully great game.
    I recommend it to everyone who shops at my store.  [ hint, hint, I want some
    royalties ;) ]
    Thanks to Canil for the strafe-drag tip.
    Thanks to redcalx for recommending this game to me.
    Thanks to Keller for posting the Hitman cheats.
    Thanks to Erik H. for tips on the Hong missions.
    I must mention Talism for offering a solution for Find the U'Wa Tribe and
    LDavid8 for the following two missions.  However, they both offered
    their assistance (while it's appreciated) two days late.  My Christmas
    present (Xmas 2000) was completing the game.  Writing this FAQ, however,
    waited until after Boxing Day.  Thanks, guys.
    Thanks to Fivebux and James for confirming the existence of the Minigun.
    An extra thanks to James for correcting my Kevlar mistake.
    Thanks to MOFO for Hong tips (can you believe he used the fiber wire on Hong?)
    Thanks to everyone who gave me tips, but that I forgot to mention.
    (I tried to mention you, I swear)
    Thanks to everyone who wrote me with kind words. ^_^
    Finally, thanks to everyone who read this word for word and didn't get sick
    of the word "thanks".

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