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    Hong Kong Missions Stealth Guide by Dragn Hunter

    Updated: 05/22/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Hitman: Codename 47, In-depth Hong kong missions STEALTH guide!
    Written by David (Dragon Hunter) Pascucci, DragonHunterTK@yahoo.com
    Intro: This is an in-depth walkthrough detailing the Cheapest, Easiest, and
    all around best way to complete the hong-kong missions WITHOUT getting into
    any huge firefights or otherwise blowing your cover. I am writing this
    primarily because all other FAQs I have found for this awesome game dont 
    fully take advantage of hitmans best asset, stealth.
    If you are wondering why I'm writing a guide for the first hitman when the
    second one has already been out for awhile, it is because this is one of my
    all time favorite games. The only non-online game I have bought that has
    received more play-time than Hitman is GTA:Vice City
    I first decided to write my own guide when I completed the hong kong missions
    in their entirety without being shot at once. Also because other faqs love to
    grate on my nerves by asking you to do such things as take out a squad of
    enemy soldiers while they shoot at you, or worse, run away from the bullets.
    In my experience there is no circumstances under which you absolutely MUST let
    a living enemy know that you are a bad guy... well in the hong kong missions
    anyway. I'm still doing the columbia missions and will write a seperate
    in-depth walkthrough if and when I complete it stealthily.
    Note: This walkthrough was compiled with the game on the Lowest difficulty.
    If you are having problems following the walkthrough either your timing is off
    or you didnt do it exactly the same way I did, or your difficulty is set 
    higher than mine.
    Copyright info: Copyright 2003, David Pascucci
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other
    web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a
    violation of copyright.
    Also, All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by
    their respective trademark and copyright holders.
    Version info: uhh, Version 1.00 My first FAQ. The complete Hong Kong
    walkthrough including suggested equipment. 5/21/03
    Websites that are authorized to post this guide: www.gamefaqs.com
    Foreward: I am not going to cover the controls or the weapons or the different
    enemies or the Tutorial or anything else most guides cover because the other
    guides do that part just fine, its the actual missions where I start doing
    things differently. This is an In-depth walkthru after all. Now, on to the fun!
    Part 1: Kowloon Triads Gang War AKA The Snipe
    Optimal equipment: Sniper rifle and no spare ammo(it comes loaded with 1)
    The plan: This is pretty basic, the other guides actually cover this pretty
    well with the exception of telling you to bring stuff you dont need.
    Just walk down the block and pick one of the 3 buildings with elevators.
    I prefer the one on the side the Red Dragon negotiator comes from, the North
    side. Open up the rifle case on your way up the elevator. Dont walk to the
    roofs edge until the second limo shows up (thers a small chance they will 
    see you... 'Theres a sniper on the roof!') When it does, stand at the edge
    click to go to snipe mode, zoom in all the way and time the shot so you hit
    the red guy in the head. At this point you can either drop the rifle
    immediately and run to the elevator and tell it to go down, or first run to the
    elevator and pick up the case on the way down. Either way do it QUICKLY unless
    you want to be shot at by the helicopter thats coming by. An interesting side
    note: If you kill the guy shooting at you from the helicopter he drops an M60
    When you reach the street level you should be either empty handed or
    carrying the sniper rifle in its case. You can now take a leisurely walk back
    to your car (assuming the helicopter didn't see you) Easy as pie.
    Nightmare difficulty: Try bringing only a handgun and 1 clip.
    Part 2: Ambush at the Wang Fou Restaurant AKA KABOOOOM!
    Optimal equipment: Dyabun knife, and the car bomb
    The plan: I dont know why other guides tell you to bring more then the bomb
    and the knife you really dont need it. First off, walk down the street and
    down the alley to your right where the sewer grate is. Timing is important
    here. There will be a limo driver taking a whiz here shortly, you should stand
    behind him and look around. After the civilian passes you get up close
    and personal behind the limo driver, cue up the knife and click twice
    (shink, ugh!) muahaha... err now take his clothes and, if you want the beretta
    and drag him into the sewer. Put away the beretta and the knife!
    Now walk down the alley the driver came from. There will be a limo and a blue
    dragon member in front of the resturaunt. Walk around to the driver side,
    take out the bomb and plant it in the car with the action command. The blue
    dragon member wont do anything, for all he knows its your cell phone.
    Planting the bomb causes the rest of the blue dragon crew to come back outside
    so get moving towards your car as soon as its set. When you get to the front
    of your car look down the street to the 4 other blue dragons, 3 of whom you
    can see. Now take out your Remote detonator(the blue dragons wont care) and
    wait for the limo to pass you. Just as it starts to turn the corner to the
    right, set off the bomb. If it doesnt kill all the members for some reason
    you should run to the alley on the opposite side of the map and grab the sniper
    rifle to finish them off. If this happens make sure no civilians or red dragons
    see you with the rifle. Not to difficult eh? Well it just gets worse from here.
    Nightmare difficulty: Try bringing only the knife. The main difficulty is that
    the other blue dragons wont leave the resturaunt unless you plant the bomb.
    Figure it out =p
    Part 3: The Massacre at Cheung Chau Fish Restaurant AKA "I need to use the 
    Optimal equipment: Dyabun knife, Shotgun with 1 shell
    If you bring anything other than this you SUCK!!!  heheh
    The plan: Okay this mission is the reason I decided to write this really.
    The last 2 missions have slight differences from other faqs but are basically
    the same. This mission however is my baby. I am almost posative you wont find
    any other faqs that follow my game-plan, in fact im probably the only one that
    suggests using the shotgun (its because its the cheapest BTW)
    Okay you start out with a civilian behind you, hes sees your shotgun and starts
    running. Bummer... so you cant use any weapon you cant hide right? WRONG keep
    reading. Look where the civilian runs, now look to your left. Go down that
    alley through the fence past the sewer grate and make a right. At the end of
    this alley look right and you will see the resturaunt and probably the civilian
    you just scared the hell out of. The civilian will run down the alley behind
    the resturaunt. Take note of this alley, you will be going down this alley NOT
    the next one down, which is almost across from you now. Okay now...
    press shift-esc. Wait doesnt that restart the mission? Yes just do it. Now this
    time as SOON as you start the map RUN down the same path you took last time and
    this time you should RUN across the street and down the alley behind the
    resturaunt WITHOUT HESITATION. Quickly climb into the back window (Be sure to
    hit Esc to skip the cutscene or you will fail) drop the Shotgun immediately and
    climb back out(skipping the cutscene again) Now, if you did this correctly you
    should now be seeing that scared civilian coming down the alley. If he sees you
    climbing into or out of the window you fail so the timing is critical. Im
    purposely making this sound harder than it is because the timing is pretty
    tight, howevever it is actually pretty easy if you know what you are doing.
    Oh and you have to be faster than the civilian and not trail behind him cuz
    he stops behind a dumpster and watches the window for some reason.
    Now, time to get the bathroom key. Run around to the front of the resturaunt
    enter by the front door and talk to the bartender. Skip the cutscene if you
    want to(it isnt necessary here) take the key and leave the way you came in.
    Note: You can kill the bartender and he will drop the key and a sawn off
    double barrel shotgun but there is no guarentee you will be able to pick them
    up and you will be charged for a civilian kill.
    At this point you want to go north down the street you crossed to get to the
    alley behind the resturaunt. At the end of this street make a right. As you
    walk this way take note of the 2 alleys on your left. The first one has a sewer
    grate, this is where you will stash the body. The second one is much smaller
    and is where you will wait for the walking dead man to come to you. Waiting in
    this alley, its more of a nook really, you will see a policeman pass from right
    to left and a civilian come from the left and go straight down an alley. After
    this your target will come from your left walking down the middle of the
    street. Run up behind him then walk so you are matching his pace. Cue up your
    knife in the inventory but dont take it out yet. When you are about halfway
    between the alley and the sewer alley, click twice (shink, ugh!) yay! Dont stop
    to celebrate! Drag that corpse into the sewer! Now take his clothes and the
    red dragon amulet. Dont forget to holster the knife.
    Walk back to the alley behind the resturaunt and enter through the window,
    notice the scared civilian is now gone. In the bathroom, take out the amulet
    and drop it. I like to place it on the sink just under the mirror like a bar
    of soap. Now pickup the shotgun and stand behind the door. Feel your pulse
    race and your palms get sweaty. Now scold yourself for getting so worked up
    over a game(LOL) anyway... The chief is slightly to the left of the door. 
    Remember the Shotgun you fired at a target in training? Most of the pellets
    fly wide but one will fly straight ahead dead on target. This is the one thats
    gonna kill the chief. So... open the door, take a half step back while you put
    the target on his head and fire, now DROP the shotgun and CLOSE the door as
    fast as you can. I hope you already dropped the amulet like I said to, cuz
    the doors gonna bust open any second. Climb back out the window, skipping the
    cutscene to gain some time, then run all the way back to your car taking the
    back alleys you used to get here in the beginning of the mission. Your done,
    and if you did it all right you didnt get a single shot fired at you. Now thats
    what I call a professional hitman heh. Can you see how I would get aggravated
    reading other FAQs telling you to 'dodge those bullets while you run back to
    your car' cuz if you do everything by the book, not only will they not have
    a chance to fire at you, they wont even know where the hell to look for you!
    Nightmare difficulty: Bring only the knife. Hint: theres a sniper rifle
    somewhere on this level. Good luck!
    Well well well... wasnt that easy? What! It wasnt? Well shit, then youre gonna
    have a real tough time with the next mission...   ;p
    Final part: The Lee Hong Asassination, AKA Checkmate!
    Optimal equipment: Dyabun knife, SILENCED Beretta with a few clips
    Dont bother bringing anything else, really.
    The plan: I just love this mission. Run down the streen and enter the building.
    moving straight ahead towards the bar you will see a guy on your right
    guarding an empty storage room(important job isnt it?) Open that door behind
    him and stand in the doorway facing him. When you see the female guard who was
    in the entrance room walk past him and into the bar it is safe to slit his
    throat and(quickly) drag him into the storage room. Take his clothes and if you
    want, the beretta. Make sure you holster your weapons before going back out the
    door. You might wanna make sure his corpse isnt right in the doorway so nobody
    sees it when you open the door to leave. Now enter the bar. Speak to the
    Bartender (who looks hauntingly familiar) to get the flyer. Interesting note:
    about this time everybody will leave this room so you can slit his throat if
    you want to. If you do this he will drop the flyer and a sawn off double barrel
    shotgun which only has 2 rounds and you will be charged for a civilian kill.
    Nobody will find the body if its behind the bar. Oh and you cant take his
    clothes so its really pointless to kill him. Kinda negates the purpose of doing
    the missions with the mimimum possible cost if you get a civilian kill... but
    its fun to do anyway LOL.
    Now, if you are facing the bar turn to the Left and walk past the door you
    entered the room by. Continue on into the next room and open the door straight
    ahead of you. Directly ahead of you and to the right should be another guard
    in front of a door. This guy is guarding the brothel and you cant enter
    unless youre invited. Good thing the bartender invited you eh? Open that door
    after the guard invites you (Welcome honorable guest. Every pleasure is
    available inside...) Continue on until you get to a room with a high roof and
    a ramp on your right. To your left and ahead of you is a fat guard in front of
    a door. This guy will also invite you in (either the same or Good choice sir.
    Take your time. You will enjoy this) so go on in. Continue ahead unil you see
    two women, A young attractive whore and an old ugly one. Despite your instincts
    you want to talk to the ugly one =p 
    Skip the cutscene because... well just because. Follow Ling into her room.
    Smack her ass if shes not walking fast enough, just kidding. Once in her room
    you can either kill her for the safe combination or talk to her to keep the
    story moving or throw her onto the bed and... err I guess theres only 2 things
    you can do. I recommend talking to her to avoid a civilian kill penalty. It
    works out well anyway cuz youve got some killing to do on the roof. Follow
    her back out past where she was and through a different door which is guarded.
    Note: if you are not in disguise guards will attack you for entering this door.
    Oh and also it will be locked unless Ling opens it.
    You are now on the Roof. DO NOT go up the ladder yet. Stand near the door you
    just went through. A red dragon guard will come over into this area and turn
    his back on you. Slit his throat and drag his corpse more towards the corner.
    Now walk around the way the guard came from and towards the central roof area.
    On your left is a raised walkway. At the far end of that are 2 guards in front
    of a door. Behind that door are the guards quarters. I dont suppose I need to
    tell you to be careful not to alarm these guards. Around this area is the
    second mobile guard. One of the spots he stops at puts a wall between him and
    the 2 stationary guards. Slit his throat here and drag him over to where the
    other body is. Pick up the 2 Uzis(if you want to) and holster them. Take one
    of their outfits also. While still on the roof take the opportunity to check
    out the 2 skylights on the roof. There is one closer to the ladder and one
    closer to the guards. Notice how you can stand directly behind the one closer
    to the guards (in the corner),pull out your silenced beretta and empty a clip
    into the resturaunt if you so desire. Of course theres no need to now, just
    take note...
    Okay now head back over to Ling, if shes still there. If not she will be back
    in the brothel where you met her. If you need to go back inside make sure the
    guard there wont be able to see the corpses. Okay NOW you can climb the ladder.
    When you land, follow Ling to the gate and talk to her again. You may notice
    that you can skip the first cutscene but are forced to watch the hero get 
    kissed by a hooker. I believe this is because some scenes happen in real-time
    and some happen in controlled time. This isnt of much relevence now but it is
    good to know. If you can skip a cutscene you are saving time, if you cant there
    is no reason to worry about it. When you regain control there will be a red
    dragon thug behind you. You can kill him or not as you see fit. If you do it
    might be a good idea to stash the body behind a dumpster. Il take this
    opportunity to explain what I believe about Disguises and Weapons on this
    level. If you are in any uniform in a public area you cannot be seen with a
    weapon. This includes the resturaunt, bar, and brothel. If you are in a RED
    DRAGON THUG disguise and NOT a bodyguard disguise then you can carry an AK-47
    or an uzi in your hands but ONLY in areas where there are many others doing the
    same. This includes the basement and Lee Hongs residence. Why am I telling you
    this now? Because the kitchen counts as a public area (even tho you cant enter
    it unless you are disguised) which means you cant take the guards AK from the
    back area you are now into the basement where your going next unless you want
    to be put under suspicion. Consider yourself warned.
    Anyway, go through the middle of the three doors. Go through the second open
    doorway on your left. The one that has stairs leading down. Now follow the
    more or less direct path, not opening any doors or elbowing past any guards
    in doorways (other then the ones just past the foot of the stairs) If you
    continue on in this manner you should reach a depression in the ground with
    a guard in front of a door. You will need to kill him but first, theres a
    mobile guard in the area who loves to cause you problems if you dont take him
    out. So continue on past the guard and take the first left. You should see a
    partially smashed box. Move to the other end of the hall and face the box.
    On your right is a sniper rifle you wont need. Your left leads to some AK ammo
    and 2 AK-47s that you can pick up if you want(and are in red dragon garb).
    But first wait right here. The mobile guard will walk right up to you and turn
    around (you gotta love finding the perfect killer spot) Slit his throat and
    drag him over by the sniper rifle. Now walk back to the other guard I pointed
    out. Stand behind him despite his objections (Leave immediately! etc.) and
    cut the fool. Now open the door and drag him inside. Talk to the captive.
    I suggest listening to this cutscene to get the location of the safe. You can
    also find it on the map but its more clear if you have his description to
    go by in addition to the map. If you screw up somehwere from here on out I
    would suggest continuing on with the mission for as long as you can just to
    get more of a feel for the area. Unless of course you are only doing this to
    get a perfect score in which case you probably already know the area pretty
    Okay there are several places the safe can be. I will list them all because
    they are all used. I have personally had the CIA guy tell me the loot was in
    each of the FOUR differnt safe locations. There are no dummy safes.
    The locations in order of difficulty are as follows.
    1. Guard quarters, difficulty=3/3
    2. VIP area, 2/3
    3. Storage room, 1/3
    4. Brothel (CIA guy says Madame's quarters or something like that), 1/3
    I will now explain how to get the figure from the chest for each location.
    Oh yeah... Dont restart just because you got a difficult chest, you may do well
    and theres no guarentee you will get an easier one if you start over.
    1. Guards quarters: if the blip on the map is on the left side of the map and
    on the Second floor then you need to go to the Guards quarters (in case you
    didnt hear the CIA guy)
    From the room where you released the prisoner head back towards the sniper
    rifle and dead guard. Walk the other way you havent been yet. When you see the
    guns and ammo go through the door on your left. Continue heading westward.
    Go past the first elevator and over the running sewage water. Enter the second
    (westernmost) elevator and take it up to the second floor. When you exit the
    elevator walk around to the left or right and notice the 2 guards by the safe.
    Theres also a mobile guard (thats why this is the hardest) Go back to the
    elevator. Facing away from the elevator you want to stand on your LEFT facing
    RIGHT. The mobile guard will walk towards you and walk away. He will not stay
    still for very long if at all so cut his throat quickly. Make sure you are
    close enuff to the elevator that the guards in the chest room cant see you.
    Go back into the chest room and enter the closet right next to it. The closer
    guard will give you shit but hes talking about the chest not the closet.
    When in the closet stand in such a position that you can see both guards heads
    (when the door is open) and they are close together but the door doesnt block
    them, so alittle to the left of the doorway. When the door closes, take out
    your silenced beretta. Open the door and cap them in the head 1, 2. I wont lie
    to you its not that easy. If the second guard gives off a death scream, swing
    to the left and be prepared to take out the 2 guards coming from that way.
    If not... You did great! Im proud of you!  ;p  Open the chest, take and holster
    the figure and close the chest back up. Make your way back to the basement and
    from there back to the bar.
    2. VIP area: If the map-blip is on the left side and on the FIRST floor the
    chest is in the VIP area.
    From the room where you released the prisoner head back towards the sniper
    rifle and dead guard. Walk the other way you havent been yet. When you see the
    guns and ammo go through the door on your left. Continue heading westward.
    Go past the first elevator and over the running sewage water. Enter the second
    (westernmost) elevator and take it up to the VIP quarters. From the elevator go
    right and around. You may see a mobile guard, leave him alone he shouldnt cause
    any problems. Now there are 2 guards in this area, 1 right by the chest and
    another behind him. Get behind the second one. This guy will walk back and
    forth alittle so wait till hes as far from the first guy as hes gonna get.
    You may be tempted to try the silenced beretta but if you fire it enemies will
    start pouring in through the double doors. Cut his throat. Caution: stationary
    guard is a misleading term, he tends to like to stretch and look around. I
    usually wait until he does one of these actions before making the kill cuz it
    would be REALLY inconvenient if he decided to look towards you at a bad time.
    Anyway, before the first guy hits the floor you should have your knife put up
    and be moving towards the next guy. Wash, rinse, and repeat. Err that means
    cut his throat as well in case you are dense. After stashing the treasure I
    would suggest going past the elevator and continuing to the bar that way as it
    is faster than taking the elevator and going all the way around.
    3. Storage room: If the blip is in the basement, you need to go to the storage
    Man is this easy... From the prisoners room head Right and take the first
    Right (there is a guard standing in the hall) Keep going this way and head up
    the stairs. To your left is the brothel, to your right is the storage room. So
    uhh, you guessed it, go RIGHT. Walk right around the corner and look to the
    right. Say 'Hello mr. safe with only 1 guard!' Cut his throat take(and stash)
    the treasure and head back to the bar. Fastest way is thru the brothel.
    Alternate way: I dont know why you would want to do this, its so easy to cut
    the guy. However If you notice the windows across from the safe, those are
    the windows directly next to the gate that Ling left through. If you feel like
    walking around you can snipe him with the silenced beretta through the window.
    if you do this, make sure the guard out there is dead(duh). You may be able
    to take out this guy while you are out there the first time without raising an
    alarm but I havent tried it.
    4. Madame's place: If the blip is near the bottom middle of the map and on the
    2nd floor you need to go to the brothel.
    Man is this easy... From the prisoners room head Right and take the first
    Right (there is a guard standing in the hall) Keep going this way and head up
    the stairs. To your left is the brothel, to your right is the storage room. So
    uhh, you guessed it, go LEFT. Now turn left. Does this guy look familiar? He
    should hehe, theres only 1 of him. Go back up where you met Ling the first
    time. Facing the door to the roof you want to go through the door on the Left
    wall. In the first room, a guard and the old whore are getting friendly. In the
    next room is the Safe and another guard. Stand directly behind him and cut him
    up. Note: he walks back and forth, dont let him walk out of your reach at a bad
    ATTENTION: walking through the door you just came through will give the guys
    in the next room a great view of the dead body so go the other way.
    Make sure to holster your weapons! You are now on the roof across from the
    guards quarters. Follow the wall around to the right and go back through the
    other door into the brothel. Make your way from here to the bar.
    Continuing the mission: Across from the bartender is a door you should go
    through. Across from this door is the Herbal shop. This is where you are
    taking the Jade Figurine. In exchange, you will recieve a bottle of poison you
    will not need. Upon entering the resturaunt again you will see Lee Hong and
    his fat ass bodyguard coming in for a meal. Walk back to the bar. Then run
    back to the brothel. Go out onto the roof and switch to the Bodyguard outfit.
    (the one you dropped when you switched to the red dragon outfit here) Now walk
    over to the skylight I pointed out before when you were up here last. Perhaps
    now would be a good time to mention that you cant actually walk on the
    skylight, you will fall through. Suppose you are standing with your back to
    the ladder and facing towards the skylights and the guards quarters. You want
    to be at the FAR skylight by the NEAR RIGHT corner. Looking down you can see
    Your targets head. Its important you stand near enough to have a clear shot
    but far enough so that the bodyguard wont see you. When you are where you
    want to be, step back, whip out your SILENCED pistol, make sure it is FULLY
    LOADED, and step back into position. Quickly pump as many rounds into Lee
    Hong's HEAD as it takes to knock him down. (If you aim for his body, you will
    have a bigger target but he can take a LOT more damage) As soon as he hits the
    floor step back and holster your weapon. Now run run run run run back to the
    brothel, MAKE SURE TO SWITCH BACK TO THE RED DRAGON OUTFIT. (This double switch
    is just to throw off anyone who may have seen you through the skylight, mainly
    the big fat bodyguard although he wont be fooled for long.)
    Continue running all the way back to the bar/resturaunt area. Okay heres the
    thing, the fatass bodyguard stands around for a bit after his boss bites the
    bullet, then he drags his gut back to Lee Hongs house. Why is this relevant?
    Because thats exactly where you are headed and you need to avoid him at all
    costs. I get around him by running across the bar to the garden area, as
    opposed to entering the resturaunt and going out the back door there. Thats
    the way fatass takes. While running past the bar you should be able to look
    to your right and see Lee Hong's corpse. If you walk up to it you will be shot
    at. Instead enter the garden and head north to the backyard area. Looking right
    you may or may not see fatass moving towards the hideout. Either way, pretend
    you didnt see him and run pel-mel for the door. Open the unlocked door (there
    is no reason it should be locked unless you botched the mission badly somewhere
    along the way) Follow the wall on your left. After turning right you should
    see a guard standing in front of a metal grate looking door. This is the
    elevator you need to take down to the boat. On the dock is the final guard
    of the level. If you are a pro hitman he wont shoot anything at you but a
    dirty look as you take lee hong's private boat out for a spin.
                     GOOD JOB!
    If you're following my guide you now have more then $50 thousand and my respect
    Nightmare difficulty: Load up like rambo and take out everyone on the whole
    stinking level! Not so much difficult as theraputic ;)
    Time to get cracking on those Columbia missions! Heres some tips to hold you
    over until I finish the columbia missions. Super-Stealth hitman says...
    1. Bring nothing but the dyabun knife and a compass.
    2. First head to the crash site, then go north for the Machinegun ammo, then
    go to the guarded bridge, then head to the village.
    3. The sniper rifle is they key to freeing the villager
    Super-secret(heheh). You wont be shot at unless you are showing a weapon.
    Thats all for now, if I gave you anymore I might as well just write the
    walkthru now! okay okay okay Il give you alittle more.
    SNEAK PREVIEW: Columbia missions
      As the mission starts you are treated to a cutscene. This scene is EVIL!
    it STEALS YOUR VALUABLE TIME. As soon as the loading stops hit escape to skip
    it. As soon as you have control turn about 90 degrees to the left and start
    RUNNING. Simultaneously whip out your compass and adjust your heading to
    East by South-east. Thats between east and southest for the directionally
    challenged. You should see a line of 4 soldiers moving the same direction you
    are before you cross any beaten path. If you hit the path before seeing them
    look around, theyre probably to your left. The last soldier in line is your
    target. As the first guy in line approaches the path the last guy should be
    walking past the first of 3 trees. You want to cut his throat after the first
    tree but before the second. Take his clothes and continue running east by
    south-east. You could take his AK but it will just slow you down and you want
    to put some distance between you. As you continue towards the crash site there
    is maybe a 1 in 3 chance that someone will look back and see the body. If this
    happens just start over. After a few tries you should get the hang of it no
    problem, and if they dont see the body now they never will.
            Thats it for now!
                   Good luck!
                             ~Dragon Hunter  AKA Lee Hong Hunter!

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