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    Genocidal Walkthrough by 89programming

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    Hitman - Codename 47
    Genocidal Walkthrough
    by Dave (god-mail@juno.com)
    #Beginning Notes#
    Did you ever want to kill every bad guy on every level? Did you ever think you
    could do it without cheating? Well, you can. This walkthrough will show you in
    detail how to go about doing this. You will also accomplish your goal in each
    mission. Don't get discouraged if you have trouble, just try again. "Long is
    the way/and hard/that out of hell/leads up to light" - Milton, Paradise Lost.
    Take as much ammo as you can for each weapon. I will assume you do so
    throughout this walkthrough.
    If the guy is standing still and you can maneuver completely behind him, then
    kill him with the knife. Otherwise, use the Fibre Wire. When using the Silenced
    Beretta (and you should use the Silenced Beretta almost exclusively), shoot
    guys with their backs towards you in the head twice. Shoot guys facing you in
    the head/upper chest three to four times. You may kill them with the first
    shot, but if you don't, you'll be glad you took the time to place extras.
    While you will indeed accomplish every goal in the mission, you will be docked
    so much money in some cases that you will fail regardless.
    I realize that my version of Hitman is not the mainstream version of the game,
    so some of the names might not match completely. Other than that, I don't think
    I've played the real game, so I don't know.
    ##Maps not yet Genocidal (maybe never...)##
    Say Hello to My Little Friend
    Traditions of the Trade
    Plutonium Runs Loose
    The Setup
    Simple level. Follow the instructions given to you. As long as you take the
    clothes and a handgun, all you need to do is follow the path. When you finally
    go up levels in the elevator (to level 1), there will be an attendant who will
    try to get you with a taser. Kill him and take his clothes. Holster your
    weapons and go through the next door. Wait until the attendant has opened the
    bars, then kill him as well. Open the next set of bars yourself and continue to
    end this level.
    #Kowloon Triads Gang War#
    You have been hired to assassinate Lee Hong, leader of the Red Dragon Triad.
    In this level, you must kill the Red Dragon negotiator in an effort to spark a
    gang war between the Red Dragons and the Blue Lotus. Such a gang war would
    weaken Lee Hong and provide a chance for his demise.
    -Eliminate Red Dragon negotiator
    -Blue Lotus negotiator must survive
    AMT 1911 Hardballer - $550
    Blaser Jagdwaffen R93 Sniper - $1550
    	We begin simply by completing the mission.
    Head down the street and take a right at the intersection. Follow that street
    past the park and take the street left, still along the park. Duck into the
    alley to your right between the buildings and use the lift to take you to the
    roof. While the lift is going up, click on your Sniper's Case in your
    inventory. Hitman will remove the Sniper's Rifle. Once on the roof, go to the
    corner of the roof farthest from the lift but closest to the park. Drop the
    rifle on the roof before you reach the corner, as citizens from the street
    might see you with the rifle and alert the guards.
    Wait for both negotiators to arrive, then pick up the rifle. For some reason,
    nobody sees you after the negotiators have arrived. Zoom in once the
    negotiators meet. The Red Dragon negotiator is on the left, closest to you.
    They will bow, and then his head will be steady for a few seconds. Peg him in
    the head.
    Nearby guards will run to see the body. Shoot as many of the Blue Lotus
    members as you can around the body, but don't shoot the Blue Lotus negotiator
    (he runs back to his car, so you can't kill him later). A helicopter will be on
    its way, but don't worry. Continue shooting Blue Lotus members without zooming
    out on the Sniper's Rifle. There will be a cutscene with a Blue Lotus in a
    helicopter taking aim. When the cutscene finishes, your crosshair will be on or
    very near the Blue Lotus in the helicopter. Take him out with one shot (you
    won't have time for a second).
    Once the helicopter is dispatched, you can take your time. From the corner of
    the roof your are on, aim towards the Blue Lotus negotiator’s car. In the
    opening to the park there should be two Blue Lotus members (or you shot them
    earlier). If they're there, kill them. Now aim across the park at the opening
    farthest from you. Kill the two Blue Lotus members there and wait for another
    Blue Lotus to appear from the street, then shoot him. Reverse of tact here,
    wait for the Blue Lotus to pass on the right of the Red Dragon negotiator's
    car, then pop him. The two Blue Lotus at the opening next to the car will run
    to investigate (if they're not already dead); shoot them, as well.
    Drop your Sniper's Rifle and head back to the lift. Hit the button and select
    "Road". Face the direction of the button. When you get to the ground, if you
    hear the Blue Lotus member behind you cry out, quickly strafe right and turn
    around. You will be under the cover of some boxes. Lean right, around the
    boxes, and kill the two Blue Lotus with your Hardballer. Head back to the lift,
    facing away from the street. Now, regardless of what happened when you got off
    the lift, head the direction you are facing around the building. There will be
    a lone Blue Lotus member patrolling. Kill him with your Hardballer and take his
    Uzi. Now, if the two Blue Lotus did not cry out and are still alive, go back
    and use your brand new Uzi to dispatch them, using the boxes near the lift for
    cover. Turn right on the street and locate the fallen Blue Lotus member. Near
    him will be him M60. Relieve him of it, and make you way back to the car.
    Although none of the opposition should be around, you are easily armed enough
    to dispatch them if they are.
    #Ambush at the Wang Fou Restaurant#
    Now the Red Dragons are angered by the hit of their negotiator. They believe
    it was a Blue Lotus hit. The Blue Lotus gang, not wanting to be in a war they
    didn't start, has sent an Emissary to apologize to Lee Hong. You will kill the
    Blue Lotus Emissary to make the Blue Lotus believe the Red Dragons are
    retaliating. You will also kill the three Blue Lotus members sent to guard the
    -Eliminate Blue Lotus Emissary
    -Eliminate the three Blue Lotus guards
    Oyabun Knife - $65
    Beretta 92 Silenced - $775
    Car Bomb with Remote Detonator - $3000
    Kevlar Body Armor - $900
    Again, we begin by completing the mission. Doing this mission genocidally
    prevents you from buying the Desert Eagle in the next mission.
    Head through the alley in front of you to find the front of the Wang Fou
    Restaurant. Wait across the street for the Emissary's car to arrive. Follow the
    driver into the alley (they don't think this odd) and get behind him when he
    starts to pee. When you are facing his back, there will be one civilian to pass
    from your left to your right and into the side alley. Another civilian will
    pass on the sidewalk on the right end of the alley. Either will see you kill
    the driver, so make sure they have passed. Hit Sneak Mode and ice the driver.
    Drag him into the sewer and take his clothes and gun. Holster everything, go
    out of Sneak Mode, and climb out to the alley. Go back to the restaurant.
    Go to the driver's door of the Emissary's car. There is a single Blue Lotus
    guard walking around the car. Wait for him to go on the other side of the car.
    Make sure your back is turned to the restaurant, and then take out the bomb.
    Right click on the driver's door, and place the bomb.
    Run back to the sewer and take your old clothes. The Emissary will leave the
    restaurant, but will take a while to leave because he has no driver. Do not
    take out the Remote Detonator in view of any gang members as they will see it
    and kill you. Go back to the alley across from your getaway car (the starting
    point). Use the Lean Right button to hide behind the building, but still watch
    the three Blue Lotus members at the end of the street. When the car comes
    around the corner in front of you, take out the Remote Detonator. Hit Fire when
    the car would be right between the first two gang members.
    If any of the three Blue Lotus members survived the blast, leave them. Turn
    around and run down the street away from the Blue Lotus members. There will be
    one Red Dragon wandering around the map counter-clockwise. This is the best
    time to dispatch him-with your silenced Beretta from an alley. Otherwise, you
    will have to do it later. At the end of the street you will find an alley off
    to your right. Head to the opening of the alley and look right, down the
    street. At the end of the street you will see two Red Dragon members. Head to
    the end of the alley and pick up the Sniper's Rifle as well as the Sniper's
    ammo. Go back to the mouth of the alley and look down the street, towards the
    two Red Dragons. Kill them both, the rightmost one first.
    Walk to where they fell and look towards the entrance to the restaurant.
    Strafe left, towards the restaurant, until you can see one of the two Red
    Dragons guarding the front. Kill them both with the Sniper's Rifle. This would
    also be a good place to camp and wait for the wandering Red Dragon, if need be.
    Go up to the new corpses, and liberate them of their weapons dropping the
    Sniper's Rifle. Ready an Uzi and then position yourself between the two doors
    that are the entrance. Open the rightmost set of doors. In front of you will be
    two Red Dragons, almost in a line. Kill them with the Uzi, then drop it. Take
    out the second Uzi and strafe right. If the doors close, open them. To the left
    in front of the staircase is another Red Dragon who will be running to see the
    trouble, so kill him. Finally, strafe back left and enter the restaurant. There
    is a Red Dragon behind the door to the right, so strafe and lean left to take
    him out.
    At the opposite end of the restaurant is a set of double-doors with a sign
    above them that says "BAR". They don't open, but to the right of these doors is
    a single wooden door. Inside this door is a closet with a gaggle of Sniper's
    ammo. Take at lease two clips of ammo, then go pick up the Sniper's Rifle. Go
    forward through the alley and back to the place where you hid with the Remote
    Detonator. Aim down the street and eliminate any remaining Blue Lotus members.
    Advance down the street to the corner in front of you. There are two Red
    Dragons down the street to your left on opposite sides of the street. Take out
    the rightmost Red Dragon first, then his buddy. These guys pack shotguns, so
    they have trouble hitting you from far away.
    #The Massacre at Cheung Chau Fish Restaurant#
    The Chief of Police is on the payroll of both Triads. He has arranged a peace
    meeting between the two gangs in an effort to stay on the payroll of both
    Triads. You will kill the Chief of Police and leave a Red Dragon Amulet around
    his body. This will make the police withdraw protection from Lee Hong and you
    will be able to go after him.
    -Eliminate Red Dragon Emissary
    -Hide Red Dragon Emissary's body
    -Place Red Dragon Amulet inside the restaurant
    -Eliminate the Chief of Police
    Oyabun Knife - $65
    Fibre Wire - $110
    Kevlar Body Armor - $900
    When you start the mission, you need to turn left and head through he alley to
    your left. At the end of the alley is a fence to your left. Go left past the
    fence and continue all the way to the street. Turn left at the sidewalk and you
    will be facing a police officer. Slit his throat and drag him back through the
    alley and into the sewer. Take his Beretta and climb out.
    You will be facing an alleyway a little to your left, and you need to take it.
    Follow it to the street and take the alley across the street and slightly to
    the right. Get behind him and cut his throat. Drag his body down the alley (the
    way he came) and turn right at the alley intersection. Continue dragging him
    down that alley and turn right when you can. You will be behind the restaurant.
    There is a sewer grate next to you, so throw his body in there. Take his
    Beretta and climb out.
    Turn left and head down the alley you just used. At the intersection, continue
    forward until you find the street. A civilian will pass from the right and into
    the alley past you, and another will come down the street to your left and head
    left, away from you. Once both civilians have passed, it is safe to slit the
    throat of the Red Dragon member. Drag his body to the right and further down
    the street the way he was heading. Put him in the sewer grate you find and take
    his clothes and the Red Dragon Amulet.
    Holster everything and climb out of the grate. Turn right and then head back
    into the alley you just used. Follow this alley all the way until you find
    yourself at the back of the restaurant. There will be a lone officer guarding
    the back door and two more will be patrolling from the right (the brick side)
    and then around through the fence to the left (clockwise). Look down the alley
    to the right to assure that no officer is coming, then strangle the office
    guarding the door. Be careful that his head is turned away from you so he
    doesn't see you prematurely.
    Holster the Fibre Wire and move away from the body (but still behind the
    restaurant). When the other two officers appear, strangle them when they run up
    to examine the body. Relieve them all of their Berettas, and take out two
    Berettas John-Woo-style. Open door the lone officer was guarding (with the
    steps). You will find yourself in the kitchen. Quickly move forward and open
    the door in front of you. A bit to the right will be the Police Captain, your
    target. Stay in the doorway and shoot him. Reload and lean right, aiming at the
    door to the restaurant. The two officers outside will come in. When they do,
    kill them.
    Strafe right and lean right until you can see the Bartender, then kill him. Go
    inside and drop the Red Dragon Amulet on the table. If the two officers are
    still outside, shoot them through the windows. Exit through the front door of
    the restaurant and take a slight right and head down the street to find your
    #The Lee Hong Assassination#
    With police protection withdrawn, Lee Hong is within your grasp. You must
    first retrieve the Jade Figure which is said to give Lee Hong his power.
    Deliver the Jade Figure to the Herbal Shop, and then eliminate Lee Hong.
    Be warned: Once you complete the Lee Hong Assassination in the manner
    described below, it will seem really inadequate to do anything less.
    -Find Safe Combination
    -Find Safe Location
    -Deliver Jade Figure to Herbal Shop
    -Eliminate Lee Hong
    -Captured Agent must survive
    Pentagon Knife - $65
    Fibre Wire - $110
    Beretta 92 Silenced - $775
    Kevlar Body Armor - $900
    	This is easy as heck if you follow my instructions and take your time.
    Take a deep breath. Head to the restaurant go inside. Head around the
    centerpiece and through the doors labels "BAR". Talk to the bartender and take
    the flyer he gives you. Watch the doors where you came into the bar. When they
    open and the chick wearing black and carrying an Uzi comes through, go back
    through the doors and shut them behind you. Hit Sneak Mode and kill the
    bodyguard guarding the door to your left. Nobody will see you in this hallway
    until the Uzi-toting bodyguard comes back. Drag the body into the closet (the
    door he was guarding) so he cannot be seen from the hallway. Take his clothes
    and his gun. Holster, come out of Sneak Mode, and exit the closet. Turn right
    and press yourself against the doors to the bar. When the female bodyguard
    opens the doors, shut them again and hit Sneak Mode. Quickly strangle her
    before she passes the door to the closet. Take her Uzi and holster it. Drag her
    body into the closet.
    Turn left and head down the hallway away from the bar. Keep left and go
    through the double-doors with the two bodyguards. They will welcome you because
    you have the Flyer. Leave them and head up the stairs and then back down the
    ramp. You will take care of them later. At the bottom, turn a hard right and
    head through the tables that you find. Along the wall opposite the bottom of
    the ramp is a single door. In front of this door is a guard. Cut his throat and
    take his weapon. Go into the door he was guarding. It is a hallway leading off
    to your left, so go left. Inside the only door you find will be several crates
    and one of Lee Hong's possible safes. Sneak up behind the guard (to your left
    when you enter) and strangle him. DO NOT take his clothes or try to open the
    safe! Instead, you will find a door to the right of the safe (the one you
    didn't use to enter) which you should open. You will find yet another door.
    Holster everything and make sure you're in Sneak Mode. Open the door and strafe
    left so you can only see the closest bodyguard. Take out your Silenced Beretta
    and pop him (twice, see above) in the head. Another bodyguard will run from the
    bottom of the ramp to the dead guard. Try to kill him when he does this. If
    your door closes, stay put. The guard will come through to kill you so pop him
    when he does. Open the door and strafe right. Lean right to see if you can hit
    the fat guy. If you can't, continue to strafe right and then lean right until
    the fat guard is dead. Take his Hardballer. Go inside the double-doors the fat
    guy was originally standing in front of. They are to your left from the
    single-door you just used.
    Head up the stairs, through the door, and then up the stairs again until you
    find a crazy looking old lady. The prostitute has run to her room in distress.
    You'll comfort her later, you stud, you, but now you have work to do. Take the
    leftmost door and you will find a lone Red Dragon member. Go inside the room
    and take the door on your right. Go inside the hall, turn right, and then back
    up. there might be a female bodyguard in the hallway in front of you. If there
    is, strangle her. If not, wait for her to come through the door you just used,
    then shut the door behind her and kill her. Go back into the room with the
    single Red Dragon member. Turn right and head through the door you find,
    shutting it behind you. You will be in the safe room. Sneak up behind the guard
    and slice his throat. Drag his body into the corner so you can enter the door
    you just used without the Red Dragon guy seeing his dead comrade. Back to the
    lone Red Dragon member, sneak up behind him and ice him. Take his Uzi and the
    SMG ammo on the table below the mirror. Drag him body onto his comrade's body
    in the room with the safe. Return to the room where the lone Red Dragon member
    WAS, and shut the door behind you. Open the door in front of you to find the
    old lady. Talk to her, and she will walk to the room where the lone Red Dragon
    member was.
    You should be facing a bodyguard with an Uzi and his back to the wall. When
    the old lady has left, sneak up behind him and snuff him. Move forward a bit
    and take a hard left to find a bodyguard at the end of a hall, next to a door.
    Get behind him and ice him, as well. Move forward and down the steps to your
    left to find another lone bodyguard. Slice his throat and then open you
    double-doors you should be facing (after killing the guard). You will now be
    looking at the stairs down. Shut the door behind you and strangle this guy with
    the Fibre Wire (you can't get completely behind him, so don't use the knife).
    Back through the double-doors at the top of the stairs, up the new set of
    stairs, and then through the second door on your left. You will notice you are
    back in the hallway where you strangled the female guard. Turn left and move
    forward past the door you used previously. Take the door you find into the
    prostitute's room.
    Talk to her, then follow her through the doors but not up the ladder. Once
    through the last door and on the roof, wait in the alcove with the door. A Red
    Dragon member will be patrolling and will stop in this alcove. Strangle him and
    drag him into the corner (not with the door). Take his clothes and weapon. Go
    climb the ladder the prostitute leads you to. Watch the cut scene and hit Sneak
    Mode when you resume control. Sneak up behind the Red Dragon member patrolling
    and strangle him. There are no other people around, so leave him and follow the
    girl. Talk to her when she reaches the gate. She will give you the combination
    to Lee Hong's safe and a kiss (awwwww). Love the sneer.
    Go back to the Red Dragon member you strangled and take his weapon. Holster
    everything and head up the stairs on the building. Go in the center door on the
    platform. You will be in the kitchen. On the wall to your left, there are two
    openings. The first is the freezer and the second is a set of stairs down to
    the basement. Take the stairs down. Head past the first guard and turn left.
    You won't have to open any doors to get to the prisoner area. Head left again
    at the hallway and you will see an opening to a darker part of the basement to
    your right. Take this opening and you will come up to a guard with his back to
    you. Slit hit throat and leave him where he is. Turn around. There are other
    openings with steps leading further into the basement. Take the leftmost one
    with the guard in front of the door. Walk past the guard in front of the door
    (stay as far away from him as you can) and go up the steps. Hang a left
    immediately into another opening and you will be in another hallway heading off
    to the right. Your only option should be to go right, so do so a bit. If you
    see a Red Dragon member in this hallway, strangle him and leave his body there.
    If he isn't there, he will be shortly.
    Head back out the opening and past the stairs down to the lower area. Turn
    right at the intersection of hallways you come to. Follow the hallways until
    you find an Red Dragon member on your right. Cut his throat, and then return to
    the lowered area with the lone guard and door. If you get too close, the guard
    tells you to leave. Strafe behind him, hit Sneak Mode, and strangle him. Drag
    his body into the door he was guarding. Drop your AK-47 next to his body. Come
    out of Sneak Mode and talk to the prisoner. PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT HE SAYS. He
    will tell you the location of the safe, which changes every time. Once the cut
    scene is over, walk out of the room and pick up the dead guard's AK-47. Turn
    left and then left through the opening once more. Turn right and go down the
    hallways until you come to an intersection. Turn right and go up the stairs
    (which are hard to see). Turn left and go through this hallways and then take
    the stairs on your right. Wait at the top of these stairs for a Red Dragon
    member. He will come through the door on your left. Once the door has shut
    behind him, strangle him. On the crates in front of you you will find some AK
    ammo-take it.
    Go through the door the Red Dragon member just used, dragging him out of the
    way if he can be seen when the door is opened. Continue down the hallway you
    find through the door until it cuts to the right. When you turn right, you will
    either find a Red Dragon member in front of you, or at the end of the hall to
    your left. You want to strangle him when he is closest to where you are now, so
    do so. Down the hall he was patrolling, you will find a single door to your
    left. Open it and find an elevator and another door to the right. Open the door
    to the right and cut the Red Dragon guy's throat. Holster and go through the
    passage which is in front of you. Follow the passage and go across the bridge
    you find. Cut the throat of the Red Dragon guy on the other end of the bridge.
    Holster and continue up the steps until the hallway splits. Go left, but only a
    few steps. A Red Dragon member will eventually stop in front of where you are
    now. Strangle him. Follow the hallway forward and around to the right to find
    another Red Dragon member in front of an elevator. Call the elevator and cut
    the Red Dragon guy's throat. Holster and get on the elevator.
    Take the elevator up to the VIP area. Get off the elevator and turn right.
    Head through the double-doors you find, and then again through the new set, and
    yet again through the new set. Eventually, a Red Dragon member will join you in
    the room you find. Kill him, and then backtrack through the three sets of
    doors. turn right and head down the steps into the VIP Meeting Room. GO up the
    steps at the other end and back around left and stop behind the window facing
    the room. Wait here and strangle the Red Dragon member that joins you. You must
    wait a few seconds after he takes position, as the other guard will spin around
    when the first guard is in position. Holster and go back out the opening to the
    safe. Strafe left off the platform and drop behind the Red Dragon guy guarding
    the safe. Strangle him. If the CIA guy told you the safe was in the VIP Meeting
    Room, then open the safe and remove the Jade Figure. If he told you another
    location-don't worry, we will visit each location at least once from this
    moment on.
    Holster everything. Exit the Meeting Room the way you came and once up the
    stairs, turn right to go back to the elevator. Once inside the elevator, take
    it up to the Guard's Quarters. There is a guard who patrols right in front of
    the elevator, so strangle him when he walks by and leave him there. Turn right
    in the hallway and you will come to a hallway intersection. To your left are
    two guards guarding the safe. To your right are two guards who will alert Lee
    Hong and/or kill you if they hear you kill the safe guards. Go left and into
    the room with the two guards. First get behind the guard beneath the TV (to
    your left), and hit sneak mode. The guard in front of the safe looks around a
    lot, so try to kill the guard in front of you with the knife when the other
    guard is looking away. The safe guard will look at you for a bit, then look
    away for a bit. Wait until he looks back the second time (which will last a
    while), and then he will look away for a while-do it then. Holster your knife
    as quickly as you can and run up to the other guard. If he notices the other
    guard dead, he will run over giving you the chance to sneak up behind him and
    strangle him before he sounds the alarm. If he doesn't notice, strangle him and
    feel lucky. Either way, work quickly. If the CIA guy told you the safe was in
    the Guard's Quarters, then open the safe, take the figure, and then holster
    Take the Sniper's Ammo on the table (next to the AK). Exit through the hallway
    you used to enter, but move past the hallway with the elevator. You will find
    yourself in a room with two Red Dragon members and another wooden table. Take
    the Sniper's ammo on the corner closest to you, and then the AK ammo on the
    other end. Go through the double-doors the Red Dragon guys are guarding,
    shutting the doors behind you. To your left will be a lone Red Dragon guy. Cut
    his throat, and then drag him with you. Open the rightmost door on the wall you
    were facing when you entered this hallway. Inside this room will be some AK
    ammo and two bullet-proof vests. If you need a vest, take one. Either way, take
    the AK ammo.
    Backtrack through the double-doors to the two guards you left. Turn left once
    through the doors and move to the wall. Turn around so the two guards line up
    in front of each other. Hit Sneak Mode and STAY in Sneak Mode until I say
    otherwise. Quickly take out your Silenced Beretta (in Sneak Mode) and cap them
    both. Leave them. Reload and then holster your weapons. Go back through the
    double-doors to your right and shut them behind you. Open the single-door you
    are facing. Inside you will be able to see one guard (there is another to your
    right which is usually out of sight). Take out your Silenced Beretta and shoot
    him in the head. His buddy will run out the door in a second or two, so shoot
    him when he does. Go inside the room and take the SMG ammo on the table to your
    right. Holster everything.
    Back out the door and left in the hallway. The move forward to the second door
    on your left. Open the door and strafe right so the leftmost guard is the only
    one in your view. Again, use your Silenced Beretta to shoot his mouth off and
    his friend will come running out shortly. Kill him with the Silenced Beretta
    and then turn around. Reload and then holster. You will find yourself facing a
    set of double-doors. If you see TWO sets of double-doors, take the leftmost
    set. Though these doors turn left and open the double-doors you find. Again,
    line up these two Red Dragon members so they are behind each other, and take
    them out with the Silenced Beretta. Reload and then holster. Open the
    double-doors you are facing. Leave the guards you find in this area alone. You
    may exit Sneak Mode now, if you wish.
    In front of you will be a metal walkway. Follow it and enter the door on the
    other side. If the CIA guy told you the safe was in Madame's place, you're in
    luck, because you're in the room with that very safe. If that was the case,
    open the safe and retrieve the Jade Figure. Be sure to holster the figure and
    close the safe door. Open the door you did not use to enter this room to find
    Madame herself. Continue forward through the door you find and down the stairs
    which are slightly to your right. At the very bottom of the stairs, go through
    the double-doors. If the CIA guy told you the safe was in the storage room,
    then take the single door on the wall to your right. Go through the door you
    find and you will find the safe to your right. Holster the figure and the
    return through both single doors. Regardless of the safe location, go up the
    ramp in front of you and turn right when you must. Open the double-doors at the
    bottom of the stairs. Enter Sneak Mode and shoot the female bodyguard to your
    left with the Silenced Beretta. This will bring the male bodyguard from the
    right. If the doors shut, however, he will run for Lee Hong. If you let him get
    away, you will have to kill him later (not described in this walkthrough, but
    he returns to his post in a few minutes). Either way, you must kill him with
    the Silenced Beretta. Reload and holster your weapons.
    Go through the double-doors and turn right to head back through the
    double-doors that say "BAR." Slightly to your left will be another set of
    double-doors, so enter them. Ahead of you is another set, so enter them. Talk
    to the old man. After your conversation, leave the poison and run back the way
    you came to the Brothel (Madame's). Tzun is making his way inside the
    restaurant, and if he sees you, he will notice that you are an imposter and
    your cover will be blown! Run all the way back to the brothel and take the door
    to the roof (the one the prostitute showed you). Just outside the door is an
    alcove, will be where you kill the Red Dragon member. Take your bodyguard
    clothes back and empty your hands. Go out onto the roof where there will be
    another Red Dragon member patrolling and two Red Dragon members guarding a door
    at the far side of the roof. Strangle the patrolling Red Dragon out of sight of
    the other two Red Dragons, behind the brick structure in the middle. Holster
    Go behind the two Red Dragons guarding the double-doors. Hit Sneak Mode.
    Deftly, whip out your Silenced Beretta and shot the leftmost Red Dragon in the
    back of the head. Quickly turn and shoot his comrade to the right as well. If
    either guy shoots, area guards will be prematurely alarmed. Walk off the raised
    platform you are on and turn left to find the skylight on the ground (you're on
    the roof, remember?). As you approach it, there will be some electrical
    equipment to your right. Stay close to the equipment (it doesn't hurt you) so
    nobody in the restaurant can see you. Take out your Uzi (thanks to your effort
    up to this point, you should have a generous supply of ammunition) and slowly
    walk up to the skylight. Shoot Lee Hong as soon as you can hit him, and then
    advance a little further to try to take out Tzun. A bodyguard will come through
    the rightmost double-doors, so kill him. Another comes through the golden
    double-doors to your left, so kill him. Move counter-clockwise around the
    skylight until you are pressed up against the brick building and barely not
    falling in the skylight. You should see another bodyguard near the corner of
    the wall. Kill him. Another bodyguard will come to investigate, so kill him.
    Move back to where you shot Lee Hong. Civilians will be running in and out of
    the double-doors. When the doors are open, shoot outside a couple times to
    alert the guards. You want to kill two more bodyguards, both entering from the
    middle double-doors (leftmost red). Take care to avoid civilians, they cost you
    $3000 a kill, and falling in the skylight, which kills you instantly.
    Move to the skylight on the opposite side of the electrical equipment. You
    should be able to kill two more bodyguards through this skylight. One is
    between the doors to the kitchen, and the other is next to the red double-doors
    (to your left, on approach from the other skylight). You won't have trouble
    finding them-they'll probably shoot first. Kill them both.
    Go back to the raised platform with the double-doors. Open the double-doors
    and you will find the two guards you previously shot on your right. On the wall
    to your left will be a single door. Open this door and turn right once inside.
    In front of you will be a Sniper's Rifle. Pick it up. Exit this room and take
    the double-doors to your left. Take the new double-doors on the right and then
    turn left and take the double-doors on the left. Move forward and go down the
    steps to the right. Turn left and pass in front of the elevator. On the crates
    to your left you will find two clips of Sniper's Ammo. Take them. Past the
    crates will be a single door. Open the door and strafe right until you can
    shoot the Red Dragon members with the Sniper's Rifle (you can sometimes line
    them up to get them both in one shot). Kill them. Let the door shut behind you.
    For some reason, the Red Dragons don't see you up here. Facing the direction
    you would be having just exited the door, look down and left. You will notice
    some stairs. Watch the stairs until a red dragon member comes from the right
    (from a hallway you can barely see) and stops on the stairs. Ice him with the
    Sniper's Rifle. Another Red Dragon member will come from the right, and another
    from the left. You REALLY want to kill the one on the right, or you will be in
    a head-on confrontation later. Kill the one on the left as well as the one that
    run from the bottom-right of the screen. Unzoom.
    Looking a bit more right, you should see two Red Dragons standing next to each
    other in a sort of alcove. Kill them both, but don't kill any Red Dragons this
    brings. Walk down the walkway to the other door. Turn around and look down and
    right. Zoom in on the Red Dragon guarding the double-doors. Kill him. This will
    bring a Red Dragon from the right, and another (eventually) from the
    bottom-left. Kill them both. The VIP area is now secure.
    If you left the Red Dragon member I mentioned above that you REALLY want to
    kill, you're not SOL yet. If you DID kill him, skip this paragraph. Go back to
    the elevator and take it down to the basement. Drop the Sniper's Rifle in the
    elevator. Turn right in the basement, and follow the hallway. Go across the
    little bridge and follow the hallway on the other side up the stairs and to the
    right. In front of you should be a wooden door. Open it and call the elevator.
    Take the elevator up to the VIP area, hit Sneak mode, and strangle the Red
    Dragon. Look left to find the golden double-doors mentioned in the next
    Go back to the elevator and take it down to the VIP level. Drop the Sniper's
    Rifle in the elevator. Take out your Uzi and proceed to the alcove with the
    dead Red Dragons (hard left, past the fountain). Inside the alcove will be a
    hallway leading off with some wooden steps that go nowhere. Continue down the
    hall you find to your right (past the elevator) to the golden double-doors.
    Strafe as far left as you can and open the doors. Lean right and shoot the
    bodyguard you find in the back of the head with your Silenced Beretta. Another
    bodyguard will come from the opposite set of doors, so wait for him. Shoot him
    before the doors shut, if you can. If they do shut, wait for him to come
    through, then ice him.
    Go back to the elevator with the Sniper's Rifle (you may have to call the
    elevator). Pick it up, but bring out the Silenced Beretta as your primary
    weapon (make sure the clip is full). Exit the elevator and turn right. Go
    through the three sets of double-doors again and turn left once through the
    third set. You will find a large, red set of double-doors. Strafe as far right
    as you can and open the doors, facing left, towards the center of the doors.
    There will be a bodyguard to the left of the doors, so shoot him in the head.
    Go through the double-doors and ready your Sniper's Rifle. Stay as close to the
    double-doors as you can. Point the rifle to the right, at the large set of red
    double-doors you see. Guarding these doors will be a bodyguard. Take him out
    with the Sniper's Rifle. Unzoom.
    Now point the Sniper's Rifle on the leftmost tower (red, pointed roof, across
    the garden from you). Shoot the Red Dragon guy in the tower. Strafe left, and
    repeat with the guard in the right tower. Run down the path on your left and
    follow it to the large, red double-doors on the other end of the garden (first
    one you come to on the path). Open these doors and look left. Using the
    Sniper's Rifle, shoot the two guards in front of Lee Hong's Headquarters. This
    can bring guards from the Headquarters (even if the doors are locked). You
    could have a chance to kill at least two guards from inside the headquarters.
    After no guards have appeared for about 30 seconds, continue through the doors
    and look left. Walk forward until you can see the Red Dragon member on the dock
    below you. Shoot him with the Sniper's Rifle, as well. Finally, you can drop
    the Sniper's Rifle.
    Turn right and locate the red double-doors on the brick building. These go
    back into the restaurant. Whip out that Uzi and make sure the clip is full,
    you'll need your ammo. Head to the golden double-doors and open them. Follow
    the wall past the kitchen doors and open the golden double-doors. Open the
    single door on the wall to your left. Kill the guard in front of the door in
    it's own niche. Go inside and strafe right using the wall to your left as
    protection. Another bodyguards is in the room to your left. Reload and follow
    the signs to the restrooms. Shoot the bodyguard you find there, catching him
    off-guard. Exit the restroom area (via the ONLY golden door) and turn right.
    Take the rightmost door to enter the kitchen. Be careful, there is a bodyguard
    to your right (kinda hidden behind the stuff on the wall to your right). Take
    him out with the Uzi as well, then reload. Holster.
    Exit the kitchen doors and make sure there are no stragglers-you're almost
    finished, but the grunt work is not yet over. Turn right and exit through the
    red double-doors. Go up to Lee Hong's Headquarters and liberate one of the
    guards you shot earlier of his clothes and AK-47. The doors to the Headquarters
    will be locked (you wouldn't want to go in, anyway), so go back to the kitchen.
    Using the opening to the left of the recently expired bodyguard, go back into
    the basement. The guards won't be looking for a suspicious Red Dragon member,
    so you can surprise the two Red Dragons you find by shooting them several times
    with your brand new AK-47. If you're afraid of being shot, hide behind the
    opening to the left and lean right, into the opening. Shoot the one guard, and
    kill the other when he comes to investigate.
    Reload your weapon and go down the steps to open the wooden door in front of
    you. Run forward and hide in the corner with the small wall to your right. Turn
    right and lean right to look down the hall. Using the AK-47, shoot the two Red
    Dragons at the end of the hall. Order doesn't matter, they'll both be dead soon
    enough. Continue down this hall and across the bridge until you find an
    elevator. Take the elevator down to "Basement 2".
    Cut the throat of the guard with his back to you and leave him there. Continue
    through the only opening in this room into a smaller room where there is an
    opening to a long hallway. At the end of the hallway are two guards. One of
    them patrols to the opening of the room where you are. When he does, sneak up
    behind him and strangle him, then go kill his buddy (do this silently so as not
    to alert his friends upstairs). Call the elevator, holster everything, and then
    make the AK-47 your primary weapon. Take the elevator to "Floor 1" and make
    sure your gun is reloaded.
    Go up the stairs in front of you when the elevator opens. Follow them to the
    top and turn left. Take the leftmost opening where you can see a Red Dragon
    member. Take cover behind the wall but directly in front of the Red Dragon guy.
    Now comes the most difficult part. With your AK-47, shoot the Red Dragon in
    front of you in the face. Strafe and lean left out of the opening. Shoot the
    two Red Dragons running towards you. Reload quickly and run towards the top of
    the stairs. Shoot and Red Dragons that come up the stairs as they won't suspect
    you until they directly see you shooting. Stay in the opening at the top of the
    stairs and lean left to kill the Red Dragons running up to investigate.
    Reload and wait for a few seconds, then go down the stairs. At the bottom of
    the stairs, take a hard left. Still, the remaining guys won't (read: shouldn't)
    suspect you, so you should take your time. Shoot the Red Dragon member you find
    at the end of the hallway. There will be one guy in front of the front doors to
    the Headquarters (to the left of the guy you just shot), and then one more in
    the hallway opposite the one you are in. Depending on your massacre on the
    stairs earlier, one or both of the hallway Red Dragons may have been previously
    eliminated. Kill these remaining Red Dragons and then check the Headquarters
    once more.
    Go back to the elevator. Facing the elevator, turn left to find the black
    grate-looking door. Open the door and take the lift down to the dock. ONCE, I
    had a Red Dragon guy on the dock that I had to shoot (he didn't suspect me), so
    be prepared in case that happens. Head to the boat and escape. Congratulations,
    you were the only survivor of the day (except the innocents). Oh, and you can
    exhale now.
    #Find the U'wa Tribe#
    Your next target is Pablo Belisario Ochoa, a Columbia drug lord. In this
    mission, you will enlist the help of a local tribe to find Pablo's secret camp.
    A plane has crashed in this area with a Holy Figure. Bring the Holy Figure to
    the tribe, and they will help you find the drug lord.
    -Secure Holy Figure
    -Bring Figure to tribal village
    -Free the Chief's brother
    Oyabun Knife - $65
    Fibre Wire - $110
    Beretta 92 - $475
    Kevlar Body Armor - $900
    The size of this map alone brings trouble both giving and following
    directions. If you alarm the guards, then ALL of the guards on the levels will
    see through your costume. Use the map, screw the compass.
    When you start out, run forward and to the left. You will eventually come upon
    a trench in the jungle. Follow the trench left, watching the side of the trench
    on which you started. You will find a group of four soldiers walking across the
    trench. The first three stop in the trench and look around, and the last one
    stays above the trench. Sneak up behind the latter, and strangle him. This is
    the only way to get a uniform without being discovered by the other soldiers.
    Steal his uniform and his gun. Make sure you take the uniform of a solder
    (Crocodile Dundee hat, not baseball cap). Shoot the other guards with the
    Using your map, locate the crash site. It is at the center of the yellow
    marker on your map. On your way from where you should be and the crash site,
    there will be two soldiers (probably on your left). Kill them with the AK, and
    take one of theirs. Try to get to the crash site before the soldiers, so you
    can take the Holy Figure (although it really doesn't matter). Stand where you
    would pick up the Holy Figure, and wait. A guard will walk in from the left and
    stand in front of you. He is the last soldier to get into place when they are
    securing the crash site. Kill him with the knife, and pick up the Holy figure,
    if you have not.
    Go around to the other side of the plane (either way) and climb up on the
    plane using the wing. Continue up the wing and behind the soldier on top. Cut
    his throat. Go back down to where the Holy Figure was.
    Sneak up behind the leftmost soldier and strangle him. Then, retreat again
    back to where the Figure was. One-by-one, the soldier surrounding the plane
    will discover a dead soldier. They will pause, stand up and put their hands up
    to their face (as though they are deep in thought...). Then they will turn
    around and run towards the body. You must strangle each one while they are
    running, a little before they reach the body. You are trying to prevent the
    other guards from becoming alarmed. If you find yourself in a fire-fight,
    restart the mission-trust me.
    As flimsy as that sounds, it is an effective and easy method of dispatching
    the soldiers. Run South (use your map) until you reach the river. Turn right
    and run along the river until you  find the bridge. There are three soldiers at
    the foot of the bridge, three more, further down the bridge, and one in the
    guard tower to your right.
    Climb the guard tower and hit Sneak Mode. Before you eliminate the soldier,
    grab the ammo for the Sniper's Rifle that just HAPPENS to be lying in the
    tower. DO NOT, however, take the Rifle (the guard will turn and shoot your ass
    off). Wait for the helicopter to pass over the bridge going in the direction of
    the village (left). Once it is out of sight, you only have about a minute
    before it comes back. Cut the throat of the soldier, take his M60 and quickly
    turn around, but stay in place and don't move towards the bridge. The three
    soldiers at the foot of the bridge will now be upset with you. Show them the
    true meaning of peace (the absence of people shooting you) and when they are
    down, grab the Sniper's Rifle. Kill the three guards on the bridge and the one
    in the guard tower opposite you. This will free the Chief's brother.
    Now comes the most difficult part. Drop down from the guard tower and take one
    of the dead soldier's AK-47s. Follow the Chief's brother (the prisoner) through
    the jungle. He will run past almost every remaining soldier on the map. When
    you come to them, dispatch them with your  AK and take one of theirs (the
    brother hits the deck every time shots are fired, so you have time). Eventually
    you will happen upon two guards guarding an ammo stash, so make sure you take
    the ammo.
    Once you arrive at the village, take out the Holy Figure and head south
    without entering the village. Holster the Figure and ready your AK. Run back
    along the river to the right. You will come upon two soldiers to your right.
    Kill them, take one of their AKs, and head back to the village.
    Back at the village, take out the Figure, and go find the Chief in the center.
    There will be a cutscene with you handing over the Figure, and then another
    with the Chief, and you will be in the next mission. A good thing your health
    and armor get restored at the beginning of the next mission.
    #The Jungle God#
    The Chief tells you of a hidden passage to Pablo's camp. Find the hidden
    passage to go kill Pablo.
    -Find the hidden passage to Pablo's camp
    None available
    From the bridge at which you start, head forward. Kill the two soldiers in
    front of you with you AK, and take one of theirs. Turn and face the bridge.
    Head right, around the ruins (or whatnot). Nobody will shoot at you provided
    you are wearing a soldier's uniform, so don't worry. Stay outside the ruins and
    follow around the outside until you come to a wall you cannot pass. On the
    other side of the wall is a bloody platform.
    Find a way to the platform (there are several places where the wall is
    crumbling around you), but do not go onto the platform. Instead, turn away from
    it, and go left. You should see a sort of temple with two statues (probably of
    Jaguars). Take the steps up to the temple and kill the two soldiers with your
    AK. In the center of the grassy area on top of the temple is a hole. Drop down
    and drop your AK. Continue down the hole and take the M16A2 and all the ammo.
    You are now heavily armed enough to take out a third-world country.
    Continue down the hole and you will come out of an opening. Go forward, and
    you will see some soldiers. Shoot them. Shooting them brings all of the other
    soldiers from the map, so shoot them, when they arrive. You really do make
    quick work of them.
    You now have two options. Since you no doubt took some damage, you don't want
    to mess with the stupid Jaguar. You can either drag a dead soldier to the
    bloody platform, or just shoot to damned thing. Shooting it, however, pisses
    off the natives. If you're not entirely lazy, just drag a soldier. Once the
    Jaguar starts munching away, waltz past and into the tunnel. Thank God for the
    restoration of health and armor!
    #Say Hello to My Little Friend#
    ##Not Genocidal##
    Alright. First you must kill the two guards to the right of where you start on
    the map. You can safely kill them right after the three guards pass. Continue
    around the compound and kill the next two guards you come to at the corner of
    the compound.
    Now go and kill Pablo, as described below. Once you exit the house, turn right
    on the road instead of left. You must kill the guards in the towers. The best
    (quickest) way is with the knife. You must be very careful that there are no
    other guards around. The patrolling guards is the number one reason you will
    mess this up. When the road ends, you will see a guard tower to your right. Go
    up and kill the guard.
    Continue east (left on the map) and kill the guards in the next three towers.
    At this point, you will be at the fence of the drug lab. Go south and kill the
    guard in the tower you find. Then east again to that tower. East past the drug
    lab entrance, and then north to the tower in the corner. Back south past the
    drug lab fence to the tower. Go west between the two roads and get the two
    towers there. The closest tower has a load of Sniper's Ammo, so take it. The
    southeast to the two towers in the big niche in the fence (east of the
    entrance)-order doesn't matter. Go through the entrance and kill the guard in
    the sunken bunker-his friends surprisingly won't see you as long as the
    _PATROLLING_ guards aren't about. Back in through the entrance, and then west
    to the tower. Now go back to the very first tower you climbed. There are three
    towers south of this one. After that, the towers are done.
    Now go place the bomb in the drug lab as described below. Your only obligation
    left is to kill the patrolling guards. Go out of the entrance to the drug lab
    and turn right. Climb the tower you find. There's a Sniper's Rifle and some
    ammo up there. Take the ammo first. Get the Sniper's Rifle and aim outside the
    camp. For some reason, guards tend to not shoot you when you're in the tower.
    Kill the two guards there. Then, kill the guards patrolling the outside of the
    compound. The groups of three soldiers travel in twos... one group about 200
    paces behind the other. There are three groups of the two groups traveling
    around the outside. There is one group traveling around the drug lab, at least
    two groups traveling around the airstrip, and at least three going around the
    rest of the inner compound. There are also two houses with three soldiers
    standing outside-one outside the front entrance, and one outside the drug lab
    entrance. After that, the only soldiers left are the three in front of the
    As you can probably tell, I've not yet made it that far. I usually get caught
    killing soldiers in the towers... and I have such little patience. You'll need
    a better weapon than a Sniper's Rifle to take out the soldiers you can't shoot
    from the tower. The tent south of the mansion (where you got the AK ammo) has
    two M16A2s which are nice, but you might run out of ammo. My suggestion is the
    tent west of the tent with the M16A2s, which has a bunch of Machine Gun ammo
    and a Minigun *grin*. Yes, life is good.
    	Below is the normal walkthrough.
    You must now kill Pablo and destroy his drug lab. Naturally, Pablo keeps an
    explosive on his desk, so perhaps you can liberate it from him.
    -Eliminate the Drug Lord
    -Blow up the laboratory
    None available
    When you begin, you are crawling out of the hidden passage. Shortly in front
    of you and to the left is a crate containing some knives and some body armor.
    Take the armor if you need it, and head right. Walk around the camp until you
    find the entrance (there is only one). walk around the arm in front of the
    entrance. Follow the road from the entrance keeping left  at the first
    intersection. At the second intersection, you will find Pablo's mansion. Turn
    right at the intersection and then go left to enter the first tent. This tent
    has two M16A2s (that you can't carry) and a BUNCH of AK ammo. Grab the ammo
    before heading to the mansion. Throughout the mansion, make sure to liberate
    the soldiers of their Desert Eagles. Go back out of the tent to the road and
    turn right.
    You will see a cut scene of Pablo doing cocaine. Keep following the road to go
    around to the back of the house (opposite the double-doors). There are two
    decks around the mansion, one of which has two soldiers standing beside the
    stairs (front of house) and the other is unguarded (back, where you should be).
    Take the steps of the unguarded one, but do not open the door you end up
    facing. Instead, turn right and follow the deck to another door. When you open
    this door, there is a soldier behind it. Don't kill him yet. Walk past him and
    turn left to find another soldier. Turn right and you will see a single door at
    the end of a hallway. This door does not lead back outside. Enter the door and
    there will be a lone guard in the room. Hit Sneak Mode, strangle him, and hide
    his body out of view of the door you just entered.
    Return to the two guards you previously left unharmed, and strangle them both
    (order doesn't matter-although I have noticed that if you leave the door open
    in front of the guard, he doesn't hear you kill the other guy). Behind the
    guard not guarding the door is a hallway. Follow the hallway past the
    double-doors to another single door. Inside you will find a guard infatuated
    with the sink. Ice him and leave through the door to his right. Do not kill the
    guard you are now behind. Instead, turn a hard left and open the door to the
    right of the one you just came through. Kill this guard and go back into the
    main area with the staircase.
    Facing the first floor double-doors that are between the stairs, go right up
    the stairs. Take the first door on your left. Strangle the guard and take his
    Silenced Beretta and the ammo. Go to the door from which you did not enter.
    Open this door, strangle the guard, and drag him into the previous room. Now,
    exit through the room where there are no bodies.
    Walk past the guard (he might say something to you) and take the last single
    door on the left. SKIP THE DOUBLE-DOORS and the next single door! In this room
    there are no guards, just a ladder. Take the ladder up and kill the guard you
    find there. Take his clothes and exchange his weapon for yours if it is
    different, you should now be wearing the baseball cap uniform. Climb back down
    and go to the only single door on the second floor you skipped-it should be the
    bathroom. Close the door behind you and strangle the guard. Ready your AK-47
    and open the door.
    Shoot the guard in front of the double-doors in the head. His death will bring
    the guard on the first floor up toe investigate. Shut the door and wait for the
    warning that guards found a dead soldier. Open the door shoot this guard. His
    death will bring all the guards in this area you left alive. Using the same
    method of open the door, shoot, close the door, mow them down. By my count,
    there will be four total soldiers in addition to the one in front of the
    double-doors. Explore the house to make sure all of the soldiers inside are
    dead. Now, gather two of the AK-47s and AK-103s the guards dropped. Drop them
    to the left of the second floor double-doors, so you can get them and be out of
    Now, go open the double-doors on the second level. As soon as the cut scene is
    over, strafe left behind the wall. Use the Lean Right key to shoot Pablo. Every
    time you hit him, he will pause to insult you. You will need to shoot him
    several times before he dies. If you need more bullets (you shouldn't), grab
    one of the gun you dropped. After he calls you a "Son of a Puta," he will die.
    Take great care not to shoot the windows behind him. If you do, guards from
    several other areas will be alarmed and you are in quite a bit of trouble. Grab
    the bomb on his desk. Go back to the room with the ladder. Climb the ladder and
    take back your old uniform. Take back your old gun if it's a different type
    than the one you have. You should be wearing the standard soldier uniform
    (Crocodile Dundee hat) and you should have an AK-47.
    Exit the mansion from the door you used to enter. Make sure the body in front
    of the door isn't visible, and nobody should be shooting at you. Turn left and
    find the road. At the road, again turn left and follow it until the road
    intersects another. Turn right at the intersection and follow this road to the
    drug lab. On your right will be some tents. Go inside the second tent to find a
    bullet-proof vest and a Silenced Beretta with ammo. Take the Beretta and the
    ammo (and the vest if you need it), and continue on the road. You will want to
    enter the lab from the right side, so head right once you duck under the
    arm-thing. There will be a set of concrete stairs to your left so take them
    down. The two guards on the landing will tell you to go away. Make sure you
    have descended the stairs enough that the guards patrolling can't see you. Take
    out the Silenced Beretta and shoot the two soldiers in the head. One more will
    be further down the stairs to the left, so lean around the corner and take him
    out as well. This will only alarm one guard inside the lab.
    Open the door and go inside to the second door. Again, hug the left of the
    door against the wall. Lean Right, ready your Silenced Beretta, and open the
    door. Shoot everyone inside. Even though there are several guards in this area,
    you should be able to kill them all without them attacking you.
    Once everyone is dead, go inside and check for survivors. A soldier likes to
    hide behind the crates to your left, so strafe your way into the room so you
    won't be surprised. There are also two guards through the opening in front of
    you that don't seem to notice their friends being slaughtered. If you can get
    by without them being alarmed, then simply walk past them. Nearby guards won't
    be running to help for some reason, so take out the bomb and right click on the
    crates you find. Place the bomb there. Take the uniform of an officer, the
    baseball cap uniform and EMPTY YOUR HANDS of all weapons, or the guards at the
    plane will shoot you. Exit through the opening and turn left to find the road.
    Now, run back to the mansion using the road. Again, the guards shouldn't be
    tipped off and shouldn't start shooting you. On the opposite side of the
    mansion is a metal hanger with a plane, which is your escape point. Follow the
    road to the left around the mansion. Go around to the front of the hanger (you
    arrive at the back), and you'll find three guards in front of the plane. One of
    them will run up to you and tell you to leave. Whip out a Silenced Beretta or
    two and teach them to keep their mouths shut. Take out the Remote Detonator,
    blow the lab, right click on the plane, select "Fly Plane", and be happy the
    mission is finally over.
    -I found a glitch in my version of the game. If you try to use the Remote
    Detonator before you bring it out all the way, the game will crash. Make sure
    you wait a second between bringing out the detonator, and using it. It really
    sucks to make it this far in the mission, only to be brought down by something
    that isn't your fault.
    #Traditions of the Trade#
    ##Not Genocidal##
    I've just simply not written down the instructions for this. It's easy,
    though. Shoot the bodyguard outside of Fuchs' room with the Silenced Luger (use
    the ammo trick described in the notes to load up on ammo). Holster the Luger,
    wait for a guard to come, shoot him, repeat. There are four sections of the
    hotel you do this with. However, with so much movement in the hotel, it is hard
    to write a walkthrough that would stay consistent.
    	Below is the regular walkthrough.
    You are to eliminate the terrorist Frantz Fuchs and retrieve a chemical weapon
    he has placed in the hotel.
    -Eliminate Frantz Fuchs
    -Secure Terrorist Bomb
    Fibre Wire - $110
    Kevlar Body Armor - $900
    Those of you wanting to bring other weapons such as the knife along with you
    should note that there are several metal detectors scattered throughout the
    hotel. You cannot bring any other equipment (with the exception of the Sniper's
    Rifle) into the hotel. That being said, this is the coolest mission in the
    whole game. You finally feel like a hitman, not a gunman.
    Go through the front doors of the hotel. Head right along the ground floor and
    go through the doors to the right of the staircase. Turn right and you will
    find yourself in the changing room. Open the rightmost changing room and take
    the bathing suit. Shut the door behind you and then take your Fibre Wire.
    Holster it (where does he put it?) and go back into the changing room. Head
    right through the doors and then left into the pool area. Keep right along the
    wall and go into the alcove on the right. Strangle the man in the bikini you
    find there if you can. If he is already sitting in the sauna, turn the handle
    just outside the sauna in the alcove to kill him. Go to his body and take the
    X-Ray room key. Leave the body there.
    Go back to your street clothes and change into those. Get back to the lobby of
    the hotel and go up the main staircase. Keep right and go through the metal
    detector. Again keep right and go through the two sets of double-doors. In this
    hallway, there is a guard standing in front of a door. This is Frantz Fuchs'
    room. Go to a room where a bellboy is cleaning and take the Master Key from the
    door (bellboys are all over the hotel). Nobody cares when you do this. This
    will also send the bellboy back down to the front desk to get another key.
    Go into the room to the right of the guarded room and go onto the balcony.
    Turn left and watch the adjacent balcony. A guard will come out and stretch.
    He'll look around a bit, and then go back inside. Once he is back inside, walk
    all the way to the end of the balcony to make Hitman jump to the other balcony
    (the only place you jump like this in the game). Hit sneak Mode and get out
    your Fibre Wire. Open the door and sneak up behind the guard who seems
    infatuated with the mirror (he must be narcissistic). Strangle him and drag his
    body into the corner so it cannot be seen when the door to the room is opened.
    Take all the items on the desk (Sign, room key, and Silenced Luger) and the
    bodyguard's clothes and Desert Eagle.
    Open the door to the hallway (across from the balcony). Get in Sneak Mode and
    take out the Sign. Right click on the door handle and place the sign. When the
    sign is on the door and the door is closed, the hotel staff won't enter the
    room. Strangle the bodyguard when the coast is clear (lean out and look around
    the hall). If you are seen, just shut the door quickly. If you weren't seen,
    drag the guard in the room and shut the door. You can also shut the door during
    the strangle animation, which will cause the body to pop inside. Either way,
    take out your Luger and open the door to the bathroom (only other door in the
    room). Shoot Frantz in the head; he'll be in the shower to your left. Go back
    out into the room and take the briefcase-looking Bomb Case. Take your street
    clothes back (if you were seen, they'll be looking for a bodyguard) and jump to
    the balcony of the previous room.
    Go out the other hotel room and into the hallway. Turn left immediately and
    choose the single door. This will take you onto a balcony which goes to the
    other side of the hotel. Continue across the balcony and go into the door your
    find. Head left and up the stairs you find following the signs to the Dentist
    office. At the top of the stairs you will find some double-doors. Once through
    these doors, you will find some orange doors to your right. Go through them and
    onto the roof. Turn left and walk off the roof path. You will climb over the
    center divider and then climb back down. Keep left. You will see an open window
    on your left. Go into this window and your will find a bodyguard staring out
    the window. You can be as noisy as you would like killing him, nobody can hear.
    Go left and through those double-doors. Quickly go into the X-Ray room which
    is in front of you and pick up the bomb. Go back out of the window (don't kill
    the guard at the open door, that will only cause trouble). Get back to the path
    on the roof and turn right (they way you came). Open the orange doors and head
    right. Turn left before the set of double-doors at the end of the hall to find
    another set of double-doors. Enter those doors and go past the guard to the set
    of double-doors you find. In this hallway, turn right. You will see some
    dumbwaiters on your right (square wooden things on the wall). Past those and on
    your right is a little hallway with a single wooden door. The open the door to
    find the stairs. Go all the way to the bottom floor and open he door. Turn left
    in the little hallway (as if you had a choice), and then turn right and head to
    the back of the kitchen. In front of you will be a pair of orange double-doors.
    Through the doors and down the steps on the left to a cut scene where you are
    picked up and on to the next mission.
    -If you don't kill Fritz Fuchs in the Sauna (before he gets in the pool), you
    will have to go ask his secretary where he is. Follow the signs to the dentist
    and ask the lady behind the desk. He will either be in the Sauna, the Casino,
    or the Dining Room. Strangle Fritz when he goes into the bathroom.
    -If you kill a police officer, you get docked $5000, but you can take the
    uniform and walk through metal detectors without setting them off (must be a
    clothes-scanning metal detector).
    	-You cannot put the "Do Not Disturb" sign on any other door than Fuchs'.
    -If you want to hide a body, hide it in the bathroom of a close hotel room.
    The bellboys don't clean the bathrooms and apparently the guests never use them
    (the bathrooms).
    -You must put the bomb in the bomb case provided in Fuchs' room. If you do
    not, guards will shoot you.
    -Want to "borrow" the Master Key? If you take the Master Key when the bellboy
    is also reaching for the key, the key will be in your possession until the
    bellboy opens another room (uses the key). You can snag the key near Fuchs'
    room, use it to open the door you need, and that way the bellboy won't have to
    go get another key and therefore spend much more time in the hall. Neat trick.
    Of course, if you want to exit through the door that is not Fuchs', you find it
    is locked if you don't have the Master Key.
    -If you want to bring along ammunition, purchase the cheapest guns you can and
    all the ammo you can carry. When you begin the level, walk up against the hotel
    so the guards can't see you. Drop your weapons (except, of course, the Fibre
    Wire). You ammo will stay with you. The only kind of ammo that matters is the
    Beretta 92 ($475) which supplies for the Silenced Luger and all other Beretta
    92s (standard police issue), the Desert Eagle ($1200) which only supplies
    Desert Eagles (standard bodyguard weapon), and the shotgun, which you cannot
    -There is only one weapon in this level that is not a handgun-it's a Shotgun.
    To get it, kill Fuchs and take his room key from the table (to the left of the
    Silenced Luger). Drop your weapons and the bomb case in the other room and go
    back down to the front desk. Get your mail by talking to the hotel clerk and
    take the letters he places on the counter. Back up to the room where your
    weapons are and then across the balcony as described above. Instead of turning
    left to the Dentist, turn right and go to the flower shop. Talk to the guy
    there, and he will give you a Shotgun in a Flower Box. You can walk around the
    hotel with it in the Flower Box and nobody can tell. However, it DOES set off
    metal detectors and it takes about two seconds for you to bust out the Shotgun.
    You also cannot carry the bomb case and the Flower Box at the same time, so
    it's rather useless.
    -An alternate way to get into Fuchs' room is under the guise of a bellboy.
    This is very hard to feat to accomplish. First, steal a Master Key from one of
    the other bellboys when he is in a room. Then, go up the main stairs in the
    lobby and turn left at the landing. Go through the metal detector and turn left
    in the hall you enter. After the corner in the wall to the right, turn right
    and enter the double-doors to find yourself in the "Conference Room" (as it is
    marked by a sign). Continue to the other end of the room and enter the
    double-doors you find. In this hall, turn left and go into the door that has
    the "Authorized Personnel" sign on it. You must have the Master Key to open
    this door. Inside you will find a bellboy uniform. For added authenticity
    (although it is not required), you can go grab a towel from the Men's Changing
    Area. Turn right when you enter the first set of green double-doors to find a
    wooden door; inside of which you will find three towels. Go to Fuchs' room and
    talk to the bodyguard. You will tell him you are brining fresh towels. Once
    inside, move quickly-you really have only ten seconds until the guard inside
    throws you out. Grab the Silenced Luger on the table, pop the guard inside, and
    turn to shoot the other guard as he comes in the door. Then go into the
    bathroom and shoot Fuchs. This must be EXTREMELY well-timed if you expect not
    to get caught.
    -There is also an alternate way of escape through the front doors. A limo
    drives up, you jump in, and it speeds off. It looks much cooler, but you have
    to walk through a metal detector. After you pick up the bomb and head back out
    the Dentist's window, head across the roof to the path. Turn left (the way you
    didn't come), instead of right, and go in these orange doors. Turn left and
    move forward through the double-doors. You will be in a hallway with only one
    door, to your right. Open it to find the stairs. Go all the way down and open
    the door at the bottom. Follow the hallway you find yourself in, through two
    sets of double-doors. Once through the second set, turn right and go through
    the double-doors your find there. Open another set a few feet in front of you,
    and keep going forward into the lobby. Turn left and go out the way you came
    in. Run through the metal detector to cue the cut scene.
    #Gunrunner's Paradise#
    You must kill Arkadij Jegorov ("Boris"), the man who was supplying the Triads
    and the drug lord with weapons. First you must find him, however. There is an
    arms deal between Boris and a Dutch gang going down. You must pose as a gang
    member and place a tracking device on the money meant for Boris. This will tell
    you where Boris is hiding.
    -Place GPS tracker on gang car
    -Move GPS tracker to money suitcase
    -Give the suitcase to Ivan
    Fibre Wire - $110
    Kevlar Body Armor - $900
    GPS Receiver - $0
    GPS Transmitter - $4000
    Heckler & Kotch MP5SD - $2700 (Buy as much ammo as it will let you-you'll need
    Timing this the way I did is best-work fast. Also make sure you don't reload
    your Uzi-that will waste ammo. Instead, just drop the used Uzi and take the Uzi
    of the gang member(s) you kill. This doesn't change much from the regular
    From the starting point, move forward and right until you reach some train
    tracks. You should be able to see a lone gang member walking in front of you.
    He has no visible weapon and doesn't seem to mind that you are there with him.
    Sneak up behind him and ice him for his ignorance. Go switch the tracks, the
    switch should be behind you. Now take the gang member's clothes and gun. Drag
    his body to a dark area next to the fence which should be to your right.
    Holster everything but take the Uzi out so it is visible (it's the standard
    visible weapon).
    Follow the tracks to the left-the way the arrow should be pointing. Before
    long you will find a boarding platform. Continue past it and switch the switch
    farthest from you. Turn around and head back to the platform. Turn left at the
    platform and head forward. You will see an orange car parked in front of a
    building. There is a gang member standing next to the building, watching the
    car. Go in the door to the left of him and you will be in the strip club.
    Talk to the bartender. He will arrange a backstage meeting between you and the
    stripper. Go in the door to the left of the stage, and the stripper will join
    you shortly. Talk to her. Follow her outside and stand next to the car. She
    will walk off with the gang member that was guarding the car. When his back is
    fully turned, right click on the car and place the GPS Transmitter. Make your
    way back to the boarding platform.
    When you get back to the platform, turn right. Now switch the switch closest
    to you. This ensures that every possible area is open to your access. Turn left
    and head up the tracks the direction you came at the very beginning of this
    mission. You want to go back to the first guy you killed. About now there will
    be another gang member discovering the body, so go kill him. Drop your Uzi, and
    take his.
    Go back to the platform and kill the three gang members with your Uzi. Line up
    the two farthest from the platform so you can kill them in one burst of fire,
    then quickly turn and ice the third guy. Head between the building towards the
    strip club, then turn right and go between the buildings and away from the
    strip club. You will find three more gang members standing around a burning
    barrel. Kill the two gang members you can see when against the building to the
    right, and then the third when he investigates.
    Go out of the gate in front of you and find the train tracks. Turn left and
    follow the tracks. There is one more gang member patrolling these tracks. He
    will spot you first, but isn't a good shot (and who is with an Uzi?), so take
    him down.
    Check your map. The GPS Transmitter will place a blinking red icon on your
    map. You can also take out the GPS Receiver and track the car that way. Either
    way, find the gang car. Make sure the Uzi is the only visible object you have
    in your hands when you find the gang car, however, as the warehouse is
    surrounded by dogs.
    Using your Silenced MP5, kill all the dogs surrounding the warehouse. Remove
    the GPS Transmitter from the gang car, and then go to the opposite end of the
    warehouse. Open the doors of the warehouse and prepare for a firefight. Kill
    all gang members you can see, but do not go inside the warehouse. Once the gang
    members have stopped filing out towards you, take out your Uzi. Again, open the
    door to the warehouse and fire inside to make sure everyone heard you and there
    will be no surprises. Once you are sure everyone is dead (on Hard, I count four
    gang members), go inside.
    Depending on where you entered, there might be two more gang members (in
    addition to the four) guarding the briefcase with money. If so, kill them as
    well (they will be out in the open). Once everyone in the warehouse is dead, a
    message will come up saying Ivan will arrive in three minutes. Use the
    strafe-drag trick described at the top of this walkthrough to drag all gang
    members out of Ivan's sight. The best place is in the center of the warehouse,
    between the boxes found there. Make sure you pick up all the weapons, as well.
    You should finish about the time you get the message saying Ivan will arrive
    in one minute. Go to the briefcase which should still by lying on the floor,
    and pick it up. Select the GPS Transmitter in your inventory and you should
    place it in the briefcase. Stand exactly where you picked up the briefcase.
    Ivan will arrive shortly. If he sees any gang member's bodies, he will flip
    out and you will fail the mission. Apparently, though, he has no problems with
    massive amounts of blood stains and the dead dogs outside. Whatever, I won't
    argue. He arrives, you give him the money, and he leaves. Good job!
    #Plutonium Runs Loose#
    ##Not Genocidal##
    I need to perfect the order in which I should do things. It's going to be
    difficult to plan killing every crew member on the ship. For now, below is the
    regular walkthrough.
    Thanks to your job on the previous mission, you now know where Boris is
    hiding. Eliminate him and take the ship to international waters. He also
    happens to have acquired an old nuclear bomb, which you must prevent from going
    -Eliminate Boris
    -Nuclear bomb must be disarmed
    -Take ship to international waters
    Fibre Wire - $110
    Beretta 92 Silenced - $775
    Kevlar Body Armor - $900
    This level is insanely difficult simply because you don't stand a chance
    against the guards.
    Turn around and climb the ladder you find. Go forward to the train tracks and
    continue forward until you are past the closest corner of the closest building
    (can be seen to your right). If you don't go far enough, the guard you're about
    to sneak up on will see you. Turn right and run towards the building. Hit Sneak
    Mode and strangle the guard there. Take his clothes and his MP5. Make sure to
    holster everything, but leave the MP5 visible.
    Continue in the direction you were facing and turn left to go around the
    building. Run forward and right until you come to the train tracks again. Turn
    right and follow the tracks until you see two guards standing in front of a
    door in the fence. Stop there. You will see two guards come through the door
    and walk off to your right. Both guards will return, also from the right. Get
    as close as you possibly can to the guard, I recommend using the walk button
    and simply staying behind him. Walk up to the door with him and he will say
    something to the guards. The door will open. Follow him in, again staying as
    close as possible.
    Once through the doors, follow the train tracks. They will curve off to the
    right, so follow. After the curve, there will be another track joining the
    track you are following. The joining track comes from the left. Follow the new
    track left. This track eventually turns to the right, so follow. At this point,
    take out your Silenced Beretta. Continue down the track while watching the
    fence to your right. You will hear a dog bark, and the dog will come at you
    from the left. You should have plenty of time to kill it before it gets to you.
    Around this area is an opening in the fence to your right. It is marked with
    yellow crates on either side. Go inside the fence using this opening.
    Turn left and you should see two buildings. Go between them and then continue
    in that direction. You will come up on some more tracks, but keep going. To the
    left you will see a narrow section between some buildings and the inside fence.
    Continue through there, keeping close to the inner fence. When you reach the
    end of the fence, you will again see a door in the fence to your left. To the
    right of the door, is an opening just like the one you used previously. Go out
    of the opening (nobody cares when you do this) and turn right. Move forward,
    keeping close to the fence. When the fence turns right, turn right yourself.
    You will see two buildings to your left. Again, go between them.
    Continue to the edge of the water. Turn left at the edge, and continue around
    the edge keeping close to the water. When two more buildings appear to your
    left, take out your silenced Beretta. In the alley between the buildings are
    two dogs which will attack you. Continue down the edge of the water until you
    hear the dogs bark, then shoot them before they get you. Bring back out the MP5
    and continue in the direction you were going, but this time stay close to the
    second building. Turn left and go around the building until you find two trash
    cans. Depending on your timing, there may be a guard between the trash cans and
    the building. If there isn't, wait until he arrives. Strangle him, then bring
    back out your Silenced Beretta. Go back to the edge of the water and continue
    down the pier.
    Soon you will come to a group of trailers on your left. There is a dog that
    will attack you from between the trailers when you approach. Kill the dog, and
    enter the trailer closest to you (the only one you can). In here you will find
    a stash of weapons. Go to the back and look left. Pick up the Sniper Ammo,
    Beretta, Silenced Beretta, and Hardballer. Turn left and look at the crate on
    the ground. Pick up the MP5SD (Silenced MP5) and the Car Bomb. Turn around and
    pick up the Sniper's Rifle. If any of Boris' guards see you with this rifle,
    they will immediately open fire and/or run and tell Boris. Be very careful.
    Exit the trailer and turn right. Follow the edge of the water as you did
    before. On your left, close to the water, will be iron pegs (in pairs) which
    are used to tie up ships. You will want to stop around the last pair of pegs,
    right before the orange crates. From here, you should be able to see two
    buildings you passed between earlier (not the two with the dogs-those should be
    behind/beside you). Drop the Sniper's Rifle and take out your MP5. Head back
    between the two buildings and then left along the fence. Keep going forward
    past the corner of the fence to find a guard facing you. Strangle him so he
    doesn't see the murders that are about to take place.
    Go back to the sniper's rifle and pick it up. Look over the water so you can
    see the two guards at the nearest door in the fence, then shoot 'em. They take
    two shots in the chest, one in the head. Wait for a minute and watch to make
    sure no guards saw them die. If a guard runs up to the bodies, shoot him, too.
    Continue around the edge of the water making your way towards the guards you
    just shot. On the building closest to the two dead guards is another guard. He
    is on the corner closest to the guards, but he shouldn't be alarmed and
    shouldn't see you. Use the rifle to look around and again make sure no guards
    are close. Pop him in the head.
    Continue to follow the edge of the water and press yourself up against the
    fence. Using the Sniper's Rifle, again make sure nobody is close, and then take
    out the two guards guarding the next door in the fence. The train tracks that
    go through the door next to you also go through the door they are guarding.
    There is a guard on the rooftop of a building which is on the inside of both
    fences. He is standing on the corner closest to the two guards you just shot.
    Shoot him, as well.
    Turn right and take a M16A2 from one of the dead guards. This will make you
    drop your Sniper's Rifle, which you want to do anyway. Open the door and go
    forward to the next door. Open it as well. Walk forward and then turn left to
    make it on to Boris' pier. Go down the pier towards the two buildings. There
    are two guards circling each building. When you approach the first building,
    stay on that side of the building. Make sure you're in Sneak Mode and strangle
    the guard when he comes near; then leave him. Go around the building (towards
    the limo) and follow the other guard so he doesn't suspect you of the killing.
    When he finds the dead guard, he will run up to look. Run behind him and
    strangle him.
    Now go to the second building. Go to the side farthest from the first
    building. Strangle one guard as he's walking and then use the same
    get-behind-and-strangle-as-he's-looking-at-the-dead-body trick. Now you can
    safely take out the limo guard.
    Go back to the first building and go to the side with the two dead guards.
    Lean around the side so you can see the driver. Whip out your MP5SD and make
    short work of him. Like all of Boris' guards, he's wearing a bullet-proof vest,
    which means he can take about 6 or 7 shots before going down. Pick up your
    M16A2 and bring out the Car Bomb. Go up to the driver's door of the limo and
    right click on it, placing the bomb. This car bomb is cooler than the last few
    because it goes off then the car is started, so that's it for Boris. Let's hit
    the ship.
    From between the two buildings, walk up to the ship. Turn left to see the
    concrete stairs leading up to the ship. For some strange reason, there is a
    lone crew member on the other side of the steps. Go around the steps and
    strangle him. Drag his body backwards, between the steps and the ship. Take his
    clothes and Beretta and empty your hands. Go back around to the stairs and go
    up. The crew shouldn't give you any trouble, now that you look like a crew
    member. At the top of the stairs, turn right. Continue and turn left into the
    first door you can take. Through here, turn right to find a set of stairs
    leading down. Take those stairs down. At the bottom, there will be another set
    of stairs off to your right a bit. Take those down as well. Take a sharp right
    at the bottom and head down the hallway. Climb the short set of stairs and open
    the door.
    You will now be in the cargo hold. Turn right and walk past the stairs to the
    wall on the other end of the ship. Turn around and you should see some steps
    going down. Take those steps down. There will be an opening to your right which
    leads to the engine room. There is a guy on the floor of the room in front of
    you and one you can't see to the left of the door. Ivan is in the back. Lean in
    and cap the guy to the left of the door with your Silenced Beretta (you may
    have to actually enter through the opening to do this, but as long as you're
    not armed, the crew doesn't care). This will cause the other guy to come at
    you. Shoot him, as well. Ivan will then radio to Boris that you are in the
    engine room and will try to escape. Shoot him. Boris will arm the nuke and run
    like hell. Let him go, the car bomb will take care of him for you.
    Once the nuke is armed, everyone makes a mad dash off the ship with the
    exception of the captain and the engine room guys. This makes things much
    easier. At the back of the engine room is another set of stairs. Again, to the
    left and out of your view, is an engine room guy. Lean in and take him out. The
    nuclear bomb is to your right. Somehow, Hitman knows how to disarm the bomb
    (just like he can drive a boat, fly a plane, etc.), so just right click and
    select "Disarm Nuke". That was easy.
    Go back up to the cargo hold. Return the way you came and go back up the two
    flights of stairs. Once up the second set, take a hard left and you will find
    ANOTHER set of stairs. Take those up to the next level. In front of you and to
    the left a bit, you will notice a door with a short set of stairs. Open the
    door and turn right. You will be facing a ladder. Climb the ladder. At the top
    of the ladder, you will see a door. This is the door to the bridge.
    Open the door to find the captain. Shoot him however you want, he's the only
    one left. In front of where he was standing is the wheel of the ship. Right
    click and select "Start Engine". There will be a cut scene telling you to clean
    out the ship. Run back down to the engine room where there will be ONE engine
    room guy. He will be standing to the left of the opening, exactly where the
    other guy was. Lean in and shoot him. Go back up to where the captain was.
    Right click on the wheel, start the engine, and this time watch the cut scene
    as Hitman drives the ship away.
    #The Setup#
    ##Not Genocidal##
    This will probably be the hardest level to plan. I haven't even taken a stab
    at it, yet. I would also like to point out that unless you cheat, you can never
    kill the attendant at the beginning (the door locks behind you and you cannot
    take any weapons with you). However, below is the regular walkthrough.
    You have been hired to perform one final hit. You are to eliminate Dr. Kovacs
    of a mental asylum. Sound familiar? You fought so long and hard, only to end up
    where you began...
    Mission Objectives:
    -Eliminate Doctor Kovacs
    Kevlar Body Armor - $900
    Similar to the previous missions, this mission is easy as long as you don't
    screw up. Don't bother the SWAT guys, and they won't bother you.
    After the introductory cut scene, go forward to the entrance of the asylum. Go
    in the double-doors and the receptionist will greet you. You will respond and
    the receptionist will open the gate for you. Go into the asylum and up the
    stairs (that receptionist gives the WORST directions...). Once on the second
    floor, go through the big, metal double-doors you find there. You will find
    yourself in the operating theater, at the other end of which there is another
    set of big, metal double-doors. Go through those doors.
    When you get to the operating theater, you will see a cut scene of Professor
    Ort-Meyer calling the cops. Back to the game, once through the second set of
    double-doors you will see yet another set of double-doors in front of you and a
    bit to the left. Go through those doors. Inside this room, turn left to see the
    box on the wall with the red "+" on it. Open the door of the box and remove the
    syringe inside. Holster it and exit the room using the double-doors.
    Once again facing the big, metal double-doors to the operating theater, you
    will also see a single door to the left of the metal doors. Open that door and
    go inside. This is Dr. Kovacs' office. You can stay and chat with him, but I
    prefer simply to run up behind him before we get into conversation and kill him
    with the syringe. Take his clothes (he won't be found) and the key on the wall
    opposite the door you came in. Sometime in Dr. Kovacs' office, you will see a
    cut scene of the SWAT team rushing in. Good times.
    Go back through the operating theater and through the double-doors to the
    lobby stairs. Go up the stairs and turn right. Go up THOSE stairs to the third
    floor. Turn right and go through the opening you find. Follow the bend left and
    through the opening you come to. Turn right here and then turn right again at
    the end of the hallway. Open the door you find. Again, follow the bend to the
    left and open the door you find. This time move forward and open the door you
    come to. Immediately to your right is another door. Open this door to find
    yourself in an abandoned room/cell. Open the dresser doors to find an Uzi and
    some shotgun ammo. Take the Uzi (what are you going to do with the ammo?) and
    then return to the first floor of the lobby (area with the stairs where you
    first came in).
    Standing of the first floor of the lobby, face the direction of the operating
    theater. To your left you will notice a single door underneath the stairs to
    the second floor. Open this door and go inside. To your right is another door,
    open it. Turn left in this hallway and move forward to the gate. Open the gate
    and continue forward to the end of the hall. At the end, there will be some
    stairs to your left. Take the stairs up one level. At the hallway at the top of
    the stairs, turn left (away from the other stairs). Walk forward and there will
    be a set of metal double-doors on your right. Enter this room (the TV room) and
    talk to the guy with his head down, sitting on the chair. This is the same CIA
    guy you rescued from Lee Hong's basement.
    He will ask you to find the Antidote for him. The cage behind him holds the
    Antidote, and you took the key from Dr. Kovacs' wall (didn't you?). Go inside
    the cage and retrieve the Antidote, which is on the desk on the wall farthest
    from the CIA guy (under the light of a desk lamp). Right click on the CIA guy,
    and administer the Antidote.
    The CIA guy will stand up. Follow him. You have to open doors for him along
    the way, which may be a bit annoying, but he will eventually lead you to the
    elevator. Talk to him, and he will take the elevator up to the next floor. Take
    the steps (revealed by the elevator) down to go to the last mission. Hey, that
    cut scene looks familiar!
    -You can talk to the mental patients. They will ask you to find something for
    them, and in return they will give you information. Since all the information
    you need to complete the level is in this walkthrough, don't waste your time.
    -This is an extremely well-equipped asylum. There are weapons littered
    throughout the level (mostly the third floor and the roof). Most of them,
    however, cannot be concealed, making them as useless as a hooker at a... well,
    you get the idea.
    #Meet Your Brother#
    -Eliminate Professor Ort-Meyer
    None available
    Exactly the same as the regular walkthrough, you DO kill everyone in this
    Open the gate and take out your Uzi. Turn left and introduce the guard at the
    desk to the meaning of "swift justice." At the side of the desk is a locker.
    Open it, and take the shotgun and ammo. Open the gate behind the guard you
    killed, and turn left. Go to that gate and open it as well. Turn right and
    shoot the guard there in the back. Open the locker next to the desk and take
    out the MP5 and the SMG ammo.
    Go back to the last gate you opened. Stand behind the wall next to the opening
    and use the Lean Right button to look down the hall. The clones will come down
    this hall towards you. Shoot them, run up to them, take their gun, and then
    duck back to this hiding place. There are ten clones total. Beware, if you take
    too long to kill a clone, another clone will be released. If this happens, I
    recommend NOT going out to take the fallen clone's gun. Also, in this hiding
    place the clones can get stuck right next to you. If you hear two door open and
    close and they sound close to you, then strafe out of the hiding place. The
    close will come out of the room to your left. For some reason, the clone
    doesn't see you when this happens, so pop him and get back to the hiding place.
    Be wary, the last clone has some pretty fancy moves, so be prepared for some
    Matrix-style bullet dodging. Also, the second, fifth, and tenth clones carry
    Silenced MP5s.
    Once all ten clones are dead, drag one of them. Go straight down the hall and
    through the gate you were facing while hiding. Take a right and open the gate
    you find. Turn left in this hallway, and again, open the gate you come to.
    Follow this hallway and turn left when it does. Still dragging the clone, step
    onto the footsteps in the center of the room you find. If you find closed doors
    instead of a room at the end of the hallway, you must simply make your way to
    the other doors which should be open. The clones go out of the door that is
    farthest from you so you can't just wait for them and pop them as the come out.
    Go back and turn back right at the hall. At the end of this hall will be
    another gate. Go through that gate and follow the hallway around until you find
    the room with the footsteps. Either way, find your way to the footsteps WITH A
    Once you step onto the footsteps with a clone, there will be a cut scene and
    the door in front of you will open. Ready a weapon, and follow the hallway. You
    will be greeted by Professor Ort-Meyer. While he is talking, he will discover
    that you are 47 and not 48 (the clones are the next edition of you). Shoot him
    before he gets you to finish the game. Congratulations.

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