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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Lord-me

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    Hitman Codename 47
    A complete guide
    By Matthew Berryman
    1.0 Legal information
    2.0 Version details
    3.0 Introduction
    4.0 Walkthrough
    5.0 Hints and tips
    6.0 Weapons
    7.0 Email do and don'ts
    8.0 credits
    1.0 Legal information
    I, Lord Me (Matthew Berryman), have written this guide.
    Thus all information and ideas belong to me, This
    means that this cannot be reproduced or included,
    in its entirety or in parts which will profit anybody
    but him. You cannot edit it. It may not be used in anyway,
    without the authors consent, that doesn't profit the
    ALL trademarks, products and copywritted material belong to
    their respective copywrite holders.
    2.0 Version details
    15/04/06 1.00- Finished the first version if it needs updates than
    changes will be made. Until then the FAQ stands as it is 
    15/04/06 1.01 lots of problems with the margin so I changed it 
    several times but for some reason I just couldn't find the margin
    at fault. So I have decided to reduce all the margins.
    24/07/06 1.1 Didn't like parts of this so i have changed it.
    3.0 Introduction
    This guide is the second in my Hitman Guide series. I am in fact
    writing this simultaneously as my Hitman Contract guide. This 
    guide is going to be much simpler to produce in comparison to
    some of the contracts guide so it should be ready months before
    it is done. As you have probably noted, from play hitman code 47,
    is that stealth should be loosly used and that homocidial sprees 
    to have to be used. 
    All i will do is describe the method i will use to beat the level and then it 
    is your job to implement them. Good Luck! 
    4.0 Walkthrough
    4.1Kowloon Triad into Gang war
    Recommended equipment: Sniper rifle $1550, an extra bullet $2 ( just in case)
    Total cost:$1552
    Possible maximum profit: $11448
    Follow the road round the corner taking the left down the small
    alley, in between the two buildings. Then take the left around the corner
    of the park 
    Follow the pavement around the left of the park. As you do this you will
    see a grey building next to the red one. Move to it and take the elevator
    Whilst going up in the elevator open up the case.Then head to the edge
    over-looking the park. Wait for the Red Dragon bloke to arrive. As you
    should see he stands by the lower left hand column. 
    When he arrives shoot him turn round and take the elevator. Then pick up
    the case. Then rush back the way you came, to the car. If you do this fast
    enought you can avoid the chopper entirely. 
    4.2Ambush at the Wan Fou Restaurant 
    Recommended equipment: Oyabun Knife $65,Car Bomb with remote $3000
    and as a back up an AMT Hardballer $550 and a clip $5
    Reward: $12,000
    Total cost: $3620
    Possible Maximum profit: $8380
    Head straight forward, from when you start and wait by the sewer for the
    driver to arrive. The driver moves to have a slash, check the area and when
    the cost is clear draw your knife and give him a real slash. 
    With his death pull his body into the sewers. Change into his
    clothes, and head to the resturant. Take the bomb out of your
    pocket and move to the driver, place the bomb.
    Once this is done, move close to the car and watch the limo as
    it leave. Once it is inbetween the 3 Blue lotus members detonate
    the bomb. This should kill all of them however if for some reason
    you've timed it wrong, then don't fear take out the AMT hardballer 
    and kill all the survivors . Then quickly turn and run to the exit car.
    4.3The Massacare at the Cheung Chau Fish Restruant
    Recommended equipment: Oyabun Knife $65, Beretta 92, silenced $775
    with one clip $10 *All of these are essential*
    Total cost:$850
    Possible maximum profit: $14,150
    From start take left and head directly into the restaurant, talk to the
    bar keeper and take the key he places on the bar. Enter the
    restrooms and drop the silicened pistol on the floor after which leave
    and wait for the message stating that the targets have arrived. 
    Head to the top right hand corner and wait for the red dragon target to
    wander into the area. he will continue to wander down the road. Follow him,
    he will then cross the road when he finally reaches the other side, kill him
    and drag him into the sewer on the right. Once down there take the amulet
    and his clothes.
    Now with the outfit and the amulet in hand it is time to finish
    the mission, so head to the Restaurant. Let them frisk you as
    they will only remove the Knife but you already have a weapon
    in the restruant so no trouble. Once inside take out the amulet
    and drop it on the ground. Then head into the restroom and pick
    up the gun.
    Holster.  Open the door and step backwards until you can see the
    police cheif, and nobody can see you. Once you reach this point,
    pop him in the head, using the quick draw technique described
    in hints and tips. Then dash out the window in the toilet and run
    all the way back to the car.
    4.4The Lee hong assassination
    Recommended equipment: Fibre wire $110, Beretta 92, Silenced
    $ 775 with one clip $10
    Total cost:$895
    Possible maximum profit: $14105
    From start enter the restaurant, and continue forward until you
    see a guard, guarding the broom closet. So enter the closet and
    wait for the woman, with the Uzi to pass. Then Fibre wire the
    guard drag him in and undress him. Take his weapon and leave.
    Heading for the bar and talk to the bar tender, picking up the
    Flyer he gives you. 
    Head back to the entrance hall and find the door with the two
    guards guarding it. Walk up to it and you will be greeted by
    the guards. Enter though here and work your way down to the
    bottom of the stair case and through the door with the fat bloke
    in front of it, head up the stairs into the brothel and talk to
    the old woman. Then follow Lei Ling into her bedroom.KINKY, well
    not really. Talk to her and follow her out and around the 
    building. This is made much easier because your wearing a guards
    outfit so all you have to do is follow her. When you reach the
    gate she gives you the combination to the safe. You will notice
    that you are just outside the kitchen just where you want to be
    to get to the Agent in the basement.
    Enter through any of the three doors and go down the small stair
    case on the left hand side of the kitchen. Continue down the stair
    until you reach the basement Go left and keep bearing left until
    you reach an area where the stone becomes greyer. When here 
    continue across to the wall at the far distance. Right of this
    wall there is another small  passageway again leading into a 
    different stone coloured wall. Once you are in here cross
    the room past the guarded door until you reach the room just past,
    where a guard is patrolling wait for the guard in there to leave.
    Once he leaves, move behind the guard at the door and fibre wire
    him. Open the door drag his body in and change clothes. Talk to the agent.
    Below are the possible safe location.
    Storage room safe
    Go down to the storage room, in the basement, and you will find a
    guard and a safe and that is it. Kill the guard open safe and 
    take the Jade figure.
     Brothel Safe
    Go up to the Brothel and head to the left. In this room you will
    find the old lady and another guard. Head through and in this
    room you will find a Safe and a guard. Just close the door shoot
    him and open the safe taking the Jade Figure.
    Guard Quarters Safe
    Go to the VIP area and get into the elevator. Take the elevator up
    to the Guard Quarter. Once up head right and continue baring right
    until you reach the safe room.
    There are two Stationary guard and one wandering guard. When the
    wandering guard is gone, walk behind the guard close to the T.V.
    Shoot the him and quickly shoot the other. Then wait for the other
    guard to come in. When the wandering guard returns he will be shocked
    by the corpses and run up to see them. When this happens Shoot
    him from behind with the Silenced pistol. Open safe take Jade
    VIP Safe
    Head to the VIP area and wait until both guards are in the room
    and kill the one on the platform first and then the other in a
    quick succession with barely a second between the kills. Then
    drag the corpses behind the sofas. Open safe take jade figure.
    With the jade figure in hand, run into the restaurant and to
    the little herb shop thing. Give the Jade figure to him in
    exchange for poison. But don't use it instead wait until the
    target is sat at the table. Throw open the door and shoots the
    target in the head, again moving to a position where you can see the
    target and only the target. 
    The death of Lee Hong forces the fat bodyguard to run off. However
    he hides in the mansion, which is just where you need to go. You
    must avoid him as he can see through all disguises. Then head down to
    basement level 2, using the elevators and changing the bodyguard
    outfit if necessary, and head across to the elevator on the other side of the 
    basement 2 which takes you up to the mansion.
    Once here rush to the right and the elevator down to the peir.
    Avoid/ kill the final guard and jump into the boat. 
    4.5Find the U'Wah tribe
    Recommended Equipment: Pentagon knife $50
    Total cost:$50
    Maximum Possible profit:$4950
    Head as the crow flies to the big yellow circle on your map. This
    is the crash site. If you are fast then you will get her before
    the search party meaning you have access to an undefended 
    'Holy figure'. However if you are too slow then the search party
    will have arrived and set up a loose perimeter. If the latter
    happens then find a way to get past one of them and slit
    one of their throats. Pick up his rifle and massacre the rest of
    the guards. 
    Once you have your grubby mitts on the  'Holy figure' rush out
    south, which is the bottom of the map, until you reach the river.
    Then head to the upper right hand corner of the map, yet still
    sticking to the river to avoid the search party.
    That little pebbled area on the map is the tribe's village Take out the
    holy figure. Then you will be greeted by a tribal bloke.Follow the road until
    you meet the elder.
    The new marker on your map shows the location that the elder was
    referring to head there. As you reach the bridge head up into the
    bridge once here hit stealth mode and slit the blokes throat. Then
    take his M60 and spray all those in range from the tower. Once
    these are gone drop the M60 and pick up the sniper rifle and kill
    those who where out of range of the M60. Then take the guard's
    clothes and one of the weapons which still has ammo.
    Once all soldiers are dead and you have a solider uniform and a
    good weapon. Leave and follow the now freed tribal dude. In the 
    soldiers uniform you should be able to continue unnoticed and the
    tribal bloke won't be shot either. When you arrive at the village
    and talk to the elder you win.
    4.6 Jungle God
    Recommended equipment: N/A
    Reward: $5,000
    Total cost: 0
    Maximum possible profit:$5,000
    If you run forward, you can work your way through the ruins.
    Remebering that your target is to reach directly south of your
    starting position. So just travel forward and work
    your way through them until you reach the sacrificial altar.
    Once here run across and dive out of the way of the tiger
    and continue  until you reach the cliff edge. 
    4.7 Say Hello to my little friend
    Recommended equipment: N/A
    Total cost: 0
    Maximum possible profit: 30,000
    First head around the right side of the compound until you reach
    the entry check point. Once inside the compound head forward and
    enter the first tent and take the 9mm pistol sd, the pistol ammo
    and the vest.
    Leave the tent and head past the check point. Once past here and
    head to the left most slope. Run down to the right most
    corner, behind the other bloke. Even though you are told to leave
    once you are here you will not be moaned at. Take out
    your Silenced pistol and shoot both of the guards before they
    have time to react. Then shoot anyone attempting to leave and
    get to the bodies. Then slowly strafe till you can see the side of the
    people in the bunker. Kill all those in there by shooting one and then
    hiding, rinse wash repeat.
    Once all of them are dead open the other door. And shoot all
    those other guards before they can react. Then take one of the
    corpse and take his uniform and an AK. And leave the lab. Doing this bit
    now will make it much easier, so leave and head towards the mansion.
    When the mansion is just in sight head to the closest tent. 
    Take the clips and leave. Enter through the backdoor into a room
    with two guard.Position yourself so that when you release a burst
     from the AK it will kill both.
    Hold this position and continue to kill everyone who enters through
    the double doors.Then move out of this room and kill every one in the
    mansion, bar the target who is behind the double door on the second floor.
     Now it is time to kill SUPER DRUGMAN.
    So throw open the doors and shoot him, hide  shoot,
    rinse, wash and repeat. When he dies. Take the bomb. Now as long
    as nobody left the mansion during your massacre you will be
    able to leave without the sentries attacking you. Then head out 
    and place the bomb on the creates, in the lab/bunker you cleared out.
    Leave and head to the hanger. Detonate the bomb. Then run quickly
    avoiding the guards and jump into the plane.
    4.8 Traditions of the trade
    Recommended equipment: Fibre Wire $110
    Reward: $55,000
    Total cost: $110
    Maximum possible profit: $54,890
    Rush in through the metal detectors and then into the Men's
    changing rooms, which are to the right of the main stair case.
    Then enter the furthest right changing room and get into the
    trunks. Then walk through the door which is no longer guarded
    by the Hotel dude. This brings you into the shower rooms. Move
    through here into the swimming pool and follow the target into
    the steam room. When the door closes turn the handle. This kills
    the target, enter and take the x-ray key.
    Go back to the changing room and change your clothes, back into
    your orginal suit. Then head back out to the lobby and up the main
    stairs. Go up the right hand part and wait until the Janitor opens the
    door just in front of the metal detector. When the door closes take
    the key from it. Just in front of the metal detector is a store room
    notated by the sign on the front of it. When outside of it go 
    into stealth mode and open the door enter and take 
    the clothes. Then head around until you reach room 202. It is
    on this floor and this half of the floor.
    This is notated by the guard in front of it as well as the door number.
    Just across from here is room 201. Enter,201, and cross to the balcony.
    When the coast is clear. Leap the distance, sneak in and fibre wire
    the guard in here.
    Then take the luger on the desk and shoot the dude in the shower.
    Then pick up the don't disturb sign. Open the front door and wire
    the guard outside,drag him in. Then leave and place the sign on 
    the door.
    Re-enter and take the clothes of one of the guards. Take the 
    suitcase, and head up using the elevator to the 3rd floor.
    When the door opens travel right through the door and through the
    door with the green light above it.
    Once out here just go right and climb the little rised ledge and 
    head the window third from the right and climb up and through into
    the room through here. In front of you is a guard facing a he next
    to you see the dentist chair. Take the bomb next to the chair.
    And leave the way you came, back to the elevator and head down to
    the 1st floor. Once the elevator opens run right across to the
    double doors opposite. Then run again through the orange double
    doors, which lead into the kitchens. Continue through to the exit.
    4.9 Gun Runners paradise
    Recommended equipment: Pentagon knife $50,
    Beretta 92, silenced $775 with two clips $20, GPS receiver $0 
    and GPS transmitter $4,000 
    Reward: $50,000
    Total cost: $4845
    Maximum possible profit: $45155
    From start walk forwards until you can see a man walking next to
    the train tracks. Go over to him and slit his throat. Then drag
    his body behind one of the cabins which he was walking towards.
    Take his weapon and clothes.Turn back and head towards the 
    burning barrel. Once here you should be able to see some open
    gate. Proceed through them. Once here continue to the building
    with the Kinky Cola sign above it. This is the strip club. Enter
    in and take the first door on your left this will lead you into
    the stripper's changing room. When the 'show' is over talk to the
    stripper. She will then leave and 'perform' for the guard outside.
    Once he is distracted place the GPS transmitter on the Car. 
    Once this minor task is completed, wait. When the gang is in the
    car, follow them with the transmitter. When they arrive at their 
    location you will notice that it is blocked from you by locked
    doors, so you have to configure the track in order that the train
    crashes into the gate and opens it for you.
    But because their are several different locations and because I
    can't be bothered to write down exactly how to configure the
    tracks I will give you some pointers and i am sure some one
    with your IQ can manage. Basically follow the track backwards,
    without actually touching the track itself and switch each switch
    so that it points in the direction you came from. Once
    the train 'opens' the gate enter and take out the silenced 
    pistol. Move around the outskirts of the building killing of
    the dogs. Don't worry the RSPCA won't get you. Once they are
    dead head over to the car and remove the GPS transmitter.
    Then enter the building with the UZI and kill all the people
    in here. Getting the necessary ammo from their dropped guns.
    Once they are dead. Move as many bodies as you can onto the upper
    floor and those too far to do this move instead behind the boxes
    and away from the suitcase.
    Take out the transmitter and pick up the suitcase. Then wait for
    Ivan the midget.
    Once he takes it let him escape and their you go another mission
    4.10 Plutonium runs loose
    Recommended equipment: Fibre wire $110, Beretta 92, silenced $775
    with four clips $40, Kelvlar Body armour $900
    Reward: $75,000
    Total cost: $1825
    Maximum possible profit:$73,175 
    Note this level is bloody, messy and near impossible to do. So be
    patient and don't be afraid to kick off into a psycho, in fact
    that is precisely what I recommend you do, but only once your
    deep within the enemies number.
    First start up by climbing the ladder and run half way across to 
    the guard standing by building. Once half way there hit stealth
    mode and sneak up on him and wire him. Drag his body back behind
    the building and behind the metal air conditioning thing. Take his
    clothes and his gun. And proceed to the first check point. You 
    should see a guard patrolling along the fence. Join him and walk
    behind him so that when he turns around the other guards think 
    you're  part of his patrol.
    This means when he tries to enter through the large gates. Just
    walk through it with him and brake off once the door close behind
    you. Then head forward until you reach the refinery things, in the
    distance. Here at the top most end you will find two guards wire
    them in quick succession to each other.
    When they are about 4 foot apart wire one and then turn round and
    wire the other. Then drag both bodies behind the refinery things.
    Then walk forward until you are just level with the bottom most
    building. This is out of range of the dogs yet where you need to
    be before you can begin the dog murder necessary* for safe
    procession through this section.  Wait here Until two guards
    who are on patrol walk back through here when they arrive shoot
    them both with a silenced gun and drag them behind the buildings. 
    Now you must move through this area and kill his way through all
    the dogs. The first one is through the fenced of corridor.
    The second is hiding behind the corner piece at the end tempt him
    out and shoot him. The third is on the right of the last one.
    The fourth one is only the next gap along. The move back to the
    fence to the left. Continue down and you will see the fifth and
    final part of the doggy murdering spree. Then follow the train
    tracks around the corner and then head of to the ware house.
    And here is doggy murder spree number 2. In between the two
    warehouse are two dogs. Kill them both. Once you travel past
    the second warehouse you will see a train station this point
    is the third dogs hiding place, kill him. Continue along until
    you reach the trucks then kill yet another dog before
    clambering into the back of the lorry. In here take the car bomb,
    the silenced MP5 and all of the pistols. Then head back down to
    the place of the last doggy murdering spree wiring any 
    lone guards along the way. 
    Once you see the guards protecting the gate by the train station
    in dog killing spree one. When here take the little open door to
    the right of the other characters.
    Then head right and killing the two guards by the building.
    The first is in between the two buildings and the second is just
    further right from the two Shoot him as it is not possible to
    wire him. Then past these to the side of the check point and
    go into stealth mode. Bring out the MP5 silenced and
    kill both guards. Holster it and run through the door. 
    No matter the amount of fire you draw continue to the warehouses
    and the ships. Move in between the warehouses killing all possible
    guards. Then take the bomb and place it on the limo. Kill the
    sailors and force your way onto the ship. Go into the main hull
    bit to the right of the entrance go down three levels. Then
    drop down again. Travel across to the engine rooms, and disarm
    the bomb. By now Boris should have been warned and died in the 
    explosion from the car bomb.
    Then head right the way up to the bridge enter kill the captain
    and use the bridge controls to move the ship to international
    * Yes it is necessary to kill dogs as they always see through your
    disguise, hurt you loads and persuade other soldiers to shoot you
    thus all dogs must be removed!
    4.11 The Setup
    Recommended Equipment: None
    Total cost:0
    Maximum Possible profit: $100,000
    From start head forward into the Asylem and talk to the Nurse through the
    cage thing. He will let you in and from here you will find your way into 
    the main entrance hall thing. But instead of listening to the nurse. Head
    through the doors in front of you and up the stairs in that room. Once up 
    head through the little side door and pick up the UZI. Now head up the
    main stair case. Then take the first door on your left. Through the operating
    theatre and then into the door on your left. Take out the Uzi and shoot
    him before he speaks to you then drag his body into the corner of the
    room behind the desk and take his clothes.
    Once this happens holster your weapon as the SWAT are most likely to
    brake in. However they will not search the room thoroughly enough to
    find the body. Take the elevator down once you hit the bottom. Then
    travel through to you reach the lobby. Head through the double doors
    on the left hand side of the statue, the side with the golden syringe.
    Then through the iron gates and eventually up the stairs beyond them to
    the 2nd floor and again through the double doors on the right. Talk to
    the agent who is still wearing 'Flag Pants'. and head into the cage
    behind him. Then take the antidote on the desk. Draw it and head back
    to him and select option give antidote. Then follow him opening any
    doors that he himself cannot open. He will lead you to the elevator
    and take it up. Once you are at the top head down the stairs.
    4.12 Meet your Brother
    Recommended equipment: N/A
    Reward: N/A
    Total cost: N/A
    Maximum possible profit: N/A
    This level is hard to describe as it is just one long fight. But anyhow 
    I will give you just a general direction. First go round and through the
    wire door. Take out the UZI you should have left over from the previous
    level and use it to mow down the guard at the desk. Kill him and take the
    gun and enter the locker taking the shotgun and a little extra ammo. Go 
    though the wire gates and the first clone is released. But for the minute
    just continue across the room and open the wire gates at the other end.
    And blast the dude at the desk. open the locker and take all the smg ammo,
    smg and the vest. 
    Now wait until the clone enters blast him and make your way towards the
    glass entry thing. Once their kill the newly released clone. Drag his
    corpse close to the glass door and run to the other side This forces the
    doors close to the body to open. Then move back and drag him onto the
    platform. This opens the door. At which point you will find 6 clones.
    The numbers below show the position of the clones and in which order to
    kill them. 
    Kill the first one by strafing round the corner until you see the first
    one shoot him in the head then continue strafing till you can shoot 2.
    Then continue strafing and you should be able to kill 3,4. Once then move
    out and burst the two vulnerable 5 & 6. Then pick up a MP5 from the
    corpses. Enter the new room, this brings in the target and shoot him as
    he enters. 
    5.0 Hints and tips
    5.1Quick fire
    The quick fire technique is very powerful and shockingly fast attack
    which can kill the enemies before they turn to face you. What you must
    do is plan it before you pull it out.
    Place the enemies in the middle of your screen so that it's neck is
    directly in the middle of the interface. Then select the weapon and
    double click on it whilst it is on the menu. This will cause him to
    pull the weapon out and fire it with deadly accuracy at the opponents
    neck without them being able to respond
    5.2 Close combat
    No enemy cares if you move around behind them and this means you can
    practice a similar technique to that used in quick fire. Just force
    yourself behind the opponent and double click on the weapon this will make
    him bring it out and use it before their is any attempt to resist it.
    5.3 Safe mingun use
    When using the minigun there are 2 things you must now in-order to use it
    Firstly the gun needs have a 'priming' spin before it fires. Thus press
    it quickly before you begin to use it and then release its spray.
    Secondly the weapon prevents you from moving fast. And how you get 
    round this is to exploit what I assume is a bug. Just holster the weapon 
    and you can run. This means you can carry it whilst run though you must
    bring it to bare before firing it. 
    5.4 Weapons management
    Unlike most shotter i have played, 47 things it is a good idea to pick up
    plenty of the same weapon rather than just taking the ammo. This means you
    must remember to throw away spent weapons and  not to reload weapons you
    plan to chuck. 
    5.5 Always run
    Just as the hint title suggests always run. Their is no downside to
    continually running, so just continue to run everywhere. It enables you to
    move quicker and also allows you to quickly exploit weakness in the partol
    5.6 Dress up
    It is essential that you have a costume for every level. Also you must
    keep in mind what the guards are looking for. So if for example you 
    committed a crime and where caught in hitman original suite, then change
    to a biker gang suite. You are free from blame of the last crime however
    if you decide to but any of the compromised costumes back on you are
    liable to draw heat again.
    5.7 Disposal of bodies
    It is essential to dispose of all evidence of your presence. Firstly and
    foremost that of bodies. Although their is no fail safe place to hide the
    bodies, bar the sewers, you can hide the bodies behind other obstacles. 
    You must prevent them ever being found as they cause both an increased
    hostility in all guards but also can reveal any disguise changes you have
    made which is very bad. As all guards seem to have some kind of psychic
    link and when one discovers this they all miraculously discover it. 
    5.8 Finical management
    Only ever buy equipment you NEED in order to maximise profit. Only buy the
    minimal amount of bullets you require for the job. Never Kill any innocent
    or police units as they decrease the amount of money you receive at the
    end of each mission and if too many are killed then it is game over.
    5.9 Practise makes perfect(Yawn) 
    Due to the fact that this game has no way of saving, you must just keep on
    practising as you'll be amazed how fast you will learn what to do after 
    beating a level once. You will subconsciously be able to play through the
    level without even thinking about it even years after beating it and yes
    level 10 is the only exception to this. Where luck coupled with 
    determination is the only way through.
    6.0 Weapons
    This just list all purchase able weapons and there uses
    Close combat weapons
    Oyabun Knife $65- a basic knife I see no difference between this and the
    pentagon knife bar price so just take it and slit peoples throats, Its
    just cheap and cheerful.
    Pentagon Knife- $50- A basic knife, even cheaper and cheerful
    Fibre wire $110- This weapon is probably better then a knife, although
    slightly slower and more expensive than the knife this weapon is worth 
    every buck. As it unlike the knife invokes no 'death scream'
    AMT Hardballer 1911 $775/ $10 - It has a large clip of 15 and fires with
    reasonable accuracy however it has an appalling recall
    Beretta 92 $475/$10- it again like all pistols has a clip of 15 and in my
    opinion the bullets fly slightly upward so if you aim at a targets neck
    you will get his head.
    Beretta 92 Silenced $775/$10- clip 15 same as the beretta just silenced 
     great asset throughout this game
    Desert Eagle Mark XIX $1200/ $6- Smaller clip of 6 but has much nicer
    fire power than any other pistol
    Heckler & Koch MP5 $2200/$21- Rapid fire concealable machine gun has a 
    clip of 30
    Heckler &  Koch MP5SD $2700/$21- Rapid fire concealable machine gun which
    has a clip of 30 you need not a SMG unless you are really in a jam. The
    levels which are like that described above are rare and only 
    occasionally occur, when you do need them you can find them somewhere.
    Israeli Military Industries UZI $900/$22- less rapid fire yet still
    decent bang for your buck
    Machine guns
    Kalashnikov AK47  $700/$30 - Big rifle, which although is automatic fires
    no faster than the other machine guns 
    M16A2 $600/$24- Big very fast and cheap weapon much better than the
    US Army M60 $1900/$50- Best machine gun ever, fast firing accurate
    with a decent clip, bit costly though
    M134 Minigun $10750/$1000- colossal waste of money as the only two levels
    you want one on you can find it one so why even bother buying this
    Blaser  Jagdwaffen R93 Sniper rifle $1550/$2- Good sniper rifle and it comes
    in a case but only worthwhile to be used on the first mission
    Walther WA 2000 Sniper rifle $9525/$12- I don't like this rifle it cost
    too much and it can't be hidden or passed off so i really thing that if
    you want to use it find it on the job
    Mossberg Presuader Shotgun $285/$1- Cheap and decent shotgun but it is 
    a bit difficult to fit in with the locals when walking around with it
    Franchi PA3/214   $350/$6- Best shotgun ever.
    Car Bomb with remote $3000- Extremely important on levels that require you
    to kill people via bombs. 
    Kevlar Body Armour $900- Very important on mission you need to shoot 
    people, lots of people, it basically keeps you alive but in my opinion
    only needs to be purchased on mission 10. As you shouldn't need one before 
    Compass $80- useless purchase, if at any point you need to know where
    north or south is then just use the map its free, so save yourself a bit
    of cash.
    Binoculars $750- Useless, although these do allow you to see much futher
    than you would normally would be able to. You don't ever need to see
    that far so don't waste your cash.
    GPS Transmitter $4,000- essential for level 9
    GPS Receiver $0- Essential but useless unless you buy teh GPS transmitter 
    7.0 Email do and don'ts
    If for any reason you wish to contact me do so by the given email address.
    If you want me to read it, then the subject heading must be 
    Just send appropriate material, no virus, chain mail, ect
    8.0 credits
    Me for writing this 
    Edios and all respective copy write holders- as without them this would
    not be here
    And all other FAQ writers as nobody relises how much work really goes into
    To all those who have enriched my life (LOL)

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