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Reviewed: 02/24/01 | Updated: 02/24/01

Interesting take on the whole stealth genre...

Oh to be a Hitman. Killing people for good reasons can't be too bad can it? Of course it can!!! If it was real life of course. But in games it can be as fun as watching paint dry... I mean as fun as drinking a whole bottle of mineral water to yaself (Audience shout in unison: WHAT???).
Anyway, Hitman summed up in one line is:

Metal Gear Solid meets Swat 3 for a cup of tea.

Anyway, the review:

Graphics: 10

Top notch. these cities are excellently detailed, there's no slowdown whatsoever, and you can always see what you want to see. Nothing's ever glitched or anything like that.
the character models are great. the chinese mafias look shady as they should, the ladies look stunning as they should, and you look... actually kinda strange as the main character. He just ain't what you'd expect, but then who wants Solid Snake in every single game made? Oh and you can see the wounds when ya character gets shot. top notch as i said.

Gameplay: 8

The game is played like Metal gear Solid, in the sense of stealth, sharp quick killings (though they're much more fun here), and... something else. :)
You're a hitman, who works for some agency carrying out jobs for them. Every mission you buy ya equipment, get given reconnaisance pics of important people, get maps to see where you need to go, and then you play the mission through. And that's it. Nothing more nothing less. there isn't a lot else you can do but the missions they have on offer here are tough... extremely tough at times. Some of them will have you crying into ya ale, but what can ya do if you want to play a tough game? YOU COMPLAIN WHEN THEY'RE TOO EASY!!!... ahem.
if you want another game that's closest to this, it would probably be... Syphon Filter 2 on PSX. Liked that? Like this.

Sound: 5

Voice acting is brilliant, but that's not too hard to achieve these days. Apart from that, you very rarely hear anything else bar the gun fights. Seems kinda strange but you feel like you're walking through a ghost town half the time in this game, and it's quite dissapointing. The amount of SFX they COULD have had in this game is astounding. But they didn't use the amount of SFX that could have been astounding. Which when you think about it is astounding in itself! So everyone's happy.

Lifespan: 7

Haven't completed it, but from what i've heard it's not that long so don't be expeting Final Fantasy length games on offer here folks.


Not a bad game. there's negatives in the game such as very vague mission objectives and iffy AI, but aside from that, the game should prove more fun than a chore to most of you out there. It's one of those games that make you feel like you ARE the main character. Play it to understand me.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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