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"Best of the Best!"

You start the game off waking up in a padded room with this voice giving you instructions. This is just the tutorial and is here to get you familiar with the game...but lets get started with the review.

Gameplay - rating 9: The gameplay is great, it successfully combines stealth, thinking, and pure violent shoot outs. Basically you're a hitman, you don't know who you are or who or why you're a hitman. All you know about yourself is that you happen to be a big, bald, white guy with a barcode stamped on the back of your head. One of the best thing about this game is it's physics, objects fall freely and so do the bodies. No death sequence will be the same, some people will fold over into sinks, fall over car hoods, do flips and rolls, and some will just...die. Stealth is the main point of the game though, you will have to kill people, take their clothes/weapons/whatever else they got to pose as one of the others. Sometime you'll also have to drag their bodies to a more secure location as to not tip the guards off.

Graphics - rating 9: The people look ok, although every cop looks the same. Basically every role is played by the same looking person. The scenery however is beatiful, to the colorful streets of Hong Kong to the large and life like jungle this levels are filled with beauty and can be interacted with (leaves move when you walk through them, tapestry will take shape of you head if you walk through them). Almost forgot, wherever you shoot someone a bullet hole will appear there, they disappear eventually but it looks cool.

Sound - rating 10: The sounds were one of my favorite parts of the game, everything sounds like its supposed to be. Theres plenty of voice acting with appropiate accents and the music even builds up as the action does. When bullets hit bodies they make this sickening ''melon'' sound which I can't get enough of.

Replay Value - rating 10: If you don't feel like doing the objectives...don't. If I get bored or just feel like messing around I'll just go shoot innocent people or shoot whoever. You can even find different ways to accomplish objectives, they ways are almost endless.

Cool Stuff: The all time best thing about this game is the adult subject matter. Like rescuing a captured girl from a whore house, or trying to kill an invincible drug lord who just snorted a pile of coke. I have to say the dude on coke is the best part.

Pros: Endless replay
Good graphics, sound, and gameplay.
Nice adult subject matter

Cons: Can get pretty hard

Overall rating - 9

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 12/30/01, Updated 01/02/02

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