"Brilliant......but only for a while"

This game, Hitman: Codename 47 can rock when you first buy it. Just pull out the fibre wire and attack a civilian. Take his clothes and leave him in the street. That's as far as it gets as fun. But most of this game is based on stealth.
Its about running silently up to the enemy and then blowing his head off with one of the many cool silenced pistols. This game is fun for a while, but it doesn't rank as high as other games.
It does offer alot though. It contains a whole load of different weapons - many variations of pistols, smgs and rifles, 2 sniper rifles and a giant machine gun which can be found in the level, 'Plutonium Runs Loose'.
And that's the next thing - the levels. They vary so much the fun never ends. They cover most areas of the world, starting off in Hong Kong, then moving on to a couple of jungle levels, a level in a hotel, then on to the dark nights of Rotterdam and then some nerve-racking levels at the end.
And the levels all differ in missions, and some our never ending fun. Example - The level in the hotel, 'Traditions of The Trade'. In this mission you have to assassinate a man in his hotel room who has a bodyguard covering the front door and a bodyguard on the balcony. You have two choices trying to get in. Dress up as a bell-boy changing old towels for new, or try to make your way across the balcony. Once inside you need to kill both bodyguards and the man who needs assassanating - Mr Fuchs, who at the time is taking a shower. Afterwards you need to hide the bodies in the bathroom, or if you like change into their very cool clothes.
And nearly all the other missions are the same. They contain different paths which need to be tried out. Its the different paths and way to do things that makes you play on.

Presentation - Nice intro movie, but menus a bit hard to follow. Controls a bit hard to get use to and can get you mad at times. Overall it comes out as a steady piece. 7/10

Graphics - This is the high point. Graphics are crystal clear, everything can be clearly seen (at any distance). If you like playing games with good graphics then Hitman: Codename 47 should be 'the' game for you. One of the best games graphically. 10/10

Gameplay - This is where the game suffers. It lacks in fun, and controls don't make it any easier or better. But because it varies in missions it gains back its bad points. I give it 7/10

Sound - Perfect, Inch perfect. Voice-acting is superb, music is brilliant and suits the game. Gun-shots sound like the real thing, civilians being choked to death screaming sound life-like. The sound is just amazing. Certainly something which shouldn't go unnoticed. 10/10 (why would you say anything lower)

Overall - Hitman: Codename 47 is a great game at first. Graphics and sound are the high points. But if you like a fun, interesting game Hitman might not be for you. Like I said, the fun lasts, but not for long. I reckon you rent the game for a couple of weeks and then return it. Some people will love and cherish this game, some will like it and the others will hate it. 7/10

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 05/28/02, Updated 05/28/02

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