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"Very good game, if a little short."


Controlling our bald headed friend couldn't be easier, it's the good old keyboard and mouse setup, with more stealthy controls, seen in a lot of games nowadays, such as the lean function. And that's the main feature of Hitman; stealth. You have a number of stealth weapons at your disposal, including a piano wire and a knife, both of these can take out enemies silently and quickly. Another key stealthy feature is the ability to steal dead people's clothes, so as to avoid detection, although if you stand around for too long in the view of an enemy they will realize you are an imposter.
Some people have bashed the fact that there is no in-game save function, but I think it forces you to plan your mission carefully, and if there was a save function it would take something away from the intensity of the game.
Another good feature in my opinion is that the less unnecessary casualties you ''make'' the more money you have at the end of the level to buy weapons for the next. Also depending on how many people die in one level different weapons will be able for the next. All these add a realistic touch to the game.


The story is predictably one of Hitman's weaker points; Hitmen aren't supposed to get emotionally involved in their ''work'' and all stories are to do with some sort of emotion. The only story is that you are a hired killer although in the last couple of levels it does get a bit interesting, but I'm not going to spoil it for you.


Visually, Hitman was a treat when it was released, but with no option to turn off fog or to increase the draw distance the outdoor levels aren't nearly so good as the indoor ones.
The in-game music is good and really makes it seem like you're there, especially in the Honk Kong levels.
The voice acting is not so good, but Hitman himself does have a good voice, it is very dull and cold which seems to fit in with his character well.


This game is very short, but I also found it very hard which means it will take you a while to complete. Some of the levels have multiple ways of completion which is very good. You could either take the extremely stealthy way, minimizing unnecessary casualties thus increasing your end of level bonus, or you could just go in all guns blazing which could put your gun buying credit into the red.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 07/13/02, Updated 07/13/02

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