Review by ghettoblasta10

"Blew Me Away!!"

Wake Up Wake Up.... These are the words you hear before your quest starts. You are the one the only HITMAN!!

I actually read a PC magazine article a while ago and it created some hype for me to play this game and the article was right. This game rules! It was like three pages long and all i needed to read was the first page and i knew it was gonna be on my PC soon! I did read all three pages though and it explained everything.

Gameplay-9- the controls are excellent and the stealth like business is pretty cool but gets hard. It is fun to kill people but thats not the whole reason to get this game. It offers a good plot.

Sound-8-BAM BAM the guns are blazing and you hear it in good quality. The guns sound real and the bodies make that squishy like sound when they slump over or fall to the ground dead.

Adult Material- Yes there is quite a bit of it making it truly great. Meaning a bit of sexual material and there is some cocaine use...well actually a lot if you consider one guy snorting from a huge pile a lot.

Detail/Graphics-AMAZING!! The details are great with no flaws! From the shady Chinese Triads to Rotterdam's gangsters. The levels are quite great as well ranging from the shady alleyways of Chinatown to the dim lighted Colombian Jungle. This offers great detail and graphics.

Difficulty- TOUGH! I had it on easy and it was still like Metal Gear Solid on hard!! Without gamefaqs i was lost. It also requires much thinking for certain situations like how to kill someone and where to do it and where to hide the body and such!

Realistic? Yes it is very realistic. After slaughtering three people in a hotel room you have to put a do not disturb sign on the door to keep cleaning boys from coming in!! The jungle leaves move as you walk through them and the tapestry moves all over as you walk hrough them. The only thing unrealistic is if you go through a metal detector and it beeps they dont take your stuff and have you walk back through..They shoot you.

Movie References? Yes one right out of the Godfather with the little restaurant thing where you get your gun from the bathroom if you put it there and come out dn kill the police chief. And one is outta Scarface with the druglord snorting from a big pile who takes a lot to kill. His house has the wo staircases that lead to the same loft with hi office right in the middle like Scarface and also the mission is called Say Hello To My Little Friend and it shows the guy holding a gun like Tony Montana's


Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 08/19/02, Updated 08/19/02

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