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"Whats so bad about being a hitman? NOTHING"

Being an assasin is more than just killing people by blowing their brains out, cutting their throats and those kinds of ways that make people do what they do. Its some peoples way of life. Such as this man who goes by the name of Mr. Reaper. I wont give too many spoilers about the game I'll leave that for your own enjoyment to find out. Hes a hitman who was created by his 'father' and put in an insane asilum. If you dont know what a hitman is or if you havnt already figured it out, its a man who is given orders to kill people or just someone who likes to kill people.

Gameplay 9/10: This is one of my favorite games because you start out in an insane asilum then is released by a secret person who teaches you the ways of being a hitman all throughout you escaping the asilum. After that you get objectives for your missions by a secret orginization known as 'The Agency.' Your first mission is one I'll tell you about because its pretty easy. Your objectives are to take out a gang member of the blue lotus by going up on a roof and sniping him, then getting to your car without being totally obliterated by helicopters or blue lotus members.

Sound 5/10: The sound in this game there really isnt much probably not very much at all really but it doesnt make the game any funner, or any worse to play because when your playing this game your suspensed in what is gonna happen next, or is a billion guys going to be on the other side of this door. Your going to be all thoughtful about those kind of things that you wont be paying any attention to the sound you probably wont even notice that there is sound.

Graphics 8/10: The graphics in this game are incredible, if you have an xbox or a high graphic game like unreal tournament, halo, crimson sea, etc... you'll be pleased with the graphics on this game they're as good as they are on any game and its basically a playing cinema that you control.

Replay Value 9/10: The replay value of this game is very nice, if you've read any of my other reviews the replay value is high for the sport games because this game is like those, beat it once, beat it twice, beat it again and still have as much fun with it as you did with the first time you played it, I am recommending this game to EVERYONE out there who likes video games.

Rent/Buy?: This is a definate buy buy buy! This game is so much fun, and so suspensful why wouldnt you want to buy it? There is really no reason why someone would just rent this game.

Overall 9/10: This is an awesome game that I still play after like 3/4 of a year of owning it and I still have much fun as I did my very first time playing this fantastic computer game.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 01/03/03, Updated 01/14/03

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