"Great game to kill in!"

This game is one of the best games to go postal in, at least in my opinion. It's easy to kill people because you have great guns and it's also very fun sometimes! I can't help but get a rewarding felling when I assasinate targets in this game because they're usualy terrorists or gang leaders. This game can be played like a stealth game or like a game where you get into huge firefights and kill everything that moves.I enjoyed every part of this from playing it and watching the movies and getting the story. Ok I think I'll give some ratings now.

I gave graphics a 9 instead of 10 because when you kill people the bullet mark looks the same all the time and that kind of bothered me. Other than the bullet marks the game has beautiful smooth graphics. Good detail on faces, clothes and weapons. The environment is also huge and very well designed. I think the graphics are very exceptional and you know what I can't get enough of them. The death sequences are awsome and very creative sometimes people fall into places.
Very good gameplay killing people is very fun too do because you can use fibre wire slit their throat or just the classic bullet to the head (and some other parts of the body). I only see problems in the draging part of the game, I feel like he should be able to run when he drags but I guess the people who made this game thought other wise. Also in some levels there isn't too many doors to open, it really sucks because I love exploring environments in games.
Good music through out the game. The voices of the gaurds are good. And most importantly the gun sounds are spectacular.
Replay Value:7
After I beat this game I played all my favorite levels over and over again. It got a little boring but I finished the game a year ago and i still enjoy playing it from time to time.
Great story really gets to you. I always said that a game could have the best graphics and gameplay but if it's story sucks then I'm not even gonna touch it.
Good Things about this game: Awsome weapons,good graphics, lot's of people too kill. I won't reveal too much but I like that Agent 47 (the person you play as) doesn't know who he is or how he became a hitman.
Bad Things: when civilians are fleeing they run twords you, slow dragging.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 04/15/03, Updated 04/15/03

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