Review by MAX PAIN

Reviewed: 09/07/03

Meh -_-'

Well this game doesn’t seem like much I mean, 30 seconds into it, and your head phases through a wall. I think they could have TRIED to do a lot better. Anyway here we go:

Summery: Ok you’re a genetically perfect killing machine. The first mission is training and it is confusing as hell if you look for a plot. This guy is training you, but then you kill someone who works for him, grab his cloths and escape (also, if you didn't drop any handguns a fun thing to do is once the guard lets you through the door blast him with the desert eagle). Anyway you escape and SOMEHOW end up working for an assassin organization. You get assigned to assassinate people. As you do so you get some letters sometimes and a little of the puzzle becomes clearer. Anyway, lets not go 2 deep.

Storyline 5/10: Could have been better. You pretty much just kill what appear to be random people at first but you will put it together later.

Controls 8/10: The controls are incredibly good. You can run, walk, and pretty much you mainly use the nomad, page up / page down and the mouse, heck, I only used the nomad numbers to move and the enter button to quick choose. Otherwise you just click. Also, by using left control you can equip 2 weapons at once (handguns only). I have to admit, blasting baddies with 2 desert eagles or a mini-gun is very fun.

Camera -50000000/10: Yes this is the lowest score EVER! You get 2 views an insanely hard to sue behind the back view and cinematic-ish (more of a farther back 3rd person unless your in a small room).

Audio 5/10: it got a bit odd being in china and having normal goons yelling: ''WEAPON WEAPON'' or ''HE'S PACKING'' in obvious English. Or being able to carry on a conversation with a corrupt police officer in English though he is Chinese. Also sometimes guards would be alerted y death screams when you headshots and didn't hear a noise.

Video 5/10: pretty good at points. When you are wearing the bathing suit you can see they went so far as to detail each model (yet you can oddly move your head through certain walls) also, sometimes if you are walking near benches or stairs your leg twists completely upside-down and looks VERY uncomfortable.

Realism 9/10: Pretty good. You can drag bodies, headshot, strip them, use pretty much any gun you find as a weapon. Main problems were that in would shoot people in the arms several times before it would faze them, and the sumo people took like 5 desert eagle shots point blank to the face. Though you can carry an ungodly arsenal under your suit (I think its 15 weapons). BTW anyone else notice that though your bald and have a bar-code on your head, simply putting on a swimsuit makes the police NOT recognize you after massacring a large number of bodyguards and police in a gunfight?

Overall 8/10: You just can't beat being able to walk around with a rifle hidden in flowers and pull it out to blast a dentist who has a bomb in his office, or sneaking behind someone and using fiber wire to kill them or taking a sniper rifle out of a suitcase, using it and putting it back for no one to notice.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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