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"A great stealth game ahead of its time"

Ah yes, this review is about a stealth/action game called Hitman:Code Name 47, which doesn't make too much sense right now, but once you finish the game it will make more sense. This is truely a great game, it is still comparable to games like Splinter Cell, just don't expect Metal Gear gameplay. It shares a lot of similarities with Splinter Cell infact, but that will have to wait for the gameplay section. Lets start with some background history. It was developed by IO interactive and published by Eidos back in 2000. Didn't sell amazingly, but it was enough for a sequal. It was also one of the first games to support ''ragdoll physics'' which actually adds to the gameplay, not just for cosmetics. Ok enough background, time for the review.

Truely amazing back when I got it at its release. Neat shading and pretty good detail. Only real problem is that a lot of the textures in each mission are reused a lot, but considering how varied the missions are geographically it is excusable. What is really amazing though is the physics, not just body physics either. You remember the soft body effects in Splinter Cell (curtains)? Well this game had it before Splinter Cell, only not quite as good as gunshots don't do anything. The ragdoll physics amazed me back then, but it looks strangely awkward as they just slump after they die. When something falls after it dies, it should have a little bounce due to inertia, the lack of this makes the body physics seem strange.

Pure stealth action. While the stealth isn't as essential as in Splinter Cell as you an go in guns blazing, it is really suggested. Also there are zero escort missions, that will add plenty of points in my book. The amount of things you can do in this game is huge. First, you can drag bodies of people that you have killed to get them out of the way or hide them, you can trick bellboys from going into a hotel room you just killed the inhabitants by placing a neat little do not disturb sign on and other neat little AI quirks like that, you can double up pistols of any kind and go John Woo style, you can kill a guard and steal his clothes and go off in disguise, you can set traps by luring guards to dead bodies, and much more, but I think you are getting the idea. I would of liked it if they let you shoot out lights, but too bad. Can't have them all.

Guns sound fairly good and all that. You can here different gun sounds on different surfaces, you hear the enemies speak their real language and stuff. Truthfully, this would of been a 9 if it weren't for one fact. One measly little problem. Voice acting. Terrible. Well, not terrible, but definately not great. You really don't have to hear the acting much, but when you do you really won't enjoy it. It is bearable though, so I only took off 1 point for that.

It is always fun to do the missions again to see other possible ways to do them. That is a great thing about this game, the freedom to do it your way. There is no linear path, no narrow hallways with one destination, it is always a large map with many possibilities. The only problem is that once the curiosity of other possibilities wears off, you might never play this game again. That definitely will take off points.

Buy or Not---Depends
This kind of game is not for everyone. You need patience, cunning, the will to do trail and error, and you need a large attention span. People with attention deficite disorder should not play this game, one second of not paying attention could result in death. If you have all these traits and enjoy games like Splinter Cell, then you will definitely want this game.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 10/28/03

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