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"Awsome Killer, Your Pain Giving Thirst Will Be Quenched"

This game is a very good game on any rating scale. This is the beginning of the Hit man series. Some what the past of Agent 47. It has 2 sequels and there has been talk of more sequels. I enjoyed this game some what more than other 3rd person shooters due to its interesting concept at the time it was released.

Game play-7/10
It has a lot of guns if you care to buy or find them and there are somewhat a large amount of guards, soldiers, etc. to kill. It might get boring to some but it will last because there are so many and unlike some games you are very vincible to them due to their number and powerful guns which some can inflict a heavy amount of damage on you. Its easy almost too easy on some levels but on some they are insanely hard and seemingly impossible to figure out. The controls are done nicely but I had a slight problem with the 2 keys you move forward with. The missions have the "what do I do next, but if I do this I could get killed, but if I do this I could get killed too" type of feel.

This game has an original, awesome story that most games now a days just don't have except for Role Playing Games and this game is no where near one of those. It causes curiosity. It makes you want to complete the levels, but unfortunately if you can figure it out before the end then its sort of ruined but many small things of the story must still be figured out which causes you to buy the other games as well. You at the beginning of the game are in an insanity prison with no memories but this strange voice is leading you along threw the game showing you and teaching you how to be a killer. You finally break out of the prison. and begin to find work at "The Agency" a mysterious association that hires contractors to help clients find a hit man and then once the deed is done, pay the hit man.

They are ok and the weapon and people design is awesome but I could have expected a little more on some of the buildings and some of the vehicles. (You don't get to drive any by the way) Graphics don't really make the game so please don't let this discourage you in getting this game.

Good, but its like the graphics only with noise not vision. But I known some friends that have a problem with rapidly repeating noise slowing down and lagging up their computer (such as the Mini-Gun) and conversation looping so it will play again and again after the video clip and conversation with a person has finished.

Replay Value-3/10
It is sort of fun going back to complete the game without using money or trying to beat the game without cause much alarm, but once you have beaten the game you don't really have a point to play it any more. I just framed it and set it up on my wall as a trophy for completing it and a memento of Hit man's beginning.

Ultimate Decision.....
Worth every penny, you should enjoy this game almost as much as I did.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 10/20/04

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