How do I play Multiplayer starting at Irenicus' dungeon with the mod that stitches together the games?

  1. I installed the mod that pastes together BG1, totsc, BGII and ToB. I wanted to play two characters instead of one, but every time I tried to start a multiplayer it crashed. Oh well, I decided, and started a single player. I'm now near the end of BG1.

    However, I'd like to start BGII:SoA (from the dungeon) playing with two characters. How can I do so? The only way I can figure out so far to start a new SoA game is to go through single player in the Baldur's Gate choice.

    So again, I've installed the mod so that all four games are molded into one. How can I start a BGII: SoA game in multiplayer, so I can create two characters?

    When I hit multiplayer for BGI, it just sends me to candlekeep.

    User Info: wkwray

    wkwray - 7 years ago

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  1. Okay. I don't know about your multiplayer crashing but multiplayer new game in soa is a problem I have encountered and here's what I figured out. First make each of the characteres in soa on single player and click through the opening scene. Then Once you have both your characters made you go into the save folder in the soa directory and grab the one for the character you want to be the main. You then copy and past it into the folder called mpsave. Start up the game again and load up the game which is now in multiplayer, when you're asked to confirm the party you import the secondary character. You now have a game with both characters and you can save it under a new name. Go back into mpsave and copy the new game into the save folder. You can now play in single player soa a game with both of your custom made characters.

    The only problem is that the secondary character now has a handful of bhaalspawn powers that he shouldn't but it's minor and if that's an issue I guess you can choose not to use them.

    User Info: gangler52

    gangler52 - 7 years ago 2 0

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