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    Baldur's Gate 2: Shadows of Amn 
    NPC List
    Version Final
    By Joe Boland (jboland@gmail.com)
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                   :Shadows of Amn
    I.  Introduction
    II. Non-Playable Character List
          Good Aligned Characters
             Keldorn Firecam
             Mazzy Fentan
             Minsc (and Boo)
             Nalia de' Arnise
             Valygar Corthala
          Neutral Aligned Characters
             Anomen Delryn
             Haer Dalis'
             Jan Jensen
          Evil Aligned Characters
             Edwin Odesseiron
             Korgan Bloodaxe
             Viconia deVir
    III. Last Words
    I. Introduction
    	Welcome all! This is the first FAQ that I have written, so bear 
    with me. As you should already know, this is a NPC List for Baldur's Gate 2: 
    Shadows of Amn. Hopefully you find it organized and easy to follow because 
    that is what I focused on. I absolutely hate reading through a chaotically 
    formatted FAQ or walk through. I can see the reasons behind some of them, 
    though, as I had a heck of a time with margins in this one. Well, since 
    this is my first FAQ I would appreciate the sending of comments, errors, 
    or suggestions. My e-mail address is JoeBoland@hotmail.com. Just be 
    sure you write GameFAQS in the subject. Anyways, in this FAQ you will 
    find MANY MAJOR SPOILERS! It lists the statistics for each character, 
    along with their location, their biography, their ending, and if possible, 
    their romantic ending.
    Thanks for reading!
    II. Non-Playable Character List
    Good Aligned Characters
            -Race: Elf
            -Sex: Female
            -Class: Cleric/Mage
            -Alignment: Lawful Good
            -Str:10 Dex:17 Con:9 Int:16 Wis:16 Cha:14
            -Location:  		Aerie is found inside the Circus Tent in 
            		Waukeen's Promenade. 
    				If you make Aerie leave the party she can be 
    			found again in the Circus Tent.
            -Biography: 		When asked about her past, Aerie becomes 
            		silent for a time, obviously saddened by the memory. 
            		She lived amongst the Avariel, the winged elves, and 
            		was captured by slavers when she was still very 
            		young. She shudders when she speaks of her first 
            		years in the circus, on display in a cage that 
            		restricted her movements to the point that her 
            		wings atrophied. They became infected... and Aerie 
            		can barely speak of the night she was taken out of 
            		her cage and her wings were sawn off brutally to keep
            		her alive. She was no longer of use to that circus,
            		and were it not for the kindness of Quayle she 
            		surely would have died. He restored her to health 
            		and gave her a reason to continue living, and out
            		of respect for his generosity she learned the  
            		devotion of the gnomish god Baervan Wildwanderer.
            		She speaks of Baervan with affection, yet still   
            		pays tribute to Aerdrie Faenya, and approaches life 
            		outside of the circus with a combination of         
            		wide-eyed innocence and wonder mixed with an inborn 
            		determination to fight against injustice.
            -Ending:     		Aerie continued adventuring after leaving 
            		(Hero's) company, driven in her travels to oppose 
            		slavery in any form. Her compassion grew tainted 
            		by revenge, however, revenge for what had been taken 
            		when she was in chains.She might have lost herself 
            		entirely had she not stumbled across a group of 
            		Avariel winged elves enslaved in Cormyr. They 
            		compelled her to come to Faenya-Dail, the home 
            		she was originally stolen from, and she learned much
            		while there. Most importantly, she learned she was 
            		no longer of them, and stopping pining for wings she 
            		wouldn't use anyway. Aerie eventually became a high
            		priestess in Understone, a gnomish village her mentor
            		Quayle had sometimes spoken of. He had been her true 
            		family, and it was among his people that she finally 
            		found peace.
            -Romantic 		Aerie and (Hero) would prove inseparable,
             Ending:	their adventuring careers becoming secondary to the 
             		raising of their son, and eventually a daughter as 
             		well. Their later years would hold one last great 
             		trek, however, as Aerie still suffered a sadness from
             		herntime enslaved and the loss of her wings. Together 
             		she and (Hero) sought out the Avariel of Faenya-Dail,
             		the winged elves she was stolen from so long ago.
             		They discovered not only her people, but loving 
             		parents that had spent years searching for their lost
             		child. With no more mystery of confusion to cloud 
             		their lives, it was there, among the clouds, that 
             		Aerie and (Hero) would finally be married. Their 
             		union, it is said, was blessed by visions of 
             		Aerdrie Faenya and Baervan Wildwanderer both.
            -Race: Human
            -Sex: Female
            -Class: Thief/Mage
            -Alignment: Neutral Good
            -Str:9 Dex:18 Con:16 Int:17 Wis:11 Cha:16
            -Location: 		Imoen is found at the beginning of the game
            		in Irenicus' Dungeon. She helps you to get 
            		free of your cage.
            -Biography: 		Imoen chuckles when you ask her about her 
            		past, assuming that you are just trying to
            		keep her mind on happier times and places. 
            		She indulges you, and certainly does cheer up
            		when speaking of how you spent your youths 
            		together in Candlekeep. She arrived there that
            		same as you, in the company of your foster 
            		father Gorion, but despite this similarity 
            		she grew up much more carefree than you did. 
            		Indeed, her lighthearted outlook has long 
            		kept her immune to the hardships of the 
            		world, though the dark confines and horrors 
            		of your current location have definitely taken
            		their toll.
            -Ending: 		And what of Imoen, the eternal child? She
            		had long stood in the shadow of (Hero), but she 
            		was her own person, and would find fate where she
            		pleased. She returned to Candlekeep for a time, her
            		formidable skill in magic granting a greater 
            		appreciation for its tomes. It was smaller than she
            		remembered, however, and she did not stay long. Later
            		she was seen in such vaunted company as Khalben 
            		"Blackstaff" and Elminster, by all accounts 
            		encouraging them to not be such stick-in-the-muds.
            		Her influence grew over time, and she may have 
            		founded a thieves' guild that now operates all 
            		the way to Neverwinter. When asked of this she always
            		answered with a smile of purest innocence. "Heya," 
            		she would say, "it's just me, Imoen."
            *Keldorn Firecam*  
            -Race: Human
            -Sex: Male
            -Class: Inquisitor
            -Alignment: Lawful Good
            -Str:17 Dex:9 Con:17 Int:12 Wis:16 Cha:18
            -Location: 		Keldorn is found in the Cult of the Unseeing
            		Eye in the Temple District. 
            -Biography: 		When asked about his past, Keldorn sighs and 
            		is forced to think for a moment before counting the
            		number of years he has been a paladin of Torm in 
            		the service of the Most Noble Order of the Radiant 
            		Heart. He has battled to protect the defenseless
            		and punish the evil on more occasion than he can
            		recall. A seasoned veteran with the scars to prove
            		it, Keldorn speaks wistfully of retirement in the 
            		future and the opportunity to spend more time with
            		his family. Upon their mention, however, Keldorns 
            		attention wanders and grows grim. Duty is more  
            		important than personal considerations, he whispers 
            		harshly, so long as the Order has needs for him.
            -Ending: 		Keldorn Firecam thought his travels with 
            		(Hero) marked the end of his active career, both as 
            		an adventurer and in service to the Order. He retired
            		to Athkatla, hoping to live in as much peace as an 
            		old warrior can expect, but the call to serve came 
            		one last time. It was years later, and Amn was 
            		besieged by giants. In his 60th winter, Keldorn and
            		five knights held a strategic pass until the main 
            		Amnish force could arrive. He won the day, but his 
            		wounds were severe and the old paladin fell on 
            		battlefield. As his knights watched, the hand of 
            		Torm descended upon the scene, and when it departed, 
            		Keldorn was gone. From that day, visions of the 
            		True God were accompanied by the stalwart ghostly 
            		form of Keldorn at his right hand. 
            *Mazzy Fentan*  
            -Race: Halfling
            -Sex: Female
            -Class: Fighter
            -Alignment: Lawful Good
            -Str:15 Dex:18 Con:16 Int:10 Wis:13 Cha:14
            -Location: 		Mazzy is found in Shade Lord's Dungeon in the
            		Temple Ruins. 
                       		If you make Mazzy leave the party she can be
                       	found again in Trademeet. 
            -Biography: 		When asked about her past, Mazzy proudly 
            		states that she has spent numerous years adventuring
            		around Amn with her other halfling comrades, basing
            		out of her home of Trademeet. The thought of Patrick
            		and her other companions and their fates brings a 
            		shadow across  her face, however. Mazzy is a dedicated
            		servant of Arvoreen, the halfling goddess of war, and
            		she resents the common perception by the bigger races
            		that the stout folk cannot defend themselves or act 
            		with valor. If she could, Mazzy would be a paladin 
            		and battle against evil in Faerun with the full power
            		of her goddess to aid her.
            -Ending: 		The perils that Mazzy Fentan faced at the 
            		side of (Hero) did nothing but dissuade her thirst 
            		for adventure. In fact, it was not long after the 
            		events in Tethyr that she formed the Fentan Knights,
            		a stalwart band of heroes that spawned tales across
            		the Realms. They battled trolls to save endangered 
            		towns, turned back tides of orcs to preserve ancient 
            		forests, and faced a rogue dragon in its own lair 
            		just to make the world a better place. Their legend
            		was larger than life, especially so for Mazzy, and 
            		it was said on occasion that if valor were inches,
            		she'd be twenty feet tall. For all her risks, Mazzy
            		eventually passed peacefully at a ripe old age, 
            		knowing she could take pride in everything she had 
            *Minsc (and Boo)*  
            -Race: Human
            -Sex: Male
            -Class: Ranger
            -Alignment: Neutral Good
            -Str:18/93 Dex:16 Con:16 Int:8 Wis:6 Cha:9
            -Location: 		Minsc is found at the beginning of the game 
            		in a cage in Irenicus' Dungeon. Once you anger him 
            		enough to break free he will join you.
                       		If you make Minsc leave the party he can be 
                       	found again in the Copper Coronet.  
            -Biography: 		When asked about his past, Minsc proclaims 
            		that he is a berserker warrior from the nation of 
            		Rasheman in the utter east, though his affinity 
            		for animals speaks to his skill as a ranger as well. 
            		He originally came to the Sword Coast on a dejemma, a
            		ritual journey to manhood, as the bodyguard of a 
            		young Wychalarn of Rasheman named Dynaheir. To his
            		shame, Dynaheir is now dead, and he fears that the
            		doors of the honored Ice Dragon Berserker Lodge are
            		forever closed to him. This personal tragedy has
            		obviously not strengthened Minsc's hold on reality,
            		as evidenced by his continued dependence on his 
            		animal companion "Boo", a creature that he claims a
            		miniature giant space hamster. Apparently such
            		things do exist somewhere in the Realms, but Minsc
            		has surely taken too many blows to the head. 
            -Ending: 		With the saga of Bhaalspawn closed Minsc 
            		fulfilled a long promised oath. He returned to 
            		Rashemen, hoping to regale the Icedragon Berserker
            		Lodge with tales of his deed, and earn a place 
            		within its hallowed halls. His words were not 
            		needed. Every tavern in Faerun had a bard singing of
            		the valiant ranger, and he was a welcome hero. 
            		Eventually he formed his own adventuring company, 
            		the Justice Fist, striking fear in the hearts and 
            		faces of evil until, in his advancing age, he again
            		set out across the Realms... and disappeared. And 
            		what of Boo? Well, what is Minsc without Boo? The
            		two would never be separated, and some say they are
            		together still, up amongst the stars where hamster 
            		are giants and men become legends.
            *Nalia de'Arnise*  
            -Race: Human
            -Sex: Female
            -Class: Mage/Thief
            -Alignment: Neutral Good
            -Str:14 Dex:18 Con:16 Int:17 Wis:9 Cha:13
            -Location: 		Nalia is found in the Copper Coronet. 
                       		If you make Nalia leave the party she can 
                       	be found again in near the de'Arnise Hold.  
            -Biography: 		When asked about her past, Nalia is a bit
            		hesitant. She comes from a wealthy land-owning 
            		family headed by Lord de'Arnise, and while she
            		speaks of her relatives with affection, the fact of
            		her upbringing seems to embarrass her at the same 
            		time. Nalia clearly identifies more with the 
            		"poorer classes"... but also looks upon them with
            		the eyes of the privileged. She has been educated
            		and taught the magical arts, as per her dead
            		mother's wishes, but Nalia states that her years of
            		sneaking out of the castle have taught her the
            		other side of life as well. She still has much to
            		learn about life beyond her castle, however, and
            		she knows it... and she is sure adventuring is the
            -Ending: 		Nalia grew quite powerful after her 
            		association with (Hero). Initially she traveled,
            		learning magical lore and making influential 
            		friends, but after years she returned to Amn and her
            		family home of d'Arnise Hold. She found it in control
            		of none other than Isaea Roenall, but she was no 
            		longer the wayward child that he had expected, 
            		and single-handedly brought him to justice for his
            		indiscretions. She declared herself the inheritor of
            		her father's ducal title, becoming a beloved ruler,
            		respected archmage, and eventually earning a seat on
            		the Amnish Council of Six itself. She would become a
            		prominent figure in Amn for many years, constantly 
            		fighting for the good of common folk and made many 
            		frustrated enemies among the nobility and Cowled 
            		Wizards both. 
            *Valygar Corthala*  
            -Race: Human
            -Sex: Male
            -Class: Stalker
            -Alignment: Neutral Good
            -Str:17 Dex:18 Con:16 Int:10 Wis:11 Cha:10
            -Location: 		Valygar is found in a cabin in Umar Hills.
            			If you kick out Valygar he can be found again in
            		his cabin.
            -Biography: 		When asked about his past, Valygar is silent
            		for a long time and his face becomes grim. He 
            		explains briefly that he is the last of the Corthala
            		noble line, a family that was once one of the 
            		wealthiest in Amn. The Corthalas have always been 
            		cursed with magical ability, however, and Valygar 
            		spits the words with great derision. Every Corthala
            		who has used their magical talents has become obsessed
            		with them and ultimately come to a grievous end. His
            		mother was the most recent victim, although the
            		ranger does not elaborate on the point. Valygar
            		intends to fulfill his family's oath to find and
            		destroy their ancestor, Lavok, and then he intends
            		to let his cursed bloodline die out once and for
            -Ending: 		Valygar continued adventuring for several 
            		years after the Bhallspawn saga, travelling among the
            		wilds and becoming a common sight near Waterdeep. In
            		time he would retire to Athkatla, content to assume a
            		contemplative life on his family estate, but admirers
            		among nobility would not let him rest. He was
            		pressured into assuming the title of Chief Inspector,
            		a responsibility he didn't want, but corruption
            		within the city soon gained his ire. Surprising even
            		himself, Valygar became an effective leader, and it
            		was this term in office that truly restored the
            		Corthala family name. Valygar eventually married, and
            		his only son, the pride of his life, took the lessons
            		of the father to heart. He would go on to lead the
            		Cowled Wizards, becoming its greatest agent of reform.
    Neutral Aligned Characters
            *Anomen Delryn*  
            -Race: Human
            -Sex: Male
            -Class: Fighter/Cleric
            -Alignment: Lawful Neutral
            -Str:18/52 Dex:10 Con:16 Int:10 Wis:12 Cha:13
            -Location: 		Anomen is found standing around in the Copper
                       		If you make Anomen leave your party he can be 
    			found in the Copper Coronet.
            -Biography: 		When asked about his past, Anomen is quick to
    			state that he has been serving the Most Noble Order
    			of the Radiant Heart for years, and after his Test
    			he will become a true knight. Anomen is reluctant,
    			however, to speak of his noble upbringing, saying
    			only that he entered the Order without the support
    			of his father, Lord Cor Delryn. Since he could not
    			be sponsored as a squire, Anomen chose the route of
    			the warrior and priest of Helm, the god of guardians,
    			and has fought many battles over the years against 
    			forces of evil. Anomen often says that he is 
    			confident that he will prove worthy of his knighthood,
    			but sometimes seems to be trying to convince himself 
    			of that fact more than anyone.
            -Ending: 		Anomen was troubled after his time with 
            		(Hero's) company. He had closely witnessed the dark
            		power inherent in the Bhaal child, and no matter 
            		(Hero's) intent, it caused a crisis of faith. His 
            		confidence in Helm shaken, Anomen traveled without 
            		aim until arriving in the frontiers of Maztica. 
            		This was during the revolt of Yamash, an evil cleric
            		that raised a demonic conquering horde. Anomen was
            		drawn into the conflict, helping to organize the 
            		besieged Maztican soldiers, but then found he could
            		not effectively train them with speaking of his duty
            		and the role of a guardian he must play; he was 
            		teaching the doctrine of Helm, and understanding
            		it more as he did. In the end, his words rang true,
            		and Yamash fell to the disciples of Anomen, a new
            		Order for a new land.
            -Romantic		 Anomen and (Hero) continued adventuring until
             Ending: 	they were known as heroes almost everywhere they went.
             		So prolific were their careers that the proposed date
             		of the wedding kept getting moved back, either due 
             		to impending crisis or some lucrative adventure that
             		one or the other would insist on investigating. 
             		Finally a date approached that both (Hero) and her 
             		beloved were determined to keep, and the much 
             		heralded event drew heroes and dignitaries from across
             		Faerun. The couple had touched the lives of many, and
             		those people arrived in droves to watch Elminster
             		himself unite the two in one of the grandest
             		ceremonies the city of Baldur's Gate had ever
             		seen. Anomen and (Hero) retired from public life 
             		shortly thereafter, although, if tales be true, their
             		adventures never truly ended.
            -Race: Human
            -Sex: Male
            -Class: Shapeshifter
            -Alignment: True Neutral
            -Str:13 Dex:9 Con:13 Int:12 Wis:18 Cha:15
            -Location: 		Cernd is found in the cellar dungeon in the
            		Mayor's house in Trademeet.
            			If you kick out Cernd he can be found in the
            		Druid Grove.
            -Biography: 		When asked about his past, Cernd declares in 
            		a steady and modest tone that it has been his honor
            		to serve nature in whatever capacity she did call
            		upon him. It is clear that he is a dedicated
            		servant, and though his demeanor is contemplative
            		and well measured, you are certain that he would
            		not hesitate to risk himself if it would best serve
            		the greater balance.
            -Ending:		With his guidance no longer needed, Cernd left
            		(Hero's) company and reunited with his son, Ahsdale. 
    			His duty to nature constantly called him away, however, 
    			and the boy grew bitter. Years later Cernd acquired 
    			the title of Grand Druid, but stopped the ascension
    			when he learned that his long-estranged child now 
    			wielded twisted magics, and commanded an army now
    			threatening the Sword Coast. Cernd abdicated, citing
    			that he could not hold such a responsibility when
    			grossly deficient in his personal obligations. Neither 
    			Cernd nor Ahsdale would survive when they finally
    			met in battle. They were strangers to each other,
    			and the only common ground they found was where they
    			fell, a spot that gave rise to a wondrous oak that
    			turns the gravest of reds at season's change.
            *Haer Dalis'*  
            -Race: Tiefling
            -Sex: Male
            -Class: Blade
            -Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
            -Str:17 Dex:17 Con:9 Int:15 Wis:13 Cha:16
            -Location: 		Haer Dalis' is found in Mekrath's Tower. 
                       		If you make Haer Dalis' leave the party he 
                       	can be found again in the Five Flagons. 
            -Biography: 		When asked about his past, Haer Dalis' states that
            		he is from the city of Sigil, a nexus of planes and
            		the ever changing domain of the Lady Pain. He 
            		claims he cannot explain it better than that, as
            		the planars defy description by their very nature.
            		Haer Dalis' traveled with a troupe of players,
            		tieflings of plane-touched heritage like he, and
            		they put on masterful productions to amuse both
            		cambion and common berk alike. An indiscretion led
            		to the troupe fleeing to the Prime Material
            		Plane... here... which didn't bother Haer Dalis'
            		much. He says that he is a Doomguard, believing in
            		the inevitable decay of all things to make way for
            		the new. The troupe has divided, but the tiefling
            		bard is confident that new experience can only come
            		from it.
            -Ending:		Haer Dalis' found traveling with (Hero) a fine
    			introduction to the Realms, and once they parted 
    			company he was eager to see more. He visited such 
    			varied locales as Waterdeep, Neverwinter, and Thay,
    			eventually fleeing each one after innocently immersing
    			himself in local troubles. Later he would befriend
    			a female Cambion and return with her to the Abyss,
    			only to unintentionally end up leading a revolt on
    			several layers of the hells. For a time, Haer Dalis'
    			was the most-hunted man among the planes, but the 
    			ire of his enemies could not match his wanderlust,
    			and he eventually found his way back to the City of
    			Sigil unharmed in any permanent fashion. There he
    			rejoined Raelis' acting troupe and was pleased to
    			finally settle down - until the next misunderstanding,
    			of course.
            -Race: Half-Elf
            -Sex: Female
            -Class: Fighter/Druid
            -Alignment: True Neutral
            -Str:15 Dex:17 Con:17 Int:10 Wis:14 Cha:15
            -Location: 		Jaheira is found at the beginning of the game 
            		in Irenicus' Dungeon. 
                       		If you make her leave the party she can be 
                       	found again near the Harper's base.
            -Biography: 		When asked about her past, Jaheira glares as 
            		she speaks. She says that she was born in the Tethyr
            		region to a loyalist of the King Alemander regime,
            		unfortunately during the Tethyrian civil war. Her
            		family was among the nobles targeted by the angry
            		mobs of peasants, and she was only spared because a
            		servant girl took her from their castle before it
            		fell. An enclave of Druids in the forest of Tethyr
            		was willing to grant shelter, and Jaheira grew up
            		headstrong in their care. She believes the only way
            		to protect nature is to have an active role in the
            		world, but the cost of this dedication seems to
            		weigh heavily on her mind these days. She grows
            		quiet when you ask about recent events, and while
            		she gives the appearance of her normal,
            		strong-willed self, there is a look of doubt in her
            		eyes. It would seem that she has seen too many
            		friends fall to remain unaffected. She does not
            		like the subject, and lets it drop.
            -Ending:		The events of the Bhaalspawn saga affected
    			Jaheira deeply. It was her duty to protect the
    			greater balance of things, but in the years to
    			come she found an increased portions of that
    			fight occurring within her own mind. Witness to
    			great change while in (Hero's) company, she had 
    			become acutely aware of how fleeting life was,
    			and how the loss of those she held dear ate away
    			at her thoughts. In time she would be known as a
    			tireless champion of balance, one that sometimes
    			acted in concert with the Harpers and sometimes
    			did not. Always, however, she remained distant
    			and guarded, never staying long in any place,
    			Jaheira would cross the realms thrice over, but 
    			she never did return to Tethyr or the Sword 
            -Romantic		The years following the Bhaalspawn saga
    	   Ending:	kind to Jaheira. They couldn't be called 
    			peaceful, by any means, but her relationship
    			with (Hero) weathered it all. Theirs was an
    			unshakable union, and while duty or adventure 
    			might separate them for even years at a time,
    			they always returned to one another. Her friends
    			would marvel at how secure in this Jaheira 
    			seemed to be, especially considering her initial
    			reluctance, but she would chuckle when looking
    			back on those first cautious days. After all, 
    			she and (Hero) had literally been to hell and
    			back, and when the gods themselves couldn't 
    			separate the two, what were simple months and
    			miles going to do? She lived long and well.
    			Not always with (Hero), but never truly apart
    			from him.
            *Jan Jansen*  
            -Race: Gnome 
            -Sex: Male
            -Class: Illusionist/Thief
            -Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
            -Str:9 Dex:17 Con:15 Int:16 Wis:14 Cha:10
            -Location: 		Jan is found in the Government District.
            -Biography: 		When asked about his past, Jan stops 
            		tinkering with his gadgets and states that, despite
            		all claims to the contrary, turnip beer has wondrous
            		medical properties in addition to its fine taste.
            -Ending:		Jan Jansen's life following his 
    			association with (Hero) was typically convoluted,
    			the barest of details hidden amidst his half-truths
    			and whole lies. According to his published memoirs,
    			"A Jansen in Every Port", after a short prison term 
    			for monkey smuggling, he returned to his first 
    			love... monkey smuggling. This led to the now infamous
    			Gibbon Riot of '72, a tumultuous and altogether
    			unclean event that seemed to center on the estate 
    			of the Shadow Thief Vaelag. Jan would deny that he had
    			planned the downfall of the rogue, but he was unable
    			to explain what practical application he had intended
    			for a horde of knife-wielding simians. Nevertheless,
    			the death of the admittedly disliked Vaelag could not 
    			be attributed to the young gnome. Strangely enough,
    			Jan had alibis for each and every second of the day
    			in question, and what a day it must have been!
    			Relative from across the Realms came forward to say
    			that he had stopped for tea and turnips. At his later
    			wedding to Lissa, Jan was asked how he managed to 
    			be in so many places at once, and yet still so far 
    			from the scene of the crime. "Well," Jan would say. 
    			"When you have that many monkeys, anything is 
            -Race: Human
            -Sex: Male
            -Class: Bounty Hunter
            -Alignment: True Neutral
            -Str:17 Dex:18 Con:9 Int:13 Wis:10 Cha:14
            -Location: 		Yoshimo is found at the beginning of the game in
            		Irenicus' Dungeon. You will encounter him on the
            		second floor and he will propose co-operating to get
            		free of the place.
                       		If you make Yoshimo leave the party he can be 
    			found again in the Copper Coronet.  
            -Biography: 		When asked about his past, Yoshimo seems
            		disheartened that you are not already acquainted
            		with his reputation. By his own account, he is
            		apparently well known among people in the know,
            		both as a daring rogue and as a dashing man about
            		town. While the story sounds impressive, he seems
            		ungainly for such exploits, possibly a bit more 
            		hapless than debonair. He wears it well, however,
            		and perhaps even capitalizes on it. He seems to
            		know that his kind of good-natured humor is well
            		appreciated by most everyone he meets.
            -Ending: 		Yoshimo doesn't have an ending as he dies 
    			during the game.
    Evil Aligned Characters
            *Edwin Odesseiron*  
            -Race: Human 
            -Sex: Male
            -Class: Conjurer
            -Alignment: Lawful Evil
            -Str:10 Dex:10 Con:16 Int:18 Wis:10 Cha:10
            -Location: 		Edwin is found in Mae' Var's Guildhall in 
            		the Docks District. 
            -Biography: 		When asked about how he came to be in the 
    			employ of the Shadow Thieves, Edwin sneers that it is 
    			none of your business. In his opinion you are lucky 
    			enough to have encountered him at all, and further
    			inquiries beyond this initial one will only serve
    			to tempt fates. Despite his obstinate nature, there
    			is a hint that his present circumstance is not all
    			that favorable, and his willingness to join with
    			you contradicts his supposed distaste for the
    			company of others. Edwin ignores speculation about
    			his recent past, but he does appear to place less
    			emphasis on the Red Wizard colors that he has so
    			brazenly displayed in the past. It is an
    			understandable act for a wizard traveler in the
    			mage-fearing Amn.
            -Ending: 		Edwin gained great renown in his travels with
            		(Hero), and in the years following their association
            		he would exploit that infamy. In time he achieved 
            		enough influence to subjugate even the Red Wizards
            		themselves, becoming the greatest leader they had
            		known in recent memory. Very recent memory, it turns
            		out, as he was deposed scant days later. Such is the
            		brief nature of Conquerors in Thay, practically 
            		lining up for their turn of power. His only notable
            		appearance following this embarrassment was in a
            		battle with Elminster of Shadowdale himself, a short
            		affair that saw the end of Edwin's existence in the
            		Realms. Edwina, however, tends a bar in a Waterdeep
            		tavern. She is a bitter, bitter woman.
            *Korgan Bloodaxe*  
            -Race: Dwarf 
            -Sex: Male
            -Class: Berserker
            -Alignment: Chaotic Evil
            -Str:18/77 Dex:15 Con:19 Int:12 Wis:9 Cha:7
            -Location: 		Korgan is found in the Copper Coronet. 
                       		If you make Korgan leave the party he can be 
    			found again in the Copper Coronet, but he will only 
    			join if you bribe him.  
            -Biography: 		When asked about his past, Korgan growls that
            		unless you want to end up like the members of his
            		last scum-sucking, traitorous party, you'd best
            		keep your over-curious nose to yourself. Seeing as
            		the dwarf is only slightly short of a necklace of
            		ears in proving his enjoyment of slaughter you
            		decide to obey his request.
            -Ending: 		After leaving (Hero's) company, Korgan 
            		Bloodaxe lived in as bloody a fashion as he could 
            		manage. He took control of an entire dwarven clan,
            		killing their leader in secret and guiding their
            		revenge at a target of his choosing. He could have
            		lived in luxury, but his thirst for carnage was
            		immeasurable, and he stunned the Realm by pushing
            		deep into the Underdark. The blind fury of the
            		clan took even the dark elves by surprise, but
            		holding territory in the home of the drow is a 
            		hopeless proposition. Korgan was last seen burying
            		his axe in the gullet of a high priestess of Lloth,
            		laughing as he struck. Dwarven legend immortalized
            		the image, and his bloodlust is now called a 
            		crusade. History, it seems, finds more heroes than
            *Viconia deVir*  
            -Race: Drow Elf 
            -Sex: Female
            -Class: Cleric
            -Alignment: Neutral Evil
            -Str:10 Dex:19 Con:8 Int:16 Wis:18 Cha:14
            -Location:  		Viconia is found in the Government District.
                        		If you make Viconia leave the party she can be
                        	found again in the Graveyard.  
            -Biography: 		When asked about her recent past, Viconia
    			snarls that it is not your place to know such things
    			of her. There is still pride in her voice when she
    			speaks about her Underdark home of Menzoberranzan,
    			but you get the feeling that there is nothing left
    			for her there, her family and House most likely
    			victims of typically vicious Drow "politics". She
    			has continued in her worship of the Night Goddess
    			Shar, but that appears to have been the only boon
    			to her exile. She seems sullen and bitter and has
    			certainly learned much of the intolerance she must
    			face while living amongst the surface peoples. Her
    			natural abilities as a Drow have faded over time,
    			also contributing to her lost sense of belonging.
            -Ending: 		No longer with (Hero) Viconia went to found 
    			a cult dedicated to Shar in the city of Waterdeep. 
    			One of her followers betrayed her, however, prompting 
    			the slaughter of the whole tainted lot. Shar 
    			admonished Viconia strongly for this, but she was 
    			unrepentant and again wandered the Realms. Viconia
    			was still formidable, and went on to prevent an
    			attempt by the Knights of the Shield to take 
    			Calimport, and even worked with Drizzt Do'Urden to
    			save the elven city of Suldanessalar from a
    			Zhentarim plot. For this last act, the elves accepted
    			her, and Queen Ellesime bestowed the highest honors
    			of the Seldarine, an accolade never before given
    			to one of her dark kind. Viconia reportedly bowed
    			once without emotion, and then left. Her fate
    			remains unknown. 
            -Romantic  		(Hero) and Viconia continued adventuring long
             Ending:	after leaving Tethyr. He became an important 
             		political figure, and she was his trusted 
             		counsel. Eventually Viconia bore (Hero's)
             		child, which first served to strain their
             		relationship. The birth, however, changed
             		her, and she dedicated herself to raising the
             		boy, teaching him both the ways of the drow
             		and the ways of (Hero's) people. She marveled
             		at the understanding in his eyes, but,
             		unfortunately, didn't live to see him grow.
             		Viconia was poisoned by a servant of Lloth,
             		her last words whispered to her loving mate
             		in private. (Hero) raised his son in private,
             		and tales vary on the result. Some say they
             		waged a crusade against the drow, but all
             		agree the former child of Bhaal never forgot
             		the love of his dark maiden.
    III. Last Words
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