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    FAQ/Walkthrough by OutRider

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    The Curse of Monkey Island (PC) Walkthrough Final Version
    Copyright (C) 2000-2006 by OutRider
    This is the final version of this guide, meaning that this guide will no longer
    continue to be updated.
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    WARNING: This walkthrough does contain spoilers that will ruin the game for
    anyone who may be playing this game for the first time. Do not read ahead
    unless you fully understand the risks involved.
    Copyright notice:
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    difficulties with a game I have written a walkthrough for. I am not tech
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    games I've done walkthroughs for. If you do email me with a technical problem,
    the only answer I can and will give you is to check the developer's website and
    read the FAQs. The reason for this is because I do not want to be held liable
    for any damages done to your system.
    Just as a note, this guide is based on the regular Monkey mode, not
    Mega-Monkey. There will be slight differences between the two versions of the
    Part I – The Demise of the Zombie Pirate LeChuck:
    After watching the prologue, you’ll find the hero, Guybrush Threepwood, trapped
    in the hold of LeChuck’s ship. You’ll see a short pirate firing off the cannon
    at Elaine’s fortress. Start by taking the ramrod off of the wall behind you and
    then talk to the pirate. Introduce yourself and ask him if he’s wearing a fake
    beard and then Guybrush will recognize him as Wally, someone he met during his
    last adventure.
    Tell him that you’re not in the mood for sales hype and that he is a failure of
    a pirate. He’ll threaten to shoot you, but don’t worry, choose what you will
    and he’ll break down and cry.
    Take the plastic hook that Wally dropped and then operate the cannon. Destroy
    all four boats and after that, look out the window to see a talking skull and
    some debris floating in the ocean. Go into your inventory and combine the hook
    with the ramrod to create a gaff. Use the gaff to snag the debris and you’ll
    pull out a skeleton’s arm which was holding a cutlass.
    Use the cutlass to cut the cannon restraint rope and then fire the cannon to
    watch the ship sink into the watery depths below. You’ll find yourself in the
    treasure hold of the ship so when you have control, take the bag of wooden
    nickels laying next to the portrait and the diamond ring you find underneath
    it. Use the ring to cut the glass out of the porthole and watch the sequence to
    end the first part.
    Part II – The Curse Gets Worse:
    Elaine has been turned into a golden statue, thanks to the cursed ring that
    Guybrush found on the ship and gave to her when he proposed. In the meantime,
    take some of the embers from the smoldering boat and then leave the area by
    walking off to the east until you find yourself on the map.
    Go to the misty area near Guybrush and then walk up the path. Murray, who has
    found himself on top of the archway, will try to scare Guybrush. Don’t bother
    talking to him for right now and just head up into the hut.
    Inside, pull the alligator’s tongue to summon the Voodoo lady. Compliment her
    on what she’s done with the place and when she asks if you would like to see
    her children’s pictures, choose any option and Guybrush will tell her what has
    happened. When she asks about the statue, choose any option to wind up at the
    beach again.
    Watch as a pirate ship sails off with the statue in the distance and then
    Guybrush will automatically go back to the Voodoo lady. She’ll tell you how to
    save Elaine, and afterwards, ask her where to find an uncursed ring. She’ll
    tell you to go to Blood Island, the place where Guybrush will die.
    Ask if there are any other uncursed rings and then ask how you’re supposed to
    get to Blood Island. You will need a map, a ship, and a crew. Stop talking to
    the lady and take a pin from one of the paper dolls on the floor. Use the bag
    of nickels on the gumball machine to get some gum and then leave. On the map,
    enter the town at the top-right.
    Welcome to the beautiful city of Puerto Pollo. When you enter the city, go
    through the door that is on the left side of the clock tower to find yourself
    in a dressing room. Take the magic wand off of the table and then use it on the
    magic hat to make a book appear. Take the book and then take the dandruff you
    find on the coat hanging near the door and you’ll discover that it is actually
    head lice (icky!). Afterwards, take the glove and then leave.
    Our next stop is the Barbery Coast in the lower right corner of the city and
    you should be able to easily tell where it’s at, thanks to the sign hanging
    above the door. Once you’re there, use the glove on the skinny pirate (Edward
    Van Helgen) to challenge him to a duel.
    When you have to choose a weapon, close the middle lid to uncover the banjo
    case. Choose the banjo as your weapon (dueling banjos, anyone?) and in order to
    win the duel, you’ll have to match Edward string for string. If you mess up,
    Edward will allow you another chance to get it right.
    After a couple rounds, Edward will start to play the final round and Guybrush
    will be unable to keep up. While Edward is rocking out, take one of the pistols
    and shoot the dueling banjo to convince Edward that you’re a pirate and he’ll
    decide to join your crew.
    Back in the barber shop, watch as the barber Haggis McMutton puts his comb down
    and while the comb is sitting on the table, use the lice on it. Watch as Haggis
    picks up the comb and lops off Rottingham’s hair after which he’ll be thrown
    out of the shop, freeing up the chair. Take a seat and use the handle on the
    side of the chair to raise it up a little bit, and watch as Guybrush kicks the
    paperweight off of the book.
    Haggis will be forced to find another one, to no avail. While he’s away, raise
    the chair up to the ceiling and take the scissors that are stuck in the beam.
    Guybrush will lower the chair just as Haggis returns.
    Pick up the blue jawbreaker off the floor near the little table and then leave
    the shop. Go to the far left side of town until you find some mysterious
    flowers next to the restaurant. Use the scissors to cut the flowers to find out
    that they’re actually ipecac flowers.
    Use the scissors on the remaining undergrowth to cut a path up to a cliff. Look
    at the nearby sign and watch as Guybrush is ambushed and swallowed by a large
    snake. While inside the snake, pick up everything you find in his belly and
    then go into your inventory to combine the ipecac flowers with the pancake
    Feed the snake the ipecac syrup and he’ll puke Guybrush out and over the cliff
    ledge. Guybrush will end up falling into some quicksand, and now you’ll have to
    get him out. Take a reed from behind Guybrush as well as a thorn from the
    thorny bush. Combine them to make a pea shooter and then tie the paperweight to
    the balloons.
    While the balloon is floating in the air, press T while the cursor is over it
    to have Guybrush blow it over to where it’s near the feral chicken. Pop the
    balloon using the pea shooter and it’ll snap the vine. Once Guybrush is out of
    the quicksand, leave the place and go back to Puerto Pollo.
    Enter Blondebeard’s restaurant, which is the building to the right of the path
    leading to the swamp. When he asks if you have a reservation, tell him that you
    do and Guybrush will show him his slip. Take a biscuit from the barrel next to
    the door and then take the club card that is on the quiet patron’s table. Push
    the quiet patron to learn what has happened to Manny Calavera since he was last
    seen in Grim Fandango, but it’s really just a member of LeChuck’s skeleton
    crew. Take the knife out of his back and then offer the jawbreaker to
    Blondebeard. The jawbreaker will loosen up his gold tooth, so then give him the
    gum. When Blondebeard blows a bubble, pop it with the pin to send his gold
    tooth sailing to the floor. Take the tooth with you and then leave the
    Go over to the clock tower and go through the archway to the right of it. Walk
    up the grassy knoll and use the knife on the sawhorse to cut off one of the
    legs, causing the barrel of rum to fall off and roll down the hill. A trail of
    rum will be left as the barrel crashes into the tree, so ignite the trail using
    the embers you got near the beginning of the game. Watch as the rubber tree
    blows up and falls over into the pile of logs.
    Head back to the Barbery Coast and show the gold tooth to Cutthroat Bill, the
    short and bald pirate, and he’ll agree to join your crew. Talk to Haggis and
    ask him if he would like to join the crew. Haggis will challenge Guybrush to a
    caber toss, which you should accept. Watch as Guybrush’s feeble attempt to toss
    the rubber log results in him winning the challenge. Now that you have your
    crew, leave Puerto Pollo and go to Danjer Cove on the opposite end of the
    When you arrive at the cove, hop into the rowboat and row to the pirate ship.
    Use the serrated knife to cut the end of the plank and then climb aboard.
    You’ll be captured by the ship’s first mate, Mr. Fossey. Choose any of the
    options and watch as Guybrush is tarred and feathered. You’ll wind up back in
    Danjer Cove, so leave and re-enter Puerto Pollo.
    Enter Blondebeard’s restaurant and he’ll mistake Guybrush for something called
    “El Pollo Diablo”. Choose any of the speech options and Blondebeard will toss
    Guybrush into a pot and you’ll be sent back to the pirate ship in Danjer Cove,
    where you’ll find yourself in the kitchen.
    Eavesdrop on the conversation and when you regain control, use the book of
    ventriloquism on Captain LeChimp and Mr. Fossey will eventually leave the room.
    Guybrush will take the map off of the table, and after that, open up the
    porthole and leave Danjer Cove.
    Go back to Puerto Pollo and go into the dressing room of the clock tower
    theater. Go up the stairs to the lighting area (the exit is near the top of the
    screen) and pull the switch to learn where Elaine is buried. Watch as the actor
    juggles knives and when you can, grease the cannonballs near the door.
    When the actor goes to juggle the greased cannonballs, he’ll lose control of
    them and end up flinging himself off the stage. Walk out onto the stage and use
    the shovel to uncover Elaine. Guybrush will take the statue onto the pirate
    ship and stick Elaine up into the crow’s nest. Leave and paddle back to Danjer
    Cove and then leave to go to the beach on the other side of the island.
    This is Brimstone Beach. When you arrive, show the club card to cabana boy and
    then take a towel out of the bin. Soak it in the ice bucket and then snap the
    cabana boy with it to make him leave. Take the cooking oil off the counter and
    then grab two more towels. Soak these in the bucket as well and head out onto
    the beach.
    When you attempt to walk across the sand, you’ll find out that it’s too hot to
    cross. Use the wet towels on the sand and as soon as Guybrush lays one down,
    lay the next one down ahead of it because otherwise the towels will burn up and
    you’ll have to get more.
    Once you’re on the other side, take the mug from the sunbather and then open
    the gate behind him to find an exit to the map. Go to the left side of Puerto
    Pollo to find a lemonade stand. Switch the sunbather’s mug with Kenny’s
    bottomless mug and then tell Kenny that you would like some lemonade. He’ll run
    off once he realizes what you’ve done, but he’ll end up leaving his pitcher
    behind. Take it with you and fill it up with some dye from the vats next to his
    Go back to the sunbather on Brimstone Beach by using the exit you unlocked
    earlier. Give him the bottomless mug and pour some dye into the mug to cause
    Palido to think that he is burning and he’ll flip over.
    You’ll see that he has the map inked on his back and in order to get it, pour
    the cooking oil onto it and then peel it off (icky!). Now that you have
    everything you need, leave the beach and you’ll set off on the pirate ship to
    end the second part.
    Part III – Three Sheets to the Wind:
    Watch the sequence as Rottingham boards the ship and steals the skin map after
    defeating Guybrush in insult sword-fighting. The crew will start singing and at
    the fifth verse, tell them they’ll surely avoid scurvy if we all eat an orange
    and they’ll stop singing after they can’t figure out a word that rhymes well
    with orange.
    After that, Haggis will ask Guybrush what kind of captain he is. Make a choice
    and your decision will decide the length of the upcoming ship battles. When
    you’re ready to get under way, take a look at the navigational chart. Sail your
    ship into any of the ships marked with a question mark to begin a round of
    insult sword-fighting. During this time, you may see Rottingham’s ship roaming
    around the map, but don’t challenge him yet since you’re not quite powerful
    enough to defeat him.
    When you enter into a battle with a new ship, you’ll begin with a sea battle
    where you’ll have to defeat the other ship using your cannons. You’ll start off
    with a weak cannon, meaning that you’ll have to be awfully close for any of the
    cannonballs to hit the ship. Once you’ve defeated the pirates with the cannon,
    you’ll engage them in a battle of insult sword-fighting, where your wit means
    more than what kind of weapon you’re carrying.
    Unlike other guides, I won’t include an in-depth section containing all the
    insults and the appropriate responses. I’m only here to write a guide that’ll
    get you from the beginning of the game to the end, without all the extras in
    Most of the time you’ll get to start firing off an insult, in which case, the
    pirate you’re fighting will stand his ground and say the appropriate response,
    or he’ll be too scared and will mess it up. Whether you win or lose, you won’t
    walk away empty-handed. If you win, you’ll get some booty that you can use to
    upgrade the cannons. If you lose, you won’t get any booty, but you’ll have more
    insults and responses to add to your repertoire.
    As you win battles, make periodic stops to Puerto Pollo to see that Kenny has
    gotten into the business of running guns. Upgrade your cannons with the best
    that you can afford and then go back out to sea to battle some more. It
    wouldn’t hurt to save your game from time to time so that if something happens,
    you won’t lose your progress.
    Eventually the pirates won’t have any more treasure for you to plunder, in
    which case you should go back to Puerto Pollo and get the Destructomatic T-47
    cannon, which is the best kind of cannon money can buy and it’s the same one
    that Rottingham has on his ship.
    Once you’ve bought the Destructomatic and you have enough insults and responses
    at your disposal, you’re ready to take on Rottingham. When you get to the
    insult sword-fighting, you’ll realize two things. The first thing is that
    Rottingham will always fire off the insults and it’s up to you to respond in
    kind. The second thing is that his insults are much different than what you’ve
    faced so far. It’s not that big of a deal since you can use the responses
    you’ve accumulated, you’ll just have to figure out which one works and hope for
    the best.
    After you’ve defeated Rottingham, the map will be returned to you and you’ll
    set off for Blood Island and the next part of the game.
    Part IV – The Bartender, The Thieves, His Aunt, and Her Lover:
    Watch the sequence and you’ll find yourself shipwrecked on Blood Island. The
    crew decides to mutiny and go back to being barbers. Talk to Haggis and ask him
    about his bottle of lotion and then ask if there’s any way you could at least
    get a drop of lotion. He’ll tell you that the ship needs some work done on it,
    and if you can find something that has the similar consistency as tar, then
    he’ll let you have it.
    Let the crew get back to work and take the bottle you see laying in the sand.
    Guybrush will bite off the cork and then you can leave the area. On the map, go
    to the hotel in the center of the map.
    Head inside the hotel and go to the far left of the counter. Take the recipe
    book and then try to take the empty jar. The bartender won’t let you take it
    right now because he has a horrible hangover. Go into your inventory and open
    the book to page 8 to find the cure for a hangover. You will need some dog hair
    from the dog that bit you, an egg, and a pepper. Take the worn cushion off of
    the stool near you and then exit the hotel. Follow the path north to enter the
    In the cemetery, follow the path to the left until you see an old dog sleeping
    in his doghouse. Take the mallet and chisel that are lying against the
    tombstone across from the dog and then give the biscuit to him.
    Take some dog hair and then you can leave the cemetery. Go back to the map and
    go to the beach that is south of the shipwreck. When you arrive, put the
    cushion on the rocks and then use the mallet on the rubber tree to knock the
    egg out of the nest. Take the egg and cushion and then go to the windmill on
    the far left side of the island.
    Take a pepper from the plant next to the windmill and go back to the hotel.
    Give the hangover cure ingredients to the bartender and after he recovers, ask
    him for a drink. Choose what you will to get a drink, an umbrella, and some
    Head-B-Clear medicine. Take the empty jar against Goodsoup’s protests and then
    go into your inventory. Open the medicine bottle using the chisel and pour the
    medicine into the drink you ordered. Guzzle it down and Guybrush will die,
    therefore ending the game. What a tragic (and weak) ending, I would have
    expected better from LucasArts.
    Gotcha! Guybrush will wind up in a crypt inside a coffin. Use the chisel on his
    coffin to free him and then take the coffin nails. Open the center coffin using
    the chisel to free Stan the Salesman. After he hands you his card, he’ll tell
    you how to get out of the crypt. Do so and go back to the hotel.
    Back inside, do you see the door next to the poster in the background? Open it
    to find a storage room with a huge wheel of cheese inside. Use the chisel on it
    to get a hunk of cheese and then take the magnet off of the refrigerator. Leave
    the hotel and go back to the island map.
    Go to the village near the volcano and once there, take the large block of tofu
    off of the table. Head towards the right and take the auger and measuring cup
    off of the other table. Follow the path north and then go into your inventory.
    Use the auger on the tofu and put on the mask. You’ll now be granted access to
    the volcano’s caldera and watch as they make a sacrifice to their god. When you
    regain control, toss some cheese into the lava and watch the sequence. You’ll
    find yourself back in the village, so leave and go back to the hotel.
    Talk to the fortune teller and introduce yourself. Ask her what is in the cards
    for Guybrush and she’ll deal out five Death cards. After the conversation, take
    the cards and then go upstairs to the second floor. Walk through the nearest
    door to find a dilapidated room full of portraits. Use the mallet on the nail
    that’s sticking through the wall next to the door and you’ll knock the portrait
    off on the other side.
    Leave the room and pick up the nail from the floor. Go through the other door
    to enter a bedroom. Pull the bed down to find a skeleton with a book on its
    lap. Nail the bed down using the coffin and portrait nails and then take the
    Head back down to the first floor and talk to Goodsoup. Ask him about the lost
    ring of Blood Island and then tell him that you’ve never met him but that you
    thought that if he died, he would be buried with his aunt. You’ll soon realize
    that since Guybrush isn’t a part of the family, he won’t be buried in the
    Goodsoup crypt.
    Next, say “Uncle Griswold! It’s me! Don’t you recognize me?” and choose
    whatever strikes your fancy when he asks for your name. Tell him you could talk
    about Goodsoup history all day to finally convince Goodsoup that Guybrush is
    who he says he is. Ask for a drink and then spike it with the medicine. Drink
    it and you’ll wind up in the Goodsoup crypt.
    Walk south from the tomb and past the widow’s ghost. You’ll overhear Murray
    plotting to scare Guybrush again. Take the crowbar out of the coffin and then
    walk over to the crack in the wall. Murray will drop down in an attempt to
    scare Guybrush. Pick him up and then look through the crack.
    Use the skeleton arm on the lantern and then use Murray with the lantern. The
    crypt will be opened, allowing you to leave. Do so and go back to the hotel. Go
    into the storage room and take the death certificate out of the cabinet in
    front of the cheese wheel. Leave the hotel and go back to the cemetery.
    You’ll see that Stan has started up a new office. Go inside and give him the
    gold tooth to buy a life insurance policy and then show him the death
    certificate to cash in on the life insurance. After you’re done, leave the
    cemetery and go back to the map.
    Go to the windmill and enter the door to climb to the top. Use the empty jar on
    the barrel to fill it with sugar water and then leave to head to the clearing
    near the shipwreck to discover Elaine. You’ll see some fireflies swarming
    around here as well. Put the water jar on the stump and watch as the fireflies
    fly inside. Go into your inventory and poke the jar lid with the chisel and
    then trap the fireflies using the lid. Leave here and go to the lighthouse on
    the southern tip of the island.
    Put the lantern on the post to shine some light out over the waters. Climb down
    from the lighthouse and go back to the beach to find a mysterious hooded figure
    sitting in his boat. Talk to the figure to learn that he is the Flying
    Welshman. If you ask him if you can hitch a ride to Skull Island, he’ll tell
    you that he needs a compass.
    To make the compass, fill up the measuring cup with seawater. Stick the pin
    into the cork and then magnetize the pin using the refrigerator magnet and then
    stick it into the cup. Give the newly formed compass to the Welshman and he’ll
    now give you to Skull Island.
    Once you arrive, Guybrush will automatically walk up to the top of the cliff.
    Here you’ll meet Effete LaFoot. Have him lower you down the cliff, but Guybrush
    will fall as soon as he steps onto the dumbwaiter. As Guybrush is falling, use
    the umbrella to slow Guybrush’s descent and he’ll land at the entrance to
    Smuggler’s Cave. If you fail to do this in time, he’ll bounce off the cliff and
    you’ll have to try it again.
    When you’re inside the cave, tell the men that you have so much money that it’s
    embarrassing. When they ask for your name, it won’t matter what you tell them
    since King André already knows who you are. After he laughs, choose any option
    again and then try to make a deal with him. He’ll challenge Guybrush to a game
    of poker. Have him deal you in and choose any option when he asks if you trust
    him. As the game progresses, use the tarot cards on King André to end the game.
    LaFoot will come in from upstairs to ask if he can sign for a package. A gust
    of wind will come in and blow out the lights and a scuffle will ensue. Guybrush
    will make off with the diamond and you can go back to Blood Island’s hotel.
    Go upstairs to the second floor and go into the bedroom. Use the crowbar on the
    boarded hole to turn it into a gaping hole and then use the crowbar to remove
    the nails from the bed. By doing this, the skeleton will be flung out of the
    hotel and he’ll land in the crypt to be reunited with his long lost love. As
    they kiss, they’ll disappear and leave the engagement band behind. Guybrush
    will automatically enter the crypt and all that’s left to do here is to take
    the engagement band that was left behind.
    Go to Elaine and use the lotion to grease up the cursed ring and then remove
    it. It’ll explode, but it doesn’t matter since you won’t need it. Stick the
    diamond on the engagement band and slip the ring onto Elaine’s finger. The
    curse will be broken and they’ll be reunited. It won’t last long as LeChuck’s
    horde will show up and take them prisoner.
    Part V – Kiss of the Spider Monkey:
    Guybrush will be locked up in a Ferris wheel car with a bomb strapped to it. As
    LeChuck talks to you, stick to the bottom speech options until he becomes so
    annoyed that he turns Guybrush into a child. After that, open the door to the
    car to enter the park.
    Talk to Dinghy Dog and ask him how you can win one of the fabulous prizes you
    see next to him. Ask him to guess Guybrush’s age and he’ll get it wrong. Choose
    the anchor as your prize and then take it off the left bottom shelf. Murray
    won’t be too pleased with your choice.
    Use the anchor on the nearby stack of pies and watch as the rigged pie knocks
    out the mime. Open the gate and look through the hole. The rat will shoot
    Guybrush in the face with a meringue pie, but Guybrush will have the last laugh
    as he wipes the meringue off his face and sticks it into his pockets.
    Go over to Dinghy Dog and push him until he bites you. Guybrush will swipe some
    hair off his suit and then you can walk over to the right to find the snow cone
    cart. Take the pepper mill off of the cart and then talk to the soda jerk to
    order a plain snow cone. Once you have it, put some pepper, dog hair, and
    meringue on it and then eat it to have Guybrush returned to normal.
    Part VI – Guybrush Kicks Butt Once Again:
    You’ll be on the roller coaster so as you ride it down the track, you’ll have
    to get off at each platform. Take the fallen rope from the first platform and
    hop back into the next car that appears. Take a keg of rum from the next
    platform and LeChuck may appear at this point. If he does, just let him fling a
    fireball at Guybrush and it’ll send him leaping into the car to the next
    When you reach the third platform, take the flask of oil and then jump out onto
    the fourth platform. Walk up the snow covered path to find a rather large snow
    monkey. Go into your inventory and dip the fallen rope into the oil and then
    use the rope on the keg to create an explosive. Use the explosive on the monkey
    and head back down the path.
    Wait for LeChuck to appear again and when he is prepared to let off another
    fireball, use the pepper mill on him to make him sneeze some fire and light the
    Watch the ending sequences and the following credits and unless you want to
    play through the game on Mega-Monkey mode, you’ll have won the game!!

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