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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Iron Knuckle

    Version: 1.26 | Updated: 08/10/10 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

          __________     _________   __     __   __   __    _______  _    __
         / __   __  |   / _____  /  /  |   / /  / /  / /   / _____/ | |  / /
        / /  | /  | |  / /    / /  / / |  / /  / /_/ /    / /_      | | / /
       / /  / /  / /  / /    / /  / /| | / /  /    /     /   /      | |/ /
      / /  / /  / /  / /    / /  / / | |/ /  / /\ \     / __/        \  /
     / /  / /  / /  / /____/ /  / /  | / /  / /  \ \   / /_____      / /
    /_/  /_/  /_/  /________/  /_/   |__/  /_/    \_\ /_______/     /_/
          __  ______    __          ___     __     __  ____        
         / / / ___  |  / /         /__ /   /  |   / / / _  |    * * * *
        / / / /_  |_/ / /        / / / /  / / |  / / / / | |   * * * * *     __
       / /  \__ \    / /        / /_/ /  / /| | / / / /  / /         * *    /_/
      / /      | \  / /       / ____  / / / | |/ / / /  / /       * * *      __
     / / ______/ / / /_____  / /   / / / /  | / / / /__/ /           * *    /_/
    /_/ /_______/ /_______/ /_/   /_/ /_/   |__/ /______/      * * * * *
                                                                * * * *
      _____  _                 ____
     |_   _|| |               / __ \                                      __
       | |  | |___   ___     | |  |_| _   _  _ __   __   ___       __    / _|
       | |  |  _  | / _ \    | |   _ | | | || / _\ /_ | / _ \     /  \  | |
       | |  | | | |(  __/    | |__| || |_| ||  /  __/ /(  __/    ( () )|   |
       | |  | | | | \ ¯|      \    /  \    || |   \  /  \ ¯|      \  /  | |
        ¯    ¯   ¯   ¯¯        ¯¯¯¯    ¯¯¯¯  ¯     ¯¯    ¯¯        ¯¯    ¯
      _______                                 ___                           _
     | _  _  \             _                 |   |      _                  | |
     | || || |  __   ____ | | __  ___  _  _   | |   __ | |   ___  ____   __| |
     | || || | /  \ | _  \| |/ / / _ \| || |  | |  /_ || |  /   || _  \ / _  |
     | || || |( () )| || ||   \ (  __/| |/ /  | | __/ /| |_( (| || || |( (_| |
     | || || | \  / | || || |\ \ \ ¯| | / /  |   |\  / |   |\   || || | \____|
      ¯  ¯  ¯   ¯¯   ¯  ¯  ¯  ¯   ¯¯ _|  /    ¯¯¯  ¯¯   ¯¯¯  ¯¯¯  ¯  ¯
                                    |   /
     Game:           Monkey Island 3: the Curse of Monkey Island
     Platform:       Windows PC (95+)
     Version:        1.26
     Last updated:   8 August 2010
     Written by:     Iron Knuckle
     Type:           FAQ/Walkthrough
     GameFAQ status:  99 %
    Table of contents
      Version Updates
      Main Characters
        Guybrush Threepwood
        Governor Elaine Marley
        Zombie Pirate LeChuck
      Other Important People
        The Voodoo Lady
        Wally the Cartographer
        The Barbery Coast's Barbers
       Part 1: The demise of the zombie pirate LeChuck
             1.1. Blast through the door
             1.2. Escape from the ship
       Part 2: The curse gets worse
             2.1. Guidelines from the Voodoo Lady
             2.2. Exploring all areas on Plunder Island
             2.3. Get a Map, Ship and Crew together for the voyage
                2.3A. Recruit your pirate crew
                2.3B. The map to Blood Island
                2.3C. A seaworthy ship
             2.4. Get Elaine back
       Part 3: Three sheets in the wind
             3.1. The path to becoming a fearsome pirate
             3.2. Take on René Rottingham
       Part 4: The bartender, the thieves, his aunt and her lover
             4.1. Exploring the Island & A hangover cure
             4.2A. Unite Minnie and Charles for the Wedding Band
             4.2B. Get the diamond from the smugglers
             4.2C. Replace LeChuck's cursed ring
       Part 5: Kiss of the spider
             5.1. A cure for the Itch
       Part 6: Guybrush kicks butt again
             Final. The Rollercoaster of Death
    Appendix A:
      Inventory Items
    Appendix B:
      Insults & Replies
    Appendix C:
    E-mail, Questions and Contributions
    Unfinished business
    Version Updates
    Version 0.1
     27 August 2006:
     Started with a walkthrough for this game.
    Version 0.4
     4 September 2006:
     Completed Parts 1 and 2 of the game, also started mapping all the insults 
    and replies in the game.
    Version 0.7
     10 September 2006:
     Filled in all the replies including the Rottingham Insults, continued with 
    the walkthrough and got up to the part where you need to win the Diamond 
    Ring of the smugglers.
    Version 0.8
     20 September 2006:
     Completed the game in walkthrough, but still need to fill in many parts of 
    the Appendices and the Controls sections.
    Version 0.95
     22 September 2006:
     Finally finished the first version of the game's walkthrough. I still need 
    to complete the second appendix however.
    Version 1.0
    [first public release]
     23 September 2006:
     Added some information to Appendix C and finally released the walkthrough 
    on gamefaqs.com.
    Version 1.1
     29 September 2006:
     Fixed some small errors and added the "Shift+J" Light saber sound effects 
    for the sword fights in chapter 3. I Also added some more references in the 
    Stuff section.
    Version 1.2
     29 December 2006:
     Corrected some small typographical mistakes and included some extra 
    guidelines at certain locations. Included information about the in-game 
    joke of the wood stump in the first Monkey Island game.
    Version 1.25
     22 March 2009:
     I received some mails about this FAQ and therefore made some updates with 
    respect to those corresponding sections. Thanks for the feedback people!
    Version 1.26
     8 August 2010:
    A minor update after some mails. One explained the reference of the 
    spider to "the Dig" in the Mutual of Stan.
    Frequently Asked Questions
    Q: What are the (hardware) requirements for this game?
    A: Here's a list of the minimal system requirements:
         OS:              100% Windows 95 DirectX compatible
         CPU:             Intel Pentium 90 MHz
         Memory:          16 MB RAM
         Hard disk:       2 MB free space (have more for individual game saves)
         CD-ROM:          4x CD-ROM drive
         Graphics Card:   PCI Graphics Card
         Soundcard:       Windows 95 Compatible 16-bit Soundcard
         Input Device:    Windows 95 Compatible Mouse and Keyboard
         Drivers:         Microsoft DirectX 5 or greater (is included on CD 1)
    Q: I can't seem to be able to run the game under Windows XP, what can I do?
    A: Although the game works fine for me some PCs may have problems with
       this. What you can do is installing DirectX 5 again from the CMI CD or
       if that doesn't work download the SCUMM VM, which is supposed to solve
       this problem. You can find it here:
    Q: What about additional troubleshooting? I can't install/run the game
    A: LucasArts included a README.TXT and MonkeyTG.txt troubleshooting guide
       files for you to read, if something unfortunate happens. These files are
       very comprehensive and should solve most (if not all) problems you may
       encounter. BTW: I ran the game on Windows 95 and Windows XP without any
       trouble at all.
    Q: I'm stuck! I can't get any further. Do I need to restart from a previous
    A: No, unlike MI 1 & MI 2 this game is built up in such a way that it is
       ALWAYS possible to complete the required events. Of course some of the
       puzzles are quite hard, but that is what this game is all about.
    Q: I can't respond to Captain Rottingham's insults. What are the answers?
    A: Albeit the fierce captain uses different insults to torment Guybrush he
       can counter them with the same replies, which he learned from all the
       pirates he battled. Just think of the response that would be most
       appropriate to the insult.
    Q: Any word of advice in general?
    A: If you are new to this type of adventure game stick to the following
       rules and you should be able to get through most of the problems without
       too much effort:
       1. Always try to examine or pick up any object that seems to of
          interest. You'd be surprised by the type of items Guybrush can carry
          in his inventory. Also in order to find every item you are best of
          trying to explore as much of the regions as possible.
       2. Talk to everybody. Most people provide you with hints right away,
          whereas others are much less talkative and require some persuasion to
          spill out the beans. Don't give up right away if a person doesn't
          talk to you. In some occasions showing him/her a specific item may
          help as well.
       3. Try to combine two item that would make logical sense. Most of the
          items you can collect in the game are meant to be used in ways
          different to the normal kind of usage. This is most of the time part
          of the puzzles you have to solve.
           For example in the first chapter Guybrush can collect a Ramrod and a
          Plastic Hook. Next to that you can see some interesting debris
          outside the gun bay after shooting the cannon. The ramrod on itself
          won't allow you to get the item, but if you combine it with the
          Plastic Hook you get a Gaff in return allowing you to pick up the
          debris. You have to use common sense logic in really devious ways
     The controls of this game are quite ingenious as they are very simple and 
    easy to understand. But for the sake of completeness I included a brief 
    summary of all the interesting features used in this game.
     This game is mainly a Point-and-Click Adventure, so you will be using our 
    two (or more buttoned) friend quite a lot. The controls of this game are 
    extremely simple to understand and to work around with. You can use both 
    button in various contexts for different results. Take a look below:
    Left Mouse Button
    - - - - - - - - -
     As with most Windows applications this will be used in most cases. Unless 
    of course, you setup the mouse for left handed people in Windows, this will 
    mirror the lay-out. You can point at any location on the screen in this 
    game and, when the cursor is over something interesting it will either do 
    one of the following things:
      White Cross    - Click to make Guybrush walk to that location
                         "   to select an option when talking / in the menu  
      Red Cross      - Click & Hold to make the Verb Coin appear
      Red Arrow      - Click to exit an area (Double click for instant exit)
      Hourglass      - Usually only appears, when you double click on an exit
                       (the computer is busy processing your input)
      Inventory Item - If you select an item from the inventory you can drag
                       it around on the screen and use it with something else 
    Right Mouse Button
    - - - - - - - - - -
     Even though this button is used much less than the button on the other 
    side it is just as important. Again a click has a different effect 
    depending on the context.
      Cross / Arrow  - Make the inventory appear 
      Inventory Item - Turns the cursor into a regular cross again
      Boat (Ch. 3)   - Shoot the cannon's of Guybrush's ship
    Verb Coin
    - - - - -
     I will treat the Verb Coin in a separate section, because it is quite 
    special on itself. If you click and hold the left mouse button, when the 
    cross is red (notice that the Object Line at the bottom of the screen will 
    spell the name of that particular event out) this golden coin appears and 
    has three different options on it: a Hand, a Skull and a Parrot. These 
    three options can have any of the following possible meanings:
      Hand    - Use, Pick Up, Push, etc.; anything you do with your hands
      Skull   - Examine; Guybrush will provide a description about the event
      Parrot  - Talk, Eat, Drink, Taste, Blow, Bite, etc.
     Only one option is available for each event, but this game is so cleverly 
    developed that you will only need one for each event. For example: the 
    Parrot automatically becomes "Talk" to when the cursor is over a person or 
    animal, but it turns to "Eat" if it is over something of an edible 
    substance. The game will always opt for the most logical option for you.
    You hardly need the keyboard to play this game, but some of the keys can be 
    very handy from time to time. Here follows a short list of all the 
    important options:
    F1 (Function key 1)
    - - - - - - - - - -
    Calls the log-book where you can Save/Load your game and set some of the 
    options for more playing comfort.
    Esc (Escape the cinema)
    - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Skips the cut scenes, so you can continue on with the game. Personally I 
    recommend that you watch them, they are quite fun and sometimes provide 
    some information about the current situation.
    Enter (Left Mouse Button)
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    Exactly the same function as a click on the left button on the mouse would 
    have on the current location of the cursor.
    Tab (Right Mouse Button)
    - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Opens the Inventory in the regular game scene and fires the cannon in the 
    Ship-to-Ship Combat scene of Chapter 3.
    D (Difficulty)
    - - - - - - - -
    Check In-Game whether you are playing a regular game or the Mega-Monkey 
    difficulty setting.
    E (Examine)
    - - - - - -
    Guybrush gives the player a description of the current object / event, if 
    something useful can be said about it. This is actually the same as the 
    Skull option of the Verb Coin.
    I or Tab (Inventory)
    - - - - - - - - - - -
    Opens the Inventory; just like a click on the right mouse button.
    G (Grab)
    - - - - -
    Select an item from the Inventory
    T (Talk)
    - - - - -
    Same as the Verb Coin's Parrot option, you can talk to someone or drink 
    some Grog.
    U (Use)
    - - - -
    Again, this is just a short cut key to the Hand Option from the well-known 
    Verb Coin. Use it to "Use" the object if possible.
    Alt + (F4 or X or Q) or Ctrl + C (Quit)
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Answer the Yes/No question with "Yes" to quit the game and exit back to 
    Shift + W (Win Game)
    - - - - - - - - - - -
    Skips the entire game and shows you the Credits List. There isn't much fun 
    to this, but if you wish to make this the fastest speed run you ever 
    performed just press this combination so you can instantly finish the game.
    Shift + ?
    - - - - -
    You will get the message: "machine rating is" and that is all. I don't know 
    what this is used for. It might yield different results on your PC. You 
    should not need to use this option during regular gameplay.
    Shift + J
    - - - - -
    Use this during Ship-to-Ship combat and the following insult sword fights 
    change the sounds of the swords into Light saber sounds similar to the 
    sounds from Star Wars.
    Ctrl + B (Buffer change)
    - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    If you have trouble with static bursts during the conversations of the 
    game, press this button combination to increase the buffer from 5 to 7 (or 
    back). This might solve the problem on older PCs.
    Ctrl + M (Move)
    - - - - - - - -
    Guybrush will home in on the cursor just as a click on the left mouse 
    button would do, when the cursor is a white cross.
    Ctrl + T (Toggle Voice and/or Text)
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Toggles "Voice", "Text Only" and "Voice & Text" options. This will cause 
    text messages to appear, when somebody says something or you will hear 
    speech if that particular option is active.
     The inventory holds all the items you come across in this game. You don't 
    have to worry about over flooding it, because there is plenty of room for 
    all the items you can get. Open it by clicking on the right mouse button 
    (or pressing 'I'). If there are more than 15 items in the inventory you 
    will get to see a small yellow arrow at the top right corner of the screen 
    allowing you to view the next set of items on the next page.
     Guybrush can use the Verb Coin here to use all three options on that item, 
    but mostly you want to left click on the item and it will turn into your 
    cursor. This allows you to use a particular item on another object inside 
    and also outside the inventory. To get outside the inventory you just have 
    to move your newly inventory cursor outside the inventory chest and it will 
    disappear. If you want your normal cursor back again press the right mouse 
    button once again.
     Press 'F1' to make Guybrush's Log book appear. On the main page you can 
    set various options like the volumes for Sound Effects, Voices and the back 
    Ground Music levels. Next to that you can enable Voice and/or Text 
    messages. If Text is set to on, then you can control the text speed as 
    well. Finally there is the "Enable 3D acceleration" button, press it to 
    activate the very special SCUMM 3D accelerated environment. BTW as the 
    Readme.txt reads you should call LucasArts if you can get this option to 
    work properly. ;)
     Apart from all the setting options you can also "Save" and "Load" Games by 
    clicking on the corresponding options. You can save up to 104 Game Saves 
    (if you Hard disk is large enough), but saves are only ~450 kilobyte large 
    so that shouldn't be a problem. "Show Object Line" displays the single 
    sentence of comment, when you are on an event on the map. Unchecking this 
    mark causes the sentence to disappear. The "Return to Game" and "Quit" 
    options speak for themselves of course.
    Main Characters
    Guybrush Threepwood (Voice: Dominic Armato)
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
     Guybrush is the main character of this game (and the other games in the 
    Monkey Island series). He may appear as somewhat goofy and lacks any kind 
    of physical strength yet he is capable of overcoming even the most 
    unfortunate situations. His only real ability is being able to hold his 
    breath for 10 minutes (he doesn't demonstrate this ability in this game, 
    unfortunately). Threepwood lost the beard he had in MI 2, but not even 
    Guybrush himself knows what happened to it. Besides this he also appears to 
    be much larger than in the previous to installments of the game. Elaine 
    Marley is the love of his life, but up to now LeChuck has stopped him from 
    being close to her.
    Governor Elaine Marley (Voice: Alexandra Boyd)
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
     Elaine Marley is young woman who is the governor of Tri-Island area 
    consisting of Scabb, Mélée and Plunder Islands. Moreover she is the 
    daughter of Captain Horatio Marley. Who set out to find the secret of Big 
    Whoop, but died in doing so. In this game we will meet her in the beginning 
    of the game where her fort is under siege by the undead pirate LeChuck and 
    his skeletons. She loves Guybrush, mostly because of his incompetence. 
    LeChuck however set his eye on her too and is trying to persuade her in 
    marrying him instead of our hero.
    Zombie Pirate LeChuck (Voice: Earl Boon)
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
     They guy just doesn't no when to quit. He can't stay dead even though he 
    has been destroyed several times. Each time this undead pirate returns to 
    haunt the lives of Elaine Marley and Guybrush Threepwood. Of course, what 
    is a good game with a proper villain?
    Other Important People
    The Voodoo Lady (Voice: Leilani Jones Wilmore)
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
     This woman of which the real name has remained as secret for as long as 
    the Monkey Island series exist has helped Guybrush in each game so far. 
    After Guybrush gets stuck on Plunder Island a visit to this mysterious lady 
    will provide you with enough support to get you going on your way to undo 
    the curse about which this game is about.
    Wally B. Feed the Cartographer - Bloodnose the pirate (Voice: Neil Ross)
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
     Remember Wally from MI 2? This very small cartographer helped Guybrush out 
    in finding Dinky Island. In the mean time when Guybrush was away he joined 
    LeChuck's army and took the name of Bloodnose, but deep inside he is still 
    the frail boy he once was. You'll meet up with him again near the end of 
    the game as well (if you look very carefully).
    Murray the invincible demonic skull (Voice: Denny Delk)
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
     This is actually one of my favorite characters. The bald skull who is one 
    of LeChuck's skeletons is called Murray and appears on several locations in 
    the game. In fact he appears in all chapters except 3 and 6. You first get 
    to meet him outside the gun bay after you shot his boat down with the 
    cannon, leaving him disembodied on a wooden plank. He's constantly trying 
    to convince Guybrush in joining him in his 'evil' line of work. Near the 
    end of the game he is so upset that you pick the Anchor Charm over him that 
    he makes a vow to haunt you in the next game saying: "I shall return!".
    The Barbery Coast's Barbers
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
      Voices: Haggis McMutton   - Alan Young
              Edward Van Helgen - Michael Sorich
              Cutthroat Bill    - Gregg Berger
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
     The barbers of the Barbery Coast on the east side of Puerto Pollo will 
    play an important role in the game, for they will be the crew you need to 
    sail out to Blood Island. We have Eduard van Helgen, Cutthroat Bill and 
    Haggis McMutton. After reaching Blood Island they commit a mutiny. Not 
    because they dislike Guybrush, but they wish to return to their shop on 
    Plunder Island. 
    The story of Monkey Island so far consists of Guybrush Threepwood who 
    started out on Mélée Island (MI 1). In the beginning of that game he wanted 
    to become a pirate for a living and started to complete the three trials 
    any pirate in training must undergo to become a real one. After Guybrush 
    successfully completed all three tasks:
       1. Finding treasure in the woods
       2. Insult sword fighting
       3. Stealing the Icon from the Governor's mansion
     While performing the third task he came across the governor Elaine Marley 
    and fell in love with her at first sight. After doing so he got some help 
    from the Voodoo Lady, Otis, Carla the swords master and Stan the Boat 
    salesman and find Monkey Island. On this island he defeated the Zombie 
    Pirate LeChuck and returned to Mélée Island for Elaine.
     In Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge, Guybrush set out to find the 
    treasure that is called Big Whoop to become a really famous pirate to be 
    remembered for many generations. In his quest he has to take out Largo 
    LeGrande in order to set out find the four map parts that lead to the 
    treasure on Monkey Island. But by accident he helped Largo to reanimate 
    LeChuck once again! Fortunately, with the aid of Wally and the Voodoo Lady 
    he manages to survive all the trouble he has gotten into. Guybrush puts so 
    much at stake to find Big Whoop that he nearly lost Elaine. In the end in 
    the underground tunnels LeChuck made him believe that he was a young boy 
    and Chuckie (LeChuck himself) was his older brother. Using this mirage 
    LeChuck locked him away in the Carnival of the Damned as he set out to find 
    Elaine again and declare his love for her.
     Now in MI 3: the Curse of Monkey Island we are just about to witness the 
    events off the coast of Plunder Island where LeChuck is attacking Governor 
    Marley's fort. LeChuck is convinced that he can buy Elaine's love with all 
    the treasure on his boat. The game starts out as we see Guybrush writing in 
    his log just after he (mysteriously) escaped the Carnival of the Damned in 
    a bumper car floating in the middle of the sea!
    --Difficulty Screen--
     Before the game commences you are allowed to choose a difficulty setting 
    for playing this game, unlike the other three games of Monkey Island. If 
    you are new to this type of game I would recommend you to start playing on 
    the regular difficulty. The "Mega-Monkey" quest has some additional puzzle 
    that can easily cause you much grief, if you are not used to solve these 
    kinds of 'common-logic' puzzles. Of course you can read the walkthrough 
    from beginning to the end, but that would actually spoil a lot of the fun, 
    really! Because of the difference in difficulty settings some items are 
    only available in Mega-Monkey (MM) and vice versa. I marked these in the 
    hidden item tabs at the top of each location and at some points the guide 
    will split up in two or three smaller parts if you have multiple objectives 
    to complete.
     We get to see Guybrush in - what seems to be - a bumper car from the 
    fanfare called "The Carnival of the Damned". Don't ask me how he got here 
    in this state, because that is one of the mysteries the scenario-writers 
    intentionally left in the middle. If you are patient enough to view the 
    entire scene and the intro credits (nice music here) you get to see how 
    LeChuck is laying a siege on the fort on Plunder Island.
     Elaine appears and tells LeChuck for the 'insert-a-number-near-infinity-
    here' time that she only loves our hero Guybrush. LeChuck then plans on 
    using a voodoo cannonball to blast the fort and convince Elaine to change 
    her current feelings towards him. Next, Guybrush is spotted by one of 
    LeChuck's skeletonial horde and captured in the hold of the ship.
    Part 1: The demise of the zombie pirate LeChuck
    1.1. Blast through the door
    --LeChuck's hold--
    Hidden Items: 
     Pirate Literature, Plastic Hook, Ramrod
     Guybrush starts out below deck in small room with some cannonballs, a 
    self-loading cannon and a very small operator pirate. For those of you who 
    have played the previous Monkey Islands you recognize the cartographer from 
    MI 2 right away. Before you regain control you will hear Guybrush thinking 
    up a plan to escape. You can also listen to the comments the little pirate 
    makes while firing, his last comment is quite different to all the ones 
    before it. Before starting let's check the inventory by right-clicking with 
    the cursor mouse on the screen. Here you'll see two Helium Balloons located 
    in one inventory spot. Use the "inhale" (parrot) option with the Verb Coin 
    for some nice sound effects.
     Your first objective is to get through the door behind you. So examine the 
    door (or the Keyhole) to discover rather quickly that he can never open it 
    by himself. Look around with the cursor and locate the Ramrod up against 
    the wall. This is not just part of the background, but you can actually 
    pick it up using the Hand on the Verb Coin.
     Talk to the operator pirate for a warm welcome. Bloodnose the Pirate 
    points a gun at you and tells you to stay put. You can choose any of the 
    options as a reply to find out that it is indeed Wally the cartographer who 
    helped you in the previous adventure. After some more talking you will 
    receive the Pirate Literate for free. This is a bogus item, but you can 
    read it to find out about LeChuck's guide to piracy. Choose "What's behind 
    the door?" option to find out that all of LeChuck's treasure is behind it 
    for the ultimate wedding gift to Elaine. If you are done chattering choose 
    "You're a failure as a pirate". Eventually Wally realizes that he is not a 
    pirate and starts crying (if you use the 3rd option here twice for an 
    unexpected result). As Wally weeps he tries to cover his eyes and throws 
    the fake hook away. You can pick it up for free, as Wally doesn't need it 
     The self-loading cannon is ready for you to use. You get to see the fort 
    and four of the long boats LeChuck released filled with skeleton pirates 
    (enter "lapostal" here for a strange message). There is an infinity amount 
    of cannonballs at your disposal so take your time to shoot the four boats, 
    or blow the two little towers on the fort to smithereens if you like that. 
    After you take out all four boats Guybrush will point out that there is 
    some debris floating outside in the water. Position your cursor at the gun 
    bay and it will turn into a red arrow. Click here to make Guybrush squeeze 
    past the cannon or double click to do all of that in a split second.
    --Outside the gun bay--
    Hidden Items:
     Cutlass, Skeleton Arm
     There is a skull on a wooden plank and part of a femur sticking out of the 
    water. Talk to the skull to find out that this is Murray the all powerful 
    and demonic skull. You will meet him later on several times so let him be 
    for now or use the ramrod on him to make him silent.
     You can try to reach the Skeleton Arm with the Ramrod, but you cannot draw 
    the item near you with it... Open your inventory and right click on the 
    Ramrod / Plastic Hook to set your focus on that. Position it over the other 
    item and you can combine these two into a Gaff. After doing so you can get 
    the Skeleton Arm with the Gaff originally belonging to the skull on your 
    left and a Cutlass the hand of the Arm holds. If Murray is still around you 
    can try to return the arm to him, but Guybrush will not give it to him 
    because he is too evil!
    --LeChuck's hold--
     Back in the hold use the Cutlass on the cannon restraint rope to unsecure 
    the cannon. It should not be too difficult to understand what will happen 
    if you use the cannon now. After blasting yourself through the door a cut 
    scene is displayed where the ship capsizes and LeChuck blows himself into 
    the significant otherworld! 
    1.2. Escape from the ship
    --LeChuck's treasure hold--
    Hidden Items:
     Bag of Nickels, Diamond Ring
     Look around here to find some very odd and bizarre treasures that lay 
    around. The floatation device is to Guybrush an item that no pirate with 
    any self respect would be seen wearing. So he will never wear it... Anyway, 
    pick up the Bag of wooden Nickels from the floor to uncover a Diamond Ring 
    beneath it. Collect this as well and look around for a path to escape. The 
    gap at the top of the screen is not reachable so it won't do you any good. 
    On the right however is a small porthole (if you look through it Guybrush 
    may tell you about a particular angry skull in the water) and use the 
    Diamond of the ring to cut the glass. This will 'open' the porthole filling 
    the ship up with water. Guybrush escapes using the Floatation Device and 
    meets up with Elaine on shore.
    --Blood island shore--
     In the cut scene you get to see how Guybrush proposes to Elaine and gives 
    her the diamond ring as a wedding gift. He puts in on Elaine's finger and 
    then Wally pops up. Wally notices the Diamond Ring and asks whether it this 
    the big cursed voodoo ring LeChuck had in his hold. It has a terrible curse 
    on it and hopes for you that this isn't the one. As he leaves Elaine gets 
    mad at Guybrush, but just before she can punch him the curse takes effect 
    and she turns into a solid gold statue.
    Part 2: The curse gets worse
    2.1. Guidelines from the Voodoo Lady
    Hidden Items:
     Glowing Ember
     You are free to explore Plunder Island, but there is not much to do around 
    here. Everything is closed and will remain closed until you visit the 
    Voodoo Lady in Plunder Swamp. Talking to Elaine won't do you any good. You 
    can also try to pick her up, but wimpy Guybrush tells you that she weighs a 
    ton! To the right are some parts of a broken boat used in the battle. 
    Guybrush can collect one of the embers lying on the ground. Notice about 
    this island that there are little information signs at interesting 
    locations all around the place. Read them if you wish to learn more about 
    certain things. To get to the Voodoo lady you need to visit her in the 
    swamp. Walk to the far right and you'll notice that Guybrush is on the 
    right track as there are voodoo marks around there.
     Walk up to the shipwreck and the skull sitting at the top of the spike 
    will try to scare you. It's Murray again and he is up to no good again, but 
    he is harmless at the moment so after the conversation you can let him be.
    --Wretched Ship--
    Hidden Items:
     Paste (MM only), Pack of Gum, Pin
     Inside the ship Guybrush can use the Bag of Nickels on the "Bit o' Jerky" 
    bubblegum machine to receive a whole pack of gum. You can chew on it if you 
    like and an additional Chewed Gum item appears in the inventory, but it is 
    useless here. Look at the ground and you'll observe a bottle of Paste on 
    Mega Monkey, and a voodoo Pin stabbed in a paper doll on both difficulty 
    settings. When you collect the Pin a scene is displayed showing an 
    undertaker (we'll meet him much later on) who is relieved of his pain. 
    Examine the stuffed alligator and his tongue to find out that is 
    exceptionally long in particular. Pull the tongue to activate a mechanism 
    and take note that the tongue produces a random sound effect each time it 
    is pulled!
     A familiar face appears in a chair. This is the Voodoo Lady Guybrush met 
    in his previous adventures. She's here to guide him on his path to lift the 
    curse on Elaine. BTW: It doesn't matter what you input when she asks you to 
    view the pictures of the voodoo children, because our hero will always say 
    'perhaps later'. After telling her what happened to Elaine she asks you 
    where you hid her. Eventually Guybrush admits that he forgot to do that and 
    sets off to the coast to get her back. Once he arrives there you can just 
    see a ship taking off with the gold.
     Back at the Voodoo Lady you propose on what the next step should be to get 
    everything back to normal. She tells you that you have to claim the statue 
    back from the kidnappers called the Mangy Pirates anchored in Danjer Cove. 
    After doing so you must replace the cursed ring a by a pure one, which can 
    be found on Blood Island. To get there however you need a Map, Ship and a 
    good Crew to reach Blood Island safely. That's all the relevant information 
    you can get from her, but you can stay and chat about several topics like 
    "El Pollo Diablo" the demon chicken who is supposed to be roaming around on 
    this island terrorizing everybody. When you are done go to Puerto Pollo the 
    capital and only city around.
    2.2. Exploring all areas on Plunder Island
    --Puerto Pollo--
    Hidden Items:
     Flyer, Ipecac Flower, Mug, Pitcher
     Now that you spoke to the Voodoo Lady town has opened up. The little boy 
    on the far left is selling lemonade for a nickel. If you try to drink it 
    however it turns out that he cheated you out and you get no lemonade at all 
    (we'll make him pay for it, later on). Little farther to the right is a 
    special door that you can use to reach the far right. This may seem 
    useless, but this shortcut saves you much time compared to walking the 
    entire end on foot. The speak-through speaker at the Chicken Shop is 
    incomprehensible so Guybrush quickly gives up speaking to it. You can pick 
    up the Flyer around here too, if you haven't done that for some information 
    about the Voodoo Lady. The chicken shop parlor is opened, but without a 
    reservation slip you'll be send out right away.
     To the right is the Theatre where the theatrical medley called "Speare" is 
    performed. Look at the clock tower to find out what your current Windows 
    Clock time is (this is quite a nice feature and the clock even chimes on 
    full and half hours). Enter the theater via the backdoor on left to find a 
    room behind the scenes.
    --Theater - Back room--
    Hidden Items:
     Glove, Lice, Magic Wand, Ventriloquism Book
     First collect the Magic Wand on the desk, next use it on the Magic Hat to 
    make a Ventriloquism Book appear. It's called the "ABC's of Ventriloquism", 
    but as everybody knows the "B" cannot be pronounced when you perform an act 
    in this art, hence Guybrush skips this letter when you examine it. You can 
    use it on the masks for some witty comments. To the left is a coat hanging 
    on the hallstand. Examine the dandruff to find out that it is moving lice! 
    After doing so Threepwood can collect the wiggling Lice from it, because 
    you need them later on.
     Finally, you can obtain a glove from the coat's pocket. Note that in MM 
    you need to open the pocket first to get to the glove. Plus you also have 
    to examine the Blood Island sticker on the travel trunk to have Slappy 
    spill out the beans about the map to Blood Island.
    --Theater - On stage--
    Hidden Items:
     Shovel (appears much later)
     On stage to the right of the back room you can find two actors..., pardon 
    me thespians. The pirate in the dress has not much to say, but Rex Fortune 
    (alias Slappy Cromwell) is quite a blabbermouth. You can inquire to him 
    where you can find a map to Blood Island (in MM Slappy will only speak 
    about this after you examined the Blood Island sticker on the travel 
    trunk). Cromwell then tells you about Palido Domingo who always handled the 
    traveling. He can be found on the far end of the beach at the Brimstone 
    Beach Club. 
    --Barbery Coast--
    Hidden Items:
     Jawbreaker, Rock, Scissors
     The first time you enter this place Guybrush blabbers out about the curse 
    Elaine has befallen. The gold statue attracts all the pirates, but only 
    Captain René Rottingham is a bad guy. Speak to everybody if you like, but 
    in order to get a haircut you need Rottingham to get out of his chair. To 
    do this put the Lice on the comb, when the barber pirate lays it down. When 
    you are successful Rene's hair receives an amputation and he's thrown out 
    of the shop. 
     Talk to the barber after the wicked captain has left the building to find 
    out that the barber's name is Haggis McMutton. Ask Haggis to cut your hair 
    and you take place in the seat. After this happens the only useful thing 
    you can do is picking the peddle up (on MM you need to use the handle first 
    to reach it), which is holding the page of the book correctly. Haggis will 
    go out to find a new paper weight leaving you behind. Use the handle of the 
    chair several times and you should be able to reach the scissors that are 
    stuck up in the ceiling. When you get it the chair automatically lowers and 
    McMutton returns to tell you that he couldn't find a single suitable rock 
    and for 'some' reason Guybrush is no longer interested in having a haircut.
     The Jaw Breaker can be found lying on the floor in the easy game, but in 
    MM you need to get it from the small pirate called Cutthroat Bill. Slap 
    Bill on the back and he starts to choke on it. Slap him again to free Bill 
    from his agony and he throws the Jaw Breaker on the floor. After this you 
    can collect is in the same manner as a regular game. You can also get 
    Eduard van Helgen to join your crew at this moment (look at section 3A for 
    more details).
    --Puerto Pollo--
     Outside again Threepwood can go to the Brimstone Beach Club's cabaña, but 
    it is meaningless because you first need a Membership's Card. The only way 
    to make progression is by getting the scissors from the barber's chair, and 
    then using those on the overgrowth between Kenny & the Chicken Parlor 
    marked by the sign spelling "Danjer" to cut and hack your way through the 
    overgrowth around here. Guybrush automatically picks up a flower and he 
    even reads the signpost about the Ipecac, so the player knows about the 
    flower's purgative abilities. After he is done walk through the passage to 
    find a new area behind it.
    --Snake Crossing--
    Hidden Items:
     Coffee, Eggs, Encyclopedia, Faberge Egg, Naturalist Remains,
     Old Phone Book, Pancake Syrup, Pancakes, Reservation Slip, Sausage,
     Spare Tire, Stuffed Dinghy Dog(tm), Top-secret Plans,
     Vacuum Cleaner Attachments
     In the back of the scenery you can see the ship of the Mangy Pirates 
    anchored in the cove. If you try to move a snake falls down from the tree 
    and swallows him completely. Inside the snake you cannot move nor can you 
    reach any of the snake beating items lying in the open. Pick up all the 
    loot the snake has already eaten (located to the left of Guybrush). Do this 
    several times to get everything and you will have a huge amount of really 
    weird items in your possession. Guybrush loses most of them very soon only 
    the Syrup, Reservation Slip and Encyclopedia are useful.
     After collecting the junk he needs to get out of the snake. In order to 
    get out one could use the Ipecac Flower's purgative property to make the 
    snake throw you up. The Ipecac on itself can't be used, hence use the 
    flower on the Syrup and use that in its turn on the Snake's head to make 
    him vomit. Threepwood plunges down the edge and ends up in a quicksand 
    --Quicksand Field--
    Hidden Items:
     Reed, Thorn
     Talking about getting out of the frying pan into the fire, because our 
    pirate-wannabe gets stuck in the quicksand field, can't get out on his own 
    and he even loses most of the odd stuff he found inside the snake. To the 
    far left you see a life saving vine, but as expected you can't reach it 
    immediately. There is precarious branch below the vine and when you manage 
    to hit that branch the vine will be thrown towards you.
     Pick up a Reed from the bushes to your right and a Thorn from the thorny 
    plant on your left. Note that Guybrush will adopt his "Youch" yell into 
    "Pappapishu" if you read the sign about the native meaning of the 
    Pappapishu bush. Combine the Thorn and Reed to form a Peashooter, next 
    combine one of the Helium Balloons with the Paperweight and you'll 
    automatically see the balloon to your left floating in the air. Blow it 
    with the "Parrot" option on the Verb-Coin. After one failed attempt the 
    balloon 'mysteriously' gets into the correct position. Finally use the 
    Peashooter on the Balloon and the Paperweight rock drops on right spot on 
    the branch allowing you to escape with the lifesaving vine.
    --Danjer Cove--
     There is not much to do here. On MM difficulty the boat is broken and 
    needs to be repaired before you can reach the vessel of the Mangy Pirates. 
    In the regular game the rowing boat is already fixed, but it won't do you 
    any good to use the row boat at this moment either way. This because you 
    need the Serrated Bread Knife from the Chicken Parlor. Now that you have a 
    Reservation Slip this shouldn't be a problem anymore, therefore go to the 
    Parlor just to the right of the path to Danjer Cove.
    --Chicken Parlor--
    Hidden Items:
     Biscuit Cutter(MM), Buttery Biscuit, Maggots(MM), Membership Card,
     Pie Pan(MM), Serrated Bread Knife
    Tell the proprietor of the Parlor that you have a Reservation Slip and 
    Guybrush (I mean Mrs. Brinestoop) will automatically show it to him. You 
    can walk around freely from this moment on. Talk to captain Blondebeard to 
    hear more stories about "El Pollo Diablo" (there is even a big picture 
    behind him; just examine it). He also tells you that he lost his Membership 
    Card of the exclusive beach club resort, but it might be around somewhere 
    in the shop. Guybrush also notices his golden tooth, which is very useful 
    if you wish to get Bill to join your crew. See section 3A to find more 
    details on how to get it. Walk up to the silent patron and look at the 
    sticker on his hood to learn more about Grim Fandango, or not perhaps. Push 
    the bloke and you'll quickly discover that it is one of LeChuck's skeleton 
    minions who is stabbed through the back with a knife. Pick the Serrated 
    Bread Knife up as we need it later on.
    -Normal difficulty-
     Collect the Membership Card for the Brimstone Beach Club from within the 
    chicken's remains. You can get the Buttery Biscuit from the Biscuit Barrel 
    and take a bite if you like, but this is not required on this setting.
    -Mega Monkey Difficulty-
     If you are playing MM collect the Biscuit Cutter and the Pie Pan on the 
    far left that appear around there. On this difficulty setting some Maggots 
    will appear in your inventory if you eat the Buttery Biscuit from the 
    Biscuit Barrel! Use these little cretins on the gross black Cajun Chicken 
    in front of the silent patron to find the Membership Card inside the 
    chicken's remains.
    2.3. Get a Map, Ship and Crew together for the voyage
     Guybrush is now able to reach all the areas on the map and therefore you 
    can do several separate tasks in parallel so I split the guide up in three 
    distinct parts, because these can be completed in any order. We need to get 
    a good crew for your trip to Blood Island, the Map leading you towards it 
    and a ship. Of course we need to save Elaine, but that objective falls 
    together with obtaining a ship. After completing each sub quest you get to 
    see a small cut scene that shows the progress LeChuck is making on his 
    2.3A. Recruit your pirate crew
     The three pirates that are left over after the Rottingham incident inside 
    the Barbery Coast will be the crew for your ship, but you need to do 
    something to show each one of them that you are a worthy captain. Note that 
    you cannot complete everything right away, but I placed it all here 
    together. If you complete the tasks for all three of them you get to see a 
    cut scene of LeChuck. For the challenges you have to do the following 
    Heart & Kidney boiled in the stomach of the animal "Haggis" McMutton
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
     You can challenge Haggis in a contest of the caber toss where you have to 
    throw a wooden log as far as possible. With Guybrush's strength however 
    you'll never win. Go to the grassy knoll yourself, which can be reached 
    from the right of the Speare Theatre.
    --Grassy Knoll--
     Use the Serrated Bread Knife on the sawhorse to make the keg roll into the 
    rubber tree and all the rum is spills out as the keg rolls down. Ignite it 
    with the Glowing Ember and the rubber tree lands on top of the caber pile.
    --Barbery Coast--
     Challenge McMutton (again) and after Guybrush puts all his might into it 
    he wins the caber toss with a supreme victory.
    Eduard "Snuggle cakes" van Helgen
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
     You have to provide sufficient insult in order to fight him in a dual. 
    Verbal insult does not work on him (try singing for some interesting songs 
    like "There's a monkey in my pocket", but after you slap him with a glove 
    obtained in the back room of the Speare Theatre he concedes.
    --Grassy Knoll--
    Hidden Items:
     At the field of honor you have to pick a weapon. If you tried it out once 
    you'll notice that you can never beat him with the gun. So instead of 
    picking up a Gun close the lid of the gun box and choose the underlying 
    Banjo. Surprisingly Eduard accepts the challenge and you start the duel.
     Remember the last note of each couplet and imitate that order 2 times in 
    regular and 3 times in MM difficulty (you don't have to wait for the entire 
    couplet, just click on the snares in the correct order whenever you like). 
    After some success van Helgen cranks up the difficulty to a scale that 
    Guybrush can never hope to defeat. Go back to the gun pile and reopen the 
    box, collect the Gun and shoot van Helgen's banjo when you get the chance. 
    Eduard is so flabbergasted by the lowest trick he has ever seen that he 
    joins you after all.
    "Cutthroat" Bill
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
     In order to have him join your group you must find him some real gold. The 
    only golden object on this island is Captain Blondebeard's tooth so you 
    need to get that item and show it to him. In order to get this item for him 
    you need enter the Chicken Parlor and get the following items in the 
    inventory if you want to complete this task:
       Nr. Name             Location
       --- ---------------- -------------------------------------
        1. Reservation Slip Snake crossing
        2. Jaw Breaker      Barbery coast 
        3. Pack of Gum      Wretched ship
        4. Pin              Wretched ship
        5. Chewed Gum       'use' the Gum  (required in MM only)
        6. Helium Balloon   n/a            (required in MM only) 
        7. Pie Pan          Chicken parlor (required in MM only)
    --Chicken Parlor--
     Inside the parlor use the Reservation Slip so you don't get thrown out. 
    Give the Jaw Breaker to Blondebeard and after he bites on it his teeth will 
    get loose. After that give him some gum by using the Pack of Gum on him and 
    he'll start blowing bubbles with the tooth in it. Pop such a bubble with 
    the voodoo Pin and the tooth will fall on the ground. Pick it up and you 
    are the new owner of the tooth.
     In the regular game you are done, but when playing in MM you cannot leave 
    the Parlor or else Blondebeard checks your inventory and takes the tooth 
    from it. If this happens you have to do the previous part all over again. 
    So put the Golden Tooth in the Chewed Gum and before you chew on it inhale 
    some helium from the balloon to fill the bubble with helium instead of air. 
    This causes the bubblegum balloon with the tooth inside to float through 
    the window. You can hear it pop outside and the tooth sliding down the 
    drainage system.
    --Puerto Pollo--
     Go outside and use the Pie Pan to collect the Golden Tooth from the mud 
    puddle at the end of the drainage system. Show this to Bill and he 
    reconsiders to join you. On top of it all you can keep the tooth as well.
    2.3B. The map to Blood Island
     As Slappy informed us we need to find Palido Domingo in order to get 
    possession of a map to Blood Island. This guy can be found on the beach at 
    the Beach Club so go to the Cabaña on the world map.
    --Brimstone Beach Club and Smorgy--
    Hidden Items:
     Cooking Oil, Towels (3x)
     Briefly show the guy behind the counter Blondebeard's Membership Card 
    which you found at the Chicken Parlor. After scaring the guy behind counter 
    with the card you are free to walk up the beach, but Guybrush's shoes are 
    full of holes and therefore he can't walk over the hot sand. To solve this 
    problem collect 3 Towels from the towel bin and soak them in the icy water 
    inside the bucket on the tray. Next use the Wet Towels on the Cabaña boy to 
    whip his ass and he leaves the scene saying "Pappapishu". This allows you 
    to collect the Cooking Oil as well. After getting all the items go over to 
    the beach to reach the far end.
    --Brimstone Beach--
     This beach is so hot that the only way to get past it is by tossing all 
    three towels on the hot sand. Walk over it to the other side and the towels 
    shrivel and ignite under the hot sun. You can't go back this way, but that 
    is no problem at all. On the next screen Guybrush can reach a shortcut to 
    the world map. 
    --Brimstone Beach (far end)--
    Hidden Items:
     Mug, Map
     Talk to Palido and he tells you how long he has been laying on the beach. 
    Note that this time is determined by the Windows Clock (e.g. talk to him in 
    September and he tells you that he is lying here since February). Also if 
    you talk to him in the beginning of January he wishes you a Happy New Year! 
    You can also tease him with his pale complexion, but it won't help you 
    finding the map.
     Talk to him about Blood Island and at first he pretends that he doesn't 
    know where it is. Be persuasive and eventually he tells you all about it if 
    you talked to Slappy beforehand (note that on MM you need to have examined 
    the sticker on the travel trunk in the theatre and before talking to 
    Slappy). Palido obliges and tells you that he will show you the map on his 
    back when he is done tanning his chest, because when that happens he'll 
    turn over to tan his back. However as you noted about the previous comments 
    this will never happen so we have to help him tan a little faster. Get the 
    Mug from his chest, because we need it. After doing so go back to Kenny the 
    Lemon Salesman at the western end of Puerto Pollo. Take note that you can 
    skip this entire conversation all the same and collect the map 
    straightaway, but it looks rather strange if you make him turn over for 
    'apparently' no reason.
    --Puerto Pollo--
     Switch the bottomless mug with the Mug you have in your inventory and 
    Guybrush will use the "Look! There is a 3-headed monkey" routine to 
    distract him. Buy some lemonade and now that the mug is exchanged for a 
    real one you can actually drink the lemonade. This puts Kenny out of 
    business, because he doesn't have any more Lemonade and he leaves for his 
    mother. Pick up the Pitcher that he leaves behind and fill it with the red 
    dye to the right. You can do this by using the Pitcher on the can of dye 
    --Brimstone Beach (far end)--
     Back at Palido put the bottomless mug on his chest and use the Pitcher 
    filled with Red Dye on the mug to pour the dye all over his body. Guybrush 
    automatically tells Palido to turn over and you can finally see the map on 
    his back. The map is too complex for Guybrush to memorize so he needs to 
    get it off somehow... This may seem very bizarre, but you have to use the 
    Cooking Oil to make the skin on his back crispy and you can just peel off 
    the upper layer of skin to extract the map from his back.
    2.3C. A seaworthy ship
    --Grassy Knol (MM only)--
    Hidden Items:
     Rubber Plug
     Use the Biscuit cutter on the Rubber Tree (or the "Another Rubber Tree" if 
    you didn't blow it up already) to get a rubber plug from it. Go back to 
    Danjer Cove right away to patch the boat.
    --Danjer Cove--
     On MM difficulty you need to use the plug on the boat, but it will work 
    only after you make is sticky with the Paste. If you did this the plug will 
    stay in the hole and the boat is finally seaworthy. After patching it up in 
    MM or skipping that part in a regular game, use the boat to row around 
    Danjer Bay and enter the pirate's ship called the Sea Cucumber.
    --The Sea Cucumber - Outside-- 
     Before boarding the boat use the Serrated Bread Knife (from the Chicken 
    Parlor) on the walking plank to cut it off. Climb aboard and the first mate 
    Mr. Fossey appears in front of you. He tells you about his dreaded pirate 
    captain LeCh..., but gets interrupted each time when he tries to pronounce 
    his name. Fossey tells you that his captain wants you to be punished for 
    coming here. You seem to have two options called: "Walk the Plank" and 
    "Tarred & Feathered". The 1st mate automatically opts for walking the 
    plank, because they need the tar to repair the ship in case of an 
    emergency. If Guybrush cut the plank like I told you to he gets Tarred and 
    Feathered instead. You are allowed to leave the ship now by the way you 
     You can go to various places now for silly comments, because everybody 
    thinks that you are El Pollo Diablo! The replies of Murray are perhaps the 
    best of all. When you are done having fun being a demon, then go to the 
    Chicken Parlor for a surprise.
    --Chicken Parlor--
     Enter this place and Blondebeard appears with the standard question for a 
    reservation slip. In the middle of the sentence he recognizes the Devil 
    Chicken and let's you speak one line. You can actually make Guybrush speak 
    Spanish here! Anyway, the blonde pirate brings out a frying pan and dumps 
    you in the big can so he can deliver the 'chicken' right away to the 
    pirates at Danjer Cove.
    --The Sea Cucumber - Captain's room--
    Hidden Items:
     Chicken Grease, Treasure Map
     Inside you get to hear that the Chicken Grease washed all the tar and 
    feathers off and Guybrush will have some of it in his inventory as well. 
    Watch the scene to find out that Fossey is just an idiot hearing voices as 
    he 'talks' to the Gorilla whom he calls LeChimp. Use the Ventriloquism Book 
    from the Theatre Back Room and throw your voice on LeChimp (if you don't 
    have it leave the ship via the back window). After Guybrush tells the first 
    mate to send all the monkeys back to the trees where they belong he leaves 
    the scene.
     Guybrush comes out, picks up the Treasure Map from the porcelain vase 
    right away and examines it. The directions might be a riddle to you at the 
    current moment, but it will become clear very soon. Examine the Porcelain 
    to find out that he hates anything that is made of this stuff. It remains a 
    riddle so far what the reason behind this is.
    --Theatre - Back Room--
     After getting the Treasure Map walk on stage to see some horrible theatre 
    play with a suitable audience. In the back room go upstairs to find the 
    controls of the lights. These controls correspond to the directions on the 
    map. Take a look at the map and think of each direction as one of the 
    buttons. The buttons are aligned like this:
           1 2 3           1 = Northwest    4 = West         7 = South
           4   5 L         2 = North        5 = East         8 = Southeast
           6 7 8           3 = Northeast    6 = Southwest    L = Lever (Reset)
     First you need to get all eyes open, hence pull the lever on the right to 
    activate all the lights. If you ever screw up the sequence, just pull the 
    lever again to get it back into the original state. Next look at the 
    directions on the map and press the corresponding buttons in the correct 
    order (this order is random so I can't help you here). If you press all 
    them in the right order an "X" will appear marking the spot where you have 
    to dig.
     Back on stage you find out that Slappy should be juggling either knives or 
    skulls if you did this correctly. You can't dig with him on the stage so 
    you need to get rid of him. Go backstage again and look at the cannonballs 
    to find out that Slappy will use these later on in his show. Use the 
    Chicken Grease to make the balls all slippery and Slappy will immediately 
    come to collect three of them. In the cut scene you get to see how Slappy 
    drops the balls and leaves the scene with his 'beloved' Juliet. 
    --Theatre - On stage--
     Go on stage again and it should be completely empty apart from the lonely 
    monkey sitting in the chair. Pick up the shovel near the sand pile and 
    start digging the statue of Elaine up. Guybrush automatically places her in 
    the crow's nest of his newly acquired ship for safe keeping. 
    --The Sea Cucumber--
     After all three sub-quests are completed the ship leaves Plunder Island 
    towards the open seas. You will get a message telling you to insert disk 2 
    and afterwards press any button you like to continue. After doing so I 
    recommend you to save your game so you don't need to go back to the first 
    disk every single time.
     Not much later Rottingham appears and starts a duel of Insult Sword 
    Fighting to claim the map from you. Of course Guybrush knows only the 
    insults he learned in MI 1, but on the sea the insults have to rhyme and 
    therefore he loses the first round. Rottingham does provide you with 2 
    insults and the answer to the first insult. Baldy then takes the map from 
    you and leaves on his ship, scouring the seas before he makes his way to 
    Blood Island. 
     Next your pirate crew starts singing their favorite song and you get to 
    sing along with them indirectly. Each time you click on sentence Guybrush 
    requests to get moving, but the pirates use the rhyme to complete another 
    couplet. After at least 4 of the couplets are completed you can click on 
    the "We'll surely avoid scurvy if we all eat an orange". Bill tries to 
    think of a rhyme to it, but to no avail and so the song stops. Frankly, I 
    suggest you listen to all of them, because they are very good and they also 
    get you into the rhyming we need later on for the insult sword fighting.
    Part 3: Three sheets in the wind
    3.1. The path to becoming a fearsome pirate
    --The Sea Cucumber - continued--
     Haggis will speak to you and asks you what kind of captain you are. You 
    have to fight other pirate ships using the cannons in a real-time battle of 
    Ship to Ship combat. This is however an adventure game by LucasArts and not 
    a shooting gallery, therefore you can choose for "Easy Ship Combat" (I let 
    you guys help me out) or "Hard Ship Combat" (I'm a captain like the next 
    one will be).
     Choosing the first option allows you to take out any ship within your 
    liege with 1 shot. In the more difficult version you need to hit your 
    opponent more often. Personally, I like the hard version, because shooting 
    the cannons can be really fun (especially later on) and even on the higher 
    difficulty it is quite possible to win with relative ease. You can always 
    change this by speaking to McMutton if you really want to. 
     Guybrush can walk around on the deck and examine the treasure hold (where 
    you will keep the treasure from beating the other pirates on the map. You 
    can also observe the cannons to find out which level they are and finally 
    the Navigational Map can be viewed to see all the vessels that drift around 
    on the sea. Each time you defeat a pirate at insult sword fighting you get 
    their treasure and you can buy new cannon in Plunder Island's harbor
    --Plunder Island - Kenny's--
     In the top left corner of the map you click to reach the island again, but 
    you can only visit Kenny's place. He will tell you that he has changed his 
    way and from now on he works for his money fair and square. Kenny has the 
    following cannon models available from "Bob's Big Bore Boomer Brand Cannon 
       Weak Cannons      - (You start out with these)
       Level 1           - Buccaneer's Buddy
       Level 2           - Ouch-Master
       Level 3           - Holemaker Deluxe
       Level 4           - Paingiver 2000
       Level 5           - Mr. Massacre
       Maximum Firepower - Destructomatic T-47
     There are six upgrades, and indeed as expected there are 6 regular pirate 
    vessels that you can defeat. Each time you defeat a new one you go back to 
    Kenny to buy new cannons. You don't need to do this every time, but try to 
    do this at least after two victories. This, because you can't take out 
    pirate ships that are much stronger than you, as for Captain Rottingham's 
    ship you need at least level 5 cannons, but using the Destructomatic 
    featuring Armor piercing, Carnage delivery, Self-loading and Fax modem is 
    much more effective.
    --Navigational Map--
     Look at it to see your own ship at first. Next the first ship you need to 
    take on appears, then Captain Rottingham's ship and finally some of the 
    other ships you need to defeat appear as well. So if you don't know where 
    to go next simply click on the first ship that appears next to your own. In 
    order of appearance we have:
         Ship Name
            Tourist Ship (bogus ship)
            - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
         1. Really Not Fearsome Pirates
         2. Semi Fearsome Pirates
         3. Mildly Fearsome Pirates
         4. Pretty Fearsome Pirates
         5. Fearsome Pirates
         6. Really Fearsome Pirates
            - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
         7. Captain René Rottingham
     There is not much special to note about each of the 6 individual pirates 
    you come across. To me they seem to use random insults and their replies to 
    the insults is different each time. Some times they know all the answers, 
    but most often they give up rather easily. This may seem nice, but you need 
    to learn all (at least as many of) the replies to each individual insult if 
    you want to take on Rottingham.
     The tourist ship doesn't really count, but the programmers probably just 
    put it in for fun. You can take that ship out in one shot regardless of the 
    difficulty and you don't need to do sword fighting to win, but you don't 
    get any treasure either.
     Because everything is at random here you might as well keep on fighting 
    the pirates over and over again, until you learned at least 10 of the 
    replies to the regular insults. Then take on Rottingham (see section 2 of 
    this chapter) to find out that he uses different insults, so you need to 
    figure out yourself which reply would fit best with the insult. Here's a 
    complete list of all the insults and replies to them. Note: Press Shift+J 
    during a sword fight for some nice sound effects.
    Regular Insult & Reply List
    Insult:    Every enemy I've met I've annihilated!
    Reply:     With your breath, I am sure they all suffocated.
    Insult:    You're as repulsive as a monkey in a negligee.
    Reply:     Do I look THAT much like your fiancée?
    Insult:    Killing you would justifiable homicide.
    Reply:     Then killing you would be justifiable fungicide.
    Insult:    You're the ugliest monster ever created!
    Reply:     If you don't count all the ones you've dated.
    Insult:    I'll skewer you like a sow at a buffet!
    Reply:     When I'm done with YOU, you'll be a boneless filet.
    Insult:    Would you like to be buried or cremated?
    Reply:     With you around, I'd prefer to be fumigated.
    Insult:    When your father first saw you, he must have been mortified.
    Reply:     At least mine can be identified.
    Insult:    I'll leave you devastated, mutilated and perforated.
    Reply:     Your odor alone makes me aggravated, agitated and infuriated.
    Insult:    I have never seen such clumsy swordplay.
    Reply:     You would have, but you were always running away.
    Insult:    I'll hound you night and day!
    Reply:     Then be a good dog. Sit! Stay!
    Insult:    I can't rest until you've been exterminated!
    Reply:     Then perhaps you should switch to decaffeinated.
    Insult:    En garde, touché!
    Reply:     Oh that is so cliché.
    Insult:    Throughout the Caribbean my great deeds are celebrated!
    Reply:     Too bad they're all fabricated.
    Insult:    Coming face to face with me must leave you petrified.
    Reply:     Is that your face? I thought it was you backside.
    Insult:    You can't match my witty repartee.
    Reply:     I could, if you would use some breath spray.
    Insult:    Heaven preserve me! You look like something that's died!
    Reply:     The only way you'll be preserved is in formaldehyde.
    2. Take on René Rottingham
     When you think that you are strong enough to take on the fearless captain 
    himself. Look on the map for his ship and attack it. Use cannons of at 
    least level 5 to beat him (i.e. you cannot beat his ship with the very weak 
    --Rottingham's ship--
     On board you can challenge him to duel of insult sword fighting, but 
    unlike all the previous battles Rottingham gives all the insults and you 
    only have to give the replies. On regular difficulty you need to give 3 
    correct replies and on the Mega-Monkey setting you must respond to 6 
    replies. Most of the insults are very similar to the regular insult so 
    finding the right reply is in most cases not too difficult. Below is a 
    complete list of all the insults he uses:
    Rottingham's Insult & Reply List
    Insult:    My attacks have left entire islands depopulated!
    Reply:     With your breath, I am sure they all suffocated.
    Insult:    You have the sex appeal of a Shar-Pei.
    Reply:     Do I look THAT much like your fiancée?
    Insult:    When I'm done, your body will be rotted and putrefied!
    Reply:     Then killing you would be justifiable fungicide.
    Insult:    Your looks would make pigs nauseated.
    Reply:     If you don't count all the ones you've dated.
    Insult:    Your lips look like they belong to the catch of the day.
    Reply:     When I'm done with YOU, you'll be a boneless filet.
    Insult:    I give you a choice. You can be gutted or decapitated!
    Reply:     With you around, I'd prefer to be fumigated.
    Insult:    You're a disgrace to your species, you're so undignified!
    Reply:     At least mine can be identified.
    Insult:    I can't tell which of my traits has you the most intimidated.
    Reply:     Your odor alone makes me aggravated, agitated and infuriated.
    Insult:    I have never lost in mêlée.
    Reply:     You would have, but you were always running away.
    Insult:    You'll find I'm dogged to my prey!
    Reply:     Then be a good dog. Sit! Stay!
    Insult:    Your stench would make an outhouse cleaner irritated.
    Reply:     Then perhaps you should switch to decaffeinated.
    Insult:    Your mother wears a toupee.
    Reply:     Oh that is so cliché.
    Insult:    My skills with the sword are highly venerated.
    Reply:     Too bad they're all fabricated.
    Insult:    Never before have I faced someone so sissified.
    Reply:     Is that your face? I thought it was you backside.
    Insult:    Nothing can stop me from blowing you away.
    Reply:     I could, if you would use some breath spray.
    Insult:    Nothing on this earth can save your sorry hide.
    Reply:     The only way you'll be preserved is in formaldehyde.
     When you finally manage to defeat him Guybrush starts to get the hang of 
    it and keeps on humiliating René, until he can take no more of it. You get 
    the map back and view the cut scene to find you and your crew getting 
    shipwrecked on Blood Island.
    Part 4. The bartender, the thieves, his aunt and her lover
    As with the problems on Plunder Island the puzzles Guybrush has to solve on 
    this Island can be dealt with in several different orders interchanged and 
    even interleaved with each other. Therefore I choose the most suitable 
    path, which leads to the least amount of backtracking.
    4.1. Exploring the Island & A hangover cure
    Hidden Items:
     Lotion Bottle, Shaving Soap
     Guybrush unfolds his plan to find Elaine, but Haggis tells you that there 
    is a mutiny and all three barber pirates wish to return back to the Barbery 
    Coast on Plunder Island instead. From this moment on you are back on your 
    own again. There should be a bottle of Captain Nick's Shaving soap near you 
    feet in the sand. Pick it up, bite (parrot option) in the bottle's cork to 
    open it up and you'll have an opened bottle plus a cork. Talk to Haggis for 
    some information on the lotion bottle and he tells you that you get the 
    whole bottle if you can get a substance that is similar to tar for the 
    repairs on the ship. Let's do some exploring so we can find out which tasks 
    lie ahead for our fearsome pirate.
    --Cannibal Village - Strange Lights--
    Hidden Items:
     Auger, Measuring Cup, Tofu
     You probably notice the "Strange Lights" text on the World map above the 
    Cannibal village instead of the "?" for the other locations so go here 
    first. The village seems to be empty, but there is a big banquet left wide 
    open around here. Pick up the humongous block of Tofu near the entrance and 
    the Auger & Measuring Cup from the little table to the right. That's all 
    for this place. Exit via the right path and you'll get near the volcano 
    --Volcano Entrance--
     Threepwood will meet a familiar face from MI 1 here. It's Lemonhead one of 
    the vegetarian cannibals from around this region. Talk to him for some 
    information about the village and the sacrifice that is being held for 
    Sherman the Volcano God. Lemon Head is waiting for an ambassador of another 
    Cannibal village, but he hasn't turned up so far.
     This is your chance to view the offering! Pick some holes in the Tofu 
    using the Auger and either "Use/Look Through" the Tofu Mask. Lemon head 
    mistakes you for that ambassador and you get to see the sacrifice of the 
    inanimate vegetable surrogate human. This sacrifice consists of solely 
    vegetables, because Sherman is lactose intolerant and sensitive to fatty 
    acids. We'll come back later here to activate the volcano for the greater 
    --Cemetery (front)--
     There are two crypts and some gravestones around, but everything is 
    secured and locked. Notice the name "Tex Venture" on rightmost one. Could 
    it be a relative of Slappy? Anyway, go to the far left and find the lonely 
    cabin of the undertaker and a blind dog (probably the undertaker's pet) 
    living in a coffin.
    --Cemetery (back)--
    Hidden Items:
     Chisel, Dog Biscuits (not in MM), Dog Hair, Mallet
     The morbid home to the left is locked too, so never mind it too much. Near 
    the bottom of the screen is Old Blind Pew. You can pick up some of the hair 
    and he doesn't even notice it. Later on we need Hair of the Dog that bit 
    you so you need to make him bite you. In order to do this use the Buttery 
    Biscuit from your inventory (in MM), or the Dog Biscuits from his bowl 
    (regular game) to feed these to him. When you do this he bites you as he 
    devours the food. Lastly, pick up the Chisel and Mallet from the unfinished 
    tombstone. According to Guybrush the gravestone it is starting to spell 
    "Rib roast" or "Riboflavin", how original.
    --Hotel (Exterior)--
     On the world map walk to the "?" marked above the beach and you'll end up 
    at the Goodsoup Hotel and Casino. There are decorative Tiki lanterns all 
    over the place, which makes it very appealing. To the far right there is an 
    odd looking barbecue. This may come in handy later, but there is nothing to 
    around here for now. Head in to the hotel itself to check on the folks 
    --Hotel (Interior)--
    Hidden Items:
     Cushion, Death Card (5x), Empty Jar*, Jar Lid*, Head-B-Clear*,
     Mirror(MM)*, Recipe Book
     * = can only be obtained after the bartender is cured
     There is a very strange add for Grog near the left most door. Try to enter 
    and leave this room several times. Each time you do so the add changes bit 
    by bit (to a maximum of 6 times) from a young woman into a silly pirate. 
    You can also play around with the flashing Grog advertisement to the right 
    by pulling the chain several times, but it yields not more than a small 
    visual effect.
     Talk to Mme. Xima the fortune teller. She can tell you some details about 
    the famous Blood Island ring and she provides you with your fortune. Be 
    preserve and ask for your fortune five times (in MM you need to ask her 
    each time yourself, whereas the regular game she gives you all five cards 
    in one go). After cursing you for getting five Death Cards, pick them up 
    from the table using the infamous "look there is 3-headed monkey" trick and 
    walk over to the bartender.
     As can be noted by his physical appearance the bartender is in a very bad 
    mood due to a severe hang over. Pick up the blue recipe book to the left 
    and read it to find out that you need an Egg, Pepper and Hair of the dog 
    that bit you to cure him. We already have the hair from the dog that bit 
    you from the cemetery, hence there are only two more ingredients missing. 
    You can also pick up some of the Big Whoop Leaflets and the leftmost 
    cushion from the chair. If you try to get any of the other items the 
    bartender will request that you leave the objects where they are.
    --Hotel (Back room)--
    Hidden Items:
     Un-melted chunk of Nacho Cheese, Magnet
     Open the door near the entrance of the hotel to enter the back room. 
    Inside Guybrush can collect the magnet from the refrigerator and use the 
    Chisel on the Wheel of Cheese to collect a big chunk from it. As you may 
    have noted from the Nacho Machine in the main hall the cheese is very 
    sticky, when it is molten. If we can melt it we may be able to give this to 
    Haggis as a substitute for the tar and exchange it for the Hand Lotion 
    instead. Remember this thought for later on.
    Hidden Items:
     There is an Egg lying in a nest on top of an over bending rubber tree. You 
    need to lay the cushion on the rocks, before you can use the Mallet on the 
    tree so the Egg shakes out of the nest and lands safely on the cushion. 
    Collect it and we are done here. By the way, try to "use" the water around 
    here 23 times. If you do this Guybrush goes underwater and you get to see a 
    very familiar scene from MI 1.
     The lighthouse's light is broken as you will notice around here. On Mega-
    Monkey you need to replace both the mirror and provide a substitute for the 
    light. If you are playing a regular game the mirror is fixed already, so 
    you only need to get a new beacon.
    Hidden Items:
     Collect the Pepper from the pepper plant in front of the windmill (not all 
    tasks are difficult). Now that we have all three ingredients go back to the 
    bartender and give him each item and he makes a concoction of it, drinks it 
    and returns back to normal again. Once this is done we can unravel more 
    secrets about the lost ring of Blood Island.
    4.2A. Unite Minnie and Charles for the Wedding Band
    --Hotel (Interior)--
     You get the rest of the curative medicine in a bottle from the sober 
    Griswold Goodsoup (use the Chisel on the bottle of Head-B-Clear to open the 
    child proof cap). Talk to Griswold and you'll find out most of the details 
    in connection with the wedding ring. It turns out that his aunt Minnie 
    Stronie Goodsoup is the owner of the ring. She fell in love with a pirate 
    that set ashore and was engaged within a week with him. On the night before 
    the wedding he stole the diamond from the ring and sold it to the smugglers 
    located on Skull Island. Furthermore she took the ring itself with her into 
    the grave as she died not much long after that.
     Inquiring about the diamond Griswold replies that you need the Flying 
    Welshman's help to get you to Skull Island. The Welshman however doesn't 
    appear at the beach, because the lighthouse is out of commission and he 
    needs the beacon to find his path through the dark foggy streams around the 
    islands. If you have Guybrush asking about how to get into the crypt (for 
    obtaining the wedding band) he replies you that would have to die to be 
    able to enter it. You can perform the two tasks in any order, but I will 
    start with the wedding band.
     Guybrush can also ask Griswold for a drink and he'll ask you what you 
    would like. Take the drink with the decorative umbrella in it. He will then 
    produce it for you and, because he doesn't have any suitable umbrellas he 
    puts a real umbrella in your drink. Guybrush will automatically pick it up 
    for you. We need Guybrush to die now (there is absolutely no way around 
    this) to get inside the crypt, so pour some of the Head-B-Clear into the 
    drink and it will become very spiked. Select the Drink (parrot) option on 
    the much more appealing drink and after Guybrush warns anybody not to do 
    this at home he holds it aloft and empties the mug in his throat. After a 
    very nicely done dying animation the undertaker comes in. Indeed that is 
    the same guy you saw when you pulled the Voodoo Pin from the doll and after 
    some in-game jokes about not being able to die in a LucasArts Adventure 
    game Mort takes you away.
    Hidden Items:
     Coffin Nails, Laminated Business Card
     After watching the fake ending where you will always score a pathetic 0 
    out of 800 points Guybrush's voice can be heard again. He tells you that he 
    is not dead, but rather stuck in the coffin in the lower right corner. 
    Select the Chisel and use it on the coffin to free him out of that tight 
    place. After a few seconds you will hear some knocks coming from the big 
    coffin in the center of the room. Use the Chisel on it and you'll get to 
    see an old pal of yours: Stan.
     Stan tells you about all the time he had to think after Guybrush pushed 
    him into the coffin in MI 2 in the first place. Stan even thanks him for 
    doing that as he now found out a new branch of business: Life Insurance 
    policies. Lastly, Stan gives you a plastic Business card. Stan doesn't 
    reveal how he made it inside the coffin, just saying not to worry about 
    today's technicalities. He kindly suggests that you wander off and let him 
    set up his stand.
    --Mutual of Stan--
    Hidden Items:
     Life Insurance Policy, Insurance Money*
     * = Requires Death Certificate
     Go to the world map and reenter the cemetery to find out that he is 
    already done building. Enter the brightly lit crypt and talk him into 
    giving you a life insurance police. Give him Captain Blondebeard's Golden 
    Tooth and you're all settled. BTW: You didn't end up in The Goodsoup Family 
    crypt, did you? Let's go back Griswold to find out why. 
     btw: Did you examine the spider web on the very left? Guybrush wonders 
    where it went. So enter and exit the Mutual of Stan about 30 to 40 times 
    and it will appear in a very strange animation. It turns out this spider
    is a reference to the LucasArts game called "The Dig".
    --Hotel (Interior)--
     Nobody is interested in Guybrush as he returns from 'death'. Go over to 
    our bartender and ask him why he wasn't buried in the Goodsoup crypt. He 
    then tells you that you need to be part of the family in order to be buried 
    in that particular crypt. It looks like we have to persuade him into seeing 
    Guybrush as his relative.
    --Hotel (Upstairs)--
    Hidden Items:
     Nail, Portrait(MM), Goodsoup Family History
     Go upstairs, enter the left room and use the Mallet on the single nail 
    that sticks out of the wall. Back in the corridor pick up the nail and 
    possibly also the portrait. Use the Laminated Business Card from Stan on 
    the back door to unlock it. Enter the room and pull the Murphy bed down. 
    Beware that if you take one step from the bed it will retract back up 
    against the wall.
     Guybrush needs to nail it down with the Coffin Nails and additionally with 
    the single Nail from the portrait. The undead guy doesn't communicate with 
    you so the only thing to be done here is picking up the blue book on his 
    lap. It's entitled: "Goodsoup Family History" and you need it to provide 
    facts so you can convince the bartender that you are a relative of him. In 
    MM you also need to do the following part.
    --Hotel (Upstairs) MM only--
     If you pick up the portrait in MM Guybrush will pull out the Magic Wand, 
    dispatches of the frame, and then he looks at the player and asks you if 
    something is wrong. Use the scissors to cut out the portrait's face. Put 
    the portrait on the door with the porthole and look through it from the 
    back room. Our bartender will appear again looking at the pictures of his 
    wealthy family. Now that Guybrush's face is replacing Chowder Goodsoup's 
    face Griswold will recognize you as family in MM.
    --Hotel (Interior)--
    Talk to Griswold again, and ask him if he recognizes you as a member of the 
    family (on MM you need to have completed the section just above). He will 
    ask you for your name and you get to choose from four silly nicknames. Just 
    pick one and use the book found on the dead guy to convince Griswold 
    completely. He will give you all the privileges of a Goodsoup and in the 
    unfortunate case that you die you will be buried in the family crypt.
     Order another drink, spike it with the Head-B-Clear and drink it. The 
    undertaker will appear again and on the next scene and you will are buried 
    in the family crypt. Guybrush breaks free automatically this time and you 
    can walk around this place.
    --Goodsoup Family Crypt--
    Hidden Items:
     Crowbar, Lantern, Murray, Wedding Band
     The door is locked so you can't leave for the moment. Walk to the left to 
    meet a corpse bride waiting for a groom. Talk to her to find out that her 
    widdlesnoobums LeChuck was her groom to be. He stole the diamond and sold 
    it to those smugglers on the evening before the wedding. She wanted a 
    pirate to be a husband, but when Minnie asks what you do for a living 
    Guybrush quickly replies that he is a flooring inspector (quite unusual for 
    him)! Also if she asks whether you are attached and if you try to answer 
    "no" Guybrush will automatically say "You Bet!". The wedding band is stuck 
    to her finger until she finds a suitable partner and as you might have 
    thought already the young Charles DaGoulash she speaks about is the same 
    guy as that undead man in the hotel's bedroom. So we need to get back 
    there, once we get out.
     Walk to the back room and pick up the crowbar from the breached coffin. 
    Walk to the crack in the wall and you'll come across Murray again. This 
    time you can pick him up from the floor into the inventory so he can 
    accompany you in your adventure. Look through the crack to see Mort the 
    undertaker in his little home. It seems that he's reading a horror novel in 
     Talk to Mort if you like, but he won't open the crypt door because he 
    doesn't believe that you are trapped. You have to show yourself in order to 
    convince him. There is a lantern just in front of the crack so use the 
    skeleton arm on it to grab it. Mind you that you need to put some glue on 
    it in MM. Place the Lantern on the coffin lid, next use Murray on the 
    Lantern to scare the gravedigger. Note that using Murray on the crack 
    doesn't help. You must use him on the Lantern itself, or else you won't be 
    noticed. After scaring the undertaker he opens the crypt's door if you 
    leave him in peace. Go outside again and if you try to leave the cemetery 
    Murray seems to have vanished (you can take him into the Mutual of Stan).
    --Hotel (Upstairs)--
     Back in the back room use the Crowbar on the boarded hole in the wall 
    behind the bed to create a hole. Then use the Crowbar on the bed and 
    Charles will be launched towards the Goodsoup Family Crypt. After the 
    reunion cut scene they declare their love for each other and depart leaving 
    the wedding band behind. Guybrush appears in the crypt again and you can 
    pick the ring up from the floor. Go outside to see a cut scene of LeChuck's 
    progression to find Elaine and Guybrush.
    4.2B. Get the Diamond from the smugglers
    You need to get out to Blood Island in order to retrieve the Diamond from 
    the ring, but we need the Welshman to take us there. The Welshman in his 
    turn doesn't appear, because the lighthouse is out. So our next task is 
    reactivating the lighthouse. You need the Jar and Lid from the bar (just 
    pick it up, now that Griswold is cured) and on MM you also need the Mirror. 
    You cannot take the mirror just like that, but use the cut out face of 
    Chowder Goodsoup to replace it for the Mirror so Griswold doesn't notice 
    it. The jar is required to trap the fire flies near Elaine as a light 
    source, but they won't enter the jar for no reason of course. So go to the 
    windmill for the solution lies there, but first we have some more business 
    to attend in the hotel.
    --Hotel (Spare Room)--
     Pick up the Death Certificate from the opened file cabinet in the Spare 
    Room (where you found the Nacho Cheese and the Magnet). The Death 
    Certificate is available this time round, because you died in the name of 
    --Mutual of Stan--
     Go back to Stan and show him the Death Certificate. Even though you are 
    alive and the certificate spells your fake name he has no other option than 
    to pay you your money for the life insurance. You get "A Lot of Money" 
    which cannot be denoted in terms of numbers.
     Use the Jar on the Barrel at the windmill's upper level to obtain some 
    sugar water. On MM you need to use the Umbrella to get to the top level, 
    because the door is locked at this difficulty. After you get the water you 
    can just walk down again and open the door.
    Hidden Items:
     Fire Flies
     Put the Jar with sugar water on the stump or use it on the fire flies and 
    they will all go inside the jar. You need to put the lid on it if you want 
    to take them along with you, but you also need to prevent them from 
    suffocating. Before putting the lid on use the Chisel to poke some holes in 
    the lid and then put in on the Jar.
     Place the Jar with holes in the lid and Fire Flies on the pedestal in 
    center and also the Mirror on the left (in case you are on MM difficulty) 
    to light the lighthouse's light once more.
     The Welshman should appear here now that the lighthouse is brightly lit 
    again. Talk to him to find out that he will only take you to Skull Island 
    if you have a directional compass substitute for him so he can navigate the 
    seas properly. There is however no compass to be found on the island, but 
    as examining the encyclopedia implies you can make one yourself. If you 
    have been everywhere you should be able to make a compass yourself right 
    now with the following ingredients:
           1. Sea Water     - Beach
           2. Measuring Cup - Cannibal Village
           3. Voodoo Pin    - Voodoo Lady from Plunder Island
           4. Cork          - Shipwreck; Bite on Cap'n Nick's Shaving Soap
           5. Magnet        - Hotel - Back Room
     Select the Measuring cup and use it on the Sea water on the beach to fill 
    it up. Next magnetize the Pin with the Magnet, use the magnetized Pin on 
    the Cork. Finally put the pinned Cork in the filled Measuring Cup for an 
    improvised compass. Give the Compass to the Welshman and you can set out to 
    Skull Island. Before doing so make sure you have the 5 Death Cards, 
    Umbrella and the Insurance Money in your inventory or else you have to 
    backtrack to Blood Island again.
    --Skull Island (Duck Island)--
     Upon entering Skull Island you get to the see the so-called fearsome skull 
    in the shape of a duck (or a rabbit if you like). Climb up to the top of 
    island and you get to see a little deputy crane operator. His name is 
    LaFoot and he will operate the crane, when you go down the cliff. 
    Unfortunately for Guybrush this guy is so mangy that he lets go after a 
    second causing our hero to fall down the cliff. During the falling scene 
    open the inventory (the game pauses when you do this) and use the Umbrella 
    to slide down slow and gently.
    --King Andre's Hoard--
    Hidden Items:
     Enormous Diamond, Zombie Pirate Toy(Optional), Weak Hand
     Walk up to King Andre for a strange welcome. He seems to know your name no 
    matter what you input and he has odd manners as well. You can also walk 
    around the place and examine all the smugglebunnies and other interesting 
    items, but you can't pick up anything. Talk to Andre and you can optionally 
    ask for a toy and you'll receive a 'cute' Zombie Pirate Toy that resembles 
    LeChuck from MI 2.
     You can also get down to business right away and ask for the Goodsoup 
    family diamond. Guybrush doesn't have an Awful Lot of Money, so you have to 
    play poker against Andre and his silent associate Cruff to win it instead. 
    Guybrush puts up a little of his "Lot of Money" and Andre deals the cards 
    to all three of them. Of course the game is rigged and Guybrush always gets 
    the same worse hand. Whereas King Andre gets a full house Aces over Kings 
    the first time and several other good hands later on. If you want to have 
    some fun keep on dealing and really odd playing cards come along like: "A 
    Wally, a Kenny and a pair of Lemon Heads".
     Anyway, because the game is rigged you might as well use your own playing 
    cards as well. If you visited Mme. Xima you should have 5 identical cards. 
    Use those on the Weak Hand and Guybrush plays out his special 5-of-a-Kind 
    hand, which is something Cruff and Andre cannot beat! A small riot starts 
    as Cruff pulls his gun and the two of them attack Guybrush, then suddenly 
    LaFoot enters via the left entrance and the candles are extinguished 
    darkening the place. This allows our hero to collect the diamond and leave 
    Skull Island before the two thieves know what hit them. BTW. If you fell 
    down on the cliffs the first time during the crane scene Guybrush will push 
    LaFoot of the cliff in order to get his revenge.
    --Blood Island - Beach--
     The Welshman leaves you, comes back and departs for a second time after 
    asking Threepwood for the directions to Scabb Island. Leave this screen and 
    a second cut scene will appear (or the first if you didn't get the wedding 
    band yet). 
    4.3. Replace LeChuck's cursed ring
     As the title denotes our final task is to replace LeChuck's ring for the 
    uncursed one. You can combine the Wedding Band with the Enormous Diamond to 
    create an Uncursed Ring. However you need the slippery Hand Lotion from 
    Haggis to remove the Cursed Ring. Remember the Nacho Cheese machine where 
    everything got stuck, because it is extremely sticky in the fluid state? We 
    need to create some fluid Nacho Cheese with our Un-melted Chunk of Nacho 
    Cheese that we got from the back room in the hotel. There is a barbeque 
    outside the hotel, but no fire to heat it up. If you listened to Griswold's 
    words the volcano used to erupt at precisely 6 o' clock, but doesn't do so 
    anymore these days. We'll go back and investigate the volcano again.
     If you followed the walkthrough you should have witnessed the sacrifice of 
    the human surrogate. Talking to Lemonhead here tells you that the Volcano 
    God is lactose intolerant; he can't stand milk or any products with milk in 
    it. And he is also sensitive to fatty acids. So get your Nacho Cheese (milk 
    product plus it is very fat) out and toss some of it into the volcano. 
    Sherman then gets very upset and the volcano erupts once more.
     Back at the hotel use all of the Nacho Cheese that you have left and put 
    it in the big black bowl on the barbeque. Use the Cooking Pot and Guybrush 
    automatically drags it back to Haggis. He complies with his deal of the 
    bargain and you are allowed to pick up the Hand Lotion.
     Use the Hand Lotion on Elaine's left ring finger and Threepwood can pull 
    the ring from the finger (it will evaporate if you do this). Next place the 
    Uncursed Ring on her finger and she comes back to life again. Still in her 
    punching animation she knocks Guybrush to the ground and after a small 
    reunion they are taken captive by the skeletal troops of LeChuck (talk 
    about timing).
    Part 5: Kiss of the spider
    5.1. A cure for the itch
    --Monkey Island - Carnival of the Damned--
     You start out in a locked compartment of one of LeChuck's Dynamonkeletric 
    rides. LeChuck is to your right and he's holding Elaine captive behind him. 
    Guybrush can talk all he wants about the amusement park here at Big Whoop 
    and other things that are coming up like the demise of all of the governor 
    Marley's crew members. When you are done talking select the "I've heard 
    quite enough of your horrible stories" option and Guybrush will childishly 
    hold his hands over his ears and doesn't listen to LeChuck anymore. The 
    zombie pirate will then put a curse on you and leaves the scene with 
    Elaine. Open the door of the ride and you'll find out that it isn't locked 
    at all. Once Guybrush walks out the door you are about to find out what 
    kind of curse he received from LeChuck. After a few moments you find out 
    that he has been turned into a child himself!
    --Carnival of the Damned--
    Hidden Items:
     Anchor, Dinghy Dog's Hair, Meringue, Pepper Mill, Plain Cone
     Guybrush will tell you that he needs to get on the Rollercoaster of Death, 
    because that is where Elaine is. He also tells you that he feels like he is 
    having a severe headache which causes a brain freeze. These are similar 
    symptoms of a person who feels drunk. Remembering the recipe for hangover 
    remedy we need to find some Egg, Dog Hair and Pepper (or surrogate / 
     The easiest ingredient to obtain is Pepper in the shape of a Pepper Mill 
    and can be found near the Ice Cone guy on his booth.
    -Hair of the dog that bit you-
     There is only one dog around and that is the goofy dog actor called Dinghy 
    Dog. Push him 3x (or 6x in MM) and he bites you, because he will get 
    annoyed of all that pushing. Guybrush will automatically collect some hair 
    from his dog suit costume.
     If you look around there doesn't seem to be anything related to an egg, 
    but there is actually one thing that is made from egg: Meringue. Look at 
    the staple of pies near Wharf Rat and talk to him to find out that the pies 
    are made of is concoction with eggs in it. The question remaining is how to 
    obtain it from him. You can't just steal a pie from him, so we need to do 
    something differently. As you may have noticed Wharf Rat get annoyed very 
    easily so if Guybrush would stick his head through the spot where Monty 
    Meringue the Mime is he can surely get a pie in his face so to obtain the 
    egg surrogate.
     Hence we must get rid of Monty Meringue first and this can be done by 
    creating a heavy pie. Go to Dinghy Dog and ask him to guess your age. With 
    your childish look Dinghy dog guesses that you are just about 7 years old. 
    Then Guybrush shows him his SCUMM Actor's Guild Membership Card and proves 
    to him that he is 20 years old (I never knew he had a card like that). 
    Guybrush is then allowed to pick an item from the booth. There are many 
    prizes and personally I would have picked Murray, but if you do so Guybrush 
    will automatically reconsider for the Anchor. So no matter which prize you 
    choose you will always end up with the little Anchor. Of course Murray will 
    be upset about this, but there is nothing to be done about it.
     In a regular game you can just sneak the Anchor in the Pie Stack. In Mega-
    Monkey you can't do this however! Instead, look in your inventory, pick the 
    Pie Pan, use Captain Nick's Shaving Soap on it to create a fake pie and 
    increase its weight by putting the Anchor in it. Select this Heavy Fake Pie 
    and put it on the stack of regular pies. Guybrush will then automatically 
    ask Wharf Rat to shoot the cannon and once he obliges the shot will take 
    out Monty Meringue in the process. You can walk through the back gate from 
    this moment on, since the Mime player is gone and look through the gaping 
    hole. This will upset Wharf Rat and he shoots a Meringue Pie at you. As 
    Guybrush wipes his face clean he will put the Egg surrogate in the 
    -Mixing it all together-
    The last step is to go to the Cone Guy again and have Guybrush ask for the 
    plain cone (A Merry, ho ho ho, Christmas Cone would have been nice too). 
    Don't walk around with the cone or it will melt down very quickly. Open the 
    inventory and use the Pepper Mill, Meringue and Dinghy Dog's Hair on the 
    Cone and you will end up with a Disgusting Cone. Eat it and Guybrush 
    returns to his normal self once again.
    Part 6: Guybrush kicks butt again
    Final. The Rollercoaster of Death
    --Rollercoaster of Death--
    Hidden Items:
     Fallen Rope, Keg o' Rum, Flask o' Oil
     This is a very short and pretty simple chapter if you ask me. You ride 
    around the rollercoaster through four scenes: Monkey Island Background, 
    Governor Marley's Ship, LeChuck's Dungeon and an Icy region. Every now and 
    then LeChuck appears and tries to fry your feet with his flame attack. This 
    means that you have to escape via one of the cars that pass by at that 
    moment.  It is your objective to collect one item from each of the first 
    three screens and then head over to the big gorilla in the ice region. Here 
    is what you need to do for each of the scenes:
    -Monkey Island-
     Along Herman Toothrot and the infamous 3-headed Monkey you can collect the 
    Fallen Rope from the hangman.
    -Governor Marley's Ship-
     There is a Rum Keg in plain sight to the right of this scene near Rum 
    Rodger's Senior. 
    -LeChuck's Dungeon-
     In this region open the Lantern to the right of Wally (if you examine 
    Wally you find out that it is the REAL Wally, not some dynamo-Monkelectric 
    imitation) to find a burning flask of oil. Blow out the flame and collect 
    the extinguished Flask o' Oil.
    -Ice Region-
     Once you get here with all three items head up the ramp towards the 
    Gorilla's right arm. Open the inventory and use the Fallen Rope with the 
    Oil to soak it thoroughly. Next use the Rum Keg with the soaked Fallen Rope 
    to create an Explosive Keg o' Rum. Put this keg in the left arm of the 
    dynamo-Monkelectric gorilla and walk down to the lower region.
     Wait for LeChuck here and when he comes to fry you use the Pepper Mill on 
    him to make him sneeze. This causes the oiled rope to ignite and this 
    trigger the keg which will explode. Guybrush will automatically escape to 
    safety and you get to see how LeChuck dies for the second time in this 
     Watch the ending scene where Guybrush and Elaine set off on the Sea 
    Cucumber and how Murray marks his words that he will return! After all the 
    credits you get to see another scene where a father and his child have a 
    small conversation speaking about the creator of the Park at Big Whoop 
    being buried somewhere around here.
                              GAME FINISHED!
    Appendix A: Inventory Items
    Here I will list all the items you come across the game and the location 
    (or the way to create this item by combining them) of each one. 
    Item Name                         Finding Location (only this difficulty)
    -------------------------------   -----------------------------------------
    Anchor                          - Carnival of the Damned
    Auger                           - Cannibal Village
    Bag of Nickels                  - LeChuck's Treasure Hold
    Beach                           - Egg
    Biscuit Cutter                  - Chicken Parlor (MM)
    Bottomless Mug                  - Puerto Pollo
    Buttery Biscuit                 - Chicken Parlor
    Chewed Gum                      - *use Pack of Gum
    Chewed Gum w Tooth              - *use Chewed Gum with Golden Tooh
    Chicken Grease                  - The Sea Cucumber - Captain's Room
    Chisel                          - Cemetery - Back
    Coffee                          - Snake Crossing
    Coffin Nails                    - Crypt
    Compass                         - *(1)
    Cooking Oil                     - Brimstone Beach Club
    Cork                            - *bite Shaving Soap
    Crowbar                         - Goodsoup Family Crypt
    Cushion                         - Hotel Interior
    Cutlass                         - Outside the gun bay
    Death Card (%x)                 - Hotel Interior
    Death Certificate               - Hotel Back Room
    Diamond Ring                    - LeChuck's Treasure Hold
    Dinghy Dog's Hair               - Carnival of the Damned
    Disgusting Cone                 - *(2)
    Dog Biscuits                    - Cemetery - Back (Not in MM)
    Eggs                            - Snake Crossing
    Empty Jar                       - Hotel Interior
    Encyclopedia                    - Snake Crossing
    Enormous Diamond                - King André's Hoard
    Explosive Keg o' Rum            - *(3)
    Faberge Egg                     - Snake Crossing
    Fallen Rope                     - Rollercoaster of Death
    Flask o' Oil                    - Rollercoaster of Death
    Flyer                           - Puerto Pollo
    Gaff                            - *use Ramrod with Plastic Hook
    Glove                           - Theater (Back Room)
    Glowing Ember                   - Fort
    Glowing Fireflies               - *(4)
    Goodsoup Family History         - Hotel Upstairs
    Gun                             - Grassy Knoll
    Head-B-Clear                    - Hotel Interior
    Heavy Fake Pie                  - *(5)
    Helium Balloon(s)               - N/A
    Insurance Money                 - Mutual of Stan
    Ipecac Flower                   - Puerto Pollo
    Jar Lid                         - Hotel Interior
    Jawbreaker                      - Barbery Coast
    Keg o' Rum                      - Rollercoaster of Death
    Laminated Business Card         - Crypt
    Lantern                         - Goodsoup Family Crypt
    Lice                            - Theater - Back Room
    Life Insurance Policy           - Mutual of Stan
    Lotion Bottle                   - Shipwreck
    Maggots                         - Chicken Parlor (MM)
    Magic Wand                      - Theater - Back Room
    Magnet                          - Hotel Back Room
    Mallet                          - Cemetery - Back
    Map                             - Brimstone Beach
    Measuring Cup                   - Cannibal Village
    Membership Card                 - Chicken Parlor
    Meringue                        - Carnival of the Damned
    Mirror                          - Hotel Interior (MM)
    Mug                             - Brimstone Beach
    Murray                          - Goodsoup Family Crypt
    Nail                            - Hotel Upstairs
    Naturalist Remains              - Snake Crossing
    Old Phone Book                  - Snake Crossing
    Pack of Gum                     - Wretched Ship
    Pancake Syrup                   - Snake Crossing
    Pancakes                        - Snake Crossing
    Paste                           - Wretched Ship (MM)
    Peashooter                      - *use Reed with Thorn
    Pepper                          - Windmill
    Pepper Mill                     - Carnival of the Damned
    Pie Pan                         - Chicken Parlor (MM)
    Pin                             - Wretched Ship
    Pirate Literature               - LeChuck's Hold
    Pitcher                         - Puerto Pollo
    Plain Cone                      - Carnival of the Damned
    Plastic Hook                    - LeChuck's Hold
    Portrait                        - Hotel Upstairs
    Ramrod                          - LeChuck's Hold
    Recipe Book                     - Hotel Interior
    Reed                            - Quicksand Field
    Reservation Slip                - Snake Crossing
    Rock                            - Barbery Coast
    Rubber Plug                     - Grassy Knoll
    Sausage                         - Snake Crossing
    Scissors                        - Barbery Coast
    Serrated Bread Knife            - Chicken Parlor
    Shaving Soap                    - Shipwreck
    Skeleton Arm                    - Outside the gun bay
    Spare Tire                      - Snake Crossing
    Stuffed Dinghy Dog              - Snake Crossing
    Syrup of Ipecac                 - *use Ipecac Flower on Syrup
    Thorn                           - Quicksand Field
    Tofu                            - Cannibal Village
    Tofu Mask                       - *use Auger on Tofu Mask
    Top-secret Plans                - Snake Crossing
    Towel (%x)                      - Brimstone Beach Club
    Treasure Map                    - The Sea Cucumber - Captain's Room
    Un-melted chunk of Nacho Cheese - Hotel Back Room
    Vacuum Cleaner Attachments      - Snake Crossing
    Ventriloquism Book              - Theater - Back Room
    Weak Hand                       - King André's Hoard
    Wedding Band                    - Goodsoup Family Crypt
    Zombie Pirate Toy               - King André's Hoard
    (1) = Use Magnet on Pin, use Pin on Cork, get some seawater from the beach
          into the Measuring Cup and, use Measuring Cup with the magnetized Pin
          stuck in the Cork.
    (2) = Use the Plain Cone with: Dinghy Dog's Hair, Meringue and Pepper Mill.
    (3) = Use Fallen Rope on Flask o' Oil, then use Keg o' Rum on drenched
          Fallen Rope.
    (4) = Get some sugar water from the Windmill in Empty Jar, use the Sugar
          Watered Jar on the Fireflies near the Clearing, use Chisel with Jar
          Lid to poke holes in it. Lastly, use the Jar Lid with the Jar filled
          with Fire Flies.
    (5) = Use Pie Pan with, Anchor and Shaving Soap.
    Appendix B: Insults & Replies
     This list can also be found in the walkthrough, but it is repeated here 
    for the convenience allowing the user to quickly browse through the entire 
    list. There is one comeback for each normal / Rottingham insult, which 
    makes it possible to win any insult sword fighting game against the 
    captain, as he makes all the threats.
    Insult:     Every enemy I've met I've annihilated!
    Rottingham: My attacks have left entire islands depopulated!
    Comeback:   With your breath, I am sure they all suffocated.
    Insult:     You're as repulsive as a monkey in a negligee.
    Rottingham: You have the sex appeal of a Shar-Pei.
    Comeback:   Do I look THAT much like your fiancée?
    Insult:     Killing you would justifiable homicide.
    Rottingham: When I'm done, your body will be rotted and putrefied!
    Comeback:   Then killing you would be justifiable fungicide.
    Insult:     You're the ugliest monster ever created!
    Rottingham: Your looks would make pigs nauseated.
    Comeback:   If you don't count all the ones you've dated.
    Insult:     I'll skewer you like a sow at a buffet!
    Rottingham: Your lips look like they belong to the catch of the day.
    Comeback:   When I'm done with YOU, you'll be a boneless filet.
    Insult:     Would you like to be buried or cremated?
    Rottingham: I give you a choice. You can be gutted or decapitated!
    Comeback:   With you around, I'd prefer to be fumigated.
    Insult:     When your father first saw you, he must have been mortified.
    Rottingham: You're a disgrace to your species, you're so undignified!
    Comeback:   At least mine can be identified.
    Insult:     I'll leave you devastated, mutilated and perforated.
    Rottingham: I can't tell which of my traits has you the most intimidated.
    Comeback:   Your odor alone makes me aggravated, agitated and infuriated.
    Insult:     I have never seen such clumsy swordplay.
    Rottingham: I have never lost in mêlée.
    Comeback:   You would have, but you were always running away.
    Insult:     I'll hound you night and day!
    Rottingham: You'll find I'm dogged to my prey!
    Comeback:   Then be a good dog. Sit! Stay!
    Insult:     I can't rest until you've been exterminated!
    Rottingham: Your stench would make an outhouse cleaner irritated.
    Comeback:   Then perhaps you should switch to decaffeinated.
    Insult:     En garde, touché!
    Rottingham: Your mother wears a toupee.
    Comeback:   Oh that is so cliché.
    Insult:     Throughout the Caribbean my great deeds are celebrated!
    Rottingham: My skills with the sword are highly venerated.
    Comeback:   Too bad they're all fabricated.
    Insult:     Coming face to face with me must leave you petrified.
    Rottingham: Never before have I faced someone so sissified.
    Comeback:   Is that your face? I thought it was you backside.
    Insult:     You can't match my witty repartee.
    Rottingham: Nothing can stop me from blowing you away.
    Comeback:   I could, if you would use some breath spray.
    Insult:     Heaven preserve me! You look like something that's died!
    Rottingham: Nothing on this earth can save your sorry hide.
    Comeback:   The only way you'll be preserved is in formaldehyde.
    Appendix C: Extra
     This part of the guide describes all the events and other things that are 
    worth mentioning in the FAQ. Yet these wouldn't fit anywhere else in the 
    regular walkthrough, or the subjects are too small for a separate appendix 
    on itself.
    Turn your back Mr... ehm. What was your name again?
     On Blood Island you normally should find out about Palido having the map 
    on his back, before you figure out that you need get him to turn over to 
    find the map itself. It is however possible to skip the conversation with 
    Slappy Cromwell and you don't need to talk to Palido as well. If you then 
    pour the Red Dye over him Guybrush will say: "Palido, Look! Your back is 
    burning.". This is odd as he doesn't know Palido's name.
    The Ring of Blood Island: Where did it go?
     After you place a new uncursed ring on Elaine's ring finger the first 
    scene will show Elaine wearing the ring, but just after she punches 
    Guybrush the ring is gone. It is nowhere to be seen, when she embraces her 
    Hidden MI 1 Scene (1)
     When you get into the crypt of the Goodsoup family on Blood Island you can 
    examine the roots of a tree trunk sticking out from the ceiling. If you 
    look through this hole you get to see a scene from MI 1 in the forest of 
    Mélée Island.
    Hidden MI 1 Scene (2)
     On Blood Island again, go to the beach and try to "Use" the water about 25 
    times. If you keep on being persistent Guybrush will eventually enter the 
    water. You get to see a scene where the MI 1 Guybrush is choking underwater 
    on Mélée Island, just after getting thrown in when he stole the icon from 
    Elaine's mansion.
    Unlimited "Unlimited Cannonballs Mode"
     During the cannon shooting scene in the first act you can shoot an 
    infinite amount of cannonballs for as long as you like. If this is not 
    enough for you type "lapostal" and you will get to see a message that you 
    have an infinite amount of cannonballs at your disposal. That's a very 
    strange secret indeed. Type it again in an attempt to turn it off.
    MI 2 villain Reference
     Enter the Barbery Coast, when you have the Ventriloquism Book from the 
    magic hat in the Theatre. If Captain Rottingham is in the barber's chair 
    use the book to throw your voice over to him. Guybrush will say: "Make me 
    balder than Largo LeGrande". This Largo guy was an important pawn to 
    LeChuck in MI 2 and stopped from making progress in the first part of that 
    Windows Clock Quirks
     On Plunder Island the time the hands on the Speare Theatre display is 
    exactly the same time as your current Windows Clock. The clock even chimes, 
    when it hits a full or half hour if you are in the area.
     When first meeting Palido Domingo on the Brimstone Beach Guybrush will ask 
    him since how long he has been lying around here. The answer to this 
    question depends on the current month the Windows System Time is set. He 
    will always answer 8 months earlier than the current month. Also if it 
    happens to be January he also wishes you a Happy New Year!
    The Grassy Knoll from a different point of view
     If you go to the Grassy Knoll and enter the mysterious door on the left 
    side of the area Guybrush will appear in a different location each time you 
    enter it. Some examples are the balcony above, the Clock tower of the 
    Speare Theatre and also the Brimstone Beach in the distant (even if he 
    doesn't have Membership Card).
    Rabbit on stage
     When toying around with the controls of the lights in the Speare theatre. 
    You can sometimes see a rabbit face projected on the stage. It turns out 
    that this is the Rabbit featured in Sam & Max; another video game from 
    Jedi Tricks
     With this game being created at LucasArts a reference to Star Wars is 
    nearly inevitable. Go to the Brimstone Beach Club before you get the 
    Membership Card and talk to the Cabaña Boy. At some point he will ask you 
    to show him your Membership Card. If you choose the option: "You do not 
    need to see my card" a scene very similar to one of those Jedi knight 
    tricks in Star Wars. Unfortunately, he sees through the your trick just 
    before allowing you in.
    More Jedi Stuff
     Do you start to get bored with the sound effects in chapter 3. Then press 
    Shift + J during Ship-to-Ship combat and in the upcoming battle some Jedi 
    Light saber sound effects will be used instead of the standard sounds. Too 
    bad the swords don't change into light sabers as well.
    The Hidden LucasArts Product placement(1)
     There are several places in the game where you can see LucasArt Logos. 
    Here's a list of the little logos scattered across the world of CMI:
     1. The Coffee cup item found in snake crossing has the logo on it
     2. On the left wall of the center hut in the Cannibal Village near the top
     3. The first cut scene of LeChuck on Blood Island; just after the people 
        in the Rollercoaster of Death become skeletons the next scene has the
        logo on the wall just below LeChuck.
     4. The second cut scene of LeChuck on Blood Island; on the right side of
        the doorway, when Dinghy Dog enters the place.
    The Hidden LucasArts Product placement(2)
     An advertisement for another adventure game made by the same company can 
    be seen in chapter 2. Enter the Chicken Parlor and look at the button on 
    the hat of the silent patron. It says: "Ask me about Grim Fandango". If you 
    push the guy it turns out to be a skeleton that resembles the main 
    character of that game: Manny Calavera quite a lot.
    The forgotten: Bobbin Threadbare
     When you are interrogated by LeChuck in the Carnival of the Damned you can 
    tell LeChuck to not kill him. Guybrush can then give four reasons why he 
    shouldn't. If you choose the option that tells of LeChuck being out of work 
    if Guybrush dies as there will be no more Monkey Island sequels, LeChuck 
    will then say that nobody will forget THE LeChuck. Guybrush then replies 
    with: "Do you know the name Bobbin Threadbare?" and LeChuck can't answer 
    it, because Bobbin is forgotten. He is the main character of Loom an 
    ancient adventure game also by LucasArts. That figures! 
    The Grog advertisement in the Goodsoup Hotel
     On the very left side of the Hotel's main room you can see a what appears 
    to be 'shameless ad for Grog'. Each time you enter and leave the room it 
    changes bit by bit up to six different variations in total. Did you notice 
    any differences?
     I don't know whether you have an answer to this, but Guybrush seems to 
    hate porcelain for some reason. The Sea Cucumber on Plunder Island has a 
    porcelain vase on it and it is the first time that he mentions his anguish 
    for it. Later in Blood Island's Hotel you meet various other porcelain 
    objects, but Guybrush never explains why it makes him feel so bad. Just an 
    in-game joke of the programmers and Dominic Armato (Guybrush's voice), 
    The spider in the crypt
     There is an abandoned spider web on the very left inside the Mutual of 
    Stan. If you examine it Guybrush wonders where the little guy went. If you 
    really want to see it enter and exit the Mutual of Stan about 30 to 40 
    times and it appears right in front of your nose. The ‘spider’ is a giant 
    creature from "The Dig", and the shape underneath (wearing an orange 
    spacesuit) is one of the characters (Maggie) who gets trapped in his web,
    who you need to rescue.
    The name is: Bond, James Bond
     When you first meet with King Andre on Skull Island you get to introduce 
    yourself. If you choose the option: "Threepwood, Guybrush Threepwood" he 
    will announce his name with a very strange accent (almost like Sean 
    Connery) implying a reference to another fictional hero nicknamed 007. 
    Moreover later on in the conversation Guybrush says: "Do you except me to 
    talk?" and King Andre replies: "No, Mr. Threepwood I except you to buy", 
    which is very similar to the request of "die" made by various enemies in 
    the movies of James. Also the entire setting of the cave overloaded with 
    gold and the Poker (casino) game makes the reference even stronger.
    The Bartender, the Thieves, His Aunt & Her Lover
     Coincidently some time ago I saw the name of a movie that was aired on TV 
    in the newspaper. It's title was "The Cook, the Thief, His Wife & Her 
    Lover". This sounds like a reference to me, but I cannot verify this.
    LeChuck and his Zombie Toy
     Remember the LeChuck Zombie Toy you can get from King André on Skull 
    Island? Try to give it to the real version, when you are riding the 
    Rollercoaster of Death. He will take a look at it and burn it right in 
    front of your eyes and after that he laughs several times. 
    Please insert Disk 34 out of 2!
     You probably remember the odd thing about looking through the ceiling the 
    Goodsoup family crypt where you end up looking through the wooden stump in 
    a scene from MI 1. It turns out to be that this is gag, for the original 
    Monkey Island 1 was distributed on 6(?) diskettes and during the progress 
    of the game you had to exchange them. It turns out to be that in the forest 
    maze on Mélée Island you could stick Guybrush's head into a tree stump and 
    then you'd get the message that you had to insert disk 34(?). I don't know 
    the exact numbers, but the gag was that the disk didn't exist at all.
     So basically in CMI Guybrush finally made his way to that 'disk' as that 
    is the connection from the other way to MI 1. Not many people know about 
    this, because later on when MI 1 was re-released on a CD-ROM the programmer 
    removed this joke as players would get confused as there was only 1 CD. 
    Hence only people who had the original spanned disk game know about this 
    My profession as a flooring inspector
     During the conversation with Minnie in the crypt she wants to marry a 
    pirate and asks Guybrush's profession. He then quickly replies "Flooring 
    inspector", because he doesn't want to attract the undead lady too much. 
    Some people who played the older MI games recognize this as a joke. 
     When Guybrush first sets out to become a pirate in MI 1, the old man in 
    the beginning tells Guybrush he looks more like a "flooring inspector" 
    rather than a pirate to him.
    The credits go to:
      For creating this game.
      For putting this up the website.
      For reading this FAQ.
      As I enjoyed making this FAQ.
      For pointing out a trivia on the "Flooring inspector".
     Rob McMeekin:
      For explaining the spider reference relation with "The Dig"
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