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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Static Hamster

    Version: 1.00 | Updated: 07/10/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                            Leisure Suit Larry 7: Love for Sail
                                 Written by: Jeff La Pointe
    E-Mail    : Static_Hamster@yahoo.com
    Date      : July 10, 2003
    Version   : 1.00
    Table of Contents
    1.  Introduction
    2.  Complete Walkthrough with All Points and Easter Eggs
           a. Getting on the Ship and Starting the Competition
           b. Craps Tournament and Dewmi Moore
           c. LoveMaster 2000 and Victorian Principles
           d. Getting the Custodial Key and Peggy
           e. Horseshoe Competition and the Juggs
           f. Best Dressed Competion and Jamie Lee Coitus
           g. Cook off Competition and Drew Baringmore 
           h. Bowling Competition and meeting Annette Bonning
           i. Getting in to See Captain Thygh with Help from Annette Bonning
    3.  Where's Dildo Locations
    4.  Easter Eggs
    5.  Neat Stuff
    6.  Copyright Information
    1.  Introduction
    The ultimate purpose to this guide is to provide you with everything you need
    to know to get the "Thygh Easter Egg".  To get it you must acquire all 1000
    points in the game, find all 32 Dildo's in the the "Where's Dildo" mini game
    and uncover all 7 other Easter Eggs.
    The object of the game is to win the Thygh's Man Trophy and give Larry a chance
    for a week of "sailing" on the captain.  To do this Larry must win the 6 events
    on his scorecard with the help of various women.  These events can be completed
    in any order, but if you are completing the game to get Thygh's Easter Egg it
    is recommended that you follow the order provided.
    Good Luck!!
    2.  Complete Walkthrough with All Points and Easter Eggs
    This guide was written to help people new to the game win all the events as
    well as provide veterans all they need to know to get Thygh's Easter Egg.  This
    is why there is a lot of backtracking, items are only taken if they are needed
    for the competition Larry is currently trying to win. Larry comes back and gets
    those items missed as needed.  If you want to grab everything as you go, go
    ahead, but be warned that if you do the score totals provided will be off and
    it will make keeping track of your points difficult.
    The beginning of each section might contain notes such as information on Strip
    Liar's dice or more importantly a Dildo Alert.  There are 4 Dildo's in the game
    that cannot be collected after certain events have taken place, make sure you
    get them before completing the event your in, you won't have a chance later.
    The bottom of each section tabulates the points received for finishing that
    event and shows a running total of the points received so far if you are
    following the order of the guide.
      *  - An action Larry must perform.
      >  - An area that Larry must go to using the map.
    [##] - Points received for that action
    [e#] - An action that activates an Easter Egg in the game
    "  " - Anything surrounded by quotes is something that must be typed in the
           'Other...' window.
    a. Getting on the Ship and Starting the Competition
    Dildo Alert - Get the dildo behind the third seat when the lounge empties, you
                  won't have a chance to after the Juggs concert.
    [   1] *Take the Lil' Hair Weave Kit from th left dresser
    [   1] *Take the Vice Grips from the right dresser
    [   1] *Open Lil' Hair Weave Kit
    [   1] *Use Vice Grips on Needle
    [   2] *Use bent needle on the handcuffs
    [   2] *"Break" the glass patio
    [   3] >Go to the Proud Lil' Seaman Lounge
    [   1] *Open the Help...About Screen from the menu bar at the top
       12 Total
    b. Craps Tournament and Dewmi Moore
    How to play Strip Liars Dice - If you need to know click on the how to play
           button in the far right of the game window when you're sitting across
           the table from Dewmi.  You can play honestly or you can use Ctrl-C to
           look under Dewmi's cup.
    [   2] >Go to Cabin 0  
    [   1] *Look at the Toilet Paper
    [   2] *Take the Toilet Paper
           >Go to Heaving Ho'
    [   4] *Eat the Bean Dip
           >Go to El Replicant Sculpture Garden 
           *Look at Venus's foot
    [   8] *Take Big Toe o' Venus to get the Souvenir Dice
           >Go to Pair O' Dice Casino 
    [  11] *Approach the Craps Table, Click on Larry and Select Fart
           *Play at the Craps Table
    [  11] *Use the Toilet Paper on the Souvenir Dice
    [   6] *Use the Shaved Dice on Craps Table
    [  27] *Start playing Strip Liar's Dice
    [  23] *Win Strip Liars Dice and the Craps Competition
       95 Total (107 Running Total)
    c. LoveMaster 2000 and Victorian Principles
           >Go to Sexual Prowess Competition
    [   2] *Use your TMT card on the CyberCard 2000
    [   4] *Push Green button
           >Go to the Library from the Das Grande Atrium
    [   1] *Look at the Beaver on the top shelf
    [   3] *Talk to Victorian Principles 
           >Go to the Clothing Optional Pool
    [   2] *Walk through the Changing Area
    [   3] *Talk to Drew Baringmore   
    [  11] *Ask Drew about 'the Book' and she will give it to you
    [   3] *Take Person's Magazine from the table
           >Go to the Library
           *Ask Mizz Principles about any topic
    [   6] *Take Prudish and Proud from her desk while she looks it up
    [   4] *Remove Jacket from Proudish and Proud in your inventory
    [  14] *Use the Prudish and Proud Book Jacket on the Erotic Adventures of
    [   2] >Exit then re-enter the Library (Larry will return the book)
    [   1] *Look at the Computer
    [  e1] *Hold down Ctrl and click on the left man on her computer screen
    [  20] *Talk to Vicky about 'the Weather'
           >Go to the Library
    [   6] *Talk to Vicky about 'Sex', 'Prove it', 'LoveMaster 2000'
    [  25] *Win the Love Master 2000 competition
     107 Total (214 Running Total)
    d. Getting the Custodial Key and Peggy
    Several of the following sections require an item called the Custodial Key.
           >Go to the Clothing Optional Pool
           *Ask Drew about 'Clothing'
           >Go to the Promenade Deck
    [  11] *Talk to Peggy about 'Cabin Boy'
           >Go to the Employee's Lounge (Near the Casino)
    [   9] *"Push" open the door repeatedly to get in
    [   2] Read the bulletin board (6 times)
    [   1] Read the bulletin board to find out about Peggy's prints
           >Go to the Promenade Deck
    [   9] *Ask Peggy about 'Break Room' then 'Locker'
           >Go to the Employee's Lounge
           *Try to open one of the lockers
           >Go to the Promenade Deck
    [  13] *Talk to Peggy about 'Combination'
           >Go to the Employee's Lounge
    [  12] *Enter '38-24-36' in the second locker from the right on the bottom row
    [   3] *Talk to Xqwsts
    [   4] *Ask Xqwsts about 'Photographs', 'How?' and 'Buy pictures'
           >Go to the Promenade Deck
    [  11] *Ask Peggy about Xqwzts
           *Ask Peggy about 'Xqwzts Needs' and 'Xqwzts Wants'
           >Go to Library
    [   5] *Take the mucilage on Victoria's Desk
           >Go to Das Grande Atriumo
    [  11] *Talk to Purser about 'Passport'
    [   9] *Use Mucilage on Photographs
    [   8] *Use Sticky Photo on Cabin Key Card
    [   6] *Use Photo ID on Purser
           >Go Employee's Lounge
           *Enter '38-24-36' in the second locker from the right on the bottom row
    [   7] *Use Passport on Xqwzts 
    [   6] *Take the custodial key
      127  Total (341 Running Total)
    e. Horseshoe Competition and the Juggs
           >Go to Horseshoe Competition
    [   2] *Use your TMT Scorecard on Centaur's rear
           *Take back your card
           >Go to Poop Deck
    [   3] *Talk to the ladies in the hot tub and meet the Juggs
           >Go to Cabin #0
    [   3] *Take the spray can from the pipe under the toilet; this is the silicon
           >Go to the Heaving Ho
    [   9] *Talk to the Meat Carver until he stops giving you Spork
    [   3] *Take the heat bulb
           >Go to the Clothing Optional Pool
           *Talk to Drew about 'Clothing', then 'Drink', then 'Gigantic Erection'
           >Go to the Library
    [  e2] *"Milk" the Beaver on the top shelf
           > Go to the Proud lil' Seaman's Lounge
    [   2] *Talk to Johnson
    [  11] *Talk to Johnson about a 'Gigantic Erection'
    [  13] *Go through the green door to the right while he's gone (Do this
            whenever you need to enter the Juggs Dressing Room)
    [  12] *Use the Silicone Lubricante on the Spray Deoderant
    [   4] *Push the red button and exit the Dressing Room
           *Look at the Lighting Truss
    [   5] *Take the spotlight
    [   5] *Use the Heat Lamp Bulb on the empty socket
           *Talk to Johnson about a 'Gigantic Erection'
    [   4] *Go to the Juggs Dressing Room and push the red button
    [  20] >Exit the Proud lil' Seaman's Lounge and re-enter
           >Go to the lil' Seaman's Lounge
    [   5] *Take the Clothing Chase Lights
    [   5] *Go backstage; take the Remote Control off the switchboard
    [   1] *Turn on the remote
    [  e3] *"Feel" the switchboard
           >Go to the El Replicant Sculpture Garden
    [   1] *Go up the rickoty scaffolding
    [  14] *Use the battery powered chase lights on the steel spike
    [   1] *Turn on the Remote Control
           >Go to the Horseshoe Competition
           *Use your TMT Scorecard on the slot
    [   5] *Turn on the Remote Control
    [  25] *Play on the Horseshoe Court
           *Take your card back out of the slot
    [   5] *After the Juggs Concert return to the Proud Lil' Seaman Lounge and
            watch the entire show (this takes 45 minutes)
      158 Total (Running Total 499)
    f. Cook off Competition and Drew Baringmore
           >Go to the Kitchen
    [   2] *Take the wrapped fish
    [   2] *Take the pot
    [   2] *Take the salt
    [   5] *Read the Magazine Page
    [   1] *Look at the fish in the basket
    [   1] *Look at the fish in the net
    [   1] *Look at the dog
    [   1] *Operate Caviar Master 2000
           >Go to Cabin 510(After winning the Craps Tournament)
    [   4] *Take the bottle of powder
           >Go to the Proud Lil' Seaman Lounge
    [  12] *Talk to Johnson about 'lime juice'
           >Go to the Library
    [   2] *Take the green book on the right shelf.
    [   2] *Take the blue book on the bottom left shelf.
           >Go to the Promenade Deck
    [   1] *Open the Fire Case
    [   3] *Take the fire hose
    [   2] *Take the Kumquat from the sheep topiary
           >Go to the Lower Aft Hold
    [   2] *Use the Custodial Key on the door
    [  13] *"Milk" a beaver
           >Go to Cabin 0
    [   9] *Use the Fire Hose on the water pipe
    [   2] In Room 0, after hooking up the hose to the toilet, flush it
    [   1] In Room 0, after repairing the toilet, "Crap" in it
    [   1] In Room 0, Whiz in the toilet and use Toilet Paper
           >Go to the Clothing Optional Pool
    [  e4] *When talking to Drew, "Push" the palm frond out of the way
    [  13] *Talk to Drew about 'Fokker'
           *Talk to Drew about 'Anton Fokker' then 'Anton's Fame' then 'My Place?'
            then 'You Can't?'
           >Go to Forward Hold
    [   2] *Use the Custodial Key on the door
    [   6] *Take the Suitcase
           >Go to the Clothing Optional Pool
    [  e5] *Use the Orgasmic Powder on Drew's drink then "Drink" the drink
    [  15] *Talk to Drew about 'Suitcase'
    [  10] *Flush the Toilet
           >Leave and re-enter Cabin 0
    [   7] *Take the Mold
           >Go to the Kitchen
    [   9] *Use Mold or Beaver Milk on Cyber Cheese 2000
    [   7] *Use kumquats with beaver cheese
    [   1] *Look at the snake
           >Go to the Cook-Off Competition
    [   1] *Put the Quiche on the belt
           >Exit and re-enter the Cook-Off Competition
    [  14] *Use Orgasmic Powder on the Quiche
    [  25] *Put the Quiche du Larry on the belt
      179  Total (678 Running Total)
    g. Best Dressed Competion and Jamie Lee Coitus
    Dildo Alert - Get all the dildos out of the ball room before giving Jamie the
                  polyester cloth.
           >Go to the Best Dressed Competition
    [   3] *Unzip the mannequin's fly
           >Go to Captain Queeg's Ballroom
    [  e6] *Click on Larry and type "Dream"
    [   2] *Talk to Jamie Lee Coitus
           >Go to the El Replicant Sculpture Garden
    [   4] *Climb to the top of the scafolding and take the Screwdriver
           >Go to the Employee's Lounge
    [   4] *Take the Jumper Wires from the bulletin board
           >Go to the Heaving Ho'
           *If the Meat Carver is there talk to him until he leaves
    [   3] *Take the knife off the table
           >Go to the Bridge
    [   1] *Climb the ladder
    [   1] *Look at the sail
           *Return to the Bridge
    [   6] *Use the screwdriver on the Control Box
    [  10] *Use the Jumper Wire on the fuses
           *Climb the ladder and wait for the sail to unfurl
    [   8] *Use the knife on the sail
           >Go to Captain Queeg's Ballroom
    [  17] *Talk to Jamie Lee about 'Distressed' and 'Leisure Suits'
    [   7] *Use the Polyester Cloth on Jamie Lee
           >Go to Captain Queeg's Ballroom
    [   1] *Read the note
    [   9] *Go backstage
           >Go to Captain Queeg's Ballroom
    [   1] *Read the note
           >Go to Best Dressed Competition
    [  25] *Unzip the fly
      102  Total (780 Running Total)
    h. Bowling Competition and meeting Annette Bonning
           >Go to the Bowling Competition
           *Use TMT Scorecard on Fiberglass Walrus
    [   2] *Take bowling ball
           *Play on the bowling alleys
           >Go to the Promenade Deck
    [  11] *Talk to Peggy about 'peg leg'
           >Go to Heaving Ho'
           *Eat Bean Dip
           >Go to the Employee's Lounge 
    [   4] *Take the KZ Sexual Lubricant
    [   6] *Use Screwdriver on Vent in Xqwsts Room
    [   1] *Click on Larry and Fart
    [  10] *Click on Larry and Undress
    [  15] *Meet Anette Bonning
    [   2] *Take the Lace Hanky
    [   1] *Smell the Hanky
           >Go to Aft Hold
    [   2] *Use Custodial Key on door
           *Open the Hopper Door
    [  11] *Use Deodorant on Pins    
           >Go to the Bowling Competition
           *Use TMT Scorecard on Fiberglass Walrus
    [   7] *Use KZ Jelly on the Woman's Hankerchief
    [   6] *Use Treated Hanky on bowling ball
    [   1] *Play bowling
    [  25] *Win the Bowling Competition
    [ 104] Total (884 Running Total)
    i. Getting in to See Captain Thygh with Help from Annette Bonning
           >Go to Dining Room, enter the Dessert Eating Room in the back
    [  15] *Look at Annette's Chair, take the Insurance Policy
    [   5] *Look at the Insurance Policy
           >Go to Das Grande Atiumo
           *Talk to the Purser about 'Annette'
    [  13] *Call Boning on the courtesy phone
    [   6] *Make prank calls on the courtesy phone (6 times)
           *Talk to the Purser about 'your account'
    [  11] *While he's away, look at the phone and press the red button
    [   2] *Go to Annette Boning's Cabin
    [   2] *Open the door
    [   1] *Smell the bed
    [  10] *Get into the bed
           >Go to Annette Bonning's Cabin 
    [  e7] *"Unzip" the zipper of the third man from the left
           *Ring the bell
           *Talk to Annette
    [   1] *Use the knife on Annette
           *Ring the bell
    [  15] *Give the Insurance Policy to Annette
           *Look at the stock certificate
           >Go to the Captain's Quarters
           *Look in the window
           *Open the door
           *Knock on the door
    [  10] *Enter the room and go up the stairs
    [  25] *Use the Stock Certificate on Captain Thygh
      116  Total (1000 Running Total)
    3.  Where's Dildo Locations
    Dildo's are listed seperately since, with the exception of 4, most can be
    collected at the end of the game.  Dildo's only appear one at a time and any
    room with multiples must be exited and re-entered after the first one is found.
    [    1] Enter the Help/About screen from the menu bar
    [  2-4] Cabin 0 
               *Behind Bucket
               *Behind Toilet
               *Behind the pipes in the bottom left corner
    [  5-7] Das Grande Atriumo 
               *Behind the column on the far right
               *Next to the Library Entrance 
               *Behind the column on the far left at the top
    [ 8-10] Proud Lil' Seaman Lounge 
               *Behind Third Seat of empty lounge (You must get this before
                completing the set up for the Juggs concert)
               *Talk to Johnson, right side of window behind a knot
               *In the Juggs' Dressing Room behind the bale of hay
    [   11] El Replicant Sculpture Garden 
               *Next to Davids foot
    [   12] Pair O' Dice Casino 
               *Playing at the blackjack tables on the lower level
    [   13] LoveMaster 2000
               *In the top of the fourth booth
    [14-15] Clothing Optional Pool 
               *At the Cabana, hidden in the bush on the left
               *At the Cabana, hidden in the bush on the right
    [16-17] Library
               *Beside the granfather clock
               *On Vicki's Desk (After transformation) behind a pineapple
    [   18] Aft Deck
               *Under the Dildo Topiary
    [   19] Promenade
               *Under the Squirrel Topiary
    [   20] Forward Deck
               *Under the Sheep Topiary
    [   21] Employees Only Lounge
               *Behind one of the chairs
    [   22] Horseshoe Competition 
               *In background at other court
    [   23] Best Dressed Competition
               *At the bottom of the terminal
    [24-25] Heavin' Ho
               *In the salad on the table
               *At the meat counter as a sausage
    [26-28] Captain Queegs Ballroom 
               *On the stage, at the start of the walkway
               *Behind the bottom right table
               *Behind a statue on the right-side
    [   29] Kitchen
               *One of the sausage
    [   30] Forward Hold 
               *Bottom left of the screen
    [   31] Bowling Competition
               *Behind the Hippo
    [   32] Bridge
               *Go through the door into the steering room
    4.  Easter Eggs
    With the exception of Dewmi Moore, every woman has at least one easter egg.
    You must uncover all of them in order to get Thygh's Egg.  The actions to get
    them are indicated by a small e and the number of the egg in the Walkthrough
    section of this guide.
    Victorian Principles
    [e1] After she transforms into Vicki and before asking her about 'the weather'
         hold down Ctrl and click on the left man on her computer screen.
    Wydoncha & Nailmi Jugg
    [e2] Before ordering a Gigantic Erection from Johnson.  Go to the Library and
         "Milk" the beaver on the top shelf.  When Johnson goes to make the drink,
         go into the Juggs dressing room.
    Drew Baringmore
    [e3] After the Juggs concert, "feel" the mixer backstage where you find the
         remote control.  Talk to Drew about Fokker. (Take the book in the Library)
    [e4] When you are talking with her, click on the palm frond and type "push".
    [e5] Before telling Drew about her suitcase, use the orgasmic powder on her
         drink.  Click on the drink and type "drink".
    Jamie Lee Coitus
    [e6] Enter Captain Queeg's Ballroom, click on Larry and type "Dream".
    Annette Boning
    [e7] After the old man's death and before ringing the bell to Annette's
         appartment, "unzip" the fly of the third man on the left.
    Captain Thygh
    [e8] Get all 1000 points, all 32 Dildo's and all 7 easter eggs.  It appears
         after the credits are finished rolling.
    5.  Neat Stuff
    These are things you can try and things that you might not have through out the
    course of the game.
    * Hit Ctrl-P twice to find Psychedelic Mode...hit Ctrl-P again to get out of
    * Put a file in the same directory as the game called 'GET_HARD' (no
      extension).  If this is done properly a window will pop up saying 'It's
      Getting Harder' when you start your game.  This will cause most key
      conversation topics to disappear and force you to come up with them with the
      "Other" button. Delete the file to make the game go back to normal.
    * Look at Peggy's chest to hear an outtake-like naration.
    * Flush the toilet in your Cabin repeatedly.
    * Ask Captain Thygh about "Al Lowe".
    * Here is a list of some of the words that will work when they are typed in
      with the Other command:  Barf, Bend, Blow, Bone, Break, Burp, Call, Climb,
      Close, Crap, Drink, Eat, Grab, Grope,Fart, Feel, Flush, Fondle, Goodmorning,
      Goodafternoon, Goodnight, Goodbye. Hit, Jerk off, Kiss, Knock, Lay, Lie,
      Lick, Look, Masturbate, Milk, Mount, Move, Open, Operate, Pee, Pet, Pick,
      Piss, Play, Poop, Puke, Push, Read, Sit, Sleep, Smash, Smell, Sneeze, Stroke,
      Stand, Steal, Strip, Suck, Swallow, Take, Talk, Taste, Turn, Turn off, Turn on,
      Throw, Touch, Undress, Unplug, Use, Vomit, and Wipe.
    * If you want to see the "Thygh's Easter Egg" a little easier, put a file in
      the same directory as the game called 'CLASSES' (no extension).  Now start a
      new game and at any point hold down Alt-T, this opens up a debug dialogue box
      called teleport.  You can use this feature to instantly visit any area on the
      ship.  The 'Dirty' Ending can be reached by typing 152.  Save your game
      before attempting this as it can cause errors.
      Teleportation Numbers
      100 Mgm Sierra Opening                  331 Talk To Wang
      110 La Costa Lotta Bedroom              340 Grande Das Atiumo
      120 Shamara’s Front Room                341 Purser’s Desk
      130 Title Screen                        360 El Replicant Sculpture Garden
      151 Ending (No Egg)                     363 On The Scaffold
      152 Ending (Egg)                        370 Pair o' Dice Casino
      200 On The Mast                         371 The Crap’s Table
      210 Bridge Exterior                     380 Employees Only Break Room
      211 Bridge Interior                     381 Break Room Hallway
      220 Captain’s Suite                     387 Talk To Xqwzts
      221 Entering The Captain’s Suite        390 Bowling Competition
      222 Talk to Captain Thygh               400 Inside Captain Queegs Ballroom
      230 Aft Deck                            401 Talk To Jamie
      240 The Proud lil' Seaman Lounge        402 Ballroom Exterior
      242 The Juggs Performance               403 Fashion Show
      245 Juggs’ Dressing Room                410 Love Master 2000
      246 At the back of the Lounge           420 Cook-Off Competition
      250 Horseshoe Competition               430 Library
      255 Poop Deck                           432 Talk to Victorian Principals
      256 Talk To The Juggs                   433 Talk to Vicki
      260 Promenade Deck                      440 Best Dressed Competition
      261 Talk To Peggy                       500 Aft Hold
      262 Fo'c's'le                           501 Aft Hold Exterior
      300 Clothing Optional Pool              510 Cabin 510
      301 Changing Cabana                     511 Play Strip Liar’s Dice
      302 Talk To Drew                        512 Win Strip Liar’s Dice
      310 Boning Suite                        520 Lower Aft Hold
      311 Boning Exterior                     521 Lower Aft Hold Exterior
      312 Talk To Annette                     530 Forward Hold
      320 Blind Dessert Testing Room (Dark)   531 Forward Hold Exterior
      323 Inside The Tasting Room (Light)     540 Kitchen
      324 Annette’s Chair                     550 Cabin 0
      330 Heaving Ho'                         551 Entering Cabin 0
    6.  Copyright Information
    This FAQ was created for personal use and may not be sold or redistributed in
    whole or in part.  If you wish to use the information in this guide all I ask
    is that you credit where you got the information from.
    This guide would never be near as complete as it is without the following
    Point Listing provided by Alexander Setiadi:
    Dildo Locations Provided by Jeff Woodie
    Easter Egg Info provided by Eric Gos: 
    General Tricks and Neat Stuff was provided by:
    Teleport information Provided by Charles Bramlett:
       C:\Temp\Teleporting Through LSL7.htm

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